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Hi Ghosty! Nice to see you! And welcome to the sporadic thread of dragonlings!

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Captcha: Click the Palm Trees!

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Oh when the, er, dragonriders go marching in!

Summer was finally here, spreading its wings and shaking out the last of the late spring snows. The days were longer (and hotter--I finally started wearing short sleeves) and the nights balmier. I started sneaking out at night to go on midnight runs with Shadow or curl up in a nest in the dragon caves. I don't know why I felt the need to sneak out; since I lived in my own little house, what need was there to hide where I was going? No one ever asked anyway. Well, Miss Amy and Miss Ellen did, but since I didn't technically have to answer to either of them, they don't count.

I wasn't the only one drawn to the woods. Nightshade had sort of opened the floodgates, if you will. It wasn't a huge immigration, mind, but there did average about two new people a month. The first two, after Nightshade, called themselves Hail and Bryn. I'm not sure if those were their real names, but they suited them.

Hail was a quiet college student with dark brown hair and ever-present sunglasses. I wasn't totally sure what to make of him at first (the feeling was mutual) but the dragons liked him well enough, so I decided to trust him. After charming all the Terrible Terrors I would allow near him, I quietly approached him and asked if he would like to see more. Thus, Hail met Gleam the Bronze Firescale, whom he christened 'Xinyi,' meaning 'joy.'

Bryn was sorta like Hail, and yet completely different at the same time. At around fourteen, he was rather lanky and had black hair he'd dyed gray at the tips to match his eyes. Those eyes were fierce, which was strange considering how reserved he was. Though the Terrible Terrors were less fond of him than they were of Hail, they trusted him enough that I felt okayish letting the riding dragons stake their claims. If I'd known who would choose him, though, I might have just assigned a dragon to him. ECHO, of all dragons, took to him almost at once, and soon they were romping like children. Maybe I'll tell why I was so against it another time. I'm still too worked up about it to present the story in a fair-minded manner. Anyway, Bryn asked me what her name was, which was a surprise. Most assumed they didn't have names. So he called her Echo, too, which was just fine with her.

Some others had arrived recently, poking around and such. Some dragons were showing interest in them. I'd probably send in a couple Terrible Terrors to test the waters soon enough. Terrors are small enough to hide like a lizard, quick enough to evade capture, nondescripte enough (as far as dragons go) to avoid excess attention, and mischeivous enough to bring out people's temper. In other words, they're the perfect person-testers.

I was scared by what felt like this sudden influx of people, but at the same time it was oddly a relief. Plus, it was nice to have other humans around, since Conner would be away until the end of summer. Still, I was careful not to let them know there were others like them. No one had any idea the others existed, and it was safer that way. Oak hadn't mentioned anything, and I hadn't tried to find him to ask, for fear of what he might say.

On the night of the anniversary of, well,  you know , I quietly visited the cliff where it all began. It was almost exactly the same. The city still glowed, the moon shone, and a few clouds drifted just out of my reach.

I looked down, and the same dizzying rush I'd felt my very first time flushed through my brain. Without even really thinking about it, I jumped and dove down headfirst, remembering my panicked excitement. Then I shoved myself upward and tumbled away with the wind.

It was incredible, how much I'd grown in a year. The Ali of past times had been a clumsy, short-winded flyer, barely keeping up with the wind. Now I wove through it--if not like a true winged creature, then like an experienced flyer. Now I was the Dragoness, the Heir, and the leader of a small, growing group of dragon-riders.

I shivered and dove back down. Miss Ellen and the girls were expecting me in the morning. Best to get some sleep.

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Just some thoughts...

Hooky, Flitt, these next two are yours! I hope you don't mind what Imma do to them...DX Anyway, the underlined name I'm not 100% certain of. For your information, Bronze Firescales are kinda my take on the Chinese dragon, so if you want to come up with another name for Gleam, Hookless, you are more than welcome to! Same goes for you, Flitt (Echo is a Night Fury, btw)

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Squishy: <_< *peeking around* >_> I'm a spybrain...*sneaksneak*

I give you full permission to torture Hail in any way hape or form, so says potat queen of the forum XDDDDDDD


Ahhh I see....hmmm....You wouldn't happen to have a picture would you? :'D

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AHH! SPYBRAIN! *throws potat at*

I figured you wouldnt mind XD
I do not have a picture just yet, so I will /try/ to describe them.
Bronze firescales have very shimmery, coppery scales that vary from reddish copper to more of a yellow. Their scales are also very large and round, almost like a pangolin's scales, so kinda like armor. They have small legs for their size and finger-like talons and they walk more like lizards because of it. Their wings are wider than they are long, and fold up very tightly, so if they're not flying they can be hard to miss. They have short necks and very long tails. Both males and females have a small mane of 'hairs' that are kinda similar to jellyfish tentacles, except not venomous. Males have three horns (middle big, two on either side that are slightly shorter). They have completely black eyes and their heads are shaped a bit like a wolf's, but more dragonish.
Does this help?

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Spybrain: :O *hides behind something* 8D

Ahh yes, this helps immensely :'D

Will get back to you on a name soon xD

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Bryn!!!!! :DDD

I like the name :)


Great chapter!!!

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Yesh it's Bryn

Oh, good! Echo is....a frusterating character. Made so the more because a big chunk of her personality is taken from me -_-

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

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O.O this is awesome!!!!!

Please write more! Pleasepleaseplease? It's sooooooo goooooood...I cant wait! Your writing style is very unique, a great take on the HTTYD series! It's like a voice imbedded into the text! Ooooooooh!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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New person!

Heyo! Thank you so much for the compliments! ^^ I try to post as often as I can, but unfortunately I'm pretty busy right now :(

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(Mis)happenings--I'm not panicking, you're panicking

Anna. Theo. Orion. Tolzar and Kalzar. Slowly but surely, my little clan was growing.  While I raised an eyebrow at some of their code name choices, I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride at how quickly they were growing, as people and with their dragons. Newest 'recruits' (I swear, I never go looking for them, they just happen! I would NEVER intentionally endanger innocent people) were Dawn and her older sister, Dusk. Now,  that had been an interesting debate. Dusk had wanted her name to contrast with her little sister's which I thought was cute. At first she wanted Nightshade, but I had to tell her the name was....taken. Which led to an awkward question-and-dodge session for a few minutes about 'other riders.' Then she chose Twilight, which would have been fine if her sister hadn't burst into a fit of giggles. Something about talking ponies and magical friendship. So Dusk eventually settled on, well, Dusk, after an hour of brainstorming and arguing. At that point, I was so done with the whole conversation I just pointed at the trees and said, "Have at it." I definitely got an earful from one of the older Flickerwings for that.

