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The title says it all... I would LOVE to see some dragon related outfits (Especially hoodies)! I keep seeing a Night Fury outift on people and not sure how they got it. (I assume it's an event thing..?) Also, hair. I'm not very fond of any of the hair styles in SOD (I am a female character and never saw all the male hairs...) so I would LOVE to see more! I'm thinking maybe a pony tail or hair style like Astrid's? I would like to hear your opinions to, so if you have an opinion on this please comment! Thanks for reading...


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Ohhh I agree! I would definitely like more customizing-related items available at the store. Preferably more things that are unlimited availability. Store often seems just way too empty with just a few things under many categories.

More hair options would be very cool, I wouldn't care if they cost a bit too much, I would just like to have something more available hah.

There already is (young) Astrid's hairstyle, though, but I like her adult hairstyle a lot! Would be cool to have something similar to hers available. And something similar to twins' hair would be amazing. :0


On another note of customization, I'd really like more variety in vikings' appearances. Everyone has the same exact head shapes and bodies and the faces look very similar despite having a few to choose from. Knowing HTTYD, the characters often have some very exaggerated features. No character is like the other. Some day I would love to see some more variety in customizing available. :>



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Just for your infomation. :)

Just so you know, the Night Fury outfit wasn't an event-related item (assuming you're talking about the Alpha Toothless gear, most of which my Viking wears: )

It had been in the store for a long time, but was recently removed for Thor-knows-what reason.


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That Would be Awesome!

That would be awesome! :D I'd love a ponytail or a hair-down option. We already have a hairstyle for girls that's sort of like Astrid, but I think it would be cool to have slightly more trendy hairstyles too. And for men, the hairstyle options are crazy! Masculine Vikings need masculine hair (Heroic Hair [book reference XD])! My daddy made an account, and when we were creating his character, I remember seeing only longer-haired styles, no short hair. :P


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I would love more hairstyles, especially long haired ones!


And there were actually MANY dragon-related clothes, such as the night and alpha fury armor, death song and skrill armor And so on, but they have recently (some months ago) been turned into limited-items and disappeared from the store =/



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I'm afraid you've missed it

I'm afraid you've missed it all - school jackets, winged armor, hoods - they were in the store for a few years. The game put things on sale and cleaned out the shop this summer, presumably to make room for new things. Eventually. There were a few other hairstyles available for special things like a hair piece from a Loki's Maze event, and another for some previous Dreadfall.


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