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So I wasn't smart and I didn't make a gallery BEFORE I started writing my fanfiction, sooo I'm going to make one here. It will include pictures and short descriptions about the dragon species, the main characters, draconians in general, and (soon) the characters created by others (I'm really excited for those!)


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Ordered by preference, of course

(used to be top ten, but I have too many things that I love!)


HTTYD books/movies

(obviously, but I HAD to put that in there, it really is my favorite)



         The books were SO GOOD. No swearing, no (extreme) violence (does getting eaten by a lava dragon that dives into a volcano count? Or Grimbeard the Ghastly killing his own son?) Okay, scratch the violence, but it really is pretty awesome. The characters are SO well put together, each with his or her own little quirks that make them unique, and they’re all (mostly) lovable in their own way (Alvin and Exellinor are irredeemable). The little lessons Cressida Cowell teach by inserting them into the plot are truly inspired. Can’t wait for her to write more!!! (Also, I love the quirky way she capitalizes random words to make them a little bit more important. It’s just funny to me.)

I'll leave off mentioning all the characters of the movies, because you guys know them all aready! But you may not know the Heroes who came first...

First (of course), Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III.

Rather a longish name for a smallish Viking. Hiccup is a member of the Hairy Hooligan tribe. He has bright red hair and about a million freckles. the series starts when he's ten-and-a-half, and progresses until he is fifteen and King of the Wilderwest. His best (and, for a few books, ONLY friend) is Fishlegs.

Fishlegs is scrawny, allergic to reptiles, pretty much scared of everything, and the only sane one of the group (well, the only sane one when Hiccup is making a Plan). But he's fiercely loyal to Hiccup, and a good deal stronger and braver than he thinks. 

Next is Camicazi, who's a little too brave and fierce.

She's a Bog-Burglar, a member of an all-girls tribe of people who, well, burgle things. She is a very accomplished thief and a master escape artist.




Second in the fandom world is--you guessed it--Narnia. I have loved this world since before even HTTYD, I think. Though I'm not quite ready to meet Alsan, I would love to slip through the wardrobe for a few days--or years.



The False Prince



So the story is set in a medieval world in the land of Carthya. It's about an orphan named Sage. The storyline is great, the main character (Sage) is very well-rounded, believeable, and goes through some great character growth (not to mention he's snarky and smart and super funny). I LOVED it, and it's seriously amazing. If you read it, you will NOT be disappointed! (P.S. If you're one of those people who likes to read the end first, don't. Trust me, it's worth it to wait)


Artemis Fowl

OH MAI GAWSH I LOVE THIS SERIES. Artemis' gradual arc and his heists and jokes (on the rare occasion he demonstrates a sense of humor) are just the best thing EBER. ALSO! Holly Shory is the best LEPrecon to ever wear a set of wings. (Also if you wanna see an incredibly imaginative and accurate crossover fanfic about the Avengers meeting Artemis Fowl, this is where it's AT!) But don't watch the movie, ooohhh no. Disney still needs to apologize for giving a perfectly written anti-hero morals. The audacity!




The Magic Thief/The Lost Books/Sarah Prineas in general



I LOVE this series, it ended far too quickly for me (maybe cause I read it all in one day, hmmmmm). Connwaer and the magic and all of it are just so HILARIOUS and EXHILIRATING and FRUSTRATING to read about and STOP BLOWING THINGS UP, CONNWAER!!! 


The Lost Books: MORE! MORE! I NEED MORE! (Seriously, when does the next book come out?)

Anyway, it’s about Alex, a librarian, and Kenneret, a queen, and her brother Charlie. Oh, and the books are alive (that’s enough to make any bookworm hyperventilate with happiness, isn’t it? ;D )



Attention to all the dragon-touched: This is a must-read. Go. Read it.




The Silver Eye

This is an INCREDIBLE webcomic by one Laura Hollingsworth (also the only webcomic/comic I have ever read, BUT STILL). The world is beautiful, the characters are funny and awesome (Apen and Joe are my favorites), and the art is incredible! It uploads a page EVERY FRIDAY and the story is so good!



Keeper of the Lost Cities

"Team Foster-Keefe will always be cooler."--Keefe


Yup, couldn’t have said it better myself. Team Foster-Keefe all the way! I have read Legacy and it was...what I expected (-_-) BUT UNLOCKED (Keeper book #8.5) looks so exciting! Can't wait!! 8D






...and birds. And wicked-looking staffs. And cute little blondies called Beastie.

Wasn't a fan of her outfit for like 90% of Maleficent 2 but the rest of it was great! Better than a certain movie I could mention *cough*TheHiddenWorld*cough*.



Wizards of Once

*anxiously jittering about the Unknown Narrator*
*casually stressing about Xar's Witchblood stain*
*hopelessly shipping Xar and Wish when Bodkin is probably going to get the girl*



Dwight in Shining Armor

I get a kick out of this every time I hear Dwight's shriek in the intro. BYUTv is the best! making things funny, clean, and SUPER awkward. But it's still great.


Story Thieves

My favorites are actually Kiel and Owen. No girls this time around, which is really unusual for me. But these two are special. Hope they have all the adventures they can imagine...and maybe a few safer ones.


The Ever Afters (EAS)

This series is pretty good. Aurora--excuse me, RORY Landon is so gutsy and flawed and lovable and I love her.



Brave (Merida)

Just gotta say, I LOVE this girl. Best Disney princess ever. Also--this isn't really related to the movie but it IS technically part of the franchise so imma say it anyway--her accent is gold. I friggin LOVE Scotland and the accent and the culture and lore and landscape and language and--okay, gushing aside, the point of this mini-rant is that I loved Merida in Wreck-it-Ralph 2. It was also the only thing I loved in Wreck-it-Ralph 2.



Pete's Dragon

Best song ever



The Map to Everywhere

One word: Unrealities.

Three more words: Future Dragoness fanfiction.



If you reached the end of this fandom section, and you haven't read some of the books, you might have noticed some spoilers. I am an avid lover of spoilers and all insider knowledge, so....sorry for ruining it, I guess? But at the same time....NOT! XD please don't hurt me...








Look! See how pretty!

Okay, just a heads up, I am still collecting art from previous requests, so if you did something for me and it isn't up yet, I promise I haven't forgotten; I love all the art that is done for me!


This was done by the incredibly talented Katarile!




This adorable picture was made for me by Hestia82


THIS is my perfect Night Fury, Shadow, drawn by LissaFish.


Shadow (again) by MajaPercuilum.


Shadow and The Dragoness together (by The Blobfish Queen).

The ever-mischievous Shadow (again, jeez XD) by AndreaEaston!


Shadow (last time I promise! *crossing fingers behind back) by DyliehIdol1214. 






This is my beautiful Bookwyrm, Aldwyn (drawn by Flitt-thank you!)

And THIS is ocean-happy Ashera, also drawn by Flitt.


Russet, my mischievous Kyte. Thanks, LissaFish!




Luster, my proud secrai, drawn by LissaFish!



Okeydokey, I'm 








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- Characters - DNR -

(barrghhhh the "The Dragoness--Gallery" above was supposed to be ginormous and bold. -_- Oh well.)

(I'm just making the galleries right now, I'll upload pictures soon)


Main Characters

(These are the characters that show up the most, so they will probably have the most photos)

-The Dragoness-

The Dragoness, (aka Alison Tanner), is half Night Fury, half human--a Draconian. She likes to wear green tunics and gray leggings, with various types of boots (they keep falling off when she flies--she really needs to figure that out sometime). She is also extremely fond of flying. Her best friends are Shadow, Flicker, and Lisa. When Lisa moved away, Ness grew very lonely. This eventually led to her meeting Conner and deciding to open the dragon territories to humans.




Lisa is a combination of multiple friends who knew Ali's secret (so sorry, no pictures, those would be misleading). She is very smart and loyal, but can also be shy and quiet--if you don't know her. Once you get to know her, though, she will talk your ear off about books and movies and--of course--dragons. Unfortunately, she moved just a few months after Ali's transformation, but they still keep in very close touch.




Shadow is a Night Fury with bright green eyes and unusually large wings and tail. She is faster and has more endurance because of this, but her maneuverability is hampered a bit. She is, like all dragons, extremely loyal and just a bit skittish around humans. Her rider is the Dragoness, but she has grown rather fond of Conner as well. Her Flickerwing is Flicker.




Flicker is a young Flickerwing. He alternates between Shadow and the Dragoness for rides. He thinks Ali's hair is very soft and she keeps having to tell him not to make a nest in there. He is very observant and can usually tell when something is amiss.




Conner is a kid around Ali's age. He is very intrigued and excited about this dragon world he stumbled into. Because of this, he tends to ask a lot of questions that frusterate Ness. But he's loyal and surprisingly steady under pressure. Even though Ness often complains about him in (and out)side her head, she is really very fond of him and glad that he's her friend.






Minor Characters

(They are not inferior by any means, they just show up less than the main characters).


Oak is the alpha of the wylde that lives in the Sandia mountains. He is cautious around humans--he remembers the legends of the war of Noble One's time--but knows the Law well--so for now, he will let the humans in...on certain conditions. (And though he'll never admit it, he's a real softie and loves and Joy).


