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Maybe not the most interesting title but hey, it's straight to the point! :D Anyways, I decided to post my HTTYD OC's dragons here since I my signature is already really long (even though I plan on adding more pictures of my main dragon down the line. . .). You can find out more about my OC in my signature! ^^


I'll be honest, I won't be getting this done in one shot. I was originally going to but some misclicks happened and I had to start fresh! (I partially learned my lesson T-T). So I'll get some done now and then later on (not sure when), I'll add some more until there's no more to add. . .which probably won't happen for a while. So here goes nothing! Note, other than the first two dragons, the dragons aren't listed in a set order. And to keep things simpler, all of the dragons listed are male.



Raiun the Titan-Wing Skrill and Aventurine the Titan-Wing Whispering Death

Raiun and Aventurine both hatched the day following the dragon hunter ambush on the Freedom Flyer's village. Because of how vulnerable they were, the Freedom Flyer took them in and made shelter in an empty cave with them. For months, the dragons stayed under her care until they were big enough to fly and had a good idea on how to defend themselves. At that point, the Freedom Flyer attempted to released them as she felt she wasn't ready to officially train a dragon (let alone 2 dragons), despite all the time and effort she spent caring for them. Rather than leaving on her command however, they didn't budge and followed her when she tried to flee and hide from them. Finally, the Freedom Flyer gave in. She trained them both at the same time and named them. Raiun was named for his electricity-based abilities and Aventurine was named after the Freedom Flyer's favorite gemstone. Together, the three fought off the dragon hunters that lingered on the island but ultimately left the place after the only thing remaining was bittersweet memories. For years, they've fought dragon hunters and rescued many dragons. However, Aventurine has gotten into a few fights with dragons, namely a wild Whispering Death on Berk. This fight was perhaps his worst to date as it left him with scars on his underbelly and did devastating damage to Berk, which caused most Berkians to dislike him.

Personalities: Raiun and Aventurine are like brothers to each other. They almost always play around, seen together frequently, and care for another. They also care deeply for the Freedom Flyer and will fight fiercely to keep her safe. They are generally docile towards others but Aventurine is considered more aggressive and territorial than Raiun. As a result, Raiun is often brought along to help calm wounded dragons while Aventurine is put on look-out duty around the area.


Screecher the Titan-Wing Thunderdrum

Screecher was shot down while making his way to become a Titan-Wing. Because of this, the moment he was freed, he wasn't trained as he quickly resumed his path. The Freedom Flyer didn't see Screecher for over a week but he did make his way back to her once he became a Titan and was trained. After being trained, he became one of the Freedom Flyer's main battle dragons. He goes into just about every battle with the Freedom Flyer on his back and rarely goes down. In one of his most recent battles however, he was fatally wounded and nearly died while helping to defend the Dragon's Edge from dragon hunters. Fortunately, the other dragon riders were able to fix him in time.

Personality: Screecher is a benevolent dragon and has fatherly instincts. He treats younger dragons as his own and helps keep them in control. He holds back the Freedom Flyer's dragons if they attempt to go after her if they're told to stay behind or misbehaving in other ways. As such, he has gained a lot of respect over her dragons. Despite his kind nature, he can become very aggressive if he's fired at or struck with something, be it accidental or intentional.


Spectacle the Stormcutter

Alias: Spectrum

Spectacle was found on an abandoned dragon hunter ship as an egg and hatched moments after he was brought to his Stormcutter filled home. However, he was incredibly small for a baby Stormcutter and kept away from most bigger dragons (Screecher being one of the few exceptions) until he grew to a decent size. He still remains the smallest Stormcutter the Freedom Flyer has seen and the fastest, being able to keep up with Toothless. Because of his speed, he is used in battle as well and helps calm distressed dragons with Raiun and a few other dragons. At one point, he encountered a Titan-Wing Stormcutter that dragon hunters nearly killed and befriended them. After discovering the much bigger dragon had feelings that exceeded far beyond friendship, the two became life-long partners.

Personality: Spectacle is very playful, jolly, and naive. He isn't very competitive but enjoys racing every now and then. He is an eager learner as well and does his best to understand new concepts. He is very attached to the Freedom Flyer and doesn't like it when he's unable to follow her somewhere. If he's forced to stay behind, he whines, whimpers, and roars until she returns or is able to pursue her. He is also very close to Borealis and always makes sure he's happy. He is generally peaceful but will put up a fight if he has to.


Borealis the Titan-Wing Stormcutter

Borealis was flying home with his food for the day when dragon hunters shot him down and nearly killed him. His roars lured the Freedom Flyer and her dragons to his aid. He was rescued on time and his wounds were treated by the Freedom Flyer but Borealis avoided her as often as he could for most of his recovery. While he kept away from the Freedom Flyer, he did his best to show other dragons he was a fit leader. The only dragon that took him seriously was Spectacle, who bowed because he didn't like how glum and grumpy Borealis looked everytime dragons ignored him. Dragons finally gave him the same respect when he risked his life to save Spectacle and Screecher during a dragon hunter attack while he was still recovering. While he was given the Alpha position over Flyer's dragons, this also made it take longer for his wounds to heal. He finally opened up to humans and began interacting with Flyer, finally becoming a trained dragon in the process. At some point, Borealis developed feelings for Spectacle, unaware of the small Stormcutter's gender. Eventually he found out but didn't let go of these feelings and (tried) kept them hidden out of fear of rejection. Spectacle eventually found out what was going on and managed to Borealis to confess. Fortunately, Borealis wasn't rejected and now the two are life-long partners.

Personality: Borealis is generally stern and doesn't play around that often with dragons beside Spectacle. He works hard to maintain the Alpha position and isn't afraid to fight off anyone who tries to challenge him for it. He can also be very stubborn and is more aggressive towards humans than the rest of the Freedom Flyer's dragons (with the exception of the Freedom Flyer herself). He is protective over those his considers "his" dragons and is very fierce in battle. However, he does have a softer side and often shows it towards babies and Spectacle. He is a paitient dragon and will let babies of all sorts crawl around on him before carefully removing them one by one.


Amethyst the Shockjaw

Amethyst was captured by dragon hunters while swimming with his family and held kept in poor conditions for months. Fortunately he was saved by the Freedom Flyer before anymore damage could be done. He became grateful for the rescue and was willing to go along with the Freedom Flyer. However, he was traumatized by the things dragon hunters put him through and gets hostile if they're even mentioned. In battle against them, he is nearly uncontrollable, which is why he often isn't brought along into battle anymore. At one point, he was given a Shockjaw egg to bond and interact with.

Personality: Amethyst is generally laid back and prefers relaxing in a body of water but is more than willing to play with his friends. However, he can become very hostile at the thought of dragon hunters and becomes uncontrollable when fighting them. He especially cares for Wonderous and tries to keep him out of battle as well.



I think that's about it for now. I'll add more at a later point! ^^ Also if this was placed in the wrong category, please let me know and I'll change it!


. . .this is never gonna get done. Enjoy!


Aliases: Kas or Kasane

Main Dragon: Papa Moon the Titan Stormcutter

Favorite Dragon Breed: Stormcutter

Other Favorites (in no particular order): Buffalord, Snow Wraith, Skrill, Prickleboggle, Triple Stryke, Woolly Howl, Thunderdrum

Favorite Dragon Classes: Stoker, Strike, and Sharp (hehe, they all start with 's')


Information about my dragons can all be found here!: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/my-grand-dragon-family


To Be Acquired/Coming Soon (Color Key: Red = IncubatingBlue = StorageGold = TBA)

  • Unnamed Male Baby Triple Stryke
  • Magnitude the Male Catastrophic Quaken
  • Unnamed Male and Female Dramillions
  • Unnamed Shovelhelm
  • Archibald the Male Night Terror
  • Unammed Terrible Terror
  • Unnamed Male Speed Stinger
  • Unnamed Stormcutter (I'm almost always gonna want another Stormcutter)


Information about my HTTYD OCs and their dragons can all be found here: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/dragon-screenshots-and-information


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Dragon Gallery!


Probably my most favorite screenshot that I ever took of Papa. <3

Just another flight with the big guy himself!

My first School of Dragons GIF. . .dedicated to Papa. Sounds about right!


"How are you all holding up over there?"


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"eme [this is a face by the way] Is this where you've been this whole time?" (He came swimming up to me while I was at the Training Grounds)

As much as I love the big guy, it's fun to occasionally spite him. ewe Made/edited by SilverNight!



Drago once said the strength of will over others is true strength. . .and Hiccup says friendship is true strength. . .but they're both wrong. Cuteness is the one and only true strength! These faces will be the death of evil, I'm telling you. Made all by Zitka!


Happy wife, happy life. Made by Snowflake12298!



Raito and Doctor Alex, both drawn by me!


A truly fuzzy Moon made/edited by HoneyCloudy!


Yikes! Ezra looks angry! Made by AndreaEaston!


Sorry Dagur but I don't think the General agress with that "clever as a Skrill" statement. . .



. . .it's a bit difficult watching for danger when you can't get near the telescope.


He checked on the gigantic Hobblegrunt babies a billion times before finally moving forward. -_- Those Hobblegrunt parents were NOT happy.


The main character for my story made into a beautiful Snowy Griffin. Made by LissaFish!


Sometimes Papa's ego becomes as big as Jupiter. . .screenshot edited by Zeezur!


