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A new request thread! And this time, GIFs :o However, this will be a trade: You do art of one of my characters, and I edit a GIF of one of your characters! That's how you pay. Because GIFs, although fun, are pretty time-consuming to edit XD And I would love more art of my dragons :3


Please wait until I set things up! :)


Current Threads:

Era's Dragon Edits Center

Dragon GIF Edits





|| About Me ||


Alias: Era.

Gender: Female.
Date of Birth: 1 May.
Personality Type (MBTI): INFJ.
Favorite Movie: How To Train Your Dragon.
Favorite Book Series: Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
Favorite Colors: Purple, blue, green, brown, orange.



Click on the picture if you want to check out my Quotev account! :3



Seastorm the Windwalker is guarding this siggy!

(Gif made by Sohki!)


|| Favorite Dragons ||


Monstrous Nightmare

Terrible Terror

Deadly Nadder






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Do Not Reply Directly


|| Rules ||


- Never respond directly to any of the posts with the Subject "Do Not Reply Directly"

Use "Post Reply" at the top or bottom of the page.


- How this will work: Once you receive a spot and fill out your form, you will draw one of my dragon OCs while I edit your GIF. Here is the link to my OCs!


OC References


- You are allowed to choose the GIF you want to be edited. However, it's highly preferred if you put two or more GIFs so I can choose which one to do and surprise you! :)


Keep in mind: The better the quality of the GIF, the better the edit result will be!


- To avoid getting guilt-tripped, do NOT give me art if you don't have a spot yet. You only can when your name is in the Spots List. If not and you do that, I will ignore you and you will never receive a future spot when I open more.


- If you claim a spot, but don't fill out the form in a maximum of three days, your spot will be given to someone else!


- Simple eye color edits will be done for free and the spots for that will be limitless! The trade is for fully colored GIFs that include body and markings.


- No extremely complicated markings please!


|| Form ||







Don't respond yet!

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Do Not Reply Directly


|| Eye-Color GIF Spots ||



1) Lainah - [Finished!]

2) PineappleLark







|| Full-Color GIF Spots ||



[Round #1]


1) toothless0603 - [WIP]

2) Joy_The_Terrier

3) Snudoo

4) DyliehIdol1214
5) HiccupTheHaddockIV


Not Yet...

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Do Not Reply Directly



You may respond now! :D

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AHHHH SAVE SPOT please! Even

AHHHH SAVE SPOT please! Even though I don't know when I'll be able to get to it.


Edit: Can I actually do just an eye color edit? I still would do a trade for it even though it says those don't need one, I will probably just be really slow so I'm sorry ahead of time!


Name: Flashflood

Reference(s): could you make the eyes this color? 



Profile picture edited by the exceptional WoollyHowlEra!



Adorable artwork of my two cats, Tazz and Mojo, by the incredible Tigerli1y!

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Done! This eye color looks really cool on a Night Fury 0.0 Tell me if you would like something changed!




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Thank you sooooooooo

Thank you sooooooooo much!!!!! That looks so good! That's actually my real life eye color XD

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Ooh, that's a pretty color! Mine is the common dark brown XD

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Thanks! I really like brown

Thanks! I really like brown eyes though!

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IM HERE! Save spot, I'm gonna go get a few characters XD

can I save a spot for both? And I do two of your peeps? ^w^ 

Edit: alrighty :3 then here's my form! I told you Pumpkin shall arrive >:D but, I have another character if needed :3



|| Form ||


Name: Pumpkin


(don't mind the lost wing for this :3)


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Hello friends! I'm Toothless! You can call me Split, Floof, Toothy, etc.


These are places where you can find me!

Logo DeviantART IOSVersion by Akiruuu on DeviantArt

I am also on Discord! Please PM me for it, cause i'd like to know who i'm friending (But please keep chatting at an appropriate level ^w^)

I'm always available to chat here if you wish :3


^ Want a hybrid? Click this to go to the thread! ^



Somethings about me:


-2000 year old ancient cat of the multiverse

-likes porple and greem

-likes dragons, cats, horses, bears, wolves, jellyfish and wormies

-makes art things 

-makes reading things

-a little insane, but that's okay

-head of the ant-sized mob.




