Digital art tablets?

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I've been seeing a lot about digital art tablets and I've started to kind of want one. How inexpensive can you get a good one for, how do you use them, and what sizes can you get?


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Hey! I have a digital art

Hey! I have a digital art tablet and it's pretty good and I think it was around £50 (sorry don't know what that is in dollars if your country uses that currency), but it was a gift. It's a Wacom tablet they're a pretty good brand and is around the best quality for that price. You can get lower priced ones, I've researched loads because I was trying to buy one for my friend on a tight budget, and they work alright but tend to be smaller and don't come with an art package. Do you already use good art software? If so you may not need to buy an expensive one (and they can get really expensive) which comes with a good art package, but if you want better software then some offer pretty good ones.

Not sure if this helps much but if you have any questions just ask. :)

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             I only recently

             I only recently got a drawing tablet and I love it. It's a Wacom Intuos draw, which are relatively cheap. The cheapest one is the small one and that's about 70 dollars. I ended up getting the medium sized one which was about 70 dollars (please note I got it while it was on sale.) 

            As for how to use it. With mine, you have to connect it to your computer, and you kind of have to let your hand do most of the work because you're mainly looking at your computer screen while you draw.

          As for what programs to use. You don't necessarily need an expensive program to do art. If you're new to digital art I would suggest FireAlpaca. It's a very good, free art program that is perfect for a beginning digital artist. As you get a little further into digital art, you can always go with programs such as Paint Tool Sai, Clip Studio Paint, and Photoshop. I should mention Clip Studio Paint and Paint Tool Sai are relatively cheap when it comes to art programs.


              Hope I helped in someway ^^






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I use a wacom cintiq, which is about 1100 for the smallest and absolutely NOT affordable for non-professional artists. However, since it has an actual screen instead of just a dark slate, it helps with the disjunct between drawing looking at one plane and moving your stylus on another. My first tablet was a Graphire 3 ages and ages ago, and i highly reccomend you start with a cheap tablet too. Partially this is because it takes some time to get used to a tablet and start using it to it's full potential, frequently several months even, but also because some artists genuinely work better with a mouse even after that period of time and you won't want to have spent 75+ dollars on a product you can't really use. Right now a very basic tablet for beginners looks like the Huion 680, which has good pressure sensetivity (what you look for in a tablet, other than tooth) and is only priced at $40 dollars new, but the trade off is that it is pretty small (8" x 6" drawing space). Like I said though, small is good for your first tablet, and it'll get you through a few years before you discover what you personally want to see in an upgrade.


What to do with a drawing tablet... well, honestly all you really can do is draw. It's basically a mouse, except instead of gripping a wide hand-sized dome you are holding a pencil-sized stylus in your hands and moving that around instead. Some people like to use tablets for day-to-day computer navigation and even gaming, but at the heart it's to make drawing and photoediting more intuitive and similar to using a pencil or brush like you would on a physical piece. It's not going to give you any skill you don't already have with a pencil, pen, or paintbrush, it'll just make things a little faster on a computer. If that isn't what you are looking for in an accessory, don't get a tablet.


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If u want a MUCH more inexpensive way to create art digitally, just use an iPad!!! I also do digital art ( but mainly traditional) and let me just say...WOW. So, it doesn’t matter what type of iPad you use, but you have to buy this app called “Procreate” this app is absolutely amazing and it costs $10.00. This is a whole lot less expensive and does really cool stuff! I recommend buying a really good stylus as well (this is where the money comes in) styluses normally cost a lot of money if you want a really good quality one. But I honestly just use my own hand (you do get hand cramps if you use your hand tho >~<) anyways, I HIGHLY recremend this, because it’s not only less expensive, but the app is every handy as well!!!



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I wouldn't call an iPad inexpensive at all hahahaha


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Not exactly what I meant to focus on, but alright xD

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The "If u want a MUCH more inexpensive way to create art digitally, just use an iPad" part made me assume that you think that a tablet PC is generally cheaper than a graphics tablet. One would still need to buy an iPad so they can use the software + a possible stylus ;)

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My gronckle sat on my subject

Well I wasn’t aware that they did not currently own an iPad. Even if they didnt, when I researched how much some tablets cost, it was unbelievable how expensive some were. However, I did make the mistake on expressing how inexpensive some iPads are as well (my fault, sorry) but when all of the facts are collected, some iPads do cost less then some digital art tablets. 

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The most inexpensive (non-ancient) ipad is at least 6 times the price of the most inexpensive grapics tablet :þ Trust me when it's not cheaper in any way unless OP does already own one.

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my gronckle sat on my subject

Oh mistake right? Just ignore what I said then I guess :)

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For a tablet beginner I'd suggest the smallest, cheapest Wacom Intuos.

It works, it works well, and no one needs buttons or a big surface so you can save extra money on that. For tablets without a screen, the smallest size will always suffice and will be more convenient as the surface gets mapped to your screen's resolution anyway. I always found the big ones to be clunky and annoying.

If you want to save money, try going for a refurbished one, or second hand!


You use them like you would a touchscreen that only reacts to a stylus. Think of the stylus as a pen-shaped mouse, because that's what it is. The upside to a tablet is that you can make strokes like you would IRL, with varying thickness and opacity depending on how hard you press.


I use a Yiynova myself. It's like a Cintiq but cheaper and the company's service and support is WAY better than Wacom's. The tablets are expensive still, though. I paid about €900 for mine. It's not something I'd recommend for someone who's starting out with a tablet, unless you have a lot of money to spare.