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This is the Bs of the Dragonese translation alphabet. It will be updated the more I know of Dragonese.


If I have missed a word that you know, you can either respond on the thread itself, or by PM. But DO NOT REPLY TO THE POST BELOW!!



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Saucepan- munchboil
Scratch- stockings
Scream- yowly shreekers
Scrummy- yumyumindutum
Sea- wettings
See- peepagoogla
Sheep- dimfluff
Shells- squergle boxes
Ship/Sail- puffcatcher
Shoe- runnerbox
Shout- roarspeek
Shy- shushrose
Sick- weeklyweedwobblediguts
Sit- parka
Sky- bluetop
Sleep- zipdipeepers
Sleeping- zuzzing
Smell- sniffa
Smile- curlupdigob
Sneaky- tipclaw
Sneeze- spraydibraingoo
Snot- braingoo
Snow- dandruffdiwoden
So- too
Spear- plunger
Spit- gobba
Son- dissappointa
Spoon- scooper
Spring- wettings
Start- gogo
Starvation- gobbledesert
Steal- swappit
Stinks- yucksniff
Stomach- grubwasher
Stone- grittybitlandmake
Storm- thunderpuff
Stream- wetcrackle
Stupid- lacksmart
Summer- boilings
Sun- hotodiworld
Sunshine- dazzleit
Swim- wetflap
Sword- flashpricker