Does anyone else play Ark: Survival Evolved?

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I am currently playing on the Ragnarok server, and I would love to have someone to play with. It gets quite boring, running around escaping Therizenosaurs and terror birds. So, if you do, please PM me your Steam username, and if you have Discord, that as well, so we can voice chat while we play. Thanks guys!


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Name: Phantom

Age: 4

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 4,630 lbs

Species: Night Fury

Personality: Kind, caring, and quiet. She mostly keeps to herself, being very shy, but if you can break bast her barrier, she is a friend for life.

Backstory: Phantom hatched alone on a mountaintop, surrounded by the bodies of her tribe. She grew up alone, save for the eagles. Traveling all over the world, she ran into a Night Fury with a human on its back. She followed the dragon home, and found a human of her own- Delilah.