Dragon Training 101: The Changewing

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Dragon Training 101







Class: Mystery


Length: 52 feet (average) 


Weight: 950 lbs (average)


Wingspan: 30 feet


Diet: Fish, Fireweed, Boars, and Smaller Dragons




If you are alone in a densly grown wood, then you might run

into these territorial, and impossible to see dragons. Finding

them is as difficult a task as training them, so only the most

cunning and brass vikings are up for the challenge. However,

with a bit of skill, taming a Changewing shouldn't be too much

of a hassle. My name is Jyharri and I will explain the basis of

dragon training, the Changewing.


The Changewing is one of the most aggressive dragons ever

known to vikings, and are mainly feared because they are one

of the very few that are able to produce acid internally to spew

at unwary foes. This means that if even a drop lands on you at

close range, you're in a bind as deadly as the Scourge of Odin.

I have taken quite some time in studying these dragons in

order to provide this information, and many of you will come

back from this hunt alive if you follow these instructions to the



Disclaimer: A majority, but not all information on the Changewing can

be summed up from my experience with Changewings (raising them,

training, etc), so take these words with a grain of salt.


Step 1: Location


These dragons are able to camouflage themselves within the

blink of an eye, making them nearly impossible to find.

However, there are temperate forests within Berk's Archipelago

that house a few prides of male and female Changewings.

Whether you want to go for the male or female is up to you,

but I will provide critical information to carefully training one



Step 2: Survival Tactics


When approaching either a male or a female Changewing,

make sure you aren't near any female's nests or by a pack of

territorial males (this will make the taming process much

harder). For the male, I'd recommend waiting a few days for

the dragon to get used to your presence in its turf - since males

are much more skittish than females. When the dragon shows

itself, make sure to hold out some fireweed or dragon nip in

order to subdue the dragon. If you succeed, then watch out for

the male to get aggressive because the calming smell of both

plants will ware off quicker than with a Nadder or Nightmare.

Dodge the acid blasts and slowly walk up to the male, holding

your hand out again to "do the hand thing." However, a female

Changewing will outright try to kill you for wandering into its

territory, so you must lure her out of it temporarily in order to

use the methods I've mentioned earlier. If both sexes cloak,

stand completely still and listen of the rustling of trees, then

dodge at the last second. A few days of this and you'll slowly be

able to bond with your Changewing.


Step 3: Training Blind


In order the strengthen your bond with your Changewing (be it

male or female), you must train with it constantly to lower its

wild state. Although you can never take the wild out of the

dragon, you can take the dragon out of the wild - and this is

the best option for maintaining both. With the male, make use

of its camouflage ability more because they are much more

stealthy and able to sneak up on opponents without warning.

Hone your dragon's skill to the max, and watch out for reactive

acid blasts. For the female, make much more use out of her

brute strength than her cloak because she will be able to

pummel most foes her size or slightly larger. Despite their

softer skin, both sexes can dish out and take a surprising

amount of damage - even from their own kind. I've learned the

hard way for training a female Changewing over its limit, so

watch out for that change in mood.


Step 4: Flying for Fun


Like all dragons, most Changewings want some time off of

training in order to rest - these dragons in particular. This step

applies equally to both sexes, so take your Changewing out

every once in a while to fly and reveal its true colors. Even

though both sexes are skittish when flying, they make for

excellent patrol dragons and flying partners. However, if you're

flying near a wild pride's island, steer your dragon clear of it

unless it is drawn toward the pride.


Step 5: No Dragons For You, Sir/Ma'am


Unlike most dragons in the Archipelago, Changewings have big

appetites and will most likely go for your trained Terrible

Terrors, Smothering Smokebreaths and Night Terrors. If this

happens, pile the floor full of your drgaon's preffered meal. This

will distract it from your dragons and will aid in keeping them at

a safe distance. I'd wager the only time you would want those

particular dragons side by side is on the battlefield. However,

and above all, make sure your new dragon doesn't make a meal

out of your other dragons.