Speaking of an earful, I hadn't seen Oak in a long time. I tried to ignore the gnawing worry that was slowly taking up permanent residence in my stomach. It wasn't the disappearance of a dragon--it happens, y'know? Nature is a dangerous world--or the traps and cameras I was constantly disabling. It wasn't the Marking of eerily thorough hunters and poachers, with their dart guns and rifles. It wasn't the growing number of dragonriders, creeping through the woods and requiring constant monitering. It wasn't even Miss Amy telling me that Conner was going to be home in a month (and my subsequent dreading of having to tell him about the new hobbies I was picking up), or the long afternoons spent in happy, nonsensical play with and Joy. No, it was all of those things together that strung my nerves a little too high, had me glancing around a little too often. One or two of these things was fine on its own. Together? You had an unstable, dangerous environment with a growing number of innocents and too many things that I loved. Maybe I'd read too many books, but I did NOT want my family dragged into the whole mess I was dealing with.
Which brings us to why I was so paranoid about letting the riders know about each other. If one was captured or hurt, I didn't want them to be able to put any of the others in danger. I also didn't want their friends to go looking and getting themselves into trouble as well, causing double the mess and double the stress and heartache.

Of course, it didn't exactly work out perfectly. Of course the sibling duos, like Dawn and Dusk, and Tolzar and Kalzar, already knew about each other, so there wasn't much I could do about that. And Echo slyly nudged Bryn into Hail and Theo, and the trio was practically inseparable. Still, separately, I drilled the rules into each and every one of them--don't tell your real names, don't try to find each other outside the dragon territories, listen to your dragons when they act skittish and don't want to go somewhere, and definitely don't go flying in broad daylight unless I tell you it's safe. You break a single rule, and your dragon doesn't let you go anywhere other than one clearing. Most times, people will protest against such strict rules, claiming they were restrictive and unfair. But something in my voice seemed to make the understand how serious I was. No one was going to get hurt under my watch.

Or maybe they were just scared of the half-dragon girl with the creepy eyes and scary smile. Either way, it worked for me.



One day, I think it was sometime in July or early August, Miss Ellen came out to watch me play with the girls. It was a simple game of tag, except you had to watch out for wings and tails. Not just the dragons that had joined in today, but Joy's--her venom had just come in and she couldn't always control it. It was rather like potty-training a toddler. Thankfully it was NOT like mine, it was a hallucinogenic. After one disastrous encounter with it, Miss Ellen gave her a stern talking-to and asked me to help her figure it out.

Anyway, we were playing, but kids have limitless energy and I did not, so I took a break to sit next to Miss Ellen.

"Look at them," she said suddenly. "Playing with dragons--dragons!--like they don't have a care in the world. If you'd told me this just six months ago I would have thought you were crazy."

I smirked a little. "I did tell you four months ago, and you though you were going crazy."

She laughed. "That's very true."
I glanced sidelong at her. "Do you regret it?"

Her smile faded and she tilted her head thoughtfully. "No, I don't. I don't think they've ever been happier, and I haven't felt this safe since who-knows-when."

My stomach churned with guilt.

Joy panted up to me with a hopeful expression on her face. "Ness, will you teach us a song?"

My ears shot up and my wings tightened. "Teach you a song?"

She ducked her head a little. "I know I'm not s'posed to sing dragon songs. But maybe you could teach me a safe one? For" stood a little ways behind her, a heartbreakingly hopeful expression on her face.

I considered it. It was probably hard to hear dragonsong every day, hear your little sister babble it to herself while she played, and not know anything to sing along. It was still risky, but if I could choose the right one...maybe translate it into English..."...okay," I said hesitantly.

"YES!" beamed, and Miss Ellen watched us with a broad smile.

I thought for a moment, then sang an old (all dragon songs are old) ditty.


Kilian, kalian, damerson, dee

Who made the dragons and set them free?

Skin of a serpent, mind like a man,

Heart of a fire that none can withstand.


Joy beamed and ran off to sing the chant to the dragons, heedless of the fact they already knew it. hummed it to herself and smiled. Then she saw my expression and paused. "That's...that's not the whole thing, is it?"

I looked down at my boots. "No."

She waited, so I took a deep breath and sang the second verse.


Kilian, kalian, damerson, dee

Who cursed the dragons to never be free?

Cursed to be hated, cursed to be feared,

Cursed to kill man as the end of them nears.


Her eyes widened. "Is that--"

"It's just a song," I cut her off, heart hammering in my chest. She couldn't have figured it out already, there was no way--

But maybe she had, because she just looked deep into my eyes, nodded solemnly, and ran back to play with Joy.

Miss Ellen shook herself. "Not going to lie to you, Ness, that was a little creepy."

I didn't respond, just kept staring at my boots.

Miss Ellen stood and cupped her hands over her mouth. "Five minutes till dinner!" Then she patted my head and went back inside to finish whatever she was cooking.

Once I was sure no one was listening, I quietly sang the third and final verse.


Kilian, kalian, damerson, dee

Why is a dragon bound to me?

I'm cursed to be hated, she'll never be free

We'll both feel the pain from the future I see.

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Just some sturfs :)

More new characters! Unfortunately I can't get super in-depth with them in the story, but week...hopefully...I can post their creators and bios in the GALLERY thread.

Also, the dragon ditty is modified from a book called  Dragon Egg. I quite enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

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Interesting O.o


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What a sad and scary poem o.O Hope it isn't true...

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No comment......

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Nuuuuuuuuuu...... O.o

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Well, Nosy, she has a reason to be touchy

Summer was almost over. It was August, and my little band of dragonriders was wallowing in self-pity for the coming school year. The college students were a little less mopey--they could make their own schedules, and study wherever they wanted. School-aged kids, however, were doomed to the public system and wouldn't be able to make it more than once or twice a week. I did my best to appear sympathetic, but selfishly I was glad they were going to be busy. The less they were here, in the dragon territories, the less chance they had of meeting some of the eerily focused hunters.

Conner would be home any day now. Miss Amy was excited, because not only would her son be back from his summer camp in Arizona, but her husband was deployed and would be coming home early in September. I was happy for her--really I was. She had been lonely at home by herself, and now she wouldn't be anymore.

I was flitting from dapple to dapple, chasing Flicker, quite happy, when another Flickerwing buzzed into my face.
"Ow!" I yelped, but caught the little dragon as it fell and cradled it in my palms. "Are you alright?"

The dragon struggled to get upright. "Hunters!" he squeaked. "Near the stream by the clearing with the big boulders on the other side of the smallest ridge!" (dragon directions are, unfortunately, rather long and based on landmarks rather than names).
Unfortunately, I knew exactly what he was referring to, and judging from Flicker's high-pitched cry of distress, he knew too. It was Shadow's special place, the one she had shown me when we just barely met. Oh gosh, I thought with a thrill of terror, she might be there right NOW.

I set the nanodragon down carefully, thanked him politely for the warning, and then surged away with wingbeats so hard I probably blew the poor dragon off his perch. But I couldn't be bothered to go back and apologize.

