Does anyone else miss Fear Class?

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Ah, Dreamworks. The company that created probably the best dragon-related franchise this century. You did such a good job making the dragon classes and dividing the dragons up by their abilities and features. Each class had its own symbol that matches the dragons in it. The classes were perfect, until that one day...


When you decided to add another class. It was an interesting day. It was exciting to learn about this new Tracker Class, and about the dragons in it. It was stunning to realize that the symbol was none other than the symbol of the Fear Class. Suddenly, the Zippleback and Snaptrapper were in the Mystery Class, and the Nadder was in this new class.


Now all of a sudden the symbols make no sense. The Sharp Class has a Nadder symbol, but the Nadder is in the Tracker Class. The Tracker Class has a Zippleback symbol, but the Zippleback is in the Mystery Class.


There was something so unique about the Fear Class: silent, sneaky dragons that attack with no warning. There are so many good canidates for this class, the Sweet Death, Shadow Wing, Small Shadow, Snaptrapper, and Zippleback.


Dreamworks was sadly too lazy to come up with a brand new never-before-seen symbol for the Tracker Class. The dragon classes may neve be the same again.



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I wish the Nadder could still be in the Sharp Class

I kinda miss it that when the Nadder was still in the Sharp Class. By the way, don't you think the Sand Wraith could belong in the Fear Class too?





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Hmmm, maybe, it would fit in the Fear Class due to it's sneaky way of hunting, although I can also see it as a Boulder Class dragon with it's hardened Sand balls in it's arsenal, but not as likely as being a Fear Class dragon.


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Hm... I think you may have gotten some class Symbols mixed up.

Strike Class: Night Fury
Sharp class: Hideous Zippleback
Tracker Class: Deadly Nadderhead
Mystery class: Unknown. (Possibly a Changwing)
Boulder Class: Looks like a Hotburple, but was made before the Hotburple was added)
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The Sharp Class symbol is

The Sharp Class symbol is still the Deadly Nadder, and the Tracker Class Symbol is the Fear Class symbol (Zippleback)
Edit: And the Boulder Class is still a Gronckle :3

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Actually you guys have the Nadder and the Zippleback mixed up.

The Nadder symbolises the Tracker class and the Zippleback symbolises the Sharp Class, even though it's in Mystery.

And I agree, the Fear Class should be brought back.

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Sorry Shamara, I think you

Sorry Shamara, I think you have the sharp and tracker clas sysmbols wrong:

This is a Zippleback

This is a Nadder



My point was that dragons are used to symbolize classes that they don't belong in anymore.




If I were in charge, these are what the classes would be like:


 Strike Class


Mystery Class

Tidal Class

Sharp Class

Tracker Class (this would obviously be a solid color. I just didn't feel like editing it :D)

Fear Class

Boulder Class

Stoker Class

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You're right. The Sharp Class symbol is still represented by a Nadder, and has never once been a Zippleback.


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Yeah. It has.

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You are mistaken. Never has the Sharp Class ever been represented by a Zippleback, despite how many times you disagree.

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No Greenfire, the Zippleback at least used to symbolise the Sharp Class. I'm not going to argue with you, and I don't want to debate, so we'll just disagree.

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Hi! :)

This should be the Tracker class symbol. Currently on the wikia it's the Zippleback despite it not being in the class.






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Souran is being grumpy again -_-

That looks so cool! Did you make it?


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Hi! :)

Well thank you but I did not make it. I just googled tracker class symbol although credit to the original artist: Xelku9. :)

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So much

Yes. The dragons put in the fear class fit so well!



"These dragons are silent, sneaky. They turn up when you least expect them." - Hiccup reading from the Dragon Manual in the short Book of Dragons.


There are many dragons that would be much better in the Fear Class than the mystery. Come on dragon riders - why not just add another class instead of kicking one out the door?


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Wait a second, why is the night fury(Toothless) the symbol of strike class? No viking saw a night fury before Hiccup, so why isn't the skrill the symbol of this class? Basing on what viking knew about the night fury it should be in fear class. Strikes from the dark rapidly and deadly, in my opinion it should be in fear class(in the past, now it's better strike class)


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We don't know what the strike class symbol was before, but we do know that after the war ended it was changed to a Night Fury.

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Time to revise,

Time to revise, Dreamworks!