Extras: Titan Changewings


When any dragon becomes a titan, it does becomes twice as

strong and aggressive than its broad wing stage. The

changewing is no acception to that rule and is capable of

harnessing an ability that will be able to hypnotise foes - even

from a distance (this means you too). Once your dragon grows

to the last stage of its life, it is best to let it roam a month, then

find it again. For the male, watch for hypnotised dragons in the

area, then follow the trail of footprints and overshed skin.

These hypnotised dragons will not attack you under any

circumstance, and you could aid them if you wish. For the

female, watch for attacking dragons that may include broad

wing Changewings - they are most likely been hypnotised to

attack anything in sight.





"I am the one who made a home within


Scuttleclaw Island... I am the one who


protects this Island and its


inhabitants... my name... Jyharri,


Jyharri Arowdur!"




Name: Jyharri U. Arowdur



 Age: 17



 Height: 5' 2"



 Weight: 110 lbs



 Gender: Male



 Weapon of Choice: Barbaric Rupture





 Apex/Lead Dragon: Blitzkrieg, the





Clan: None



A Little About Myself -- My Lineage


 Many centuries ago, the Arowdur family started hunting a

group of dragons known as the Shinglewing, as a species, for their skins

and meat... however, news has spread from my family's clan in the deep,

deep south of Berk's Archipelago that Hiccup and the dragon riders had defeated

Drago's army in order to save dragons. My family, and my former civilization, had all

disapproved of the truce between dragosn and humans, and continued to 

hunt down the Shinglewing dragons to near extinction. But thanks to a few

bruises, planning, and some knowhow about dragons, I had actually learned

how to domesticate a Shinglespike, the male of the species. With its help,

and a few Shinglescales for backup, I escaped the grasp of my murderous

family, and escaped to Berk's Archipelago.


When I first reached it, I had noticed that the Shinglespike didn't want to

travel further into Berk's Archipelago, but it did let me jump off of his back

when we reached a nearby island. I had waved goodbye to the Shinglespike

and Shinglescales as they traveled out of my sight, with me hoping they

would be alright. Before the Shinglespike departed, I documented as much as I could of his stats...




After makeshift building a hut on Scuttleclaw Island, out of view from any

other people, I have tried to stay out of the way of all the new and

mysterious dragons on this island, eventually co-existing with them after a year. However, by some strange coincidence, a message from my parents made its way to me via Terror Mail.


I read it and I knew I had to visit Berk. As soon as I arrived to the Berk

Docks, I was surprised by a chain of events going to pass at that time. I took

a wild ride on the fabled Night Fury, Toothless and eventually rescued my

first ever trained dragon, a Sand Wraith which I named Sandstreak.


Well, that's my dragon riding start (officially at least). My only passion now

is to grow as a strong, effective dragon rider in order to someday return to

my homeland, train the Shinglewings in front of my civilization and demand

my family not to hunt these amazing creatures... if not, then I may have to

end their twisted tradition myself.




Stable Shoutouts!








Species: Psudoskrill, one of two of


her kind 


Gender: Female


Age: 18 years old (dragon years)


Length: 42 feet (dragon form), 18 feet


(humanoid form)


Height: 10 feet (dragon form), 8 feet


(humanoid form)


Wingspan: 38 feet (both forms)


Weight: 700 lbs (dragon form), 150 lbs


(humanoid form)


Fire Type: Redirected Lightning


Special Ability: Stormbomb


Personality: Aggressive, Tsundere-ish,


 Protective and Loyal to the bitter end.








Species: Psudoskrill


Gender: Female


Age: 6 years old (dragon years)


Length: 32 feet (dragon form), 15 feet


(humanoid form)


Height: 8 feet (dragon form), 8 feet


(humanoid form)


Wingspan: 35 feet (both forms)


Weight: 600 lbs (dragon form), 180 lbs


(humanoid form)


Fire Type: Redirected Lightning


Special Ability: Kyn'Lightning


Personality: Friendly, Loyal to the Bone,


 and a true Leader despite her personality.






