dragon xp glitches

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I am not gaining XP for my dragon via farming or lava pits. Obviously this is very annoying as farming and burning lava pits are the only ways of gaining dragon XP after completing all the quests.
Now, I've asked other players and lots of people are having the same problem whereas others do not.
This needs to be fixed ASAP as dragons cannot be grown.


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I am starting to think it is not a glitch, but is a new change that the gamemakers decided to do (perhaps to get people to pay to grow their dragons). At first, I had the dragon XP problem only when I entered the game through a browser (FireFox), but i was able to gain XP while using the windows app. After last night's maintenance, I had to update my windows app in order to play the game with it. When the update was complete, I realized that I couldn't gain dragon XP anymore. I can, however, gain dragon XP by feeding my dragons eels or letting them just stand there to drain their happiness and then playing with them. When their happiness increases, we get dragon XP.


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A copy-paste of a reply of mine from another topic:

This makes at least 4-5 of us that have been vocal on the forums about this problem as of now. I'm having it too, and I'm sure many more people are going to discover this in the game sooner or later.


From what I've seen there are a handful of (largely ineffective) ways to still level up: petting etc. in play mode, feeding, Eel Roast, the Alchemy Game, Fireball Frenzy, Flight Club and Thunder Run. I haven't tried it yet but I assume Bullseye Lagoon still works too.


Of course Thunder Run and Bullseye are no help when you have a Short Wing dragon, and your options in Flight Club are limited too. Baby dragons are even harder, only having about half of those options available to them.


I can maybe see them disabling experience gain from something seemingly cheap like firepit lighting, since sitting there for maybe an hour firing will get you a level 20 easily or so I hear. But to take away farming experience from us, the easiest and possibly most popular way of doing it? And without increasing the experience gained from mini-games at all?


Let's all just hope this is simply a glitch that will be cleared up possibly by the weekend. Or that they're plannig to have Battle Mode dole out a crap-ton of experience when it comes out.


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Bye bye fire pits

Fire pits will no longer be an option




Enough with the SPAM

for oh for, dragon not found.




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C har
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Sales of Dragon eggs will drop

That means It should be real hard to level up Dragons.Buying dragon eggs will probably drop because of this.No wonder theirs been sales of dragon eggs in the store.



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just a little longer

No, it will just require leveling to take a little longer.

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C har
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If just a glitch

If It's just a glitch,I would think the fire pits wouldn't tell you how much xp your dragon will get.I would think It would be just like when your dragon gets the wood you cut in the wilderness. I would like to see a post by the Admins first.

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Same for me! I've noticed

Same for me! I've noticed flaming the firepits doesn't work anymore. It's quite frustating because like you said, I have no more quests avilable at this time.

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WIth mutliply baby dragons

WIth mutliply baby dragons they are making it impossible. I'm sorry I'm not spending my money to age up my dragon. I like it to happen naturally. If they are going to take away farming, firepits, and other aspects for gaining points then they have to add more quests. I personally won't be buying any more dragons for quite so time.

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Same problem

Jetzt im gehend Spiel eal Braten nur hide1. Runde - Bonusspiel (kein eal shot) - das Ende - zu xp - Restart game ...

Wenn hideEnergie von 0 dann füttern Eier.

Für mich hidebeste Variante.

Und als der Drache haben kurze Flügel Sie in dem Trainingsgelände trainieren.


Ich hoffe, dass kann Ihnen helfen: D

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Same problem

Now im going play eel roast only the 1. Round - Bonus Play (no eels shot) - the end - become xp - restart game ...

If the Energy of 0 then feed eggs.

For me the best Variante.

and when the dragon have short wings you can train in the training grounds.


I hope to can help :D

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C har
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Age up

With the Icestorm Island & the Deathsong expansion packs you get a free age up Ticket(You get 1 on each),I know because I used them & had no problems.The 2 dragons I used them on fly at level 1.They don't show up in your inventory ,but they will be there & you can use them anytime.