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You know what I mean.



Banner by EmeraldHuntress65


About me (in game)

Viking Name: IIVelocityyII

Some players call me Vel/Velo <3

UDT: 400,000 Platinum Star/Level 50

Friend Code: PM me if you want to know :)

Racing since 2017

Proud member of Bandito Gang <3

Former Clans: Wings of Freedom, King of Empires, Swift Champions, Immortal Demonz, Spirit of Valhalla

Trophy Count: 41,000 and counting

Racing Style: Whatever I feel like doing XD

Main Racer(s): Light Fury, Pouncer, Toothless, Nightshade the Sand Wraith, Luminosa the Dreadstrider

Main Dragon: Light Fury/Pouncer

Favorite Minigame(s): TRR, Dragon Tactics

Favorite Dragons: Light Fury, Night Lights, Sand Wraith, Deathsong, Razorwhip, Skrill, Dreadstrider

Favorite Night Light: Pouncer

Favorite Islands: Vanaheim, Melody Island, Titan Island, Hidden World

I am most active during summers, Christmas, and Clash of Clans tournaments, the rest of the year my viking is pretty much dormant.

During those times, you can usually find me in racing XD

About me (irl)


Name: I'll say it starts with an A :)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Birthday: 5-15-03 (I'm a Taurus XD)

Favorite fandoms: HTTYD (duh), Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Narnia

English is kinda my second language so forgive me if I spell wrong or make mistakes :D

Hobbies: Track and field, cross country, running, pole vaulting (my favorite track event XD)


Random facts about me: 


I got my SoD name from a physics class <3

I somehow finished a full marathon when I was 14 and it was so weird to be one of the youngest runners there XD

I'm left handed 

I started pole vaulting when I was 14

SM64 is my favorite Mario game XD

I'm a Gryffindor! 

I'm an aspiring runway model

I think that's it XD

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Er..... Yeah.


Astrid GIF

Captain Marvel Yes GIF by




of the Spiritwings


Hello, mellon-nins!

My name is Sparta. Y'all probably guessed that by now but I said it again. You can call me Sparty, Spart, Troy, Ocean, or Sparta. 

Endgame by Sohki, thanks!


Related image

Sparta's backstory is right under here!


Sparta's backstory

Sparta's name was originally Ocean before she became a rogue dragon rider. She is the sister of Eir and Nikora Stormheart making her Ocean Stormheart. When Drago Bludvist destroyed her island she wasn't able to escape unlike her sisters who separated once they had left their burning home. Sparta then chose a different name, learning to survive in the wild and in her spare time, try to find a potential home. One day as she was building a makeshift shelter she heard the growl of a pained animal and followed the sound to see a dragon trapped in a net hanging from a tree. This creature was the most beautiful thing Sparta had ever seen. In pity she cut the rope freeing the dragon. Instead of flying away, the dragon stayed. That was when Sparta forged an unforgettable bond. She decided to name her new friend, Evley, also discovering she could talk to dragons. After hiding and running for five years straight, they both had enough and made an oath to never run again after they've found a suitable island. This island turned out to be Berk where Astrid and Heather misinterpreted her as a dragon hunter. She eventually told them who she was, clearing up the conflict. Now she's spending her life with new friends in New Berk and adopting dragons.


Where you can find me in game: I'm everywhere! But I'm not easy to find, usually I'm filming videos on MMO.


Personality: Friendly but can be cranky.


How to contact me: Just PM me!


Artwork done by fellow forum users

Spectacularly amazing artwork of Bad Guy done by Izzydrawsdragons, thank you so much!

Zym from The Dragon Prince by ReliefMoor!

Sparta by Soulofthefoxy!

My night stinger, Littlewind, by Thank you!

Project Furia by AndreaEaston! Tysm!

Sagi by AndreaEaston! 

Likes: The dragon prince, HTTYD, Kotlc, roleplaying, geography and science, writing music, writing, drawing, and hanging out with friends.

Dislikes: Hackers, accusations, bullies, anime, and tomatoes. (Yet pasta sauce is delicious)

Favorite ships: Runari (Runaan x Ethari), Hiccstrid, Fitzphie, and Claudium. I like Rayllum it's just a little too cheesy.

Image result for the dragon prince gifs

I stan this queen 3000

fun flying GIF by How To Train Your Dragon




How many dragons? 57

Am I on social media? Nop, just Wattpad and SoD.

Rest of Siggy is WIP

Confused Stick GIF by How To Train Your Dragon





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Don’t even tell me...

Don’t even tell me...


Name in game and forum: FuriaChaosu/SilverDragon177 - call me Furia


Age: 17 in november


I’am currently a lone wolf without a clan or friends, sitting on MMO off for whole the time except battle events.

(If you see me in game, please do not invite to the clan or to friend with you)



All dragons count: 343


Titans: all titans available plus some doubles









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What's going on?

What's going on?




This siggy is guarded by the KING OF THE DIGITAL WORLD!


( made by AndreaEaston! )


Name: InkyDigiWing or Harper (FORMERLY ApertureNightFury12345)



Gender: Female



Age 21




Hobbies: Edits, Roleplaying, Drawing, being a whovian....or secretly an inky demon shhhhhhhhhhhhhh




Fandoms: Bendy And The Ink Machine, Doctor Who, Digimon ( I'm part of the Xros Heart and don'tcha forget it! ) HTTYD, Charmed, Bioshock




Pets: 3 dogs ( 2 biological and one is a robot )





Movies: HTTYD, Sgt Stubby, Eragon, Detective Pikachu, Rio 1 and 2, ghostbusters, Last evoloution ( if they even play it where I live, SONIC THE HEDGEHOOOOOOOOGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, Resident evil films, Jumanji






Forum Request + Inkling by ImDerpySheyla




Inkling the Ink Demon Yoshi done by ImDerpySheylaYT




Inky by Tigerli1y



Flightmare 4 by FlittIngermanShotMist



Flightmare 10 by FlittIngermanRevin




Flightmare 13 by FlittIngermanShoutBlitz


my Flightmares are by Flitt




Binky by ImDerpySheyla


Binky by ImDerpySheylaYT



Marshrunner-8Digi by Speedyleaf



INKYDIGIWING - FBQ by AndyArtworks


by AndreaEaston



Inky done by the famous WoollyHowlEra



art of the Digimon's king and princess by Frugal




RPs I'm in!


