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Some dragons should get model updates, dont you think? Take Toothless for example, and compare him to the Light Fury. His model is full of sharp edges, while hers is smoother. Yes, the Light Fury is generally a smooth dragon, but Toothless' model just looks rushed. I think he should be given some love, along with the starter dragons. Have you SEEN the Gronckle's spikes? Too spiky for a Gronckle.


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Yes I agree. Toothless could have better model. Especially his eyes they're white instead of green. 


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I agree!

I'd really like to see the dragons as they are shown in the 2 movie. I prefer those models than those in the 1 movie!

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It isn't rushed. It's just older.


I don't mind it. As long as the animations are nice it doesn't matter that a model is a bit dated.


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