A cute Papa headshot made by HoneyCloudy!



I've expanded the army! NYEHEHEEEEEE!!! Made by Zikta!

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Character Information: Comet Burst and the Wise Freedom Flyer

The Wise Freedom Flyer

Alias(es): Wise, Flyer, Freedom Flyer

Gender: Female

Height: 5'03"

Allignment: Good

Age: 25

Birthday: January 23rd

Status: Alive, Married

Spouse: Comet Burst

History/Bio: Wise was born into a peaceful, dragon friendly tribe. Unfortunately, this tribe was a little too peaceful for its own good. At the age of 6, she lost her tribe to a massive fleet of dragon hutners armed with more than standard dragon hunter weapons; they had armored dragons under their command and wiped out her entire village and almost all of the dragons. Wise was the only one to survive the attack but she wasn't unscathed; a dragon hunter managed to strike her with a blade in the face, resulting in the scars on her face and blindness through her left eye. The day following the brutal attack, she managed to escape watchful dragon hunters and rescued the only dragons that survived the atttack: A newborn Skrill and Whispering Death. She remained hidden with her dragon companions for a decade and dreadfully watched dragon hunters take over what used to be her home. She originally intended to release the Skrill and Whispering Death once they were able to defend themselves but neither dragon would leave her no matter how much she tried to flee from them or where she hid so she gave up on that. Wise finally took action against the dragon hunters after deciding she was capable of taking them on with her dragons (which were now Titan Wings). The battle lasted from the very early morning hours to noon but Wise was able to win with the help of the armored dragons, which she was able to free. Despite ridding island of dragon hunters and their traps, she felt there was nothing left for her or her dragons there and found a new island to live on. Wise has dedicated her life to fighting dragon hunters and saving dragons since then.

1 year later, Wise decided to venture off her home island in hopes of finding better resources to make more dragon-themed armor and upgrade her wingsuit and stumbled upon the School of Dragons in the midst of a dragon hunter attack. Wise quickly came to Berk's aid but nearly attacked Hiccup and other helpful riders after mistaking them for dragon hunters as well, with the only thing stopping her being Hiccup's pleas. She quickly learned that the School of Dragons and Berk were dragon-friendly areas and became an offical ally of Berk. However, she is very bothered by the fact that Hiccup shot down Toothless, even if it did change Berk for the better, and prefers not to be near him. Nevertheless, she is quick to come to Berk's aid when necessary and can be found roaming the islands quite frequently; she has even made her own camping areas in quite a few areas for when she decides to stay for more than a few hours. Out of all the areas, the Wilderness reminds Wise of home the most so she camps there the most.

While relaxing in the Wilderness, Wise met Comet Burst and her Deadly Nadder, Lila. Unlike quite a few dragon riders, Comet Burst wasn't put off by Wise's social awkwardness and got along with Wise quite well. The more the two saw each other, the closer they became. Wise eventually fell for Comet Burst and confessed her feelings to her. It took a few tries and it took Comet quite a while to process everything but she did eventually return the same feelings to Wise. Comet took Wise to meet her family on many, many occasions and they all get along with Wise, though Comet's father couldn't comprehend Wise's feelings towards Comet for quite some time. Sadly, Wise lost Comet during a dragon hunter ambush only a year after meeting her and assumed she had fallen after seeing no trace of her and her dragon was killed. She wouldn't see her again until 7 years later, which was when she found out one of the dragons she trained was the one who took Comet after the dragon hunter attack and lead her to Comet. A month after reuniting with Comet, Wise proposed to her and the two are now officially married. They now live together on Wise's home island and fight dragon hunters alongside each other. They practically share dragons so Comet is often seen with her and Wise's dragons.

Personality: Wise has a good heart but she's usually emotionless on the surface. The few times she does express emotion is when she's either really angry, sad, or having vivid flashbacks of her village being destroyed, the latter of which she does her best to keep under control but sometimes gets overwhelmed in doing so. She can be very plain-spoken and isn't afraid to point out something or speak her mind. However, in most cases, she isn't trying to hurt anyone's feelings, though this hasn't spared her from quite a few people disliking her. She is incredibly passionate about dragons and would rather be with dragons than people. As such, she is quite anti-social but she is trying her best to be more open towards people to make Comet happy. She doesn't take too kindly to people insulting her dragons or Comet and harming them physically will set her off. She isn't afraid to get her hands dirty in such scenarios but, at least for the former situation, would try to ward whoever's causing the damage with bitter remarks first.


Fun Facts

  • Wise was made when I first got a membership; I wanted to make use of the membership slot.
  • The "Wise" part of her name comes from her very extensive knowledge on dragons.
  • Wise's eyes were originally purple but they were changed to dark blue to make her look a bit more realistic. . .though her blue hair doesn't really help with that.
  • Wise can fly with her wingsuit.
  • Wise makes armor and flightsuits designed after dragons, though she has been doing this less frequently with the dragon armor the Trading Post has to offer.
  • Wise originally had 35% of her vision left in her left eye. . .actually, at one point, she had vision in both of her eyes! While the former was changed because it just seemed ridiculous to me, the latter was changed because it just seemed off to have Wise escape such a terrible attack with no injuries whatsoever. . .as mean as that may sound. So she has a quite a few scars around her body but the one her face is the most prominent one.
  • Wise frequently wears masks and helmets to conceal her scar. She feels it makes her look vulnerable to any enemy she encounters and doesn't like people questioning about the injury.
  • Wise hates makeup but she'll wear facial paint for certain occasions (such as warpaint or festive paint.)
  • When Wise proposed to Comet Burst, she had Spectacle hold the ring on his talon and gave him a fancy bow to wear to make him look like a present. This is because the reason Comet approached Wise was because of Spectacle.
  • Wise is afraid to name a dragon after Comet Burst (or a dragon inspired by her name) because Comet was happy, she was crying uncontrollably.
  • Wise isn't fond of children.
  • Wise discarded her real name so no one knows what it is.
  • Wise doesn't play favorites when it comes to dragons; not only does she love all dragon species equally but she's afraid her dragons will get jealous (and possibly fight each other) if she favorites some over others.

Comet Burst

Alias(es): Comet

Gender: Female

Height: 5'01"

Allignment: Good

Age: 25

Birthday: August 12th

Status: Alive, Married

Spouse: The Wise Freedom Flyer

Sibling(s): Amber (older/only sister)

Parents: Randy (Father) and Marci (Mother)

History/Bio: Comet Burst was born during a meteor shower, hence why her parents named her "Comet Burst". Her tribe was dragon friendly but they were allies with Berk so they had to keep their dragons a secret to preserve the alliance until Berk finally made peace with dragons. Fortunately for Comet's family, they were secluded from the village so they rarely worried about any Berkian finding out about the dragons they owned. When the dragon war on Berk finally came to an end, Marci gave Comet Burst a Deadly Nadder egg to raise and showed her the ropes regarding dragon training and riding while Randy showed Comet how to manage the dragon stables. While she waited for her egg to hatch, she would play with the Deadly Nadders her family owned, especially Amber's. Comet finally put her dragon knowledge to use when her egg finally hatched and became an excellent dragon rider after years of practice. She was always with her Deadly Nadder, regardless of what she was doing. Marci and Randy eventually agreed that Comet and Amber should check out Berk and the School of Dragons, to which Comet happily agreed while Amber wasn't interested. Comet Burst has since resided on the island, though she visits her family often.

While going around the Wilderness, Comet Burst noticed Wise with then-baby Spectacle in her lap. Mesmerized by the tiny dragon, Comet struck a conversation with Wise and got much more than what she bargained for. Unlike quite a few other dragon riders, Comet didn't mind Wise's social awkwardness and got along with her quite well. After the initial encounter, Comet continued to meet up with Wise in the Wilderness and even brought her along to meet her family on numerous occasions. Eventually, Wise confessed her feelings for Comet. It took her sometime to comprehend the situation but she eventually returned the same feelings to her. Unfortunately, after a year of being in a relationship, Comet was shot out of the air by dragon hunters and was rendered unconscious from her injuries. Her Deadly Nadder was killed after she was shot down but the dragon hunters couldn't make use of her after Wise finished them. A wild Prickleboggle silently came to her aid and took her away from the battle before anyone could spot them. He took care of Comet for 7 years and kept her hidden from humans. Comet wouldn't reunite with Wise until the Prickleboggle, eventually named Hopemaker by Wise, was trained by her girlfriend and he deemed Wise safe enough to see Comet. The reunion with her family and Wise wasn't entirely happy though; she now had to live with the fact that her and her mother's dragon had died, the latter of which fell to old age. After recovering from these loss, she moved in with Wise on her home island and has since helped her fight dragon hunters and take care of dragons. A month after returning, Wise proposed to her. The two are now married.

Personality: Comet Burst is very outgoing and positive, which is quite the contrast to Wise's more serious and quiet personality. She likes making friends with others and encourages Wise to get out of her shell frequently. She knows a lot about Deadly Nadders, so much so that Wise goes to her if even she can't figure out something regarding her own Nadders. She is also an excellent farmer and treats her farm animals as extended family. She is full of energy is overall high-spirited but she knows when to tone it down and/or get serious. She is more paitent than Wise but she's less calm when she's angry or upset. Like Wise, she is passionate about dragons. She also loves children and finds herself getting along with them just a bit more than adults.


