Dragon Stunts/Tricks!

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(I am aware that this should be placed under "Suggestions", but it seems that posts will get most attention if it is placed under a category that people actually look at.)


For a long time now, i have been thinking of something which would be awesome, if added to the game, so.. Here goes nothing:

Dragons should be able to do tricks, like do a barrel roll in the air. Of course, it would mean that the animations would have to be updated, but it would still be cool!

All tricks i would want to do:

Barrel roll, double barrel roll, triple barrel roll. (Whether you want to shoot at the same time or not.)


The thing where the dragons fly up, and then let themselves fall backwards. (Like in HTTYD 2, in the scene of 'Where No One Goes.')

That was pretty much all the tricks that i could think of would be cool in SoD.

Yes, i am aware that this will be hard to do, and will probably never be added to the game, but i wanted to get the idea out there. :)

Thank you for reading.


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I understand that you want your suggestion to be heard, but the Announcements section is only for the Admins to post. If it's a suggestion, then you have to post it in the Suggestions section, you don't want the Forum to be a mess, anyway.

Dragon tricks have been requested by multiple people, and some of us are told that the dragon tricks are going to be released anytime in the future. So yes, you can keep your hopes up. ^^




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  i couldnt agree


i couldnt agree more. 

Thats one of the top things on my list that I hope will be added into the game, because all we can do now are go up down, left and right. I mean, lets defy gravity and at least be able to go upside down in the air. 

I would also love to see more Viking animations. If we use our flight suit, I wish we wouldn't just all of a sudden be in the air.  We should stand on our dragons saddle and/ or back and jump of, then spread our makeshift wings. 

Or slide off like hiccup. (How cool would that be?) 

I also would like to see us be able to move more on our dragon, were a little stiff. XD

Some more things I'd like to see sort of related to this:

More dragon emotions (if they shoot, their pupils dilate, they smile, nudge their rider etc...) 

A Viking age up (or just Viking options such as height, weight, face type etc...) 


Thats about all I can think of at the moment.  I'd rather much have these added to the game than a triple stryke, yeah it's cool and all, but if something like this was added it would be a tad more immersive and/or realistic. (Despite the fact dragons are far from real XD) 


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Great Ideas!

This is some really great ideas you've got! Something that i could have never come up with. :)