Did Anyone Notice?

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I discovered that the ladder on Stormheart's ship you can climb. I was doing some exploring today and noticed I could click on the ladder, when I did, my viking began climbing. Pretty cool feature!




 Viking Name: DragonQueenofBerk

Level: 35

Main Dragons: Zinc and Scorpion

Species: Male Titan Razorwhip and Male Triple Stryke

Clan: The Dragon Guard

Position: Elder/Leader


*Expansion Packs Completed:

Icestorm questDeathsong questBattle questRtdi iconTsol icon 2

(made by MericcupNightFury)

Dragons from the Expansion

Here are pictures of the dragons I recived from the expansions:


(More on the way... eventually....)



Clan Banner from: http://www4.flamingtext.com/

Triple Stryke Banner from: http://www4.flamingtext.com/

*Expansion symbols not mine, found on google*

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Just climbing some ladders all day long...

Yeah, I remember doing that over and over again!





Hunter and Skogvarg by Arrowalker



 "I looked into his eyes and i saw myself.

This wasn't a vicious beast, but an intelligent, gentle creature,

      whose soul reflected my own."