Dragon Personalities!

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You should be able to pick your dragons personality! They should have a favorite place and least favorite place, which affects the mood, they can also like or dislike other dragons owned by his/her rider as well as other player's dragons the dragons can be aggressive, passive-aggressive, or nice, feeding them different fish affects energy levels depending on how much they like or dislike the fish. They can have rivals, which they will shoot at and they will try to fight the nemesis, dragon fights do break out, so the riders have to watch their dragons fight. Males around males are the worst.



Any suggestions on this topic are welcome!




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I think the most important aspect of a rider's dragon is their personality. However, there should be a reason that dragon is with that rider! Dragons, in more ways than we realize, reflect their riders. Toothless is considered one of a kind because he's ridiculously rare. Hiccup IS one of a kind because there's no Viking in his tribe. So their connection makes sense. Their being together makes sense. There's obviously more though to either, but they have so many traits the other has. They're not entirely the same, but they're similiarities assist their bond.



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