Difficulties with Chat or Clan Message Boards?

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Just want to know....

Why we can't say numbers in the chat?!?

Please answer me

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Idk why but, I just use words

Idk why but, I just use words that sound like the numbers: one=won, two=too, three=tree, four=for, five= hive etc.

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Take a deep breath and count to tin...

The inability to post numbers is not a glitch. We are banned from posting numbers in a bid to stop us sharing personal information, such as age and contact details, in order to try and make the site safer to use, particularly for children and young teens.

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So many bugs...

1. I have been having issues mainly with the chatting in the game.


2. Either I send and the text disappears, or a white box with no words and a green check mark appears. Either way chatting doesn't work correctly.


3. I use a Mac so I believe Mac OS is the server. I have tried a variety of different servers and none of them have helped the game play (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera) The same thing happens with every single web browser, missing text or the weird box with a check mark.


Thank you for the concern of this issue SOD Admins, I truly miss chat and talking with all my friends here in the school



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Issues with chat

 I type text into the box it just disappears when I press send so I tried again and it still happened so I was unable to talk for the whole time all I could was fly around on my dragon until I got bored and logged off.Also while im flying around others fire at me and it gets annoying and they carry on doing it I can't tell them to stop because I am unable to talk.


Type of Computer:PC (Laptop)


Operating System:Windows 7


Browser:Google Chrome








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chat not working

I am not able to post in any form of chat what so ever through my facebook acount I have one through the site as well that is working as far as I know of havent checked in this morning yet.

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I don't exactly have a

I don't exactly have a problem with any up there but I'm getting a problem where my friends want to visit me through clan and it says I'm offline. PLEASE HELP!!!!!  Same with their clan too

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My Chat

Here's what I think. You should be able to say "meet me at the lookout". And you should have the age group thing. One of you admins, check out club penguin. I like the chat list but don't ban it. You should have monitors that are players that have the power to ban you from speaking rather than a computer generated filter. Because someone could say something perfectly harmless and they get banned. Everything that is computer generated isn't perfect so just monitor what"s going on. But no cursing. Because some people who sign up will say they are 25 even if they are 11. So either do the age group thing and get rid of the age thing when you sign up or don't do age group but have monitors that are constantly online.

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Chat doesn't work

I see some have had the same problem, I have no idea how to fix the problem.

I can't open chat, I never really use it but today i wanted to say that I didn't mean to breath fire on some players(clicked by accident) and chat didn't come up.
It did months ago, so this is new to me.

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I'm having a lot of

I'm having a lot of issues...I keep getting chat banned for no reason. Also, my clan message board is driving me crazy. I post a message and nothing happens. I like the idea of servers but I am always on a different server the. The people talking on the chat. Maybe u can get rid of that? ALSO CAN WE HAVE A LANGUAGE FILTER?! Spanish people are the only ones on my server and it's getting tiredome....I CANT EVEN SAY HOLÀ TO THEM!!! Thank u for ur time

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I cant chat

I am on Mac with Firefox. Whenever I say something I get an error message saying "Server error". I had this last evening and now I have it again. If I try to chat in TR I get nothing. I have had no chat issues up until now.



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How come we can type in our own names its is anoying to other players that they cant type in what they want to say


jace alec lim

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Chat Issues + More

1. Issues with all forms of communication in the game except for emotes.

2. My text disappears when I type in the chat box. And when I try to post messages on Clan boards it says I am not able to at this time or it says error. Cursor never changes with any of these message sending tries.

3. I am using Win 7 and I use Firefox and Chrome as well as the downloaded version. I have more issues, crashes and errors trying to play on Chrome, but between the downloaded onto my PC and the play in FireFox version they hold the exact same issues with chat (and other problems I will post elsewhere.)

4. To avoid multiple issues, I will list other issues below, and if required I can put them in a separate area.


I have also tried to start my own Clan and I as able to have an Intro post but that has been it. I spent a lot of gems to start my own clan and I have no members because I cannot chat to anyone and communicate. In a separate character slot I am in a different clan but they have issues communicating with me and when they have questions, they have to find me, ask what they need in yes or no answer questions only, and I have to respond either yes or no by jumping up and down for yes, or swinging side to side for no. It's a bit rediculious especially since I'm paying to play this game for some of the social aspect of it and I don't get to have any of it. So please please help...


