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Maybe not the most interesting title but hey, it's straight to the point! :D Anyways, I decided to post my HTTYD OC's dragons here since I my signature is already really long (even though I plan on adding more pictures of my main dragon down the line. . .). You can find out more about my OC in my signature! ^^


I'll be honest, I won't be getting this done in one shot. I was originally going to but some misclicks happened and I had to start fresh! (I partially learned my lesson T-T). So I'll get some done now and then later on (not sure when), I'll add some more until there's no more to add. . .which probably won't happen for a while. So here goes nothing! Note, other than the first two dragons, the dragons aren't listed in a set order. And to keep things simpler, all of the dragons listed are male.



Raiun the Titan-Wing Skrill and Aventurine the Titan-Wing Whispering Death

Raiun and Aventurine both hatched the day following the dragon hunter ambush on the Freedom Flyer's village. Because of how vulnerable they were, the Freedom Flyer took them in and made shelter in an empty cave with them. For months, the dragons stayed under her care until they were big enough to fly and had a good idea on how to defend themselves. At that point, the Freedom Flyer attempted to released them as she felt she wasn't ready to officially train a dragon (let alone 2 dragons), despite all the time and effort she spent caring for them. Rather than leaving on her command however, they didn't budge and followed her when she tried to flee and hide from them. Finally, the Freedom Flyer gave in. She trained them both at the same time and named them. Raiun was named for his electricity-based abilities and Aventurine was named after the Freedom Flyer's favorite gemstone. Together, the three fought off the dragon hunters that lingered on the island but ultimately left the place after the only thing remaining was bittersweet memories. For years, they've fought dragon hunters and rescued many dragons. However, Aventurine has gotten into a few fights with dragons, namely a wild Whispering Death on Berk. This fight was perhaps his worst to date as it left him with scars on his underbelly and did devastating damage to Berk, which caused most Berkians to dislike him.

Personalities: Raiun and Aventurine are like brothers to each other. They almost always play around, seen together frequently, and care for another. They also care deeply for the Freedom Flyer and will fight fiercely to keep her safe. They are generally docile towards others but Aventurine is considered more aggressive and territorial than Raiun. As a result, Raiun is often brought along to help calm wounded dragons while Aventurine is put on look-out duty around the area.


Screecher the Titan-Wing Thunderdrum

Screecher was shot down while making his way to become a Titan-Wing. Because of this, the moment he was freed, he wasn't trained as he quickly resumed his path. The Freedom Flyer didn't see Screecher for over a week but he did make his way back to her once he became a Titan and was trained. After being trained, he became one of the Freedom Flyer's main battle dragons. He goes into just about every battle with the Freedom Flyer on his back and rarely goes down. In one of his most recent battles however, he was fatally wounded and nearly died while helping to defend the Dragon's Edge from dragon hunters. Fortunately, the other dragon riders were able to fix him in time.

Personality: Screecher is a benevolent dragon and has fatherly instincts. He treats younger dragons as his own and helps keep them in control. He holds back the Freedom Flyer's dragons if they attempt to go after her if they're told to stay behind or misbehaving in other ways. As such, he has gained a lot of respect over her dragons. Despite his kind nature, he can become very aggressive if he's fired at or struck with something, be it accidental or intentional.


Spectacle the Stormcutter

Alias: Spectrum

Spectacle was found on an abandoned dragon hunter ship as an egg and hatched moments after he was brought to his Stormcutter filled home. However, he was incredibly small for a baby Stormcutter and kept away from most bigger dragons (Screecher being one of the few exceptions) until he grew to a decent size. He still remains the smallest Stormcutter the Freedom Flyer has seen and the fastest, being able to keep up with Toothless. Because of his speed, he is used in battle as well and helps calm distressed dragons with Raiun and a few other dragons. At one point, he encountered a Titan-Wing Stormcutter that dragon hunters nearly killed and befriended them. After discovering the much bigger dragon had feelings that exceeded far beyond friendship, the two became life-long partners.

Personality: Spectacle is very playful, jolly, and naive. He isn't very competitive but enjoys racing every now and then. He is an eager learner as well and does his best to understand new concepts. He is very attached to the Freedom Flyer and doesn't like it when he's unable to follow her somewhere. If he's forced to stay behind, he whines, whimpers, and roars until she returns or is able to pursue her. He is also very close to Borealis and always makes sure he's happy. He is generally peaceful but will put up a fight if he has to.


Borealis the Titan-Wing Stormcutter

Borealis was flying home with his food for the day when dragon hunters shot him down and nearly killed him. His roars lured the Freedom Flyer and her dragons to his aid. He was rescued on time and his wounds were treated by the Freedom Flyer but Borealis avoided her as often as he could for most of his recovery. While he kept away from the Freedom Flyer, he did his best to show other dragons he was a fit leader. The only dragon that took him seriously was Spectacle, who bowed because he didn't like how glum and grumpy Borealis looked everytime dragons ignored him. Dragons finally gave him the same respect when he risked his life to save Spectacle and Screecher during a dragon hunter attack while he was still recovering. While he was given the Alpha position over Flyer's dragons, this also made it take longer for his wounds to heal. He finally opened up to humans and began interacting with Flyer, finally becoming a trained dragon in the process. At some point, Borealis developed feelings for Spectacle, unaware of the small Stormcutter's gender. Eventually he found out but didn't let go of these feelings and (tried) kept them hidden out of fear of rejection. Spectacle eventually found out what was going on and managed to Borealis to confess. Fortunately, Borealis wasn't rejected and now the two are life-long partners.

Personality: Borealis is generally stern and doesn't play around that often with dragons beside Spectacle. He works hard to maintain the Alpha position and isn't afraid to fight off anyone who tries to challenge him for it. He can also be very stubborn and is more aggressive towards humans than the rest of the Freedom Flyer's dragons (with the exception of the Freedom Flyer herself). He is protective over those his considers "his" dragons and is very fierce in battle. However, he does have a softer side and often shows it towards babies and Spectacle. He is a paitient dragon and will let babies of all sorts crawl around on him before carefully removing them one by one.


Amethyst the Shockjaw

Amethyst was captured by dragon hunters while swimming with his family and held kept in poor conditions for months. Fortunately he was saved by the Freedom Flyer before anymore damage could be done. He became grateful for the rescue and was willing to go along with the Freedom Flyer. However, he was traumatized by the things dragon hunters put him through and gets hostile if they're even mentioned. In battle against them, he is nearly uncontrollable, which is why he often isn't brought along into battle anymore. At one point, he was given a Shockjaw egg to bond and interact with.

Personality: Amethyst is generally laid back and prefers relaxing in a body of water but is more than willing to play with his friends. However, he can become very hostile at the thought of dragon hunters and becomes uncontrollable when fighting them. He especially cares for Wonderous and tries to keep him out of battle as well.



I think that's about it for now. I'll add more at a later point! ^^ Also if this was placed in the wrong category, please let me know and I'll change it!


. . .this is never gonna get done. Enjoy!


Aliases: Kas or Kasane

Main Dragon: Papa Moon the Titan Stormcutter

Favorite Dragon Breed: Stormcutter

Other Favorites (in no particular order): Buffalord, Snow Wraith, Skrill, Prickleboggle, Triple Stryke, Woolly Howl, Thunderdrum

Favorite Dragon Classes: Stoker, Strike, and Sharp (hehe, they all start with 's')

Mini Info? Maybe: I usually don't bite so don't be afraid to come up and talk to me! There's a lot of things I like (and don't like) so I'm sure we can find something we agree on eventually.


My Dragons(in no set order)

Papa Moon the Male Titan Stormcutter

Commonly referred to as Papa

Papa Moon already a Titan-Wing when he was found. . .in fact, it was actually the other way around. He found me! He was difficult to train, considering how stubborn he can be but eventually, with enough trust and fish, he was trained. Don't let his size in the game fool you not like it was accurate to begin with anyways for he is the biggest Stormcutter in existence! His size isn't the only thing that's big; his intelligence is too. . .and maybe his ego. Just a weeeeeeeeeeee bit. Overall, he is a very benevolent dragon and has a soft spot for all things small (mainly babies). He's quite wise so don't be afraid to ask him for advice! He'll doodle it out for you and your dragon. However, he can get territorial and extremely aggressive.
Other: He has a few large scars, most notably one going across his chest (from left to right) and one along half his upper right wing. His fire is purple.


Merith Seener "Tune" Neptune the Female Titan Stormcutter

Commonly referred to as Tune or Lady Neptune

Similar to Papa, Tune was already found as a Titan-wing when she was trained. She went followed Papa once he was trained and became a trained dragon not long after. She is quite big as well but she's smaller than Papa. She's sweet like Papa but has shorter limits than he does and can get angry faster than he can. She is very smart so similar to Papa, she will draw out her answers if asked for advice or questions.

Other: Tune's fire is blue rather than orange.


Doctor Alex the Male Prickleboggle

Commonly referred to as Doc

Doctor Alex is the doctor all my dragons go to for things ranging from simple checkups to vital surgical procedures. As you can imagine, he's highly intelligent. He hasn't failed a medical procedure [yet] and even if he were to, he always has a way to repair his mistakes. He does have a bit of an ego, though it's not on Snotlout or Hookfang's level (thankfully). Unlike other dragons, Alex can actually talk. He takes human paitients too!

Other: He can alternate his slimy blasts to do damage or heal others at will. He can either produce a quick healing, soothing substance or an extremely corrosive acid. However, he can't produce an icy blast like other Prickleboggles.


Silvertina the Female Silver Phantom

Aliases: Silvy or Silvs

Silvertina is a Silver Phantom that comes from a line of royalty and thus, acts like it sometimes. Fortunately, she's generally kind and offers help to others in need. She was found as a baby by one of my then-baby Woolly Howls. Her parents were nowhere in sight so she was taken in. Fortunately, Moon (the Woolly Howl who initially found her) made the training process much easier as they had already established a bond and Silvertina had no plans to leave her new friend. Some dragons recognize her social status and bow in respect but otherwise, she's treated like other dragons. She is very playful, mainly towards dragons and humans she's close to. She is also very protective.

Other: Unlike most dragons, Silvertina is capable of eating eels and treats them as a delicacy!


Freezer the Male Titan Flightmare

Freezer was rescued from dragon hunters and was originally going to be named Freezer Burn. Unfortunately, the game wouldn't allow it so I had to stick with Freezer and, prior to being a Titan Wing, he was blue with fiery colors like orange and red. He's very docile (especially compared to most Flightmares) and enjoys long naps in the sun. He has a mate named Wolffang, two children named Freezer Fang and Dusk Freeze, and a grandaughter named Spinel.

Other: Freezer was obtained 1-2 after the new opening was announced back in late 2016. So you can thank him for the creation of this Viking! He was also a regular Flightmare for some time so he was smaller than a lot of his family members.


Freezer Fang the Male Titan Flightmare

Freezer Fang is the son of Wolffang and Freezer and the twin brother of Dusk Freeze (though he hatched a few seconds before her). He can be playful and outgoing but has a fierce competitive side. He is also full of himself a bit so he can get a bit vain. He is much closer to his mother than he is to his father (though he doesn't hate Freezer). He can usually be seen fighting with Dusk Freeze to see who's better at something.

Other: Freezer Fang was made a Titan before Freezer was. So for some time, he was bigger than his own father!


