Dragon creation glitch.

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Hello, when I first started the game I created a dragon on the game and the game glitched and made two of them, the one that I want to keep is the one I created. They both are the same dragon and same name, so i know it was a glitch. I need the one dragon removed and I do not know how to remove or delete dragons. Thank you. I have attached an image of the dragon i do not want. Please help me or explain to me how I can delete it. Thank you again. 





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Sorry to tell you this, but it's not possible to delete a dragon.

Exept for hacking maybe...

But you're just gonna have to deal with it.




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Unfortunately, there's just

Unfortunately, there's just one way. Try to contact an admin and tell him/her about this glitch and maybe they end up deleting that glitched dragon (?


Hope this helped


With Love,

   Dragonist Hellen.





done by ShiroKageFox. Thanks :D (left: Udarnik    right: Desert)




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Personality: Coliseum always liked to be the leader of the gang. He's extraordinarily powerful with the other dragons and at some point, it gets quite annoying and fights are often started between groups of friends because of him. Coliseum is kind of a bad influence for his friends since when they're together all they do is destroy and provoke chaos. A lot of dragons from my stables admire him, as this Death Song is very sociable and not at all shy, which is great, but he needs to know when to stop, and that's something I'm still trying to make him notice. You know - training Death Songs is pretty difficult! They're very savage. Nonetheless, when Coliseum is alone with me, he's like another completely different dragon. He behaves like an angel and I know that he really enjoys being with me and spending the evening together. I really like his presence; when he's quiet and being himself.

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Thanks Anyway

Thank you for your response but I decided to use any duplicate dragons as twins to my original dragons. Thank you for your time and answer.