Dragon animation problem

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Hi there! I've noticed on two of my dragons now that they have a strange animation glitch. When flying on my Typhoomerang and on my Death Song, if you press the fire button, their wings animate strangely for a few wingbeats, and then return to normal. These are the only two types of dragons I have seen this on-- this doesn't happen with any of the others I own. To describe the glitch better, what seems to happen is that the wings flap through each other, or they rotate incorrectly or something? I could probably get some screenshots if necessary!


It would be really lovely to see this be fixed; I had noticed this on my Typhoomerang ages ago and now am noticing it with my new Death Song too, so I decided to finally report it.


Hopefully this isn't something that has already been posted-- I looked through the first few pages of the forum but didn't see anything similar.



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Hi there


This has happened to me with my Skrill. When I press the fire button the wings go into each other like a hug..... It's hard to describe but it is a problem.  




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