-Miss Amy-

Miss Amy is a nurse, and Conner's mother. She is very determined and strong-willed, so don't get on her bad side. She loves nature and is happiest when she is roaming the woods--NOT on the trails, much to Ali's chagrin. But that's okay, because she has developed a particular fondness for Terrible Terrors and plays with them every Tuesday afternoon., Joy*, and Miss Ellen-

Miss Ellen is the proud and fiercely devoted mother of (age ten) and Joy (age five). She works as a vet and is popular with the dragons because she can fix up their broken bones and bloody gashes (well, somebody's got to do it--and she doesn't mind). is a sweet but far-too-mature and serious ten-year-old who was forced to grow up a bit more quickly than your average child. Joy is fierce and wild and yet the purest little innocent you ever did see. They all have caramel hair and blue eyes, although Joy is the only one with a light sprinkling of freckles. Ness met the girls when they ran away from home and took care of them for almost three months. As a result, she sees them as kind of her own surrogate daughters and was a little leery at the idea of finding their mother and bringing her back (but she did it anyway because poor and Joy 3:) Once their mother was back in the picture, Ness became sort of the 'cool aunt'. She is still very protective of them and makes sure to keep them as safe as she can.

*NOTE: This role is filled by a character kindly provided by LissaFish!







Created by Others

(These will be posted in the order they appear in the fanfiction).



-Nightshade and Elouan

(Character donated by bluetheraptor)

Nightshade was the very first dragonrider Ness let into the dragon territories (and no, Conner doesn't count). She is quite levelheaded and calm in most situations, but she does have a bit of a temper. Once she's comfortable with her surroundings, she loosens up and makes a lot of jokes (and they're not half-bad either). Sometimes she overdoes it and tries to lighten up a really bad situation with a joke (but don't worry, Dapple, her dragon, is working on training her out of it. Silly human). She is very loyal, but leery of strangers--much like the dragons. She does not hesitate on the attack and leaps to defend her friends whenever she needs to. She has light tan skin and is very tall, over six feet. She's surprisingly agile and sure-footed (or maybe not so surprisingly--she hikes a LOT). She keeps her long brown hair tucked in a loose ponytail so she can play her violin more easily. Her one weakness (besides her dragon) is waffles. She loves everything waffles.

Elouan (Dapple) the Northern Shortsnout is the first dragon to willingly reach out to a human in his wylde. He was drawn by Nightshade's music and intrigued by her dragon-like stillness. He is a bit small for his age, an older adolescent, and a bit timid, but he would do anything for his rider. She is also the only one who can scratch his ears in just that perfect way. He is currently trying to train his silly human to be more aware of her situation, but it's slow going. Nightshade chose his human name, Elouan, because it means light.




-Bryn Jones and Echo

(Character donated by Flitt)

Bryn Jones is one of the first of the Dragonriders. He's got sort of a nervous, shifty energy, always glancing around with his penetrating stare. He's rather tall for his age (around fourteen) with long, lanky limbs, dark hair dyed silvery-gray on the ends, and blue-gray eyes. His favorite outfits mainly consist of T-shirts, zip-up hoodies, and cargo shorts. He doesn't trust others much, and in turn is not extremely trustworthy, as he would most likely run if there was any real danger. To his credit, though, if he couldn't convince those he does love to run, he'd most likely stand by them. He's not much of a bookworm, though he's a fan of the Harry Potter series. His favorite house is Ravenclaw, but he admits he's most likely a Slytherin.

Echo (Echo) chose Bryn after she conducted a thorough sniff-and-poke test and declared him satisfactory (pro tip: if a dragon is sniffing and prodding you and hasn't tried to eat you yet, it's curious. Don't move or you'll scare it away, or worse, into an attack). Bryn chose Echo because he'd seen the first HTTYD movie and was ecstatic at the thought of riding an ultra-rare super-dragon (the fact that Night Furies are neither in real life was only a slight disappointment). Echo's main favorite pasttime is flying, and Bryn is more than happy to join her. Echo is rather arrogant and judgy, but she loves her little human fiercely and absolutely refuses to find fault with him. That being said, she has no problem sitting on him and refusing to move, even when she knows he has to be somewhere else ("But he's my human. Why can't they just find another one? He's warm and squishy").




-Jackson Hail and Ethrae

(Donated by hookless)

Jackson Hail (Hail for short) is a college student who hates college. He much prefers to be quietly exploring the woods with his camera or sketchbook (Ness has had to remind him MANY times not to take pictures of the resident winged-and-scaled wildlife. Sketches, however, are fine). He wears these reflective sunglasses and almost never takes them off (even less now that he has to deal with wind from flying). He is also suprisingly good with computers, and managed to completely disable the camera and recording functions on Ness' phone. He is very tall and thin, due to the fact that he doesn't eat much.

(For more about Hail, just scroll down to hookless' post :D)

Ethrae (Gleam) is a Bronze Firescale, and a very hyper one at that. It was love at first sight--or rather, song. Much like Nightshade and Elouan, Ethrae heard a strange voice and decided to investigate. Surprise, surprise, humans can actually make music! Who would have thought? So she decided to adopt this strange human boy and did so with gusto. Despite being only five years old (about the equivalent of a middling teenager) she basically mothers Hail, leading him to berries if he smells hungry, chewing on his sunglasses when he's bored, and posing dramatically for his art (however, she only stays still for about five minutes). She's boistrous enough for the two of them, and he's quiet enough for the two of them. It's a balanced relationship! :3



-Anna Crown and Chipper

(donated by Flitt)

Anna Crown is an eighteen-year-old with a love of cooking and chickens (but not the two together, NEVER suggest cooking her pet chicken Frost for dinner or she will have your head). She is a bit of a social butterfly, and likes to hang out with her friends, though she is also content to be by herself. She also likes to visit the homeless and give them homecooked food. She's about average hight with pale skin (she's getting a tan, don't worry), with bright blue eyes. Her blonde hair is usually in a ponytail, to keep it out of the food. She is also fond of wearing a navy blue baseball cap, so sometimes her friends will jokingly call her Annabeth.

Flame-floweror Chipper, as Anna named him, is a Monstrous Nightmare. Though he does have the classic taciturn air that is natural for his species, he is a bit more mellow than most. Anna named him becase she noticed that when he sat a certain way, his stripes would blend together to make him look like a chocolate chip. He is content to listen to his human's chatter, and is always ready to go for a nice walk or flight. However, he learned the hard way that not all human food is fit for dragon consumption (don't blame Anna, she didn't know either).




-Theo Arizona and Typhoon

(donated by Flitt)

Theo Arizona is a very mature twelve-year-old with longish brown hair and eyes. Bryn jokingly refers to him as a laid-back Artemis Fowl. While he does not walk around in business suits, you also rarely see him in anything less than a polo and nice khaki shorts, which is especially amusing to see considering he's very short (EXACTLY four feet). He's very practical (almost too practical) for his age, and sometimes can't quite believe his dragon actually exists (which is promptly remedied by a mouthful of dragon spit being deposited on his head).

Dustdevil, also known as Typhoon, is a rather grumpy soul. He likes that his human isn't as bubble or overly energetic as some of the others he's seen. He likes the way Theo rubs his horns and smooths his wings, especially after a long, hot afternoon. Theo asked Ness for a hint as to Typhoon's dragon name. When Ness said it had something to do with twisty wind currents, he promptly named him Typhoon, just for the irony. Tyhpoon doesn't care. He's just glad he has a friend who knows the difference between his happy-grumpy and mad-grumpy, and what to do to cheer him up. Deep down, he really does love his human.




-Tolzar and Glinter

(Donated by Flitt)

Tolzar is one-half of the 16-year-old twin set Ness stumbled on. Her hair is blond with silver highlights, so it almost appears white. She has very pale ble eyes, skin that burns as soon as it sees the sun, and a wiry frame that serves her well during games like dodgeball. She is very cheerful and fun-loving, and her sister Kalzar is always complaining how she's too positive, I mean come on Tolzar, you can't be that oblivious. Oblivious or not, Tolzar's happy nature lets her enjoy her life, and while perhaps it's not to the fullest, she certainly knows how to have a good time. Her current favorite thing to do is see how high she can fly before her dragon turns back so her silly human doesn't hideof cold and a lack of oxygen.

Snowor Glinter, was named after a mix of 'glitter' and 'winter' (c'mon, Kalzar, you're just jealous of my naming skills). While definitely still young and spry, she's slightly more reserved than her human counterpart. She has resigned herself, with amusement and affection, to be the 'mom-friend' of the silly human that seems to think herself invincible. She makes sure Tolzar has snacks and doesn't fly too high or stay out in the sun too long and absolutely refuses to take off unless Tolzar is wearing the proper flying gear. Since Glinter is a Frostfang, she doesn't like to stay out in the summer sun for very long, which leads to many flights and spelunking (to Tolzar) expeditions. Tolzar doesn't mind. She loves exploring with her dragon friend.



