DOMain.exe moved to Quarentine

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ok this was interesting. I have not played in a very long time. I went to do all the updates ( never had a single issue in the past)  and my AVG software came up, And told me that DOMain.exe needed to be moved to quarentine to prevent it from harming my computer.  It freaked me out a bit....


Any clues to what is going on?  Any suggestions or help would be great. Thank you. 

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That was happening to me as well and what I did to fix that was just throw away my anti virus program :\


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There a 2 possible reasons someting like that can happen:

1) you got a virus on your computer that modified DOMain.exe

2) your antivirus made a mistake


I suggest you run a full antivirus scan on your computer, not only a realtime or quick scan. Enable every option to make the scan als complete as possible and maybe let it run over night as it may take a while. You can also try to run a scan with another free antivirus afterwards.

If no problem is found it is probably case 2 and you can add a rule to your antivirus to ignore DOMain.exe (but I dont know how this works with AVG).


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AVG is notorious for its false-positives. I wouldn't worry about it. Try removing the exe from the quarantine and whitelisting it.



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