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The New Student


Hi, my name is Rialynh Nightwalker. I have heard from my friends already at your academy that dragons are the best thing to happen to Berk since sliced bread! No offense, but I’ll believe it when I see it. By the way, my friends call me Ria for short. My family wants me to learn about dragons since the troublemakers live on my home island as well. Sure we have Deadly Nadders and Zipplebacks and Terrible Terrors, but we don’t have much else here. I want to learn more about different types of dragons, Night Furies in particular. We have a pet Terrible Terror I plan on sending this with. His name is Lyall and he’s sort of the island messenger dragon. He always finds whoever we’re sending letters to even if he doesn’t know them. He’s sitting with me as I write this and I hope he finds you soon. Watch for a crimson and gold patterned dragon – that will be Lyall.


I hope to hear from you soon Hiccup, my friends told me to send this to you since you’re the Berk dragon master and all!


Yours Truly,

Rialynh Nightwalker


I sit back as I finished my letter, glancing at the little red and gold Terrible Terror that sits on my desk snoozing in the corner. I know I have to send this letter before the new school year starts at the Berk Dragon Academy, but I’m so nervous that even my mother’s Nadder notices and sticks her head in the window with a concerned snort that wakes a startled Lyall and he chirps in annoyance at the bigger dragon.


“Don’t worry about me Naga, I’m fine girl. Just nervous about sending this letter to the Academy that’s all. Everyone’s talking about how hard it is for some of us to be accepted there! Come on, let’s get this going Lyall. Berk is only a three hour flight from here, but I’m still nervous. Mom’s taken you there before and you’ve meet Hiccup, but I haven’t! It was Mizuki who suggested I write a letter and she said she’d put in a good word for me with Hiccup after all.” I tell the dragon as I pull out a message tube and tie it to Lyall’s back and the little dragon makes a sort of purring sound as I tie a sky blue ribbon to show the message was important but not an emergency before strapping it to the Terrible Terror just before he took off out my window and Naga snorts in relief before pulling her head out.


Three hours later, it’s time for dinner. I’m not hungry and mom notices while dad glances up from where he was whittling me a new ocarina to replace the one I lost three years ago. Suddenly we all glance up as Lyall comes swooping in the window chirping happily as he lands in front of my plate of salmon and potatoes and I stand up to see the letter with the red reply ribbon as I slide the letter from the tube and unroll it so I can read.


Hello Rialynh,


I am Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. I received your letter and it sounds like you’re very interested in taking part in our Berk Dragon Rider Academy. I recognized Lyall from when your mother last came to Berk for dragon supplies. I hope my letter found you at a good time because I have good news. You’ve officially been accepted as a student at the Berk Academy. I look forward to teaching you all we know about dragons and how to ride them! Toothless says to say hello as I write this reply. Ha, crazy Night Fury! You will get your own dragon to raise and train once you arrive. Classes start in two weeks – so be sure to bring clothes that can handle being around dragons for a few years!


Yours Truly,


PS, You can bring Lyall with you. Seems to me like that little fella likes being near you because he kept making sure I was writing only good things in this letter and gave a sort of happy cheer when I finished.




I read the letter twice to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me and I nearly fell out of my chair at the good news! I was going to train at the Berk Dragon Academy! I whooped so loud that Naga poked her head in the window with a confused look on her silver, blue and white face and Dad looked up from his whittling while mom was startled out of her chair at my reaction.


“Ria, what was that all about sweetie? Did you get a reply from the Berk Academy? Ever since Mizuki left, you’ve been so down and out lately. And now all of a sudden – you get so excited that you scared Naga!” Mom asked as she stood up in her red apron that Naga seemed to love seeing her in as Lyall perched on my shoulder chirping and purring happily with a smug look on his face and I rubbed the little red and gold menace behind the ears before replying.


“Mom, I just got accepted into the Berk Academy alright! I just got a letter from Hiccup and he says that classes start in two weeks! Oh man, wait until the guys here about this! I’ve wanted to learn about dragons ever since we’d made peace with them five years ago! I can’t wait to get my own dragon! And I’ll actually get to meet a Night Fury! I’ve heard that besides Hiccup’s dragon Toothless, they were pretty much extinct!” I told my parents dancing around the room holding Lyall by the front paws despite his protests before realizing I had to run and pack since the next boat for Berk’s Caldera would be leaving in two days for the School and that alone was a two day trip.


A few weeks later, I was ready for my first flying lesson with Hiccup and Toothless. I was waiting with Mizuki and her Monstrous Nightmare Kingpin while the purple and red dragon cooed something at her as a streak of black landed in front of us and its rider dismounted to greet us when I noticed that his rider had a peg leg for the first time. I had seen Hiccup around the school with Toothless from a distance, but this was the first time I was going to actually meet him. I had already meet Astrid, Snotlout, Fishlegs, Ruffnutt and Tuffnutt and talked to them about their dragons, but I had already begun incubating my own Deadly Nadder egg and was looking forward to when it hatched.


“Hey Mizuki, is that your friend you were telling me about? I’m Hiccup and this is Toothless. Whoa! Huh, apparently he seems to like you! He never takes to strangers that fast! I can see why you wanted to come here. Apparently you’ve got quite the talent with dragons. And I see you’ve brought Lyall with you! And here’s one more surprise for you, you get to ride Toothless!” Hiccup told me and I felt my jaw almost hit the ground as Toothless nudged his head up into my hand so I could scratch an itchy spot and the black dragon purred as I scratched him behind the ear while Lyall perked up from his perch on my shoulder and chirped encouragement as he flew over and sat on Mizuki’s as Kingpin snorted his approval.


“No way! I actually get to ride a Night Fury?! But, I’ve never even ridden a dragon except my mom’s Nadder Naga in short hops around the farm!” I told Hiccup glancing between him and Mizuki as Toothless stood up and sat on his hind legs giving me the same sort of reassuring look that Naga always had given me as a kid before we went on our flights.


“You’ll be fine! All of us get to ride Toothless for our first flying lesson! Hiccup’s the best flying teacher around and he’ll teach you everything you need to know about flying a dragon! It’s the same rules for all dragons so we all learn on this oversized salamander! No offense Toothless!” Mizuki assured me as Toothless used his red sailed tail to smack her upside the head making me laugh because Naga used to do the same sort of thing to me whenever I said the wrong thing back home! I made a nervous whimpering sound but Toothless made a purring noise that calmed me down as he stood once again on all fours and Hiccup boosted me onto his dragon partner’s back and sat behind me in the saddle for my first flying lesson.


“Alright, now Toothless is the only dragon here with an artificial tail fin, but otherwise flying is really simple! All you have to do is tell your dragon where to go and hang on to the saddle! From what I understand, you’ve done short hops on your mom’s Nadder right? Well, this should be a bit different from a low flight over the farm, but it’s still pretty intense.” Hiccup told me over my shoulder as I glanced back and he put his hands over mine to show me where to grip the saddle and how to move my foot to position the red skull sail he had put on Toothless’ tail to replace the sail he had lost from an old injury.


“Yeah, I used to ride Naga all the time back home! Flying should be easy once I get Toothless into the air. The one thing I’m worried about is falling off at five thousand feet in the air! Mom would never let me go over a thousand feet so that we could do some crop dusting!” I told Hiccup glancing nervously down the cliff that we stood on while Toothless spread his wings and dropped off with me screaming at the top of my lungs at the speed. I instinctively twisted my foot in the stirrup to adjust the sail and Toothless immediately leveled out so that we were gliding over the water at over five thousand feet in the air.


“That’s it, you’re getting it! Wow, you’re a natural at this! Alright, now to bank you – whoa! That’s the ticket! Yeah, now have Toothless do a 180 and we’ll head back in! Mizuki was right about you! You definitely have a way with these guys kiddo! Hey, Gobber told me that your egg should hatch sometime today or tomorrow! You’ll have a Nadder big enough to ride by the end of next month!” Hiccup told me as I instinctively had Toothless bank to avoid a rock formation in the Caldera bay whooping as we dodged the formation without so much as scrapping a wingtip while Mizuki watched from the back of her hovering Nightmare about a thousand feet away from us. I grinned back in response and whispered a command to Toothless and we zipped just inches over Mizuki’s head and she yelped as she ducked the dragon and I laughed whooping as Toothless took us in for a flawless landing a moment later.


“Hey come on, that was not cool Ria! I know you know how to fly already, but that was ridiculous! That was some amazing flying out there – not bad for your first time over five thousand feet! Hey, I sent Lyall to check with Gobber to see if your Nadder egg was ready to hatch! Come on; let’s go see if the little thing hatched already!” Mizuki told me and I slid off Toothless with numb legs and I nearly fell over (and would have if Hiccup hadn’t grabbed my arm to steady me) before regaining my balance as I glanced up to see Lyall circling making his excited chirping sound as Astrid came running with Stormfly right on her heels. The Nadder chirped a greeting a Toothless and Lyall as Astrid struggled to catch her breath before greeting all of us and Lyall landed on my shoulder curling his tail loosely around my neck.


