A Donkey Called Smoky~An Original Story By Me!

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Ignore grammar mistakes. I edit it when I finish the story- No hate!







CHAPTER 1. Meeting Smoky.



    Tobi Gorge grinned as she entered the office. "Hello, are you here to purchase one of our donkeys, or would you like to adopt one", a friendly lady at the desk smiled. "We're here to buy one", Tobi replied happily, swishing her red hair out her eyes. She and her family lived at a farm called Swip Farm. They had loads of animals, such as chickens, horses, alpacas, goats, pigs, sheep, everything, everything but a donkey. It had been Tobi's idea. They had never owned one at the farm. But Tobi had told her parents that she didn't want it to be "A farm donkey", she wanted it to be her donkey, one she could care for and keep.

Surprisingly they had said "yes", and that they owned horses and a donkey shouldn't be to different.

So there they were at a donkey sale, about to buy their very first donkey.

 After the lady at the office, who's name was Sophie, talked to them about the details they went into the fields and found loads of donkeys grazing and walking slowly past the fence. "We have a total of seventy four donkeys here, not including our 13 foals.", Sophie explained leading the Gorge's to four young looking donkeys. "This is, Candy, Lily, Pie and Cricket". "They're lovely", Mrs Gorge let Lily sniff her hand, then gave her a pat. But Tobi wasn't looking, she was staring at a grey, shaggy looking donkey. Sophie must have noticed because she walked up Tobi and said. "That's our oldest donkey, he's twenty eight, wonderful donkey, but has a misfortunate story". Mr and Mrs Gorge looked up, wanting to hear the story. Sophie folded her arms sadly. "He was sold quite young as a foal, his first owner made him dreadfully head-shy, so badly that when he was sold once more the second owner almost sold him again, but he kept him, tried to train the head shy out of him, but never did", Sophie sighed, " Two years later the owner had to sell him, went to at least four more homes before he found a calm home here, he was in a appalling state, it took much longer to train him and calmer because of him being head shy. Unless your hard working and careful he'd be okay for you to buy", Sophie finished.

 Tobi looked pleadingly at her parents." Please, mom, dad, he needs the best home he can get, he'll be fine at Swip Farm, I'll be hard working and careful with him, please, please". Her dad sighed. " How much will he be". Tobi looked like she'd explode like a firework. "£450, we'll show you his feed and supplements", Sophie looked glad to have finally found a owner for the donkey.

 Sophie led the Gorges into a small room with shelves filled with supplements. "Hmm", searching through the shelves Sophie read through the names of donkeys that were taped to the bottles, packets and buckets. "Ah, I found them. Okay this is a hoof supplement", Sophie showed Tobi a red and white bottle, then a blue and white. "This is a joint supplements, he needs them both once in the morning and evening. Mix the supplements into his feed". "Thank you", Mr Gorge said taking the supplements. "And what feed does he eat?". "Barley and bran, together most of the times, likes carrots as a treat, don't give them to him a the same time and day though. He'll always expect it if you do that.", Sophie finally went out of the room and talked to them outside.

 "So, when would you like him to come  to your farm? After we check it over of course". "Oh, we'll get everything ready at our farm. It should be done by Monday, we'll bring our horse trailer over. Will that be okay?". Mrs Gorge asked. Sophie nodded. "Yes. We'll give you this", she handed Mrs Gorge a long piece of paper. "This is just some stuff you might want to consider when he's at your home. Mainly about how to keep him happy about being head shy.".

   When the Gorges had left the donkey sale, Toni couldn't stop talking. "This is so exciting. Monday! That's after tomorrow. I wonder if the donkey's been ridden". When Toni said this her dad looked at her in the car mirror. "I know what your thinking. You want to ride him. He's head shy. Imagine putting the bridle on. When we pick him up after tomorrow we'll ask Sophie if he's been ridden. But this doesn't mean you'll be riding him.", Toni's dad finished. Her mom turned around in her seat. "Toni, we have horse's at our farm. Can't you ride them?". "No, mom. Because they're not 'mine'. I want to ride a donkey that's mine. But forget it. Buying the donkey is good enough." Toni smiled weakly as she looked out the window seeing Swip Farms sheep grazing.

  By the farm house Toni and her mom and dad got out the car. "Mom, dad. Can I go and sort the new donkey's stable out. You can go in and have a drink", Toni was looking at the gate that led to the farm. "Of course. He's YOUR donkey after all", Mrs Gorge laughed. When her parents had gone in Toni opened the gate and ran to one of the empty stables. Luna, a piebald Connemara mare with blue eyes, popped her head out the stable door, making Toni jump. "Whoa! Hey girl. You'll have a neighbour soon.  A new donkey. Be nice to him, after all, he's living here forever", Toni grinned while patting the mares neck. After, Toni went into the tool room. She pulled out a wheelbarrow and put some cleaning supplies into it. Then shook a large amount of hay in from the hay bale.

