Did this ACTUALLY happen?

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If so, what a mess. It is completely unfair.


Quoting from the SoD wiki:

''In October 10th, 2019, 5:18AM UTC, a few hours before the release of the Dreadfall Event, both the Dreadstider and the Skrillknapper were released in the Store for 5,000 and 2,500 respectively[1], allowing players who've gotten over 5,000+ to buy them. While they were quickly removed shortly after, the developers didn't penalized those who bought the Dragons, because of it, players who both the Dragon Eggs could hatch them and ride them much earlier than they should.''



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It indeed did happen

As yes sod released before dreadfall and a few people with that many gems indeed brought before the admins found at yes its very disappointing sod aloud this but it is affair on my main i bought it but worked censored my other accs which im doing rn but i hardly use it rn cus of the bugs.


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Of course they don't penalize people for buying something haha.

And this pretty much always happens, actually! Testing stuff and new stuff gets pushed to live, so sometimes people get new dragons earlier than they're supposed to. In this case, those who planned to buy the dragons with gems were very lucky.


Sometimes, people aren't very lucky and buy a dragon in the store before its official 'release' for a much higher price than it'd be after release.


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Plus, not to mention these 'test eggs' are oftentimes extremely unstable and might end up just giving you a gronckle or something.


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Ha! Got ya >:D

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You're right, I forgot about that. Something like that did happen at one point, right?

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Yep yap yup. I think it happened more than a few times, actually. Basically like the rule-of-thumb was to never buy a dragon egg when it had the Hiccup & Toothless icon displaying it, because more often than not you'd likely end up with a nadder or other undesired dragon and -750 gems for it.

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Lmao that's hilarious, but I do hope those people got reimbursed regardless.

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I'm not saying that they should be penalized, but it's unfair that some people with such a high amount of gems got the dragons with no effort whatsoever meanwhile some of us don't stand a chance

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People keep saying it's unfair but:


1. Most players have jobs and spend their real life money to get a virtual dragon that will never benefit them irl.

2. They had to work to earn that money.

3. They may not have paid anything at all, they may have gotten those gems from grinding HARD (putting more effort into the event than others).

4. They may have accumulated those gems over time and saved them up.


I'd say only a fraction of the players didn't have to work one way or another for those gems. In which case, it's very fair. I defend especially the grinders, why get mad or jealous of them? Talk about effort, I'm a grinder and that crap is HARD! I accumulated gems and decided to spend them in this event because Night Lights. Not passing that up, I decided to be selective, because I'm a hoarder. I didn't spend on the Dreadfall event but if those people put in the work for those gems and got the dragons earlier I would serious stop and think twice about getting fussy. 

Sorry for the rant there. Just, I'm tired of being one of "THOSE" people that "unfairly" got all three Night Lights (completing an event) when I didn't do anything wrong, ever. Stop giving those people hate, I fall into that group. I defend them because I understand how hard it is. It was always possible for everyone to get free gems, enough to complete events, so unless they're brand new I'm not buying into the whole "it's not possible" thing. Yes it is. Even if you're a busy bee you should've saved your gems. 


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