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I am actually doing the Dragon Tactics in Rise of Stormheart Expansion, the very first battle against Stormheart's ''warriors' in Scuttleclaw Island'. It's been 10 times I am doing the same thing over and over trying to get rid of this mission... and it DID NOT moved to another quest... it keeps saying ''Conquer the Dragon Tactics Battle'' ;-;. That's what I keep doing for two hours now! I won ALL the times, but I can't continue the quest I am currently doing! This is just simply annoying and I have no more quest exception of those... I wish this could be fixed.

I tried reinstalling the game but it didn't worked either.


Welcome to my signature!

 I am someone that play School of Dragons for now four years (almost five) and know many different things about it. I've got many awesome friends and many amazing dragons. I enjoyed playing the game with them. But two years ago, my account suddenly got hacked and the password have been changed... I didn't know who have did this and will never know... (no forum account at this time)... but now, I'm back with a new player and I've make many other amazing friends in SoD. 




479 Rotom [Normal]479 Rotom [Normal] -Shiny- Derpy Sheyla 479 Rotom [Normal] -Shiny-479 Rotom [Normal]


Some Screenshots! (tracking for some good ones lol)

Laki and I

Baby Smeargle and Meatlug

Lumie, Meatlug, RotomDex (not Titan) and I (Lumie is like wut xD)

Some Toothless (find the intruder)

Baby Lana!

Laki met a baby Woolly Howl

Weird Glitch in Thunder Run Racing xD

ThousandFire and I

Skrill Gang

UltimateCheeseburger is not amused...




About meh: I am a 16 years old girl. I like dragons... wait, I don't like them, I LOVE them! xD Anyway... I do make drawings and other things. Exception of drawings, I like to play Pokémon, it's actually my favorite 3DS game so far xD (can't wait for the Switch one :p) My favorite Pokémon is Rotom (thanks a lots RotomDex xD). My favorite Legendary is Lugia and my favorite Mythical is Victini. I do love animals a lots! I have four cats: Kiki, Mimi, Buster and Katoo. 


