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With the new update comes more bugs. When I firshed looked at the new flight suit I was obviously amazed and surprised that my weapons and shield weren’t appearing on my character in the preview thing. After I got I started playing around with it and went into Dragon Tactics and noticed that my axe and shield weren’t appearing and but it still had their stats. I  would kinda like to be able to use the suit and my weapons at the same time please.


Thunderbolt by AndreaEaston


(More coming soon.)

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Invincible Warlords/Dragon Hunters

Ive almost the same problem, just that my weapons does Appear as Standard weapons but still have the same amount of HP etc. for me  DT is absolutely bugged, the Dragon Hunters and Warlords are literally Invincible and literally take no damage or effects just like my dragon(s) and me and at other the NPCs too.

hope they´ll fix it soon cuz i want to fuse weapons.