“Hey, Ria, you’d better get your tail over to the hatchery fast! Gobber says your Nadder egg is going to hatch any second! If you wanna get a Deadly Nadder this week instead of next week, you’d better get there!” Astrid told us excitedly and I jumped to my feet and asked Hiccup if I could borrow Toothless and he barely had time to give his consent as I hopped back on the Night Fury and we flew right into the Hatchery. We scared Gobber so badly that the poor blacksmith/dragon dentist nearly wet his pants as I slid off Toothless and Stormfly flew in with Hiccup and Astrid on her back with Kingpin and Mizuki right on their tails.


“Oi! Watch it there will ya lassie? Yeesh, nearly wet my britches there when ya came zipping in on that Night Fury! Ah, Hiccup, there ya are! Good, everyone’s here. Er, Rialynh, that egg ya picked out of the Nadder bunch is about to hatch, so I recommend ya get yer tail over there and hurry if ya wanna get one!” Gobber told me as I stood next to Toothless and the black dragon nudged me with his round alligator-like head as he pushed me over to where the Nadder eggs were situated near the lava pit that kept the cavern warm. One egg in particular, a blue and bronze striped egg was rocking in its nest and a little spiked head poked out with a bronze spiked frill and nose horn on its face as the little dragonet inside took its first look around and locked eyes on me.


“Aw! Isn’t he just the cutest little dragon you’ve ever seen?! Look at those cute little spikes! I can’t wait until he’s big enough to race against Kingpin! That should take what? About a month right Hiccup? This little guy is going to be the fastest dragon on Berk!” I told the guys as they gathered around to take a closer look at my new friend and Lyall chirped his excitement and Astrid gave me a warning look that I merely rolled my eyes at since I knew that NO dragon on Berk was faster than Stormfly and Toothless. Gobber chuckled and Hiccup knelt beside me and scratched the little dragon under the chin as I fed him his first meal of chopped fish and chicken bits that Astrid brought in a bucket for me while Mizuki leaned against Kingpin and the purple and red dragon rumbled a greeting at the new hatchling.


“So, whatchya going to call the little nipper lassie? Little fella there has to have a name after all lassie! All dragons have names, even if they don’t belong to anyone. We even give the wild dragons who live around here nicknames after all!” Gobber asked as he clapped me on the shoulder and Lyall scolded the blacksmith for disturbing his perch on my shoulder while my little Nadder fell asleep in my arms as I stood up carefully. I glanced at my friends while Astrid leaned against Stormfly and the older Nadder snorted as she sniffed at my new charge while I thought about what to call the little sweetie.


“Um, I think I’m going to call him Garenth. It means “bronze one” or something like that I think. He may be blue but he does have some bronze in him! I look forward to learning more about him! Astrid, I was wondering if you could help me learn more about Nadder. All I know about them was what I learned from taking care of Mom’s dragon Naga back home.” I told a surprised Hiccup and Lyall chirped his approval of the name and I scratched the little guy behind the ear as Astrid agreed to help me take care of him until he was big enough to hunt for himself. I can’t wait to learn more about dragons. Hiccup says it takes about two to four months before Nadders are big enough to fly and ride and Astrid says the same thing, so I guess the next entry in my journal will be how I take care of the little trouble maker known as Garenth. Right now he’s tugging at my boot while I write this so I better go take him outside to play! Man, that dragon loves his ball! More coming soon!


Rialynh Nightwalker (6/23/2014)


Warning: Long signature of dragon images

List of current dragons in game and fan based (blue = in game dragons, green = fan dragons, orange = dinosaurs, black (default) = Dragon Cave animals, purple = pet based dragons)

Dragon Cave Dragons(Please help these darlings hatch! Feel free to PM me name ideas for my dragon cave buddies when they hatch!)

HTTYD Dragons (Both fan and in game)

  1. Garenth = Deadly Nadder, Male
  2. Naga = Deadly Nadder, female
  3. Jambu = Changewing, Male
  4. Darksteel = Whispering Death, male
  5. Cliffjumper = Hobblegrunt, Male
  6. Wrecker = Hobblegrunt, male
  7. Penguin = Groncile, male
  8. Phesant = Gronkle, male
  9. Naga = Deadly Nadder, female
  10. Zephyr = Grapple Grounder, male
  11. Starburst = Speed Stinger, female
  12. Moonracer = Flightmare, female
  13. Violet = Skrill, female
  14. Navi = Stormcutter, female
  15. Elsa = Monstrous Nightmare, female
  16. Topaz = Monstrous Nightmare, female
  17. Toothless = Night Fury, Male (borrowed from Hiccup)
  18. Aurma = Razorwhip, female
  19. Cobalt = Razorwhip, male
  20. Bruiser = Rumblehorn, male
  21. Coen and Broderick = Night Terrors, male
  22. Twister = Typhoomerang, male
  23. Holly and Coral = Seashocker, female (holiday dragon, not yet hatched in game)
  24. Aran = Armorwing, Male
  25. Lyall = Terrible Terror, male
  26. Blue = Terrible Terror, female  
  27. Koyi = Oriental Serpentfang, female
  28. Winter = Frost Fury, female
  29. Astrea = Oceanic Seasong, female
  30. Sky-Strike = Oceanic Seasong, male
  31. Cordula = Noelani, female
  32. Panther = Noelani, male
  33. Daesha = Wolf-Faced Desert Runner, female
  34. Dinek = Wolf-Faced Desert Runner, male
  35. Storm Chaser = Storm Fury, male
  36. Naritha Moon (Narith) = Storm Fury, female
  37. Saber = Sabertoothed Horntail, male
  38. Aurora = Spike Roller, female
  39. Echo = Screaming Death, female
  40. Makani = Starring Deciever, female
  41. Starchaser = Stingtailed Flamethrower, male
  42. Gamma = Armored Midnight Fear Stalker, male 
  43. Aquamarine = Spotted Mistwalker, female
  44. Moonstone = Spotted Mistwalker, male
  45. Jadewing = Whispering Whisp, female
  46. Chiheru Bronze = Woolly Fury, female
  47. Tiba Emerald = Woolly Fury, female
  48. Spectra Violet = Wooolly Fury, female
  49. Moondancer = Night Fury, female
  50. Skyfighter = Night Fury, female
  51. Swiftwind = Night Fury, female
  52. Anzu Autumn = River Fury, male
  53. Shakka = Prisim Fury, male
  54. Icefall = Cammo Fury, female
  55. Iris = Greater Banded Geckus, female
  56. Thrush = Greater Banded Geckus, male
  57. Delta = Tri-Horned Dragon, female
  58. Charlie = Tri-Horned Dragon, male
  59. Nitidus = Tri-Horned Dragon, male
  60. Beau = Racing Dragon Gold-Star Class, male (borrowed from Artha Penn in Dragon City)
  61. Goldwing = Racing Dragon Silver-Star Class, female
  62. Jin-hoh = Sand Wraith, male
  63. Melody = Psyche Keeper, female
  64. Argentum (Argen) = Psyche Keeper, male
  65. Fjord = Psyche Keeper, male
  66. Hersche = Spacial Beauty Dragon, male
  67. Persei/Percy = Spacial Beauty Dragon, male
  68. Zenith = Spacial Beauty Dragon, male
  69. Riaryth = Spacial Beauty Dragon, female
  70. Isis = Spacial/Egyptian Beauty Dragon, female
  71. Bluestar = Spacial Beauty, female
  72. Bluebell = Spacial Beauty, female
  73. Avatre = Masked Ridgewing, female
  74. Sky Dancer = Royal Flashbang, female
  75. Heru = Sky Valkerie, male
  76. Hecate = Haunted Hallows, female
  77. Undine = Haunted Hallows, female
  78. Marina  = Wavestroker, Female
  79. Snowfall = Horned Flight Fury, female
  80. August = Horned Flight Fury, male
  81. Artemis = Banded Featherlure, female
  82. Verdentus = ShimmeringSeascale, male
  83. Mesi = Dilowyrm, female
  84. Vetra = Jabberjaw, female
  85. Silver = Light Fury, female
  86. Borealis = Light Fury, male
  87. Flurry = Grapple Fury, male
  88. Gambit = Albino Night Fury, male
  89. Skull Stalker = Skull Screamer, male
  90. Ghost Whisper = Skull Screamer, female
  91. Puru = Ominous Storm Rider, male
  92. Moana = Mystic Wave Rider, female
  93. Serefina = Gallant Flashfire, female
  94. Frey = Forest Wanderer, male
  95. Jinhai = Cursedfire Wyvern, female
  96. Ayano = Skyvern, female
  97. Aqua Rainbow  = Thornridge, female
  98. Thunderwing = Thunderthief, male
  99. Ivinna = Field Sprinter, female
  100. Asia = Velociraptor, female
  101. Artemis = Velociraptor, female
  102. Sniper = Bearded Dragon Fury, female
  103. Abalone = SeaWing, Female (Wings of Fire OC)
  104. Amber = MudWing, female (Wings of Fire OC)
  105. Mariah = gold Fire Lizard, female
  106. Nitidus = Blue fire lizard, male
  107. Garenth = Bronze Pernese dragon, male
  108. Viper = gold and purple ikran, male

My art and adoptables (along with a few special dragons from other artists): 

Flurry The Grapple Fury    Me and Garenth, done by Scorpio Kardia

  Flurry Kimbenoso          Flurry Revamp Nightmarerebuff

Flurry the bouncie Grapple Fury (Nessie)

Coen and Broderick version 2 courtesy of Iron Man 2000

I am a member of the SOD forum Fan Fiction Club!