I have heard of people "redoing" quests, but I have seen no such options to do so nor have found any information online about how people get that option or if it's admin's helping or what not.


Issues other than Chat/Clan Chat/Communication:


1. Can't dissolve or click on the Amber in Sven's farm blocking the way. Tried all suggested methods from cache clearing to reinstalling and looking on the forum for other suggestions that I have tried and have not worked.

2. The crack in the school wall that leads either out to the ocean or to different quests that load elsewhere not located on the map and does not allow me to do quests such as meeting Sculdy and the Twins. I recall with my first character slot it loaded just fine and I got the quest done. But now it doesn't load me to the area I need to go and instead I just fly through to the water in the crack in the wall where it says to go. I also had issues with fishing on a Gronkle quest for the same reasons. But after a few other quests the issue seemed to resolve itself, but not with this.

3. Farm problems: A. When I place a new pen for anything, it eats every animal I put in it as soon as I leave. When I come back, the pen is there, but empty. And in my Farm inventory it shows a secondary pen (duplicate). B. When I try to buy and place more than one pen (so two or more) the animals I put in it either disappear when I leave, or are somewhere else on the farm and completely unusable until I put away the pen they were originally in. Then the animals that were in said pen are eaten and taken from my inventory. I've lost countless chicken, sheep, yak, foxes and puffins because of this. C. When I click and drag the animal back to the pen, it's 50/50 if they will stay where I drag them, or if they will go back to the same spot when I leave. In one of my accounts I have a Yak in the ground that I can't click on. And I have a puffin in the middle of the farm area, preventing me from rebuilding and moving as I please, and when I drag it back it always goes to where it was out of the pen, AND it duplicates when  I click and drag it to it's pen. I am able to feed and get feathers from the puffin 50% of the time I go to my farm. The other 50% I cannot click on it at all. D. When I go to fill out certain food quests (Turtle Eggs & Chicken Eggs that is an actual quest on my quest page, as well as a select few others not on the quest page but same effect) won't let me complete them and instead freeze except for the cursor. The cursor doesn't change and the quest does not disappear nor flare. I cannot exit the game without completely shutting it down via external method (Alt+Ctrl+del or hit the window's start menu key and right clicking the game and closing). E. A black "spotlight" appears when I am harvesting or feeding animals ever since I bought and put the Cauldron on my farm.

4. Daily log-in rewards failing - Sometimes the chests do not open and disappear without giving me a chance to click and win something and three times the gems  were not rewarded to my account. All of the non rewarded gems were on the Day 3 log in bonus (15 gems).


There may be others I am forgetting right now.


If the other issues need to be posted elsewhere for support and help, it would be great if I could be guided to such an area on the forum to report the previously mentioned problems other than chat problems.

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Chat Box Invisible

Windows 7 x64, more often using Windows pc app


Occassionally if I teleport to another area and try open the chat box, it is nearly invisible.  Or sometimes I click on the icon to open the chat box, and it doesn't work at all.  The only way to "fix" this is for me to totally log out of the client pc app, and log back in again.  Then it's fine.  For awhile.

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Unable to use chat
Here's my issue with chat...
1. I 'm unable to write in chat. 
2. Even my "Hi everonye" or "Hello" disappears, the other players never see what I write, I never see what I write after I hit either enter or send, so I can't communicate with others (only through messages - if they ever reply...).
I don't get any error messages, I'm just unable to chat. I don't think there was ever any time when I could actually use the chat. :(
3. Configuration: PC, Windows 8, Opera browser or the PC version of the game - both have the same problem.
I really have no idea why I can't use the chat, I never ever typed any "bad" words, like I wrote above, my "hi"-s disappear and no one sees them.
Thank you for any help in advance, I really want to chat with other players. Sometimes it was sort of okay, when they understood the :X emote meaning "I can't talk" or when I was "nodding" with my dragon (flying in one place, and going up and down) or saying "no" by turning left and right repeatedly, but it was awkward for me since I couldn't "say" anything more than that.
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.. Please Fix!! It's been So Long and you Still Haven't Fixed It

1. I am experiencing issues with the chat.

2. I type something and hit enter, it disappears like normal and never appears, I get no warnings or anything. Restarting does not fix it, going somewhere else doesn't fix it, and I have never been able to chat.

