Do you still keep the additional viking slot after membership has ended?

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Just a question: my membership ended and I still have my second Viking along with my main. I wanted to delete the second viking so I could make a new account to complete all the gem achievements and such. Do I still get to keep the second slot or no?

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Yeah, pretty sure you keep it. I have the slot left even though I don't have a membership.



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I believe you do


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Not only that..If you login

Not only that..
If you login to the game for more than an hour or two it's almost 100% getting the character creation glitch when you try to logout to the character selection screen.
On the Official version or Mobile you won't be able to create the alt from that glitch because it will freeze or crash in the end logging you out.
But on the Steam version you can actually keep the glitch created alts and there's no end to it, you can have more than 10 alts that way without even needing to unlock the alt slots. But on a downside, there's a small chance the game will go crazy and wipe out all the other characters data leaving on the newly created after the character is made. Better just force close the game when you meet that bug on the safe side, since it won't allow you to return to the character selection screen from there, force close is the only option.