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O.K,  so this thought came to me when wrighting another topic.  My thought was a bed for are dragon that resembles the bed that toothless has on the dragons show (best tv show ever).  What it would do was it would give you the option to put you dragon to bed and regain energy over time while you go out and do whatever it is you do.  This item would be under the dragon section with the sadles and you would be able to place it in you farm.  My thought on the price would be 1500 to 2000 coins (I don't have any gems :().


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Yeah, this has been suggested

Yeah, this has been suggested before but I agree.

Maybe the first starter bed isn't that great and costs coins, but you can buy a better one with gems.


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+1, energy regeneration takes

+1, energy regeneration takes a long time.


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I agree with the bed idea, but it doesn't has to be exactly how you described it.

But we do need something that makes the dragons regenerate energy faster, and it would be great if it also regenerate happiness. And why doesn't the sleeping emote regenerate anything? is it just a random emote?


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