3. PC, Windows 10, using the game client -- but my default browser is Google Chrome.

Windows 10 64x

Intel Quad Core i7 6700 @ 3.5 GHz

Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 w/ 4068 MB

2 TB Toshiba HDD

16 GB Hyundai Electronics RAM


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Sort of communication ...

This is probably not exactly what you are looking at, but it kind of fits with communication:


I have never been able to visit clan mates. Its the part where you look at the list of clan members, and you should be able to click on the ones that are online (green dot) and get transported to their location in the game (then communication ensues!). I'm sure there are limitations, depending on what the other person is doing. However, when I click to visit an online clan mate, the working gears just go round and round and I have to close the game and go back in. I have heard this might be an issue with others as well who use the same platform.

  This is occuring on the mobile app for apple devices. For me specifically, it is an iPhone 6plus. Currently its iOS 9.2.1, but it has never worked for any version.


So I'm just throwing that out there, not a huge issue for me personally. I can get on the computer sometimes and try!


PS. Thanks for improving the graphics on mobile the last several months or so!



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Chat and Clan Message Board

I recently upgraded to Windows Ten. I have a PC and beyond knowing how to turn it on, the specs of my computer go over my head. My bro is my tech guy. Since beginning to play SoD back in Janruary, I've had intermitent luck using chat. Sometimes the chat window doesn't even come up, other times, when it does, my text disapears. NOw that I started a clan of my own, I can't even leave messages. It gives me an 'unable to post messages at this time, try back later' missive. Luckily I can e-mail a friend of mine and she can post whatever I feel the clan needs to know, but as clan leader, I should be able to post messages. I have three toons on this account and none of them can post messages to the clan board.


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Hello,   My main issue is



My main issue is that the chat box simply disappears. I try clicking on the chat button on the tab to the left, but nothing pops up.

It's may be worth mentioning that the chat box is simply transparent before disappearing completely.

So to sum up:


1- Chat box is on, working fine.

2- New area or map, chat box transparent but could still type.

3- Another map or area, chat box completely gone.




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The chat is a continual issue for me ever since I started playing and I had Windows 8.1 in my laptop using the downloadable game.. Now I have downgraded to Windows 7 and playing the game from Steam and still the chat is somewhat dodgy to me... It sometimes works and sometimes the words just disappear when I hit enter, same with when I'm in Thunder Race; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Thankfully, when I leave messages in my clan (especially now that I'm a leader) it works.


Just saying.. ^^


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Having been ignored, he used his free time (whenever he can skip warrior training class) to explore the wilderness outside his father's territory which became a favorite past time of his and eventually found a wounded Deadly Nadder hiding in a cave (which he figured was injured during the last 'attack').


Of course, at first he was startled and scared, but after hiding behind a rock and not moving for minutes (he thought as hours), he noticed that the wounded dragon had no intention of eating him nor acknowledge him at all as it was only focused on the injured wing. Ansim, being the caring sort for wounded animals and thus having experience, couldn't just leave the dragon alone, so for weeks, he used his free time to nurse the dragon until it's wing was in working order.


He started slow at first, bringing food to the dragon and just watching the dragon eat and sleep from up on a branch of a tree he'd climb on. He stood guard for the dragon, shooing away any possible threats that might come to harm the healing dragon; wether from other dragons (which ended up as him being scared sh*tless but thankful for surviving) and humans that might find the wounded dragon. Eventually after weeks, he came to find himself lying down next to the dragon as they both relaxed in the cave.


Though it seemed peaceful, in the end, the dragon he was so carefully hiding got found by his second older brother while he was in class (which he couldn't skip less his father ground him). He raced towards the cave using a shortcut and tried to get the dragon to fly away with his fully healed wing. But for some reason, the dragon was stubborn to leave him and was eventually caught by his father and clan's men. In a moment of shocked silence and adrenaline, he jumped on the dragon's back and together flew away from his homeland.


They traveled together, flying from land to land with Ansim never looking back but knowing that his guilty conscience of up and leaving without a word will forever be on his mind, and with that, Cross (the name he gave the dragon) landed on an island he never thought was possible. An island filled with dragons and humans RIDING on their backs. (He almost fainted that day).