Moon the Male Titan Woolly Howl

Aliases: Moonpie/Mooncake

Moon is the oldest son of Papa Moon and Tune (don't ask). He was incredibly small and had a few setbacks (blindess being one of them) but that didn't stop him from exploring the world! Fortunately, these setbacks were temporary and he was able to see after some time. In the midst of his exploring, he found an orphaned baby Silver Phantom. He quickly bonded with this Silver Phantom with a lot of running around and playing, which enabled said Silver Phantom to get trained easily. Even as an adult, Moon is very playful and kind towards most dragons and humans. He does however, have a very serious side to him and can become very intimidating at the flip of a coin. He is the fastest Woolly Howl to date, even out-speeding Toothless on several ocassions.

Other: His icy blasts take on a purplish color. He is also slightly bigger than other Woolly Howls. A fun fact about the image, it was taken in his birthplace!


Apatite the Male Titan Screaming Death

Apatite is a very fun-loving, protective, friendly, caring Screaming Death. Sadly, his size scares off most potential friends (dragons or humans) and his massive size often leads him to causing some sort of destruction. He can get easily agitated at times, especially when he's relaxing.

Other: Apatite was named (and colored) after a gemstone of the same name: Apatite!


Mini Papa the Male Baby Stormcutter

Mini Papa is. . .well, literally a mini version of Papa! Unlike many of my other dragons, Mini Papa will remain a baby for the rest of his days (unless I miraculously change my mind for whatever reason). Ain't he cute?

Other: Even though I have no plans on aging him up at this time, I still plan on, and have been, leveling him up. My goal is to get him all the way to level 30!


The Papa Council

The Papa Council consists of variations of Papa Moon himself. Personality wise, they're all incredibly similar and their names for the most part are the same. However, the Typhoomerang goes by Moonlight Wings (which acted as a substitute for Papa when I didn't have an extra Stormcutter egg) and the Titan Skrill goes by General Moonlight. General Moonlight in particular is more aggressive than the other Papas and represents Papa from when he served in many wars during his younger years. However, he isn't completely ruthless and is still very friendly.
Other: This is literally a thing because I wanted to put Papa's colors on other dragons and use some of the eggs in my inventory.


Raito the Male Triple Stryke

Raito is Papa Moon and Tune's youngest son (don't ask). He is the most rebellious towards Papa out of his siblings and prefers to be with his mother. He thinks his father is slowing his mother down, to which Tune always says he isn't. He looks up to his big brother and is protective of him while he distances himself away from his sister. He thinks a bit highly of himself compared to his sister and gets into fights with her whenever he's near her because of it. Nevertheless, he cares about both of his siblings greatly, as well as his parents, and couldn't imagine how life would be without any of them.

Other: Raito's fire is purple and the numbing venom in one of his stingers is replaced with a paralysis venom, similar to a Speed Stinger.


Polar the Male Triple Stryke

Polar is one of Papa's closest friends. He is mute due to an injury he sustained in a battle very few know about. He is generally kind and prefers to stay out other people's affairs. At some point, he fell in love with a male Sentinel named Sir. Because of his relationship with Sir however, the Sentinel pack Sir was booted from attempted to kill him and Sir, which resulted in an all-out brawl between the pack and Polar's friends. He cares a lot for Sir, as well as his friends, and will get violent if he has to. However, he would rather refrain from doing so. He gets along very well with Doc and Ezra.

Other: Doc is working on a collar that will allow Polar to literally speak his mind. The collar will allow him to communicate with his thoughts in a process similar to how search engines convert one language to another.


Elder Frost the Male Snow Wraith

Elder Frost is one of Papa's closest friends, despite his cold attitude. More often than not, he's angry about something and is quick to let it out on others. He is equally as quick to start firing. He doesn't get along with his twin brother, Snow Storm, because he wants him to act his age and settle down. However, he is often teased because he's 'living life in the slow lane' and that's the cause behind his bad temperment. Despite his cold exterior, he does have a warm heart but only shows it towards his friends (sometimes) and children, especially baby Snow Wraiths.

Other: He can't see very well, even through his thermal vision. As such, he has to rely more on hearing and smell. He also fares very well in hot areas but he is grumpier in them than he is in cold ones.


Harvest the Male Buffalord

Harvest is one of Papa's closest friends. He is generally easygoing and social. He also has a bit of a foul tongue and uses slang terms and phrases a lot. In addition, he also talks about what he wants, whenever and where ever he wants. As such, he doesn't care what people think about him (unless it's positive, in which case he loves to hear all about it). He enjoys traveling and trying new foods. He was a bit of a lady's man, though at some point he settled down with someone. He cares a lot for his family and friends and isn't afraid to fight for them. He can be stubborn and isn't afraid to use his size (or his head) against others. Contrary to other Buffalords, his diet isn't bound to just plants and any vegetation will allow him to generate healing saliva. However, what his saliva heals is based on what vegetation he eats. As such, he doesn't live on Odin's Respite and made a home not too far from where Papa lives.

Other: He can control when and where he fires, as well as his inflation ability. However, he prefers not to inflate too much because once he's inflated, he starts floating and can't control where he goes. Unfortunately, like all Buffalords, if he's extremely angry or stressed out, he will inflate regardless.


Snow Storm the Male Titan Snow Wraith

Snow Storm is Elder Frost's twin brother. Contrary to his sibling, he is a lot more positive and outgoing. He enjoys flirting with women and usually succeeds in winning them over. However, he never stays with them after a day or two and he lets them know this before making any further moves. This frustrates Elder Frost, as he wants Snow Storm to finally settle down. Snow Storm frequently teases his brother about this, often saying the reason he's so angry all the time is because he's 'living in the slow lane'. He gets along with others very well, including Elder Frost's friends, though his sibling doesn't like it when he's near them. He is especially fond of Harvest, as he likes how he talks about whatever he wants, regardless of who's around.


Nurse Ezra the Female Titan Whispering Death

Ezra is Alex's wife and helps him with many medical procedures and experiments. She is kind, caring, and is extremely gently with patients. She is also daring and loves extreme or high energy activities like racing, though she mostly watches from the sidelines. While she is mostly kind, she can become highly aggressive in the blink of an eye and isn't afraid to pin someone to the wall with her many, many spines. Like Alex, she is capable of talking and does well with human patients.

Other: She is smaller than other Titan Whispering Deaths but a lot more limber and isn't affected by light. Her vision is also really good.


Master Sound the Male Titan Thunderdrum

Master Sound is one of Papa's closest friends, though they recently just started seeing each other again. The two met during a war as they were both generals command different groups of dragon; Papa commanded the skies and Master Sound commanded the seas. The two developed a mutual respect for each other and began to talk to each other more often once the war was over. The two got along really well, and they still do despite their time apart. Overall, Master Sound is very large and his heart is even bigger. He is very loyal to his friends and other allies. He is also quite loud and his sense of humor is very diverse. He gets along extremely well with children and often tells stories of his past to enlighten them.

Other: Master Sound is actually immune to Dragon Root and Grimora. This is because a wizard (yes, a wizard) used his magic to make Master Sound immune to these things as the Thunderdrum guarded the wizard and even saved his life.


Moona the Female Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare

Moona is Papa Moon and Tune's only daughter (don't ask) and is Moon's twin sister. She serves as the leader of royal guards, alongsider her husband, and trains new recruits. She is very aggressive, hostile, and protective of her family and friends (which she has very few of). She is also harsh towards her soldiers and doesn't show much pity towards them during training sessions. Despite her mostly aggressive nature, she is a very caring and loving mother and will go the extra hundred miles to keep her all of her sons happy. However, she never trusts any mates they may attempt to bring home and usually scares them off; the only one she hasn't scared off and trusts is Firework's wife, Mercy. She also has a soft spot for all children and babies.

Other: Like her father, Moona's fire is purple. While doing a wing blast, she can ignite her wings and send a wave of fire towards her enemies. She is larger than other Nightmares and much faster than most Nightmares. As such, it's rare anything escapes from her.


Sir the Male Sentinel

Sir was once in a pack of Sentinels but was kicked out after the newest leader of the pack considered him weak, old, and usless. He would've fought the leader but it became an unfair battle when the entire pack was forced to get rid of him. Being kicked out of his home left him extremely depressed and made him cry his heart out, which lured Polar to him. Despite one being mute and the other being blind, they two formed a tight bond and fell in love after some time. This upset Sir's former leader greatly and made him attack Sir personally while he had the rest of the pack attempt to kill Polar. This caused an all out brawl between the pack, Sir, Polar and Polar's friends. This made Sir snap as Polar was severely injured in the battle and he nearly killed the leader. Despite his great victory, he didn't return to his old pack, as he wanted to stay with Polar, and spared the leader. He did however find the pack a much more benevolent leader. Personality wise, Sir is very sweet and kind to a lot of people he meets. However, he is also sensitive, though he tries to keep his emotions on the inside. He can become incredibly aggressive if he's pushed too far and those that he cares about are in danger.

Other: Sir and Polar maintain their relationship primarily through touch and smell. Sir talks to Polar as well, which makes it seem like he's talking to himself when others are around. In the beginning, Polar would often bring Sir nice smelling flowers and food so Sir would be aware of his presence long before he landed. He also wrote in the ground or used textured signs so Sir could feel the letters and ultimately know what Polar was saying; this practice is still continued between them. Polar also, carefully, touches Sir with his tails and pinchers to express his feelings to him. Sir longs to have eyesight, even if it's only for a moment, just to see his mate.


Other Dragons (I'll more than likely make a forum post for this)

Spinel the Female Flightmare

Bite and Snipe the Male Titan-Wing Hideous Zippleback

Dusk Freeze the Female Titan-Wing Flightmare

Earthquake the Male Titan-Wing Gronckle

Peridottie the Female Gronckle

Sheer Freeze the Male Groncicle

Emerald the Female Groncicle

Sugar Rush the Male Woolly Hoowl

Male Snoggletog Grump Wraith (Titan-Wing Woolly Howl in the game)

Honey the Male Titan-Wing Death Song

Peppermint the Male Titan-Wing Razorwhip

Evergreen the Male Armorwing

Midnight the Male Titan-Wing Stormcutter

Eclipse the Femle Stormcutter

Sand Dune the Male Titan-Wing Sand Wraith

Yorokobi/Arisu the Male Triple Stryke

Polar the Male Triple Stryke

Thundershock the Male Titan-Wing Skrill

Thunderbolt the Male Skrill

Snow Storm the Male Titan-Wing Snow Wraith

Inferno the Male Singetail

Raging Fury the Male Titan-Wing Whispering Death

Freezering Fury the Male Whispering Death

Pyrite the Male Hobblegrunt

Labradorite the Male Grapple Grounder

Whiskers (named by a friend) the Female Grapple Grounder

Firework the Male Monstrous Nightmare

Galidor the Male Monstrous Nightmare

Bone Guard the Male Titan-Wing Boneknapper

Blue Jasper the Male Eruptodon

Disorient the Male Flame Whipper

Scatter the Male Titan-Wing Scuttleclaw

Hopeful the Male Titan-Wing Deadly Nadder

Blue Citrine the Female Deadly Nadder

Sardonyx the Male Snafflefang

Sea Tremor the Male Hotburple

Evaporate the Male Scauldron

Boil the Female Scauldron

Vaporize the Male Scauldron

Boom Burst the Male Titan-Wing Thunderdrum

Ultrasound the Female Thunderdrum

Equilibrium the Male Thunderdrum

Smoky the Male Smothering Smokebreath

Shadowsmog the Female Smothering Smokebreath

Rampage the Male Mudraker

Bazinga the Male Sliquifier

Venus the Male Snaptrapper

Hidden the Male Changewing

Frostbite the Male Shivertooth

Electrify the Male Shockjaw

Beetle the Male Rumblehorn

Forest the Male Timberjack

Fruit Blend the Male Changewing

Sugilite the Male Snafflefang

Thunderstorm the Male Skrill

Twister the Male Typhoomerang

Cold-Blood the Male Shivertooth

Rip and Shred the Female Titan-Wing Zippleback

Quicksand the Male Sand Wraith

Truffle the Male Moldruffle

Stomper the Male Rumblehorn

Gale the Male Monstrous Nightmare

RuPaul the Female Fireworm Queen

Mintie the Male Moldruffle

Merith Neptune the Female Titan-Wing Skrill

Little/Lil' Buddy the Male Baby Eruptodon

Chrysalis the Male Baby Deathsong

Brain Freeze the Male Baby Snow Wraith

Triton Neptune the Male Woolly Howl

Bean the Male Scuttleclaw

Sundae the Male Titan-Wing Buffalord

Pinky the Female Hotburple

Pat and Back the Male Zippleback (will become a Titan in the future)

