Digital Artists out there, I have a question!

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I am taking on digital art and I have a big problem choosing for a Wacom Intuos drawing tablet. More specifically, I can't choose between the sizes "Small" and "Medium" but each vary greatly in prices. I've searched for good prices in the Wacom official website and other global stores like Amazon, etc. but on the other hand I can't tell if I should buy a said drawing tablet with said price that'll be worth it. On the other hand, people recommend a MEDIUM size for beginners and I am considering to buy a small because of the price. I also have a laptop screen resolution of 1360x768 so I could get a guess that a small size is not bad.


My purpose for this is to start digital art because I got bored of traditional. This way I'll start making requests since I'd love to get my artstyle to change into a better way.



- Is small or medium sized tablet easy to use for my screen resolution of 1360x768? And if I require a medium sized tablet, is it worth its price? If you find anything online that you find worth it, please link it to me and it might help :)


Remember that I have no digital art supplies, so neither a tablet nor a pen, so I'm looking for a sale of both tablet and pen as well as whatever is needed for the tablet to work. (USB, manual if any, etc.) If possible, it could be in Euro currency, please!


Thank you!






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I 100% prefer small.


A tablet gets mapped to the monitor, aka the width of the tablets gets translated to the width of your screen. Aka every corner of the tablet is a corner on your screen. Drawing a good line is easier on a smaller tablet as your strokes don't have to be so long.

It's also cheaper and saves space.


It does not make a difference when it comes to detail work and I honestly can't see the benefit of a larger screenless tablet.


If you have the cash, buy the smallest Intuos I'd say. There's also Intuos types with buttons but I personally never cared for or used tablet buttons. All tablets come with pens, btw!



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Thank you so much for answering.

So if I purchase a small Intuos, I will be able to draw like I do on paper without making very weird lines. Explains it well!


And yes, I have more than enough money to buy a small Intuos like you say. I just found the best place where I can buy the tablet and it's the Wacom Intuos Draw S since I personally see no difference between Intuos Draw and Art. The buyers mostly gave it a 5-star rating so I got nothing to lose. If you'd like, I'd send a link to you via pm the type of tablet I sell but the webpage isn't in English language!


But yes, thank you so much for your answer and it is very true so I'm buying Small. I am thinking on using the software Krita to draw with it, what do you think? ^^

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Np! I forgot to add that, you can zoom in on a monitor anyway, so a big tablet could be a bit redundant in that regard.


There's little difference between the different Intuos tablets. The pricier models come in more colours and also have touch capability (so you can use your fingers too) but I haven't met anyone who ever thought it added anything, myself included.

Send that PM if you want! I have a couple friends who own the new Intuos tablets and they haven't had any issues so far so no matter the seller, if it's a Wacom Intuos it should be fine.


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Aright, so, I do have a

Aright, so, I do have a medium Intuos myself, and I also use Krita for my digital artworks.


First off, since it's a bit hard to see on the site, a medium is this big:

(A4 paper and waterbottle lid for reference)

This is my first ever drawing tablet, and it's a good one- a worthwhile investment. I've dropped the pen more times than I can count and it still works. It's quite light, comfortable to sit on your lap(because alot of the time i draw on my bed where my laptop can become dangerously warm) and has many handy buttons that I never use. Better yet, the pen stand has a secret compartment with a bunch of different nibs(one of em's spring-loaded). I don't really have an opinion on the small, but I have good things to say about the medium.



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