 Back in the stable Toni was greeted by a garden spider dangling from the top of the stable door. "Oh, hello, I don't think this is your stable", giggled Toni letting the spider crawl onto her hands. She brought it carefully outside and let it climb up the farmhouse wall. Toni walked once more into the stable starting on the stable. She sprayed the floor clean, dusted away old cobwebs. Then tipped the wheelbarrow, over spreading the wood shavings. Using a pitchfork she moved it around and breaking up the big chunks. After twenty minutes it was ready. All it needed now was a donkey.

  CHAPTER 2. Plush Escapes.

      Toni was now sitting at the table eating her lunch, tomato soup. She was also thinking of a name for her donkey. She had thought of loads: Dazzle, Snooty, Flair, Fruiti, Topsy. But non of them seemed right. "Ugh, I still can't think of a name", she sighed looking through the names again. "You'll find one soon", her mom reassured her. Toni shrugged and looked out the window. "Well, I need to feed Plush" (Plush was a  Merino lamb, who was growing fast) , Toni's dad said, getting up from his chair. As they left the kitchen Toni picked up her boots from the shoes rack, and put her green waterproof jacket on, as it was raining slightly.

  Toni waited as her dad went into the store room to collect the lambs feed. She leaned against the wall of the store room watching Web, a grey kitten, strolled past. Picking it up Toni then heard a bleat. She accidently dropped Web and went into the store room to find her dad. "Dad! I think I just heard Plush, and its not by the fields, its by the muddy grass! He may be stuck in the mud.. Like Holly the goat.". With this her dad passed the feed to Toni and ran off to the fields. Toni not far behind.

  Sure enough when they got there the little lamb was standing in a large pond of mud.Toni almost giggled. "Oh, Plush. Why are you so naughty?". Her dad took a small spade out from his pocket and dug near Plush's legs. Then with the help of his daughter Mr Gorge managed to pull the lamb out.

 "Poor thing, he's covered in mud and  he's soaking. Dad please, please can we bring him into the house to dry off by the fire?", Toni never missed a opportunity to have a animal in the house.

Her dad gave a smile "Well, just once, he's naughty enough outside. But don't let him break anything". Mr Gorge passed Plush to Toni, who snuggled Plush into her arms.

 They reached the farmhouse door three minutes later. When they opened the door Plush almost flew out of Toni's grip. It made her mom jump out of her skin. "Plush! What's he doing in here?".

"Sorry, mom. He escaped and got stuck in some mud. Dad said we could keep him in here till he's dry".

 Toni chased Plush around until he slipped on his wet hooves giving Toni a great chance of catching him, which she did. "Don't forget he needs feeding. We don't know how long he was out there.", Mr Gorge passed the small bag of food to Toni. Toni thanked him and got a plastic bowl from the cupboard. Pouring the bag out came chaff. Plush turned around from looking at Web and ran for the bowl, knocking it over, Toni quickly picked it up, returning it to the bowl.  Her mom came over with a bottle of milk. "This is his last day he'll need milk. So I gave him slightly extra".

 When Plush finished his chaff, Toni picked him up and walked him over to warm fire.

Sitting down she leant the Merino on her lap and put the bottle of milk to his lips, he started to drink it slowly. After a minute the milk was gone and Plush was looking tired. He sneezed. "Aw, I think the smoke from the fire is making him sneezy. Is it to smokey for you?", Toni said to Plush ruffling his wool. Toni almost instantly stopped. "Mom, dad. Smoky, that's what I'll call the donkey! Smoky.


   CHAPTER 3: Bringing Home Smoky.



     The next morning Toni woke up bright and early. This was the day they were going to buy Smokey. Toni couldn't wait to tell Sophie the name she'd chosen for him. Jumping out her bed she grabbed a white top out the drawer along with  some jeans and a red jacket. Then picking up her sneakers she hopped down the stairs (after brushing and combing her hair and teeth of course) When she entered the kitchen to was surprised to see her parents weren't up yet. Sighing she grabbed a Donkey Care book from the shelf and started reading. It seemed hours before Mr and Mrs Gorge were coming down the stairs. Toni was relieved. "Hello, Toni, how long have you been up", Mrs Gorge smiled heading for the kettle. "Oh, maybe, fifty minutes. I don't know".

