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Joined: 03/16/2017

When I was a child I was captured by Drago and his men. They trained me to become one of them. Day and night they made me train, I tried to escape once but I didn't get pass the guards. Years passed and I accepted my fate as a dragon killer. The day finally arrived when I was eleven to kill my first dragon. My opponent was a dragon as black as night. He had large wings and was pretty big. One of Drago's men gave me a dagger and they released the dragon. We slowly walked closer to each other and he looked as scared as I was...

To Be Continued


Viking Name- Piggyxl


Meatlug Gronckle (wearing Meatlug skin)

Toothless Nightfury

Frosty  Groncicle

(I will soon have a picture)

Snort and Snot Hideous Zippleback (wearing Barf and Belch skin)

Clan- Dragon Riders of KMS (leader)

Feel free to join clan! If full then send me a message!


If you visit my farm I will visit yours. (If notified)

If you send me a friend request I will except it

If you give me codes or gifts I will give you something (If notified)

If you invite me to your clan I can't accept it (For I am the proud leader of KMS)

If you give me a dragon code or membership I will be eternally grateful