These guys are available for adoption! Flurry here is my pride and joy! Check them out on my adoption thread "Introducing the Grapple Fury!"

DuskDaybreak's Art

   Veritas the Utahraptor      Asia the Velociraptor         

Me and Chiheru Bronze                                 Tiba says Happy Halloween!

Haunted Hallows

          Hecate                         Undine

Character Furies

        Optimus Prime               Bumblebee               Captain America            Smokescreen 1


        Smokescreen 2                Arcee                White Tiger/Ava Ayala

Other dragons and art (including the new Velociraptor Draconis!)

       Gamma                             Jadewing                 Birthday Raptor            Razor Hunter


Dragon Bouncies

  Speed Stinger   Garenth           Starburst         Wrecker

  Cliffjumper          Naga           Darksteel         Elsa

     Topaz         Moonracer 1       Moonracer 2           Beau

   Beau 2           Goldwing

Pern Art by Mechfighter



Garenth the Bronze Dragon Mariah the Gold Fire-Lizard



Nitidus the Blue Fire Lizard

Other Artists (nothing personal guys, but a lot of my art comes from Duskdaybreak)

Me and Aran at Sunset on Halloween - thanks to ToshiLoshi!


Astrea and Sky-Strike the Oceanic Seasong (Adopto66)


Artemis and Faore the Banded Featherlure (Amberleaf)

Field Sprinter egg (Valoris620)


Ivinna the Field Sprinter hatchling (Valoris620)

Ivinna the Field Sprinter (Valoris620)

Cordula and Panther the Noelani (hootowllighbulb)

Team Mystic Banner Nightfuryatom4

Aqua Rainbow The Thornridge(ladybrasa)

Cliffjumper  and Wrecker the Hobblegrunt (Dorina the Dragon Trainer)

Viper the Ikran/Forest banshee (Kimbenoso)

Jinhai the Cursedfire Wyvern gif (Kimbenoso)


Charizard Gif courtesy of Pyrelyth

Holly and Coral the holiday Seashocker (WingsofValor)

Frey the Forest Wanderer (chimchim24)

Moonracer the Flightmare (Dorina the Dragon Trainer)Makani the Starring Deciever (chimchim24)



Serefina the Gallant Flashfire (Golden Scarlet) Twister the Typhoomerang (Bow Ie)


Abalone the SeaWing (EpicShadows) Amber the MudWing (EpicShadows)


Skull Stalker the Skull Screamer (Golden Scarlet) Ghost Whisper the Skull Screamer (Golden Scarlet)

 Me and my Charizard Charlie (Sky and Ocean)

Dragon License (Nessie)

Toothless and Smidvarg's Gang (courtesy of Dreamworks and Smidvarg)


Crystal the Dewmist (Cerebellum) Puru the Ominous Storm Rider (Golden Scarlet)


 Koyi the Oriental Serpentfang (NightmareRebuff) Harper the Paranoid Sandskitter


 Winter the Frost Fury and Queen Elsa (StellaMontague) Winter the Frost Fury - as an actual Night Fury! (Toothlessnightfury)

Icefall the Camo Fury  and Shakka the Prisim Fury Sniper the bearded dragon lizard as a Night Fury(Toothlessnightfury)

Saber the Sabertoothed Horntail (Fury of the Night)

Moondancer the Night Fury and Saber the Sabertoothed Horntail (Fury of the Night)

Moondancer the Night Fury (LinkWolf)

glitter text done by fury of the night

Clan Banner 1 and 2 Shadow Hunters of Berk (Amerissa)

Pokédex  and Ashley Kashu and Dragonite (Sky and Ocean)

Auruma the Razorwhip (Colress)

Me and Garenth (edit done by the fabulosly talented AniuRavenWolf)


Snowfall and August the Horned Flight Furies (babybrothers3)


Silver, and Borealis the Light Fury (mesaprncss)

Siamese Night Fury (xxHallaxx)Calico Night Fury (xxHallaxx)

 Heru the Sky Valkerie (Scobidous)

Garenth (Beareptilelover)Artemis Beareptilelover)

Bruiser version 1 (Beareptilelover) Bruiser version 2 (Beareptilelover)

  White Tiger bouncie Fury (Twistedclaw)  Wrecker Banner (Autum5467)


Zephyr the Grapple Grounder (Black saphir) Baby Zephyr the Grapple Grounder (Stiger23)

 Zephyr the Grapple Grounder (hrepetti)


Daesha and Dinek the Wolf-Faced Desert Runner and Thundwing the Thunderthief Avatre the Masked Ridgewing (Wutend Bonfire)

Navi the Stormcutter (Slyga) Navi the Stormcutter bouncie (mesaprncss = color,  Xabox-DS-Gameboy = base)

Marina the Wavestroker and Mesi the Dilowyrm and Sky Dancer the Royal/Siren Flashbang (Goldenfury360)


Icefall the Camo Fury, Gambit the Albino Night Fury, Vetra the Jabberjaw (The Ecliptic Eight)


Asia the Velociraptor (Elsa II)


Verdentus the Shimmering Seascale (Coolerthandragons) Violet the Skrill (Zero the Ruthless)

 Glory the Vinenecked JungleClaw (Skyler Smile)

Echo the Screaming Death (Candyblast)


Iris the Greater Banded Geckus  Thrush the Greater Banded Geckus (TheMasterPlan47)


 Aurora the Spike Roller (blackpanther0211)

Starchaser the Stingtailed Flamethrower (dragonlover0204)

Lyall and Blue the Terrible Terrors (Snowflake12298 and Basrolo)

Delta, Charlie and Nitidus the Tri-Horned Dragons (EloraTm)


Skyfighter the Night Fury (Frytha) Swiftwind the Night Fury (Frytha)

Jin-hoh the Sand Wraith (Flaming Husky)


Jewelsong and Moonsong the Deathsong (Stiger23)


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hey guys, please feel free to comment on my writing. i won't post more until i see at least three or four posts if anyone likes my story. I have more if you're interested so please let me know what you think of this one!

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The Berk Watch

Hey Mom and Dad!


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve joined the Berk Dragonrider Academy and things are going great! I hope Lyall finds you well when ya get this because I have a lot to tell you! I have my own Nadder now for one thing! His name is Garenth and he is a gorgeous adult male of 3 months out of the shell! Astrid has been helping me train him in private lessons since she says I catch on to dragon skills faster than anyone she’s seen. She says I may even make Berk Watch and help patrol the island in case of trouble – mostly meaning Alvin and the Outcasts and the Berserkers who tend to cause trouble here from time to time. Mizuki is already a member with her Monstrous Nightmare: The purple and red menace known as Kingpin. I’m even thinking of getting another dragon to keep Garenth company, but I don’t know what type yet. Hopefully a Monstrous Nightmare like Mizuki’s but I’m not sure yet! Kingpin and Garenth get along great, but I don’t think Lyall likes Kingpin very much.  Garenth gets along fine with Lyall by the way. Well, that’s all for now, I’d better go before I’m late for Astrid’s combat training class! We’re learning about archery today and you know I rock the bow and arrow!


Talk to you soon!



I glance up from my letter to home to check the time on the wall clock Hiccup made for my birthday last week and realize I am almost late for Astrid’s combat class alright. I look to where Garenth is still sleeping on his bed and where Lyall is sitting on my desk waiting for the finished letter with his leg stuck out for the message tube to be tied on so I grab a tube, stick on a green greeting ribbon and tie it to the little guy’s leg. I hate to wake my dragon from his well deserved rest after yesterday’s flight session, but Astrid says that we need our dragons today for archery practice.