Treetop the Male Deadly Nadder

Steam the Female Scauldron

Mini Alex the Male Prickleboggle

Island Wrecker the Male Screaming Death

Scavenger the Male Titan-Wing Grim Gnasher

Harley the 2nd the Male Sand Wraith (named in honor of a friend who seldom plays the game anymore)

Screecher the Male Titan-Wing Thunderdum (obtained to celebrate my first HTTYD OC's 1 year anniversary at the School of Dragons)

Shiverwing the Male Snow Wraith

Quickster the Male Speed Stinger

Luigi the Windwalker (named after my dog)

Mystery the Male Dramillion

Toothless the Night Fury (I personally don't count him since he's temporary but he is worth noting)


To Be Acquired/Coming Soon (Color Key: Red = IncubatingBlue = StorageGold = TBA)

  • Watermelon the Baby Male Buffalord
  • Unnamed Male Stormcutter
  • Wonder, Galidor Jr., and Meteor Male Monstrous Nightmares
  • Mercy the Female Monstrous Nightmare
  • Unnamed Male Baby Triple Stryke
  • Magnitude the Male Catastrophic Quaken
  • Unnamed Slithersong
  • Unnamed Male and Female Dramillions
  • Pitter-Patter the Male Thunderpede
  • Cheeto Puff the Male Snafflefang
  • Unnamed Shovelhelm
  • Archibald the Male Night Terror
  • Unammed Terrible Terror
  • Unnamed Devilish Dervish


The Freedom Flyer (Image will be uploaded eventually)

Gender: Female

Aliases: The Wise Freedrom Flyer (that's what she's called in the game), Flyer, Wise

Age: 25

Birthday: January 23rd

Alignment: Good

Status: Alive; living in an area with dragons only (mainly Stormcutters)

Favorite Dragon: None; she doesn't like playing favorites!


History: The Freedom Flyer went under a different name when she was in her tribe, though she never tells anyone what it truly is. Her tribe was a friend of dragons so she has been able to start training and studying dragons from a very young age. However, she had to wait until for a special ceremony to be able to officially train her very own dragon of her choice when she was 6 years old. The night before the ceremony however, her village was ambushed by dragon hunters with armored dragons. Unfortunately, the attack wiped out her entire village and almost all of their dragons, fully grown and yet to be hatched, and she was left without a home and a family. Devastated, she left what was left of her old home--which was now almost unrecognizable. Before she could leave however, she found the only surviving dragons of the attack: A newly hatched baby male Skrill and a newly hatched baby male Whispering Death. She took these two dragons alongside her and made shelter in a large cave far from the village but on the same island. As with all dragons (at least from what I've seen in the shows), the Skrill and Whispering Death both matured to adulthood in a matter of months. She attempted to release them both, feeling that wasn't ready to train a dragon yet despite the efforts she put in to care for them. However, these dragons didn't leave and even followed her when she attempted to evade them by hiding. Upon seeing they wouldn't leave, she trained them and they've remained by her side ever since. She named her Skrill Raiun and her Whispering Death Aventurine, after her favorite stone (or mineral, I can't remember). After nearly 2 years of hiding from dragon hunters, she finally took a stand with her dragons and retaliated against them. By this point, Raiun and Aventurine were both Titan-Wing dragons so the battle was made somewhat easier. She managed to drive the hunters away from her native island for good after about a month of disrupting their operations and taking out hunters one by one. Despite the hunters no longer being a threat on her home island, the Freedom Flyer still left the place with her dragons as she wanted to move on from the damage the hunters have caused. After months of hopping from island to island, the Freedom Flyer and her dragons found a permanent residence on an island primarily filled with Stormcutters of all kinds. After finding a comfortable home, she continued to fight dragon hunters and dragons left and right. Many of the dragons she has rescued are dragons she has trained, including a Titan-Wing Thunderdrum and a Sweet Death. In the long run, she did find Berk (as well as the School of Dragons) and was fascinated by how well Berkians and many other Vikings bonded with dragons of all shapes and sizes. She was most amazed by Hiccup's dragon training skills and could barely comprehend the fact that he was able to train and ride a Night Fury. However, her view on him almost completely changed when she found out the main reason he was able to even get close to Toothless was because he shot him out of the air and crippled him. While she has respect for the chief of Berk, she has trouble getting over what he did to Toothless and usually tries to steer away from him. Despite this, she has aided Berk on many ocassions.

Extras?: The Freedom Flyer is an incredibly formidable opponent and rarely loses her battles. However, she doesn't walk away from all of them without damage. She has scars on her face, arms, and leg from previous dragon hunter encounters and is completely blind through her left eye because of said battles. She tends to keep her scars hidden under dragon-based masks and a flight suit she has designed, which enables her to take true flight like a dragon.


Personality: The Freedom Flyer is a sweet and caring person but usually acts somewhat emotionless on the surface. She can even be quite blunt or rude but she usually doesn't have the intent of insulting or harming someone unless it's a dragon hunter. She is extremely passionate about dragons and her knowledge on many of the species exceeds what is listed in the Book of Dragons and the Dragon Manual. She can become very aggressive when it comes to defending things she's passionate about and is overall more "feral" compared to most people due to how much time she's spent alone with dragons. She prefers to be with dragons over people but she tries her best to welcome dragon lovers with open arms.


Wise's Dragons can all be found here: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/dragon-screenshots-and-information This is constantly a work in progress as Wise continues to rescue and train dragons on her many adventures.

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Papa's Sweet Moments

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Dragon Screenshots and Information Part 2

Hey look! I finally got back to it. =v=


Rock Spitter the Titan-Wing Gronckle

Rock Spitter was found in the midst of a dragon hunter attack on Dark Deep. He was fighting to protect one of Catastrophic Quakens on the island but was ultimately overwhelmed and captured. The Freedom Flyer managed to make the dragon hunters flee and aided trapped and wounded dragons, including Rock Spitter and the Quakens. After being treated, Rock Spitter was willing to go with the Freedom Flyer but left his Quaken buddy behind as the dragon didn't want to go at the time. While he did miss Dark Deep a little, he was generally happy under the Freedom Flyer's care and to this day helps her fight off dragon hunters almost as often as Screecher does. On top of that, he discovered he had a new favorite activity: Animal herding and collecting. When Phlegma's animals are on the loose, Rock Spitter is always the first to respond to call for help. After doing this a couple of times, he managed to develop a good bond with many farm animals on Berk and at the School so it doesn't take him long to get the animals back where they belong. When he's racing, he will do his best to collect at least one sheep. Because of this, the Freedom Flyer calls Rock Spitter her very own "Dragon Shepherd", among other titles. Under the Freedom Flyer's care, Rock Spitter became a Titan-Wing so, when his Quaken buddy finally joined Rock Spitter to live with alongside a humans, he was unrecognizeable. Fortunately, this was quickly resolved after Rock Spitter tried to mimic the Quaken's rolling movements.

Personality: Rock Spitter is very energetic compared to most Gronckles and protective of his home and family. He loves dealing with rock or animal-related matters and won't hesitate to help out. He is playful and has a friendly rivalry with Fatal as the two compete to be the Freedom Flyer's favorite dragon. He has forged a close bond with quite a few Boulder Class dragons, including Catastrophic Quakens, other Gronckles, and an Eruptodon.


Fatal the Titan-Wing Deadly Nadder

Fatal was found as an abandoned egg in a Deadly Nadder nest that was mostly destroyed. After he was moved into a safer environment, the Freedom Flyer incubated him and waited paitiently for him to hatch. When he finally did hatch, he didn't have much color to him; he was nearly all white and many said that he was sick or looked weak compared to other baby Nadders, considering he was not only "duller" but also smaller than most baby Nadders. The Freedom Flyer never believed these claims and knew that one day, Fatal would grow up to be an amazing Nadder and live up to the "deadly" part of the species name, hence why he was named Fatal. Wanting to live up to Flyer's expectations, Fatal began to train vigorously for lengthy periods without rest. It came to a point where Flyer had to come in and physically stop him so he would eat and sleep. Eventually Flyer talked to him and convinced him that was fine the way he was, which finally made him settle down. Once he was able to fly, he became one of the Freedom Flyer's tracking dragons. A few months after he was able to fly, he became a Titan-Wing.

Personality: Fatal is playful and isn't as vain as other Nadders might be. He is also incredibly stubborn and requires physical intervention in order to stop something. He takes the Freedom Flyer's words to heart and is willing to go long ways to live up to what she says about him. When he isn't trying to make the Freedom Flyer proud or tracking something, he is relatively lazy and spends his day eating and napping. He will quickly break out of this cycle if the Freedom Flyer, or her any of other dragons, are in danger. He has a friendly rivalry with Rock Spitter as they compete to be Flyer's favorite dragon.


Bittersweet the Sweet Death

Bittersweet was attempting to find prey on his old home, which was slowly being invaded by dragon hunters. During his hunt, he was struck with a tree snare in the face and lost his vision completely. Fortunately, he wasn't found or captured by the dragon hunters but he didn't eat for about a week and had little water to drink. When the Freedom Flyer fought off the dragon hunters and freed the trapped dragons, she wasn't aware of Bittersweet's presence as he was completely silent and hidden in the heart of the area. She found him after accidentally tripping over his tail. Upon discovering him, she had Rock Spitter get fish and Fatal get water while Raiun made sure Bittersweet was alive. Because of his condition, the Freedom Flyer decided it was best to keep him in captivity until he was better. This eventually backfired as Bittersweet didn't want to leave the Freedom Flyer and his blindess was eventually discovered. He was taught to follow Flyer's voice and identify the sounds of Flyer's other dragons. He became used to hearing and smelling his way around, even in the air. Sometimes, he is brought along to help calm wounded and/or distressed dragons.

Personality: Bittersweet is a very docile and warmhearted dragon, which helped with naming him (his blindess being the "bitter" and his kind nature being the "sweet"). He enjoys the company of his rider and her dragons but is overall shy and quiet when meeting new people and dragons. He even avoids trained dragons (that don't belong to the Freedom Flyer) like Toothless and Stormfly or riders like Hiccup and Valka. He prefers to follow the Freedom Flyer and only flies if she's on his back (any other time is usually due to an emergency or for a short distance) but is okay if he can't go with her.


