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A few days ago I noticed that my Silver Phantom is much slower than some other dragons. I decided to check this via Thunder Run Racing, Forbidding Ice track. I compared average time with other dragons with the same speed stat and here are results. 

Silver Phantom: 2:11:66

Skrill: 1:57:02

Wooly Howl: 1:57:15


All of dragons had high happiness, none of them were Titans and none of them had saddles. I didn't change my wiking clothes so they woudn't affect time. SP was more than 10 seconds slower that other dragons with 9,2 speed stat. I tried to see how slower dragons will fly the track.

Death Song: 1:57:69

Snafflefang: 2:03:84

Armorwing: 2:26:92

So...Silver Phantom with 9,2 is slower that Snafflefang with 4,2, but Snafflefang is much faster than Armorwing despite the fact that both of them have 4,2 speed stat. And it looks like Death Song with 8,2 is slightly slower (less than 1 second) than Skrill or Wooly Howl (both have 9,2 speed).


Well, this hurts quite a lot, I bought a Silver Phantom for racing and... I feel as if somebody lied to me. And Silver Phantom isn't the only dragon with non-matching stats. Is it possible to change that? Or at least update stats to match with actual speed?





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This Has Happened Before

Looks like the Silver Phantom had a nerf while we weren't looking. It matched its stats when it was first released. Dang, I used to enjoy racing mine; I only switched to racing my Flame Whipper because she needed leveling up. :/


It's also not the only dragon suffering from this problem. The Shivertooth also has a speed of 9.2, with an acceleration of 5.6. It used to be my #1 racing dragon about a year ago. When they updated for Halloween, it was suddenly much slower than it should have been with a downright sluggish acceleration.


Another dragon that doesn't match its stats is the Sand Wraith. It has a speed of 8.8 and an acceleration of 3.2, yet it races the way the Shivertooth used to, more like a 9.2 and an acceleration closer to 5. To me, that's blatant and unfair favoritism of one of their more "popular" dragons. :/


I don't know what other dragons have failed to match their given stats, but I'm sure there's more. Maybe we can PM the admins about the dragons we know of you who don't match their stats? They might listen. No guarantees, though.


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In addition my Bonekapper has been catching up with Nightfuries even though his stat says 6.2 :/, it's not very logical and he's still not the best racer, but it's pretty odd.



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Huh, that's even weirder than

Huh, that's even weirder than the Sand Wraith's speed boost.

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Update, he has a better turn rate than most dragons, he has now become one of my best racers. I have beaten a toothless twice with him now.