Fun Facts

  • Comet Burst was originally going to be named Star Burst.
  • Comet's birthday is the date of a real meteor shower (quite a lot of meteor showers happened on August 12th. . .)
  • Comet's more natural appearance is the reason Wise's eye color changed.
  • Comet was rendered into tears when she heard Wise named a dragon after her. She responded this way because she knew Wise was much closer to dragons than people and that dragons were the closest thing to children she could have with Wise.
  • Comet wants to start a family but Wise's disdain for children made things difficult (on top of another more obvious problem.) She eventually gave up on the idea but babysits quite often and helps Wise tolerate children more.
  • Comet was originally going to get killed in the dragon hunter attack. This changed after Hopemaker came into the picture.
  • Out of all of Wise's dragons, Comet is the closest to Wise's first 6: Raiun, Aventurine, Fatal, Rock Spitter, Screecher, and Spectacle. These were the dragons Wise had at the time Comet met her so she has forged a stronger bond with them. Additonally, Fatal and Spectacle (especially Spectacle) helped them bond. Between the two, Comet favors Spectacle slightly more than Fatal, despite her being a Nadder person a majority of her life.
  • Comet doesn't know Wise's real name. She has respected her decision not to share her name and discard it.
  • Comet never returned home because Hopemaker wouldn't let her and she felt she would be better off where she was. This was partially inspired by Valka.

Wise Freedom Flyer Gallery



Comet Burst Gallery

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Speed Stingers and Fireworms

I've decided to do the sections in pairs rather than random parts from before or having one whole post dedicated to one dragon species. ^^ Ranks won't be shown here since dragons will usually have different ranks from each other; plus, all the dragons are co-owned by Wise and Comet (it's just a matter of who rescued them first that determines who "truly" owns the dragon) but some of the dragons aren't on both Vikings.


Tinker the Male Titan Wing Speed Stinger

Tinker was one of the dragons in the Speed Stinger pack on Icestorm Island. He was caught in the middle of an avalanche on the island when he was just a baby and broke his leg. Bittersweet sniffed him out and was able to pull him out before he could freeze to death and returned him to his pack after he fully recovered. Despite this, he remained by Bittersweet's side and was officially trained by Wise. Overall, Tinker is very friendly and docile for a Speed Stinger, especially a Titan one. He loves building and fixing things, hence his name. He is extremely close to Bittersweet and sees him as a big brother. He is protective of his massive, diverse pack and isn't afraid to give anyone a nasty sting if they pose a threat.


Fun Facts

  • Tinker was colored after Icebreaker from Rise of Berk.
  • Tinker would've been the baby Speed Stinger you found trapped in the snow during the Icestorm Island expansion pack.

Quickster the Male Speed Stinger

Quickster is, interestingly enough, from the same pack as Tinker. His mother was in the pack and raised him while his father, who fell to dragon hunters before he hatched, was from a different pack. Quickster became motivated to leave the pack after seeing Tinker do it so, once Wise had to evacuate Icestorm Island due to enemies approaching it, he followed her. He even went as far as to dart across the ocean just to get to her! Despite all of this work, he proved to be very difficult to train. He didn't understand Wise's advances towards him and stung her on several occasions. This in turned caused him to get stung by Tinker almost as often. He was trained when he finally stopped stinging Wise, mainly because he didn't want Tinker to sting him anymore. Qiuickster has a bit of a "sting first, think later" mindset and isn't the brightest. . .nevertheless, after he put his stinger down, he has proved to be a very loyal companion and can do great things if he puts his mind to it. Occasionally, he delivers emergency messages across the sea.


Fun Facts

  • Quickster was named after a superhero from Spongebob of the same name, just like the Speed Stinger on my main Viking.
  • Quickster was colored after a traffic light.

Regal the Fireworm King

Alias(es): King, Royal

Regal was kicked out of his colony after getting a nasty attitude with the queen. Wise found him lying around after he succumbed to his hunger and took him in, hardly expecting him to grow much bigger. However, he quickly grew to Fireworm Queen size, much to everyone's surprise (even Regal himself didn't expect this). Once he was fully grown, he returned to his old colony to fight the queen. . .just to say he won. He didn't assume leadership after his victory and simply returned to Wise. However, a few other dragons noticed his grand feat and now serve him: A few Night Terrors and a Titan Wing Terrible Terror. Personality wise, Regal is lazy and thinks very highly of himself. He bosses around his servants and disrespects them more often than not; this has lead to one of them revolting against him and all of Wise's other dragons strongly disliking him. He is only seen being nice to Wise and is incredibly protective of her; there have been quite a few times were he attempted to attack Comet to keep her away from Wise, despite the fact that they're married.


Fun Facts

  • Regal was colored after the Royal Fireworm from Rise of Berk.


(Standard Tinker)

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Whispering Deaths and Skrills

Aventurine the Male Titan Wing Whispering Death

Aventurine was the baby Whispering Death Wise rescued after her village was wiped out by dragon hunters. He was found playing around in the now empty Whispering Death holes. Since his rescue, he has remained by Wise's side and is very protective of her. He is one of Wise's most aggressive dragons and isn't afraid to attack anyone he finds suspicious. This has lead him to attacking a wild Whispering Death on Berk once, who was acting aggressive towards Wise. Berk has since turned a cold shoulder to him, though there are a few Berkians who have been willing to look past the mass destruction he caused that day and give him a chance. Aside from his aggression, he is a very loyal to Wise and can be quite playful. He is especially playful towards Raiun, which he sees as a brother, and Zircon. For a Whispering Death, he is very docile and doesn't mind people riding him, so long as he and Wise know them.


Fun Facts

  • Aventurine was named and colored after a gemstone of the same name.
  • Aventurine has a rival: Constrictor's son. He is the Whispering Death that was posing a threat to Wise. This caused a strain in Aventurine's relationship with Constrictor until he attempted to attack Wise again, which was when Constrictor stepped in and stopped his son.
  • Originally, Aventurine didn't like Zircon because he thought Wise wouldn't love him anymore with another Whispering Death in the picture. This isn't the case anymore, though they still have a rough start to their relationship.
  • Aventurine doesn't like Snoggletog because he feels de-masculated when he wears the Snoggletog themed apparel made for his species.
  • Unlike most Whispering Deaths, Aventurine doesn't mind the sunlight. However, he is more prone to sunburn so you won't find him napping under the sun.
  • Even as an adult, Aventurine likes to play around in Whispering Death holes. He pokes his head out of the holes numerous times; he pretty much looks like a giant whack-a-mole.

Zircon the Male Whispering Death

Wise obtained Zircon, and 11 other dragon companions, from an egg chest she received from a trader in exchange for some resources. After seeing that Aventurine wasn't found of other Whispering Deaths, she decided it would be best to introduce him to one herself. With close monitoring, Wise introduced Zircon to Aventurine but things took a turn for the worse when Zircon fled from Aventurine due to his massive size. It took weeks for the baby to give Aventurine a chance, who went as far as to flee from him to make it seem like he was scared of him. It wasn't until Aventurine defended him from dragon hunters that he finally gave him a chance. During the time he was afraid of Aventurine and afterward, he spent a lot of time with Raiun and sees him as a father. Like Aventurine to Raiun, Zircon sees Bolt Flinger as a brother. Overall, Zircon is very timid and prefers to be alone with Wise or a few of her dragons at a time. He tries his best to be more like Bolt Flinger but fails every time. He is easily startled by things and may accidentally launch some of his many, many spikes at others out of fear while trying to escape.


Fun Facts

  • Like Aventurine, Zircon was colored and named after a gemstone of the same name.
  • Like Aventurine, Zircon doesn't mind the sunlight but isn't as sunburn prone. However, due to his timid nature, he is usually found curled up in the shade or watching silently from a hole.
  • Zircon really likes the Snoggletog saddles, so much so that he wears his all the time. He thinks it makes him look cute and it makes him feel special.

Constrictor the Male Titan Wing Whispering Death

Constrictor was found by Wise and Comet wounded in his own tunnels; dragon hunters had infiltrated the tunnels prior and attempted to wrangle him out, though they were only able to escape with some of his spikes. With the help of Hopermaker and Medic, Wise was able to build a bond with him throughout his relatively quick treatment. Things were well until he stumbled upon Aventurine, who attacked his son years prior. The two began to fight until Constrictor's son appeared to not only attack Wise but fight Aventurine. Before he could touch Wise, Constrictor stopped his son and shooed him away from the area. Aventurine and Constrictor haven't fought since. Personality wise, Constrictor is a docile Whispering Death and lounges around more than anything. He might be Wise's smartest Whispering Death, being just as (if not more) innovative and crafty as Tinker. One of his favorite pastimes is drawing, though he doesn't like other dragons knowing. He tries to act tough in front of them so they wouldn't toy with him, though in actuality he's a bit of a softy.


Fun Facts

  • Constrictor was named after boa constrictors.
  • Constrictor can go out in the sunlight but he gets grumpy after sitting in it too long.
  • Constrictor is a good artist. He learned everything he knows from WIse.