Icecreamsandwich Big GIF - Icecreamsandwich Big Brain - Discover & Share  GIFs


"Toothy" Banner made by Randomm!

Erin as an Ikran pfp by Dylieh!

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more furies


Reference(s):  She has white spots.

GIF(s):Httyd How To Train Your Dragon GIF - Httyd HowToTrainYourDragon Toothless -  Discover & Share GIFs



I will not be on the forums as much because of school but you can try to find me during the weekends at 2:00 PM-7:00 Pm.

Current PFP: Alpha the night fury, Azule's brother/ eldest sibling



Welcome to my signature. Please keep all hands and legs inside the

gyrosphere at all times.

You can take a spin in a super-cool "gyrosphere" next to a lumbering  brachiosaurus. | Jurassic world trailer, New jurassic world, Jurassic world

Azule the siggy guardian. She rules over the other guardians and

will destroy anyone who violates her copyright laws.


Summer the sumersan done by me 

If you steal from this siggy Summer shall exile you to the frozen wastes of Jotunheim.

Kuiro the poisark done by me

Watch where you step Kuiro bites. *Bites* 

"Azule" Banner

Banner of my night fury OC being sneaky by DragonRiders Fury!!! 





Mercury-Adult female shockjaw

Venus-Adult male eruptodon

Earth-Adult male thunderdrum

Moon-Adult female thunderdrum

Mars-Adult female monstrous nightmare

Jupiter-Adult female whispering d.eath

Saturn-Adult female gronkle

 Uranus & Neptue-Adult male hideous zippleback

Phobos & Demos-Adult female hideous zippleback

Enceladus-Adult male groncicle

Titan-Adult deadly nadder

Callisto-Adult male whispering d.eath

Pluto- Adult female armourwing

Diamond-Adult male monstrous nightmare 

Good youtubers I watch(AKA:the only youtubers I watch):Jaiden Animations, the Odd1sout, The Dodo.

Welcome to the IRL info section, please watch out for escaped

dragons, dragosaurs, Pokemon and please report if you find one.



Pets:2 yr old dog, yorkie russel, Joy

1 yr old hedgehog, 4 toed hedgehog, Rozzy Ross Roznick

Other games I play:Minecraft, Super Kirby Clash, MarioKart.



We are now entering the Art Sector. Please watch small children

and dont feed the dragons.Art may or may not load.


T.W. Snow Wraith, Screaming D.eath, T.W. Monstrous Nightmare, Bewilderbeast, Hideous Heatwing, Tide Gliders, Unknown Dragon #1

Pixel Dragons by Chameishida

My baby Mercury by Tigerli1y

P-nut the scarlet macaw by Dravas

Picante and Decan the Brawler strykes, Scrappy the night fury, Crybro the Synth Fury by ZestyDragonWing

Typhoon the Aquatic Fury by Slargvarg

Flicker the Skyfire by Toothless0603

Stormsky, Morganite(Morgan), and Azra the Night Furies by WoollyHowlEra

Shimmer the Venemous Golden Dragon by TigerLily

Hawkeye the royal Nadder and Jasper the night fury by Sundoo

Titan(My in-game nadder) by LikyLake


Welcome to the clickable links section. Look here for art threads, role-plays, and fan-fics.

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Want a Tardisak fandragon?


Want a Cotton Death fandragon?


Want to join an RP?


Want to talk to a night fury?

Learn what life is like for a dagon living in a lab with a crazy mad scientist (me) and over 200 genetically made creatures.


Want a Fanged Slithering Nightmare?


Want a color edit?


My Wattpad

If you find anything weird is my art request forms or fanfics to not be afraid to pm me for further explanation.

Look here for updates on all my art threads.