Shadow was being hunted.
I landed a little ways away from the clearing and stumbled. No time for hesitation. I flashed through the forest as quietly as I could while running, noiselessly vaulting logs and ducking low-hanging leaves as Flicker darted ahead and then back again, scouting the way. Closer. Closer.

Flicker chirruped a warning and I froze, trying to muffle the sounde of my gulping breaths.

I cocked my head, listening. There! A low rumble that I could feel in my dragon ears. Shadow.

This time, Flicker stayed perched on my shoulder as I raced toward the noise. Faster, faster, faster, until--

I stumbled into the clearing and almost had a heart attack.

Not one, not two, but five hunters, all with deadly-looking dart guns slung over their shoulders, stared back at me. One of them was kneeling, examining a half-formed footprint in the soft dirt. Night Fury.

They were still frozen in shock, so I glanced around wildly until I spotted a pair of terrified grass-green eyes, buried in a thicket of thorns. A bit of her tail and an edge of a wing peeked out from the sides.  Shadow.

I relaxed a little. I had found my friend. I could protect her now.

I crouched a little, spread my wings threateningly and screeched my defiance. You are NOT going to take my territory!

The hunters shouted and reached for their guns, finally galvanized into action. Their leader, a shorter man with a thick beard shouted at them to flank me. Like that would happen.

Hoping that Flicker had done what I needed him to, I leapt at the nearest one and bowled him over. The other men aimed and pulled their triggers--or tried to, anyway. Flicker, like all the Flickerwings I had so painstakingly taught, knew how to deal with guns. He had flipped the safety on. Now I just had to take out the rest before they got their act together and shot me.

Please please please pleaseI, I begged as I stomped and cracked the second gun, before ducking to avoid and blow and buffeting the offender with my wings. Please let me finish this.

I rolled away and rose in an animalistic crouch, panting. The hunters, only two men and a woman left, eyed me back. The other two were down, one with a broken forearm (that really did look painful), the other out cold, blood trickling from where she had been hit with the butt of a flailing gun.

Just as I was thinking, Okay, I can do this, crunching footsteps echoed from my right (the hunter's left). Freezing, we both turned to stare.

My ears pricked up and my heart stopped as I heard a familiar voice. "Ness! Shadow! Gu-uys! I'm back from camp! Didja" Conner jogged into the clearing and balked.

No. NO. This could not be happening. Conner had not just come back at the absolute worst time ever, he had not just waltzed into a full-on hunter-Ness brawl, he had not just outed the fact that he was perfectly at home here and had friends in the woods that would miss him.

The leader's eyes flickered from my panicked face to Conner's surprised expression. He lunged, but not at me.

Shadow screamed and reared out of her hiding place as the man dragged Conner over to him and shoved him into the middle of the hunters, cocking a pistol and holding it to Conner's head. "You picked the wrong time to come visit your creature pals, kid."

I met Conner's terrified eyes, and my blood burned cold in my veins. This. Was. Not. Happening.

"Malcolm!" the man that wasn't the leader looked shocked. "He's a kid!"

"Let him do his thing!" the woman hissed. "He's keeping us alive, you idiot."

And indeed, Conner was the only thing keeping me from Marking them, and Shadow from torching them into dust. No one messed with her little human. She paced, agitated, hissing threats in Dragonese that probably sounded like eerie rasping and snarling. Well. So much for keeping Shadow hidden.

"So," Malcolm said, a half-smile creeping onto his face. "This is how it's going to work. You are going to let us go, with our haul, and when we're safely back to the foothills where there is no cover for your little friends to hide, we'll let this boy go. Sound good?"

No, it did not sound good, it was the opposite of good.

Conner had been staring at me intently. I threw him a desperate glance, trying to communicate my horror. He smield grimly and mouthed, now.

Thank goodness I understood. Conner went completely limp, and as Malcom dropped him in surprise I snapped my wings out and lunged for the pistol.

Malcolm aimed the gun and fired. The force of the sound rocked me, but the bulled only grazed the top of my wing. With a cry, I bowled him over and threw the gun away. A blur of black shot past me, and out of the corner of my eye I saw Shadow flatten the woman, screaming all the while.

Conner was in trouble. He was holding his own for now, but the man was bigger and stronger and clearly knew he was winning. I grabbed Malcolms hair and slammed his head into the ground as hard as I could, then scrambled to my feet and flew at the last hunter. He went down, and I knocked him out too.

The screams had died down again, and there were only the whimperings of the hunter with the broken wrist, and the panting growls of Shadow as she continued to hiss her scorn.

"Holy--oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I'm going crazy, I'm going to puke, oh my gosh--"

I rolled over and wheezed a little. My ribs had to be cracked this time, there was no way they were just bruised. "Glad you finally found your voice."

Conner stared at me, but his eyes were a little unfocused. "I can't--he had a gun, he tried to shoot you--"

"He tried to shoot you," I pointed out irritably. Suddenly I was tired and all I wanted to do was curl up in my special spot until the sun went down. "Which wouldn't have happened if you hadn't waltzed in like you owned the place."

"Well, I wasn't expecting to be kidnapped and shot at!" He said indignantly. "How was I supposed to know about freaky dragon-hunting-maniacs? It's not like that's a normal thing to expect!"

I tried to hide my reaction, but he saw. "Wait, you knew about this?"

I sighed and creaked to my feet. "Hush, nosy. Shadow! Take Conner back to the meeting spot. I need to take care of this."

"I'm staying," Conner said stubbornly.

I stared at him in disbelief. He shifted uncomfortably. "What?"

I pointed at him."We are definitely talking about this later." But I didn't try to make him go, and he noticed.

I turned and advanced on the hunters angrily. They were slowly beginning to come around, but one low growl warned them not to fight back. I grabbed their bags and tossed them away, just to make it clear that they were not about to leave with them. "Conner, go through their stuff and find their wallets. They can keep those, but everything else stays."

Thank goodness he realized I was talking to him. He dutifully began rifling through, hands only shaking slightly.

Now was part. I gritted my teeth and grabbed the hunter's non-broken arm. His eyes widened, and then he gave a gutteral scream as I dug my tail through his flesh. I didn't use any venom. He was already in enough pain.

The next two I did use venom, but not a lot. One had been unconcious for most of it, and the other hadn't condoned the hostage situation.

I pulled down Malcolm's sleeve and froze. In his flesh were two long gashes. One was a scar, the other was on its way to being one. It was definitely my handiwork. I stared at him in horror. I had hoped it would never come to this...and yet, here he was.

The first strike three.

Shaken, I moved on the the woman. She lifted her chin and spat at me. The gooey glob hit my cheek, and for a second my vision whited out with rage. She had come to steal from my home, let Malcolm hold my friend hostage, and now this...I grabbed her arm and lashed out once, twice, the darkness in me glorying in her screams.