“Alright, time to wake up you lazy pile of dragon bones! Come on Garenth, it’s time to go to combat class dearest! You know you love it as much as I do! Astrid is teaching today and that means Toothless is going to be there!” I tell my dragon as I slap his sky blue hide and his bronze spines glint wickedly in the sunlight streaming in through my window as the dragon stirs and looks at me. The look in his eye clearly says “Why the heck did you wake me?” and I laugh as my dragon snorts as Lyall takes off for home to deliver my letter. I laugh as the bigger dragon stands up and stretches his deep blue wings and I pull on my boots as I leave with Garenth right on my heels just as someone yells “INCOMING!” and I look up just in time to see my dragon catch a black sheep falling from the back of a Hideous Zippleback that I immediately recognize.


“Ruffnutt, Tuffnutt, what are you guys doing with these sheep?! Are you going to use the wool to knit a sweater or something? If you’re up to your usual pranks, I’m going to tell Hiccup! Remember the Nadder in the farmhouse fiasco? Ugh, that was something that we students did NOT want to see!” I tell the Twins as Barf and Belch greeted me and Garenth by touching their horned heads to ours and I laugh as Belch licks my face. I push the Zippleback’s head to the side and glance up to see Ruffnutt’s helmeted head leaning on her hands while Tuffnutt hopped off Belch’s neck to scoop up the sheep. Garenth had just put the thing down and Tuff grinned at me in his mischievous Loki style grin and I prayed to Odin that these guys weren’t up to any mischief.


“Nah, relax! We’re not up to anything Ria – in fact, we’re on legit business!” Ruff tells me as Tuff tosses up the sheep and Tuff swung back onto Belch’s neck holding onto the horns. The poor black sheep was dumped unceremoniously into a net hanging between the two necks of the Zippleback before Tuff continued Ruff’s explanation.


“Yeah, Hiccup needs these guys for racing class today! Here’s a hint as to what you’ll be doing this afternoon! Sheep scooping! Be ready for some mega fun and some intense obstacles! You’ll actually have something to write home about after this class!” Tuff confirms and I glance nervously at Garenth because considering what these twin Loki spawn considered fun was probably going to be considered mischief to the rest of us. I glance at the sun and realize I’m going to be late for class as I brush past Barf’s head with the Zippleback snapping at me before I apologize. I run into the training arena as I sling my favorite longbow over my shoulder with the quiver on my back and Mizuki mouths “Your late” as I notice that Astrid had already begun class and I curse the Twins for delaying me.


“So, who can tell me the best way to disable an enemy dragon without putting either the dragon or the rider in danger? Ah, Ria, so glad you could join us! This is your first time being late so I’ll let it slide this time. So let’s recap. Here’s the scenario: you’re surrounded by Berserkers and enemy dragons. You’re cornered with nothing but a bow and your dragon’s natural skills to escape. But the only escape is through the enemy horde and you have to fight dragons of all sorts. What do you do? Ria, perhaps you can tell us?” Astrid asks and I sigh in relief since I have done practice situations like this with Mizuki and her Kingpin as I think about the scenario. I glance back at Garenth and over at Astrid’s dragon Stormfly and the older Nadder nods at me reassuringly while her rider leans against her shoulder waiting for my response.


“That’s easy! If you’re only hope is to get through the enemy horde, there is only one way to do it! Divide and conquer! If you have a dragon like say, a Hideous Zippleback or a Nadder like mine, you can use the gas flame or the spines from your dragon as your weapon! You can use them to split the enemy forces down the middle and use the opening to escape!” I shoot back and she smiles in approval with a calculating look on her face that I can’t interpret. Mizuki smiles at me when I hear another Nightmare rider nearby mutter something about me being a teacher’s pet that I ignore as Garenth shoots a warning spike at the heckler that just misses his foot.


“Not bad Nightwalker, not bad. In fact, that’s the kind of situation we’ll be practicing how to deal with today! We’ll be playing a game of capture the flag to make this more fun! We’ll be splitting into two teams! I want Nightwalker and Northson as team captains! Pick your teams and we’ll get this show on the road!” Astrid told us and the other Nightmare rider glared at me – the boy’s name was Jayden Northson and he was miffed at me for beating him and his Monstrous Nightmare, a black and silver beast named Hecate after some Greek goddess we were learning about in mythology class. I glanced up and immediately called picking first and chose Mizuki as my second in command for this game. I had a feeling I knew what Astrid had in mind for this game.


“Nice work today everyone! Ria, you did especially well with that amazing strategy of splitting the team into groups of two and cornering individual members to take them out! Alright, let’s take an hour for lunch and we’ll meet back here for racing training with Hiccup! Lunch is being served in the school’s Great Hall and make sure to feed your dragons because they’ll need the energy!” Astrid told us after my team had snatched the red enemy flag from its place on the wall of the arena and Northson’s team groaned in disappointment as we claimed victory. I landed Garenth next to Mizuki’s Kingpin and he snorted a greeting and I slid off my dragon to talk with my friend before Astrid ran to catch us just as we were entering the Great Hall moments later.


“Hey Astrid, did I forget my bow in the arena or something? Cause I’ve got the thing right here. I never leave my weapons anywhere unless I’m at home! Or if this is about Garenth, I just fed him and after lunch I was going to check on my choices for new dragons to keep Garenth and Lyall company.” I asked glancing nervously at Mizuki and she shrugged before I gestured for her to go into the Great Hall without me. Astrid merely laughed and clapped me on the shoulder as other students filed past us and she tossed Stormfly a piece of chicken before replying.


“No, I promise, you’re not in trouble kiddo! In fact, I actually have good news! You know how some of us have formed what we call the Berk Watch to watch for trouble from the Outcasts and the Berserkers and other such threats? Well, Hiccup and I have been keeping an eye on you and Mizuki for some time now. You two seem to have a pretty good rhythm together. We want you both to join the Berk Watch and help us keep an eye on things around here.” Astrid explained and I felt my eyes bug out of my head and my jaw drop when I realized what she was saying. Astrid then led me inside and told Mizuki the good news and she probably had a look similar to mine on her face as she spat water from her mouth and we exchanged a glance before we regained enough composure to respond to the news.

“Wait, wait, wait a minute! You’re saying you want us to join the Berk Watch? Those are like, the elite riders of the Academy and the surrounding islands! That means we actually get to put our fighting skills to use! Ha! I knew all those years of practicing archery at home with Naga and the other dragons would pay off!” Mizuki told Astrid in surprise and we both high fived each other just as Lyall returned from his morning letter delivery run home chirping an inquiry as he landed on my shoulder and I passed him a piece of the chicken we were having for lunch that day.


“Mizuki’s right Astrid, why us? The Berk Watch is made of the top echelon of dragonriders around here! That includes you, Hiccup, the Twins, Snotlout, Fishlegs and some of the top students of the school! I don’t think we’re quite ready yet! First year students like us never get asked to join the Berk Watch!” I told the older girl and Astrid grinned at me as Hiccup joined us with Toothless greeting me by licking my face startling me so bad that I nearly fell off the bench. I shove the black dragon’s head out of my face as Hiccup sits down and tossed his partner a fish that Toothless snatches out of the air.


“We’ve been watching you two since you both arrived at the school, and from what we’ve seen, you’ve got what it takes to deal with Alvin and the Outcasts as well as the Berserkers. You’ve both got amazing talents with the dragons and not just taking care of them. Why, I haven’t seen such bonds between riders and dragons except between those of us on Berk Watch and our own dragons!” Hiccup told us as he swallows his own bite of salmon as a Terrible Terror I had never seen before landed on his shoulder and chirped a greeting at us. It delivered a message that held two gold medals and new shirts for both of us in blue and green, our favorite colors and I held up the shirt noticing that it had no sleeves but for the one armband that went with each shirt.


“By the way, we have a clutch of Monstrous Nightmare eggs hatching soon. I heard a rumor you were interested in getting one as a companion for Garenth Ria. If you hurry, you might be able to get one. They’re hatching right now so you might wanna hustle on over to the Hatchery.” Hiccup told me and I leapt to my feet since I had been dying to get my hands on a second dragon – particularly a Monstrous Nightmare like Mizuki’s Kingpin – and I rushed into the nearby Hatchery building only to almost trip over a Nightmare hatchling searching for its trainer. It chirped in protest lighting itself on fire and rushing to another girl who had obviously just gotten the thing when I saw there was one egg left. I ran over to it nearly bumping into a full grown Gronckle as it passed by ducking as it swung its clubbed tail at me in protest.