-Kalzar and Tigress

(Donated by Flitt)

Kalzar is the grumpy younger half of Tolzar. She wears an almost permanent scowl that is often half-covered by dark brown hair (it is unclear whether her hair is dyed or not. Tolzar thinks it's a silly question and Ness is too afraid to ask Kalzar). Her eyes are almost black and only gain a spark when she's playing with her dragon Tigress, listening to Tolzar ramble, or sketching in her highly secret, does-not-even-exist-absolutely-NOT sketchpad. Deep down, she really does have a caring heart, but the only one who can really bring it out besides Tolzar is her dragon.

Rattlesnakeor Tigress (she is absolutely NOT named after that killer warrior from Kung Fu Panda, nope, definitely not) is a little more refined than most other dragons. She carries herself with a deadly grace, not unlike a viper (which is unusual to watch, seeing as Monstrous Nightmares are more clumsy than most dragons). She cares for her human and her irritating sister, and manages to get along civilly with Glinter. However, she is not really touchy-feely, and the most physical affection the pair share is when Kalzar leans against her as she draws, and they are both perfectly fine with that.



-Dawn and Mae

(Donated by CZNZ Dragon Rider)

Dawn Andreassen is the sweet, bubbly little sister of Dusk. At just thirteen, she's one of the youngest riders (but thankfully has someone to watch after her). She has a sweet, genuine smile, small ears, and brown-streaked caramel hair. Her sister has done a great job at protecting her from the more unsavory parts of the world. Unfortunately, that means she is a bit naive, but that just makes her all the more endearing. She tends to put others first, and is very determined to make sure that everyone around her is happy.

Birdsong, or Mae, is just as perky and strong-willed as her rider. Unlike some species of dragons, Deadly Nadders are more at home in the air currents closer to the ground, and both Mae and Dawn love to perform tricks such as barrel rolls and loop-de-loops closer to the treetops. Mae likes to tug gently at Dawn's hair, and in return Dawn will smooth down her tail spines.


-Dusk and Lila

(Half-donated by CZNZ Dragon Rider)

Dusk Andreassen is a rather responsible seventeen year old, and takes her duties as an older sister very seriously. Most older siblings seem annoyed by their younger siblings tagging along everywhere, but Dusk enjoys it. Dusk has similar hair to her sister, but while Dawn always lets her hair flow free, Dusk keeps her hair in a high ponytail or braid (but never buns, they hurt her head). She prefers jean capris and sneakers to leggings, and button-up 3/4 sleeve shirts to blouses. Her favorite pasttime is sculpting clay, though what with applying for college and AP classes she doesn't get as much time to do that as she used to.

Peach, or Lila, is named after Dusk's mother's middle name (Delilah). Lila is a Bronze Firescale on the younger side, meaning she's frisky and playful. While she does indeed like flying, she prefers to go gallivanting across grass fields and through forests (Dusk has a slight fear of hights, so it works out). Lila is actually very similar to Dawn in temperament and personality, which means that Dusk is the designated 'mom' of the group. She doesn't mind, though, because she likes taking care of her little siblings.


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- Dragons - DNR -

Riding Dragons

These are the bigger ones that most people think of when they hear 'dragon.'


-Night Fury-

Lithe and catlike, they are on the smaller side for dragons, but just as deadly. They are unique in the fact that they do not have true horns or ears; rather, they have a combination that makes it possible for them to sense vibrations in the air and surroundings. While fast and strong, Night Furies are not actually the fastest or strongest or any of the superlatives except for longest—as in they can stay in the air for longer than any other (known) species. These dragons are shaggy when young but shed their fur by age five, reaching maturity by age eight. Their dragon name translates to something close to ‘windwalker.’


Size: a Honda Accord (not including tail)

Weight: Idk—I couldn’t find a scale big enough!

Wingspan: your average living room

Lifespan: 80+



-Deadly Nadder-

Birdlike and perky, not to mention one of the smallest riding dragon species, Deadly Nadders prefer to fly near the treetops and censored their prey out of the air. They do not nest in trees but large nests on the ground, preferably below a particularly large oak or pine. They have a keen sense of smell but are not quite as good at hearing as some of their other scaly brethren. Their tail is full of quills that they can flick with some degree of accuracy at short distance, but this is a last resort.


-Monstrous Nightmare-


-Mountainous Stormtail-

Mountainous Stormtails are, as the name suggests, mountain dragons, but they prefer cliffs and rocky clefts to the true spires of tall mountains. They are large, fiercely territorial, and not inclined to show clemency, ESPECIALLY when looking after drakelings. They are about the size of a Monstrous Nightmare, one of the larger types of riding dragons. Their senses of smell and hearing are good, but their best sense is their eyesight.


-Northern Shortsnout-

Northern Shortsnouts are the only furry dragons. A little smaller than Mountainous Stormtails but larger than Night Furies and Skrills, these dragons prefer the thick wildness of the northern forests. They have a coarse, long overcoat that they shed to some extent in the summer, and short, soft inner fur that keeps them warm in the snow. They are some of the gentlest dragon species, more inclined to curious observation than hostility.


-Bronze Firescale-

Bronze Firescales are most commonly found in Asia. They are shy creatures and tend to avoid human contact. Even so, they are playful by nature, and curious, so their first instinct tends towards help rather than territorial protection, leading to the kinder stories not found for their western cousins. Firescales range from orangeish to a reddish tint.



Frostfangs are the ice dragons. They mainly live in the Arctic, though once every three years they will migrate to Antarctica to sire their drakelings. They are blueish-white, though some do have more purple tints. When in warmer climes, they tend to shift to estivating in the summertime and remaining active only during the colder months. They are aloof and tend to ignore humans, a favor sane humans are only too happy to return.



Hunting Dragons

Smaller dragons (usually in packs) about the size of an eagle or a medium-sized dog.


-Terrible Terror-



Tiny dragons the size of your hand or smaller.



 The size of a hummingbird, Flickerwings emit a high-pitched sound that disrupts radar. They have venom in tiny fangs in the front of their jaw (lethal in large doses) and a sac inbetween their lungs that inflates and glows during during mating season.


*NOTE: Because not all the dragons survived the collapse of the Hidden World, there are references to types of dragons in their legends that don't match the ones in the Dragoness' wylde (pack, nest, etc).

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- Draconians - DNR -

Wing-Base Color

Draconians have a color, on the base of the wing and the end of the tail, that reflects their personality. The brighter it is, the more powerful the personality (or Draconian) is (with the exception of blue). Colors come in around age six or seven. Until then, the wing-base color is white.



Dominant personality trait: grumpiness

Reds tend to be on the more violent end of the spectrum. They get frustrated easily, are incredibly stubborn, and are basically the hot/meat-heads. They're also brutally honest. They never sugarcoat, always saying things exactly how they see it. This makes them easier to be around, believe it or not. You never have to wonder if they're lying.



Dominant personality trait: sassiness

Oranges are devious, yet charming. They enjoy pranks, but not the simple ones contrived by Greens. They concoct intricate plans to snare friend and enemy alike. They'd rather preen than fight, but they're not afraid to show their fire, if it comes down it it.



Dominant personality trait: exuberance

Yellows are cheerful fireballs of energy. They almost always have a smile and hug ready for anyone they consider a friend. They tend to gravitate to large groups. People tend to underestimate them because of their sunny attitude, but that is a mistake few people make again.



Dominant personality trait: mischievousness

Greens are the middle of the spectrum. Not overly powerful, but no pushovers, Greens love. li.fe and fu.n and mischief. They enjoy simple pranks and tend to be carefree. They also demand fairness (or what they see as fair) in everything, so they make good judges.



Dominant personality trait: recklessness

Anyone who says blue is a peaceful, relaxing color is dead wrong. Blues are as wild and reckless as the sea. They delight in living on the edge, performing dangerous (ly aeronautical stunts. They are the adventurers, the wanderers, the id.iots that jump of roofs and break their legs. They are unique in the fact that the darker their color, the more powerful they are.



Dominant personality trait: wisdom

Purple (or Violet) Draconians are the most powerful of all. They are the straight-A students, the hardest ones to pin down in a debate. They are responsible and determined. Some can take this as a sign of superiority and become puffed up blowhard nuisances, but most are very nice.



A Draconian's wing-base color will turn black if they are deeply unhappy for an extended period of time. It may or may not turn back after an ordeal like that.



A Draconian's wing-base color is white until the true color comes in around 6-7. But a few just stay white. It may show a preference for solitude and cold, but mostly it's just...weird. (actually, I finally figured it out! Dominant personality trait: silence)





Venom Type

The venom in the barb is hereditary--but it's more like a coin toss, since none of them are dominant and combinations are not possible. If made, the venom is what the person would be most comfortable using. Venom comes in around the same time as the wing-base color.



Causes strange hallucinations. Victim will not be in their right mind for as long as the venom is in effect. Time limit varies depending on how much venom is injected.



Causes intense, burning pain. Pain (venom) can spread through blood. Pain lasts about an hour, slowly dulling until it dissipates completely. Too much venom stabbed near the heart can result in cardiac arrest.


More than a teaspoon will kill you. The more venom there is, the faster you die. There is no cure. (Well, there is, but the Dragoness hasn't figured it out yet).