 After they'd all had a nice breakfast of egg and bacon, the Gorges got into the car, this time it was pulling a trailer. "This is so exciting", Toni said excitedly as they pulled out the drive. It was going to take fifteen minutes to get to the donkey sale. But it was worth waiting for Toni thought.

  Finally they arrived. Sophie was leading Smoky towards them. "Hi. This donkey's already to go", she grinned. Toni started to tell her how she'd call him Smoky and the day Plush got lost.

 "Smoky? That's perfect for him. Okay lets get him in", Sophie and Mr Gorge started loading the donkey up. Toni then came up to Sophie and nervously asked "Um.... Sophie.. Can Smoky be ridden?. Sophie stood and thought for a moment. "Well, Toni. He used to. After he settles in I may teach you. "May" though it depends". Toni thanked her and jumped into the car seat. They were taking him home. It was official. Smoky was hers. The car journey seemed longer, but that was great to Toni because now she could savor the moment. Butterflies were fluttering inside her. Not only had she bought a donkey but maybe, just maybe, was she going to ride it.

   After the ride back home Toni instantly got out the car and went straight to the trailer. Smoky was patiently waiting. Smoky seemed nervous and worried at the same time. Toni's dad walked up to the trailer too, before he opened it  he said as he put his hands onto lock "Are you ready?". Toni nodded. "Okay.. Three, two, one". Mr Gorge opened the trailer door. Smoky was tied up at the front. Toni and her dad entered slowly. Toni walked over and let the donkey sniff her hand before stroking his back. "Its okay, Smoky. This will be your new home".  "Lets lead him to his stable",Mr Gorge untied the rope and handed it to Toni. Smiling Toni took it and started leading him towards the stables. Luna popped her head out her stable making Smoky jump. "Don't worry, that's just Luna, she won't hurt you. You'll be stabled next to her", Toni reassured him and opened the door to the stable. It had Smoky's hay net and a small bucket of chaff and nuts, including a small trough full of water.

 Mr Gorge slipped the donkey's head collar off, this had made his ears shoot back, and he and his daughter left him to settle.





               After a few minutes Luna shot her head out the stable a again and whinnied at Smoky.

Smoky turned around from his feed and looked out his stable too. "What?", he said tiredly. Luna snorted happily. "I want to talk to you. Your my new stable mate. Its better then Foxy the big ol' shire. He's a field horse now". Luna was obviously very excited because she quickly started talking again. " I've been here since I was a foal. Where have you come from?". Smoky told her how many times he'd been sold and that he was from the donkey sale. "Oh, dear. And your head shy?", Luna asked. "Yes. I'm glad Toni took the head collar off. Imagine having it on all day. Does she ride you?". Smoky was beginning to enjoy Lunas company. "Yes, she rides me every day usually. I dare say you've been ridden too. It must've been the bridle that made you head shy. Am I correct?", Luna gave a chestnut shire a large, annoyed snort. It was Foxy being led by Mrs Gorge into the stable. Image result for piebald horse wallpaper

Image result for chestnut shire   "Foxy! I can't believe.. What are you doing here?", Luna demanded. Foxy gave a alarmed look. "Luna, its getting cloudy. Mrs Gorge is bringing me in. Its not my fault and for your information I-". Foxy stopped as he saw Smoky. "-Who are you donkey?". Smoky stopped staring at a flower, he'd been trying to ignore Foxy and Luna. "Oh.. Er.. I'm Smoky. A new donkey here. I just got here". Foxy gave a happy neigh. "Hooray! I hope you enjoy your stay. And I hope your going to be turned out with me. I need a friend. At least a better one then you know who", he whispered pointing his head at Luna. "I will. You seem like great friends already.

     Smoky had been at Swip Farm now for four hours. Most of it was stable time, as he had to settle in. But at one o-clock he was turned out with Foxy and Luna. Luna and Foxy galloped around. Foxy was slow but took big leaps at every stride. Luna on the other hand though was light footed and speedy. Smoky liked to slowly walk around though, enjoying fresh, warm wind blowing his face.

He took the chance to slowly gallop. His two friends were grazing. He brayed happily, put one hoof in front, then another, then went into a fast trot, then canter.. Now he was galloping. Smoky had never felt so happy. Luna and Foxy seemed happy too. While he was galloping Smoky thought of his first ever gallop. Image result for donkey galloping He'd only been a foal at the time, it was only five months before he was sold. He couldn't remember much more. Only that his mother had been grey and his father was black. Smoky stopped galloping and joined his friends.