Guardians Of The Multiverse Free Roleplay


Doctor Who: Tales From Across The Universe






Dragon Training HTTYD Limited Spot Roleplay





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you know what thag person....

you know what that person....


by my amazing friend Lady fighter

Warning for PMs : if you are PMing me there's a chance I won't respond to it unless it's for RPs or Art then i'll respond to it

Under construction until i have time to redocorate it

Welcome to signature by NightFury125


NightFury125's avatar RegianaStars

Table of contents (shows the color of each section and what order it appears in) :


Httyd with other franchises mix

       -Digimon OCs as Dragons

       -She-ra and The Princesses of Power OCs and Canoned character as Dragons

       -Freah Precure OC as a Dragon

Other Franchise OCs

      -Fresh Precure OCs

      -Suite Precure OCs

      -Yoshi OC

      -The Dragon Prince OCs (TDP for short)

      -Avatar: The Last Airbender OCs (ATLA for short)

      -Tales of Arcadia OCs (ToA for short)

      -She-ra and The Princesses of Power OCs (SaTPoP for short)



Viking Profiles

     -Main viking Warmetalgarurumon

     -Second viking Delphox Alpha

     -Other vikings back-ups


My thanks


sorry for being lazy here's some of them

Nightfury125 headshot (dragonsona and mascot)Nightfury125 (main mascot and dragonsona) {normally she wears sunglasses but I didn't know how to drawcthem so she's like this] by me

by Iamthesenate

Httyd with other franchises mix:

Warmetalgarurumon (Wargreymon x Metalgarurumon) DigiLight [my mascot for this account] by InkyDigiWing

by Iamthesenate

GatoGarurumon by ShadowFuryTreaderGatoGarurumon (Gatomon x Metalgarurumon) DigiLight by InkyDigiWings

Dracomon fury

Dracomon fury who's Warmetalgarurumon's older brother by InkyDigiWings

WargreymonWarmetalgarurumon's mom Wargreymon by InkyDigiWings

MetalgururumonWarmetalgarurumon's father Metalgarurumon by InkyDigiWings

Catra (She-ra and the princesses of power canoned character) as a nightlight by ApertureNightFury12345 (InkyDigiWings now)

Liza (SATPOP OC) as a Nightlight by ApertureNightFury12345 (InkyDigiWings now)

Lizshade (Liza x Nightshade are OCs of SATPOP) by ApertureNightFury12345 (InkyDigiWings now)

Sary (Fresh precure OC) as a Nightlightlight by me

Other franchise OCs:

Sary vs Cure Cherry (Fresh precure OC) by me

Sarah Higashi (Fresh precure OC) by me

Singer (Suite precure OC) by me

Cure Singer (Suite precure OC) by me

Allisa Kurokawa (Suite precure OC) by me

Forum Request + Flamering by ImDerpySheylaMy Yoshi Flamering made by ImDerpySheylaYT

an amazing headshot of my Startouch elf OC Regiana made by DyliehIdol1214

Regiana the startouch elfmy Startouch elf OC Regiana (one of my favorite OCs for The Dragon Prince) by me

Lunaraisia (or just Luna for short)Lunaraisia or Luna for short the Celestial dragon (My second favorite OC for the Dragon Prince) by me

Regiana and Lunaraisia together made by TosiLohi (also my new Profile pic)

Nila the moonshadow elfNila the Moonshadow elf (The Dragon Prince OC) by me


Suany the Sunfire elfSuany the Sunfire elf (TDP OC) by me

Athena the Tidebound elfAthena the Tidebound elf (TDP OC) by me

Aura the Skywing elfAura the Skywing elf (TDP OC) by me

Hydra the Earthblood elfHydra the Earthblood elf (TDP OC) by me


SelaphiaSelaphia the storm dragon (TDP OC) by me

MariaMaria by me

Sorcerer and Seekertwins Sorcerer and Seeker (TDP OCs) by me

Ying the Firebender by NightFury125Ying my firebender (Avatar: the Last Airbender OC) by me

Adah the waterbender by NightFury125Adah my waterbender (ATLA OC) by me

Flora the Earthbender by NightFury125Flora my earthbender (ATLA OC) by me

Aayla the airbender by NightFury125Aayla my airbender (ATLA OC) by me

Kaida (human form) by NightFury125Kaida Lake Jr. human form (ToA OC) by me

Kaida (hybrid form) by NightFury125Kaida hybrid form by me

Kaida (dragon form) by NightFury125Kaida dragon form by me

Monstrous Kaida by my friend toothless0603

Aridam (human form) by NightFury125Aridam Chaos human form (ToA OC) by me

Aridam (hybrid form) by NightFury125Aridam hybrid form by me

Aridam (dragon form) by NightFury125Aridam dragon form by me

Aridam (cat form) by NightFury125Aridam cat form by me

Elizabeth Casperan by NightFury125My witch OC Elizabeth Casperan (ToA OC) by me

an amazing drawing of my wizard OC Elizabeth Casperan by my friend toothless0603

Roger profile by NightFury125Elizabeth's animal familier Roger (ToA OC) by me

Alina (human form) by NightFury125Alina Chaos human form (ToA OC) by me

Alina (hybrid form) by NightFury125Alina hybrid form by me

Alina (dragon form) by NightFury125Alina dragon form by me

Alina (cat form) by NightFury125Alina cat form by me

Liza (SATPOP OC) by me

Liza's dragon form Shadow storm (armor) (SATPOP OC) by me

NightShade by NightFury125Nightshade (SATPOP OC) by me

Nightshade's dragon form (armor) (SATPOP OC) by me


R.I.P. old look of Shine you'll be missed (banner done by AndreaEaston)