Dragon Species*

Dragon species is also hereditary, and, like the venom type, there are no dominant species and hybrids are not possible. If made, the dragon species is the one that is the most like the person. The species cannot be a hunting or nanodragon--it must always be a riding dragon.

It depends on the dragon species, but most Draconians are big enough to fly around age 10-11. Ages 7-8 is when they can get themselves off the ground in short bursts. They're ready to travel longer distances by age 13-14.


-Night Fury-

-Deadly Nadder-

-Monstrous Nightmare-


-Northern Shortsnout-

-Bronze Firescale-

-Mountainous Stormtail-



*NOTE: because not all the dragon species known before survived the collapse of the Hidden World, occasionally a Draconian dragon species will pop up that no one knows the name of (not even the dragons).

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,( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°),

Definitely tracking


Dragonblood ~ Whovian ~ HTTYD Fan ~ Writer ~ 17 ~ Artist ~ Whittler ~ Procrastinator ~ Chicken keeper ~ Imaginator

Ignore the chaos, it's Damuwa's doing.


For art trades, commissions and links, just scroll down!



If you even dare think of stealing art from this siggy, then Flickering will freeze you for seven years.

Thank you for this stunning surprise, SilverNight!


Thank you for this brilliant clan banner, Emerald!


Some of my favourite films and shows: HTTYD, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Good Omens, Dragons series, Avatar, Doctor Strange, Maleficent.

Some of my favourite books: Eragon, Talon saga, The Last Dragon Chronicles, The Erth Dragons, any Terry Pratchett book (Good Omens!), any Diana Wynne Jones book, Lionboy, Halo, and many more.

Favourite colours: sunset orange and dark green.

Favourite bands/singers: Coldplay, 2CELLOS, Queen, Mumford and Sons, P!nk, random songs...

Favourite Dragons: Flightmares, Deathgrippers, Titan Woolly Howls, Hobgobblers, Stormcutters, Furies, Skrillknappers.

Hobbies: writing, drawing, listening to music, wood carving, daydreaming, procrastinating.

The Grimogrunt, Grapplemora, Grimogrounder, Slicerwing and Changewing by Chame! TY!


Discover the Dragonbloods in the links below...

I Am Dragonblood: Fury's Friend {Book One}

I Am Dragonblood: Alpha and Chief {Book Two}

I Am Dragonblood: Secret Uncovered {Book Three}

I Am Dragonblood: The Grim Beast {Book Four}

A Dragonblood's Gift

Young Dragonblood

Dragonblood Info Thread


This is also a group on Facebook and Messenger if you would like to join there

This one will take you to the discord server



Thank you, everyone, who has made art for me! The darn forums got rid of it here, in my siggy, in one fell swoop. I have it saved and it is BRILLIANT.

Dewi, by belubel! Ty!                              Xenon, by Frugal. Ty!!            

Pearl and Twitch, and Pyxis and Thumper, by Moonfyre! Tysm!

Edit of the General, by Ninja. Ty!                            Solly, by Neo! Tysm!     


Puzzle the Marshrunner, by Speedyleaf! Tysm!           Pedasgell, by VicZarSky! Ty!         

The Goremare, Quamarang, Zippledeath and Woollyder by Chamieshida! Ty!

       Nightreaper, by Derpy. Ty!!                       Ryx in human form by Frugal! Tysm!

      Ortowdoch, by Frugal. Tysm!                      Eleven, adopted from Chamieshida! Ty!

Ryx! By Silver Phantom. Tysm!          My yet to be named Ikran-Fury! By Toothless0602. Tysm!

Grown up Wholight, edit done by Era! Ty!


Wholight, edited by Inky! Tysm!!

Paradox the paradox causing Terrible Terror! Created by Senate! Ty!

Ængel, my hyman OC, drawn brilliantly by Tosi! Tysm!!     Dr. Lupin! My brilliant secret santa gift from Maz. tysm!

Link for Flitt by CrystalGuitars1214

Uhhh, what have you done, Paradox?! Done by Era! Ty!!          Link and Alexandrine, both by Dyl. Tysm!Alexandrine for Flitt by CrystalGuitars1214


                                                                 Windfall, by Chame! Ty!

This Pixel flighty is by, Alpha! Tysm :D                     Aureole, by Slargvarg! Ty!

Flickering, by Era! tysm!


I take art commissions and art trades! 

I can do digital and traditional drawings. Dragons from HTTYD, Dragonvale and Flight Rising are all good, and so are hybrids. Be warned though, I will not draw boulder class, nadders, scuttleclaws, deathgrippes or groncicles. I can't get their heads right. BUT, I can always have a go at them in an art trade if you want to practice something you're not too good at yet (but you will be! You will always be amazing! :D)

I CAN have a go at drawing humans, even though I'm not particularly good.

Examples can be found on my DeviantArt page.

PM me if you would like art, or I can be found on Discord at Flitt Locke#7968

I may be slow due to rl stuff, but I WILL get it done. If you want to know where you are on the list, then you can find a request list here.

"Don't be ashamed of your story. It will inspire others" -Unknown


Nice! You've reached the end! Pm me for your reward (Art, banner or book cover. Your choice!) :D

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(I figure you've probably already figured that out, but I thought I'd play it safe.)



    Hi, I'm Lack Lunason. I'm called that because I lack many things, and I'm a lunatic. I just put son on the end to make it sound more like a viking name. I'm also a Christ follower.


      Here are just a few things that I am:

  1. A procrastinator.
  2. Nice (mostly).
  3. Kind (don't listen to those that say otherwise).
  4. Adventurous.
  5. Lazy.
  6. A dreamer.
  7. And I'm slightly crazy.

     I've been around SoD for a long time. I think I was one of the first thousand to leave Berk and sail to the school. I'm happily part of the bold clan known as POTATO BROTHERS. I have over four-thousand trouphies, although, I don't like racing much. On the other hand, I'm a master farmer.


      On the ranking on the forum, I've completed/on the following: Jarl, Forager, Wilderness Explore, Viking Warrior, Dragon Trainer, Drott, Dragon Master, Chief, Berk's Power Player, and......



(Respect my Authority!)


(Sorta) Current Trophy Count:



Now onto some random stuff. This part will grow over time.




BAT-MAN THE VAST (Also known as Bat-Stoick)

(By The Dragoness)


Fan-Fiction And Short Stories:


Shrieks From The Shadows Series:


Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Chapter 1    Chapter 2    Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5


The Terrifier

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5


Things I am a Fan of


How To Train Your Dragon







Quotes I love


"Once I set the sea alight with a single fiery breath....

Once I was so mighty that I thought my name was death....

Sing out loud until you're eaten, song of melancholy bliss....

For the mighty and the middling all shall come to THIS...."

The Green Death, How To Train Your Dragon: book 1. Cressida Cowell.



Stoick The Vast. How To Train Your Dragon: Book 5. Creessida Cowell.


"I sailed so far to be a King, but the time was never right.....

I lost my way on a stormy past, got wrecked in starless night....

But let my heart be wrecked by hurricanes and my ship by stormy weather....

I know I am a Hero...and a Hero is....FOREVER!

In another time, another place, I could have been a King....

But in my castle's ruined towers the lonely seabirds sing.....

I burned up my Tomorrows, I cannot go back ever....

But I am still a Hero....and a Hero is.......FOREVER!

Up with your sword and strike at the gale......

Ride the rough seas for those waves are your home......

Winters may freeze but our hearts do not fail.....


You are never alone if the sea is your friend......

Riding the waves of impossible quests.....

If it doesn't end well, then it isn't the end.....

A Hero.....Fights.....FOREVER!

The hero cares not for a wild winter's storm.....

For it carries him swift on the back of the wave.....

All may be lost and our hearts may be worn.....


Grimbeard the Ghastly's Last Song. How To Train Your Dragon: Book 11 and 12. Cressida Cowell.


"That's how we're going to win. Not by fighting what we hate, but by saving what we love."

Rose. Star Wars: The Last Jedi.


      That's about it. I give full credit for.....well, everything, to GOD. Have a good day. And, in the words of a Vulcan, "Live long and prosper."


Bye for now!






























Wait, you're still here?

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=W E L C O M E_T O_ M Y_S I G N A T U R E=


I'm not always on the forums, but you can find me on Quotev at

I'm also on Flightrising:


I used to play SoD, but had to stop due to issues with my phone. Someday I shall return!


Tessa, my OC, done by me. ((She's wearing her tall friend's suit coat XD))

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- Music - DNR -



-The Dragoness' Song-

Alyson sings a version of a dragon song she heard Shadow singing, back when she was still fully human.

The Dragoness' Song (by me)




This is basically a collection of songs that forms a soundtrack for some scenes or activities (ie flying, the first fight with hunters). I will provide links to all the songs eventually.