            The next day came quickly. Smoky was woken up by Foxy and Luna arguing about who would get their feed first. He rested his head on the stable door, waiting for Toni to come.

 By 6:10 she came. "Morning, everyone", she grinned. Then she gave them all a pat before dashing off to the feed room. "Please be me, please be me first", Smoky heard Foxy chanting. But it wasn't him, it was Smoky. Toni was carrying a red bucket filled with chaff and a few pieces of carrot.

 Smoky gave a short bray as his owner opened the stable door and put the bucket on the ground.


      After having their feed Foxy, Smoky and Luna saw Toni come back from her house carrying a grooming kit. "Walk on, Luna", Toni had opened Luna's door and led her out, tying her to a hook then brushing her coat and picking her hooves. Smoky noticed that the big shire was harder to hoof pick because they must've weighed a ton. Toni was red in the face after finishing Foxy's groom.

  She then got Smoky out the stable and began to cater for him. "Good, boy", she said, patting him.

 Toni took two lead ropes from the fence, clipping them onto the head collar of Foxy and Smoky.

 Luna looked pleased with her self and said "She's going to ride me while you are turned out. I'm sure -its going to be jumping". After Toni had turned the shire and donkey out she grabbed Luna's tack. She slid the bit into the mare's mouth then did the buckles up before putting the saddle on and tightening the girth. "Okay, girl. Lets go", Toni pulled the stirrups down and mounted, holding the reins with one hand and opening the training paddock gate with her free hand.

 Luna was beginning to buck with excitement as she thought about doing jumping. But a second later her hopes were crushed as all she saw was a empty paddock. No cross poles, no jumps, nothing. Just a bare paddock This meant flat work. "C'mon, Luna", Toni said, giving Luna's flank a little tap with the whip. The mare snorted and walked on slowly. After what seemed like hours of trotting and walking Toni finally got into canter, doing large and small circles. Luna was starting to enjoy herself. Then, though, the worst thing happened. One of the large cockerel somehow managed to sneak himself into the paddock. Toni immediately dropped back into walk. Luna didn't like this at all. When the cockerel flapped its wings and called out "Cocka Doodle doo!". Luna burst into a fast, bumpy  trot, Toni tried to stay on and at the worst moment slipped. Into a giant puddle of mud! Her white jodhpurs and black jacket were covered with wet, slimy mud. Toni wasn't hurt, but she couldn't help but laugh. Picking herself up she grabbed the cockerel and dropped him outside the paddock. Luna still looked terrified. Taking the reins the horse and rider

walked back to the stable, dripping mud everywhere, the cockerel looking quite pleased with himself.


    Toni untacked Luna, they were both splattered with mud.

   "Well", Toni sighed, "I'll get you untacked, give you a brush and then I'll get changed and get some chores done".




 It had took a painful hour to get Luna groomed and washed again. Earlier in the year, Toni had received a magic brush from a friend. OK. So it wasn't "magic" but it did get dry mud or dirt of the horses efficiently. 




 Toni yawned as she entered the kitchen.

 It was now 8:02. Her parents were probably just waking up.

From in the cupboard she picked out a slice of bread, jam and a plate from the other cupboard. Then 

-she placed it into the toaster and sat down, waiting for it to pop up.



 "Toni sure gets up early", Smokey said. He was chatting to his stable mates in the turnout paddock.

Luna didn't answer, she just kept delicately chewing grass. 

  "Oh, she has to. Did it before you were here. It was hard enough with just two equines.. But three! She has her hands full!", Foxy finally replied.

  "Doesn't she have school", Smokey asked, curiously.

"Nope. She's home schooled", Luna piped up.




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Oh,and Happy Easter,

Oh,and Happy Easter, everyone!

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Great Story!! Donkeys are one of my favorite animals, they’re so cute especially as babies! Amazing work! Excuse me while I go look up more pictures of baby donkeys and waste hours of time...


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Thunder stole my fab subject. Again -_-

Ah, thanks so much! Believe me, there's 1000 more stories where that one came from XD. 

 I love donkeys too. But, frankly, I'm more of a horse person. They're both equines though soooo... Love them all! 

  Thanks again.

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Wow. This is actually a great piece of work! I like it! Besides donkey is my favorite farm animal, so that made me like it even more! By the way love the idea with animals exchanging (am I sayin’ this right?) words between them! Another plus! 


Can’t wait for more! And keep up the good work :3



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By animal exchanging you

By animal exchanging you mean.. First the humans talk, and then the animals? XD. Either way, thank you so much! ^^

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“And then Ernie came and tried-“ idk what i am doing

Yes, i did mean it like that! And no probs!