Frostbitten the Groncicle

Frostbitten was obtained during the events of the "Icestorm Island" quests. As such, the way she trained him is similar to how many others trained their Groncicles. He currently helps Screecher deal with baby dragons but slacks off every now and then.

Personality: Frostbitten is your typical Groncicle: Docile, paitient, somewhat lazy, and will attack if you push his buttons too much. While he likes to help out, he often falls short on this once he decides to take a break. Rarely, he goes out to find abandoned dragon eggs and brings them back to the Freedom Flyer to tend to.


Wonderous the Shockjaw

Wonderous was found as an egg on a dragon hunter ship. He was given to Amethyst so he would have another Shockjaw to bond with. Upon receiving his egg, Amethyst protected Wonderous' egg and had the biggest influence on him when he hatched. Because of this, Wonderous looks up to Amethyst and often looks to him (and sometimes Screecher) for answers. He primarily entertains baby dragons and helps gather Boiler and Screecher gather fish for Flyer and her other dragons.

Personality: Wonderous is extremely curious and loves learning new things. He enjoys exploring new areas and attempts to find secrets in familar areas. However, he isn't too keen on meeting new dragons unless they're permanent residents and is much better off with Wonderous, with Wise's other dragons, or by himself. He is the same way towards humans.


Detector the Armorwing

Detector was obtained during the events of the "Battle for the Edge". Just like Frostbitten, he was trained similarly to how others have trained their Armorwings. The only difference is he grew more fond of the Freedom Flyer initially and found Snotlout's presence somewhat annoying (he appreciated the fact that he cared). During his recovery, he tried to help fight the dragon hunters but was forced to stay behind and rest by the Freedom Flyer since his wounds were too severe.

Personality: Detector loves to help out, regardless of the task given to him. However, he sometimes tends to go overboard with things and may make a seemingly simple task difficult as he tries to improvise with them. He is very protective of his rider and isn't afraid to make use of his blinding fire to keep people and dragons at bay.


Slicer the Titan-Wing Razorwhip

Slicer was obtained during the events of "Call of the Deathsong". Screcher and Spectacle were put in charge of his egg while the Freedom Flyer continued to aid Berk and the School with the Deathsong situation. While Screecher left to get some food, Spectacle stayed behind and watched Slicer hatch from his egg. While the Stormcutter had a big impact on his life, Slicer didn't exactly fall in his footsteps. He learned how to fly and hunt from Spectacle while he learned self defense and tactics against dragon hunters from Screecher and a few wild Razorwhips. After hearing of the havoc the Deathsong was causing and witnessing Heartkeep get abandoned by the same dragon, Slicer attempted to take on the Deathsong head on. This ended horribly, as he would have died if Screecher hadn't stepped in and forced the Deathsong to flee.

Personality: Slicer is known for being headstrong about things and often gets himself into situations he can't get out of on his own. He is very protective of his home and family and is quick to attack others if he doesn't trust them. He has high respect for Screecher but often doesn't interact with Spectacle that often.


Dragon Trivia Part 2

  • Rock Spitter's name came to be due to how in the How to Train Your Dragon book series, a lot of the characters were named after their specific characteristics.
  • Fatal's story is somewhat a nod to the tale The Ugly Duckling but it is primarily a nod to the first Nadder I obtained on my main Viking named Hopeful. Just like Fatal, Hopeful started out dull but grew up to be a beautiful Titan Wing Nadder.
  • As stated in his personality information, Bittersweet's name stems from how he is blind (the "bitter") and very docile (the "sweet"). Additonally, I selected this name for him since he's a Sweet Death. . .with a species name like that, it's very fitting.
  • Frostbitten was originally going to be named Frostbite but I wanted him to stand out a bit more so it was changed to Frostbitten.
  • Wonderous's name is a nod to another dragon character of mine named Wonder. Wonder is a curious and highly intelligent Monstrous Nightmare.
  • Detector's name comes from metal detectors. When he was initially obtained, his almost white bands and stripes were pale red as they were meant to resemble wounds he obtained while imprisoned in the dragon hunter camp. The reason they're practically white now is to show that his wounds are now scars.
  • Slicer was colored to resemble the metals gold and silver. Additionally, despite being a male Razorwhip, he doesn't prey on baby Razorwhips and has no interest in tampering with female Razorwhips or their nests. Finally, the reason he doesn't interact with Spectacle much is because he doesn't want to be associated with his seemingly childish behavior.

Dragon Updates

  • Wonderous used to be hyperactive to the point where he'd seldom settle down. He is now more calm and timid.
  • Bittersweet now has a scar on his right wing due to dragon hunters.
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Dragon Screenshots and Information Part 3

Tinker the Speed Stinger

Tinker was a part of the Speed Stinger pack residing on Icestorm Island. He was initially found as a baby trapped in the snow after an avalanche got the best of him. Fortunately he was rescued and had some trust for the Freedom Flyer because of it. The longer the Freedom Flyer stood on the island, the more Tinker interacted with other humans and dragons, especially Bittersweet. Tinker's unbreakable bond with Bittersweet eventually allowed Tinker to be trained and eventually ridden in the Ice Caves so Skulder could get the artifact lying in the tunnel only Speed Stingers could enter.

Personality: Tinker obtained his name for a reason; he's very crafty. He will always try to make something out of rocks and sticks and gets agitated when a dragon or human handles it improperly. He is also very protective of his new pack, especially for his blind friend, and isn't afraid to attack other Speed Stingers.


Spark and Flare the Titan-Wing Hideous Zippleback

Spark and Flare were found on Zippleback Island during the events of "Battle for the Edge". Their parents gave the Freedom Flyer his egg after one of them was wounded from dragon hunters. The moment they hatched, they were already mischevious pranksters, using their then-small size to evade capture or cuteness to avoid punishment. As they grew older, they continued to do these pranks but owned up to the consequences rather than avoiding them. They primarily aimed for dragons and at one point, targeted dragons such as Borealis and Screecher. However. they quickly backed off of them when the Elder dragons put up a fight they couldn't win. Even as Titans, they avoid pranking them! Despite their mischevious ways, they can be very efficent workers and often help with setting up high traps or decorations. They also try to be "nice" with their pranks by having fish on standby for the victim to make them feel better (though it usually backfires).

Personality: Spark and Flare are pranksters. They love messing with other dragons but steer clear of elder or Alpha dragons. They are also incredibly playful and enjoy retrieving things. While the heads seem to get along with each other most of the time, Flare (the head that spews the gas) tries to act as the "better head" by gathering more of something than Spark (the head that ignites gas). When this happens, they fight and often get their necks tied up in the midst of it.


Boggler the Flame Whipper

Boggler was obtained during the "Secret of the Leviathan" quests so, like Detector and Frostbitten, his backstory is similar to that of other trained Flame Whippers. He acquired his name because, on top on his unique defensive and offensive tactics, almost everyone mistook him for a girl!

Personality: Boggler is very stubborn and can be hard to control, even for Wise. He likes to have the spotlight on him and gets furious should someone attempt to take it from him. He also really hates Snotlout and will attack the boy almost immediately if he's nearby. On top of that, he doesn't get along well with baby dragon either. More often than not, Borealis or Screecher have to step in to keep him in line. In spite of all this, he does care for Wise and Comet Burst and pulls through when he really has to.


Regal the Fireworm King

Aliases: King, Royal

Regal left his Fireworm colony after he got into a fight with the Queen. Because she didn't think he'd become so big, the Freedom Flyer took care of him. However, he slowly began to grow more and more until he reached standard Fireworm Queen size. After fully maturing, Regal temporarily went back to his old home and fought his old Queen, though he didn't take her position after he won. He quickly went back to the Freedom Flyer and hasn't left her side ever since. His victory didn't go unnoticed however; he was able to make a small colony of his own, consisting of a few Night Terrors and a Titan-Wing Terrible Terror.

Personality: Regal is very vaiin and quite controlling over his dragon subjects, so much so to the point where he can be neglectful towards them. He is also lazy and prefers to have his colony do things for him. Despite being considered a Fireworm King, he submits when dragons like Borealis assert their dominance. While he can be a nuisance to his dragon comrades, he is very protective and loyal to Wise and is quick to follow her commands.


Dragon Trivia Part 3

  • Tinker is [mostly] colored after Icebreaker in Rise of Berk.
  • Spark and Flare's name(s?) come from the Zippleback's signature ability to spark up its gases to produce large fires. They were mostly colored after my first Zippleback's, Bite and Snipe, original colors. The only difference is Spark and Flare have blue on them whereas Bite and Snipe had yellow/orange on them.
  • Boggler's name stems from the word "boggle", which means (definition by Google) to be astonished (or overwhelmed) when attempting to imagine something. A lot of his traits, and finding out his real gender, was certainly enough to boggle the residents of the School and Berk!
  • Regal originally had red spots on him but this was changed to blue because he looked like he had chicken pox. His colors draw a little inspiration from the Royal Fireworm from Rise of Berk. Regal's other names were initial ideas for him and, because they still stick even to this day, they are considered alternate nicknames for him.

Dragon Updates

  • Regal is more self-centered and lazy. However, he is more loyal to Wise than he was before.
  • Boggler is more aggressive and self-centered.
  • Spark and Flare's heads are switched: Spark used to be the one who spewed the gas while Flare was the one who ignited it.
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Dragon Screenshots and Information Part 4

Magma Guardian the Eruptodon

Alias: Magma

Magma Guardian was held on Auction Island, where he was locked in a cage guarded by dragon hunters and sedated with dragon root arrows. He was starved and would've died had he gone another day being trapped on that island. Fortunately, the Freedom Flyer came to his and managed to get him off the island with Borealis without getting her hands dirty with the dragon hunters. Rock Spitter spat out molten rock for Magma Guardian to snack on until they reached an active volcano for him. Once a volcano was found, Magma Guardian was released from his cage and left alone with his new food source. However, he left the spot only a few days later to go back to the Freedom Flyer. While the Freedom Flyer enjoyed Magma's company, she feared he would starve again and begged him to go back to the volcano. Instead of heeding her, Magma made himself at home and showed that he is able to live off of rocks like a Gronckle just fine after solely eating rocks instead of lava for a week straight. The Freedom Flyer eventually let him stay and made him his own den, adding some lanterns and painting magma-like patterns on the walls to make him feel more comfortable. Because he is able to live off a "standard" Gronckle diet, the Freedom Flyer speculates something had happened to him before his capture that he had to adjust his diet. She has asked him on numerous occasions what happened that he was able to drastically change his diet but she is always given a sad look and silence. Magma Guardian aided with the toxic gases on Dragon Island during "Return to Dragon Island" and found a discarded Monstrous Nightmare egg while doing so. Before he left Dragon Island, he carried the egg away in his mouth and kept it hidden in his den. The Freedom Flyer eventually found this egg and watched it hatched. Once the Nightmare hatched, Magma became the Nightmare's parental figure.