“Oh, good, I love the feeling I get from this egg! I have a feeling that Garenth is going to have a little sister soon! What? I can usually tell what gender a dragon is going to be just by the feeling I get from an egg! How do you think I knew Garenth was male before he hatched?! Mom says that this ability is a gift from the gods or something. She says all females in our family can sense vibes from the dragons and understand them for some reason or other.” I told a surprised Astrid as she caught up to me just before Hiccup, Toothless, Mizuki and Kingpin joined me just as the egg cracked and a small head poked out with the baby Nightmare chirping as it fell out of the egg. It shook off the eggshell bits still adhered to its gorgeous green, gold and blue hide as Lyall returned with his reply to my morning letter home as he landed on my shoulder with a chirp of approval at the latest addition to our dragon menagerie.


“Aw, she’s so cute! What’re you going to name her? We can’t use a wolf name or a dragon name like Garenth’s. It wouldn’t make sense for this little sweetie.” Mizuki asked as she stroked the little Nightmare’s head and Kingpin warbled his approval turning his head towards me sending a whiff of sea salt and fish oil smell in my direction when he breathed on me. Kingpin then chittered something at Toothless who nodded and grumbled something indistinct that I couldn’t quite understand before Garenth relayed the message back to me by slapping me upside the head with his tail.


“Are you guys sure about that name? Wait, are you sure about this? Elsa is the perfect name for the little cutie! Elsa is the same name as the queen from the land my mom comes from!” I told the dragons noticing the confused looks on my friends’ faces before explaining that my mom came from a land called Arendelle in the North where she had worked in the palace before retiring and coming to our home island. The newly christened little dragon Elsa cooed something and I realized she was hungry as all hatchlings were when they first hatched as I led her over to where the steaming piles of fresh cut meat were waiting pulling out a bucket of beef for her to devour.


“You know you’re going to have to write back to your mom about this right? She’ll want to hear if you get a new dragon! Everyone back home has nothing but Nadders and Terrors around so they’ll wanna know when one of us gets a different kind of dragon!” Mizuki reminded me and since classes were over for today anyways, I glanced at Hiccup silently asking for permission to go back to my house before writing home to tell mom the good news. Everyone already knew I had Garenth since I had written home as soon as he hatched but I had only just announced I was getting a Nightmare recently.


Dear mom and dad,


I would normally write this in my dragon journal, but since I have already done that, I am copying this information to you. Guess what? I’ve got a Monstrous Nightmare now! Mizuki is watching out for little Elsa while I write and I can see them playing outside with Garenth right now. She is a gorgeous ice blue color with emerald green and sunflower gold markings all over. The ice blue is her base color while the emerald green and sunflower gold form a sort of tiger stripe pattern on her wings and hide. I can't wait to start riding her! I beet Queen Elsa herself would be pleased to share her name with such an adorable little dragon. Uh-oh; gotta run. Elsa just set my personal barn on fire and I better go help Mizuki go put it out. At least Nightmares don’t use the same hot magnesium that powers a Nadder’s flame!


Talk to you soon,

Rialynh (9/12/14)

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I <3 IT




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glad you like the story

hey, glad you like the story! I plan on writing more for the school soon! more dragons and characters on the way! 

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The Ice Queen and the Dragon Part 1

Dear mom and dad,


It’s almost time for the holidays here on Berk and you know what that means: it’s time for the Dragon Olympics! Rumor has it that the Queen of Arendelle herself is coming to check out the school! Mizuki and I are about to head out on patrol with Hiccup and the other members of our school clan the Shadow Hunters. We’re heading out on our first patrol soon and we’re prepping for the school play production of the story Frozen! And guess what? I was picked for the role of Queen Elsa! I’ve already rigged up miniature snow blowers to make it look like I’m creating the snow myself! Hiccup helped me come up with the design! Oh, I better go, my Flightmare’s hungry and so is my Hobblegrunt! Yeesh, Cliffjumper and Moonracer sure can eat! They have the appetite of a fully grown Typhoomerang!


See you at the play!



I set down my pen and glance over to see both Cliffjumper and Moonracer snapping at each other while Lyall sat beside me rolling his eyes at them. The little gold and red Terrible Terror had the right idea in ignoring them while I tied my most recent letter home to his back with the yellow correspondence ribbon sticking out as I glanced over at a shriek from my little blue and green dinosaur like Hobblegrunt. I noticed a smoking spot on the rug and sighed in annoyance as Lyall flew home starting his three hour flight – I knew he wouldn’t be back until after I got home from patrol with the guys.


“Hey! Knock it off you two! Do you want me to get Garenth in here to set you both straight? Yeesh, he and Elsa get along better than you! In fact, while I’m on patrol, Elsa’s in charge, got it? Elsa, I’m counting on you to keep these two troublemakers from burning the house down alright?” I told the two dragons snapping my fingers to catch their attention and both dragons immediately stopped their roughhousing to turn their heads my way with sheepish expressions on their faces. They knew they were in trouble as Elsa popped up from her pumice couch in the corner of the room snorting in their direction to assert her authority as Garenth poked his head into my window tilting his big horned nose at me snuffling slightly as a knock sounded at my door.


“Hey Ria! Come on, let’s get moving already! Hiccup’s waiting for us! We’re trying out the new flight suits on patrol today ya know! The others have already gathered at the launch platform!” I heard a familiar voice call through the door and I immediately recognized Reishi – she and her sister Minka were friends of mine and Mizuki’s from back home and had immediately joined our “clan” squadron as soon as they learned we were at the school. Besides Mizuki, Reishi, Minka and myself; there was a guy named Thor (after the lord of thunder himself), a girl named June and her brother Freyr and their dragons in the clan. Not including the dragons, there were about six of us in the squadron all told. I glanced around to do a quick head count and saw that we had a good mix of two Monstrous Nightmares, our signature Smoldering Smokebreath Smokey at Freyr’s side while the familiar form of his sister’s silver and green Nightmare Flamewing beside them.

“Alright, here we go people! You’ve all had training with the flight suits, so we’re just testing out this new design today! You have a wide range of dragon types including one of our metal loving Smoldering Smokebreath friends. You guys will not only be helping Astrid and me with this patrol, you’ll be learning how to use your dragons in combat. We’ve spotted Berserker activity just halfway between here and the mainland. We’re going to go check it out.” Hiccup told us as Astrid arrived with Stormfly as the older Nadder rumbled a greeting at our duo and both my blue and bronze Garenth and Thor’s lightning yellow and deep blue beast Lightning before we mounted up to take off. We were a couple of hours into the flight and I was just getting comfortable in Garenth’s saddle when Sharpshot – Hiccup’s bright red and emerald green Terrible Terror – had returned from his recent scouting mission with a report of a Berserker ship attacking a nearby vessel headed for the school’s caldera.

“Alright, we’re in business people! Ria, you’re taking the lead on this one kiddo! I wanna see how you handle a combat situation for real; not just one of our capture-the-flag games back at the school!” Astrid told me as Sharpshot flew between us showing off his communication skills by chittering the details at us before landing on Hiccup’s shoulder to rest. I gulped nervously glancing around at my friends as we hovered in the air above the battle hoping they wouldn’t notice us with the scant cloud cover and a strategy immediately popped into my head as it always did in these situations.

“Ok, I have an idea! Freyr, have Smokey give us some mobile cloud cover will you? Mizuki, I want you and June on firebomb duty! Team up and take out those cannons on the Berserker ship. Minka, Reishi, take Sven and Olaf and use a blast attack to disorient them! Astrid and Hiccup, you two are air cover; I’m going in to do a little close up damage – quick in and out. Thor, you’re with me – we’re going to show the Berserkers what Nadders can do! Let’s move people!” I told the group and the guys immediately split into their assigned groups as Minka and Reishi took their Zippleback into a nose dive whooping in delight as Smokey gave us our mobile cloud cover with his “unique ability” to produce smoke from his body. They didn’t call Smoldering Smokebreaths “Fog Monsters” for nothing you know. As soon as our cover was provided our two Nightmares burst into flames under their fireproof saddles Thor and I split off to begin our strafing run leaving Astrid and Hiccup to cover Minka and her older sister on their shared Zippleback dragon. Sven and Olaf used their split heads to cover one of the three Berserker ships with combustible smoke before lighting it on fire sending the warriors diving overboard to escape the flames.

“Alright Thor, time for Lightning to live up to his name! Garenth and I are going to try out those new bombs that Heather whipped up for us in the lab! Time to see what these new flight suits can do! Cover me! I’m going in!” I called to Thor as he whipped past me and allowed his yellow and blue beast to show off his yellow spikes as he lived up to his name. Lightning used his quick reflexes to dodge enemy fire while I prepared my flight suit and tweaked the toggles so that my flaps before rolling off Garenth’s back and flying beside him reaching into the pouch on my belt pulling several small capsule like devices from the small bag. I quickly pressed the small blue crystal in their centers and they started blinking as I dropped them on the two remaining ships whooping my delight when I saw them do their work.