Catra fan banner by NightFury125

(this banner was done by me)

Miscellaneous :

My cat Duke as a Dragon cat by the amazing LissaFish

Accalia the Aleution by DyliehIdol1214

Viking profiles:

Viking Name: Warmetalgarurumon


Age:19 (not my real age  it's a role playing age)

Personality:brave, strong, smart and sometimes afriad


proud member of

clan banner by The Bohemian Critic

Viking Level: 17 (the dreadfall event resetted my level)

Fishing Level:27

Farming Level:30

Dragon Count:over 104 Dragons


UDT Stars:1 platinum star

UDT Points:20000+ UDT points

Friend Code: pm me

Main Dragons: Tripe Stinger (titan triple stryke), Toothless (alpha night fury),Bright (light fury),

Tiny (titan terrible terrior), Lightning (titan skrill), Stone Guardian (elder sentinal), Stone Guard (titan sentinal), Midnight (Dart the nightlight), Dawn (Pouncer the nightlight) and Dusk (Ruffrunner the nightlight)

Favorite Class: strike class

Home Land:Berserker Island


Viking name: Delphox Alpha


Age:19(not my real age it's a role playing age)

Personality: not very smart, confident in self, stubborn and weak

Clan: Leader of winter fire dragons

Viking Level:35

Fishing Level:6

Farming Level:9

Dragon Count:23 Dragons


UDT Stars: 2 Silver Stars

UDT Points:59223 UDT Points

Friend Code: pm me

Main Dragon: Toothless (alpha night fury) Wise Stone Protecter (elder sentinal) Triple Tail (triple stryke) Mossy Stone (sentinal), Stormy (skrill)

Favorite Class:boulder class

Home Land:Berserker Island


BrightMars, BeautifulJupiter, Wisewisesaturn, DialgaTheRulerOfTime, PalkiaTheRulerOfSpace and CurePassionBeat







The Dragon prince

She-ra and the princesses of power (use to be)

My little pony : Friendship is magic


Jurassic park/world

Tales of Arcadia (the whole series from Trollhunters to Wizards)

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Wings of Fire

Spirit Animals

Eevee GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

My thanks :

Thank you to every artists who made me art they're all so lovely and make me smile when I look at them when i'm feeling low. I also want to thank my friends your all there when I need some cheering up and help me through the tough times. Thank you all of you :D

that's all i have for now bye!

The Dragon Prince Zym GIF - TheDragonPrince Zym Azymondias ...

Why are you still here? ok more zym gifs

Dragon Prince Azymondias GIF - DragonPrince Dragon Azymondias ...

Azymondias Dragon Prince GIF - Azymondias DragonPrince Dragon ...

Azymondias Dragon Prince GIF - Azymondias DragonPrince Dragon ...

ok now really bye

Dragon Prince Hatchling GIF - DragonPrince Dragon Hatchling ...

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you know him...

you know him...

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Tornadochaser keeps making pity daily. Pity. Posts. They all beg for forgiveness and ask how they can change, etc. etc. etc. They refuse to listen to any advice and ask the same thing over and over. Every single day, one or two new posts that sooner belong on Facebook than an SoD forum. It's getting very annoying and OP is saying to stop replying to Tornado's posts because it encourages him to keep making more AND revives any posts hat could've died, making the spam more prevalent.


Aka Cryp or Cryptic, occasionally Fang. I have the same username in the game (my main viking). I have all three Night Lights. Ruffrunner is my favorite and I really hope they become available for Dragon Tactics since that's my favorite minigame. AND I REALLY HOPE DREAMWORKS ALLOWS ADULT NIGHT LIGHTS BECAUSE THEY HAVE EVERYTHING TO GAIN AND BECAUSE MY LIL FURIES WOULD LOOK SO COOL GROWN UP!


Dragons (to date):

Rumblehorn (Flaire)

Nadder (Neopunk)

Stormcutter (Kagome)

Stormcutter (Floral)

Death Song (Luminescent) 

Dramillion (Mayu)

Woolly Howl (Floofy)

Whispering Death (Fangfull)

Groncicle (Kokoro)

Skrill (Lavander)

Tide Glider (RedTide)

Moldruffle (Dude)

Zippleback (Mister)

Zippleback (Nibbler)

Zippleback (Zippy)

Snaptrapper (MultiPanda)

Raincutter (Rain)

Snafflefang (Foli)

Eruptodon (Hosenki)

Armorwing (Fresco)

Singetail (Fireblaster)

Elder Sentinel (Shade)

Razorwhip (Darba)

Flame Whipper (Joker)

Triple Stryke (Stratos)

Smitten Hobgobbler (Kernel)

Hobgobbler (Bobble)

Crimson Goregutter (Gordon)

Deathgripper (Centurion)

Deathgripper (Tryst)

Scauldron (Tibby)

Gronckle (Gronk)

Monstrous Nightmare (Nightmon)

Night Light (Dart)

Night Light (Ruffrunner)

Night Light (Pouncer)

Sand Wraith (Crystalline)

Scuttleclaw (Pepper)

Prickleboggle (Dot)

Speedstinger (Vena)

Changewing (Acidic)

Fireworm Queen (Kirby)

Thunderdrum (Nono)

Zapplejack (Apple)

Galeslash (Pingu)

Typhoomerang (Thwap)

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Maybe just ignore the threads

Maybe just ignore the threads i guess and see if it stops

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Swirlfire burned my subject again....

