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A player by the name of invisibleguardian firstly called me a very bad word, the B word. Used a lot of letters to bypass the chat. Second, they threatened to get my account hacked by their friends if I didnt back off. But they were the ones following me.

I'd appreciate if this could be handled somehow. I hate to see people being so serious and rude over a game and a few fireball blasts.



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The Heart Of A Chief And The Soul Of A Dragon

I know him. I know a lot of people actually, but that's beside the point.

Awhile back I met someone cursing about the horrible prize they got from a battle event. I time then to stop, and they ignored me. Then their friends started cursing too. I told them to stop, so they called me bad words.
An when I became a defender of The Berk Watch.
Anyway, I met one of the people not too long after that. They were pretty bitter, but I kept being nice and finally, he is a friend of mine, and I haven't seen him curse since then.
Then awhile after that I ran into another person. They didn't remember, so I told them, and then they remembered. But we goofed off in game and now we're friends.
But I didn't see the last person.

Until recently. He was cursing at someone, and I intervened. He turned and called me bad words, not remembering me.
Ignoring what he was saying, I told him a story. The story I just told you.
He was quick to apologise and I told him that I had already forgiven him, and we started chatting some.

It was Invisible.

Yes, Invisible does this a lot, and should probably be banned at least from chat.



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Dear Everybody,


I have hurt people too much to stay here. Every moment I am here, I risk hurting someone. For this reason, I am leaving. I may return, but only time will tell. Thank you all for being patient with me. This experience has taught me so much. 


I am still online here, so if you ever want to talk, message me. 


I sincerely apologize to everyone I've hurt. 



Goodbye everyone. 



"If you need me, I'll be there."





The loneliness grows with each passing day, threatening to consume me. 
Each time I close my eyes, all I see is the darkness growing inside me. 

And so the new year comes and the new year goes. I'm sitting here and the darkness grows.

Despite all the times a hurt you, it was always to maybe earn the approval of someone. 
I see now, that I will never earn anyone's approval. I've given up. 
And so the shattered pieces of my heart, that I once thought I had together, shatter once more. 
And when I find the pieces, I will put them back together. And although it may be more difficult to see through, and more rough, I'll at least have comfort in knowing that at least it's together. 
Because what makes us strong is not how well we put ourselves together after being broken. It's how many times we've been broken, and we're still standing here to say "We did it. We came back. We're here and we're alive. We made it."
So someday I may rise again, and I may greet you with joy. 
Because no matter how many times the darkness tries to break me apart, I will come come back, a little bit more bruised, a few more cuts. 
A little bit stronger. 







Dear Everyone who won't trust Rebell,



    You need to stop. So maybe Rebell has a similar art style. So maybe they claim that they are not Archer but is a friend of hers. So what?

But maybe Rebell is telling the truth. Maybe, somewhere, there's a budding artist, who just wants to draw things for others, but people won't stop harrasing them, saying they are a liar, saying they are a cheater, saying they are an untrustworthy and slimey eel.

Maybe you have plenty reason to think what you do, but I have one thing to say. Why not give them the benefit of the doubt? Why not trust them? Why not believe them? Why not support them, even if they are Archer? Why not be kind?

Because they don't deserve it? Well, if we got what we deserved, we would all be long since dead. Why not treat others how you would want to be treated?


Why not choose to belive?




                                            One tear in the dropping rain

                                             One voice in a sea of pain

                                             Could the Maker of the stars

                                             Hear the sound of my breaking heart? :,-(



                                            For RheiTheBrave^^ You will always be missed.


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I am on the Snow Wraith, Rheithebrave is on the Deathsong, on the Stormcutter is Kasanelover and the Woolly Howl (actually a Svalbard Howl) is Shirokagefox!

this photo was taken by the fabulous Titan Sandwraith rider, Saigner!

this was really fun guys. Thank you so much!





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Did you report them in-game? I reckon that'd be more effective than a forum post.



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