Dragon eggs

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Not all dragon eggs are wanted what if someone gets a egg they dont want it takes up backpack space but selling the eggs would be bad you be no better then the hunter's so i think a gift/Trading system would be a great idea

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in my opinion, i would keep any dragon egg i have! i genraly love dragons and i would take 5 million gronckle eggs any day!


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Viking: Saidra

Gender: female

main dragon: Flare/Wraith/Jayclaw

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clan: The Dragons Claw





Sable: adult female deadly nadder

Fasivi: adult male deathsong

Flare: adult female stormcutter

Seth: adult male whispering death

Viliad: adult male gronckle

Avil: adult female whispering death

Jayclaw: teen female speed stinger

Rune: teen female gronckle

Jade and Chain: teen female zippleback

Wraith: adult male sand wraith

Javis: baby male groncicle

Hydract: baby male scauldron

Kaigus: baby female snafflefang

Vain and Shackle: baby male zippleback

Blackthorn: Baby male moldruffle

Shygal: baby female shockjaw




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Icebringer: female ice dragon

marlac: male dark magic dragon

legend: male red dragon

stryker: female thunderfury

infinidite the second: male infinity dragon

thunderstrike: female thunderfury

lightningstrike: female thunderfury

volt: male crossbreed and thunderfury mix

annie: female crossbreed and thunderfury mix

patches: male crossbreed and thunderfury mix

striker: female crossbreed and thunderfury mix

storm: male storm dragon

sage: female multi element dragon

brisingr: male fire dragon

turbine: female wind dragon

firemane: female fire dragon

stormfall: female water dragon

infinidite the first: male infinity dragon

sable: female water dragon

gable: male fire wyvern

fasivi: male deathsong

flare: female stormcutter

jayclaw: female speed stinger

baril: male speed stinger

nagril: female speed stinger

calivis: male speed stinger

valil: male speed stinger

fate: female woolly howl

wraith: male sand wraith

arkachurus: female underworld dragon

time twister: female time dragon

tidus: male water dragon

saidria the first: female human

firnen: male human

saidranem: female human

saidria the second: female human

galicas: female deathsong

vatnis: male terrible terror

valice: female terrible terror

Wraith: Male sand wraith (supposedly half nightfury)

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