Personality: Magma Guardian is very kind and considers himself a pacifist. He prefers to evacuate others and flee rather than fight if other peaceful methods fail. However, he will attack as a last resort if even fleeing isn't an option and the lives of his family are the line. True to his name, he tries his very best to protect his family and always puts them before him. He also a big fan of warm hugs and is happy to give hugs to those who ask. He doesn't like dwelling on his past and thinking about it too much makes him sad and somewhat unresponsive.


Blazer the Titan-Wing Monstrous Nightmare

Blazer was found on Dragon Island during the events of "Return to Dragon Island". Magma Guardian found his egg and carried it off the island. His egg was concealed in Magma's den, though the Freedom Flyer accidentally stumbled upon it while making sure all the lanterns were functioning in the den. The egg hatched shortly after she found it so she was able to train and name Blazer relatively quickly. Magma looked over Blazer and taught him how to fly when he was big enough. He also did his best to teach Blazer the ways of a pacifist. Even as an adult, Blazer continues to learn from Magma Guardian and follows him just about everywhere he goes. He even lives in the same den as him!

Personality: Being so heavily influenced by Magma Guardian, Blazer is a relatively gentle Monstrous Nightmare that avoids using violence to solve provlems. However, he is more willing to use violence than Magma Guardian is. He is very close to Magma Guardian and rarely ever leaves his side.


Heartkeep the Deathsong

Heartkeep was found in the middle of Sven's Farm during the events of "Call of the Deathsong", abandoned by his own parent due to his inability to sing. The Freedom Flyer was able to quickly train him but brought him back to his parent before officially keeping him. He was quickly disowned when his parent slapped him away with their tail. Slicer was quick to get to his aid but had to back off when the Deathsong attempted to trap and kill him. Fortunately, Screecher saved them all by blasting the wild Deathsong away with his concussive roars. This experience lead to Heartkeep to distrust Deathsongs. Under the Freedom Flyer's care and influence, Heartkeep learned that dragons weren't prey and became used to a diet full of eels, fish, and eggs. He obtained his name because the Freedom Flyer told him she would keep a special place in her heart for him, just like she does with her other dragons to make him feel better. As he grew older and use his amber abilities more often, the Freedom Flyer noticed his amber blasts were nearly impenetrable. It required the firepower of mulitple dragons to free whatever was imprisoned in it. Because of this, the Freedom Flyer is always trying to find ways to break Heartkeep's amber in the event he accidentally traps the innocent. Heartkeep helps keep eels away the dragons who can't stand eels and provides amber for the Freedom Flyer's experiments and creations. During the events of "Return to Dragon Island", Heartkeep trapped Herald Forkbeard in his amber after he grew frustrated with the man's tricks and schemes. It took Toothless, Meatlug, Stormfly, Barf and Belch, Hookfang, Fatal, Rock Spitter, and Aventurine to finally make the amber burst.

Personality: Heartkeep is very friendly and prefers to lounge around in a tree rather than play. However, he will try to make time to play with his dragon-mates if need be. He has a strong hatred towards Deathsongs but with the Freedom Flyer's help, he is slowly learning to [at the very least] tolerate them. He has very high paitence. Once he's set off, he will become extremely aggressive and fire at whatever is angering him too much. So far, only one person has pushed him to do this.


Twister the Singetail

Twister was found during the events of "Return to Dragon Island" but wasn't found for about a month after his initial encounter. He flew to the Edge in search of the Freedom Flyer after said month and didn't want to interact with the other Dragon Riders but Hiccup got too close to him, causing him to become stressed and roar at Hiccup in attempt to make him go away. He then fled deep into the forestation of the Edge. Once the Freedom Flyer visited the Edge to give Hiccup an update on the dragons on the surrounding islands, he quickly returned and nearly knocked Hiccup off his feet just to see his hero again. He was officially trained after this encounter and was used to help Hiccup and the others navigate through Helheim's Gate. After the toxic gases were contained, Twister made himself at home with the many Stormcutters on the Freedom Flyer's home island and taught them about his "SOS fire" so they could come to his and the Freedom Flyer's aid in an emergency. However, the dragons struggled to differeniate his distress call from the fire he produces to warm up food or his resting spot. This caused many dragons to either ignore or dislike him, eventually making him feel sad and isolated. Fortunately, the Freedom Flyer continued to support him with his dilemma and made him feel better.

Personality: Twister is very loyal, kindhearted, and playful. He is known for chasing his own tail frequently or running in a cricle, hence his name. He is quite smart and likes to plan things ahead and organizing things. He also enjoys travelling and is more than willing to light the way for his allies. Similar to her other dragons, Twister protects his rider fiercely and is quick to attack anyone or anything who threatens her safety.


​Dragon Trivia Part 4

  • Magma Guardian's name was originally just going to be "Magma" but the game wouldn't allow it. Wise would give him this name because Eruptodons seemingly guard areas surrounding volcanoes. The reason why he is able to live off of standard rocks like a Gronckle or Quaken is because he was separated from his family at a very young age and dragon hunters attempted to use him to create Gronckle Iron, forcing him to eat a variety of rocks. This backfired and he was able to escape their clutches (temporarily as he got captured again), though this diet stuck with him. Finally, he is Wise's third oldest dragon in terms of dragon age.
  • Blazer was originally mostly dark and bright red. This changed when he became a Titan Wing.
  • Twister's tail-chasing behavior comes from dogs.

Dragon Updates

  • The actions Twister took while he was on the Edge looking for Wise was altered slightly; initially, he roared and threatened to fire at Hiccup before running away from him.
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Dragon Screenshots and Information Part 5


Champion and Scorpion the Triple Strykes

Champion and Scorpion are twins, with Champion only hatching mere seconds before Scorpion. The Freedom Flyer obtained their eggs during the events of "Rise of Stormheart" from the wild Triple Stryke that was once under the effects of Grimora. Once they hatched, they were full of energy and played for most of the day before finally settling down and resting. Every day, they would awaken most (if not all) of the dragons with their playful rough-housing, which eventually became very problematic as the older dragons would struggle to focus during battles due to their loss of sleep. The Freedom Flyer eventually controlled this by limiting their play area and giving them more activities to tire them out faster. At some point, Scorpion accidental stung the Freedom Flyer in the leg with one of his stingers, temporarily numbing her leg and slowly causing her to experience fatigue. He got her the antidote and she recovered very quickly but, even as an adult, he continues to feel guilty about it. Champion on the other hand accidentally stung Borealis in a sensitive area with two of his stingers, causing not only the area to go numb but also making him have mild hallucinations. Borealis was quickly treated once the Freedom Flyer noticed he was acting a bit off and the Titan-Wing Stormcutter kept the dragon away from him for a few days. While Champion felt sorry for Borealis, the fact that he stung him didn't phaze him too much.

Personality: Scorpion is more timid and cautious compared to his green brother. He would rather be with Wise and his brother than meet other dragons and humans, though he doesn't completely object to it either. Champion on the other hand is very outgoing but a bit reckless, which often worries his brother. He likes humans and dragons equally but won't make friends with anyone who makes anyone he cares about uncomfortable. Between the two, Champion is more likely to attack others but when Scorpion attacks, it's always where it really hurts he doesn't let up (on his own) once he starts. Both Triple Strykes are very loyal and playful towards those they trust and identify as best friends and family and love each other dearly. If one of them were to lose the other, they would become miserable and do all that they can to reunite.


Alpha Flare the Night Terror

Alpha Flare was one of the Night Terrors that served Regal so he was relatively easy to find and train. However, he stopped serving the Fireworm King after being over-worked so much so often. When Regal refused to let up, even after other dragons expressed their dismay for being so harsh towards the small dragon, Alpha Flare attacked Regal. The fight was very shortlived when the Freedom Flyer stepped in and, literally, pulled him right off of Regal. She expressed how upset she was to see the two fighting and asked that Regal be nicer to Alpha Flare, as well as his other dragon servants. While Regal obliged, Alpha Flare still refused to serve Regal anymore. However, he remains one of the Freedom Flyer's dragons and is a deilvery dragon for Wise. He has his own little "post area" as well and acts as a sentry for it.

Personality: Alpha Flare is similar to a dog: Playful, loyal, protective of things he considers his own, and loves to fetch things. Like most dragons, he doesn't take to kindly to being startled and may respond aggressively if he's startled to much. He also doesn't like strangers (or Regal) touching his post and will initially try to drive them away with the puppy eyes before resorting to growling and roaring. If these methods don't work, he will respond by firing and biting. The only ones who are safe from his aggressive responses are Wise and Comet Burst, though it took some time for him to get used to Comet. He doesn't mind getting lifted off his post by Wise and even likes being carried around by her. He also prefers resting on her lap and playing fetch with her and Comet. Alpha Flare also uses his puppy eyes to get attention from humans that he trusts. Because he is larger than standard Night Terrors, he also likes to give Wise a lift whenever she needs it (though Wise often feels guilty about doing this as he's still pretty small).


Dragon Trivia Part 5

  • Champion was named and colored after the Champion Triple Stryke in Rise of Berk and was the first egg incubated in the game. Story wise, they were both incubated at the same time. Scorpion wouldn't even exist if another Triple Stryke egg didn't randomly show up in my inventory after completing the expansion and incubating Champion's egg (not that I'm complaining!). Scorpion was named after. . .well, scorpions. He was initially going to be dark orange, yellow,  and red but it didn't look that good on him (at least for me and in the order I had it in) so his colors were changed to his current scheme; the yellow is the only thing that "survived" from his previous design.
  • Alpha Flare's behaviors and personality have some inspiration from small dogs like Yorkies. When attempting to roar others away, it comes off as him barking more than actually roaring.

Dragon Updates

  • Champion and Scorpion no longer have their sibling rivalry. Champion is also more reckless than before while Scorpion is more timid and quiet.
  • Alpha Flare now attempts to take the "cute route" to get others away from his post before resorting to aggression and to get attention.
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Dragon Screenshots and Information Part 6

Sorry this part took so long! Time really flew by. . .good news is, while the updates ceased, more dragons were obtained, which means more segments in the future!


Slick the Sliquifier

Slick was captured by dragon hunters and used as bait to lure hungry Scauldrons. Fortunately, Wise rescued him before he was eaten, though she had to deal with a pack (or pod?) of hungry Scauldrons after getting rid of the hunters. The incident left him with only a few cuts, which healed relatively quickly. Upon being trained, he was slowly introduced to dragons of all classes. He did well with all dragons, except with Wise's Scauldron, Boiler. Each time Boiler approached Slick, Slick would respond by hissing or even spitting acid at him and running away. As such, he never went near Boiler under normal circumstances. This eventually changed when he decided to torment the dragon by luring him into traps or causing him to run into things using bait. Because of this, Boiler and Slick developed a rivalry and Screecher usually needs to be on standby to keep them in line.

Personality: True to his name, Slick is indeed slick and cunning, mainly towards Scauldrons and other dragons that get on his nerves. He is also a bit of a prankster and likes tormenting Boiler. However, he does have a sweet side and gets along very well with most humans and dragons.


Humble the Hotburple

Humble was found in a dragon hunter camp as a baby. His parents were tormented in cages while he was cornered by two other dragon hunters. Before they could make a move on him, Wise and her dragons came to his aid and scared away the hunters. She helped free any trapped dragons in the camp, including Humble and his family. To express their gratitude, Humble's parents let Wise take care of Humble, though they remained nearby. Once he was able to fly and fend for himself, they officially left Humble with Wise. While Humble remains independent from his parents, he strays away from most humans and dragons. He is very rarely brought into battles but when he does go in, he causes catastrophic damage to his enemies from afar.

