Does anyone play riders of Icarus ?

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I know what u are thinking about, but my question is do u really play this game? And why? If so pls let me know some knowledge cuz from 5 min I saw silverweed's channel has this game so I told myself why not to check this game out so I did and it's really awesome game besides SoD and RoB and I would like anyone to explain to me how to play which device should I use and the website that I must download it from it pls I need those answers for my questions and thanks



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I play Riders of Icarus, and

I play Riders of Icarus, and it is an excellent game. The graphics are amazing, the story is great, and the flying mounts are spectacular. I mostly play it because there is no time limit for your quests and you can basically roleplay to your heart's desire with your friends; and it's basically an MMO RPG game. It is a very good game overall. It is free to get on Steam (Link to game: and it runs fairly smoothly. However, my avatar was deleted as soon as I quit the game, so that's something to keep in mind. But other than that, this game is amazing! I created a new avatar and now have all of the wolves in the game. :) Hope this review helped! :) Enjoy the game!




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Riders of Icarus

Ooooh, I remember playing this game a while back! It was a great experience, although it had quite a bit of grinding and the levelling experience was painful on some classes at different times. 


Collecting the familiars is extremely fun, and the dungeons are well made with social players everywhere. However, you do have to quickly get used to blocking all of the gold sellers and farming mats for hours to get the items you need for the mounts.

As far as I know, the only device you can get it on is a laptop. It's free to download, and has pretty much no P2W. I've heard that you can get it off Steam, although I downloaded it through the Nexon Launcher which you can get on their official website. (You should be able to find it easily on google).


If you have the time, I would recommend downloading it, as it is extremely worth it! The storyline is good, and the familiar interaction feels amazing. Character customization is enough to make sure that your character is unique. The levelling may be a bit frustrating at times too, as even though I'm a long-time MMORPG player I had a struggle solojng things as a priest (though that may be class related). As I said earlier, I haven't played it for a few months so it's probably changed quite a bit, as I only managed to get up to Parma's Coast before I quit (which wasn't out of boredom,

only because one of the other games I play released a new expansion). I thoroughly recommend installing it and trying it out, though it may take a couple of hours to install, so be prepared to wait!


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Overall, I had a very positive experience for this game. =)


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Oh thank u all!!!

It sounds like SoD but better but I have a question when in the beginning what I must do? Cuz I am now crying of that I have so much school I really hate school Idk what I will get when I finish the school so nvm and other question what is RPG?

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Sandstrike, give me back that subject!

RPG means role-playing game. Also, as a question to those who play it, does it have gore/blood? I watched several trailers, and they seemed fine for the most part besides for a bad one. I know that trailers can often be either over- or under-dramatized, so I thought I would ask those who have played it.   


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Now I am feeling bad/mad/sad :'(

I need to know which regions is the game able to install cuz when I entered the link it told me:

this has showed up I am from Cairo, Egypt :'( I hate my country!!!

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I plan to

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Wow that's a lot of comments!

- If Steam isn't letting you download, try downloading the Nexon launcher and then gettig it through there


- If your laptop thinks that the game is a virus, try installing it from either Steam or Nexon depending on the one you chose before


- I can't quite remember, but I don't think that there's any gore in the gamep