Dragon Disappearances!

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I just got into my game, I logged in, went to my farm. Everything was fine. Then mid-game when I left my farm, all my dragons were gone except my active one!


All my nests were empty, the egg I had put to hatch was gone. Gone! Everything.


The egg I had set to hatch was the Buffalord, but I had assumed that the glitch associated with it was gone, since it has been months to a year I think since the issue was brought up.


I did pay for gems and renewed my membership.


I also kept getting a message every time I went somewhere new that said congratulations on your membership. I bought my membership the other day, why get it now?




  1. Twinfire-Hideous Zippleback
  2. Scaleblood-Hideous Zippleback
  3. Hornsmasher-Rhumblehorn
  4. Stormhunter-Skrill
  5. Needlestorm-Deadly Nadder
  6. Batterface-Deadly Nadder
  7. Longfrill-Hobblegrunt
  8. Echospine-Whispering Death
  9. Bonesearcher-Boneknapper
  10. Hummingwing-Gronckle
  11. Cloudwings-Stormcutter
  12. Sharktooth-Raincutter
  13. Toothless-Night Fury
  14. Hailfur-Woolly Howl
  15. Sandflight-Sand Wraith
  16. Emberfang-Monstrous Nightmare
  17. Iceshard-Groncicle
  18. Wispyfog-Smothering Smokebreath
  19. Terrorclaw-Speed Stinger
  20. Seaglide-Tide Glider
  21. Finado-Typhoomerang
  22. Gearttha-Razorwhip
  23. Entrancia-Deathsong
  24. Soundwave-Thunderdrum
  25. Codlagh-Hotburple
  26. Diabhal-Devilish Dervish
  27. Honeyswirl-Sweet Death
  28. Banrion-Fireworm Queen
  29. Laib-Snafflefang
  30. Scalladh-Scauldron
  31. Shieldskin-Armorwing
  32. Firewing-Moldruffle
  33. Turraing-Shockjaw
  34. Sciobtha-Sliquifier
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Joined: 04/10/2015

When I logged back in, they were all there.

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I had that problem

I’m glad you got them back.


since I just finally got my forum account access, I don’t know how to let the mods know that the third mystery egg chest glitched and didn’t get me anything.


I’ve tried getting issues resolved via e-mail, but ‘Samatha at Zendesk’ keeps asking questions that were already answered and then after several e-mails says she cannot have anyone fix my account.


If they can PM me on here I’ll provide the Account, Viking, Device information.  I only have screenshots from the two working chest, I cannot afford another 3x Mystery Egg Chest at this moment to check for repeatability.


My apologies Brijet if this reply is kind of hijacking your post.


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