Personality: As his name implies, Humble is very modest and timid. He is usually submissive and keeps his head lowered. He often shys away from even the nicest people and dragons. He likes to cuddle with Wise when she's alone (and nearby) but will flee if another dragon of hers comes close. Despite his timidness, he is a fierce fighter from afar and will bombard his enemies with fireballs.


Hopemaker the Prickleboggle

Hopemaker was found on an undocumented by himself. It was riddled with fallen dragon hunters and abandoned ships stockpiled with dragon-proof cages, dragon root arrows, and even some treasure. Wise was boggled by it all, especially when she realized how docile the large dragon is. Neverthless, Wise forged a bond with the dragon and trained him. She remained on the island with him until nightfall. Hopemaker didn't follow Wise home that night but he appeared on her island just a few days later. He appeared with a flower Wise's fiance really liked. When Wise pointed this out, the Prickleboggle titled his head and left the island. He didn't return until the next day; this time, he brought not only another flower Wise's fiance loved but also her shield. Wise was astonished and gave Hopemaker his name because he restored her faith in the status of her fiance, who many assumed to have been slayed by dragon hunters. He did the same with her fiance's parents as well. Currently, he is brought into rescue missions and is cosidered her main healing dragon.

Personality: Hopemaker is very kind and acts as a pacifist, similar to Magma Guardian and Blazer. However, he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and fight. He is shroud in a lot of mystery as well, as he bares a lot of information about Wise's considered-dead fiance. He befriends both man and dragon alike frequently.


Amplifier the Thunderdrum

Amplifier was recieved as a gift [egg] from Trader Johann after Wise aided him with so many errands and tasks. Wise wanted to get Screecher a companion after noticing he was become less social with other dragons, including her own.  She incubated the egg secretly with the help of Blazer and Magma Guardian. When the egg hatched, Wise presented the newly born and trained Thunderdrum to Screecher, the older dragon became filled with joy. She named the Thunderdrum Amplifier to compliment Screecher's sound-based name. Even as an adult, Amplifier stays close to Screecher but interacts with other dragons more often than when he was a child.

Personality: Amplifier is quiet for a Thunderdrum. He is very close to Screecher and will fiercely defend him when necessary. He is very obedient and is almost always willing to lend a hand when someone needs it. He is also close to Wise and plays with her often.

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Dragon Screenshots and Information Part 7

Boulder Bash the Gronckle

Boulder Bash was one of the 12 eggs in a chest Wise received from a fellow trader. Once he hatched, he stuck around the Boulder Class dragons, especially Rock Slam. After watching the Quaken so much, he began to take after him and tackle into large rocks in an attempt to break and eat them. Sadly, these attempts were unsuccessful but it did earn him his name. To compensate for his inability to break massive rocks, he'll often gather smaller rocks (the biggest being those that nearly take up the entire space in his mouth) and place them among the rubble of a boulder Rock Slam destroyed. He has a tight bond with Rock Slam. While he has played and interacted with Rock Spitter, who was incredibly overjoyed to have another Gronckle buddy, he didn't grow as fond of his herding habits as he did with Rock Slam's boulder crushing tactics.

Personality: Boulder Bash loves to ram into boulders, even when they don't break like they do when Rock Slam does. In fact, ramming into anything in general makes him happy! He is very friendly and, similar to Rock Spitter, fairly active. Although he is generally docile and willing to make friends with people and dragons of all kinds, he isn't afraid to fight and ram whoever is causing trouble with all his might.


Rock Slam the Catastrophic Quaken
Rock Slam is one of the Quakens Rock Spitter befriended on Dark Deep. After years of not seeing his friend, Rock Slam decided to join Rock Spitter in being a trained dragon. Initially, Rock Slam didn't recognized Rock Spitter as a Titan-Wing until the Gronckle attempted to mimic his rolling skills. Because of the rescue, Rock Slam was easily trained and now spends his days peacefully with Wise and her other dragons. He is rarely sent into battle but when he is, not even Wise is [completely] safe from all the wide spread damage! He primarily rolls into larger rocks to feed Wise's other Boulder class dragons.

Personality: Rock Slam is benevolent but is incredibly dangerous in battle to his both his enemies and allies. He likes to help others by providing them with food, though he mainly does this with Boulder class dragons. He prefers to relax and rest over playing around.



Bolt Flinger the Skrill and Zircon the Whispering Death

After getting Screecher his own same-species companion, Wise decided it was time to find a same-species friend for her two very first dragons. While flying around with Screecher, she spotted a seemingly empty ship with a large chest on it. Once she landed, the owner of the ship appeared, who happened to be a trader. For a hefty amount of coins, some fish, and two bags of chicken eggs, the trader gave Wise the chest but didn't tell her its contents. After looking at Screecher, he only said he'd knew she'd like it. When Wise and Screecher returned home, Wise opened the chest and saw it was filled with 12 different dragon eggs, a Whispering Death egg and Skrill egg being among them. With the help of Screecher and Tinker, she incubated them in secrecy. Once they hatched, Wise slowly introduced the babies to Raiun and Aventurine. While Raiun was overjoyed to see another Skrill, let alone a baby one, Aventurine didn't take it too well and nearly attacked Zircon, as he thought he would hog all the love Wise had for him. For almost 2 weeks, Wise, Borealis, and Screecher had to work together to limit Aventurine's contact with Zircon as he would almost always lash at him in some way. Things eventually took a turn for the better after Aventurine took a moment to calmly watch Zircon and began seeing himself. After this, he settled down and started acting nicer towards the tiny dragon. However, Zircon was still terrified and didn't go near him on his own until a stormy day and tightly packed caves forced him to stay with Aventurine. The two began to bond a little more and their bond further strengthed after Aventurine fiercely protected Zircon from dragon hunters that invaded the island with the help of Raiun and WIse. Raiun and Bolt Flinger in contrary had a much smoother start, as Raiun instantly bonded with Bolt Flinger and treated him like a son. As a result, the two became nearly insperable, and even remain this way with Bolt Flinger as an adult.

Personalities: Like Raiun and Aventurine, Bolt Flinger and Zircon treat each other as brothers and care deeply for Wise. They are also willing to fight viciously for one another. They are similar to their Titan-Winged companions, though Bolt Flinger is more aggressive than Raiun and Zircon is more calm and peaceful than Aventurine.


Murasakino the Deadly Nadder

Wise found Murasakino wounded on an island near Dragon's Edge after once again warding dragon hunters away. She treated his wounds and was able to train him with ease once he recovered. Once he healed from his wounds, Wise introduced Murasakino to Fatal. Things went downhill very quickly when Fatal attacked Murasakino and flew off in complete distraught, so much so that he barely flew straight and nearly crashed into Rock Spitter and a few other dragons along the way. Murasakino was a bit angry at Fatal and avoided him whenever he could. When Fatal tried to attack him again however, he fought back and would've left him with battle wounds had Wise and Rock Spitter not stepped in. This time Murasakino was furious with Fatal and was more than willing to attack Fatal until he heard why Fatal behaved so aggresively towards other Nadders. Upon hearing the story, and finding out that he actually looked similar to the first (and last) Deadly Nadder Fatal forged a powerful bond with made him feel a bit sad and guilty. After someone special consulted Fatal on the matter and encouraged him to finally move forward, Fatal stopped attacking Murasakino and compensated him with some fish. When Fatal was too distraught to even go near Wise (before he was talked to), Murasakino was used to track down missing Vikings or wounded dragons. Currently, he primarily helps with collecting and transporting wood.

Personality: Murasakino is a very paitient dragon but once he's pushed off the edge, he can get very violent. More often than not, he'll be napping in just about any quiet spot he can find.


Armor Head the Shovelhelm

Armor Head was rescued from a developing dragon hunter camp. Fortunately, no harm was done to him and he happily joined Wise's large dragon family. Armor Head obtained his name because the blue-silver patterns on his head looked as if he was wearing armor. He helps Tinker with some of his small creations and moves obstacles out of the way for Wise and the other dragons when need be.

Personality: Armor Head, like most Shovelhelms, is always willing to lend a hand and analyzes situations before diving head first (sometimes literally) into the them. However, he prefers to work alone and seldom asks for help and gets a bit unhappy when he has to. He also has a bit of a short temper and, when angered, will either ram into things or sulk until he feels better.

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Dragon Screenshots and Information Part 8

Crunch the Snafflefang
Crunch was found peacefully eating his favorite rocks alone. Wise interacted with the dragon and was able to train him after a few hours of playing with him and letting him try a few rocks from her home island. Things were swell and all until dragon hunters spotted Crunch and attempted to capture him. Wise was able to disarm the dragon hunters and evacuate Crunch, though she was hit with a bola along the way and temporarily immobilized. Fortunately, Screecher, Borealis, Raiun, and Aventurine overwhelmed the hunters and freed her. After the rescue, Wise continued to bond with Crunch and rode him to familiar islands, including Scuttleclaw Island. When Crunch saw an abandoned Flightmare nest with an egg in it, he instantly grabbed it. Considering Wise had been monitoring the egg for weeks and saw no signs of the parents, she let him keep the egg. Crunch took care of the egg and once the Flightmare was born, had a large role in its life. He rarely ever left the dragon, who was later named Frost Streak, and even tried feed him rocks. Of course, Wise had to step in and show him what Flightmares can eat. Crunch continues to stay by his Flightmare companion's side, even when the Flightmare became a Titan-Wing.

Personality: Like most Snafflefangs, Crunch is very friendly towards all people and dragons. Even dragon hunters have managed to get a pass from this, though with the help of Screecher, he now knows better. He likes to eat and watch things around him most of the time and will sometimes cheer for small events like a fellow dragon friend catching fish like he was watching a movie. He is very close with Frost Streak.


Charge the Rumblehorn

Charge appeared on Wise's home island randomly flying into things. At first, Wise thought something was wrong and attempted to help him. Eventually Charge started targeting other dragons and rammed into Rock Spitter, making Wise have other dragons attempt to surround him. This plan was aborted when she realized Rock Spitter was actually having fun with Charge. Even Boulder Bash joined in the fun! Once Charge was tired out, Wise successfully trained him and the following day, curbed his ramming habits a bit. She taught him he could ram into rocks and enemies but he couldn't ram into plants, ally humans, or other dragons unless said dragons (or even humans) were okay with it. When he isn't charging into things out of boredom, he'll sniff other dragons or Wise out, even if they're nearby.

Personality: Charge is incredibly loyal and loves to ram into things (be it in the air or on the ground), hence his name. He is playful as well, so much so that he makes situations as tense as battle into a game.


Sheer the Razorwhip

Sheer was obtained in a 12-egg chest Wise received from a trader. Once he hatched, many mistook him for a girl. Even Wise made this mistake until she thoroughly studied him. She introduced him to Slicer once Slicer returned from a stable mission. While Slicer liked the little Razorwhip, unlike Raiun with Bolt Flinger, he didn't directly raise Sheer. Instead, Borealis and Spectacle raised Sheer (with Wise's help of course). When Sheer matured and was able to fly, he began to hone his flying skills and developed a rivalry with Slicer when he began to show off. They primarily race against each other and in the beginning, Slicer came out on top. As Sheer got better however, the races began ending in draws and he even came out on top a few times.