On that island which he learned was named Berk, he was greeted by Hiccup and his team of dragon riders and also learned of the academy they had (they had a whole island for it!). He joined and learned a whole bunch from the dragon riders and their dragons. It was then that he also heard of Hiccup being a son of a cheiftain like him.


With the guilt still riding deep in his heart Ansim told hiccup of his story (a bit relunctantly) with a promise to never tell another soul but Hiccup being himself decided that Ansim needed to go back to his clan and thus told his father, chieftain of Berk. Of course Ansim was mad but hesitantly agreed with Stoik to go back to his island to explain the situation and maybe change their views of dragons with the help of the academy's students.


It wasn't easy at first, changing the view of vikings, but like how Ansim bonded with his dragon, the change went slow. Hiccup and the other students stayed on their island and helped drive back the dragons 'attacking' their village with their dragons and figured out the reason for this. It took a while but the people started coming around to their ways and Ansim, with the help of Stoik gained back his Father's and brother's love and respect for him.


Ansim's clan hasn't changed much, but with the help of Berk, the 'attacks' started to lessen and people weren't anymore hostile of Cross as they were before. Now Ansim goes back and forth (with a representative of Berk) to and from the academy to learn more about dragons and help maintain the peace as a job of a cheiftain's son would.



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I can't post any messages on any kinda board

Ever since the chat started banning players, I have had trouble posting anything on anyone's message board, including clan message board. I am able to type my message (most of the time, sometimes the keyboard disappears on me but i find it) but when I click the post button, nothing happens. It shows that the post option is being pushed and it goes green whenever I push it, but besides that, my message isn't posted. I play on an Amazon Fire tablet and play through the downloaded app. 


I can chat (most of the times when there's no server error) so there no problem with that (unless I've been banned). Thank you for being concerned with playing problems such as this. I really apprecite it!


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Rogue Wolf - Loud and Proud (as usual)

Clan: The Dragon Racers

Clan Status: Member

Clan Leader: JbMiler (httyyd)

Viking Name: Rogue Wolf

Friend Code: PM me

Dragons: too many to put here, but i have more than 22

Main Dragons: Saebyn (Woolly Howl), Dagro (Sand Wraith), Tundragon (Snow Wraith), Skeil (Razorwhip), Reaper (Screaming Death), Clay (Mudraker), 

Favorite Place: Training Grounds


~Some Things About Me~

I am the person who makes a lot of mistakes irl and on the forums

I prefer limited spot RPs over unlimited spot RPs

I love dragons and wolves

I'm a booknerd

My brain never lets me be in reality for too long (in other words: my imagination is on 24/7)

I am in the Percy Jackson fandom, and ship Percabeth

I ship Hiccstrid too

I am obsessed over archers and medieval stuff (particularly hot archers XD)

Somedays I'm introvert, sometimes around friends I'm extrovert

I'm Never in the Ever-Never Army (and in thefandom)

A Ravenclaw and proud of it! (don't kill me please I haven't read the books yet but took the official test anyways)

My favorite color is black

My second favorite color is red (ike blood red)

I tend to get stuck in Lor more often than Reality


My Fandoms


Owl City

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (PJO)


 School for Good and Evil (SGE)

Wings of Fire (WoF)

Michael Vey

Ranger's Apprentice (RA) / Brotherband Chronicles 

Keeper of the Lost Cities (KotLC)



Percabeth (PJO)

Hiccstrid (HTTYD)

Sokeefe (KotLC)

Tagatha (SGE)

Hophie (SGE)


I'm proud to be part of...

The Dragon Racers -  httyyd

The Forgotten Racers -  Knight of Fury

The Messengers - The Messengers / Megaboltphoenix

The Resistance - Megaboltphoenix


The Dragon Racers (In-game)

The Dragon Racers are hard working racers, and loyal members to each other and the clan! We are constantly changing rank, so I'll just way we are one of the Top 10 on the Clan Leaderboard. 


I will be posting Clan RP Events every once in a while! 

The Dragon Racers RP Event: Snow Day on Berk


The Forgotten Racers (In-game)

Are you interested in joining The Forgotten Racers? PM Knight of Fury. if he isn't on, PM Tamra Diamond. She will be able to notify Knight of Fury in game. (Dia plays often)

The Forgotten Racers is a good place to be in the Top 100 (25 to be exact), we encourage other players and race often. 