Wasn't planning on it.

Scroll down below!


Welcome to my signature!



This is Skylight, guardian of my siggy, created by the amazing Sohki!

 And this art was made by Warmetalgaruamon, another amazing art of Skylight! 



My Windwalker mug hatchling Neptune, made by Sohki!



My Seashocker, Ocean, done by Sohki!



River, also done by Sohki!

My adopted bunnies, Sam(left) and Fluffy(right)! (From Moonfyre)


My Deadly Razortail, Swiftspine, Made by the talented StormShear57!

A special thanks to Flitt for these amazing pieces of artwork!



Both Night Lights were made by AndreaEaston(Thanks, Andrea!)


Male Lycanwing, Midnight                                                            Female Lycanwing, Shadow

Both Lycanwings were created by the amazing AMAZIEing!(Get it? Amazing? AMAZIEing? Never mind....)



Fizzlebolt, my Skrill, done wonderfully by the talented Snudoo!


Dramillion Banner made by Dragonriders Fury!


Calumon Night Light made by InkiDigiWing


Down below are some of my favorite HTTYD gifs!








A few things about myself


Hi, my full username is SilverAceWing, but you can call me Ace. I am a proud Christian, and for all those who do not know Jesus yet,

"Believe in Lord Jesus, and you will be saved - you and your household."

I am a very big dragon fan, and this is my second time of school of dragons.

I used to play it, but I erased it for some reason(I can't remember why I did that). By the way, my name was NOT inspired by SilverWillowWing. Its because I like the color silver, in httyd books, it says 'the best is not the most obvious' so I didn't like gold, which is the best. I chose silver, which is second-best. And 'Ace' because I am very fast in TRR, 'Wing' because I mistyped the 'g'. It was supposed to be 'wind', with a 'd'.


Clan : Isle of Gazoo


Current Clan Position : Elder


Trophies : About 600 and counting!


Languages : Korean, English, and Boar Latin(The twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut were generous enough to give me 473 free lessons.)


Main Viking : SilverAceWind


Main Dragons : Glowfin(Male Dreadstrider), Healbeam(Female Prickleboggle), Sandstorm(Male Sand Wraith), Dart, Pouncer,Wavebuster(Male titan wing Thunderdrum), and Winter(titan wing Woolly Howl)


Where to Find Me in-game : Training grounds, mostly, sometimes Wilderness when Im trying to take screenshots.


Favorite Dragons Top 10 : Dramillion, Razorwhip, Dart, Dreadstrider, Speed Stinger, Light Fury, Death Song, Pouncer, Night Fury, Woolly Howl


Favorite Dragon Classes : Sharp, Mystery, and Strike


Expansion Packs Completed : Icestorm Island, Battle for the Edge, Rise of Stormheart, The Hidden World, and Secret of the Leviathan





Yes, I am a MASSIVE Pokemon and HTTYD fan!


My favorite pokemon is  Lycanroc, especially dusk form! I like Eevee too, cuz, well, who wouldn't like that cuddly cute pokemon?



 Clan Banners made by EmeraldHuntress65!


You have reached the bottom of my boring siggy!

Bye-Bye, and thanks to all the users who gave me some amazing art!


The prize that was here has been taken by Flittington. It is now closed.

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Ugh.... I know I said I'd keep away from the forums.... I lied.

This forum would benefit from an ignore feature so you can simply avoid some peoples existance.

~From Saerileth with love~

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Lady fighter
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 Don't have to tell me twice. No pity or sympathy from me to The-One-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-The-Third.




        In Loving Memory of Daisy The Best Dog and Friend Anyone could ask for, My best friend is gone... 2006- 2019


                              Welcome to my Signature!

                                 My favorite dragon is Hypnos (Ruffrunner)! I love him very much!

                                                                                              A Secret Santa Gift Made By Silver Phantom! 8D 

                Hello! Here is a quick way to find some of my latest art! :D Dreadfall Dragon Drawings                                  Snoggletog Fury Art   Lady's Fury/Viking Art- (Art Thread?)



                    My siggy guardian Cyclone doesn't take kindly to anyone messing with my siggy. >:D

                                                               By The amazing Sohki!


                                                      buddies on forums and in SoD

        Ella, Tilly, Hookless, Flitt, Sohki, DreamingSong, Anic, The Bohemian Critic, Janovia, Madoka Miyazono, Stellabertgrimborn, Warmetalgarurumon, Meeeky, twoface765 (Abyss), LissaFish, JediMasterFury, Silver Phantom, Speedyleaf, Marcella-Chan and many more peoples that I am proud to call my friends!

                             WARNING: If I see anyone being rude or intending to hurt my friends, I will not be nice about it. You dare to speak to or of my friends in a bad way, I would watch your back... I will not tolerate that behavior...  Don't mess with me or my friends or I will send Helios after ya. He's not very friendly when you mess with me or those I care about.


      You can call me Lady fighter, Lady, or fighter. My name is based off the medieval times when female knights were called "Lady". The fighter part of my name comes from all the times I've been knocked down from fighting my demons or things that hold me back... In the end I get back up and I fight back. I'm a fighter. I'm the Lady fighter~                       


                                                    By the ever amazing, Sohki! <3                   


                                            Friend Code: PM me for my friend code.