As the blood trickled down her arm, I noticed another scar, an older one. Her first mark. So she was another strike three.

I stepped back, struggling to breathe. I knew the rules, I had promised Oak to protect everyone...

But I had also promised that the dragons would be given the chance to defend themselves.

I dragged the first-offenders off to the side and helped them to their feet. Conner tossed them their wallets, and I gave them a little shove. They stared at me, eyes wide, and I realized that they'd already heard me speak. There was really no need for me to keep pretending I couldn't. I rolled my eyes. "Go on, shoo! And don't you dare come back."

They hesitated, looking at Malcolm and the woman. Loyalty. A grudging part of me admired their resolve. "I promise, I'm not going to kill them. Now go."

They took off without a second glance.

I turned to the last two, and more anger roiled deep in my gut. Then I threw back my head and roared a summoning. But it was not a normal summoning, and Shadow raised her head in shock and fury. Her gaze ripped into the two offenders, and they shrunk back, suddenly terrified.

"Y-you said you wouldn't k-k-kill us!"

I maintained my even expression. "And I won't. But by the time they're through with you, I think you'll wish I did."

Their eyes clouded with horror.

Heavy wingbeats sounded, and two large dragons thumped down on either side of me. One was a Northern Shortsnout, and the other was a Bronze Firescale. Not the most intimidating of dragons, but the snarls on their faces would turn even the bravest to jelly.  Never invoke a dragon's wrath.

"These are both strike three," I growled to them. "You know what to do ."

They didn't need a second invitation. They each grabbed a victim and spiraled into the sky, the two puny humans screaming in horror and fear.

I rubbed my head and sighed, turning to Conner. "Alright, now tell me just how long you've been able to understand Dragonese."

He stepped back and held up his hands. "Not long! And it's not much, I just kinda get weird rushes where I understand what you're talking about, it's--hey! Why do have to answer any questions? Why don't you tell  me why you're attacking people with guns and feeding them to dragons!"

It was a verbal slap to the face. " I'm attacking them?" His eyes widened as he realized that it probably wasn't the best thing to say. "Those hunters are here  to catch dragons. I've heard them talking about it, about some--" I stopped before I could voice my suspicions on the 'boss'. "The dragons can't defend themselves against guns--" other than Flickerwings, who could dart in and turn the gun safety on--"and I promised to protect them, in return for letting, uh, friendly humans into the territory."

"Wait, so you agreed to fight off people--hunters--with  guns who are specifically hunting let people like me mess around?"

"Well, when you put it like that, I wonder why I bothered."

He didn't smile. "What was that you did, the...the  cutting."

"Marking," I corrected. "Simplest way to keep track of how many times they've been causing trouble. Usually they don't come back after the first time...a few got two strikes, but..." suddenly my voice was all wobbly and my vision was blurred. I took a deep breath. "You should feel very special, Mr. Conner. You got to see the first two people to get three strikes."

"Three strikes and you're out..." he whispered. "The dragons are going to kill them, aren't they."

" NO," I growled. I wasn't sure why it upset me so much, but it did. "I wasn't lying, I would  never let them kill."

"Then what--"

I closed my eyes, because I really didn't want to say. But after lying to him for so long, I owed him this much. "The dragons get hurt them. As long as it's mainly flesh wounds, and only on the left side." To mark them in a way that would never be able to be ignored. "Then they'll take them down to the trailheads, where someone can...can call an ambulance before they bleed out." I only choked a little bit. "Look, the dragons deserve a chance to defend themselves too. And it's better than killing them." It was. It was. It was. It was the only way I could live with myself.

Conner was stunned into silence, staring at me with wide eyes like he had never seen me before. And he hadn't. He had only seen the Ness that hung upside down and liked splash wars and laughed. I had hidden from him the Ness that couldn't stand to be submerged in water anymore, that jumped at thunder that sounded like gunshots, that could fight and maim and  kill But I didn't but I didn't I could never kill they'll be fine they're alive--

"Ness?" Conner reached for me and I flinched and backed away.

"Stay away."

"No, wait--"

But I turned and fled. He had finally found out, and I couldn't face him anymore. He'd found out and he'd almost  died. No one was allowed to get hurt because I couldn't keep them safe. He had to stay away, stay away, stay away.

This was why I couldn't--wouldn't--get friends involved with this.

We'll both feel the pain from the future I see.


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Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Strike three. O__O


Also, college is study whenever you want?? Wow, Britain. You're torturing us with colleges that are likes schools

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Hey look, I found a subject!

Dragoness, your story is amazing so far! Every chapter is interesting and exciting and leaves me eager for more! It’s fun seeing the dragons and riders bond, and wondering what the hunters will do next.


Would it be alright if I came up with a rider for you to use, or is it too late?



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Another HTTYD book fan???

Thank you! No, you can still come up with a rider--I'm still struggling to organize everyone in my head and figure out how and when to mention them, and write up their little blurbs and get them posted and--long story short, yes, there is still room for a few more riders ^^

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Yes! They're amazing!!

You're welcome! Okay; I should post the bio on the gallery page, right? I've never written a story with others' characters, but I can imagine it would be pretty hard.

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nah not too hard

I see it! Don't wanna reply in case you wanna edit anything, but I see it! Will fit 'em in soon. Thank you!!!

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Hey, you’re back!

Alright! You’re welcome!

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I sat on the ledge on the cliff face, letting the wind play with my hair. I'd been there, unmoving, since the incident earlier that afternoon. Now the sun was setting, bronze and orange and red, and it looked and felt so much like the day I'd met Conner I wanted to cry.
I couldn't talk to him. I couldn't. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to. My stomach roiled with shame and guilt and fear at the thought. I didn't want to see his cheerful eyes darken when he saw just how much I'd been hiding--just how much hurt I'd had to inflict.


"Hey, Ness!" Conner jogs over to where I perch on a sun-warmed rock. "I just heard Shadow make the  weirdest sound, you'll never guess--"
I turn to stare at a guilty Shadow as she slinks up behind him. "Oh, really."
"Yeah!" He says enthusiastically. "It sounded just like singing! Did you know dragons can do that?"
Well, the cat is out of the bag. I roll my wingshoulders and stare at him cryptically. "Did I?"
He huffs. "Really? You're gonna do the whole 'you're so nosy routine'? I thought we were past that!"
It is true. We are. I sigh. "Yes, dragons sing. It's really pretty."
His eyes widen with wonder. I don't think I've seen him this excited since I told him I knew what a meme was. "Whoa."
I think for a moment, then get to my feet and stretch. "Hop on Shadow, Conner. We're going on a little field trip."
He grins and pulls himself onto Shadow as she crouches to make it easier. "Please let this be a normal field trip!"
I turn and stare him dead in the eye. "No Magic School Bus."
I still hear him humming the theme song as we soar to the Night Furies' den. It's one of the main hubs; hopefully I'll catch enough dragons to show him what I want.
There are. I explain to them what I want them to sing, and their eyes light up. At some strange, nonverbal signal that I have yet to understand, they all throw back their heads and begin the song. It's actually from the soundtrack of one of the Hiccup movies Lisa showed me; the dragons had all agreed that the music was almost good enough to be called dragonsong.

