Dragon Age Inquisition Fan-Fiction - Imogen: Part 1

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Title: Imogen
Part: 1
Other Parts: N/A at this time
Pairings: Cullen x Non-Inquisitor Trevelyan (Imogen)
Other OC Characters: Arwen Lavellan
Setting: Right after the move to skyhold
Synopsis: Little is known about Imogen Trevelyan. Only that she appeared one day in Redcliffe, asking to join the Inquisition. It is only when she asks for a favour from the Inquisitor that more is revealed.

Imogen’s legs dangled off the edge of the cliff. A gentle breeze brushed against her skin. The open cells shaded her, but the clearing in the wall (or, in fact, the lack of wall) offered a perfect view of the mountains, as if they were laying their souls out bare. She felt water spraying against her legs, and a little on her face. There was a loud booming sound from the waterfall at her feet that flowed and into what seemed like an empty abyss below. Imogen had never bothered to watch where the water landed. Or maybe she had, and couldn’t remember.


If only she had a view like this in the circle. The Templars would not offer the mages that opportunity. A taste of freedom…something that would lead them beyond the dull walls of the fortress sheltering them from the outside world. It was stupid logic…as if the stone kept mages farther from the fade. Sure, the circle of Ferelden fell for a bit because of a mage’s stupid decisions, but did all believe every Mage was a like?


Maybe the answer was simple. Or maybe it wasn’t. Imogen clenched her fists in her lap, straining to keep memories of her time at the Ostwick circle at bay. But who could? There were beautiful talks with friends, and instances of forbidden romance wandering the corridors. People who dared to share a passion with someone else. How crazy they were! If only she had that courage. But the Templars and the circle had kept such basic experiences and interactions from her.


Something rubbed against the rocks behind her. Imogen’s gaze snapped for a moment to the source. A tall, blonde elf with a blue outfit wandered inside, and at that moment, Imogen went back to the beautiful mountains that greeted here with open arms, “I never got a view like this at the circle. It’s extraordinary.”


“That’s why you sit here?” said Arwen, “for the view? Doesn’t it get cold?”


“Of course it’s cold,” said Imogen, “we’re in the bloody mountains. But this the only place where I can…”


“Can what?”


Was it appropriate to mention? Was it something she was willing to bring up and face scrutiny for? It was no secret, of course. Imogen had heard whispers in the hall, and the rumours that spread amongst the guard.


Imogen rolled her shoulders. It didn’t matter what people thought they knew, even if it wasn’t the truth, “…nothing. It isn’t worth mentioning. But…” Imogen took in the looming mountains for but a moment longer before pushing herself on to her feet, “…I have a favour. You do that sort of thing, right?”


“I do,” said Arwen.


“Good,” said Imogen, “there are some…people I wish to find. In the conclave commotion, we lost touch. I searched afterwards and couldn’t find any trace. Since you have so much at your disposal….”


“All right,” said Arwen, crossing her arms over her chest.


“Really? You’ll help me,” said Imogen, “no questions?”


“Should I be asking them?” said Arwen


Imogen chuckled, “If you did, I wouldn’t tell. But I have some information for a search. I assume you want to do that first.”


“Give the information to my people,” said Arwen, “and they’ll look into it.”


“Of course, Inquisitor,” said Imogen, “I’ll head there now.”


Arwen nodded and stalked away as quickly as she would come. Imogen took another look at the mountains. It felt as if someone was going to take the view away from her. She’d walk away, and come back to find nothing but abyss and stone wall. It was only a few minutes…


And this was far too important. The young mage snatched her staff from its spot against the wall, and tossed her satchel over her shoulder before following the Inquisitor out the door. Arwen was gone before Imogen could say another word, but she did not care. The sooner she passed this along, the sooner she would return.


Imogen trailed up through the hall into the sunshine, and across the courtyard until she flew up the stairs and entered the main hall. Noblemen chatted amongst themselves, as if keeping some sort of loud secret. Not that Imogen cared.


She pushed open the middle door on the left and another, until she walked into a small room with light streaming in from the few windows. A young noblewoman scribbled on parchment behind a desk.


Imogen approached the desk, “Ambassador.”


“Ms. Trevelyan,” said Josephine, dabbing her quill into a pot of ink, “is there something I can do for you?”


“Yes, and no,” said Imogen, “the Inquisitor has granted me a favour.”


“A favour?”


“Yes, a favour,” said Imogen, Her hands dig into the satchel, and censored a few pieces of parchment, “if you do not believe me, you can ask her.”


“It is not that,” said Josephine, “often matters like this are brought up in War Council meetings. Is there something about this particular favour that cannot wait?”


