Dragon tactics update ( whoohoo!)

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First I want to say. Games like dragon tactics I've never cared for but when they brought it to SoD, I love it. First I got all the weapons, second I used it to level up my main Viking to 50 because there was no other way to do it( before the hidden world update).
This new update is really cool. Here's what I've discovered so far
Dragons: deathgripper and goregutter can be used in it. ( I haven't checked to see if others were added but I definitely noticed them)
Outfit changing: now you don't have to leave dragdragong tactics to change your outfit or items like weapons. Which was a annoyance to me. All you have to do is click oon your Viking and details. There's a outfit button and forge button ( that to is awesome) 
Achievements: I just noticed the achievements, where you get UtD points and coins... ALSO (IM SO HAPPY) when you complete the first dragon tactics row of training you get 50 gems... THANK YOU the next one you get for completing the wraith od stormheart dragon tactics which is 200 gems award. This is awesome!!! Thank you thank you admins!!
Forge Weapons: the only blueprints I have won were weapons I already own.. yes for players who aren't on higher levels I can see where this is a good thing. I just hope for the legendary items we can get blueprints for because there is some items of tthe bewildered beast set that I still haven't found on tier
I hope this means there will be more weapons and maybe dragon armor???? That would be awesome.
Also please make PvP dragon tactics. That would be fun. Like winner can get certain items ( maybe not trophies)
yes the new update has some bugs and not really good choices ( TRR count down area being penalized minutes and trophies.. not fair to alot of players who don't want to race toothless if there still new or for people who don't want to race against hackers,last people who don't want to race boost and trap aggressive  players)
remember Everytime there's a update there is some hiccups in the game ( not the character, bugs)
Patience with the team I'm sure they see what's wrong and are trying to fix them, cause they usually fix problems with updates in the same week.

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Actually, the Deathgripper was already available; they came out with the Hidden World update. ^^ Sadly, non-Titan Deathgrippers have the default look when you use them there. The outfit changing was around for a bit too, though I don't remember when that was put in place. But the Crimson Goregutter being in there and the gem rewarding achievements are awesome! :D On a side note, having Hiccups in the game would be better than bugs. . .maybe the chief of [New] Berk can fix the bugs and whatnot!


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