All my dragons in SoD: Blue are Males -- Red are Females -- Green is Not Sure

VanossGaming - Sand Wraith Titan - Level 30

IAmAgaintHacking - Sand Wraith Titan - Level 30

Winter - Sand Wraith Titan - Level 30

DoritoChips - Sand Wraith - Level 16

Icarus - Sand Wraith Titan - Level 30

Sheyla - Sand Wraith - Level 12

RacerJohn - Sand Wraith - Level 11

DreamLand - Sand Wraith - Level 14

Orokoro - Sand Wraith Titan (+ Ruby Skin) - Level 30

OLanaO - Sand Wraith - Level 10

Lunala - Sand Wraith - Level 10

 Alloes - Monstrous Nightmare Titan - Level 30

FireFly - Monstrous Nightmare Titan (+ Ashen Skin) - Level 30

Ash - Monstrous Nightmare - Level 10

Blizzard - Groncicle - Level 15

Diamond - Groncicle - Level 30

Potato - Gronckle Titan - Level 30

Iron Potato- Gronckle (+ Iron Skin) - Level 8

Toothless - Night Fury (Alpha) - Level 30

Tofu And Tufo - Hideous Zippleback Titan - Level 30

Gas And Sparkle - Hideous Zippleback Titan - Level 30

ShadowSnake - Screaming Death Titan - Level 30

Arbok - Screaming Death Titan - Level 20

Serperior - Screaming Death - Level 10

WilliamTAWOG - Prickleboggle - Level 23

Arumis - Prickleboggle - Level 10

OptimusPrime - Hobblegrunt - Level 20

TheTerroriser - Sweet Death - Level 22

Water Song - Tide Glider - Level 30

Tidy Glider - Tide Glider - Level 30

FatPotato - Hotburple - Level 20

Vivi - Razorwhip Titan - Level 30

Excalibur - Razorwhip Titan - Level 30

OMallowO - Razorwhip - Level 10

Velvet - Razorwhip - Level 10

DeadMelody - Death Song Titan - Level 20

Natsu - Flame Whipper - Level 21

FlamyFlame - Flame Whipper - Level 10

I AM WILDCAT - Singetail - Level 20

BlueMagma - Eruptodon (+ Ice Skin) - Level 20

IMarioI - Eruptodon - Level 10

Alduin - Armorwing - Level 20

ToxicFire - Flightmare Titan - Level 30

XLillieX - Flightmare - Level 6

Highlight Blue - Flightmare Titan - Level 21

Ohmwrecker - Stormcutter Titan - Level 30

oOAprilOo - Stormcutter - Level 10

FireStorm - Typhoomerang - Level 20

Lylie Pucisse - Deadly Nadder Titan - Level 30

CarlosTheDerp - Deadly Nadder - Level 13

Willam - Deadly Nadder Titan (+ Ice Crystal Skin) - Level 30

Orion - Deadly Nadder - Level 11

OBurnetO - Deadly Nadder - Level 10

Leiby - Deadly Nadder - Level 10

MrRobinson - Snafflefang - Level 10

Snaffy - Snafflefang - Level 10

Daithi De Nogla - Snafflefang - Level 21

HotWater - Scauldron - Level 23

Kratos - Scauldron - Level 13

Delta - Speed Stinger Titan - Level 30

Golden Stinger - Speed Stinger - Level 10

JamieTAWOG - Sliquifier - Level 20

Camaro - Moldruffle - Level 20

Banana Bus - Whispering Death Titan - Level 30

Spiky Serpent - Whispering Death - Level 10

RotomDex - Skrill Titan - Level 30

Wizzro - Skrill Titan - Level 30

Dusk Lightning - Skrill Titan - Level 30

Zira - Skrill - Level 10

TheGLITCH - Changewing - Level 20

WaterPool - Thunderdrum Titan - Level 30

Tsunami - Thunderdum Titan - Level 25

Sophocles - Thunderdrum - Level 10

Spyro - Shivertooth - Level 30

Kukui - Shivertooth - Level 10

CocaCola - Mudraker - Level 20

Blue Fire - Fireworm Queen - Level 20

Golisopod - Fireworm Queen - Level 10

IAbsoluteZeroI - Woolly Howl Titan - Level 30

Laki - Woolly Howl Titan - Level 30

IceStorm - Woolly Howl - Level 10

Moonlight - Woolly Howl - Level 10

Hoodini - Shockjaw - Level 27

FatalStorm - Shockjaw - Level 27

Delirious - Shockjaw - Level 30

Etharius - Shockjaw - Level 21

Frozen - Snow Wraith Titan - Level 30

Dexy - Snow Wraith - Level 12

Bendy - Slithersong - Level 20

Purple Stripe - Slithersong - Level 11

Shadow - Grapple Grounder - Level 20

Nemera - Grapple Grounder - Level 10

Funzy - Grapple Grounder - Level 10

Rayquaza - Grapple Grounder - Level 10

AquaJet - Raincutter - Level 23

RainDrop - Raincutter - Level 11

Horizon - Terrible Terror Titan - Level 30

Vechio - Boneknapper Titan - Level 30

Apocyne - Boneknapper - Level 4

Luigi - Boneknapper - Level 10

MoonStrike - Scuttleclaw Titan - Level 30

Poison - Scuttleclaw Titan - Level 25

ICherryI - Scuttleclaw - Level 10

Lugia - Devilish Dervish - Level 16

Shade - Devilish Dervish - Level 27

Maleficent - Timberjack - Level 21

Moo Snuckel - Shovelhelm - Level 20

Radioactive - Silver Phantom - Level 20

Kiawe - Silver Phantom - Level 10

Marshadow - Night Terror - Level 21

Golden Spyrogia - Windwalker - Level 20

Taisu - Windwalker - Level 13

AlanTheBallon - Rumblehorn - Level 20

Snappy - Snaptrapper - Level 20

AcidGasPoisonCarbon - Snaptrapper - Level 11

Earthquake - Thunderpede - Level 20

UltimateCheeseburger - Buffalord Titan - Level 21

MiniLadd - Smothering Smokebreath - Level 22

Metal Stealer - Smothering Smokebreath - Level 12

Smeargle - Smothering Smokebreath - Level 10

Groudon - Catastrophic Quaken - Level 21

Pikachu - Triple Stryke - Level 21

OHopeO - Triple Stryke - Level 10

Stone Edge - Sentinel - Level 20

Statue - Elder Sentinel - Level 20

Oriak - Grim Gnasher Titan - Level 20

IThousandFireI - Dramillion - Level 8

IDoomI - Dramillion - Level 21


I have Three other accounts but yeah, I mostly use my main one xD


Favorite/Main SoD Dragons!

