Difficulties with Chat or Clan Message Boards?

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hello! I have few problems with the game:I can't chat,I can't do any battle,I can't race...all of this because seems like I would be in single player mode,even if I am not!

I play on a PC,windows 8,downloadable version of the game.

I have these problems since the last update...thank you!

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Hello! Thank you for reporting this issue. Have you tried clearing the unity cache? Sometimes doing this can help resolve certain issues. Have you tried playing on the browser? Does this also ocurr there? Do let me know. Thank you!

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Hello..been a year now..? please..

Been a year now...and a couple of month you were saying that you guys will fix my chat, i'm the elder of a top ranked clan and i really would like to post news and talk with members and well chatting

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I got one.

Ok, I logged on just now and we were scheduled to meet each other as a clan, but then I had to reschedule because the number of times I've currently being logged out, which was quite unusual. But no fuss. I try to alert my clan mates and tell them why I'll be offline and to reschedule the meeting. I clicked on the clan message board (Sometimes the messages show up and other times it doesn't) and I typed the same message again and again, but every time I post it it says something like this.

"There was an internal server error. Please load the game again."

I tried clearing the Cache, reinstalling the game, used the Windows app, logging out and logging back in, then doing it on the app, restarting my computer, and whatever I did it showed the same error. I don't know how to fix this because I never seen this kind of error before.

I don't know if I should sit this one out for a bit and wait for it to fix itself, or I should be worried (Which may not be necessary). I am quite stumped on knowing what this is and what it means is my concern. I just want my members to know why I'll be offline (Its sort of a rule in my clan).

I mean, I could wait until its fixed to say it (If it still logs me out all the time). I just want to know what this is and what it means.


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My problem is:

Hi! So... my problem is that i log in, and when im connected in the game, i open the chat. Sometimes, its like nobody is writing but i know that its impossible, there is always pepole on the chat. Sometimes, i see what they write, but i can't write, a message appears saying: "error". Ive tried to close the game and come back, but nothing works. 


Im on my phone to play, i have not try to connect on my computer this is the last thing i can try. 


I hope that what i said can help you to fix this glich.


(i hope that you understand what i said, im not a native english so my english is not perfect)


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Good luck!