Raiun the Male Titan Wing Skrill

Raiun was the baby Skrill Wise rescued after her village was wiped out by dragon hunters. He was found walking amongst what was left of many dragon egg shells. Since his rescue, he has remained by Wise's side and helps her pacify wounded dragons during rescues. Contrary to Aventurine, he is one of Wise's most docile dragons and seldom gets into trouble with other trained dragons and their riders. However, he isn't all soft and is a very formidable opponent should he have to fight. He is very loyal to Wise and hardly leaves her side. He sees Aventurine as a brother and Zircon and Bolt Flinger as sons. He is very playful and highly social.


Fun Facts

  • Wise found Raiun before finding Aventurine, though the time between the events was so short, it's negligible.
  • Wise's bond with Raiun is comparable to Hiccup and Toothless and has made Raiun significantly more civilized/"human" than Wise's other dragons.
  • Sometimes Raiun thinks he's a bad fatherly figure when Bolt Flinger causes trouble.
  • Raiun recharges his shots faster than most Skrills.
  • Raiun is sad that no one's made any Snoggletog themed things for Skrills to wear [yet].
  • Raiun is Wise's fastest dragon.

Bolt Flinger the Male Skrill

Bolt Flinger was one of the 12 dragons Wise obtained from a dragon egg chest she receieved from a trader. After coming to the realization that Raiun's never had any [positive] encounters with others of his kind, she decided it would be best for him to raise Bolt Flinger. Raiun greatly appreciated the thought and liked having another Skrill around. While he raised Bolt Flinger to the best of his abilities, Bolt Flinger grew up to be more like Aventurine: Aggressive and quick to attack. He is quite fiesty and stirs up trouble often when he's left by himself with others. He is also very competitive. Like Raiun to Aventurine, Bolt Flinger sees Zircon as a brother and strives to impress him, unaware that the Whispering Death tries to be like him. He likes to fire at other dragons and their riders to intimidate them.


Fun Facts

  • Bolt Flinger was somewhat inspired by my second Skrill, Thunderbolt.

Glow Spark the Male Skrill*

Glow Spark was given to Wise as an aniversary gift from Comet; Comet in turn recieved the egg from the same trader who gave Wise the chest full of dragon eggs. Glow Spark is a very jolly Skrill and full of energy. He gets along with others very well and is incredibly playful. He has a habit of releasing small jolts of electricity when he's really happy, making it difficult to be around him sometimes. He doesn't like being alone.


Fun Facts

  • Glow Spark was named and colored after fireworks.
  • Comet was the one who named Glow Spark.


(Raiun's original colors)  (Standard Constrictor)

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Deadly Nadders and Gronckles

Fatal the Male Titan Wing Deadly Nadder

Fatal was hatched from an egg Wise found during yet another ambush on dragon hunters. He was small, weak, and his colors were very dull compared to other baby Deadly Nadders, making people think he was ill or wasn't going to get very far. However, Wise thought otherwise and named him Fatal because she believed he would live up to the "Deadly" part in the Deadly Nadder's name. Fatal eventually proved the opposition wrong and grew to be a very handsome, vividly colored Deadly Nadder and trained vigorously to make Wise proud. Unfortunately, he started taking this too far and began training for very long periods of time without much needed rest; it began to show when he was feeling cold and losing his colors. Wise forced Fatal to stop his training and went days without sleeping to make sure he was resting. Once he recovered, Wise managed to convince him that he had surpassed whatever expectations he thought she had for him by a landslide and to relax a bit. At some point, Fatal met another Deadly Nadder named Lila, who happened to be Comet Burst's dragon at the time. The two were practically inseperable and would play on a daily basis, even when their riders didn't meet with each other; this would usually lead to Comet and Wise seeing each other even when they didn't have any plans to. Unfortunately, Lila was killed by dragon hunters and her death left Fatal incredibly distraught. For about a week following her death, he wouldn't eat or sleep or fly; just lie around and whimper as loudly as he could. Not even Wise or Rock Spitter could make him feel better so he was left be until he began to act like his old self. Little did Wise know however that Fatal grieved over Lila's death for almost a decade in a different way; he didn't want to be with other Deadly Nadders anymore. This wouldn't be realized until Wise trained another Deadly Nadder and became incredibly distraught over being near the dragon, going as far as to attack the Nadder before flying away uncontrollably. Currently, Comet is helping him through this and he is much better with Murasakino but he still misses Lila more than anything. Overall, Fatal is a stubborn but hard working dragon. He no longer overworks himself and can be found relaxing more often than not but he is more than willing to help his friends. He is especially close to Rock Spitter, which he has a mini rivalry with to see which one Wise likes more. (Spoiler: She likes'em both equally.) He can be very playful and is competitive when it comes to racing. He is Wise's main tracking dragon and is used to track down both missing and/or wounded Vikings and dragons.


Fun Facts

  • Parts of Fatal's story comes from the story of one of my Deadly Nadders, Hopeful.

Murasakino the Male Deadly Nadder

Murasakino was found wounded on an island near Dragon's Edge after Wise warded dragon hunters away. She treated his wounds and was able to train him in the process. After his recovery, Wise introduced him to Fatal. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when Fatal attacked him and flew off in complete distraught. Initially, Murasakino simply didn't want to be near Fatal but when the Titan Nadder attacked him again upon the second encounter, he fought back. Once he heard Fatal's story, he did feel a bit guilty but was still reluctant to even look at Fatal. Fortunately, after Comet consulted Fatal, the encounter between the two Nadders went much more smoothly and Murasakino was compensated with fish by Fatal. In the time that Fatal was unavailable, Murasakino acted as Wise's main tracking dragon. Currently, he helps with wood management. Overall, Murasakino is a paitent dragon but once he's pushed off the edge, he can be very violent. More often than not, he can be found napping in just about any quiet spot he manages to squeeze into.


Fun Facts

  • Murasakino's name means "purple" in Japanese.
  • Murasakino's colors are the same as Lila's colors, with the belly color and spikes color being swapped.

Lila the Female Deadly Nadder

Lila was Comet Burst's very first dragon. Comet had Lila ever since she was 10 and saw her as another sister. The practically did everything together; Lila even had her own toothbrush (though she needed Comet's help using it)! One day while wandering about in the Wilderness, Lila stumbled upon Fatal and the two were immediately as close as two sticks glued together. They would play together on a daily basis, going as far as to leave their riders just to hang out. At some point, Comet spotted dragon hunters and ambushed them, despite Wise telling her not to after seeing how many dragon hunters there were. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for Comet and Lila to get overwhelmed and shot down. While Comet was taken in by a Prickleboggle, Lila was much less fortunate and was killed by the dragon hunters. The dragon hunters couldn't do anything with her because Wise was able to take them down once more of her dragon reinforcements came in so she was returned home and given a proper funeral and memorial.


Fun Facts

  • Instead of getting another dragon, I renamed Lila and Titaned her up after she became Rank 20 (or 30, it's been a long time). She became Lavender.
  • Lila means "purple" in German.

Lavender the Female Titan Wing Deadly Nadder

Lavender was found by Comet after a vicious dragon hunter attack that left Lavender with nothing; her home was unrecognizable, her mate was killed, and her eggs were either smashed to pieces or stolen. She had very serious injuries and was taken in as soon as possible. Throughout her recovery, she was incredibly aggressive but settled down the more time she spent with Wise and Comet as her wounds were treated. Comet was eventually able to train her enough to wear the Nadder won't bite her or set her ablaze. While the human Lavender is closest to is Comet, the two have a bit of a strained relationship due to Lavender not taking people on her back all that well. The most "successful" attempt Comet has ever had with riding Lavender was just Lavender spiraling out of control and nearly crashing into just about everything; the two crashed in the end. Wise has been working with the two on this, though the progress has been very slow. Lavender is aggressive towards people and dragons she doesn't know but between the two, she is much worse with humans. On the other hand, she is very protective of Comet and cares a lot for her. This doesn't change the fact that she doesn't like people riding her, including Comet. However, she becomes envious of Sparkler and Comet whenever she sees them flying so in-sync together and wants to be just as close to Comet. This envy has helped with her progress towards becoming a riding dragon, though the progress is still very slow. She gets into a lot fights with Wise's dragons but the ones she picks fights with the most is Borealis. She frequently challenges his dominance and the two break into a quick but brutal brawl that would've ended Lavender had other dragons and Comet and Wise stopped the fights.


Fun Facts

  • Lavender used to be Lila in-game; after I made Lila into a Titan, I changed her name.

Rock Spitter the Male Titan Wing Gronckle

Rock Spitter was found on Dark Deep in the midst of a dragon hunter attack. He was helping his Catastrophic Quaken buddies fend them off but was unfortunately shot down. Wise swooped into action and with the help of her dragons and the residents of Dark Deep, the dragon hunters were no more. She freed Rock Spitter from the bolas hurled at him and mended the wounds of the Quakens and the Prickleboggle, earning her Rock Spitter's admiration and loyalty. He flew home with her after she finished treating the dragons and has been a proud member of her dragon family ever since. Overall, Rock Spitter is a well mannered dragon and likes to do anything farm related, especially collecting or herding sheep, chickens, and other farm animals. He also likes collecting rocks and adds to his collection. He has a small rivalry with Fatal and the two compete to see which one she likes more, though the two get along very well. He is also close to Rock Slam, one of the Quakens he defended on Dark Deep. Compared to other Gronckles, he is very active.