                          My main dragons right now are,Helios (Pouncer, Night Light), Hypnos (Ruffrunner, Night Light), Nyx (Dart, Night Light),  Moondust (Light Fury), Midnight (Night Fury), Deadly Shadow ( Zippleback), Demons (Prickleboggle), Fang Blazer (Monstrous Nightmare), Hurricane (Titan Deadly Nadder), Sphera (Whispering Death), Titan (Gronckle Baby), MadamMuglug (Gronckle), Warrior (Scauldron), Bonekeeper/BoneScream (Boneknapper), Storm (Thunderdrum),  Haru ( Woolly Howl ), Saphira (Deadly Nadder), and Phoenix (Monstrous Nightmare)




                                     I am the proud Leader of The Furious Alpha Furies                                                                                                                                       The Light Fury in this banner was made by NyctToma 




                                            All made by The AMAZING EmeraldHuntress65!                


                                                     My favorite class is: Strike!!!


                                                         Amazing art of Helios (Pouncer)! :D  



                                             Helios banner made by DragonRider's Fury! :D


                                                  Helios and I Made by Tosi Lohi! Also my profile picture!






     Helios made by TigerLi1y!


  Helios made my Maz!

  Helios again by Maz! 




                     Amazing Banners of Nyx and Hypnos by DragonRider'sFury!!! :DDD 


                Amazing drawings of Nyx and Hypnos the Night Lights. :3


 This amazing edit of me and Nyx was done by Equestwestherider! Also my profile picture!


                                        By Dylieh!!! :D :3 


                     A drawing of Hypnos trying to catch me as I fall was made by Dylieh! Thanks Dylieh!



                                                    By Izzydrawsdragons. :D   


                                                                  By Frugal. :D


                  By Icee Glacier. :P         

                                                                                                                           By Speedyleaf. :D





    By AndreaEaston                                                                                                                                                                  By AndreaEaston



                                                                                                            By Anic101


                                                By Frugal. :D


      By Frugal :P


    By Madoka Miyanzono :3

  By Madoka Miyanzono :D


         By EndlessNight :)


        By Endless Night! :D


         By the ZestyDragonWing


                       By Silver Phantom :D


   By VicZarSky :P


   By ZestyDragonWing                                                              By ZestyDragonWing


                                                  Potato Nyx by Kasane lover


         Potato Hypnos by Kasane lover



                               Cyclone The Windwalker by Sohki the amazing Windwalker Queen. xD   








                                                                                                                                           BackDrop  By the awesome Flitt!!!      


                                                  FireStorm done by the Amazing Andrea!



                              FangBlazer by the talented Peregrinecella




                                              FangBlazer by the awesome Icee Glacier!



                                               FireStorm by the talented Peregrinecella


                                                     MugLug done by the awesome ZestyDragonWing!


                                                              Deadly Shadow done by the AWESOME Icee Glacier!



                                                                                     Phantom by Speedyleaf


                                                            Saphira done by the amazing Izzydrawsdragons









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wha the third? Whos the second?

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Lady fighter
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  The second is someone who I will not speak about. 

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By any chance... Dark crystal?



Your membership has expired! Please insert your credit card information!

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Vold.e.m.o.r.t cur.s.ed my subject.......

YOU NAMED THE HE-WHO-MUST-NOT-BE-NAMED-THE-FIRST!!!! (or at least, i think its the first.... i dont have a clue of who the second is, actually) How could you???

EDIT: Oh, wait, maybe the second is Moldevolt?

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The first is the potato, the

The first is the potato, the second is Voldemort, and the third is tornadochaser. 



how to train your dragon hello GIF



If you click on them, it will take you to their creater

banners made by AndreaEaston

A quick message to the people who ha.te hackers

Yes, what hackers do is illegal, but they have a life outside of ha.cking. They probably have friends and family who see the good things in them. Now, please don't say I'm siding with the hac.kers, because that is not true. I'm just asking that you be kind to them, treat them like a real person, and don't create offencive names like HackerKiller. Yes, some of them like mr. moth have gone to far, but other people who teamed up with hac.kers before have tryed to fix their mistakes; such as tornadochaset and EpicBrid77(did I get your username right?) have tryed to fix thier mistakes. They have said sorry and have moved on, or their trying to. Please, just treat them like normal humans or at least not like abombanations. I'm getting tierd of all the hac.ker hate going around. If your mother or father went to perison, you wouldn't shame them, would you? don't shame the hac.kers for doing what they think is right. Now, I'm not saying that hac.king is right, it's very wrong, but at least treat them with some decentness. Two wrongs never make a right.

PM me if...

1) You want to talk about politics

2) You want an ad made for you

3) If you want to talk crazy dragon theories with me


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Uh.... why potato?

Uh.... why potato?

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Dragon XD
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*Grabs popcorns*

Yeah... Better just ignore "THAT person"... Because this is getting VERY irritating..

Let's simply not respont to the threads, giving "THAT person" the signal that we don't want too many pity posts..


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Real Life Facts About Me:

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Amethyst: Female Adult Razorwhip (Glitched Call Of The Deathsong Egg)

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Mystycal: Male Adult Groncicle

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Sweetness: Female Adult Sweet Death

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Warning: This List Is Not Finished Yet!

I Have Too Many Dragons..Not Going To Finish The List Today...








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Lightning thought the subject was trying to attack me... RIP

I don't like what I'm seeing here at ALL. 


"i was with other kids who had disabilities like me at school" (found in his 'Story of school and school of dragons' thread)


This is a quote from him. Many of you probobly missed it. It may or may not be true, but it certainly would explain things. Now listen up; he's another human being! He may not be perfect, but who ever is? I agree, don't reply to his threads. If he is just seeking attention, then this will deter him from making a bunch of threads. If he is not, then maybe this will help him realize it's not something that is appreciated. But things like THIS:



"This forum would benefit from an ignore feature so you can simply avoid some peoples existance."