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Can I save a spot? I'll fill

Can I save a spot? I'll fill out the form later tonight.


I've been busy with large art projects and other things, so I might not be on the forum too often. If you need to contact me, please send a pm, since I will get a notification emailed to me. 

One Who Tries Again

This signature is guarded by the Bootleg Skrill (found on Wish): 


Amazing art of my spinosaurus character by Frugal.

Wonderful art of Gronckley by WoollyHowlEra! Amazing art of Skybax the windwalker by Sohki.

 Wonderful art of Purple by AMAZIEing.

A wonderful art of Debbie by WoollyHowlEra!

Amazing art of my velociraptor character by Tigerli1y!

Amazing art of Cloudy by Speed_Stinger_Alpha!

Amzing art of Firebeak by mareenamuse!

Dragon pixels by Chameishida (From the Random Dragon Pixels Raffle)

Amazing art of Amber by WoollyHowlEra!


Amazing art of Monstrous by Slargvarg!

Wonderful art of Monstrous by Frost Shards!

Blue (Request)

Amazing art of Blue by DyliehIdol1214!

Wonderful art of Debbie drawn by LikyLake!

Wonderful art of Garry drawn by Tigerli1y!

Amazing art of Amber, Tuna, and Algae by LikyLake!

Gronkley (art trade)

Amazing art of Gronckley by EdgyShiningLila! 

Goby was adopted from Shady Shopkeeper (Blue Kitsune) 

Favorite Quotes:

"People often fight about which birds are the best birds, but everybody can agree that seagulls are the worst."-  "My stick!" by Bad Lip Reading

"AAAAAAAABGLBGLBE!'- Blue, Wings of Fire: The Poison Jungle

"Alan!" -Raptor, Jurassic Park 3

Favorite Dragons: Gronckle, Hotburple, Speed Stinger, Purple Death, Thunderdrum, Scauldron, Luminous Krayfin, Foreverwing, Night Fury, and Deadly Nadder.

Creatures in Ark I Like: Trilobite, Trilobite, Trilobite, and Trilobite.

I like fish.   Daily fish: catfish.     Fun fact: Bumpy and Wuzhui are the best dinosaurs.

Secret message: you have found the secret message.

Interesting Links: Art Requests  Dreadfall Screenshots

Also, if you want to do an art trade you can PM me. 

Congrartulations, you made it to the end of the signature! You win... bragging rights! Yay?                 


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You Never Cease To Amaze Me Bud

Name: Corvus


I mean.. There's his usual version, and his ceremonial version, but that's a little more complicated

But up to you if you wish to try it out

Paint Version

GIF(s): Grabbed you three


I'll start working on that art for yous


Some information on me?

Sure Why Not....



Or Dill works too...





Birthday's the 18th of December...


Main Dragon?


  A black and white Night Fury named Corvus... Who has the tendency to glow blue...


Friend Code?


Uhm. Perhaps message me for this...


Favourite Colour?



Neon green to be exact... Which looks really nice on white... and black... and red... and most all the colours




     Does Headphone junkie, concert crazy, digital artist, and occasional writer answer this?


Favourite area in SoD?


     If you're ever looking for me in game... Just... go to the highest spot of the map, and you might be

able to see me hiding on one of the ledges... Or I'm racing...


Current Clan?

     The Leader of the Glass Wing Riders...




No, I am not showing all my dragons here... I have too many. I'll just make a video of them all later....
Or make a google doc or something, Idk...


Where I live?

    I love maple syrup on everything...
The weather can never make up it's mind on being either warm or cold...
Does... that give it away?


Music Taste?


Hahaha... Uhmmm.....

That ranges from...


