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About a month ago, I posted on this forum that I tried to get a 6-month membership but I didn't get it, even though I PAID FOR IT. I posted this issue on this forum, with all my purchase information, and Brynjolf said the team would look into this issue. However, it's been a month later and I have still not recieved any updates or anything on this issue. Please fix this because I know I paid for this, and it's pretty disappointing that this has not been fixed. My purchase information is below:


Username: Stalactite79

Viking Name(s): NigellaOfTheGuard AND Auroraviolet

Order ID (from the App store):  MS1GF71T3W


Thank you for reading this and I really, really hope this is fixed...

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Rose Moon: The Staff of School of Dragons are aware of your unfortunate situation, but remember there's limited staff for SoD and working very much hard for the happiness and joy for all players. Please do well of patience things aren't that easy to do all the coding and other tech stuff. Since I heard NetDragon has acquired JumpStart hopefully School of Dragons may get boosted in staff. 



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Happened to me when I bought gems twice in a row. I got my money back after Paypal thought it took too long for SoD/JS to reply to my dispute ticket (JS never did). I'd just do a chargeback right away if I were you.



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