"Don't have to tell me twice. No pity or sympathy from me to The-One-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-The-Third."



"Yeah... Better just ignore "THAT person"... Because this is getting VERY irritating..

Let's simply not respont to the threads, giving "THAT person" the signal that we don't want too many pity posts."

-Dragon XD



EXCUSE ME??? None of these are nice things to say at all, especially the one from LadyFighter!

You think TORNADOCHASER is immature, making all these pity posts, and yeah, he kinda is. He doesn't know any better. You, on the other hand, know how to respect people. You know how to be polite. I'm not your elder, but we all have the same reponsibilities, so it's my obligation to remind you of them.

Be patient.

Be nice.

Don't reply to him if you don't want, but don't be rude about it.

If your computer had a bug and you asked about it in the forums, you wouldn't want everyone else scorning you for not knowing how to fix it. Tornadochaser seems to have a 'bug' in his life, and he can't 'fix it'. So don't scorn him for it. You could even look at his coming to this forum as a blessing, to teach you all some patience.



I already know what some of you are almost certainly going to say.


"If he doesn't want scorn, then he shouldn't be online. He's not mature enough."


Yeah, I've noticed online isn't the most forgiving. But just because it is like that, it doesn't mean it has to be. Everyone here is pleading for SoD to change, right? Well here I am, pleading for the internet to change. There is NOTHING wrong with changing ourselves for the better. You can ALWAYS be more patient, more kind, more forgiving, and more helpful to those who need it.


Lightning the night fury, done by Dragonriders Fury!



I use to upload pictures. If any of you are having trouble uploading pictures of your own, just go there and browse for your file. Once it loads, look under the link. It should say 'More'. Click on that and copy the 'Image URL'


Of course we're all salty. We're all the salt of the earth, placed on the world to give love and to be good and kind to man, animal, and the land itself.


My boat raid motto: "Lets burn this ship!" (Looks like "LetsBurnThisShip!" in game bcs I'm being careful of the filter)

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Lady fighter
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  I love how you called me out. Have a problem PM me. I don't have pity because I was harassed constantly. Spammed messages. I call people whom I really really dislike The-One-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Because he is a pain in my side. So please before you call me out put yourself in my shoes. I was kind to him and then he started attacking me about how "I don't know what it's like to cyber bullied". He accused a close friend of mine of cyber bullying even though she was telling him off from spamming her. People have been helping him out of pity and then he goes behind their back and back-stabs them. So before you come at me learn the other side of the story. Disabilities or not that's not an excuse for back-stabbing and harassing people. The other people you listed are annoyed at his antics as well. Again learn how to put yourself in other peoples shoes. It's a part of life. I'm usually kind and respectful but one can only take so much crap. My kindness and respect wears off once they do something more than 3 times. So talk down to me all you want. It means nothing to me. 

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Ying burned my subject with her fire bending

I agree with your statement "Disabilities or not that's not an excuse for back-stabbing and harassing people." Tornado has harrassed many people and that's not okay. Just because I'm disabled (which I am by the way but I'm very uncomfortable with talking about them so... ya i'm not gonna say what it is. Unless you're curious about it Lady fighter then we can talk in PMs about it otherwise i'm keeping my lips sealed in public threads about it) do you see me back-stabbing someone? No I don't. People have a right to be annoyed and dislike someone. For me personally I'm tired of his spammy posts and rather keep away from Tornadochaser as much as possible at this point until he changes his ways all together seeing how he shared a private conversation.

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Uhh.... wait, lemme send u a

Uhh.... wait, lemme send u a pm...

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Thank you, Shimmer strike.

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Dragon XD
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*Grabs popcorns*

Ok ok ok.. Why was i called out..? It may seem like bullying, but it's really not. Velocity here is simply telling others to not give him too much attention, or he will continue to spam. I KNOW he's another human being, that told us he has a disability, and I, no, we ALL respect that. But, continuing to spam threads despite people telling him CALMLY not to spam is kind of.. Unkind? At first, people were kind with him, and tried to help him, but of course, if you continue to act poorly with others, others will lose respect for you, sooner or later. He continued to beg for silver's friendship and for our forgiveness, despite telling him that we already forgave him for what he did, and suggesting him to stop trying being friends with silver, after what he had done to her. Oh yes, he did something, remember? He leaked silver's informations to an infamous hacker. How is that a nice thing? Just because he couldn't be friends with her. Come on. We know he's a human being, but sometimes, human being make mistakes, and other humans beings try to help the person to correct their mistake. If the person listens, good, but if the person doesn't, like in this case, people will soon get irritated and start being more and more unkind. If he simply apologized to silver privately or here, and then stopped talking about this, we all would have been super nice with him. But since he continued to beat on that d.ead horse.. Yeah. I'm sorry for what happened, but this argument has been dragged around too much now. It's time to stop.

ShimmerStrike's picture
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Lightning thought the subject was trying to attack me... RIP

I called you out NOT to make you seem like a jerk (I probably shouldn't have included names because looking at it now it does make it seem that was the intent), it was to point out to others things that shouldn't continue. I'm not saying you're a horrible person or anything, just that from how I interpreted that comment, it was uncalled for.

I have no argument with Velocity. As already stated, I agree with the purpose of this thread. What I have an issue with is the vibe some of these comments are giving.

I think the word you were looking for is inconsiderate. As already implied, I don't think he's really considering these things, no. Should he? Certainly. Is it understandable why is isn't? Yes, I think it is.