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The Night Fury actually

The Night Fury actually belonged to the Mystery Class, because Vikings didn't know anything about it back then.
Edit: That isn't the Strike Class symbol, by the way, it's the Berserker Tribe symbol :P

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.......... whaa?

The skrill should be the mascot of the Strike Class rather than the night fury because they are true lightning dragons. Night Furies do have a high intelligence, speed, and yes there are plasma in lightning, but the skrill better resembles the Strike Class because it's basically lightning itself and even live in the thunderstorms. The night fury is the offspring of lightning (and death) itself :P.



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I'm Drinking Coffee And I Can Feel People Judging Me LOL

Well, let's look at the traits of the Strike Class. According to the Wikia (not saying this is accurate information)

Blazing speed
Pinpoint accuracy
Unique fire types
Some unique way to navigate their environment
Great jaw strength

I believe that some of these are correct, but others are not.

Here's the list of ones I am pretty sure are correct.

Pinpoint accuracy
Blazing speed
Great jaw strength

Nothing about Lightning. The Strike Class is not supposed to be Lightning dragons, it just houses the ultimate Lightning dragon, the Skrill.

And while we're on the topic of Strike Class, what about the Deathsong?

Great jaw strength? Check.
Blazing speed? Sorta check. (It's pretty darn fast)
Pinpoint accuracy? Maybe. Fishlegs did say in "No Dragon Left Behind" that Garf was a good shot, indicating that the Deathsong has accuracy, but we don't really know how much.

And going by the Wikia list...

Unique fire type? Check. (Although but fire, but the Snow Wraith and Woolly Howl both don't shoot fire)
Some unique way to navigate their environment? So far no, but I think it may be possible for then to use their song as a form of echo location, if they have the proper equipment of course, but there's nothing to say they don't is there? So no, but it's possible.

Just random stuff that happens in my brain when I classify Mystery Class Dragons;-)

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Lightning is kind of irrelevent these days, I'm afraid

The traits of the Strike Class are, according to Book of Dragons and Dragons: Rise of Berk:

Blazing Speed

Vice-like Jaw Strength

Extreme Intelligence

Precise Accuracy


So being a "lightning" dragon isn't really relavent anymore. Once upon a time the Strike Class was meant to represent dragons of lightning - hence the name "Strike" - but that idea seemed to have been forgotten by the creators by the time the second movie was released. (Heck, by that time the second movie came out, they didn't even remember to state the Night Fury's dive-bombing on its profile on the new version of the website, something heavily emphasized in the original, and changed from calling its breath from "lightning" like the original site called it to calling it "plasma"...which I don't think Vikings would have known about, but they wouldn't have known about typhoons or boomerangs, either.) XD


Even if it was, one could say the Night Fury is a cut above the Skrill because it generates its own "lightning," whereas the Skrill has to channel it from elsewhere. But either way you slice it, these days the majority of the class has nothing to do with lightning. Out of the 6 Strike Class dragons, only 2 are lightning shooters.


The Skrill still should have been the symbol, though, because the Vikings of Berk didn't even know what the Night Fury looked like before Toothless. I don't see why they had to change the symbol for him. Maybe it was to commemorate Berk's dragon hero? Eh, not that Toothless doesn't deserve that, but it seems like a lot of effort.


Ooh, just had a thought! Maybe the dragon classes weren't given symbols until after Vikings began training dragons? In that case, it would actually make sense to make the first trained dragon the symbol of its own class.


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Yeah, I know. But the Skrill

Yeah, I know. But the Skrill would have been the symbol of the Strike Class before the first movie because no one knew what a Night Fury looked like. I wanted to use it just 'cause.

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Oh, I see :)

Oh, I see :)

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But I don't think the

But I don't think the previous Strike Class symbol was the Berserker's segal. XD

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My opinion

In my opinion it should be now the symbol of the strike class. The dragons in this class have blazing speed, a unique fire type which is explosive, high precision and a nice bite. Now, please, tell me what is more blazing than a dragon that can fly as fast as a lightning and a more unique fire type than absorbing lightning and shoot them. Also the skrill has an incredible precision(he never harmed toothless because the story finishes if Toothless dies). And also don't forget that this creature can withstand the temperature of lightnings and supported a Toothless plasma blast on head, with no problem. This is the true strike class dragon symbol, not a the night fury

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Sandstorm! Give me back my subject!