RotomDex the Titan Skrill (Favorite/Main)

DreamLand the Sand Wraith (Favorite)

Orokoro the Titan Ruby Wraith (Favorite/main)

Toothless the Night Fury (Favorite)

ShadowSnake the Titan Screaming Death(Favorite/Main)

Velvet the Razorwhip (Favorite)

Highlight Blue the Titan Flightmare (Favorite)

Willam the Titan Crystal Nadder (Favorite)

Leiby the Deadly Nadder (Favorite)

Zira the Skrill (Main)

Laki the Titan Woolly Howl (Favorite/Main)

Moonlight the Woolly Howl (Favorite)

Dexy the Snow Wraith (Favorite)

Shade the Devilish Dervish (Favorite/main)

Maleficent the Timberjack (Favorite)

Moo Snuckel the Shovelhelm (Favorite)

Snappy the Snaptrapper (Favorite)

UltimateCheeseburger the Titan Buffalord (Favorite/Main)

IDoomI the Dramillion (Favorite)





My character:

Name: ImDerpySheylaYT

Level: 35

Trophies: 14 055 (counting xD)

Clan: The YouTub Racers

Number of Dragons: 100 and more

Hobbies: Racing, flying around islands, Battle Events, hanging out with friends...




   Sprite 6 x 249.pngAbout Pokémon!Sprite 6 x 249 s.png    

I am such a big fan of Pokémon since I started to play Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, 7 years  ago. My favorite Pokémon was Lugia because I really loved his designs and colors (let's not forget Shiny!). Then appears Pokémon Ruby Omega ans Saphir Alpha, wich I obtained Saphir Alpha. And now, I've got Sun and Ultra Sun! Because of the RotomDex, I started to LOVE Rotom! It quickly becomes my favorite Pokémon, followed by Lugia. I decided to make my own OC Mascot Dexy, a shiny Rotom with a green eye, wich makes him different from others. It tooks me many hours before obtaining my Shiny Mascot! I was in my school bus when he decided to pop up! 


My team (Adventure):


Sprite 6 x 479 s.png

Name: Dexy (Shiny Rotom-Wash) 

Gender: Genderless (but known as Male)

Level: 100

Ability: Levitate

Attacks: Substitute - Will-O-Wisp - Volt Switch - Hydro Pump

Held Item: Leftovers


Sprite 6 x 249 s.png

Name: Lugia (Shiny)

Gender: Genderless

Level: 80

Ability: Multiscales

Attacks: Aeroblast - Shadow Ball - Psychic - Recover

Held Item: Leftovers


Sprite 7 s 745d s.png

Name: Laki (Shiny Lycanroc)

Gender: Male

Level: 85

Ability: Sand Rush

Attacks: Accelerock - Stone Edge - Stealth Rock - Crunch

Held Item: Lycanium Z


Sprite 7 s 727.png

Name: Tiger (Incineroar)

Gender: Male

Level: 83

Ability: Blaze

Attacks: Darkest Lariat - Flamethrower - Cross Chop - Outrage

Held Item: Life Orb


Sprite 6 x 330 s.png

Name: Light Fury (Shiny Flygon)

Gender: Female

Level: 94

Ability: Levitate

Attacks: Dragon Pulse - Earthquake - U-Turn - Rock Slide

Held Item: Luck Insence


Sprite 6 x 208 m.png   Sprite 6 r 208M.png

Name: Steelix

Gender: Male

Level: 86

Ability: Sturdy

Attacks: Heavy Slam - Rock Slide - Earthquake - Stealth Rock

Held Item: Steelixite


Team Number 2 (for Ultra Moon)

Legendary Team (Challenge)

Rules of the Challenge:

1- All fainted Pokémon stay in the team

2- You can use only 1 Starter Pokémon in the team

3- No Rotom Powers in battles (;-;)

4- All Pokémon have an Held Item (if possible)

5- Giving 4 affection hearts to all Pokémon before starting the adventure

6- ALWAYS take care of the RotomDex when he is sad (my priority number one xD)

7- Keeping all Pokémon to the same level (except Lugia and Groudon)


Sprite 6 x 487o s.png

Name: Giratina (Shiny)

Gender: Genderless

Level: 1 

Ability: Levitate

 Attacks: Dragon Claw - Thunderbolt - Shadow Force - Energy Ball

Held Item: Griseous Orb


Sprite 6 x 656 s.png

Name: Froakie (Shiny)

