Dragon Abilities, why?

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So I had a thought. You know how at some schools you arent' allowed to bring phones to class, play football in the halls (Seriously who wants to be hit with a football...), or do anything else that could distract and/or destroy people's property? Maybe that's why we haven't gotten the abilities for our dragons.


Think about it, if we all actually had dragons how many of us would use a spike shot, or cause an explosion? I would. Though I'd probably get in trouble for aiming my dragon's spikes at people... SOOOOO I was thinking, maybe that's why the people working on SoD haven't added it.


Which brings me to another idea. Maybe have a special area/arena/island for dragon rider antics. It could have separate places for the different classes and a 'playground' in the middle of the island that all dragon riders could interact with. Sharp Class gets things to shoot spikes at, things to cut down, places to sharpen their skills punpunpunpun All the other classes would have areas meant for their class of dragons too. I just said Nadder first because I have one and it's my personal favorite. Though I'm sure everyone could picture an area like this. If not I can come up with a list of ideas for each area and then the playground in the middle.


Until next time, Kenzie out!

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I like how you put it. yeah

I like how you put it. yeah may be. Who knows they might add it at some point.



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It'd be cool to have

It'd be cool to have Tidalwave mess up papers and push hem around with her roar! XD





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kupo and kweh. i've run out of subjects

Great suggestions, kupo!




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