Boulder Bash the Male Gronckle**

Boulder Bash was hatched from one of the 12 eggs Wise recieved from an egg chest. He was greatly influenced by Rock Slam, so much so that he used to ram into boulders and other rocks in an attempt to break them, just like Rock Slam. Unfortunately, these attempts were all in vain but they did earn him his name. To compensate for his inability to destroy massive rocks, he'll gather small rocks and place them amongst the rubble of a boulder Rock Slam destroyed. He has a very tight bond with Rock Slam and gets along fairly well with Rock Spitter, though he is signficantly more fond of Rock Slam's crushing tactics than Rock Spitter's herding habits. Even though nothing really comes out of it, Boulder Bash still loves to ram into boulders. . .he loves ramming into things in general actually! He is very social and likes making friends with other people and dragons, though he is more than willing to tackle anyone who's causing trouble.


Elder Stone the Male Gronckle*

Elder Stone showed up to Wise's home island out of the blues. He was found napping in Rock Slam's den, making the Quaken grumpy for quite a while. When efforts were made to move him, the Gronckle woke up more furious than a Speed Stinger near Dragon Root and began to wreck havoc across the island. It took Borealis' speed and brute strength to make Elder Stone surrender. Elder Stone fled the island not too long afterward but returned a few days later after being wounded by dragon hunters. Unfortunately, he was tailed by the dragon hunters and the island was attacked. Fortunately, the dragon hunters were dealt with before they could do too much harm to the dragon inhabitants. This battle is what earned Wise Elder Stone's trust and he was eventually given his own den to nap in. Overall, Elder Stone is usually a quiet dragon that doesn't really stick his nose into things not regarding him. However, he takes his naps very seriously and waking him up from them will result in him being very angry and causing destruction until he is restrained or forced into submission by Wise's dragons.


Fun Facts

  • Elder Stone was originally going to be one of Papa's numerous friends. This was changed but he is the reason Master Stone exists (their color schemes are even similar).
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Stormcutters and Thunderdrums

Spectacle the Male Stormcutter

Alias(es): Spectrum

Spectacle's egg was found on the deck of an abandoned dragon hunter ship. Wise quickly grabbed the egg and took it home, only for the egg to hatch moments after she was on the ground. However, he was incredible small for a baby Stormcutter so Wise kept him away from bigger, wild dragons--including other Stormcutters until he was a decent size. Even then, he was still very small! To this date, Spectacle is the smallest Stormcutter Wise has ever seen and perhaps the fastest, being able to keep up with Toothless without struggle. His speed makes him an excellent candiate for fighting against dragon hunters and his friendly nature makes him optimal for calming distressed dragons. The latter was especially useful when Wise needed to help a Titan Wing Stormcutter and said Stormcutter would only stay calm enough for her to treat him when Spectacle was there. Overall, Spectacle is very playful, friendly, and quite naive. He doesn't like fights amongst his peers and will go drastic lengths to stop them without actually fighting; even if it means getting hurt. He is the mate of Borealis and Wise's very first Stormcutter. He cares a lot for his mate, his rider, and his rider's mate; in fact, Spectacle is the reason Comet spoke to Wise in the first place!


Fun Facts

  • Spectacle's playful, naive nature comes from puppies.
  • Spectacle's names come from his vivid colors; I couldn't choose between Spectacle and Spectrum so Spectrum became an alias.
  • When Wise proposed to Comet, she placed the engagement ring on Spectacle's talon and gave him a fancy bow to wear; pretty much like an engagement gift.
  • Spectacle doesn't like dragon nip. He doesn't like how it tastes.

Borealis the Male Titan Wing Stormcutter

Borealis was shot down and wounded by dragon hunters when Wise found him. She and her team of dragons had to fight off the dragon hunters and carry him back to her home island where he could be treated. Unfortunately, he was aggressive and wouldn't let Wise treat him until Spectacle stopped by. After his initial treatment, he attempted to be dominant and tried to look tough in front of all of Wise's dragons, though most of the dragons didn't take him seriously, especially when Screecher was the current Alpha of the group; only Spectacle bowed to him. This finally changed when Borealis risked his life to save Spectacle and Screecher from dragon hunters and succeeded, albeit barely. He was finally given the Alpha position but his wounds took much longer to heal after they were re-opened or sustained more damage than they already had. He has since fully recovered and is now the mate of Spectacle after falling head over heels for him from their initial encounter. Borealis is a generally serious dragon who hardly plays around with dragons outside of Spectacle (and even then, this is a rare occurence). He takes his position as the Alpha dragon very seriously and makes sure all of the dragons under his wing are happy, healthy, and safe--especially Spectacle. He's generally a paitient dragon but challenging his Alpha position will make him snap in a heartbeat. He is also very protective of Wise and doesn't trust most people that go near her, including Comet. However, he is getting better with Comet, especially after seeing how close she is with Spectacle.


Fun Facts

  • Borealis was named and colored after the Norhtern Lights/Aurora Borealis.
  • Borealis lived in solitude in the arctic regions prior to being shot down and rescued.
  • Borealis is Wise's oldest dragon in terms of age.
  • Borealis can't have children (and not because Spectacle is male).

Sky Slice the Male Stormcutter

Sky Slice was one of the many dragons that made themselves at home on Wise's current home island long before Wise arrived. After seeing her come and go for years, his curiousity finally peaked and he decided to interact with her. . .well, her stuff. He entered her little cavern (making it a bit messy in the process), studied her possessions as best as he could, and watched her dragons quietly from a safe distance. The two wouldn't actually meet until Wise returned home after a tripe to the School of Dragons and noticed the big dragon in the room. The two were able to bond fairly quickly but Borealis saw him as a threat and warded him off. Fortunately, Wise was able to convince him Sky Slice wasn't a threat afterward and managed to bring Sky Slice back to the area once she heard his story. Years before Wise came to the island, he lost his mate to dragon hunters and sometime after that, his offspring left. Sky Slice is a very good, kind dragon who puts others before himself more often than not. He is incredibly paitient but isn't afraid to strike back if someone attacks him, as he did to Borealis. However, deep down, he is in a lot of pain and misses his family dearly. He becomes incredibly distraught if he thinks too much about his mate and has wailed for hours straight from doing so. Wise is working her hardest to help her poor Stormcutter but not much progress has been made, even with Comet's help a year or so down the line. They're both currently trying to find Sky Slice a mate or at least someone he can bond with enough to where he won't explode [emotionally] at the thought of his past.


Fun Facts

  • Sky Slice was originally going to have interest in Spectacle but this was changed.
  • Sky Slice has two offspring: A son and a daughter, the latter of which was trained and named Eclipse.

Screecher the Male Titan Thunderdrum

Screecher was on his way to Titan Island when dragon hunters shot him down. His very loud roars of distressed lured Wise to his location and he was quickly rescued. However, before Wise could even get a good look at him, he took off and resumed his path to Titan Island. After he had become a Titan, he searched for Wise and reunited with her a week or so after their initial encounter. He was quickly trained and is Wise's main dragon to send into battle. He was the initial Alpha of Wise's dragons but after Borealis rescued him from dragon hunters, he gave him the position. Screecher is a benevolent dragon overall and acts a lot like a father, despite having no [known] offspring of his own. He treats younger dragons as his own and keeps them in control and holds back Wise's dragons--grown or young--if they're told to stay behind or are about to get into an unnecessary brawl. As such, despite not being the Alpha anymore, he has a lot of respect from Wise's dragons. Despite his kind nature, he can become aggressive if he's fired at or is struck with something, be accidental or intentional.


Fun Facts

  • Screecher is Wise's 2nd oldest dragon in terms of age.
  • Screecher has a big, round belly like Santa Claus. He was trying to get rid of it but despite his efforts, it remained rounder than ever so he gave up.

Amplifier the Male Thunderdrum**

Amplifier was bought from a fellow trader as an egg after Wise started noticing Screecher feeling down and isolated. He was intended to be a surprise but the booming sound of the egg hatching blew his cover and almost killed Wise after causing the cave she was in to collapse; Screecher had to come and save her while Amplifier soared into the ocean. Screecher was overjoyed to have another Thunderdrum around and took Amplifier under his wing. The two have been very close ever since. Amplifier is a very friendly dragon and is very quiet, especially for a Thunderdrum. He hardly leaves Screecher's side and sees the Titan Thunderdrum as a father. If he's not in the water, he can usually be found flying about.


Fun Facts

  • Amplifier was colored after Boom, one of the baby Thunderdrums Thornado adopted; his story was also partially influenced by the Thunderdrum trio.

Shouter the Male Thunderdrum*

Shouter was rescued from a dragon hunter ship by Wise, Screecher, and Amplifier. Prior to that, all of his encounters with humans have been negative so the moment he was freed, he tried to kill Wise. Screecher quickly attacked him, making him flee. Wise and Shouter wouldn't be on decent terms until the second rescue and even then, he still proved to be a lot of trouble. While training him wasn't too difficult, riding him was an entirely different story. Like Lavender, Shouter frequently bucked Wise off whenever she mounted him and would dive into the water before she could try again. It took a lot of training with Screecher and Amplifier for him to finally let Wise fly around with him. Unfortunately, he is still a bit unruly in the air and doesn't always follow Wise's directions, resulting them in getting lost a lot. Shouter is a very stubborn, fiesty dragon who is quick to get into fights with dragons and humans. He would rather be around other Thunderdrums but even then, he has fought with a few of them. He is significantly kinder to Wise than he was when they first met but compared to Screecher and Amplifier, his loyalty isn't much and frequently ignores her when it comes to flying. When he isn't with Wise, he can be found in the ocean.