The Messengers (In-game)

Are you interested in joining the Messengers? Then here are the clan threads! 

The Messengers~ Ultimate Clan Thread | The Messengers~ Artwork | The Messengers~ Code of Conduct | The Messengers Clan~ Newly updated thread | The Messengers: Rules and Requirements* | The Messengers FAQs | 

*must read the Rules and Requirements in order to join. Also, read The Messengers, signature

The Messengers is meant to help other clans (hacking clans not included, thus the Resistance,). We welcome new members and are not competitive as to who has more trophies and who doesn't. Our main 3 goals are to reach Top 100, spread the light of Christ as we do so and encourage other anti-hacking clans. 


The Resistance (Forum and In-game)

Wanna be part of the fab society? read these threads to learn more!

The Resistance Recruiting page | The Resistance Anti-Hacking Forum Society ~ Ultimate thread | The Resistance FAQs | 

I advise you either PM megaboltphoenix or read the Resistance FAQs and the recruiting page to learn more. 

I am part of the Forum clan/society The Resistance. We hunt down hackers and report them on the Forums. The Resistacne can be found in-game as The Resistance Society I believe. I'm not sure tho. You can mak a Cyber Dragon by nicely asking Mega or using her bases, which the links can be found in her signature. 



Nazu my Whispwing by Zikta


Viriad by Megaboltphoenix



Clan Banner by Knight of Fury


Clan gif by Mega


Resistance Badge by Mega


Rogue Wolf edit by Cocopuppy
Rogue Wolf by TosiLohi
Rogue Wolf by TosiLohi

Rogue Wolf edit by Archery and Dragons


Rogue Wolf gif edit by the fantabulous Zit! 


Zier by 1flower


Clan banner found on httyyd's siggy


Rogue Wolf by donnala


Dagro by grumpyforlife2


Maelstrom by Archery and Dragons!


Jensi the Notorious Nadder by Lululu6161


 Rogue Wolf edit by Werewolfgirl1253


Saebyn by Feenix the Fire


Namica the Vesupa by Bavelly


Yenzi, Lunar Dragon Adoptable by snowflake12298




"There is no easy way to say 'I'm sorry'" - me

"Fix me Foster. You're my only hope." - Keefe (Keeper of the Lost Cities)

What was surprising though, was what Starflight got up to when he was bored - Wings of Fire, The Hidden Kingdom

"Somebody needs to tell Shade Boy the role of Troublemaker with Daddy Issues is already filled" - Keefe (Keeper of the Lost Cities)

"Just tell them to stare into each other's eyes and they'll be good" - Keefe (Keeper of the Lost Cities)

"Too much flab and not enough ab!" - Joker (LEGO Batman Movie)

"What is the password?" "Iron Man sucks!" - 'Puter, Batman (LEGO Batman Movie)

"Winning is no fun when there is no loser," - My mom

"Take the pain!" - my friend's dad

"When you write with a bird, it's called tweeting," - Maui (Moana)

"Because I'm one of the idiots who live in it!" Peter Quill (Guardians of the Galaxy)

"You said it yourself, ****, we're the guardians of the galaxy," - Peter Quill (Guardians of the Galaxy)

~Welcome to Lor!~

The past, present and future all clash in my world of Lor! Dragons, knights, mythical creatures, etc. mingle with technicians, robots of all kinds, and much more! The history of Lor goes far down within the heart of my imagination. From fan creations to alredy made worlds, Lor is a world of wonder and myth, a place where only the mind can reach and never the body. Which is super unfortunate because if it was real I'd never leave. I have big dreams for Lor, and I want the whole world to know about is someday before I d.ie. 


My Beloved Characters (Do not Steal!)


Nace Aud

Chast Aud



Zadak Yagari






Zaruta Wolfmage

Wolf Strange

Zale Tydlwaev

Kazei Yagari


Rogue Wolf 























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Joined: 09/02/2015

I have a chat ban for trying to tell people yesterday that the battle opponant was Alvin. "ALVIN!" got me banned? Seriously!? I don't cuss on the game, but I do make accidental typos sometimes, so how the heck am I to know what words might ban me??? Why can't this game just have a normal filter for curse words and stop with all this other ridiculous stuff, including banning numbers. If parents don't want their kids to use chat, or if kids don't have enough common sense to know better than to give out personal info, then why don't you just implement a parental control to disable chat. Or why don't you guys invest some of the money you get from paying members to pay for live chat admins. I used to be one (online rpg) so know what it takes to do the job, it's not rocket science so I'm sure you could find someone to handle it. Next time someone ticks me off in real life I'm going to scream "ALVIN!" at them just to see the confused look on their face.... >:(



Toothless is an Axolotl in real life! :D

Dragon Master
Joined: 09/11/2014
I take back what I said...