Of course it's not a nice think to leak someone's personal information to a hacker! Here's the questions though; was it intentionally to hurt her? No, don't think so. I honestly find it shocking that anyone would give tornado their personal information in the first place, but I suppose now the lesson is learned.

Losing respect for someone is one thing. Gossiping about them and saying things like this thread contains is another. You don't have to respect someone to refrain from talking about them in such a way.

I agree. This argument needs to stop. I only entered because it wasn't, and it was going downhill.

NOTHING in this comment was said to hurt or upset you, and I'm sorry if it comes across that way.

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Just stopping by...

You realize that he's done worse than just spam, right?

He's sent p or on og raphic images to minors - period.  That's plain unacceptable.  In his want to be forgiven and have friends, he's spamming, irritating, and causing undue drama.  It needs to stop.


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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

Wait, what? Well that part's new to me. When did that happen? I've only seen what was on this forum spesificly as I don't have discord.



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Unfortunately, some of the

Unfortunately, some of the happenings have occurred on discord in the unofficial SoD discord (as I am a part of).  Craine was banned from there for many spammy messages, not listening to admins, and harassing others.  I think it's safe to say, he shouldn't be allow to free-roam around here either.

Drago2412's picture
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Could you explain more? I haven't been a part of that discord so I haven't heard anything about that scenario. If something that serious happened I (as well as maybe some others) want to hear about it. Thanks

HypergoofTheFriendlyBerserker's picture
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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

I kind of agree as this is a way more serious then hacking thing if true. Not really an accusation to just throw around. Obveeusly showing the you know what on THIS forum might be inapropriat but still (like this is goes on your crime record level stuff). There's gotta be some kind of proof that can be shown without being too graphic.

ScreamingFireDeath's picture
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Just stopping by...

Unfortunately, I was only told about this - so (assuming the person did not lie), I don't have any actual proof.  And, even if I did, I would not make a public post because I don't want to become a potential target.

HypergoofTheFriendlyBerserker's picture
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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

While I will not at all defend most of the person in question's actions an accusation of preditory behaviour really needs to be backed up with something even if you don't want to show it. If all you've got is hear-say it shouldn't be spread around because that's a life ruining claim. Now, if you've talked to one of the actual victems that's a bit more then here-say but if this is a "my friend said my friend said" then this gives credit to the claims of "roomers" being passed around about them and I don't know if anyone wants to activly make one of his claims true as that might start things up again because if people on the forum start saying that stuff he'd be totally justifyed in speaking against it.

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Dragon XD
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*Grabs popcorns*

Ohhh, i get it now, thanks for explaining. You're right tho. Gossiping is in fact wrong. I probably misinterpreted what you said, and you did the same. I admit, my comment sounds a bit snarky and inconsiderate, but i assure you i did not mean to hurt you nor tornadochaser. I in fact respect all of you. No problem tho, i'm not mad. It happens to write things that come off as rude, after all, we can't really understand what the phrase (or the comment, in this case) meant on the internet. No hard feelings, don't worry, hopefully it's the same for you ^^

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I have certain disabilities too (although I hate calling them that) but I don't announce them on the forums. I understand that this isn't entirely his fault and he's explaining what's going on. I get that, I really do, and I've taken that into consideration. But he is NOT listening to ANYONE. He keeps making repetitive posts that if clicked on, say the same thing over and over. It gets really annoying. Now it's becoming intolerable, as you can see from this post. While a post like this is better left unsaid, hopefully others will see this and think, "If I don't reply, it won't encourage him, and eventually he'll stop." Because of his drama I unintentionally upset someone else. Turns out that thread had been dead for a very long time, and I, unaware of said drama at the time, didn't realize how long ago it was made and helped with its revival (it had to do with current glitches in the game). I don't think the other person had any actual reason to get so upset, but nevertheless he did. At me. Because Tornado decided to stir things up again on someone ELSE'S post. 

And please don't call people out. PM them. I think we can all agree that these spam posts need to stop and Tornado should get professional help, help that we can't provide. That's all we're asking for. We want Tornado to be happy and improve but it is abundantly clear that we can't help them. 

ShimmerStrike's picture
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Lightning thought the subject was trying to attack me... RIP

I apologise to everyone I called out. I was just pointing example of things that were only going to light a forest fire if they continued, but I shouldn't have put names with the quotes. Even forgetting the quotes and just giving examples of my own would have been better. I'm really sorry for anyone who was offended.

I know it's getting annoying, but it's not exactly intolerable. We can all tell which posts are from him, and I just don't even click on them anymore.

That's unfortunate that a spat was caused on an old thread, but hopefully now you know how to avoid those situations. Every loss is a lesson learned.

Yes, he does need professional help. That's why I have no argument with the intent of this thread; ignore his posts. We are not prepared to give him the help he needs, and that's perfectly fine. But talking about him in this kind of way is no better (it's maybe even worse) than talking to him.

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『Madoka Miyazono』
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Sarcasm is my only defence.

I think I'm going to continue sitting on the sidelines. 
I've kinda had it, and honestly... seeing this mess unfold...


I ain't the most happy with the situation, and I don't think a public thread like this needs to be made, ngl. It'll make things worse, I'd say.


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Press 1-1 for instant regret. - every Seer main ever

I've only seen a few threads, barely understand what this mess is about besides having something vaguely to do with hacking, and think this has been blown out of proportion quite a bit by both sides.

Two sides to every coin.

Tornado is completely delusional and desperately needs professional help. People have said as much, clearly and bluntly. They've offered advice, given good ways to improve, and tried to stay as patient and kind as possible throughout all of this. All very good. 

This is a whole step back.