Fun Facts

  • Shouter's colors are based off of Bing, one of the baby Thunderdrums Thornado adopted.
  • The only dragon Shouter doesn't fight with often that isn't a Thunderdrum is Lavender. In fact, they get along quite well! They learned they had a lot in common after they witnessed each other buck their riders off.





     (Spectacle's original colors)

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Hideous Zipplebacks and Snaptrappers

I think it only makes sense to put these dragons together.


Spark and Flare the Male Titan Wing Hideous Zippleback

Spark is the head that breathes gas while Flare is the one who ignites it. He (or they?) is very mischevious and likes pulling pranks on Wise's dragons all the time. When he was a baby, it was much easier for him escape the wrath of their victims and all dragons were fair game. However, as an adult, he now avoids the elder dragons like Screecher and Borealis, both of which he greatly fears and respects. Despite his love for pranks, he can be a very good dragon when he puts his heads to it. He care very deeply for Wise and would set aside pranking others to ensure her safety.


Fun Facts

  • Spark and Flare was named after fireworks.
  • Spark and Flare's colors were heavily inspired by Bite and Snipe, the first Zippleback on my main Viking. He used to look very similar to Spark and Flare, except he had an orange/yellow belly and green patterns. I changed his colors to better set the two Zipplebacks apart.
  • Spark used to be the head that ignited the gas while Flare breathed the gas.

Knotty and Nice the Male Titan Wing Zippleback

Knotty and Nice was one of the dragons Wise received on or around Snoggletog. Out of all the dragons that fall under that category, he was the most difficult to train. Nevertheless, he grew to be a very friendly Zippleback and equally as well-mannered. Instead of pulling pranks like Spark and Flare, he preps for the holidays by gathering lots of rocks and fish. When the holidays finally come around, he'll give everyone one a rock and a fish, regardless of whether they're good, naughty, human, or dragon.


​Fun Facts

  • Knotty and Nice is a pun on "Naughty and Nice". In fact, the name was supposed to be "Naughty and Nice" but the game censored it so Knotty and Nice was the next best thing.
  • Knotty and Nice's colors--primarily the red and green--are inspired by the good and naughty list; red for naughty and green for good.

Dusk, Dawn, Night, and Day the Male Snaptrapper

Dusk, Dawn, Night, and Day was an interesting case when it came to training him. It wasn't like training a four headed Zippleback like Wise had thought; things were difficult when the 4 heads were only active during the part of day they were named after. Wise lost a lot of sleep training him but it was well worth it in the end. Dusk, Dawn, Night, and Day grew to be a very loyal dragon and became a sentry dragon alongside Almighty. He is doing his best to keep all 4 heads active at the same time, though progress is as slow as Lavender's progress towards being a ride-able dragon.


Sweet, Sour, Salty, and Spicy the Male Snaptrapper

Sweet, Sour, Salty, and Spicy was how Wise envisioned training a Snaptrapper would be: Like a four headed Zippleback. She played with all of the heads and fed them all at once, earning his trust quite easily. If anything, the only problem was feeding them; Sweet would only chocolate, honey, and other sweet foods, Sour only wanted lemons, Salty wanted bread soaked in salt water or fish drenched in as much salt as possible, and Spicy wanted peppers. Aside from his picky diet, Sweet, Sour, Salty, and Spicy is an excellent dragon.


Fun Facts

  • Comet named Sweet, Sour, Salty, and Spicy but Wise is the one who found and trained him.
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Catastrophic Quakens and Fire/Night Terrors

Rock Slam the Male Catastrophic Quaken

Rock Slam was one of the Quakens Rock Spitter was fighting for while he still lived on Dark Deep. After years of not seeing his Gronckle buddy, he decided to pay him a visit. Wise's strong bond with Rock Spitter, in conjunction with her helping with the assistance she provided on Dark Deep years prior, made training him fairly easy and he now resides on her island. He is a benevolent dragon and smashes large rocks and boulders to feed his fellow Boulder Class companions. He is also a threat to be reckoned with in battle. However, he poses not only a threat to his enemies but to his allies as well, albeit unintentionally. As a result, Wise only calls him into battle as a very last resort.


Fun Facts

  • Rock Slam's colors were changed after I thought he reminded me a lot of the Papa Council. (More information on that can be found in the thread I made for the dragons on my main Viking.)

Alpha Flare the Male Night Terror

Alpha Flare was one of the Night Terrors that served under Regal. He became fed up with Regal's disrespect towards him and revolted against him. The two had a short brawl before Wise managed to pull Alpha Flare off of Regal's wing. Alpha Flare would've left right then and there but he really liked Wise and has since stayed by her side. However, he still hates Regal and the sight of him rallies him up. He currently acts as a mini sentry for the island and was given his own area to patrol as he pleases. Overall, Alpha Flare is a bit of a fiesty, stubborn dragon but he does have a big heart. He is territorial and doesn't like it when others take his post or any area he claims, even if said area is temporarily. Often, he'll attempt to ward others away with the puppy eyes before resorting to roaring and biting. He also loves getting picked up by Wise and Comet and playing fetch; often, picking him up and carrying him away from an area he's claimed is the only way he'll settle down.


Fun Facts

  • When Alpha Flare roars, he sounds like he's barking.
  • Alpha Flare's behavior and personality draws a lot of inspiration from small dogs like Yorkshire Terriers.
  • Alpha Flare doesn't get along with Fireworms in general after his terrible experience with Regal.


(Rock Slam's original colors)  (Alpha Flare's original colors)

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Monstrous Nightmares and Eruptodons

Blazer the Male Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare

Blazer was found by Magma Guardian as an egg in the volcano on Dragon Island during the events of Return to Dragon Island. He was taken in by the Eruptodon while fleeing from the Green Death's initial rage. He has been with Magma Guardian ever since and has been greatly influenced by him, almost going as far as to eat rocks; Wise was able to stop this behavior before it started. Like Magma Guardian, he strives to be a pacifist. However, he is more likely to use violence if the situation calls for it than the former. He is very paitent and incredibly docile compared to other Monstrous Nightmares.


Blizzard Wing the Male Monstrous Nightmare*

Blizzard Wing was one of the dragons Wise received on or around Snoggletog. He was very easy to train once he hatched and now acts as a food delivery dragon for the many dragons on Wise's current home. Wise has a very strong feeling Blizzard Wing will become a Titan soon, though she can't pinpoint when. He is usually lazy and prefers dusk or evening flights. However, if he's given a job, he will work on it as best as he can and finish in a timely manner. He would rather avoid other Nightmares, excluding Blazer, due to their common bad temperment.


Fun Facts

  • Blizzard Wing's name was inspired by the name of one of the characters in a story I'm working on; his name is Blizzard Chest.

Magma Guardian the Male Eruptodon

Alias(es): Magma

Magma Guardian was found in a cage on Auction Island. He was so hungry, he attempted to eat the cage he was trapped in and the dirt beneath it; both attempts failed. Wise was able to free him from his prison and snuck him off the island with the help of her Tidal Class dragons. He was then placed on Eruptodon Island and left there once Wise felt he was safe. However, Magma Guardian flew after her upon seeing she disappeared. Upon seeing him on her home island, Wise panicked and feared he would either starve or go drastic lengths to find a lava source on the island. Fortunately, he did neither and showed Wise he thrived on rocks like a Gronckle, though he does occasionally eat a lava blast or two from Rock Spitter and Boulder Bash. He was quickly trained and now has a cavern painted with fiery patterns by Wise to remind him of volcanoes. He was brought along to help with the blue fog problem during the events of Return to Dragon Island and found a Monstrous Nightmare egg in the volcano on the island. He quickly grabbed this egg and has raised it to a Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare. He also found an Eruptodon egg on an abandoned Dragon Hunter ship and helped Wise raise the dragon. Overall, Magma Guardian is a warm hearted dragon and is gentle to most he meets. He is a big fan of hugs, despite the fact he has stubby arms. He doesn't like fighting and tries to avert conflict with ways outside of violence; this includes firing in between those who are fighting just to make it stop for a moment. He doesn't like dwelling on his past and being being asked about it makes him very sad and quiet for some time.


Fun Facts

  • Magma Guardian was originally supposed to just be called "Magma" but the game doesn't allow "Magma" by itself.
  • Magma Guardian was colored after volcanoes and lava.
  • Magma Guardian is able to survive on rocks because he was separated from his family by dragon hunters before he could even get a taste of it. He was force fed rocks in an attempt to recreate Gronckle Iron or a similar substance but this ultimately failed. He escaped these dragon hunters but was captured years later.
  • Magma Guardian is Wise's 3rd oldest dragon in terms of age.

Meteor Burst the Male Eruptodon

Meteor Burst was found as an egg by Magma Guardian while he was on an afternoon flight. He was quickly taken in and brought to Wise. Upon hatching, Wise gave him a name inspired by her wife's name. Meteor Burst was raised by Wise and Magma Guardian and recieved a lot of his exercise and socialized by Comet and Sparkler. Overall, Meteor Burst is a smaller than average Eruptodon and very playful. Like Magma Guardian, he lives on rocks (he was simply hand fed them a lot, not force fed them thankfully) but if he spots lava, he will always go after it; this has caused him to nearly get shot down quite a few times.


