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I know this has been suggested before and I'm so sad to see it not implemented. :(


I have almost 50 dragons and 30 unhatched eggs, and no choice but to keep every single one of them. That's absurd. This is not an issue of stable space - I have plenty of that. This is simply a matter of not wanting the extra clutter in my selections screens.


The excess dragons' usefulness begins and ends with stable quests, but even then I have far more than I'll ever need. And, for me, stable quests are not worth the detriment they bring to the rest of my gameplay with all the extra loading and scrolling it takes to get to the dragon of choice.


My main interest in School of Dragons is, as with many, Thunder Run Racing. When it comes right down to it, if a dragon doesn't race well, I don't want it.


Before anyone says that once we adopt a dragon we should be obligated to keep them for one reason or the other:


A) They're pixels on a screen. Sorry, but they're not real and as such are not going to suffer any feelings of abandonment.

B) If we pretend for the moment that they ARE real, it would be irresponsible to have so many. If an individual had 50 dogs, we'd call them a hoarder. The exceptions to this rule may be out there, but they are very few.

C) There are certain quests that award free dragons to the player regardless of whether or not they want them. I never asked for a Groncicle, and I certainly didn't want to end up with three thanks to a glitch.

D) I would argue that releasing dragons is in line with the HTTYD canon as well.

E) Toothless. I expected him to go away when my membership expired, but no. Now he just sits there. Eternally in my dragon selections to no purpose. Go back to Hiccup, Bud.


In the same vein, I would appreciate being able to be rid of eggs as well. There is no way I am ever going to hatch 7 Gronkle eggs. o_0 And it's surpemely difficult to choose the right egg when several of them are vanishing into the wall beside the pedestal.


If releasing is never to be an option, then I propose another suggestion in parts:

1. Improve upon the selection features, perhaps by sorting dragons by class in the same way they're listed in the shop.

2. Allow users to decide the order in which dragons appear in the list by inputing a number and having the dragon automatically shift to that placement in the list (please, please not a clunky click-and-drag system, I beg of you).

2. Give us an option to check a box on each dragon that will enable it to appear in the racing lobby. That way, only the user's current active dragon and any dragons they have previously selected will appear as an option for racing.



I have too many dragons and want less.


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Same happen to glitch giving me free Baby/Teen/Adult dragon it annoying me ;-; I don't want sable get full by free glitching!






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not really

not everyone is saying this .. actually i never heard of this 


what everyone is saying is that we shoudl traid the eggs and the farm stuff and not the dragons that u hatched ...... if u didnt want that drag then u should have thought about it and not hatch it !!!! thats your foult .


and the traiding on farm stuff and eggs .. ect ect ... that i agree but on the drags that u hatched no ...... and that would make sense with the movies and series if we can realise or get rid of the drags since its all about bonding and having fun with your drag !!! 


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Hey now

Some folks, myself included, have experienced a glitch where the game will force a free dragon from an expansion on to you. This wouldn't be a problem if it's something someone likes, but people will only want so many gronicle, singetail, etc. It's annoying as you may be trying to hatch some other dragon you really want and then that glitched dragon will instead forcefully take up a slot. We can't just keep buying stables. These dragons are ones people haven't bought.  Please don't jump to conclusions.


Edit: Forgot to add that eggs can also be aquired via chests (like if you're a member) or from battle events, as well as getting certain achievments. Again, please don't assume we bought eggs we don't want.


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So I'm not the only one who wants to get rid of Toothless. If we ever had a trading system I would much rather give him out for free. But I could still use my Toothless even though my membership expired months ago.


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This has my support!   Yeah,

This has my support!


Yeah, I recently encountered the Gronicicle glitch a couple of months ago. I like having just the one I originally got. I don't need the spare from the glitch, and certainly would like to get rid of the two Gronicicle eggs in my possesion.