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Joined: 06/30/2014

  Welcome! This page in the forums is all about the clan Dragon Affinity! For those of you who don't know Affinity means “a spontaneous or natural liking or sympathy for someone or something, or a similarity of characteristics suggesting a relationship, especially a resemblance in structure between animals, plants, or languages.”~Google.

   The clan is still very new so we don't have many achievements or trophies. There is no special requirements to join right now, since we really need more members. If you want to join you can send an invite request or pm me with your friend code.

    If your already a member and you have an idea for the clan you can pm me on the forum or send me a message in game. If it's do-able I'll Present it to the clan to get everybody ease's opinions.


Clan Members Only Please:


        I'm working on a banner for the clan, but I'm definitely not the greatest at it, so If anybody wants to give me a hand please pm me. Also, I need pic's of dragons for inspiration and maybe to add to it, so if you have any you'd like me to use send them to me.