The ONLY thing this thread has promoted is animosity, irritation, and what may become angry arguments. Maybe I can only talk like this because my inbox is clean and spam-free, who knows. But that doesn't excuse the kinds of juvenile animosity I've seen here. Patience wears thin, we're not saints, but there's a difference between lost patience and animosity/rudeness for the sake of it. Now as I don't want this to turn into an argument, my final two cents on this is to just quietly move on with your lives and ignore what you can. Neither side is completely innocent in this.


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Sarcasm is my only defence.

I don't wish for more arguments either. And yes, there are two sides to every coin. A coin wouldn't be one without a second side.

I've seen a lot of the screenshots and things of previous conversations, and I was asked for "help" in trying to repair it and make him friends with people. But yeah, the deeper I dug, the more I didn't want to see it.

I'm going to be sitting on the sidelines because I don't wish to feel the humiliation I did with... that thread. Sure, I said some pretty nasty stuff, but I'd tried the nice way to no avail. I simply wanted out. I'm owning up to it, and shouldering the blame of that onto me. I think it was more the... irritation? of constantly getting messages, and like, 6 at a time, that pushed me over the edge. As you said, none of us are saints. If we were, this wouldn't be a problem. 

Professional help would honestly be a blessing for him. Because none of us are therapists. That's the issue.


A thread like this, to me, in unnecessary. He's become a bit annoying, not going to beat around the bush there, but we do all need to take a step back from this. There isn't a way for us, personally, to fix anything. We just have to ride it out. 

This sort of thread will only name and shame, and that will spark a fire. Fire spreads rapidly, and can get out of hand quickly. We've seen previous examples of this over the past few months, and honestly, this was unneeded.


I've had plenty of spam and messages from him, hence why I'm keeping my beak out of it. I'd rather not cause anymore fire on here. I come here to chat with people, not to spark fights. 

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"It's freezing outside. How could he survive-," "yes, I agree."

Oop, I feel like I should clarify that I didn't mean to sound like I was pointing the finger at you, I replied to your comment specifically because I agreed with what you said- 


But yeah, I understand where you guys are coming from. Again, I haven't had to deal with any spam but if I did I'm absolutely positive I'd be every bit as done as you guys are. :'P


Like you stated before, if he sees this he WILL take it personally and take it as an attack, and the problem will only escalate beyond control. Those snides comments and the name-calling are only damning evidence in this case. I'll keep my eyes on this but I've no intent on getting much further involved. 

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Sarcasm is my only defence.

oml, i'm sorry, i didn't mean for that to come across like that, it was more a case of point out stuff that's a little bit more info ;-;


I think we should all can it here. There's no point fanning the flames. 

Anger feeds anger, and we don't need anymore of it.


I think we're all better off sitting on the sidelines and not engaging in these sorts of topics, if I'm perfectly honest.

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*screams in Merc*

Ok, yo, a bit off-topic but I DID see the thread of which I believe you spoke beforehand and holy crud that's another level of awful. I don't blame you one single bit for being so sick of this guy but you've handled it all really well. 


Don't worry, no harm done! I really should've clarified from the beginning now that I think about it. Blame my late cup of coffee ahaha.


There's only so much we can do, but so much more we can not do to help make this situation better.

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Long story short is that OP has been harassing people for months (a year? maybe?) on end, trying to force them to be friends with him, and if they refused he would make up lies about said people and rile others up against them. The hacking part came to be because he was stalking a SoD youtuber (again for months on end) who kindly told him she didn't want to be his friend and wished him well and blocked him. He would try to raid her discord server, and even got a dude to hack into the server (and I think the youtuber's discord account as well) and delete it.


All he's been doing after is repeatedly asking people he's been harassing to 'forgive and forget' and not taking no for an answer.


Stuff has been going on long before he came to the forums, so I hope the people defending him will also read this and maybe reconsider wasting precious time on him.


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Roses are red, Joseph wears blue, oh look he's right behind you.

I've never seen this guy on the forums before just recently... If I'm correct the Youtuber he harassed was Silverweed, yeah? I know I saw the name mentioned in one of his threads and it was Silver-something...


Holy shoot, though, over a year... Good Lord why has this been going on so long????


Thanks for explaining, though, that's really helpful to know.

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It's because he hasn't really been active on the forums until recently. And yeah, the youtuber in question is indeed Silverweed. She doesn't want to deal with him but he keeps starting things, mentioning her, getting people to contact her etc. I feel bad for her.


This has been going on for a really long time so the users who keep defending him on here because 'he just wants to make friends he doesn't mean harm!' have no idea what they're saying, and should learn about what happened before coming to the defense of this adult man who keeps harassing women and children.


Unless they're aware of who they are defending. If so: that's a big ol' yikes from me.

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Just clarifying

I was only telling people to not give attention because it's just going to add fuel to the fire and just become a never ending cycle and many of us are tired anyway. 

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Sarcasm is my only defence.

A thread like this will only spark a flame. 
He'll feel it as a personal attack. 

It's best if we didn't speak of this sort of thing. Especially like this.

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Lightning thought the subject was trying to attack me... RIP

The original intent of this thread was not an issue. No names were mentioned, just a quick, "hey, people... I see a match on the grass. Maybe we should back away."

This thread needed no replies. Once they started happening, that's where the trouble sparked. I don't think he would have even known this was about him if his name wasn't mentioned. Even some players didn't know.

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Lightning thought the subject was trying to attack me... RIP

Double post (on mobile atm so sry ;-;)

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I swear...

I, the Ninja, swear that I will not comment on the threads, unless they call me out personally.

- Ninja/Flame/TheNightLightTrainerOfBerk

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Running around Aimlessly, what about you?

I really wish there was a way to report *those* users.



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