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Hello everyone!


Has anyone thought about the personality of the dragon species? Maybe not, but I wish to understand every dragons character, and thereby document them. Unfortunately, there is not any easy way to determine each species personality and because of that I need your help. I have tried to cover some keyword in my reply below, but need some help to describe them in more detail. Please feel free to keep adding trait you found and I will try to establish a detailed list that describe the dragon species individually.


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Personally, I think due to the grade of anthropomorphism in the dragons, they might not have the same personality throughout their species but express more indicvidual traits, if that makes sense?


I think you can have nice gronckles, grumpy ones, ill-tempered ones or very mellow ones. I think that dragons would display more individuality than animals would, or so to speak.


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Since I realise that there is a great may dragons (around 85), this post cannot keep all of them. Therefore I will do a research for each dragon and I would be happy if you have any more detail to add.


First out is Armorwing

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My X cents on the Monstrous Nightmare

I feel like Monsterous Nightmares tend to be headstrong and brash on the outside, but are loyal and caring underneath.


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Armorwing/Armor Wing


Due to the episode "Snotlout gets the axe" a possible conclusion that can be drawn, is that the Armorwing does not trust strangers since he started to attack those who disturb him rather then find the reason (Sullivan). According to The Woolly Howl, they "enjoy being alone" (Fandom).

All of them act as they are a very thorough species which can be seen from all Armorwing in Rise of Berk, who gives their armor an extra effort. This also indicates their creatively. (Dragons: Rise Of Berk)

They think rationally and direct when their nest is attacked, even if it was somewhat impulsive to go out due to this would make the Smothering Smokebreath to starting to attack the Armorwing instead (Sullivan).

It is very difficult to draw a conclusion whether they are emotional or no although they showed gratitude towards the riders for the help. One interpretation is that they are thankful only for concrete help. (Sullivan)


Some keywords to describe this specie:
Amorwing, Accurate, Closed, Compliance, Conscientiousness, Dominant, Introvert, Judging, Neuroticism, Sensing, Suspicious, Thinking.



Sullivan, T.J. Rice To The Edge: Snotlout Gets The Axe. USA: Dreamwork, 2016. TV-series.
The Woolly Howl. "Armorwing." How to Train Your Dragon Wiki. N.p., 2016. Web. 3 Dec. 2019.
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Race to the Edge

In "Snotlout gets the axe", the axe Snotlout are supposed to deliver, is dropped on a Armorwing. They are trying to get it back but the Armorwing does not agree with it. When they approach the dragon they start attacking them by their fire.

Later on, the episode also gives a view of the nest the Armorwing possess. It is inside a cave when the Smothering Smokebreath arrive and as they do the Armorwing decide to check what is going on.

Both outside and inside the cave there are staples of metals. They are not formed in a way to make the nest more protective.

Later on the Armorwing start to accept the other dragons and their riders since they helped the dragon with its metal.



Rise of Berk

With its welding torch-like flames and chain-whip tale the Armorwing keeps enemies at bay long enough for it to attract new scraps of metal to its magnetic body and fuse them into an ever-expanding coat of armor.
Banit: Vikings, hide your weaponds! This Armorwing woun't stop until it builds the perdect armor with the best metals it can find.
Coldsnap: Coldsnap prefers to dunk his armor in freezing water before wearing it, to maintain his cold demeanor. As a lover of freezing climates, when spring comes he really has a meltdown!
Goldrush: This brilliant Armorwing was mistaken by all Berkians to be a gold deposit - all Berkians save Gobber and Fishlegs, who clame she looks like chocolate.
Gresskarmor: While most Armorwing cover themselves in metal, during Dreadfall Gresskarmor steals pumpkin decorations to use as its armor.
Haulmauler: Haulmauler was trained by Drago to dive-bomb Viking ships. Not only would she destroy the hull, but all the ship's weapons would be filched by her magnetic skin.
Irongaze: This steely Armorwing stops Viking and dragons dead in their tracks with his ironclad hide - not to mention his piercing blue-eyes!
Knocks: This Dragon has been trained specifically to protect Berk's armory. It took over 6 months to stop Knocks from making armor with the swords and shields he was supposed to protect.
Twist-Trapper: Twist-Trapper has personal vendetta against the Dragon Hunters, and spends its days collecting the vile traps left by the despicable villains.



School of Dragons

They live on Armor Wing island, and is a part of a expansion. (I have not done this so I cannot say anything of what's happening there.) On the quest "We helpful few" during the Dreadfall event 2019 there is a baby that needs metal.
They cost 720 or 600 gems to by from Johann. (JumpStart)



"In addition to its hostility, this dragon prefers living aloft. Unlike many dragons that live in packs or swarms, this dragon is said to enjoy being alone with its treasures." (2019, howtotrainyourdragon.fandom.com)