Conner sits, enthralled, watching the pulse of the dragons' throats, the way they slap their tails and growl to imitate drums and percussion. He loves the song as much as I had loved the dragonsong Shadow had sung when I first saw her.
We spend the rest of the afternoon with the wylde as they sing every song he requests. The ones they don't know, he pulls up on his phone and plays for them until they have picked out their parts and memorized them. He's so happy. The dragons are happy, and it makes me happy, like the deal I made with Oak is really worth it.


I suck in a breath and try not to focus on the memory, but another just takes its place.


Conner frowns at me.

"What?" I ask. "Do I have something in my eye?"

"Yes--well, kind of." He squints at me in confusion. "Did you know your pupils act really weird?"

"Yes." I don't elaborate.

"Will you tell me why?" He prods.

"Why should I?"

He considers the question for a moment, stroking Shadow's head. She purrs with pleasure and pushes closer. He laughs and finally responds. "Curious. All this is so crazy! I dunno, I just...I'm curious, is all." By the end of his short ramble, his voice is soft and timid, and he looks a bit embarrassed and hesitant.

I eye him steadily for a minute, then nod. "Fair enough. So you know a bit about how cameras work?"

He blinks at the strange turn the conversation is taking, but nods. "Yeah, kinda."
"You know how when the hole that lets in the light gets smaller, there's less light but the picture gets clearer? And when the whole gets bigger, there's more light but less definition?"

Conner nods, and then his eyes grow wide. "Wait, that's what it's like? Your eyes are like cameras?"

He honestly sounds so excited it's hard not to laugh. "Yes. That's why whenever you jumpscare me--" I glare at him pointedly but he just grins, "--my pupils become such tight slits. It's a reflex. When I'm focused so much on the details, I can see smaller movements and react to them more quickly."

"And when you're relaxed, like now," he finishes, "They become rounder and it's brighter."

"Something like that," I agree. Then an idea blooms in my head, and I smile wickedly. "That's not the only way my eyes are so awesome, though. I can beat anyone in a staring contest."

Shadow starts to ululate a laugh. She knows what I'm about to do. "Not against a dragon."

"Except for a dragon," I amend easily, "But anyone else stands no chance."

Conner straightens at the obvious challenge. "Oh, really? Why don't we test that?"

"Right now?" I feign reluctance. "Oh, alright."

We both close our eyes. I can barely hold back my guffaws. "Ready? One...two...three!"

We both snap open our eyes and stare determinedly at each other.

Ten seconds. Conner's eyes are beginning to water. His pupils are pinpricks against the bright spring sunlight.

Twenty seconds. I'm still perfectly fine. Conner's eyes are red, and tears of pain are streaming down his cheeks.

Twenty-five seconds. "Had enough yet?" I ask conversationally.

Thirty-one seconds. Conner groans and scrubs at his eyes wearily. "Alright, fine, you win! Jeez, how are you still going?" He stares in disbelief as I continue not to blink.

"Wanna know the secret to my success?" He nods eagerly.

I blink.

Conner stumbles backwards, trips, and lands hard. He stares in absolute shock. "WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?"

I can't help myself anymore; I collapse into peals of delighted laughter. "I...can'!" I choke out. Then I'm out of breath and wheezing with mirth.

He just glares at me, completely deadpan, while I finally gain control of myself.

The thing is, I didn't blink the normal way. All dragons have an extra set of eyelids, see-through and tinted, to protect against the wind and sunlight when flying. The eyelids fold up in the inner corners of the eyes and blink back, towards the hairline. You'd never know they were there if you didn't see them washing over the eyes like wrinkled, slimy cellophane. The first time I had blinked like that in front of Lisa, I hadn't even realized what I'd done until she shrieked.
All I'd done was close my second eyelids when our eyes were shut, and kept them there during the contest. Technically, I hadn't blinked; I'd had my eyes closed the entire time.

Conner just looks at me with complete and utter exhaustion when I finish explaining. "Why did I expect anything different?" He asks to no one in particular.

Shadow snorts and we all dissolve into laughter.


A tear slides down my cheek. The sun is almost completely gone; the day is growing dark. I hiccup and my breathing starts to quicken. Memories fly thick and fast.


Teaching Conner how to ride Shadow. Conner falling off, gripping tight, Shadow's weary expression.


Stuffing our mouths with berries and letting the juice run down our chins.


Dropping hints about That Night and letting Conner slowly piece it together.


Showing him his first dragon egg, watching his eyes blow wide with wonder and fear as the mama dragon hisses warningly.


Getting shocked by a Skrill, his hair a round poof. Hiding in the dapples and watching Miss Amy laugh at his grumpy expression afterwards.


Playing twenty questions and learning that he loves Star Trek but hates Star Wars, and has no idea how to use the dishwasher.


His distant and fond expression as he recounts yet another tale of his father trying (and failing) to fix a household appliance. The microwave almost exploded, but Conner got to keep the glass plate. The plate shattered after being painted like Captain America's shield and used as a frisbee.


Conner staring down a cliff face and admitting that he wasn't scare of the height as long as the dragons were nearby.


Conner laughing. Conner scowling. Conner shaking his head with amusement.


The tears were streaming down my cheeks now, and I didn't bother to wipe them away. I would miss talking to Conner; he was one of the best friends I'd ever had. He was the only friend my age that I could really talk to. I was too paranoid to mention the dragons over the phone with Lisa, let alone email. Suddenly I missed Lisa so much it hurt. But she had moved--which was a good thing. After all, Conner had almost died, not a few hours earlier. Because some humans just didn't know how to keep their violence to themselves.

I put my head down on my knees and sobbed. You were right, Oak. I'm sorry.

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Awww :'(

Poor Ness! She's had a bad day.


Btw good to see you around again! I've missed seeing you on the forums!


Was having a plot idea for you... totally just an idea, your story is so well planned and it may not have room/work :3. Ness could join the HTTYD dragon forum and recount her tales with the dragons as a 'fan fiction'; that way she could talk to her friends about her adventures without suspicion and it would be just a little mind shattering because that's what this is... >.> XD

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Very bad day :(

Aw, thanks! AP exams took precedence over fanfiction, soooo.....yeah. I've been gone for a while, but now I'm back!....ish.
Actually, that plot idea? Is basically what this is XD this is kinda her looking back/a diary of what's happened. Conner and Lisa find the papers later on. At some point she's not gonna be able to tell the story anymore though, so Conner will take over. However, I would be more than happy to have a nerdy forum cameo!!! >:D

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Oof never answered. again :P

Sorry I didn't respond to this I thought I had. I thank Dory my spirit animal for that x'D


Niiiice. Although I am concerned about Ness not being able to write the rest of her own story. o.O

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Is it a joke? Or a bluff? No one knows...

