Dragon Riders #2

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“Wait! Do you want us to do this too?” Asked Rhaeyne. The dragons nodded, all except Nightsky. “But.. its super tall and there’s zip-lines!” said Rhaeyne. “Doesn't that sound like fun!” said Annebeth “Well… actually the problem is I'm-” said Rhaeyne before she got cut off “So let's go!” Then Annebeth and her Razorwhip, Anora, lead all the dragons and Vikings into the course leaving Rhaeyn and Nightsky in the dust. “Afried of heights.” mumbled Rhaeyne. After about ten minutes the gang finished and just then realized Rhaeyn and Nightsky weren't behind them. “Rhaeyne were are you?” called Harper “Right here were you guys left me.” said Rhaeyne as she walked towards them. “Why didn't you go in with us?” asked Annebeth “We were worried when we couldn't find you! Wait. Are you scared of heights?” asked Annebeth. Rhaeyne slowly nodded. “Why didn't you tell us?” asked Annebeth “I tried but you guys wouldn't listen.” replied Rhaeyn “I'm so sorry Rhaeyn.” said Annebeth “Wait does this mean Nightsky is afraid of heights too?” Nightsky nodded “That explains why during flight training Nightsky looked nervous.” said Annebeth “How about we make a course without zip-lines and high cliffs.” “That is something all of us will be comfortable doing.” “Well let's get started!” said Annebeth.


To be continued...


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