Fun Facts

  • Wise essentially sees baby dragons as her own children so when Comet found out Meteor Burst's name was inspired by her, she broke down into an onslaught of tears. She told her mother (granted, it was near impossible to determine what she was saying) and Marci was able to tell Wise she was just incredibly overwhelmed by happiness. This experience, despite it being positive, has since made Wise a bit worried about naming dragons after Comet.
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Boneknappers and Flightmares

Skeletal the Male Titan Wing Boneknapper

Skeletal was found scavenging for bones after a majority of his bone armor was destroyed by dragon hunters. Wise helped him with this search and he soon had a full armor again. Unfortunately, he was still weary towards humans and it took Wise over a month to finally him. Even now, he still doesn't get along with other humans and would rather be with Wise or dragons only. He is still getting used to Comet, who keeps bringing him chicken bones out of fear of offending her and/or Wise's other dragons. Needless to say, he's not the biggest fan of these tiny bones but he appreciates the thought. Overall, Skeletal is somewhat aggressive and very protective of Wise. He doesn't get along with other people but he is very social with other dragons.


Skully the Male Boneknapper**

Wise found a Boneknapper egg while rummaging through destroyed dragon hunter ships; this egg later hatched into Skully. Little Skully and Skeletal formed a tight bond upon seeing each other and they treat other as brothers. Skully looks up to Skeletal and hopes to be a Titan just like him. In the meantime, he is one of Wise's most social dragons and helps decorate her home for Dreadfall.


Frost Streak the Male Titan Flightmare

Frost Streak was born a prankster. Everyday, he pulls off at least one prank on one of Wise's dragons, including the elders like Screecher and Borealis. He especially likes helping Spark and Flare with their pranks. Aside from his love for pranks, he is friendly dragon who knows how to bring a smile to anyone's face, even if it's through the most ridiculous means and/or the at the cost of someone else's expense.

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Snow Wraiths and Woolly Howls

Frozen the Snow Wraith

Frozen was found on Glacier Island under attack by wild dragons controlled by dragon hunters. Wise and her dragons had to fight both the dragons and the hunters, as making the hunters retreat didn't make some of the dragons stop attacking. Thankfully Frozen didn't sustain too much damage, though the conflict did leave him with a few faint scars. Initially. Frozen acted hostile towards Wise can kept his distance from her. Once she managed to get close and work on his wounds however, he settled down and began forming a bond with Wise. Things went smoothly from there until Raiun and Hopemaker approached him, making him extremely hostile once more and fire rapidly at them. This also caused Frozen to eventually flee, though Wise managed to find him. Once again, Wise continued working on Frozen's wounds and kept her dragons at bay this time. Wise was able to train Frozen once his wounds completely healed, though he still didn't get along well with her dragons--or any dragon for that matter. Because of this, she received quite a few complaints from dragon riders as some of their dragons got into fights with Frozen. Wise is doing her best to socialize Frozen, though it's going slowly. So far, he is only docile towards baby dragons. Overall, Frozen is, like most Snow Wraiths, extremely aggressive towards a majority of all dragons; even Snow Wraiths aren't safe from this. He is very quick to get into fights with those who get too close and even snarls if a dragon is staring his way. He is less aggressive towards humans, though he isn't exactly that friendly either. He is also loyal to Wise and is quick to obey her commands, making it easier to stop his fights before they get too out of hand if she's on the scene. He is relatively good with baby dragons, though he is still working on his socilization skills with them.


Tundra the Male Titan Wing Woolly Howl

Tundra was in a pack with other Woolly Howls before Wise found him. The pack was ambushed by dragon hunters and Woollies were shot down and captured left and right. Tundra put up a good fight but was ultimately shot down. Wise, with the help of her dragons, was able to end the fight before anymore Woollies could get caught and quickly freed them once the dragon hunters were dealt with. Initially, Tundra was incredibly hostile towards Wise and threatened to attack her until another Woolly in the pack reacted positively to her. It took a few tries but with the help of this Woolly, which was later trained and named Sunset, he began to trust Wise and was officially trained. Tundra is generally stern and doesn't get along with most people and dragons. He is quick to growl and fire at their feet, resulting in quite a few short-lived fights. He is protective of Wise and even more so for Sunset, which he views as a little brother.


Sunset the Woolly Howl

Sunset was one of the Woolly Howls in Tundra's old pack and is the reason why Wise was able to train Tundra in the first place. Despite him getting along with Wise very well in the beginning, he didn't go with Wise until months later for reasons unknown. Currently, he resides with Wise and Tundra now and helps with delivering messages and goods for Wise. He is friendly and docile towards most dragons and humans and views Tundra as a big brother. He also sees Hail as a grandfather and plays around with him a lot; his efforts are usually in vain since Hail isn't as mobile as he used to be and thus declines Sunset's many, many requests to play with him.


Hail the Male Titan Wing Woolly Howl

Hail was found on Titan Island in the midst of his Titan transformation. Why he followed Wise after she left the island isn't clear to anyone; Wise isn't even sure if Hail knows. No one's complaining though and Hail is very happy in his new home. He gets along well with most dragons and people but he doesn't like playing; too much movement without rest makes his limbs hurt. As such, he never plays with Sunset not to hurt the younger dragon's feelings but because he can't. Interestingly enough, Almighty has been keeping a close eye on him, which has Wise a bit concerned. . .

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Triple Strykes and Prickleboggles

Champion the Male Triple Stryke

Champion was hatched from one of the two Triple Stryke eggs Wise recieved after a dying Triple Stryke gave her eggs to Wise. He is Scorpion's twin brother, hatching during the day while Scorpion hatched at night. He is a bit of a troublemaker and is more reckless compared to his brother, though he won't go out of his way to harm someone (or something) without reason. He cares a lot for Wise and his brother and would go drastic lengths to protect them. He is quite social and doesn't mind giving others a lift or being left with other dragons, though he can be quite stubborn.


Fun Facts

  • Champion was named and colored after the Champion Triple Stryke from Rise of Berk.
  • Champion has accidentally stung dragons on numerous occasions, most notably Borealis. In all instances but one, Borealis was stung with the stinger filled with hallucinogens, making him disoriented and aggressive. In the one instance he wasn't stung by said stinger, he was struck with the one full of numbing venom. He was treated fairly quickly in all cases but doesn't like Champion that much.


Scorpion the Male Triple Stryke

Scorpion was hatched from the other egg Wise recieved from a dying Triple Stryke. He is Champion's twin brother. Contrary to Champion, he is very shy and would rather be with Wise or his brother. If he has to be with other dragons, he prefers to only deal with a few at a time--preferably less than 5. Any more than that would overwhelm him and make him anxious to the point where he can't move. The only exception to this is Wise's dragons, though he still doesn't like being a bunch of them at once. He tries to be like his brother and socialize but almost every time; he's only been able to successfully communicate with Borealis. Once he's close to someone, he is very caring and friendly. He puts others before himself more often than he should, resulting in others taking advantage of him at times; Wise and Borealis are trying to help him with this. He cares deeply for his brother and would be more than miserable if something were to happen to him. He doesn't like fighting at all and flees as soon as he feels conflict is arising; often, he'll try to grab Wise in his tails before he goes.


Fun Facts

  • Scorpion's personality draws a little inspiration from one of the Triple Strykes on my main Viking, Polar.
  • Scorpion stung Wise with the stinger full of numbing venom on accident when he was a baby; he still feels guilty about it.

Snoggletoggler the Male Triple Stryke

Snoggletoggler was hatched on Snoggletog and takes some pride in it. He has been considered the Santa of all of Wise's dragons and gave out gifts to those who he deemed as good and fired at those he deemed as bad once he was able to fly. When Wise started riding him, he began throwing coal at everyone he put on his mental naughty list with his tails after Wise asked he stop firing at others. This too backfired and Snoggletoggler has since gone back to firing at those on his bad list, though he doesn't try to directly fire at them anymore. Instead, he strikes the ground near them with a weak flame. In addition to all this, he also helps keep Champion and Scorpion in check. Snoggletoggler is very kind and full of love and compassion like Santa Claus is. He likes giving things away, even if it comes out of his own expense. He gets along well with all dragons, even those on his naughty list. The same goes for humans, though, as one would expect, not everyone likes being pelted with coal or fired at with even a weak flame.


Fun Facts

  • Snoggletoggler was heavily inspired by Santa Claus and the North Pole.
  • Snoggletoggler's dream is to find a Snoggletog Wraith.

Hopemaker the Male Prickleboggle

Hopemaker was quite the mystery when Wise found him. He was all by himself on an island riddled with fallen dragon hunters and what remained of their ships. catching more fish than a Titan Wing Gronckle would eat. Despite the grim setting, he was quite peaceful and bonded with Wise very quickly once he spotted her. In addition to being found in such an odd location, he would disappear often for no apparent reason and come back days later with random items. One day, he returned to Wise with a bracelet Comet wore; at this time, Comet was still considered deceased so this made Wise both happy and very concerned. He did however restore hope in both Wise and Comet's family that she was still alive, which earned him his name. He finally showed Wise how he got the bracelet by taking her to Comet, who had settled in a cave with Hopemaker. He has since been a highly valued member of Comet's family, often getting extra fish or neck rubs when he stops by (which makes Wise's other dragons jealous at times). Personality wise, Hopemaker is a very friendly dragon who likes to help others. He doesn't like fighting and would rather fly away or heal fighting allies than get his claws dirty.