“The parchment summarizes it in enough detail,” said Imogen. She slid the parchment across the desk. Josephine eyed it as she put down her quill and snatched the parchment. For a few moments, Imogen heard nothing but thick silence. From the courtyard, voices of swords clashing had echoed. Here it was like a piece of paradise.


Josephine set down the parchment, “I assume this is a search operation.”


“That is correct,” said Imogen.


“Normally I would offer my services, but…” said Josephine, offering Imogen the parchment, “I doubt nobles and ties would benefit this situation…especially one that requires urgency. Perhaps Leliana or Cullen.”


Imogen snatched the parchment out of Josephine’s hands. The thought of the commander sent a tremor down her spine, “I see. I will ask them. Thank you, Josephine.”


Ambassador Montilyet nodded, and then set her gaze back on her work. Imogen gripped the parchment pieces.


After making the trek past the library to the tip top to find Leliana, Imogen clenched her left hand as Leliana scanned the documents, “This is interesting. I am definitely interested, but all of my agents are currently occupied with other missions,” said Leliana, “I know the Commander has a few men to spare. You should speak with him.” And then she turned and walked away.


It was true that interactions with Leliana were normally brief, but something had stirred in her. Some sort of hope that she would take her quest and get results quickly. But it was a dream, and reality just smacked her in the face. The Commander was her only option. Her heart jumped at the thought. She’d have to face the Commander.


For a moment it seemed unimportant. She didn’t have to find her friends right away. But it had been months without a word. Imogen swallowed, and snatched the parchment from the table. She had to do this. Her friend’s lives may depend on this.


The walk to the Commander’s tower on the battlements was short. So short, that Imogen felt like she’d blinked and teleported. The tower loomed over the battlements. She wasn’t surprised he was cooped up in here, or that some soldiers were a few feet away whispering in each others ear. Imogen swore she saw them throw her looks in between words, and it wouldn’t surprise her. She straightened her back, and felt the staff touch her shoulders. Without hesitation, Imogen grabbed the doorknob and pushed.


The door flung open and revealed a dimly lit room with few windows, and a small desk near the back by the wall. Behind was a blonde haired man in some sort of weird, animal crap armour. It looked uncomfortable, and unlike anything she had seen before. Of course, she was use to stupid iron armour with a red sword and, if she hadn’t caught glimpses of him before, that’s what she would’ve expected. She tightened her fingers, and swallowed. He was shuffling something around on his desk.


“Commander Cullen,” said Imogen. Maybe she was a little too forceful, for her voice echoed.


The Commander looked at her, “Something on your mind?”


You have no idea. Imogen wanted to throw the parchment on to the desk and all her magic at his face. She ignored the Commander’s question and approached his desk, “The Inquisitor has granted me a favour. I’m to leave this parchment with you.” She didn’t mention that second still buried in her satchel. The page Leliana and Josephine had the pleasure of seeing.


Cullen took the parchment and glanced over them, “A search...”


“Yes,” said Imogen, “that’s what it says.”


He scanned the document, not uttering a single word. Silence settled between them. Imogen was tempted to walk off, but she remained put with images of her friends flashing in her memory. She crossed her arms over her chest.


“Have I done something to offend you?” said Cullen.


“No,” said Imogen, “why?”


“It’s just that you’re,” said Cullen, pausing for a moment, “nevermind.”


He glanced over the parchment for a moment longer.


Imogen sighed, “Just give me any details about this so I can leave.”


“I’m afraid I can’t do that,” said Cullen.


She was afraid of this. Imogen fought the itch to grab her staff and blast him where he stood, “Because..?”


“The amount of information here is…unworkable,” said Cullen, “I’ll need more to launch a proper investigation.”


“That “information” is none of your business,” said Imogen, “is that piece of parchment not enough?”


“I need names,” said Cullen.


“Aren’t the names there?” said Imogen.


“No,” said Cullen.


“Oh,” said Imogen, “I’m sure you can do without. The Inquisition has found with less. You have a lot of information at your disposal.”


“Listing little detail about a raid and, ‘They’re somewhere in Thedas’ is not information,” said Cullen, “if I am to find your friends, I need something. Anything.”


Imogen groaned, fully aware of the piece of parchment in her satchel. She snatched it and slammed it into his hands, “Is this enough? It’s a detailed description of possible locations, and a few names. Plus additional information.”


Cullen scanned the parchment, “This mentions Templars.”


“It does,” said Imogen.


“Is there a reason why the Templars could be involved?” said Cullen.


Imogen had a sudden urge to smack the man in the face. Wouldn’t something like that be plainly obvious? “Nothing I’ll willingly share with you.”


“I was just trying to learn more,” said Cullen, “if I’m to find your friends, I need as much information as possible. I meant no offense.”


“Sure,” said Imogen, “whatever makes you tick. Just find my friends, Commander. A lot is riding on this.”


And she retreated before he could respond…and before she screamed in his face.