I take back what I said the first time about the clan board..


See, I was hoping to change something about the clan; a simple change, nothing too big.. but I had been blocked! My clan's description which has never been a problem, has become "invalid" or something and the simple change I wanted to make isn't possible anymore! ###


I wasted time trying to find words that won't make such a difference considering it wasn't my clan to begin with but was still invalid..


It made me frustrated that I didn't open my game for two weeks... (but I really feel bad about the clan so I'm going to log in again)


I hope you guys would just make a list of what is acceptable to say or not to say in the game or something.. just make it clear!


Please do something about it soon! Thank you!


Added: I got a first warning because I accidentally entered "two" rather than "too". Seriously SOD, make a list or something about what can be and can't be typed! Please explain what is up with the chat box.

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Aslan of the Wa...
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thankfully i search the

thankfully i search the forums for a related topic and found this one. it totally suits my situation.


1. Tell us if you are experiencing issues with chat, clan message boards, both, or any other form of communication in the game.   when i joined my clan, i was able to post several messages to the clan message board but shortly after, i havent been able to post anything.


2. Please describe in detail what happens when trying to communicate with others. Do you receive some sort of error message? Does the text you type disappear? Does the cursor change into loading gears and never change? The more details, the better!  i dont get an error message or anything, it just wont post the message. i also am unable to post on anyones profile, however i am able to chat in-game. i am really confused!


3. What is your computer configuration? Half the battle is trying to reproduce the bug so we can figure out how it got there in the first place. When reporting an issue, please specify what type of computer you are using (e.g. Mac or PC), what operating system you use (e.g. Windows 7), and what browser you played the game on (e.g. Internet Explorer or Google Chrome). Remember, the more details you provide, the faster we can help you.  i am playing on on a PC, i have Windows 7, and i am playing on the downloaded version.


i hope i supplied you with enough information to help resolve this issue.  thank you admins for all you do!  just so you know, i am getting really frustrated about not being able to communicate with my clan mates. so many questions, so little time!


signing off ♫

for the love of Aslan!


signature under construction (as i find out who i am!)(still trying to find out)


proud member of



Proud to have served in the clan "The Phantom Heroes"



just keeping an eye on things!

for the love of Aslan!

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Supreme Viking Champion
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Hey, I'm not sure admins look

Hey, I'm not sure admins look at this thread anymore (but kudos for searching for related topics!). Just in case, I suggest PMing Brynjolf this information. The best chance is PMing on a weekday late afternoon/early evening EST, if it's possible for you. (That's when he is most likely to be actively online.) Brynjolf is almost never on on the weekends.

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Aslan of the Wa...
Joined: 01/12/2017
oh thank you so much :) i

oh thank you so much :) i will do that. just click the message box next to his name (i just assume it is a he, sorry) and send it that way?


signing off ♫

for the love of Aslan

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Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 05/06/2015
Yes, its the "Send PM"

Yes, its the "Send PM" notation.


As far as his gender, the Brynjolf persona is male and I've never heard him or others refute it. True, for all we know Brynjolf is a female in RL, but for purposes SOD, Brynjolf the admin is a male.


I hope you get a response. It might be a "we'll look in to it", but its something! Many times, all he can do is get info and pass the issue on to whomever codes and troubleshoots. PMing him during those times have been the best bet I've seen so far.

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Aslan of the Wa...
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yea!! i have chat in clan

yea!! i have chat in clan message board again! it so good to hear my voice LOL  Brynjolf PMd me. i was so glad to have it fixed!


signing off ♫

for the love of Aslan!

Joined: 07/08/2016
Chat not working :(

When i write something in the chat box then click submit it does not submit then a blank box shows with a green checkmark at the bottom. I don't know why it does it and and am sad because i want to talk to other players.


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