Dragon Training 101: The Deathgripper

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Dragon Training 101








Class: Strike


Length: 28 feet (average) 


Weight: 2100 lbs (average)


Wingspan: 32 feet


Diet: Fish, Other Dragons



The Deathgripper is one of the most powerful and feared

dragons in Berk's Archipelago. They are incredibly vile and

agreesive, and will not take a second thought to puncturing you

with their highly venomus stingers. As their namesake,

Deathgrippers have forearms that allow them to grip onto their

prey much like a praying mantis before delivering a killer sting

with their tails. It takes a lot of skill and smarts to tame one of

these dragons, and even with the right methods it is very

difficult to keep these creatures under control. My name

is Jyharri and I will explain the basis of dragon training, the



This incredibly uncommon Strike Class dragon has been known

to roam in packs of up to four members, as I have observed in

the wild, at almost all times. The abilities and traits this drgaon

has is enough to even put the notorious Singetail to shame,

even gives it the undeniably upper hand against the Psyquake,

if lucky (OC dragon). Not much can make these beasts docile as

their nature, even when not controlled by Grimmel the Grisly, is

very aggressive. However, there is only one technique that I

found out worked with both of my own Deathgrippers,

Galvanizer and Nyxua.


Disclaimer: A majority, but not all information on the Deathgripper can

be summed up from my experience with Deathgripper (raising them,

training, etc), so take these words with a grain of salt.


Step 1: Location


Deathgrippers may be very rare to find, but there are a few

locations you can search for them. If one is brave enough to go

there, try to find a rogue Deathgripper in Raven Point or search

the grounds of the Old Berk, just be careful not to censored the

Skirllknapper that has nested there. Those are the only two

locations I have come up with success with my first



Step 2: Track The Tracker


When you do find yourself a Deathgripper that looks like it is

alone, don't go up to it! These dragon's use baiting tactics so

that larger dragons such as the mighty Timberjack, Crimson

Goregutter, or Typhoomerang will go for the loner only to be

swarmed with the other three of the pack. If the Deathgripper's

buddies comes back from their hidng places, mask yourself in

roots call Baneroot, can be found in the caverns under Old

Berk, to keep their scent off of you. Wait for your moment to

study the pack and their movements, making sure you have a

perfect chance to take on the one you want to tame.


Step 3: Aggressive Tactics


Once you have figured out the best time to attempt taming

your Deathgripper, remember to bring some of your shed

dragon's skin with you along with some dragon nip/root herbal

mix to feed to the drgaon. This works akin to kibble for a cat or

dog with this beast, but getting close enough to the

Deathgripper to do that is another challenge. In order to do

this, have your weapon ready and be prepared to bypass the

tail, the pincers, and the retractable tusks to force feed the

dragon the kibble. After the first attempt, and the next few

after, you will fall into flow with the pattern and grow slowly

bonded with your Deathgripper, swaying it's attention more to

you than its pack.


Step 4: The Final Clash


Sooner or later, you will be discovered by your Deathgripper's

pack and they will, not may or might, will try to take you down,

as well as any dragons that you brought as back up. This is

when the bonding will truly stick the most with you and your

Deathgripper. Fight back from the pack as best as you can, but

if in a tough spot, crouch and wait for the moment to come.

Almost 80% of the time, your Deathgripper will most likely

charge through it's pack to protect you, seeing as you have a

more delicious, stable sort of food than yourself as food. And

when the fight breaks out between the Grippers, hop onto

yours and aid with the counter attack until your new dragon

decides it is best to retreat.


Step 5: Training To Not Eat


Once you make it back home base with your new dragon, the

new challenge is making sure that your other dragons won't be

offput or disturbed by the Deathgripper in question. And of

course, when your dragon does decide to attack one, do your

best to intercept and use the kibble to sway the dragon to

remmebering what you're still doing for it, calming both you,

the drgaon, and all your other dragons from this venomous

flyer. And as a final note, you can attempt to do the same

tactics with more than one Deathgripper in Step 2 so that your

dragon won't be as lonely.


Extras: Titan Deathgrippers


When any dragon becomes a titan, it does becomes twice as

strong and aggressive than its broad wing stage, and for the

Titan Deathgripper... ohhh my, you are in for a heap of 

aggression. Like with several aggressive dragons, it is best to

let it go on its own to get used to its new powers while keeping

a close eye to make sure it doesn't go on a rampage. It is most

likely thta your drgaon won't go after any other dragons unless

it feels ready to. Unfortunately, the titanising will have lethal

effect on your dragon's aggression and venom levels, so take

things slow until about a couple of months, maybe even three

at the most.


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Word of input

I've noticed that Deathgrippers are prone to act kinda like puppies, and are more docile than they appear. I think they were misunderstood by many people because of the way Grimmel caused them to act in the movie, but they seemed only playful in the few instances when they weren't under the influence of their own venom.


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That I have noticed, but...

It is true that Deathgrippers can be more puppy like and possibly docile in most instances, but based on my experiences with my own Deathgrippers I've mainly seen that with Galvanizer and Nyxua interact. In even more cases, some Deathgrippers do feel like a second Toothless when tamed enough, so I cna argue with you there.

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*Grabs popcorns*

That's true, they are a problem for other dragons when they get introduced to them. My deathgripper always went for one of my dragons when he\she was alone, i had to drive the deathgripper's attention away, before anything bad could happen (it luckily didn't, but my young scuttleclaw almost got eaten alive while i was away from the stables) after a while, my deathgripper understood that big dragons weren't food, but he sadly still tried to eat smaller ones, such as my poor terrible terror, who always risked to get chewd like a snack. It took me a while, but i finally managed to teach my deathgripper that none of my dragons is food, nor someone else's dragon, big or small.


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That's Good To Hear!

It is best to start training your Deathgripper as best you can to avoid any of your dragons becoming a midnight snack. With Nyxua, it took a lot of time and patience to stray her from her dragon diet, but with my only titan Deathgripper that's a whole different story. Hopefully my tactics will help you bond and train your dragon as I have practiced with mine :D

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Swoopin' In!

Gee, if only the pack Papa came across was that size: He came across a 6 pack (7 after a baby hatched)! And while rescuing the baby and putting the little guy under his wings for a few days made it easy to earn the Alpha's trust and respect, obtaining the same from the rest of the pack and teaching them ALL to NOT eat dragons was a whole whole different story. xD Still, with a docile Titan on hand, efforts are very slowly being made to hopefully give these horrific dragons a bit of a better light. . .too bad he still looks scary to many. ^^; All that aside, I'm stoked to see this series making a come back!


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That's Good To Hear!

Nice to see you again Kasane! And yes the series is coming back with a spark XD I am working on a few others at the moment, two will be about in game dragons and the third is a little special XD. It's ncie to hera that your Titan is very docile, but teaching a large pack not to eat drgaons, WHEW that's a lotta work. I definitely know there's more to these dragons that meets the eye