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Today I was thinking about how all the dragons of one species in School Of Dragons tend to act the same. This was bothering me a little, because dragons are all individuals. I thought about it for a while, and I think I have a solution.


So imagine that you went to the hatchery and chose a dragon. Let's say... Monstrous Nightmare. When you hatch out your new reptile, you leave the hatchery to bond with your friend. After carefully observing him, you notice that he appears very nervous and jumpy. He hides behind you a lot and looks around constantly. You decide that he is a "Naturally Nervous" dragon. You go to the personality tab and press the "guess personality trait" button. It then gives you a list of traits to choose from, and you choose "Naturally Nervous". You are correct and you get a small amount of money. If you had guessed "Energetic", you would have to wait at least fifteen minutes before trying again.


Besides giving your dragon more of a real animal feel, it would also affect how you train it. Various traits would affect (positively or negatively) different areas. Of course, personalities would have to go with species, at least somewhat. No energetic Gronkles. Here is a list of some traits I thought of:


Naturally Nervous (affects experience gain negatively, energy positively) - Seen most in Nadders. Not seen in Gronkles much. You can tell if your dragon is Naturally Nervous if he hides behind you and is constantly jerking his head around with wide eyes.

Energetic (affects energy and speed positively) - Seen most in Nightmares and Nadders. You can tell if your dragon is energetic if he seems to fly faster than other dragons of his species.

Lazy (affects speed negatively and happiness positively) - Seen most in Gronkles. You can tell if your dragon is energetic if he is slower than the average dragon, but stays happy longer.


And I also thought of a few that would be found in one species and one species only:

Selfish (Nightmare)

Vain (Nadder)

Glutton (Gronkle)

Loud (Thunderdrum)

Works Well In Teams (Zippleback)

Antisocial (Night Fury)

Likes Caves (Whispering Death)


The species specific ones are pretty bad. I don't know much about most dragons, I mainly focus on Nightmares. I own one, so I figure I'd better know about him. And, of course, there's not much on that list, but if you have ideas, please put them in your reply. :)

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I think it depends on us Vikings, on how we treat our dragons.

But great idea! :)


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Like this?

Joandra wrote:

I think it depends on us Vikings, on how we treat our dragons.

But great idea! :)


It might be interesting to have some traits that can only be obtained by the way we care for and train our dragons. Would really put more emphasis on the "train" in How To Train Your Dragon.

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Sounds cool

I think my dragon's persona would be "Stubornly Passive Aggresive" XD. She would also be a bit vain, as well, dispite being a Nightmare!








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Doesn't that describe most Nightmares? xD

Dragonmic14 wrote:

I think my dragon's persona would be "Stubornly Passive Aggresive" XD. She would also be a bit vain, as well, dispite being a Nightmare!


Haha, yeah, Nightmares. Got to love them. Hysteria (my dragon) would probably be best described as a "Lone Wolf". He's constantly wandering off!