This is basically a glimpse into the nutshell that is my ipod... XD


(Empancipator, Pretty Lights, Lauren Bousfield, edIT, ect)


(Rare Americans, The Neighbourhood, IDKHow, Modest Mouse, ect)


Post Rock

(This will destroy you, Message to Bears, Giles Corey, ect)


Yeah... basically all forms of Rock and most Metal
(Polyphia, Tool, Tyr, BMTH, Palaye Royale, Kaizers Orchestra, ect)


Every form of Punk/Ska
(Sum 41, Fidlar, Anti-Flag, Homegrown, ect)


(Osoku, Gorillaz, Ren, Billie Eilish, ect)


Most folk styles

(Crywank, McCafferty, Barns Courtney, Charlie Winston, Harley Poe, ect)


(Poor Man's Poison, Rusty Cage, ect)


Rhythm and Blues/Jazz

(James Brown, Alessia Cara, Prince, Cab Calloway, ect)


Nordic Folk
(Wardruna, Völur)



(Dvorák, Bach, Chopin, Vivaldi, Beethoven, ect)

And basically anything with a lot of strings, and a lot of wind instruments...



And of course...

The HTTYD soundtrack

Or anything by John Powell..

Because John Powell's an awesome composer...


Now... This... is only the tip of the iceberg... I'm not even including the violin songs.. the electro swing... the most out of nowhere songs... XD Idk... if you're ever looking for new music, I'll always have something XD


(By Emerald Huntress. Thanks :))



"Without Music, Life Would Be A Mistake"
- Friedrich Nietzsche -




Want any art from me?

Check out my Art Threads...

HTTYD Dragons & Vikings - Reference bases - Active

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Dragons to Vikings - Active

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Duma Ormsliki Adoptions - Active

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Musical Doodles - Active

Art requests.. but with a Twist - Active


Interested in roleplaying?

Check to see if these interests you :P

War Of Our Karma - Dead
A Dæmon's Tribulation - Active

Another coming soon...


Interested in reading HTTYD fanfics?

Check these out...

A Dragon's Fury
To Fly Through Time

Jewel of the Night - Revising

More HTTYD stories in the works....

including two comics...


Hey got Discord?

Link to Discord page info :)

(Banner by FeatheronFire)

Have some character art....


An edit of Killieh and Corvus


Killieh Tyrus


(I don't post often on youtube... and tend to keep some of my music on unlisted, if you're interested in any of that, simply message me for that :P)

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Name: Debbie



If there is any other gif you think would work better, you can use that instead.


Pin on Dragons/Mythical CreaturesDeadly Nadder | Wiki | Dragon Riders! Amino

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My dramillion started bouncing off the walls

Here's my form

Name: Fulgur

Reference(s): I can't put images on here, so here is what I would like: could you possibly make the lightning red (you don't have to if you can't or its too much trouble).l, and could you make the sides of the head light blue please. If you need anything else then please see the skrill on my signature

GIF(s): I'm on mobile so I can't add photos, but here's a link to it
And the second one

Right, that's my form. I'll get to making your island


Hi, Welcome to my signature!

Images not loading? Click on the link to view them: https://hiccupthehaddock.imgbb.com/

Signature ALWAYS under construction


Just to let you know I am obsessed with Dramillions


Banner Made by DragonRiders Fury!


My dragons are:

Ingens, the Adult Crimson Goregutter!


Princeps, the Adult Elder Sentinel!


Potest, the Adult Flame Whipper!


Arbor, the Teen Timberjack!

Picture coming when Arbor is an Adult

Mortem, the Adult Whispering Death!


Multis, the Adult Dramillion!


Percutiens, the Adult Triple Stryke!


Canticum, the Adult Death Song!


Parvus, the Adult Hobgobbler!


Impes, the Adult Singetail!


Tinea, the Adult Fireworm Queen!


Igneous, the Adult Eruptodon!


Evomo, the Adult Eruptodon!


Algus, the Adult Groncicle!


Surdi, the Adult Thunderdrum!


Amore Wing, the Adult Aromorwing! (Amore in Spanish means love, but when naming him, I named him after the rtte episode that an armorwing was in, so now I am stuck with a dragon called 'Love Wing')

Amore Wing.png

Mud and Fall, the Adult Zippleback!

