Does anyone here play roblox? Just curious c:

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Don't really have much to put here owo

well anyways, I'm curious to see if anyone on here plays roblox. Maybe we can even be friends and play games together :)



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One neighbor... :)

One neighbor plays it, and is fun :)




Thanks to Nessie for the gifs :)




Thanks to Nessie again for this banners :)



Here are my awesome dragons in birthday orther)

(Thanks to nessie for the name pictures XD)

(Im colombian, that´s why I put a "y" in my zippleback´s name but it means "and")

The next 2 banners were made by me, because Nessie teached me:


Im a proud member of the School of dragons anti-hacking team





Thanks to Nessie for the banner and thanks to Xelku9 for the class icons in devian art :)


Now lets play a game for little kids!!!!!... or for bored people XD...


Find the difference!!! can you find the difference between these two banners?

(If you dont wanna play, at least see the awesome banners!!!!!)


Yesssss!!!!! banner number 1 has two shields, while banner number 2 has four!!!!!


Thanks to Nessie again for the banners!!!!


Description of the banners: here you can see the colombian flag with a mesage and the shields in the corners are the colombian shield!!!!




Thanks to Nessie for this two banners, she is the best!!!!!



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i do

i play mostly some of the dragon games on there but i won't mind anything else my username is yay11112 XD ya i know bad user but i would love to play with you


I'm very



Am I?





















meet shooting star


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back story: i was flying with bone when i saw a bone napper egg it had a star on it so i took it home where it can hatch when it hatched it was a bonenapper it saw bone it walked all over him ''bone looks like your a dad'' i laughed


my new nightfury miseltoe made by the awesome skrillfan



meet dollor the male night fury made by the awesome http://amerissa2890



meet rainbow this livly stoemcutter was made by the incredible adutiok im amiding it im in the object





free fall




meet rainbow speed this little guy might seem slow without wings but he is incredibly fast an caring to his friends

adopted by http://kelcyk123 thank you :)


meet quartz made by the wondeful breeders thank you :)


meet icy the beatiful tundra dragon made by sephira






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I do.


I may have done some things I regret here on this forum.

Only using this account for the release of Timberjacks.

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I do. I was just on a second ago! My username is animallover1123 (I made it when I was like 7...) Search me and send me a friend request! I want to show you my favorite game called Sandbox!


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Made by me

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Yes, I do!

I've been playing Roblox since Pi Day 2011! My username's LegendofZeldaLover12 =)


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