Fun Facts

  • If it weren't for Hopemaker's existence, Wise and Comet would've never reunited; Comet was originally going to stay deceased I changed my mind after making Hopemaker's story.
  • Despite being with him for years, Comet never considered Hopemaker her dragon and thus, never gave him a name. Instead, she saw him as a roommate. Needless to say, she liked the name Wise gave him.

Medic the Male Prickleboggle

Medic is very mysterious, even more so than Hopemaker was. Other than general Prickleboggle knowledge, no one really knows anything about Medic, aside from him arriving on Wise's home island with Hopemaker and never leaving him since. Nevertheless, Wise was able to quickly train him and the other dragons quickly got used to him being around. He is especially close to Hopemaker. Like Hopemaker, Medic is very mysterious and isolates himself from most dragons except Hopemaker. He shows a lot of affection towards Hopemaker and likes being alone with him. Despite this, he gets along with the other dragons and humans fairly well and doesn't mind being ridden by other humans, even those he hasn't met.


Fun Facts

  • Medic was colored after ambulances.
  • "Medic" was originally going to be Hopemaker's name.
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Dragon Trivia and Updates

Dragon Trivia

  • Raiun's name translates to lightning (or thunder, one of the two) in Japanese. His colors primarily draw inspiration from thunderstorms.
  • Aventurine is named and colored after a mineral/gemstone for the same name.
  • Out of alllllllllllll the dragons in the franchise, the very first dragons Wise trains are a Skrill and a Whispering Death. This is because in the game, I wanted to start with a membership starter dragon (it was my first time getting a full membership) and I selected the Skrill. Additonally, my monthly egg chest contained a Whispering Death egg so that in turn became Wise's other dragon. Chronologically, both in the game and her story, Wise trained Raiun first and then Aventurine. Story wise, the times that she trained each dragon were so close, it's practically negligible.
  • Amethyst was named and mostly colored after the gemstone of the same name. He was originally going to be one of the first dragons Wise trained, though this changed once Wise's story developed more. Instead, he holds the spot for one of her first rescued dragons (from dragon hunters) and is the first dragon she ever trained in the game.
  • Spectacle was the first dragon to have a name aside from his main one. This is because while coming up with a name for him, I couldn't decide between Spectacle and Spectrum; in the end, Spectacle became more favorable but Spectrum lingers as a secondary name. Spectacle obtained his name for his vivid colors, making him stand out even more from other Stormcutters (his small size makes him stick out a lot already). Spectacle's naivety and playfulness comes from puppies.
  • Borealis was named and colored after the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. He comes from the arctic regions and lived in solitude before being rescued. He initially wasn't going to be an Alpha dragon for Wise's dragons but this quickly changed once he was made into a Titan in the game. Sadly, Borealis is unable to have offspring of his own due to unknown (but natural) causes. Furthermore, he is currently Wise's oldest dragon in terms of dragon age.
  • Screecher is Wise's 2nd old dragon in terms of dragon age.
  • Comet Burst loves all of Wise's dragons but holds an extra soft spot for Spectacle and Screecher. While she likes Screecher for his benevolent, father-like nature, the reason she is so close to Specacle is because she met him when he was still a baby and still finds him adorable even though he's fully grown. Because of this, she uses these two dragons more than any of Wise's other dragons.

Dragon Updates

  • Screecher has more scars than he had previously; he now has scars on his wings, more on his stomach and back, and on his nasal horn.
  • Borealis has more scars than he had previously; he now has scars on his back and 2nd pair of wings (the ones on his back). He is also more calm and collected than aggressive like before.
  • Amethyst no longer responds aggressively to hearing about dragon hunters but he is still out of control if he's near them.
  • Raiun is more playful and friendly than he was initially.
  • Aventurine is more hostile than he was towards strangers but isn't so territorial anymore.
  • Spectacle isn't as naive as he was before (though he is still naive).
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Dragon Screenshots and Information Part 13

It's been a while! Despite the long gap between now and the last bundle of dragons discussed, Wise hasn't gotten enough new dragons to make a brand new part just yet. However, Comet Burst has been making her way around the Archipelago and has a few dragons of her own (though admittedly, most of the dragons she has at the moment are Wise's dragons)! So they will be going here, as I mentioned in an earlier post, alongside the few dragons Wise did get between the last post and now.


Lavender the Female Titan-Wing Deadly Nadder

Lavender was found by Comet Burst after a vicious dragon hunter attack. The attack took everything from her, including her mate and unhatched eggs. She was injured badly and was taken in  by Comet Burst and Wise. She was very hostile during her recovery but as she spent more time with Comet and Wise, this went down and she was mostly trained. Along with being aggressive towards strangers (human or dragon), she is also struggling with having a human on her back. The most "successful" attempts of Comet riding Lavender ended with Lavender going out of control and almost crashing. Because of this, Comet and Lavender have a bit of a strained relationship but Wise is helping them work through it.

Personality: Lavender is extremely aggressive towards people and dragons she has never met but between the two, she is worse with humans. She is much nicer to Comet and is incredibly protective of her. However, she doesn't want any human riding her and that includes Comet. However, this is slowly being worked on and she is improving (albeit very slowly). She is somewhat envious of Sparkler for being so in-sync with Comet (especially in the air), which has also aided in her progress towards being rideable and created a rivalry between the two.


Sparkler the Typhoomerang

Sparkler was found as a hatchling next to his mother, who had fallen to injuries sustained from dragon hunters. Comet took him in, though she had trouble getting him away from his mother. She seldom brought him to back to the site until he was much older and understood the situation more. Despite his grim start, Sparkler grew to be an amazing Typhoomerang and is considered one of Comet's most well-raised dragons. He is her go-to dragon when it comes to traveling long distances and one of the dragons she uses to rescue dragons.

Personality: Sparkler is a very well-mannered dragon and is incredibly loyal to Comet. His relationship with his rider is as good as Astrid and Stormfly's relationship, if not better. He would rather fly with Comet than on his own or with other humans, though he doesn't mind other humans riding him. In fact, he gets along very well with most humans and dragons and doesn't mind transporting others. He has a rivalry with Lavender and is more than willing to show off how good he is with Comet to her. However, he does try to help her get along with others often.


Ashes the Smothering Smokebreath

Ashes was found on an island as a hatcling, all alone, hungry, and sad. Comet and Sparkler quickly took him in and nursed him back to health. Ashes has since stayed by Comet's side and has a tight bond with Sparkler. He frequently looks out for shiny item to bring to Comet as a gift and brings Sparkler an eel on a weekly basis.

Personality: Ashes is like a lap dog, similar to Alpha Flare. He likes staying close to Comet and like Sparkler, he prefers to fly with her than by himself. He is also quite brave, going as far as to hunt eels just to bring them to Sparkler. He is quite docile and likes to be picked up.


Bulldoze the Rumblehorn

Bulldoze belongs to Comet's father but he loaned him to Comet so she could go stay with Wise, as well as giving her a dragon to use should she be unable to train any. Bulldozeh has resided with Comet's family ever since he was born so he has a strong bond with Comet and Wise. He is Comet's go-to dragon when it comes to tracking things down and delivering messages to her family.

Personality: Bulldoze is laid back and quite lazy. He frequently takes long naps and is seen laying down more than anything else. However, he is very quick to respond if he is called and can tell if his family is in distress. He is quick to defend those he cares about and is a fierce battler.


Shouter the Thunderdrum

Shouter was rescued from a dragon trap by Wise, Amplifier, and Screecher. However, because his previous encounters with humans were all negative, he didn't get along with Wise at all. In fact, once he was freed, he attempted to attack her before being attacked by Screecher and fleeing. He wouldn't be on better terms with Wise until he was rescued by her again after being shot down by dragon hunters. After this, Shouter became calm enough to at least train but riding him was a different story. He needed a lot of training with Screecher and Amplifier before Wise was able to ride him (without being bucked off).

Personality: Shouter is quite fiesty and is quick to get into fights with other dragons and humans. He prefers to be around other Thunderdrums but even then, he has gotten into a few fights with them. He is kinder to Wise but his loyalty isn't much compared to Screecher's or Amplifier's. When he isn't with Wise or other Thunderdrums, he can be found swimming in the ocean.


Dragon Trivia

  • Screecher was colored after Bing (one of the Thunderdrum babies Thornado adopted).
  • Lavender was originally Lilac, Comet's first (and for some time, only) dragon. Because Lilac is deceased, it was eventually changed to Lavender.
  • Bulldoze was acquired by Comet's father after Compass--Comet's father's Deadly Nadder--passed away after 50 years. Bulldoze is only 2 years old.
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After a lot of thinking (and *cough* a very long delay in updating *cough*), I've decided I'm going to clean up this whole thread! Unfortunately I can't alter the original post but I will begin to alter the other posts and more than likely have it match the format I have on my main dragon thread, which can be found here: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/my-grand-dragon-family I might even do a different format entirely! I'm not too sure yet. . .so in the meantime, I guess this thread is under construction. I'll more than likely be taking new screenshots of a lot of the dragons and I'll finally be putting images of Wise and Comet on here! Because honestly, after almost a year, I feel this all came to be. . .very sloppy overall and Wise's rescue stories are beginning to be too repetitive. So look forward to what's the come on this thread!