Mud and Fall.png

Acri, the Adult Razorwhip!


Tenax, the Adult Gronckle!


Malum, the Titan Deathgripper!


Fulgur, the Titan Skrill!


Fiducia, the Titan Sand Wraith!


And the 'baby squad' for stable missions are:

The Baby Crew.png


As you may see, I love Latin names.

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Eye Colour Gif Please

Eye Colour Gif Form

Name: Wolfsbane






Welcome to my signature!

Hi, I'm PineappleLark, but you can call me Lark.

My in-game name: KatieHills

This is a list of my SoD dragons on my main Viking slot (KatieHills)

Night the Deadly Nadder

Boomerang the Typhoomerang

Sugar the Groncicle

Shock Wave the Thunderdrum

Coal the Deadly Nadder

Flower the Groncicle

Rhino the Rumblehorn

Boggles the Whispering Death

Zig and Zag the Hideous Zippleback

Makita the Whispering Death

Gaggletack the Skrill

Aurora the Fireworm Queen

Pineapple Lump the Prickleboggle

Marama the Rumblehorn

Sprinter the Speed Stinger

Turtle the Grapple Grounder

Blayde the Razorwhip

Vanek the Monstrous Nightmare

Skylark the Stormcutter

Truffle the Moldruffle

Bumbly the Sweet Death

Boggie the Mudraker

Gobble and Go the Hideous Zippleback

Geranium the Typhoomerang

Puddles the Mudraker

Razzmatazz the Flightmare

Pizza the Woolly Howl

Tortoise the Rumblehorn

Copper the Razorwhip

Fangsong the Deathsong

Bumblebee the Catastrophic Quaken

Hobbletail the Hobblegrunt

Bells and Whistles the Hideous Zippleback

Dart the Night Light

Flashburn the Armorwing


My main dragon OC


Art and Edits

Venus by SilverNight

Buck the Barrow Pegasus by LissaFish


Stardust the Night Light by AndreaEaston

Primrose the Night Light by AndreaEaston

Focaccia the Night Light by AndreaEaston

Milkshake the Night Light by AndreaEaston

Valiant the Skrill by Speedyleaf

Skylark by WoollyHowlEra

Crag by AMAZIEing

Smooth by SilverNight

Venus by DiliehIdol1214

Shinglepaw by DiliehIdol1214


Thanks for reading, hope you have a good day :)

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Imma hit someone with a femur

Imma just put this right here :3

I was looking through all the OCs and noticed you changed quite a few of them! It was kinda interesting to be like "oh woah that one's changed!" XD

Anyways, here's Rose! (wasn't this Dawn before? XD) 

Also lemme know if you want her shaded to make it more fair :3

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My OCs change a lot. Hopefully their current designs are permanent, because I feel bad for all the old art XD

Yup! Rose was formerly Dawn! She looks so pretty! Thank you so much! :D

Pumpkin is 25% done! Progress is rather slow, but it's still progress XD 

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Honestly it's good to change a character up. It shows you've grown :D

ah okay, I figured >:D

Yay!! I'm super excited to see her!!

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Here's Nimble! I enjoy drawing the more obscure dragons/ones people don't usually make characters of. 

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Here you go :3 Sorry it took so long...


Full Version

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Snudoo & DyliehIdol1214 - Hey, Nimble is famous! XD Thank you, both! She looks great! :D


toothless0603 - I seem to be taking a century on these, so to not make it seem like I'm stealing art, here's a little sneak peak of Pumpkin! I'll show the edits' progress on occasion. The black colouring is done, now to do the orange :D

I gotta say, a black Red.D is terrifying XD


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It's all good! I honestly should have found an easier dragon, but I'm still super excited to see how she comes out!! If needed you can move onto other peeps's requests if it'll be taking forever :3

Hehe, she is not one to be messed with. >:D I think she's inspired me to make a HTTYD story...