Personality: Sheer minds his own business unless it effects him or someone he cares about negatively. He aims to become the best at flying (by Razorwhip standards at least) so he could continue to defeat Slicer in their races.


Grinny the Hobblegrunt

Grinny was one of the many eggs on Hobblegrunt Island. He hatched while Wise was checking on the nest and, because Wise was the first thing he saw, instantly forged a bond with her. It almost seemed his smile was permanent as he almost never stops smiling, hence his name. The rare moments he doesn't smile is during events where smiling is disrespectful or when he spots someone really upset. As he grew, he began to help with tasks that involved reaching high objects and the delivery of things suchs as necessities and letters.

Personality: Grinny is almost always happy and loves to make others feel the same way. He is full of energy and quite persistent so, no matter how much someone wants him to go away, he will remain nearby until said person is happy. He also likes to help others, especially with delivering things.

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Dragon Screenshots and Information Part 9

​Tundra the Titan-Wing Woolly Howl

​Tundra was found on Glacier Island during a harsh snowstorm. Dragon hunters managed to pursue him and shot him down. His pack of Woolly Howls stepped in but were unable to scare some of the dragon hunters off and a few were eventually captured. When the snow storm cleared, Wise and her other dragons investigated the island and discovered the dragon hunters. While some of her dragons diarmed the dragon hunters, her Stormcutters worked on freeing the Woolly Howls and Wise helped tend to Tundra with the help of Hopemaker. Even with the medical assistance, Tundra acted aggressive towards Wise and her dragons. He would've attacked them had a fellow Woolly not stopped him. After the other Woolly Howls expressed their gratitude, and one was even officially trained by Wise, Tundra settled down and followed in the trained Woolly's footsteps.

​Personality: Tundra is aggressive towards strangers, whether they are dragons or humans. He is also very protective of his belongings and those he cares about. He is mostly serious but has a sweet heart.


​Sky Slice the Stormcutter

Sky Slice is one of the many Stormcutters who've made themslves at home on Wise's current island of residence. After seeing her come and go for years, he finally started interacting with her out of curiosity. He explored her cavern room (and made it a bit messy in the process), studied her weapons (to the best of his ability), and observed her dragons from a safe distance. His first interaction with her was after she turned from a trip to the School of Dragons and noticed the big dragon in her room. The two quickly bonded and Wise was able to train and ride him the following day. Prior to meeting Wise, he had a mate who sadly passed away after fighting off a group of dragon hunters on her own and 3 children, all of whom are independent adults and left the island. While he is looking for a new dragon to fill the hole in his heart, he doesn't actively search all the time.

​Personality: Sky Slice is a very sweet dragon. He rarely gets angry outside of combat and if he does, it's usually short lived. He likes making others happy and puts others before himself most of the time. However deep down, he is in great pain and misses his family.

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Dragon Screenshots and Information Part 10

Sadly, I won't be able to get in anymore screenshots for a while until some issues with my game on the computer get resolved. Until then, this is what I have left of the screenshots I was able to take before the issues arose. . .it's actually the last one, which is a bit of a bummer. But hey, that leaves room for another dragon Wise has trained that isn't in the game! And once the gaming issues have been resolved, I'll add more to this part instead of making a new one like I've done with previous entries.

Edit: Great news guys! The issue has finally been resolved and I will be updating this thread once more!


Rip Tide the Raincutter

Rip Tide was found flying through a stormy day. At first, Wise didn't think much of it until she saw he was being chased by a Skrill. She quickly grabbed Raiun and diverged its attention towards them. They then lead the Skrill towards the sea, where Screecher leaped out and roared it out of the sky. The Skrill crashed into the water and, after crawling onto land, fled. Grateful for their efforts, Rip Tide quickly became one of Wise's dragons. On a monthly basis, he brings Wise and Raiun a mouthful of worms and grubs.

Personality: Rip Tide is very laid back and friend. He is also very loyal to Wise and very close to Raiun. He shows it by gifting them wurms and grubs on a monthly basis, and doubling his regular amount on Snoggletog.


Dusk Fall the Night Fury

Dusk Fall was found shot down in a dense forest. Fortunately, he didn't lose his fins like Toothless did, though he did endure quite a bit of damage. Wise quickly freed him but spent months trying to train him. It wasn't until he was shot down again and Wise freed him again that she was able to train and bond with him. Wise tried to visit Dusk Fall as often as she could and did her best to move him out of areas where dragon hunters were present. The same dragon hunters who shot down Dusk Fall were in pursuit of him, and managed to get to him when Wise wasn't around during the day. While Wise made sure those dragon hunters didn't live to tell their tales, she wasn't able to save Dusk Fall from his injuries. Even though Wise trained a Night Fury, she never mentions it to anyone.

Personality: Dusk Fall was very elusive, even as a trained dragon. He only came out if Wise proved she was alone, though he made an exception with Raiun. He mainly did his own thing, though he did attempt to mimic Wise on numerous ocassions. He was more serious than playful and had a bit of a temper.

Appearance: Dusk Fall resembled your typical Night Fury but he was slightly bigger and a shade or two brighter. He also had bola and arrow scars from when he was shot down. His eyes were bright blue.


Frost Streak the Titan Wing Flightmare

Frost Streak was the Flightmare egg on Scuttleclaw Island. Initially, Wise simply monitored the egg and left it be in hopes the parents would return to the egg. Sadly, there no sign of its parents anywhere for weeks. Eventually, Crunch disovered the egg when Wise brought him along to check on the egg once more and was granted permission to take the egg from the nest. Since then, Crunch has raised and taken cared of Frost Streak, making the two very close. While he was still a baby, Frost Streak was so heavily influenced by Crunch that he attempted to eat rocks, though this was quickly corrected with the help of other dragons.

Personality: Frost Streak is mischevious and often helps Spark and Flare with a lot of their pranks. However, he is more than willing to prank the Elder/Alpha dragons. The only dragon he avoid pranking is Crunch, who he sees as a fatherly figure. As such, Crunch is usually the only dragon who can stop him during his pranks. In addition to being a prankster, he also gets into a lot of fights with other trainers' or wild dragons. He especially doesn't get along well with other Flightmares because they're usually the dragons that attack Crunch. Even Flightmares that Wise has bonded with get the cold shoulder from him, though he refrains from attacking them.


Dust Storm the Titan-Wing Sand Wraith

Dust Storm was found while Wise was fishing with Rock Spitter and Boulder Bash right outside the School of Dragons. The initial confrontation was rough, with Boulder Bash immediately ramming into Dust Storm after being startled by him. Wise and Dust Storm didn't really bond until she returned to the area with only Rock Spitter, making things much easier. Each time Wise visited Dust Storm, she would help him get fish and give him dragon nip every now and then. After a could of visits, Wise was able to officially train and ride Dust Storm. Not long after being under her care, he became a Titan-Wing.

Personality: Dust Storm is playful and loves to eat. He isn't a big fan of racing but will partake in it if Wise asks him to or if there's food as a prize. He is somewhat lazy.

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Dragon Screenshots and Information Part 11

Frozen the Snow Wraith

Frozen was found on Glacier Island under attack by wild dragons controlled by dragon hunters. Wise and her dragons had to fight both the dragons and the hunters, as making the hunters retreat didn't make some of the dragons stop attacking. Thankfully Frozen didn't sustain too much damage, though the conflict did leave him with a few faint scars. Initially. Frozen acted hostile towards Wise can kept his distance from her. Once she managed to get close and work on his wounds however, he settled down and began forming a bond with Wise. Things went smoothly from there until Raiun and Hopemaker approached him, making him extremely hostile once more and fire rapidly at them. This also caused Frozen to eventually flee, though Wise managed to find him. Once again, Wise continued working on Frozen's wounds and kept her dragons at bay this time. Wise was able to train Frozen once his wounds completely healed, though he still didn't get along well with her dragons--or any dragon for that matter. Because of this, she received quite a few complaints from dragon riders as some of their dragons got into fights with Frozen. Wise is doing her best to socialize Frozen, though it's going slowly. So far, he is only docile towards baby dragons.

Personality: Frozen is, like most Snow Wraiths, extremely aggressive towards all dragons, with the [recent] exception of babies. Even Snow Wraiths aren't safe from this. He is very quick to get into fights with those who get too close and even snarls if a dragon is staring his way. He is less aggressive towards humans, though he isn't exactly friendly either. He is also loyal to Wise and is quick to obey her commands, making it easier to stop his fights before they get too out of hand if she's on the scene. He is relatively good with baby dragons, though he is still working on his socilization skills with them.


Sunset the Woolly Howl

Sunset was one of the Woolly Howls in Tundra's old pack. He got along with her very well after the rescue and was the first Woolly Wise trained. However, he didn't go with her initially like Tundra did for reasons unknown. In the long run, he officially stayed with Wise and Tundra.

Personality: Sunset is docile and friendly towards most humans and dragons. He is also quick to adapt to changes around him. He is very close to Tundra and sees him as a big brother.


Almighty the Elder Sentinel

Almighty was obtained during the event of Wrath of Stormheart so his encounter and training story is similar to many other trained Elder Sentinels. Currently, he helps patrol Wise's home island and caters to the needs of the wild Stormcutters on said island with Wise.

Personality: Almighty is kind but stern. He doesn't play that often and takes his job very seriously. Because he associates Singetails with dragon hunters, he doesn't get along well with Singetails at all, even good hearted ones like Twister. He gets along very well with Stormcutters however and, with Wise nearby, he is able to distinguish dragon riders from dragon flyers.

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Dragon Screenshots and Information Part 12

In honor of Wise's one year anniversary of coming to the School of Dragons (5/22/17), I've decided to include most (hopefully all) of her Snoggletog dragons in this post, as well as her "standard" dragons! Additionally, I've decided to add a new feature, which I will be going back on the other posts to implement as well: Dragon Trivia! This section will be dedicated to any side/bonus information regarding Wise's dragon (this will more than likely mainly cover how they came to be in terms of appearance and/or personality). On top of that, I also plan on adding a subsection to this, which will be known as Dragon Updates. This will include any alterations that have happened to Wise's dragons ever since I put up their initial entry on here. This may include changes in their history/aquisition, appearance, and/or personality.


Finally, I plan on putting in another OC's dragons here after much thought and time: Wise's wife, Comet Burst! The two share dragons now that they live together (after almost a decade of separation) so I think it'd be right to simple include her dragons here alongside Wise's. No special section will be made for this, other than an indication that Comet found/trained the dragon first. With that all out the way, I look forward to what the future holds with all this in mind!


Moss the Changewing

Moss was the only Changewing to survive a brutal attack done to a Changewing nest conducted by dragon hunters. Watching his siblings and parents getting taken from him at a very young age left mental scars on him, making him difficult to train when Wise rescued him. He would only stay calm if she wore her dragon armor and didn't show her face or if there were other dragons nearby. With a great amount of time and paitience, Wise was finally able to train Moss without having to conceal herself. As such, Wise is the only human Moss will listen to and the only human able to ride him, let alone even touch him.

Personality: Moss is very fearful of humans and hides from them whenever he has the chance; even Wise's wife isn't safe from this, despite her knowing Moss ever since he was a baby like WIse. In some cases, he'll run and hide before bombarding the individuals who tried to harm him with acid blasts. On the flip side, he does very well with other dragons and does even better with other Changewings. He seldom attacks other dragons.