“Nice shot boss! We’ve got it from here! You go see what you can do about Dagur and his boys down there! We’ll cover you, so get moving!” Thor called as Kingpin and Mizuki swooped down to join me as I hovered in the air on a quick air current before nodding and swooping down to rejoin the fight. It was over too quickly – I saw Toothless quickly shoot off a few plasma bursts at the damaged ship and the two remaining intact vessels continued to try to fend off our assault. I noticed movement in the water and spotted the pod of Scauldrons we had seen as soon as we left the school’s caldera. I wondered if our resident Scauldron Scauldy was among them – but I had no time to think about that as an arrow ripped through my wing sail and knocked me to the deck of the ship with the stylized Skrill painted on the sail.

“Oh great, here we go – time to show you boneheads what I can do with a bow staff!” I told the Berserkers as I landed with a thump on the deck of the ship. I drew my retractable staff weapon and twirled it above my head showing off its signature bronze glint as the sunstone on the tip sparkled in the sunlight with a flash of white light. They seemed to hesitate before lunging at me – I quickly jumped over the first assailant and jabbed a second in the gut with the butt of my favorite weapon. I was startled when it was knocked out of my hands as Dagur grabbed my wrist and pulled me close enough so that he could press his signature weapon against my back.

“Hey Hiccup! I suggest you back off! Not unless you want your precious student here to be thrown to the Scauldrons! Call off your dragons and I might consider letting her go!” Dagur called up to Hiccup as he leaned me over the side of the ship as a warning to the airborne dragons as Garenth landed on the deck of the vessel snarling a warning of his own. I glanced over and saw Scauldy poke his head out of the water and winked at me before ducking back under the water. I smiled at the dragon putting up a show of a struggle as I tried to wriggle free of Dagur’s tight grip.

“Let her go Dagur! Trust me when I say that her dragon is noting you wanna mess with! Garenth gets mad really easily – and you do not want to mess with an angry Nadder!” Hiccup called back somehow picking up on my plan as I used the hand signs we used to communicate with each other to explain my situation. I pointed over the side of the ship and he nodded while I signaled for Garenth to wait for my signal. Dagur was getting frustrated – I could tell because he tightened his grip on my wrist enough to grind bone while Scauldy circled under the waves waiting for my signal. For some reason, besides Ruffnutt I was the only person that silly Tidal class dragon would listen to.

“Hey Dagur! You do know Scauldrons don’t eat humans, right? Well, not this one at least! See ya later looser!” I told Dagur somehow managing to break his grip as Scauldy rose out of the water with a roar at my signal watching in surprise as I jumped over the side grabbing the dragon’s neck and letting him carry me to a safe distance. Garenth knew his cue – as usual my first dragon partner somehow read my mind and fired off a volley of missile like spikes forcing Dagur to call a retreat as everyone whooped and cheered in delight at the success of our first combat experience. Garenth bugled his joy as he took to the skies greeting Scauldy with a shriek and Scauldy responded with a rumble as I hugged the big dragon – he was easily twice again Garenth’s length and size, nowhere near the size of a Timberjack or Typhoomerang, but he was close.         


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The Ice Queen and the Dragon Part 2

“Hey Rialynh! Why don’t you guys go and knock off early? We can wrap this up here and escort the ship back to Berk!” Hiccup called up a few minutes later after Toothless landed on the ship with Stormfly beside him and I waved an acknowledgement as Kingpin, Smokey, Lightning and Sven and Olaf joined me with their riders in perfect formation. I used the arm pump gesture to tell them to head back – I wondered briefly if the visiting Queen Elsa was onboard this ship but pushed the thought out of my head as we flew back to the caldera of the school. I knew we had a Halloween party to prepare for as well as the school play, and I still had no idea why they picked a winter/summer themed story for the show but I didn’t care. I was looking forward to playing the role of “Queen Elsa” in the story and I still had to get my costume ready anyways.


“Yo boss! We’re going to go feed our dragon then we’re headed off to help Phlegma get ready for the school play tomorrow night! Don’t forget we also have the costume party the day after!” Minka called as she and her older sister Reishi landed their shared Zippleback and Minka’s head of the dragon – Olaf – butted her affectionately turning the gold and black hide of the beast into a shimmer of Halloween colors as I landed Garenth in the landing field while Smokey, Kingpin and Lightning fell in behind me dislodging Freyr, Mizuki and Thor seconds later. I glanced up at the sun above the caldera crater and saw the sun wasn’t even at the noonday position yet and I knew how those two loved helping the botanist in the garden when they weren’t working – they were our team healers for a reason after all. I waved them off and they darted into the crowd as Thor slid off Lightning’s back and the yellow and blue Nadder rumbled his own complaints of hunger before the two took off leaving only me, Freyr and Mizuki in the landing area.


“So little brother, I hear you guys had quite the adventure today! Ran off a few Beserkers did ya?” June called as she flew in from her own errand riding a borrowed Timberjack dragon taxi as the big beast landed in the courtyard before sliding down his massive wing to join us thanking him by tossing him a halibut before he flew off. I knew that June had a dragon of her own – she had a Whispering Death named Digger that had just hatched and she had wanted to spend time with him instead of going on this mission. “Yeah, we had a run-in with some Berserkers but as usual Ria came up with the perfect strategy to send them packing! I’ll tell you all about it over lunch. Hiccup said we could knock off early today and help out with the Halloween decorations! Gives me some time to put my troll costume together for the play.” Freyr explained to his big sister making her laugh since both of them had been pegged as trolls in the school play and I glanced up and spotted Digger playing with Smokey nearby. I looked over and saw June holding a cloth with a crest that consisted of a blue and bronze stylized Deadly Nadder like Garenth on the design with a black background and bronze trim before she saw what I was looking at before handing over the flag she had made – June was an amazing seamstress and had designed all the costumes we were using in the Halloween play and most of the Halloween Festival costumes on top of that for the other kids.


“Hey Ria, I finally finished our crest design for the clan! I’ve already turned in the basic outline of the design to Fishlegs and he’s already approved! I hope you like it; I did it based off that Nadder of yours! I was thinking of putting it on all our gear and our flying jackets so everyone knows we’re part of the Shadow Hunters!” June explained as I examined the crest and I found I liked the design and I recalled sending something similar to my folks. I’d have to send them a more updated version of the one I sent to my folks when I heard a familiar singsong tone letting me know Lyall was coming in as I glanced up and spotted my pet Terror with his message tube tied to his leg and I noticed a red urgency ribbon tied to the tube. I slipped it off and red the note – it was a message from mom saying she hadn’t heard from the Queen’s transport in the last half a day because apparently Queen Elsa’s sister Anna had a pet Terrible Terror named Glacier who was supposed to be checking in. I recalled seeing a bright blue Terror circling the ship we rescued when I had left; I wondered if it was Glacier.


“So, what’s the word from back home? Is the Queen of Arendelle supposed to arrive today as planned or what? And didn’t your mom used to work in the castle of Arendelle when she was younger? Before she met your dad right?”  Freyr asked as he glanced at his sister and read the note over my shoulder and saw that mom was worried about not hearing back from Elsa and Anna when she was supposed to about two hours ago. I glanced at the sun and realized it had only been that long since the fight with the Beserkers and the Outcasts as I quickly penned a response to mom on a fresh sheet of parchment paper before rolling it up with the proper gold ribbon and sticking it in Lyall’s tube before sending him on his way. “Mom was just worried about Queen Elsa, she knew her as a little girl and asked me if I had heard anything. I told her that as far as I know the Queen’s fine and her ship should arrive this afternoon. Why don’t we go hit the race course and have some fun? We can go and help out with the Halloween setup afterwards. Besides, Hiccup did give the order to have fun. June, why don’t you go grab Digger and that Skrill of yours and come join us! I’m sure Duke would like to get out of the stables.” I told my two friends as I raised a questioning eyebrow at my friends and they both nodded with June heading off to their shared hut to grab her two dragons as I took Garenth back to the stables. I figured Garenth had had a long day and his color was looking dull so I figured he could use a break. I put him in the stables near the race track at Thunderdrum Racing before heading back to get my best racing dragon Moonracer. She may be a Flightmare, but that dragon could move when she wanted to.


“Alright ladies and gents! It’s almost race time so you know what that means! It’s time to introduce our racers! We’ve got several members of the Shadow Hunters Clan competing today! Let’s see if they can hold their place at the top of the racing charts!” The Master of Ceremonies announced as I had Moonracer hover in the air above the starting line before coming in to land beside June as she sat atop her static charged Skrill Duke beside me on my right and I spotted Freyr on his dragon Smokey on my left. Too bad the kid had only one dragon – but he did have dibs on the next Raincutter hatching in the Grounds. The race started with the sound of a dragon’s bugle through an amplifying horn and I felt Moonracer take off like a rocket. She was really living up to her name as her glowing blue hide moved like a blur bursting into first place.