In Flight (Samuel R. Hazo)

Maleficent Flies (James Newton Howard Maleficent)

The Queen of Faerieland (James Newton Howard Maleficent

New Tail (John Powell How to Train Your Dragon) (last half of song)

Dragon Racing (John Powell How to Train Your Dragon 2)

Once There Were Dragons (John Powell How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World)



Welcome to the Moors (James Newton Howard Maleficent

Third Date (John Powell How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World)

Into the Forest (Jennifer Thomas Illumination)

Forbidden Friendship (John Powell How to Train Your Dragon)



Rainforest (Jennifer Thomas Illumination)

Illumination (Jennifer Thomas Illumination)

Something Wild (Lindsey Stirling Pete's Dragon)

Flying with Mother (John Powell How to Train Your Dragon 2)

Raiders Return to Busy, Busy Berk (John Powell How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World)

With Love Comes a Great Waterfall (John Powell How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World)

Foundry (John Mackey) 



Dragon's Den (John Powell How to Train Your Dragon)



As Long as He's Safe (John Powell How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World)

The Hidden World (John Powell & Jonsi How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World)

Sheltering Sky (John Mackey) 

Hiccup the Chief/Drago's Coming (John Powell How to Train Your Dragon 2)



Nobody Knows (The Lumineers Pete's Dragon)

Monody (TheFatRat Monody)

The Bravest Boy I've Ever Met (Daniel Hart Pete's Dragon

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The Dragoness
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The Four Stages

When it comes to dragon attitudes toward humans, there are four general stages they can be in.
Stage 1: True Wild
This is what happens when dragons have no human contact whatsoever. They see humans as just another animal, one to be ignored or eaten arbitrarily.
Some extremes of this stage know of humans but don't see them as special. They will gladly kill them just to get them out of the way. They see humans as a threat to their territory and dominance. These are the monsters Noble One spoke of. Sea Dragons tend to be in this stage the most.
Stage 2: Skittish Wild
This is for dragons who live around humans but still avoid them like any other animal. If they see a human, their first instinct is to run, not attack. They won't fight until the last possible moment.
Stage 3: Tolerant
These are dragons who live around and see humans on a regular basis but do not have a rider bond. They will help a human if it is in trouble but they generally don't care for strange new people.
Stage 4: Friend
These are dragons bonded to human riders. They are friendly and the epitome of adorable. While they will fight if they need to, they generally don't as they see humans as their own. They will definitely try to help a human if it seems like one is in trouble.

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Tracking! :D



(Siggy Under Construction)


I know my name is a bit confusing, so let me explain. I am Ginger. I have a sister whose main Viking is named Jaxomis. Originally we shared this forum account, but my sister recently made her own account as Fuzzy Kitten, so this is now only mine. So please, just call me Ginger! ^-^



In Order:

​Ginger's Viking Section

​Blackout The Night Fury's Section

Some Random Stuff!


Ginger's Viking Section!

​First off... My Vikings!

My main Viking is

Ginger Selson:


Extras about appearance: Ginger has a small, faint scar on the far left side of her jaw. She also wears a short necklace with a Peridot in the shape of an Eruptodon.

Personality: Ginger Selson is very shy around humans. She absolutely loves dragons, and has learned Dragonese. She has two sides to her personality. The side most people see is quiet, gentle, and would never start a fight. Her other side, the one only her dragons and her best (human) friend, Jaxomis, see, is strong-willed, brave, and will face danger to protect her friends.

History: Ginger Selson is the daughter of two Defenders of the Wing. However, at one point, her parents were going to get some supplies for the Defenders and they took her with them. Unfortunately, their ship was attacked by pirates, and the only survivor was Ginger. Ginger's mother, upon seeing that the ship was going to be taken by the pirates, placed Ginger in a water-tight basket and set her afloat. Ginger drifted to Berk, where she was found by Mulch and Bucket during one of their fishing trips. She acquired her scar while in the basket. A sharp strand of the weave scratched her jaw while she was being buffeted by the waves. She was only 13 months old at the time, so she was taken in by a Berkian woman who had just had Jaxomis 5 months before. Ginger grew up as Jax's sibling, and they have grown to be very close friends. When she was 10 years old, she began attending the School of Dragons. In the 6 years since then, she has become a talented Dragon Trainer. She is currently 16 years old.

​Game Information: ​UDT Star!(big platinum star), 1850+ Trophies, 60 Dragons.

Clan: ​The Messengers

(Now Leader)


Main Dragon: Skyfrost

​-Breed: Woolly Howl

-Gender: Male

​-Level: 32

​-Personality: Protective, loyal, brave, and makes a good companion. Sky likes being with Ginger, and flying with her is his favorite thing. He can be a bit bossy and stuck-up, but he has a good heart and intentions.

Other Dragons:

Silverlight- Adult male Monsterous Nightmare, Ginger's first dragon~~~Tsunami- Adult female Thunderdrum~~~Galaxy- Adult female Typhoomerang~~~Jungle- Adult male Sweet Death~~~Firewing- Adult female Moldruffle~~~Illusion- Adult female Changewing~~~Flare- Adult male Moldruffle~~~Firestorm- Adult male Typhoomerang~~~Scythetail- Adult female Devilish Dervish~~~Vortex- Adult female Devilish Dervish, not tame~~~Spinstrike- Adult male Whispering Death~~~Iceheart- Adult male Groncicle~~~Seafoam- Adult male Thunderdrum~~~Bramblethorn- Adult female Deadly Nadder~~~Wavecrash- Adult female Sand Wraith, Ginger's second favorite dragon~~~Twist & Turn- Adult female Hideous Zippleback~~~Copper- Adult male Razorwhip~~~Sunset- Adult female Death Song, not tame~~~Obsidian- Titan female Razorwhip, not ​tame!~~~Snowflurry- Titan female Woolly Howl, not tame~~~Magnet- Adult male Armorwing~~~Chaos- Adult male Screaming Death~~~Spottedleaf- Adult female Hobblegrunt/Threadtail~~~Cindertail- Adult male Singetail~~~Goldriver- Adult female Eruptodon~~~Emberspark- Adult female Flame Whipper~~~Echo- Adult male Mudraker~~~Nettle- Adult male Triple Stryke~~~Springcoil- Adult male Grapple Grounder~~~Cloudcutter- Adult male Timberjack~~~Mischief- Titan female Terrible Terror~~~Lava- Adult female Gronkle~~~Starspirit- Adult male Silver Phantom~~~Flash- Adult male Speed Stinger, not tame~~~Fire, Water, Earth, and Air (The Gang)- Adult male Snaptrapper~~~Anemone- Adult female Shockjaw~~~Whiteout- Adult female Snow Wraith, not tame~~~​Tumbleweed- Adult female Buffalord~~~Dawnblaze- Adult female Fireworm Queen~~~Blizzardchaser- Titan male Woolly Howl, not tame~~~Vigilant- Adult male Elder Sentinel~~~Thunderclap- Adult male Skrill~~~Puddlesplash​- Adult female Windwalker~~~Waterwake- Adult male Scauldron~~~​Thistlebush- Adult female Prickleboggle~~~Dartfang- Adult male Grim Gnasher~~~Ravenwing- Adult female Night Terror~~~Bullcharge- Adult male Rumblehorn~~~Tigerstrike- Adult male Deathgripper~~~Winddancer- Adult female Stormcutter~~~Vex- Adult male Smitten Hobgobbler~~~Jet (Ruffrunner)- Male Night Light~~~Volcano- Adult male Fire Terror~~~Earthquake- Adult male Crimson Goregutter~~~Frostbite- Adult male Shivertooth~~~Pebblescale- Adult female Raincutter~~~Jadeshimmer- Adult female Scuttleclaw~~~Glade & Grove- Teen male Ghastly Zapplejack~~~Crestrider- Baby male Tide Glider

Other Vikings: 

*Quicksilver Catspaw​- Goldleaf's brother. He has the ability to change from a human(Quicksilver/Silver) to a cat(Quicksilver/Quick). He also has an amulet that allows him to morph into a Razorwhip(Mercury).

​-Dragons: Oceanmotion: Adult male Shockjaw~~~Chaos and Confusion: Adult male Hideous Zippleback~~~Mossfire: Adult female Eruptodon~~~White Bitetight: Adult male Smitten Hobgobbler~~~Mercury: Adult male Razorwhip (Stand-in for Quick's morph)~~~Deadly Medley: Baby female Death Song

*Caracal Pounce​- Cara, for short, is a undeveloped female character.

​-Dragons: Mistlight: Adult female Flightmare~~~Flashfire: Adult female Deadly Nadder~~~Quickstrike: Adult female Deathgripper (Main dragon)

*Finn Howler​- A underdeveloped male Berserker.

-Dragons: Ghostlight​: Adult male Flightmare~~~Screech and Howl​: Teen male Hideous Zippleback

*Jayla the Ranger​- Jay is my Ranger's Apprentice inspired character. She is a new character.

-Dragons: Oakleaf: Adult female Sand Wraith~~~Bullseye​: Teen male Deadly Nadder


Blackout the Night Fury

​Blackout is Ginger's Night Fury OC. Blackout is a wild Night Fury who lives where Night Furies are more common. He is fierce, proud, and never backs down from a fight. He looks more or less like Toothless, but he has blue eyes and a lighter birthmark on the left side of his forehead. He's really just for RPs and art.


*Edit by me*

*Base by MagaboltPhoenix, filled by me*


Random Stuff!