No comment >:D



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The plot simmers and thickens--ew, it smells rotten

Conner kept coming. I didn't stop him, didn't warn him off or chase him away. But I refused to meet him, much less talk to him. After the first three times, I didn't even keep watch through the trees, just let him wander around. He was looking for something, but what I couldn't tell. He came every Tuesday, the same as always. Flicker kept me updated. I knew he was too busy to add more than the odd Friday or Saturday (which he did), but it still felt like he was always. Around.

I didn't know if that made me feel better or worse.

It wasn't just him I avoided, though. I dialed back as far as I could with familial interaction without bringing Mom and Dad pounding on my door (which turned out to be dinner once a week, every Sunday. I would see them at church, but since we traveled and sat separately that didn't really count). I couldn't exactly do that to Miss Ellen and and Joy, since they expected much more from me, but I would skip a day or two inbetween visits, and only come once a day for a few hours. The girls, bless their ADHD little hearts, didn't notice, but Miss Ellen sure did. Thankfully, she didn't press for answers. Something about what I said and the way I said it told her that it was best to let me be.

The Dragonriders I possible felt the worst about, though. New ones were still trickling in. Now, I only showed up when they actually started to seek out and bond with a specific dragon, force-feed them the rules with enough feral intensity to fighten a bull elephant, collect their codename and warn them about fraternizing, then disappear without a trace. The riders who had known me before, at least in passing, were puzzled and a little bit worried when I didn't show up for a casual check-up. Hail actually had a panic attack before Flicker got me to calm him down and assure him that no, I wasn't dead and yes, I was keeping my distance for now.

I didn't mention I had no intention of coming back, but I think he knew.



"Do you think she's dead?" Theo asked Bryn and Hail one day. Completely serious.

I was already crouching perfectly still on my hidden spy-perch, but my breath stuttered at the young boy's question. Bryn was hardly twelve, he shouldn't be asking those types of questions!

"I don't know." Bryn tossed a small baseball up and down listlessly. "Haven't seen her in a while. Didn't even show up to scold me when I showed up at midnight to go flying with Echo, and I've never done that before."

I narrowed my eyes at him, said lecture twitching on my lips. It had been sooooo tempting, but no. Couldn't risk it. Once I went back I wouldn't be able to pull away again.

"No." Hail was quiet, the oldest of the trio. Mostly content to watch and laugh along, but when he did speak the younger two invariably perked up and listened. They did so then. "I thought the same thing, but she's still alive. I saw her last week."

"Oh, really?" Bryn's eyes narrowed angrily. "Did she have anything to say for herself?"

Theo looked up at Hail with big eyes. "She's not mad at us, is she? We didn't do anything wrong."

Hail's mouth twitched in a smile beneath his signature sunglasses. "You didn't."

Bryn, the ever-mature 14-year-old, stuck out his tongue.

"No," Hail continued. "She didn't say anything about it, just that she was fine and there was no need to worry."

"Doesn't mean there's not a reason," muttered Theo.

Why, why, why did this kid have to be so perceptive and stubborn?

"I'm sure she has her reasons," Hail agreed, "And I'd bet all the money I don't have that they're good ones. I think she's scared, and you know how she is."

Bryn's silvery hair bobbed as he nodded, last traces of annoyance gone. "Half-feral."

"Right. When animals get scared, they run, or hide, or both."

I gritted my teeth. Stop analyzing me, you perceptive little banes-of-my-peace-of-mind. You three are part of the reason I get such a headache on patrol! Well, them and the occasional knocks to the head.

"So you think she's hiding." Oh, now Bryn looked interested.


The man and the older boy both looked at the youngest. Then they looked at each other.


"No more midnight flights."

Bryn gulped.

I smiled. Much more effective than a lecture. Then the smile faded. If only a lecture wasn't needed.



It was about the middle of November or December, with ice coating the ground where there were shadows and frost where there wasn't. No snow yet, but it was cold even for a dragon, let alone a half-dragon. Colder still was the loneliness. I missed the interaction I used to have. Especially Conner.

Well, I still had the girls and Miss Ellen and Lisa. Lisa had been a life-saver; we could still talk about the things we always had, because we never really talked about the dragons anyway (even though I could tell she really really wanted to).

Growl. I shook off the annoying, self-pitying thoughts and snuggled more aggressively into Shadow's side. I missed Oak, too. He had officially been declared missing (by me) and was probably dead. He was an older dragon than most. Not old old, but. Still. For a wild animal. Though it was odd that none of the dragons I'd talked to had seen his body (dragons burn their dead bodies so thoroughly all you might find are very strange-smelling ashes).

My ears vibrated. I turned just as Shadow's head pricked up and swiveled.

Grunts and huffs and pounding footfalls, but not overly exaggerated. Whoever was approaching was fit enough to tromp uphill without literally  or  metaphorically dying--a rarity nowadays. Fascinating, but all it meant to me was that it was time to go.

Feeling uncharacteristically apathetic, I hauled myself to my feet and dutifully followed a considerably more tense Shadow back into the trees.

Just as my legs, wings, and tail disappeared into a frozen thicket, I heard a sound that shook me out of my lazy daze and froze my blood with fear.

"Hey, wait!"

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I can stare for minutes without blinking o__o

Is it a Hunter???? Or Conner??

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Do you have a third eyelid like Ness?

I was thinking Connor too, but Shadow was nervous, so it was probably someone they don’t know or don’t know very well. Or maybe it is and she just didn’t catch their scent? Hm...

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I don't THINK so O.o

Hmmmmm, or a new rider?

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THIRD eyelid? Wow, Ness only has two XD

We shall see what we shall see...


Save your worry for the next chapter. Trust me, she'll need it.