The next thing I knew I was fighting for first place with another Flightmare rider – this beast glowed a bright emerald green and I immediately recognized the beast as belonging to a member of the Green Dragons Clan, their leader in fact – a young man named Drake Silverstone as he flipped his shoulder-length blond hair at me and I rolled my eyes as he zipped past. “Hey Nightwalker! How does it feel to know that your Flightmare isn’t even close to matching my little green beauty here?” Drake called back as he took first place forcing me into second as we entered the third and final lap of the race with June and Freyr close behind me. I glanced back at June and her brother – both of them nodded in understanding as we put Operation Dragon Strike into effect. It was a little trick we liked to use when we were in the last lap of a race – it required three dragons, one dragon to act as a decoy and one to act as an assault dragon as the third dragon (usually me and my partner) to pass and take first place. “Oh yeah? I heard you had to pay someone to raise that dragon for you!” I shouted back as I held up two fingers and pointed at Jade sending my friends into action just before we reached the final turn zipping through the speed rings around the track turn to gain a boost of speed. I knew we’d only get one shot at this so I waited for Freyr to have Smokey create his signature fog bank while Duke used his electricity to charge the cloud to trap Jade inside while her emerald green glow lit the fog from within.


“And Nightwalker takes first place! Looks like the leader of the Green Dragons fell for Operation Dragon Strike once again! That means the Shadow Hunters are still the top ranked racers in the school! Congratulations kids! Moonracer has definitely lived up to her name today!” The MC announced as I whooped in delight passing the finish line just a few seconds before Jade followed with Smokey and Duke close on her heels. We were talking about the race whooping and cheering when I glanced up and saw a girl wearing a green dress with a Nordic motif for the design as she cautiously approached my Flightmare as Moonracer fluttered her star speckled wings before folding them to her back.


“I’m sorry, I saw the race today and I was hoping to get a closer look at your dragons! I’ve never seen a Flightmare up close before and well…I was hoping, if you wouldn’t mind…could I pet your dragon? I’ve only got a Terrible Terror with me and I’ve never met a bigger dragon in person.” The chestnut haired girl asked when I noticed her hair was in two braids on either side of her head as she watched my almost midnight blue dragon rumbled a greeting shooting me a look that clearly said “Hey, give her permission already. I like this kid and I have an itchy spot.” I shrugged at my dragon wondering what she saw in this new girl – she was probably around my age of 16, maybe a little older, as I sized her up and glanced back at my two clanmates before they also shrugged as if giving me permission.


“Sure, you can pet her. Her name’s Moonracer. Don’t worry; she won’t attack unless she’s told to. She’s a total sweetheart with kids especially. That’s Freyr and his dragon Smokey – a Smoldering Smokebreath and his sister June and her dragon Duke, he’s a Skrill. Mizuki and her Monstrous Nightmare Kingpin are around here somewhere. Oh and I’m Rialynh by the way. Aw, she wants to shake hands!” I explained as I introduced myself and the group around me as the girl placed a hand on the offered forelimb and the girl laughed as she shook claws with my dragon. Moonracer seemed to like her as she asked for a scratch by rubbing up against the girl’s side to get her to scratch her back right next to the wing joint before she realized she hadn’t introduced herself. “Oh! Where are my manners! I am Anna, Princess of Arendelle. I was on the ship that was attacked by the Berserkers and the Outcasts. Now where on earth did my Terror get off to this time? Darn, he probably went to find my sister.” The girl explained and we all glanced at each other in immediate understanding of who this person was – she was one of the visitors from the Arendelle Royal Family! And she was interacting with OUR dragons! Smokey and Duke were both sidling up to her asking for a petting but being surprisingly polite about the whole thing – I don’t know if they understood this girl was a Princess but they seemed to understand that she was someone important.


“Wait, Princess Anna, as in the sister of Queen Elsa? Oh man, this is huge! The guys are going to flip their helmets when they hear about this! Ahem, excuse me for asking, but I assume you were watching the race and saw our little maneuver?” Freyr asked as he exchanged a glance with the surprised Smokey and I was rendered speechless as a blue and white Terror I immediately recognized as the one who was flying above the ship we rescued earlier today. If this was Princess Anna of Arendelle, then her sister couldn’t be too far behind as the Terror landed on her shoulder chirping pointing with his tail back in the direction he’d come. The next thing I knew a woman wearing a beautiful ice blue dress and white snowflake cape came into the stables followed closely by a reindeer, a living snowman with a small flurry above his head and a tall blond man wearing a mountain man outfit as the blue Terror chirped a greeting as Anna turned keeping her hand on Moonracer’s shoulder as her sister approached.


“Anna! There you are! I was wondering where you vanished to! Hiccup told me I might find you in here. You must be Rialynh Nightwalker – Belinda’s daughter? I remember when she worked for us at the castle. How is your mother doing? I haven’t seen her since I was a child!” the white haired woman asked glancing at her sister noticing that her hand was on my dragon’s shoulder giving me a raised eyebrow and I stiffened in shock when I realized that this was the same woman my mother used to take care of before she met my dad and became a dragon rider. I exchanged a startled look with my friends as Mizuki, Thor and their dragons came into the stables looking for us after the race only to find the group surrounding us as Olaf introduced himself making Mizuki stop in her tracks with Kingpin bumping his head against her back as a result. “Um, yeah, I’m Rialynh, but my friends call me Ria for short Your Majesty. This is one of my dragons, my Flightmare Moonracer. This is June and her Skrill Duke, her brother Freyr and his Smoldering Smokebreath Smokey. The two that just joined us are my best friend Mizuki and her Monstrous Nightmare Kingpin and the blond kid’s Thor with his Nadder Lightning. We call ourselves the Shadow Hunters Clan.” I explained introducing myself to the famous Ice Queen of Arendelle showing her our crest with its now signature blue and bronze dragon as Moonracer picked up on my nervous energy before moving away from Princess Anna to stand at my side. I put a grateful hand on my dragon’s shoulder while Queen Elsa examined our crest before handing it back to me.


“There’s no reason to be formal with me. Just Elsa is fine. I understand we have you and your friends to thank for rescuing our ship earlier today? I was just talking with your friend Hiccup and he told me what happened. I wanted to personally thank you for helping us when we were in trouble. I also have something to give to the leader of the Shadow Hunters – if one of you could tell me who that person was?” Queen Elsa explained as she brought out a box revealing a beautifully carved metal snowflake design pendent made of Gronckle iron sitting on a bed of ice blue velvet and we all stood staring for a moment. But that moment passed and my friends immediately pointed at me – I was stunned that they considered me their clan leader, Hiccup had told me that I had leadership potential, but it was never a task I enjoyed.


“That’s easy – Ria’s our leader of course! She’s the one who came up with the strategy that scared off the Berserkers and Outcasts! I saw how she used Scauldy to scare off Dagur before he even knew what hit him!” Mizuki explained making me blush so hard that I felt my face turn as red as my Hobblegrunt Cliffjumper’s hide when he was angry. I couldn’t accept this gift, I had no idea what it was until Queen Elsa noticed my red face and laughed in such a way that I immediately relaxed with a sigh of relief before she responded. “Ha-ha, I thought as much. You’re the humble type aren’t you? Just like your mother Ria – if it’s alright if I use your nickname. This is the Jewel of Ice, Arendelle’s highest honors. You deserve it for your bravery today. Taking on Dagur on your own was very risky – but necessary to get him to back off. I will be presenting this in front of the entire school after the play on Halloween. I just wanted to show it to you beforehand so you knew it was rightfully yours. Also I saw the race just now; you three were amazing with how well you worked together. Isn’t that right Olaf?” Queen Elsa explained glancing at the living snowman standing behind her – we were lucky we weren’t near a Stoker Class stables or the little guy wouldn’t have stood a chance in the heat even with that cute little personal flurry above his head. I shot the guys a look that told them I was surprised at the presence of both the reindeer and the snowman the team Zippleback was named for as the dragon in question came trotting in with Minka and Reishi sitting on its two heads before stopping dead in its tracks nearly throwing them from the saddle in surprise.


“Um, why are there so many people here? And is that a reindeer? And a living snowman! How cool is that! Sven, Olaf, check it out!” Minka and Reishi exclaimed at the same time with the reindeer and the snowman exchanged a surprised look with each other as the two namesakes of the twin headed dragon realized the Zippleback was named for them. “Minka, Reishi, this is Queen Elsa of Arendelle. This is her sister Princess Anna. They were on the ship we rescued this morning!” Mizuki explained as Kingpin allowed Kristoff to give him a scratch behind the ear just under his horns where his favorite “itchy spot” was located as he purred in gratitude. The looks on the faces of the two sisters was classic – their jaws almost literally hit the ground when they realized the two older women in front of them were royalty! Even their shared Zippleback’s jaws dropped open in surprise – minus the smoke and fire thankfully. Mizuki and I exchanged a laugh when a Terrible Terror I recognized as Hiccup’s pet Sharpshot delivered a message asking for June’s and my presence at the stage to get ready for the show the day after tomorrow.