Things I like: Dragons, cats, dogs, equines, HTTYD 1, 2, and The Hidden World, RttE, Riders/Defenders of Berk, Tuffnut, Hiccup, Toothless, Trollhunters, 3 Below, most animals, hanging out with my sister, watching movies and shows with my sister, Warriors, The Ranger's Apprentice, Wings of Fire, The Dragon Prince, reading, drawing, playing SoD, browsing through things online, being with animals, DRAGONS, Survivors, The Inheritance books, Rick Riordan's books, being around animals, Keeper of the Lost Cities, and did I mention reading?

Also, in case you were wondering, my Hogwarts house is Slytherin!

   Image result for Ranger's apprentice          Image result for warrior cats

Image result for dreamworks trollhunters sign




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*announcement trumpet noises*

OK! IT'S DONE *gasps*


Name: Jackson Hail (He likes being called either as Jack or by his last name)

Gender: male

Age: 19

Appearance: He's a rather tall guy of 6'7" (yesh tall xD) He has light skin and brown hair (crewcut).

He's always in shorts, a T-shirt, and sandels. Literally no exceptions. It could be snowing and 10 degrees outside and he wouldn't care. No one knows why.

Normally, the shorts are camo gym shorts (like the ones basketball players wear camo.) or black shorts (same type) that are black with blue lightning bolts.

T-shirts are a wide variety. From merch of his favorite Youtubers and motivational lines, to novelty tees of his fandoms, but never a solid color.

Adores sunglasses (They also help him focus) They look like this:


Personality: Jackson is your typical broke college student. However, it's so much to the point where he is technically homeless and scrapes together the money for tuition/other college expenses. He lives in an abandoned business complex about a half-mile away from the college.


Due to his violent, traumatizing upbringing, he isn't a big people person. He much more prefers to keep company with himself or animals and does his best to avoid in-person contact humans as much as possible. He hates college with a passion and can't stand so many people in one place. The only reason he stays is because it was one of his father's dying wishes, and his remaining family would find and punish him if he ever dropped.


Despite hating people and college and much of his own life, he is a bright and witty guy. He's an aspiring  photographer, artist, and singer, preferring to retreat to the woods, mountains, other abandoned parts of the city, empty ports and beaches, caves, and cliffs to work. He is a very quiet and gentle soul and enjoys the solitude of the mountains or the echoing chambers of a chilled cave or subway tunnel.


Interestingly enough, he has a large online prescence and shares stories and his work across various platforms. In fact, the only friends he has are online. He sells his art online as well, and most of his income comes from this. He also takes commissions for photos and editing. He sings both covers for other songs and also originals based mostly around his life stories. However, he never wants people to hear him, despite him having a beautiful voice. He's one of those people who can belt their heart out when they're alone but clams up around others.


It takes quite some time to break down his mental barriers, as he isolates himself whenever he can. If you do somehow manage to make him comfortbe around you; however, you'll find a compassionate, protective, and creative heart beneath all the walls. He takes friendship extremely seriously and will protect his friends to the end. Now, before it was mentioned that his only current friends are online. That is true. He has a very small friend group who he defends fiercely. Normally, Jack tries to avoid conflict but in the case of his friends, he won't back down from a fight.


He's also a very soft, sensitive person deep down. He's very much touch and love starved so a simple hug or compliment does go a long way, even if he doesn't outwardly show it. If people are willing to listen and if he feels he can trust them, he will open up like a leaking faucet. He can go on for hours about his passions, but he's also a wonderful listener. If he wasn't as closed up, he could be a really good emotional counselor.


Dragon type:...Surprise me??? xD



  • INFP personality
  • He adores all things avian
  • allergic to most hairy mammals (rats, dogs, cats, hamsters/guinea pigs, etc.)
  • claustrophobic
  • Hordes art supplies
  • stashes all his personal belongings in sneaky places in his "home"
  • emotional empath (can feel what others are feeling. He further isolates himself because of this. He gets overwhelmed easily.)
  • Something boring = he will procrastinate
  • Something he loves = nothing short of the end of the world will stop him

"The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason you held on for so long." ~Jacksepticeye

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*Raptors squawking at Fireworks*



This user now only talks in DMs...
Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.

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The Dragoness
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Yesh I did

Well, it WAS on her form XD I had to put that in there!

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Raptors Assemble!!

XD I literally put it there because I didn't know what to do.

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If you need more characters...

...I'm always up for making some :)

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The Dragoness
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*grabby hands* GIMME THE BEANS

Of course!

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Flitt: *throws beans at* *runs off*

I have a couple in mind :D

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Here's a couple of characters :D
Name: Orion Askook (meaning: Hunter Snake)
Gender: female
Age: 32
Appearance: she's not exactly plump, but not exactly a stick either, she's more... Like HTTYD Viking extras XD she has chestnut brown hair that is cut in a V from her ears to the base of her neck/or to her shoulders, not sure how to describe it. Her eyes are hazel with light blue flecks. She is five foot two, so shortish. pale skin, but not too pale. On her left forearm she has liver spots (I think that's the name?) That are in the shape of the constellation Orion, hence her name which she changed from Jane Mile. She has an Ouroboros snake tattoo circling her right wrist.
She usually dresses in jeans and dark t-shirts, with a denim jacket which has embroidered wings on the back. She will NOT wear a dress/skirt or high heels for the life of her, preferring to have either trainers or hiking boots.
Personality: she's introverted and quiet around people, seeming lost in her thoughts most of the time, but really she's watching everything intently. She's quite bright and can figure out puzzles quickly, especially riddles.
She absolutely loves anything to do with space. From black holes to spacetime, she will read up about it and watch as many videos as she can about it. Consequently she knows A LOT about space and likes to break her silence with some info that leaves everyone utterly confused. She longs to get closer to space so she can see for herself what it's like.
She's often out until early morning wandering around outside, either in the town or just outside it, watching the stars and satellites move across the sky.
Dragon type: ummmm...
Extra: she's a big fan of the singer Pink and has all the albums. She likes to read. She lives in a flat that's on the top floor. She won't use blue pens, only black or red. She collects Terry Pratchette books (which are great books).
Name: Anna Crown
Gender: female
Age: 18
Appearance: she's average height, tanned pale skin, quite slim with sky blue eyes. Her hair is blonde with darker ends and she usually has it in a ponytail. She always has a dark blue baseball cap on no matter what, she even has it on when it's dark. She mostly has grey, black or blue joggers on and camo t-shirt, light blue or grey jumper and one of those yellow coats. She either has riding boots or hiking boots and sometimes, if it's warm, crocs.
Personality: she is friendly and likes to talk to people, but also likes her own company. She has a good amount of friends who she hangs out with at least once a week. 
She is found visiting homeless people quite often, as most of her friends are homeless, and taking food around for them. She homecooks the food, such as soup or something that is warming, and spends a lot of her time cooking in her small kitchen. Her parents approve of this and encourage her to take a catering course at college, but she won't go because she says her skills are useful elsewhere.
Dragon type: idk
Extra: she loves snow. She has a pet white chicken named Frost who follows her around, sometimes even to the shops, and it has earned her the title "the Chicken Whisperer". She trains Frost to do tricks like tightrope walking and has a successful YT channel dedicated to Frost. Her favourite book is Talon. She lives with her parents.
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Nothing good comes from this face ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• )

Wait... so we can post our OC forms here too? Just for fun? ಠಿ_ಠ


School of Dragons Viking Student Resumé

Been a part of SoD since: August 11, 2016

Joined Forums on: September 17, 2016 (first account was Navlyn Fury)

Previous Clan Families: The Dragon Racers (JbMiler/httyyd),

                                                                         The Messengers (alpha zero/Megaboltphoenix)

                                                                          WARZONE (AlphaSkrillyYT/Trophy Hunter [I, II)

                                                  The Forgotten Racers (Knight of fury)

Current Clan Familites: Harbingerz (me)

                                                                                  The Light Fury Racers (Emerald-


                                                                           Permanent Damage (Janovia)

                                                                                  Breaker of Chains (WryShadowCat)

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Nor this one ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)

They're characters for Ness's fanfic.

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The Bohemian Critic
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Gah that face ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• )

Ooooooooooooooooo I see I see... ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• )

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Who needs sleep when you have...ENTHUSIASM ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Why do both those faces remind me of Squishy when he's about to torture an OC?....-_- xD

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The Bohemian Critic
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*raises hand* o(=•ェ•=)m

Because that's the face he makes before he tortures an OC... And yes, I can imagine it too... too well... 8P

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*slaps hand away* THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO THINK!!!

...Yeah...same..o_o...It''s terrifying...


An OC: *facing a dangerous situation* I got this >-> I'll fight my way out

Squishy: ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉) I'm gonna ruin this man's entire career ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)

Me: *hiding in a corner* I'm so sorry D'8

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The Bohemian Critic
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*indignant* Then why chu false advertise? ಠಿ_ಠ

Hahahahahaha... like human like brain, I say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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LE GASP! BEAUTIFUL! *Glances at Reaper and then at Dragoness* HALFLING NIGHTFURY PALS! 


