Digimon Fusion ~ Defenders Of The Digital World! ~ A Digimon Fusion Roleplay!!!!

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This is a digimon fusion RP which takes place after Shoutmon has become the Digimon King and had protected his village, but would be searching for the rumored "secret digimon protector" that someone is claiming to be




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Characters and Rules





Harper - http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/harpers-aperture-ocs-harper-indigo-starchild-0 - me



( note, despite her wide range of powers, she isn't as OP as she seems, she actually mostly uses her teleporting, Cloaking, telekenises, her sixth sense, and levitation, but mostly likes to use her smarts and her cleverness to get through a problem )







Shoutmon: https://wikimon.net/Shoutmon_(Xros_Wars)



Dorulumon https://wikimon.net/Dorulumon_(Xros_Wars)



Cutemon https://wikimon.net/Cutemon_(Xros_Wars)



Ballistamon https://wikimon.net/Ballistamon_(Xros_Wars)


Sparrowmon https://wikimon.net/Sparrowmon_(Xros_Wars)



Monitamon https://wikimon.net/Monitamon_(Xros_Wars)


Mail Birdramon https://wikimon.net/Mail_Birdramon_(Xros_Wars)



Greymon https://wikimon.net/Greymon_(Xros_Wars)




Jeremy https://wikimon.net/Tsurugi_Zenjirou



Mikey https://wikimon.net/Kudou_Taiki





Chibi Kamemon https://wikimon.net/Chibi_Kamemon_(Xros_Wars)



Rules: Be nice to one another ( we're all pals here ya know )


No b.ullying or fighting for spots ( if one is desperate for a spot, then I can allow a clone of said character if needed )



No ghosting ( vanishing from the RP without reason, if you don't have the time then let the group know )




No g.odmodding or instant k.ills ( instant k.ills are only allowed if the roleplayer with their scene is ok with it )







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Roleplay begins here!

The digimon were confused around the digital world, they had heard of this 'Secret protector of digimon'  that absoloutley NO ONE has been able to see at all! some even had spoken of it to Shoutmon, the Digimon King


"what digimon is she?" a patamon asks



"maybe a renamon!" a Tentomon says in awe




suddenly, there was a faint brush past them


"you feel that?" Dracomon asks


"yeah we did" Tentomon and Patamon says



the stranger was near the castle now, looking around nervously, but trying to not be discovered, but......she leaves footprints.......almost like human footprints.............the 21 year-old girl keeps herself cloaked, but later defends a group of Koromon from a pack of Garurumon and the Garurumon soon get annoyed enough that they retreat "for 2 years" the girl mutters and nuzzles a few Koromon and she runs off out of sight, plus she'd heard of the Xros heart group and the Digimon King but well...being the last of her kind, she wanted to avoid being discovered but she could only hide for so long.......the girl finds the Digimon King but tries to keep hidden until she steps on a branch, causing it to snap loudly as she tries to hide in a log but the log was about to start tilting like it's about to roll down the hillside, but she doesn't notice this....... Until a greymon picks the log up with its mouth and the girl screams loudly as a Hackmon stops in front of it "hey! STOP!!!" The Hackmon yells "But why?" Greymon asks "there's a girl in there!!!!" The Hackmon yells "oh, sorry....ummmm..." Greymon growls gently and sets the log down as the girl climbs out as the Greymon takes the log "thanks" the girl says "heh, no problem, be careful where you put yourself" the Hackmon says with a smile "yeah I know" the girl says "who are you?" She asks as the Hackmon smiles "I'm Teisee! I'm a Hackmon! I plan to be the greatest Royal Knight someday!" Teisee says proudly with a puff of his chest and looks upwards as he looks back at the girl who was slowly inching away "hey! Where are you going?! You haven't told me YOUR name yet!" He says to the girl as Harper nods towards the digimon king that's in the distance as Teisee looks that direction "what? The Digimon King? Shoutmon?" Teisee asks and looks at the girl "he's harmless, he wouldn't be scary unless you annoy him" Teisee says as the girl keeps moving as Teisee sighs and trots after her "I'm.......Harper" she says quietly and explains everything..... "Sooooo you're an alien human psychic hybrid that's destined to make peace between every form of life in the universe and make better worlds?" Teisee asks as Harper nods "I'm the last starchild in existence and I'm worried about if I'm discovered" Harper says "don't worry! I'll protect you!" Teisee says as Harper smiles