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It's trouble, that's who it is xD

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WEED! WEED! WEED! WEED! *violin screeches*

As a new Artemis Fowl fan...I can guarantee it is not Captain Trouble Kelp XD

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Who is it? o.o

OOOOH, intrigue! 80

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Or as my brother once said, 'in-trooge' XD (we will never let him live that one down)

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A single breath before the storm
I froze. And in that one, vital second, the man panted into the clearing.
I slid behind a tree before he could get a good look at me, but I knew from the shocked furrow of his brow and the sudden tension in his shoulders that he'd seen more than I wanted.
"Uh, hey there...miss?" he tried warily. "I just need help finding someone, if that's alright with you."
I peeked out from behind branches with a most decidedly unhelpful glare.
The man had sandy hair--not quite blond, not quite brown. His eyes were a strong, steely gray. His stance seemed open enough, but definitely wary (smart man). His face seemed familiar, somehow, maybe even friendly, but worry lines creased it into something older, more tired. He wore a heavy, uncomfortable looking coat with camo designs on it--he was in the military. Marines, maybe? The backpack slung over his shoulder didn't look like anything an adult would carry, though. It was black with red plastic lining and zippers. That was familiar. I knew I had seen it before.
"Maybe. Maybe not," I said as neutrally as possible. "Depends on who you need help finding." When he didn't respond, I prodded, a bit more boldly, "Will you tell me?"
Shadow, concealed in her namesake, growled low in her chest. Whatever, he'd already seen me, and I could tell he didn't have a gun; what else was I supposed to do?
Maybe not get curious, remember what happened to the cat? Like usual, I ignored my little voice of reason.
"Depends on if you can find them," he returned. Good. He wasn't stupid enough to trust some stranger in the woods. That was more than Miss Amy or Conner had managed.
"If they're in this forest? Definitely."
The man studied what he could see of me. Then he backed a step away and said, in a slightly less guarded tone, "I'm military, in the Army."
Right. Army. Potato, potato.
"I got home from deployment recently, landed here a few hours ago. Meant to go home, surprise my wife and son. But they weren't there, and the car wasn't gone either. I know them, they love hiking, so I figured I'd go check our old haunts. They weren't there either, but there were tracks leaving from the back door, so I know they're here somewhere."
"You're just worried that they're lost," I finished. He nodded, equally sheepish and unapologetic. "You could have just waited for them? Like a normal person?"
His expression said something along the lines of and you know what a normal person acts like?  But what came out of his mouth was, "I've waited four months past what I was supposed to. I'm not waiting any longer."
Some of my anger melted. Drats, how was I supposed to be annoyed with him now? The guy just wanted to see his family.
"All right," I agreed, stepping away from the little cover I had. I watched him visibly startle as I flexed my wings wide and flicked my tail. Hah. Never got old. "Are you sure you want my help?"
He stared at me, then shook himself. "As long as I don't have to sell you my soul."
I hid my wince well. That never got old, either. "Nope, but I wouldn't say no to some bacon."
He laughed, surprised. "I've got some beef jerky?"
I waved it off. "Nah, I'm good. So. Wife and son. What do they look like?"
"Both have blonde hair and blue eyes."
I raised my eyebrows. "So do lots of people."
He nodded. "Right, right. Uh, my wife likes skinny jeans and blouses and Vans, though I have no idea what makes Vans better than other brands."
I snickered.
"Son doesn't really care--at least, he didn't when I left. Mostly just jeans and T-shirts, with the odd hoodie. Likes hiking boots, even when going to school. Um, about yea high? Amy's shorter though, about here," he demonstrated.
I froze. Amy. Blonde hair. Vans and blouses.
My eyes snapped to slits and zeroed in on the backpack. I had seen it before, and now I knew where.
It's Conner's.
And then I realized something that made my stomach leap into my throat, though from shock, joy, or fear I couldn't tell.
It's a Tuesday.
The man--Conner's father--frowned, puzzled. "...It is Tuesday, you're right."
I wanted to laugh hysterically and maybe punch a tree or hug someone, because of course this happened. A random meeting in the woods, casually cool with being surprised by a strange humanoid creature, and needing some help to get out of a mess. "Must run in the family," I said, half to myself.
Conner's father was clearly regretting his decision to ask what looked to be an insane demon for help. "Miss?"
I snapped my attention back to his eyes. They were shaped just like Conner's. "About two hundred yards that way is a small deer trail. Follow it until you get to the big, twisted maple tree--don't worry, you'll know it when you see it. Turn left towards the small boulders and head that direction until you reach a small meadow surrounded by pines. There's a thicket of thorns on the eastern side. Get through that and keep going until you find a small clearing with some boulders stacked on top of each other. That's where you'll find your wife." Playing with Terrible Terrors, no doubt. "And if you hear any strange noises on the way, just ignore them and keep walking. They won't hurt you as long as you have that backpack. Probably." Because it had Conner and Amy's scent.
He stared at me. "And you're sure you're not a demon?"
I tried to keep my breathing even as I paced. "Usually. Just...just go find your wife. I'll get your son." Conner.
He eyed me for a second, then turned to leave.
He tensed.
I struggled for a bit to know what to say. "Tell her...tell her Ness sent you."
"Ness?" he questioned.
I ducked my head and fluffed my ears up. "Ness. Goodbye, Mr. Sumner."
I darted away and took to the air as I heard him stumble and cry out, "How do you know my name??"
My ears flattened against the roar of the wind as I spiraled away towards where I knew Conner would probably be. The place we used to play, before the hunters attacked him. He went there sometimes still, when he was sad or needed to think.
Shadow, after roaring at me in consternation, followed swiftly on foot. I glanced back at where I'd left Mr. Sumner. That last remark probably hadn't done me any good on the I'm-not-a-demon front. Oh, well.
As we approached our--his--special place, I landed heavily on a large, outlying tree branch and swung recklessly down to the ground, where I recieved a well-deserved smack on the forehead from Shadow.
I cradled her large head in my hands and pressed my forehead against her cold scales. "Take Conner to his mom and dad, will you?" 
Shadow whined. "You're not coming?" She knew how much I'd missed my humans.
"I'll be right behind you," I promised. "But I can't be seen. You know this."
Shadow lowed a sad sound of acceptance, before perking up and bounding forward to greet her favorite human (no, I wasn't jealous, because I was her favorite period) with happy grunts and lots of slobber.
I listened carefully for Conner's shouts of laughter. It quickly died down to confused murmurings--he knew I sent Shadow to collect him when it was time to leave, but I was sure he hadn't been expecting her so soon--that gave way to rythmic, fading thuds. Shadow, running. She was giving him a ride back to his mom.
I followed, breathless with fear and anticipation, flitting from shadow to shadow and log to log, wings giving little flaps to keep balance and propel me forward. Soon the thudding stopped, and Conner's voice thanked Shadow. Then I heard five heavy steps and a cry of surprise and joy.
I smiled in spite of myself and carefully edged up a tree to spy.
The little family, together at last, hugged into themselves. Miss Amy had one arm around Conner, the other pressed against her side, hand drawn up to clutch at her husband's shoulder. Happy tears streamed down her face. Conner had both arms around his father, squeezing for all he was worth. His head was buried in his father's chest, but I could imagine his expression. Mr. Sumner had both arms surrounding his wife and son, face so bright with joy. Safe.
I pulled my wings around me and relaxed, just a bit. Even though I knew it was irrational, just seeing them together made me feel just the tiniest bit better. Now, at least the Sumner family was safe.
Conner twisted in his dad's grasp. His head turned, still squished against his chest, and I could pinpoint the moment they locked onto mine.
Quick as a flash, I ducked out of the tree and ran pell-mell up the mountain as fast as I could. Frenzied argument broke out behind me, and then someone else came pounding after me.
Panting (running uphill is hard, okay?), I looked up to see the clearing I had been aiming for rapidly approaching. I swerved around a mostly-dead tree, vaulted a log, pelted across the open space and dove into the thickest bush I could find. I drew my black wings around me to hide green scales, and tucked my plain brown boots into my chest. He'd be hard-pressed to see me here.
Sure enough, Conner tore in the same way I had come, Shadow right behind him. She didn't give me away; no dragon would break the rules given by the alpha. But she didn't stop keening her sorrow.
Conner walked carefully, eyeing the cold, barren plants surrounding him carefully. He knew that if he chose the wrong spot, I would be able to slip away and he'd likely never have this chance again.
"Ness?" he called softly. "Ness, I know you're there."
It was only months of stalking and waiting perfectly still that stopped me from flinching. His voice sounded exactly the same, yet just a bit deeper--or higher, or smoother, or--or something. Something that told me I'd been away for a long, long time.
"I don't know what I did," he continued, blue eyes still raking the dry foliage for a hint of life. "Mom says it isn't me, and I believe her, but I think it is me, a little. If that makes sense."
I clenched my fists. Of course it was him! The idiot waltzed right without looking and almost got himself killed!
...I almost let him be killed.
"I just wanted to say...I'm not sorry for seeing what I did. were fighting, and you looked so scared, and I just...I can't believe I never saw it before. I didn't know you were being hunted, and I'm sorry it took me so long to see that."
I blinked hard. I will not cry I will not cry I WILL NOT CRY...
"There's this song my mom likes to sing," Conner said. He had stopped searching, instead standing with his hands in his coat pockets, almost talking to himself. "It just reminds me of you, is all." He cleared his throat and half-sang,
Do you long to be left all alone?
Set apart with a heart made of stone?
Let me help, let's begin, let me learn--
Won't you let me in?
All the light, let it show
Do you long to be left all alone?
Set apart with a heart made of stone?
There's a light that you shine, there's a love--
I see it in your eyes
All the dark, let it go...
You're not alone.
I sucked in a long, shaky breath.
Conner scuffed the ground with his boots, clearly self-conscious. "Just hope you're okay," he said sadly, and turned to start the trek back to his family.
I clutched my head and squeezed my eyes shut, thoughts whirling like sparks in the wind.
Shadow pressed close to Conner's side, licking the side of his head lovingly. "It's okay," she purred, even though he couldn't quite understand. "It's okay."
My feet scraped deliberately across the dead grass.
Conner turned so fast he almost fell over.
I stood before him, tail and wings curled close. My breath was a little uneven, but I clenched my fists to my sides and did my best to stand tall.
"Ness?" Conner asked disbelievingly. 
I couldn't quite make myself meet his eyes. "You're not mad?"
Conner blew out his breath. "Well, let's see. You save me from hunters, explain-but-not-really that it's normal and happens a lot, then disappear for months, only to show up the day my dad gets back and freak out when I try to talk to you."
I winced.
"So, I'm frusterated, confused, a little scared, and the teensiest, tiniest bit hurt," he continued. "But mad? No."
I jerked my head up and stared at him, shocked. His familiar blue eyes crinkled a the corners. "Honest?" I whispered.
"Honest," he said firmly. "Now. Are you going to come apologize to my mom for worrying her and get a proper introduction to my dad?"
My ears twitched. More humans in the territory. More innocent targets. More blood.
More friends.
"Yes," I said at last, and it felt like my shoulders and back melted with the release of the pent-up worry and fear. "Yes, yes, that sounds great just--" I rubbed a shaky hand against my cheek, hard. "Just give me a minute?"
Just the briefest flash across his face, but I saw the doubt.
"I will," I said with surprising ferocity. "I promise, okay? I didn't like the disappearing act any more than you did. I just need a minute to get myself under control before I talk to your dad--who is already half-convinced I'm a devil, by the way."
Conner gave a little sigh of obvious relief. "Okay. Cool." Then he grinned, and man had I missed it. "See you soon."
I nodded and sat down on a nice, lichen-covered rock. "Soon."
Conner mounted Shadow and they raced away to tell Mr. and Mrs. Sumner the good news.
I rubbed the heels of my palms against my damp eyes and gave a short laugh. Miss Amy was going to (verbally) flay me alive, but if I was being honest with myself? I was looking forward to it.
The ice that had been slowly growing in my chest melted in sheer relief. No more hiding. No more loneliness. It was like discovering flight all over again; I was free.
I smile grew on my face and I got to my feet. I'm coming.
Suddenly my ears twitched. Danger. I tensed and began to turn.
It was as if the leaves grew voices. Quiet, whispering murmurs in the background suddenly blossomed louder. Still muted, but audible and recognizable as human.
I froze for one vital second as the panic registered. DANGER!
Then a wet cloth folded over my mouth, and four rough, strong hands grabbed my arms and twisted them behind my back, pinning my wings. I gasped with pain and a strange, acrid scent overwhelmed my nostrils.
The world suddenly spun so violently that my knees collapsed. I closed my eyes on reflex, but that only made it worse. I couldn't feel my arms or legs or wings, just the relentless spinning that spiraled deep down into the black. I didn't even know if my eyes were open or closed.
There were echoing sounds--voices?--and some odd jerks that might have been movement. Then something warm and wet and tangy coated my tongue, and I was gone.
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AAAAAAAHHHH, how dare you leave us with that cliffhanger! O.O Now how am I supposed to sleep tonight? 8I 