Species: Shovelhelm


Gender: Male


Age: 7 years old


Length: 36 feet


Height: 6 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 38 feet


Weight: 2000 lbs


Fire Type: Brighty Colored Fire


Special Ability: Rampage


Personality: Rampant, Tough, and Itching


for a drawn out fight!







Species: Grim Gnasher (oroshi)


Gender: Male


Age: 5 years old


Length: 20 feet


Height: 3 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 12 feet


Weight: 110 lbs


Fire Type: Frost-ridden Teeth Shards


Special Ability: n/a


Personality: Peaceful, Agro when challenged, yet


a strong, Loyal dragon.







Species: Stormcutter


Gender: Female


Age: 17 years old


Length: 42 feet


Height: 12 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 52 feet


Weight: 660 lbs


Fire Type: Valed Tornadic Flamethrower


Special Ability: Wind Clap


Personality: Wise, Intelligent, and has a strong


Understanding of the wind and sky.








Species: Razorwhip (golden)


Gender: Female


Age: 3 years old


Length: 47 feet


Height: 8 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 54 feet


Weight: 675 lbs


Fire Type: Blazing White Hot


Special Ability: Shimmer


Personality: Proud, Elegant, and loves to Display


her scales to male dragons!








Species: Speed Stinger


Gender: Male


Age: 1 year old


Length: 8 feet


Height: 4 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: n/a


Weight: 75 lbs


Fire Type: Venomous Tail


Special Ability: Intimidate


Personality: Secretive, Vicious even at best times,


and willing to challenge flying dragons...







Species: Deadly Nadder (Titan Ivor-Gold)


Gender: Male


Age: 8 years old


Length: 32 feet


Height: 12 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 30 feet


Weight: 500 lbs


Fire Type: Magnesium Sparks


Special Ability: Spineclone


Personality: Energetic, Playful and always full of


a Spark of energy!







Species: Singetail


Gender: Female


Age: 25 years old


Length: 48 feet


Height: 7 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 35 feet (small), 56 feet (large)


Weight: 880 lbs


Fire Type: Semi-explosive Flame Missiles


Special Ability: Rapid Fire


Personality: Ravenous when hungry, Orderly over


the Stoker Class dragons in my care, yet remains


extremely loyal to me.







Species: Cavern Wraith


Gender: Female


Age: 17 years old


Length: 40 feet


Height: 6 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 32 feet


Weight: 220 lbs


Fire Type: Mix of Snow/Dirt Combo


Special Ability: Swift Digging


Personality: Shy, Weary of vikings and dragons, but


will defend herself savagely if necessary...







Species: Silver Phantom (Iced)


Gender: Male


Age: 6 years old


Length: 52 feet


Height: 3 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 58 feet


Weight: 180 lbs


Fire Type: Bluish Oxygen Formed Firewaves


Special Ability: Ice Dance


Personality: Graceful in the air, able to Manage the


well-being of many of my dragons, yet is especially


Territorial with Rathalos (Monstrous Nightmare).








Species: Skrill (Titan Green-Thunder)


Gender: Male


Age: 12 years old


Length: 50 feet


Height: 8 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 60 feet


Weight: 720 lbs


Fire Type: Greenish Lighting


Special Ability: Thunderblade


Personality: Hyper-aggressive than most, able to


state Dominance over his territory, as well as


having Rivalries with many of my dragons.




Vaal Hazak



Species: Boneknapper (Soulkeeper)


Gender: Female


Age: Unknown


Length: 65 feet


Height: 14 feet (at shoulder)


Wingspan: 48 feet


Weight: 1200 lbs


Fire Type: Effluvious Fire Burst


Special Ability: Corpse Shield


Personality: Mindless wanderer, able to Sense the


presence of an attacker, yet always being a Neutral






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