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A player by the name of invisibleguardian firstly called me a very bad word, the B word. Used a lot of letters to bypass the chat. Second, they threatened to get my account hacked by their friends if I didnt back off. But they were the ones following me.

I'd appreciate if this could be handled somehow. I hate to see people being so serious and rude over a game and a few fireball blasts.



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I know him. I know a lot of people actually, but that's beside the point.

Awhile back I met someone cursing about the horrible prize they got from a battle event. I time then to stop, and they ignored me. Then their friends started cursing too. I told them to stop, so they called me bad words.
An when I became a defender of The Berk Watch.
Anyway, I met one of the people not too long after that. They were pretty bitter, but I kept being nice and finally, he is a friend of mine, and I haven't seen him curse since then.
Then awhile after that I ran into another person. They didn't remember, so I told them, and then they remembered. But we goofed off in game and now we're friends.
But I didn't see the last person.

Until recently. He was cursing at someone, and I intervened. He turned and called me bad words, not remembering me.
Ignoring what he was saying, I told him a story. The story I just told you.
He was quick to apologise and I told him that I had already forgiven him, and we started chatting some.

It was Invisible.

Yes, Invisible does this a lot, and should probably be banned at least from chat.


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No biggie, right...? 
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Did you report them in-game? I reckon that'd be more effective than a forum post.


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