(Excellent writing, by the way! Very immersive and engaging! :D)

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My reactions while reading:

*gaps* It’s Connor’s Dad!!!

Aww, family reunion! <3

*silently cheering for Connor*

Hooray, a repaired friendship and no more hiding!





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I am laughing way too hard right now

AHAHAHAHAHAAAAa >88DDD *cackles madly in evil* DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT? Since the very beginning of this fanfiction three years ago. THREE. YEARS. I AM SO HAPPYYYYY

And don't worry, the worst is yet to come >:) I've been reading a lot of whumpy, tortury fanfictions as well, so I have sooooo much inspiration for how this will traumatize and scar her!!!! *does happy jig*

Your reactions are very satisfying. Thank you.

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I understand why... But it doesn't make this any better!

That... That is not reassuring at all. Actually, I think you just made it worse... o___o

But I'm glad at least someone is enjoying herself here... >8I

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This is such a good fan fic!!!......oh dear

This is so beautifulllll!!! and when Connor sang to Ness


*bawls eyes out* 


Your SO good at WRITING. And three years is a very long time to wait. 


*whimpers at notions of future torture for poor beloved characters*

oki.....don't be too cruel to them *sniff*


*big cat-like dragon eyes at cackling author pleadingly*



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Tracking! Still need

Tracking! Still need characters? I got an OC you can torture.



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