I think I know why there's no Fear Class.

The Fear Class was obviously created, when Vikings and Dragons were still enemies. The dragons of the Fear Class were the most feared of all. 

However, now Vikings and Dragons are friends, there's no reason for the Fear Class dragons to be feared anymore. 

So the Fear Class was removed and the dragons reclassified. 

I hope this confusion is solved. Feel free to debate me.



That's all.

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Yes, but if you know what the

Yes, but if you know what the description of Fear Class dragons is, then you realize that it has nothing to do with Fear at all. The description is: dragons that are silent, sneaky, and turn up when you least expect them.

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Oh how I love Flying in Autumn!

Automatically the Changewing comes to mind:-)

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Shock the Skrill burned my subject with lightning.

But these are features which cause us to fear them, right? So, it has to do something with fear. Sneaky, silent, appear when less expected... Only this description is enough to get scared, without even seeing them.

And this description, reminds me a little of Strike Class, don't you think? Isn't Fear Class simular to it? All these features belong to both Classes I can say, so why to seperate them? 

Sneaky: Both Strike and Fear Class can do it.

Silent: Strike Class dragons are from the best for the job. The Fear Class description says that they are silent.

Appear when less expected: It is caused by the two previous descriptions, owned by both Classes.

Strike and Fear Class are almost equal. So why not Fear Class dragons to belong to the Strike Class? 


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I think the Nadder being moved to a different class was weird. Especially it not being in the class that it repersence. Plus the nadder's "thing", is it's spiked tail, being sharp. Plus when has the nadder been singled out for being a good tracker. All the dragons can do sniffing and finding, the rhumblehorn was just really good at it, and it was singled out in an episode. I agree with you about the fear class too, it was my favorite class because of the traits of the dragons in that class. 




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The Nadder was singled out for tracking...sort of

The Deadly Nadder was outwardly singled out for tracking in the most recent season of Race to the Edge and more subtly in the second movie, the second one being the reason it was switched. According to one of the HTTYD2 companion books DreamWorks released, Astrid uses Stormfly's nose to find Hiccup and Toothless wherever they go, which is how she found him at Itchy Armpit at the beginning of HTTYD2. The reason for deeming the Deadly Nadder a good tracker, therefore, was to explain a plot point.


The two problems with this is, of course a) this was never explained in the film itself and had to be explained in other sources, so it's still a plot hole in the movie, and b) even if that explanation had been given in the film, it would have created another plot hole because then Astrid wouldn't have needed to use Eret to find Drago in case he had captured Hiccup, Stoick, and Gobber and their dragons. She should have just had Stormfly track them down. In fact, if she had done that, she the plot wouldn't have changed that much. We just would have needed a different scene that shows how Drago dominates dragons.


So in other words, yes, the Nadder's tracking skills are shown in the franchise, and them being used in the second film is the very reason DreamWorks made the decision to change its class, but they still use the Nadder's skill inconsistently as required by the plot.

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Yeah, I miss it

Even if we were to add a new class, I don't see why we had to get rid of the Fear Class. I don't see why there couldn't have been eight dragon classes. *shrug*


Though what really bothers me is the symbols. If you're going to change things around, you should change the symbols accordingly, you know? If the Nadder is now Tracker Class, make it the Tracker Class symbol and give the Sharp Class a symbol based on the Timberjack or something. That would have made some sense.


As far as the symbols go, though, to be completely fair to DreamWorks, they did eventually come up with new symbols for all classes that don't picture any specific dragons. We see them in School of Dragons and the official website's dragon builder game. So they did finally update the symbols. Eventually. Took them a few years. XD


Ooh, fun fact: the Flightmare was actually originally said to be in the Fear Class. This was then changed to Strike, then unknown, and finally revealed to be Mystery on the new website. But if you think about it, the Flightmare might have been a good Fear Class candidate, eh?

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"The Flightmate freezes it's victims from Fear!"

At least i think the Flightmare could have been in the Fear Class.

And by the way, anyone else annoyed that the Mystery Class is just a class to "dump" dragons without a class? Of course, there are many dragons that Vikings don't know much about, but for example, the Cavern Crasher could have been good in the Boulder Class too.
I think that the Mystery Class is getting a little bit too big. And i absolutely see no reason to put a Hideous Zippleback in it, because, it's a common dragon that vikings know, like, almost everything about XD.