 Welcome everyone to my siggy!

I'm your host (and slightly deranged catto from another dimension) Toothless! If you want you can call me Toothy/Tooth or Split!

You can find me ingame by the name of ToothyFright

(Profile pic by AndreaEaston)

I tend to write fast and never lobk (<- intentional) back >:O

I'm a proud Christian and I believe Jesus Christ has died for me!

"All roads lead to God, only one leads to heaven," -Greg Laurie


"Her soul belongs to words and books. Every time she reads, she is home." -Unknown


I'm female

I'm certified Furry Trash UwU

I live in 'Murcia where everything is on literal and metaphorical fire


Pancake says hello! 

(Made by the wonderful Sohki!)


I enjoy:

Writing (mostly AUs)


Creating way too many OCs... (over 100)

Reading:Virals, Warrior cats, Lunar Chronicles, HP, WoF, etc.

Drawing/ doing art stuff (Yes, I do take commissions...PM me for one)

Music/ Singing (Beth Crowley, Sleeping at Last, Evenesance, Within Temptation)(I'm also an alto :P)

Jellyfish (They are the best sea creatures)

Dragons!! (obviously)

Cats!! (Ahem, Warriors fan here)

Hybrids (Ikran and dragon hybrids specifically)

Full-moon monstrosities 

Watching: ATLA/LoK, The Arcadia series, Starwars CW, anything HTTYD, ect.






Also this siggy will always be under construction. Please be aware of your surroundings, we've also been having a slight demon problem and your safety is always in mind.

(Blink By Chameishida)

He's gonna make sure you behave, he's a demon himself you know.


Look! A new art thing! Featuring art! Much wow!


Art by the wonderful DyliehIdol (Halcyon and Cumbulonimbus), ZestyDragonWing (Rusted Skies), AMAZEing (Casualty), Flitt (Reaper), MoonFyre (Wolf and Daffodil), AndreaEaston (Summer and Lavalamp), SpeedyLeaf (SnowGlobe), TosiLohi (Dawn), WoollyHowlEra (Erin and Summer and Lavalamp), Aetherna (Pumpkin and Chills) and more!
















Don't worry :3 have a jellyfish!

Yesssss Jellyfish >:D 


















Huh... Your really into reading this siggy... Did you read my warning then? Perhaps not since you don't look okay... You're not possesed now are you? Are you- OH HECK YOU'RE POSSESSED! *runs away screaming*


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Httyd b-b-b-book fan?

Another night fury dragonling? O_o That would make Ness's day X)

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Solveig the Fair
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Character info

If this is in the wrong place or anything needs changed, let me know and I’ll fix it.


Code name: Ashley or Ash

Gender: female
Age: 16
Appearance: 5' 8", slender, pale skin, ocean-blue eyes, freckles, slightly wavy light blonde hair that reaches her waist. She usually wears her hair down and parted on the side with side-swept bangs; if it's really hot she'll put it in a low  ponytail. Her clothing style consists of a colorful shirt with jeans of cutoff jean shorts and sneakers.
Personality: bright and cheerful, often smiles and loves to laugh, but not overly talkative—unless the topic is something she loves or is passionate about. She is extremely loyal to her close friends, and if they're in danger she will stop at nothing to protect them with hardly any consideration for her own safety. She can come across as overprotective because she wants to do everything in her power to make sure her friends stay safe. She's a good listener and empathetic to the point where she can prettymuch share someone's emotions. She is equally comfortable alone and with small groups of friends. She loves nature and especially loves being in the forest or in/near water, and she's trained herself to walk and even run very quietly so as to not frighten the wildlife. She's very adventurous (although not reckless) and fun-loving, which sometimes gets her in trouble when she wanders off alone. She loves to sing, although she's hesitant to do so in front of people, and has an appreciation for beautiful music. She also loves to draw and write stories; she's always had a taste for fantasy, and her creations usually include mythical creatures. Ever since she was little, she has longed to fly and likes to be up high as long as there's little danger of falling. She is a huge fan of the HTTYD franchise, both books and movies; and while she knows dragons don't exist, her imagination still believes they do, to the point that she would be more excited and pleasantly surprised rather than scared if she actually met a dragon. She'd be more shocked to see a Draconian, since she's never heard of them before, but she still would think they're awesome. Although she doesn't have any pets, she would like to have an animal friend who will accompany her on her adventures and curl up with her at the end of the day.
Dragon type: Hm... I think a Night Fury fits her personality, but I already have an OC with a Fury friend and I want to do something different, so let's go with a furry Northern Shortsnout! Can the human name be the same as the dragon name? If she had a way to communicate with it, she most likely would ask what its name is.
Other random facts:
  • Likes things organized, but doesn't want to put in the effort to organize them
  • Homeschooled (11th grade), so she can finish her work earlier in the day if she has a good reason to, but most of the time she procrastinates
  • Loves tiny, cute things
  • Afraid of spiders, centipedes, stinkbugs, and other gross/buzzy/leggy bugs
  • Somewhat jumpy and easily startled
  • Has a situational sense of humor, coming up with jokes based on the circumstance, and loves good puns and word play
  • Most definitely a nightowl
  • Treats animals as if they had the intelligence and feelings of people
  • Believes that most "monsters" can be reasoned with or even befriended


Welcome to my signature, guarded by CocoaFrost the Magic Floof! He smells like hot chocolate and loves to cuddle, but intruders should beware his icy paws!

Beautifully done by AndreaEaston!


I am Solveig the Fair! You can also call me by the names of my Vikings, if you prefer.

I’m new to the forums, so please give me some grace :)

Here’s some info about me!


Joined SoD: about a year ago

Main Viking: Veiyra (formerly SolveigDaughterOfTheSun and SolveighTheFair)

    Main dragons: Thunderstrike (male Shockjaw; starter dragon), Zephyr (female Windwalker), Moonstrike (female Sand Wraith)

    Clan: Harbingerz

Second Viking: Kyersti

    Main dragons: Gemstone (female Rumblehorn; starter dragon), Marsh Tiger (male Monstrous Nightmare), Nightsong (male Deathsong)

    Clan: Ultimate Night Riders

Third Viking: XElementalMasterX

    Main dragons: Lloyd Garmadon (male Sand Wraith [NF substitute]; starter dragon), Kai Smith (male Monstrous Nightmare)


I am a Christian. I spend most of my time writing stories, drawing, listening to music, and singing. Some of my favorite artists/bands are Skillet, TobyMac, LEDGER, Hollyn, For KING & COUNTRY, and Carman, and I also listen to movie soundtracks. The franchises I am most familiar with (and write the most fanfictions for XD) are the Avengers, Ninjago (both the movie and the TV series), and HTTYD (both movies and books). I love to read, and I also watch a lot of Disney movies.


My sweet Windwalker, Zephyr, brought to life by Sohki!

Quicksilver, drawn wonderfully by Flitt!

Former arena fighter, Sweet Dreams, and playful, innocent Stargaze, my Night Lights by AndreaEaston!

Phoenyx the Immortal, drawn amazingly by TosiLohi!

A lovely Secret Santa: Spring Edition gift from SilverAceWing!

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Im gonna track this so i

Im gonna track this so i throw OCs at your head later.

Eidt: Here's a person! (btw, this is basicly me adapted to fit your fanfic,exept my name's not Evalyn, because I would never share personal stuff)


Code Name: Flame

Real Name: Evalyn

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Personality: She tryes to see everything from the logical side, but she loves the idea of dragons. She would probably reacat positively to seeing a dragon/dracion, and would be extreamly fasinated. Upon seeing Ness, her first qustion would probably be " Where did you get wings and how can I get them?" She is extreamly persistanant, and won't give up  until she gets what she wants. She loves to come up with crazy theiories about the world, and is very smart. She has very little friends, but is protective of the ones she has. It takes awhile for her to warm up to you, but once she does, she'll be very protective. She's curious, and wouldn't hesitate to sneak around to find out what Ness is up to. She's always been fasinated with the idea of being able to fly, and ever sense seeing HTTYD2, she has been trying to come up with a flightsuit disin. She would reactpositively to becoming a dracion. She is a big fan of the HTTYD francise, and has watched all the movies, shows, and read all the books. She's a big reader, and is the top of her class for Math and Liturature. She loves knowledge, and want's to be and inventor someday. She loves to try new things, but can be a bit hesinantent at first. 

Physical Appearince: 5'2 and skinny. She always wears a T-Shirt and shorts. She has strait red hair, and blue eyes.

Dragon Type: Night Fury or Deadly Nadder


I give you full permission to torture her, turn her into a dracion, do whatever you please, but please don't make her die, okay?













Hello! So, sorry for overloading you with gifs with angry alpha Toothies about bugs and money, but it was needed. Okay, moving on!

Some things about me:

I'm a girl

I love writing

I love dragons

I skipped a grade


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The Dragoness
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Oh snap....

Thank you for the Offering--I mean, new person! 8D 

*sees request* welp...guess that answers that question...guess I need to find someone else for that...:P

This is actually probably the first OC I've seen that would make the ideal Draconian, other than a certain one of Hooky's who may or may not't wait to use her, she wounds fantastic!