Gender: Male

Level: 1

Ability: Protean

 Attacks: Acrobatics - Ice Beam - U-Turn - Rock Tomb

Held Item: Eviolite


Sprite 6 x 484.png

Name: Palkia

Gender: Genderless

Level: 2

Ability: Pressure

 Attacks: Fire Blast - Stone Edge - Spacial Rend - Surf

Held Item: Big Nugget


Sprite 6 x 250 s.png

Name: IHo-OhI (Shiny)

Gender: Genderless

Level: 5

Ability: Regenerator

 Attacks: Steel Wing - Sky Attack - Sacred Fire - Earthquake

Held Item: Luck Incence


Sprite 6 x 249 s.png

Name: Lugia (Shiny)

Gender: Genderless

Level: 40

Ability: Multiscale

 Attacks: Aeroblast - Psychic - Steel Wings - Recover

Held Item: Leftovers


Sprite 6 x 383 s.png Sprite 6 r 383p s.png

Name: グラードン (Shiny Groudon)

Gender: Genderless

Level: 50

Ability: Drought

 Attacks: Earthquake - Eruption - Power-Up Punch - Solar Beam

Held Item: Red Orb


Random GIF


Résultats de recherche d'images pour « rotom gif »

(Rotom's fan girl)

Image associée


-Shiny Hunting-


Numbers of Shinies found: More than 10 (Shinies in Ultra Wormhole are not include)

First Shiny in-game: Random Granbull

First successful Shiny Hunt: Shiny Rotom (Dexy)

Last Shiny Caught in SOS battle: Cubone

Numbers of Shinies (Boxes): Maybe 6 boxes (most are Wonder Trades)

Currently Hunting: Fletchling


-Original Characters-


I've created so many OCs since 2010 .-. I don't remember every of them, but I can tell maybe two of them (my favorites <3)


Highlight Blue: She's actually a RotomDex, my very first RotomDex OC after Dexy. She is really kind but extremely sensitive when it comes to touch or grab her. Her past still much unknown and make her feel scared toward humans. In other words, she has got a very horrible pas. But her best buddy Rotom will do his best to make her feel better!

Visit my DeviantArt to follow Highlight Blue's story! Write ImDerpySheyla in the research section to find me!

 Highlight Blue (made by meh)


Icarus: Icarus is the Black Alpha of his species: The Spyrogia. He is very playful and like chasing his best friend and adoptive ''parent'' Rotom just to play. His only fears are eels and scared to loose Rotom. He is also really protective and is not scared to fight to protect his friends.

Photo de Audrey Grondin-Langlais. Icarus (made by meh)


Art Section!

Here are most of the drawings I've made and others have made. It can happen that my sister also have draw a few of them and put my signature on them ^^

Kissy (Highlight Blue's Story) Part 5 by ImDerpySheyla

Highlight Blue and RotomDex (made by meh)

Laki (made by amazing RagingNature)

Flight of FrostNight by ImDerpySheyla

FrostNight the Night Fury (made by meh)

Troumador by ImDerpySheyla

Troumador the Spyrogia Hunter (made by meh)

Icarus (made by Monkorpio)

Frozen the Mercury Night Fury (made by amazing Zikta)

My Skrill RotomDex (made by RedHoodJason)

Hope the Triple Stryke (made by amazing Zikta)


RotomDex (made by sunsetlightthelovely)

Icarus (made by amazing Zikta)

My fluffy RotomDex cx (made by amazing HoneyCloudy)

Orion (made by amazing Zikta)

RotomDex (made by amazing RoaringOrigins)

RotomDex (made by amazing Zikta)

Lana (made by amazing AndreaEaston)

Frozen (made by amazing AndreaEaston)

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I've been having the same

I've been having the same problem, only on the first battle which is "Edge Practice" I've done it multiple times but it keeps telling me "Complete Astrid's Dragon Tactics Challenge" It's annoying the abosolute heck out of me! I'm also doing it on PC.

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Rotom! Did you just steal my subject?!

Same thing over here, playing on PC (downloaded version) and cannot complete the quest because of this xc

Hope it gets fixed soon...

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When they updated the game

When they updated the game they added the titan wing speed stinger, that update must've made this bug. Also, if I were to uninstall my game completely wouldn't that mean I would lose my account, so like all my dragons, membership etc.

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Rotom! Did you just steal my subject?!

Yeah, maybe. And if you uninstall your game completely, you will not lose your account. Until you have your username and password, you will still be able to play the game without your player dissapear.