Quickster the Speed Stinger

Quickster and Tinker come from the same pack, though they aren't related. While his mother was from Tinker's pack, and raised him, his father was from a different pack and sadly slayed by dragon hunters before Quickster hatched. After seeing Tinker with Wise when Wise stopped by Icestorm Island to visit the pack, he quickly followed her, going as far as to run across the sea until he was noticed. Despite this, training proved to be a challenge as he never fully understood Wise's advances towards him. He stung her on numerous occasions, which resulted in him getting stung by Tinker. After he finally stopped stinging Wise (mainly because he didn't want Tinker to sting him again), the two were able to officially bond and he was trained in the long run.

Personality: Quickster is full of energy and bares the "attack first, think later" mindset, which is what made his training so difficult. If his energy is put to something useful however, he can be a very hard worker and get the job done in a short amount of time. Despite the rough start, he is very loyal to Wise and appreciates the paitience she had with him in the beginning. He is also close to Tinker and respects (and partially fears) him.


Boiler the Scauldron

Boiler was once used to pull dragon hunter ships before being freed by Wise. While he showed appreciation towards Wise after being freed, and was quite easy to train because of the rescue, he was very hesitant on being ridden. Outside of this, he got along very well with Wise's other dragons and Wise herself. With great paitience and care however, this gradually changed and now, Boiler prefers to fly with Wise on him.  This especially became the case when while flying on his own, dragon hunters shot him down and he found himself unable to escape an island full of Slitherwings. Wise was able to rescue him again with Screecher's aid but for about two weeks, he didn't leave Wise's side for even a minute (it became so much of a problem that Screecher and Raiun had to escort and keep him in the water whenever Wise needed to be alone). When Slick came into the picture, he attempted to make friends with him, only to get aggressive responses and eventually become the primary target of many, many pranks. As such, the two dislike each other and get into fights that require intervention from Wise and/or Screecher to stop.

Personality: Boiler is quite social and is quick to make friends with other dragons, more specifically Thunderdrums and Scauldrons. He isn't so kind towards humans other than Wise but can tolerate them. He prefers being on land just a bit more than in the water and can in fact stay on land for much longer than other Scauldrons just so he can be with Wise or other land dragons. The only dragon he doesn't get along with is Slick, whom he always threatens to eat whenever the smaller dragon gets close (he doesn't really eat other dragons though) and fights with him whenever he gets caught in another trap or prank of his.


Rustle the Mudraker

True to his name, Rustle likes the sound of rustling leaves and is either the cause of the sound or is lured by it. Wise used this to her advantage as the only Mudraker she has been able to interact with is Mud hide(which, while she doesn't mind him at all, she would rather Skulder work with him and whatnot). She lured him with his favorite sound and was able to quickly bond with him because of it. They would rustle the leaves in the trees almost constantly until Wise became tired from it all. Because of his love for the sound, on her home island, Wise made him a giant pile of leaves for him to play in so he could make the sound at his leisure without tampering with the trees.

Personality: Rustle is playful, friendly, and lazy. He likes to take naps in the leaf pile Wise made him and, contrary to typical Mudrakers, prefers to be on land surrounded by trees over in mud or water. He cares a lot for Wise and will make various sounds to let her know he wants to play, alert her that he's coming, or simply out of curiosity to see what she'll do. He does this with Comet Burst as well, though not as often.


Wrangler the Grapple Grounder

Wrangler was hatched from an egg and was trained not long after he was born. He grasped many concepts very quickly and is considered one of the easiest dragons Wise has trained, as well as the one of the fastest. He likes to entertain Wise and others by tying himself into various knots.

Personality: Contrary to other Grapple Grounders, Wrangler doesn't like to fight and prefers to watch things or enjoy things peacefully over contricting others. However, he doesn't mind tying himself into various knots and does so to keep others entertained if he spots someone feeling bored. Unlike some of Wise's newer dragons, Wrangler gets along very well with both Wise and Comet Burst.


Joyous the Scauldron

Wise recieved Joyous around Snoggletog as an, along with quite a few other dragons. Comet Burst speculated this to be similar to "12 days of Christmas" (or in this case, "12 days of Snoggletog") but due to the lack of consistency, Wise didn't buy it. Nevertheless, Wise raised and traiend Joyous to be an excellent Scauldron.

Personality: True to his name, Joyous is always happy. Because of this, he especially gets along well with Grinny and Spectacle. He is very fond of the holidays and sometimes prepares for them, even though they may be months away.


Blizzard Wing the Monstrous Nightmare

Like Joyous and some other dragons, Blizzard Wing was recieved as an egg close to Snoggletog. He was quite easy to train when he hatched, as were the other dragons hatched around this time. Out of the other dragons hatched around this time, Wise strongly believes Blizzard Wing will one day become a Titan Wing. Currently, he helps with delivering food items, mainly fish, to other dragons on Wise's home island and sometimes to Berk.

Personality: Blizzard Wing is quite lazy compared to other Nightmares but if he's given a job, he will work on it as best as he can and finish in a timely manner. He likes dusk and evening flights more than morning or afternoon flights. He gets along with other dragons very well but prefers to avoid other Nightmares (excluding Blazer) due to their common bad temperments.


Knotty and NIce the Titan Wing Zippleback

Out of all the dragons obtained and hatched around Snoggletog, Knotty and Nice proved to be the most difficult to train. Nevertheless, he grew to be a very friendly Zippleback and incredibly well-mannered, especially when compared to Spark and Flare who, while he means well, often pulls pranks and causes mischief. Instead of pulling pranks, Knotty and Nice prep for the holidays by gathering lots of rocks and fish. When the holidays come around, they give everyone one rock and one fish, regardless of it's a dragon or human.

Personality: Knotty and Nice is a very good Zippleback and likes to play with others; his favorite game is Tug-of-War. He also likes to leave fish and rocks for others and always looks forward to the holidays.


Snoggletoggler the Triple Stryke

Snoggletoggler was hatched on Snoggletog and takes some pride in it. He has been considered the Santa of all of Wise's dragons and gave out gifts to those who he deemed as good and fired at those he deemed as bad once he was able to fly. When Wise started riding him, he began throwing coal at everyone he put on his mental naughty list with his tails after Wise asked he stop firing at others. This too backfired and Snoggletoggler has since gone back to firing at those on his bad list, though he doesn't try to directly fire at them anymore. Instead, he strikes the ground near them with a weak flame. In addition to all this, Snoggletoggler acts as a referee for Champion and Scorpion and stops things if he feels things are going to far in any shape or form.

Personality: Snoggletoggler is very kind and full of love and compassion like Santa Claus is. He likes giving things away, even if it comes out of his own expense. He gets along well with all dragons, even those on his naughty list. The same goes for humans, though, as one would expect, not everyone likes being pelted with coal or fired at with even a weak flame.


Medic the Prickleboggle

Medic is very mysterious, even more so than Hopemaker was. Other than general Prickleboggle knowledge, no one really knows anything about Medic, aside from him arriving on Wise's home island with Hopemaker and never leaving him since. Nevertheless, Wise was able to quickly train him and the other dragons quickly got used to him being around. He is especially close to Hopemaker.

Personality: Like Hopemaker, Medic is very mysterious and isolates himself from most dragons except Hopemaker. With Hopemaker, he shows affection and would prefer to be alone with him more often than not. He does get along with the other dragons and humans fairly well however and doesn't mind being ridden by other humans, even those he hasn't met.


Dragon Trivia Part 12

  • Knotty and Nice's name is a pun on "Naughty and Nice" (seems obvious enough). His name was originally supposed to be Naughty Nice but because the game wouldn't allow it, Knotty and Nice was the next best thing.
  • Quickster is colored after a traffic light: Red, yellow, and green.
  • Medic is colored after an ambulance truck. His name is also a nod to medics who work on said trucks. In fact, Medic was originally going to be Hopemaker's name but this was changed after Hopemaker was favored more for him.
  • Rustle was originally mint green with his belly and spots being blue.
  • Wrangler was colored after the Exotic Grapple Grounder in Rise of Berk.
  • Going by his actual adoption date in the game, Snoggletoggler was born 11 days before Snoggletog (assuming Snoggletog is December 18th). Snoggletoggler was originally only made/obtained to act as a middle-man for Champion and Scorpion but given the circumstances, he became a holiday dragon as well.
  • Joyous was originally going to be colored like a candy cane. Since the coloring options in the game don't necessarily permit this (and I didn't want to make a primarily red Scauldron), he became mostly white with a bit of red instead.
  • Boiler was originally going to be found beached on an island with Slitherwings and be more aggressive than he is written to be now. This changed as I was typing the information and looked back in the journal I wrote his information in; however, this idea wasn't entirely scrapped.
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Dragon Trivia and Updates

Dragon Trivia

  • Raiun's name translates to lightning (or thunder, one of the two) in Japanese. His colors primarily draw inspiration from thunderstorms.
  • Aventurine is named and colored after a mineral/gemstone for the same name.
  • Out of alllllllllllll the dragons in the franchise, the very first dragons Wise trains are a Skrill and a Whispering Death. This is because in the game, I wanted to start with a membership starter dragon (it was my first time getting a full membership) and I selected the Skrill. Additonally, my monthly egg chest contained a Whispering Death egg so that in turn became Wise's other dragon. Chronologically, both in the game and her story, Wise trained Raiun first and then Aventurine. Story wise, the times that she trained each dragon were so close, it's practically negligible.
  • Amethyst was named and mostly colored after the gemstone of the same name. He was originally going to be one of the first dragons Wise trained, though this changed once Wise's story developed more. Instead, he holds the spot for one of her first rescued dragons (from dragon hunters) and is the first dragon she ever trained in the game.
  • Spectacle was the first dragon to have a name aside from his main one. This is because while coming up with a name for him, I couldn't decide between Spectacle and Spectrum; in the end, Spectacle became more favorable but Spectrum lingers as a secondary name. Spectacle obtained his name for his vivid colors, making him stand out even more from other Stormcutters (his small size makes him stick out a lot already). Spectacle's naivety and playfulness comes from puppies.
  • Borealis was named and colored after the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. He comes from the arctic regions and lived in solitude before being rescued. He initially wasn't going to be an Alpha dragon for Wise's dragons but this quickly changed once he was made into a Titan in the game. Sadly, Borealis is unable to have offspring of his own due to unknown (but natural) causes. Furthermore, he is currently Wise's oldest dragon in terms of dragon age.
  • Screecher is Wise's 2nd old dragon in terms of dragon age.
  • Comet Burst loves all of Wise's dragons but holds an extra soft spot for Spectacle and Screecher. While she likes Screecher for his benevolent, father-like nature, the reason she is so close to Specacle is because she met him when he was still a baby and still finds him adorable even though he's fully grown. Because of this, she uses these two dragons more than any of Wise's other dragons.

Dragon Updates

  • Screecher has more scars than he had previously; he now has scars on his wings, more on his stomach and back, and on his nasal horn.
  • Borealis has more scars than he had previously; he now has scars on his back and 2nd pair of wings (the ones on his back). He is also more calm and collected than aggressive like before.
  • Amethyst no longer responds aggressively to hearing about dragon hunters but he is still out of control if he's near them.
  • Raiun is more playful and friendly than he was initially.
  • Aventurine is more hostile than he was towards strangers but isn't so territorial anymore.
  • Spectacle isn't as naive as he was before (though he is still naive).