Supreme Viking Champion
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What went snap?

*Squints intently* What question? *Squinting intenseafys* 

Well, in rl, I may or may not be a Dragonblood, yes, I stalk Flitt's Dragonblood books. 

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The ancient texts o-o


Yes boyo would love to have wing and tail limbs xD Sad college boi needs some joy in his life before may or may not being killed....which I'd be a lil salty about...just do his possible demise justice to his character yes xD I know you will though xD

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Solveig the Fair
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-insert subject here-

First off, if you think it's rude that I read your comments and/or would rather I not, please tell me! I honestly didn't think it might be rude until now...

Secondly, out of curiosity, what makes an ideal Draconian?

Flitt's picture
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Is it wise o.o

Wounds o__o Also, hiiiiiiiiiiiii fellow Dragonblood! :D

Supreme Viking Champion
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Pickle thought the subject was a chicken egg

What is wise?

*Turns into Fury* *Runs around in circles* Hello!

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The Dragoness
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Oops, I didn't mean to say wounds...

'Oh snap' was referring to what I was planning to do to Flame....but since you requested otherwise, I must find a new victim......>8D

You're fine, Solveig! x)

The ideal personality for a Draconian is actually something I will (slightly) explai later on, closer to the end, so I won't do that here just yet. Just know that I do have certain criteria, but they're kinda hazy. I know what I'm looking for, but I don't exactly know how to explain it just yet *shrug*

And Hooky? No promises....>:)

Solveig the Fair's picture
Solveig the Fair
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*anticipation increases*

I'm getting scared for these poor characters, but also excited because I like intense stories XD

Dragoness, you can do whatever you want to Ash. I just hope that if she doesn't make it, it's because she's protecting someone or something honorable like that... I'm afraid there's not much hope of that, unfortunately, with all you've been hinting at XD

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I thought wounds was a clue XD

*Shifts to Flightmare form and watches for next chapter intently*

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!
Hey, Ness!  I don't know if you need any more characters, but just in case here's mine!
Name:  Soar
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Appearance: Long, frizzy sandy-blonde hair, very tall for her age and kinda skinny, average arm and leg length, crazy blue eyes.
Personality: An all A+ student;  very humorous unless something serious is happening;  loves to read, especially Fablehaven and How To Train Your Dragon, big fan of the Httyd franchise, has always longed to fly with wings of her own; would probably hyperventilate with excitement at seeing a dragon; would think that Ness is super cool; probably wouldn't leave her dragon and/or Ness alone until they shared the secret of how to become a draconian; would try to leave life behind and live full-time with her dragon; enjoys either a small group or being on her own with animals (especially floofy little kitties she can chase around) ; wants to hidein a heroic way if she has to.
Dragon type: Maybe whatever dragon can fly the longest and dive the fastest?  Any dragon would be fine if you would prefer something else.
Extra:  I don't care about the treatment of my character, but if she dies could it possibly be a heroic death?  Loves being in high places and falling, but hates the splat when you reach the bottom (even if it's into water).  She would LOVE IT if she could be a draconian.




By me

By WoollyHowlEra

Now that that's over, let's get to some art!


This is Icarus, who constantly watches my siggy.  You won't get past him unless you bring a piggy.  Its true because it rhymes XD  Made by the amazing Sohki!  Thanks!


Here's my Clan Banner, made by mareenamuse (Thankies! :) 


Speed Stinger banner

This awesome Speedstinger banner was made by Dragonrider's Fury!



This utterly terrific art of Dune the Sand Wraith was done by none other than Flitt!


This PURRfect picture of my cat Tina was done by the pawsome Tigerli1y!



This amazing art of Scorpion was created by Snudoo!


And this is Shocker my Shockjaw, fabulously done by WoollyHowlEra!



This wonderful art of Scorpion the Speedstinger was done by the amazing AMAZIEing!



These fantabulous edits of Snowfur my Woolly Howl OC were made by WoollyHowlEra



This is Dune again, delightfully done by WoollyHowlEra!


Here's another splendiferous artwork of Icarus, again done by WoollyHowlEra!


This is a tidal class dragon that I created, called the Siren Song.  It has gills for breathing underwater, but can still survive above water for short periods of time.  The only time these dragons are seen out of the water is when it pulls itself out of the sea with its two legs to catch prey.  It lures it's victims in by flashing the bulb at the end of its antenna in a pattern that is mesmerizing to dragons.  Any unfortunate dragon who sees this blinking light will be drawn towards it.  As soon as it's prey is in sight, the Siren Song will then snag the dragon in its long, nimble tail, and drag it down into the sea.  Once in the water, the Siren Song either drowns its victim, squeezes it to death with it's tail, or injects its paralyzing venom and eats the dragon alive.  Overall, it's kinda like the tidal version of a Death Song.



My main character Slargvarg's dragons (at time of writing):

Tidal Class:

Shocker the adult Shockjaw

Scully the adult Scauldron

Seanic the titan Thunderdrum

Coral the teen Thunderdrum

Seafoam the teen Thunderdrum

Depths the baby Thunderdrum

Tsunami the baby Sliquifier

Breeze the adult Tide Glider

Stoker Class:

Yellowfang the adult Monstrous Nightmare

Venny the adult Monstrous Nightmare

Fireworm the adult Monstrous Nightmare

Smog the baby Monstrous Nightmare

Ghost the baby Monstrous Nightmare

Terrie the baby Monstrous Nightmare

Snake Eyes the baby Monstrous Nightmare

Horn the baby Monstrous Nightmare

Glower the baby Monstrous Nightmare

Titan the teen Monstrous Nightmare

Spirit the adult Silver Phantom

Glowworm the adult Fireworm Queen

Albinglow the baby Fireworm Queen

Centipede the baby Fireworm Queen

Gecko the baby Flame Whipper

Freeze Lout the adult Singetail

Threadtail the adult Hobblegrunt

Chameleon the baby Hobblegrunt

Flaminer the adult Fire Terror

Boulder Class: 

Avalanche the adult Groncicle

Spiral the titan Whispering Death

Beaurow the baby Whispering Death

Lavarock the baby Gronckle

Rocky the baby Gronckle

Ironmaw the baby Gronckle

Metamorphic the baby Gronckle

Marble the baby Gronckle

Gronckle the teen Gronckle

Granite the adult Gronckle

ScarCarver the adult RidgeSnipper

Lichen the adult Elder Sentinel

Steam the adult Eruptodon

The Great Protector the adult Eruptodon

Mystery Class:

Cobin the adult Smitten Hobbgobbler

Ambice the adult Deathsong

Knight the adult Armourwing

Skelator the baby Boneknapper

Reek and Stink the baby Hideous Zippleback

Flare and Fall the baby Hideous Zippleback

Ava and Lanch the baby Hideous Zippleback

Splat and Splelch the baby Hideous Zippleback

Sevvy and Snap the baby Hideous Zippleback

Bla and Bleh the baby Hideous Zippleback

Raff and Snaff the adult Hideous Zippleback

Glendeerie the adult Dreadstrider

Raptor the adult Dramillion

Magic the adult Changewing


will finish the rest later.




Congrats!  You made it to the end of my work-in-progress siggy!  If for some odd reason you want some art from me, then just PM me :)





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The Dragoness
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*is afraid* I've seen Squishy...>_>

*bows formally* Your wish is my command! I will enjoy writing of this offering with great prose and emotion.

And no worries about character limits! I'll probably take around five more before closing character submissions.

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*screaming loudly*

Squishy: Hello there >83

Supreme Viking Champion
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Welcome, Squishy! We will bow

Welcome, Squishy! We will bow to your command! *Bows*

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*happy brain noises*
This pleases the Squishy. >:)

Supreme Viking Champion
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Tomorrow... and possibly later today!

I am very glad that it does. 

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Solveig the Fair
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-insert subject here-

Hey Dragoness, I noticed that you still don't have pictures for most of the riding dragons. I'd love to draw some for you if you want

The Dragoness's picture
The Dragoness
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I actually do have some drawn, I just haven't uploaded them yet. I'm lazy like that :P (however, they are on my instagram account) But please, by all means draw them!! I'd love to see how they turn out!

Solveig the Fair's picture
Solveig the Fair
Joined: 03/25/2020

Do you have any picture references or inspiration for the four non-HTTYD dragons?

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The Dragoness
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Okay so Postimages is acting up

So THIS is the link to the instagram post where I show what a Bronze Firescale, Mountainous Stormtail, and Frostfang look like. Flickerwings are already shown, and Northern Shortsnouts just look like Elliot from the new Pete's Dragon (you can scroll down in my siggy to get a glimpse of what he looks like).

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

Those are great drawings!

Solveig the Fair's picture
Solveig the Fair
Joined: 03/25/2020

I looked at the other art on your page, and... wow! Your art is amazing!! I especially love your drawings of Ness and Camicazi!

The Dragoness's picture
The Dragoness
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Thank you! Once postimages is done, I'll probably post the pictures up in the dragon area. However, there's too many details about them that I wanna explain to put on the Gallery thread. I might have to make separate info threads for Draconians and these dragons respectively....eventually.