“If you will excuse us Your Highness, June and I have business elsewhere. If you’re staying for the Halloween Party, we’re doing a play that I think you guys might be interested in. We’re all involved and Mizuki and I are playing the two lead roles.” I explained gesturing to the note as Moonracer stood up from where she was seated on her hind legs close to Princess Anna’s side purring happily but grumbling at me to have her scratching interrupted by having to take me elsewhere.



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The Ice Queen and the Dragon Part 3

The next morning found me practicing for the Harvest Haunt play with Mizuki at the temporary stage set up near the Great Hall of the school. We were doing the song “For the First Time in Forever” and I was having a little trouble coming in at the right moment. I heard a familiar chirping singsong greeting as I glanced up and saw little crimson and gold Lyall flying in with a message tube on his leg. I stopped singing mid-line to see Anna’s little ice blue Terror Glacier fly in and land beside him moments later. “Hey guys, what’s up? Lyall, I wasn’t expecting you until later! I bet you caught a good tailwind to get back so fast, huh little buddy? And hello to you too Glacier. I assume Anna’s not too far behind?” I asked the two dragons as Garenth glanced up from where he was napping in the shade of a nearby tree with Kingpin. I unrolled the scroll Lyall passed to me from his front paw cheeping happily in time with the music playing in the background while I read the letter. “Hey, so this is where the little troublemaker got off to! Sorry, Glacier just got away from me. Am I safe to assume this is a letter from your mother?” Princess Anna asked as she joined us scooping up her little ice blue companion nodding a greeting at Mizuki as she left the stage and trotted over to see what was going on.

“I just got it this morning. It’s a three hour flight from here to home. Mom says she’s coming for the play tomorrow night! Oh, I’m so nervous! I’ve never actually been on stage before. I used to sing for my friends and the dragons all the time when I was a kid.” I admitted glancing at Moonracer and my Flightmare partner barked from where she was eating her daily dose of glowworms to keep her brilliant silvery blue glow healthy and strong even in the daylight. I glanced at her playmate and my Terrible Terror Lyall chirped from where he too was also munching on a well deserved treat of his favorite bit of salmon.


“Well that’s good to hear. I thought I’d find you here Anna. Ria, I heard you singing. You were incredible. If you want my help with rehearsal, I’d be happy to help you.” Queen Elsa offered suddenly appearing at Anna’s side with Olaf in tow with his personal flurry immediately attracting the attention of the multitude of Terrible Terrors helping the stage hands with the lines and other stage gear. Some of them were even helping with the music in the choir scenes and the music we couldn’t get with our instruments on hand and we needed their musical talents. “Of…of course Queen Elsa! I’d really appreciate it. But I’m sure you’re busy with other duties around Berk during your visit.” I replied nervously but Olaf must’ve picked up on my nerves and immediately jumped forward nearly flying apart as he did so. “No worries! We’ve got the schedule free for the whole visit! We are here to learn about dragons after all!” Olaf assured me as I glanced at Mizuki and we both sighed in relief.


Just then a familiar silvery blue dragon we both immediately recognized as my mom’s Deadly Nadder Naga and another familiar Hobblegrunt we knew as Draco flew in with mom and dad on Naga’s back while Mizuki’s mother rode the Hobblegrunt. “Well there’s my little dragonrider! How are you, sweetheart? It’s been so long since you were last able to visit! Naga’s missed you so much!” Mom said in greeting as she wrapped me in a hug and Naga immediately butted her head in as Cliffjumper, Garenth, Moonracer and Lyall flew up and squealed a greeting. “Belinda! It’s so good to see you again! It’s been a long time! I see little Naga’s all grown up now! I remember when we were growing up in Arendelle Castle! She was so adorable! It’s too bad you had to leave!” Anna crowed in greeting as Mom recognized the queen and princess of her home country as Dad sized up my trio of massive dragons. “Anna! It’s so good to see you! Queen Elsa! I’ve heard about your ice powers! It was big news even out here in the islands!” Mom admitted when she met Queen Elsa and Princess Anna as little Glacier perched on Anna’s padded green clad shoulder as the little ice blue Terror chirped a greeting.


“I can see that. You should meet your daughter’s dragons! Those five are amazing creatures! You should’ve seen them attacking that Berserker ship!” Elsa added glancing at my small squadron as Zuki came over with Kingpin, Thor, Lightning, June, Digger, Reishi, Minka, June’s brother Freyr and their dragons joining us. Minka and Reishi exchanged greetings with my parents and the others introduced their respective beasts and I glanced up to see Astrid and Hiccup coming over with Toothless and Stormfly on their heels – I saw the stunned look on mom and dad’s faces when they saw Toothless for the first time. “You two must be Rialynh’s folks! It’s a pleasure to finally meet you in person! I have to say that Ashley’s one of our best students here at the School. I even have her teaching a few of the new students how to handle their dragons! You should see her in the races we hold each week! She’s one of our fastest fliers on that Flightmare of hers!” Hiccup told my parents making me blush at the praise as he clamped an arm around my shoulders despite Lyall’s protests at having his perch disturbed.


“Ria’s always been good with dragons, lad! You should see her with her mother’s dragon Naga over our fields back home! Naga and the Speed Stingers we have were always fond of her. In fact, we brought a specific Speed Stinger she always spent her time with along for the ride.” Dad said gesturing to a nearby crate as it was opened and a brilliantly sky blue Speed Stinger darted out and ran right to me nearly knocking me over as Hiccup leapt aside in surprise. “No, it’s ok! Her name’s Starburst! She’s friendly! Hey girl, long time, no see! I rescued her from a trap when I was a kid, turns out she was a pack leader and her pack’s been friendly with my village ever since. She’s a total sweetheart if ya treat her right!” I explained hastily when I saw Hiccup reach for his flame sword and I interposed myself between him and Starburst as she turned her red striped head to snarl at him in warning only to have Garenth bark something at the Speed Stinger as Starburst nudged my shoulder and licked my face to get my attention.


“Sorry, bad experience with these guys a few years back. So, you actually managed to tame a Speed Stinger? And before you even came to the School?!” Hiccup demanded and I blushed as Starburst fluttered her vestigial wings as he held out a hand to her and she pressed her nose into his hand almost immediately as Toothless took her place at my side. “And this is Toothless! He’s our resident Night Fury. Everyone gets to ride him their first day to check our skills with dragons. You should’ve seen your daughter flying him! She had him doing all sorts of crazy maneuvers as soon as they were airborne!” Astrid commented as she tousled my hair making it stand on end and Stormfly nudged my shoulder before rumbling a greeting at Garenth as her blue and bronze male counterpart barked a reply.



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The Heroes and the Shadow Hunters Part 1

Dear Mom and Dad


Things have been changing on Berk since you guys came to visit for Harvest Haunt! As you know, my singing part in the school play was a huge hit. The Shadow Hunters have increased their ranks as well by the way. Besides me, Mizuki, June, Freyr, Thor, Minka and her older sister Reishi, our ranks now include two more new students. Their names are Kira Carsen and her friend Beryl Magnus. They both ride two of the new dragon types at the school too! Kira rides a beautiful female Stormcutter named Navi because she’s the same color as the fairy from the Legend of Zelda comics we both like. Her friend Beryl rides a Woolly Howl, a Night Fury look-a-like species by the way – she calls him Icicle because of his love of snow. Speaking of dragons, I better go; I have to get ready for patrol! We’re doing night flying with Hiccup tonight!


Write to you soon!


P.S. My Speed Stinger friend Starburst is settling in well with the other dragons. Give the pack on the home island a treat from me!


I set down my pen finishing my letter as Starburst poked her red striped snout into the open window of my bedroom on the first floor of my cabin on Berk – I had moved from the school dorms to this big house to be closer to my dragons. Berk was only a five minute flight from the school and that was no trouble for any of my dragons. I rolled up my letter and tied the message to Lyall’s leg sending him off into the sunset to deliver it – it was still three hours from dark so that meant he would spend the night at home with my folks.


“Alright, I’m coming Starburst. Tell Moonracer to get ready. I haven't given her the glowworms she likes in a few days so Hiccup says she’ll be perfect for stealth training tonight.” I told my saurian/dragon friend and Starburst barked a reply before darting off on her errand and Garenth lifted his head from the dragon bed beside mine where he was snoozing. “No, you don’t have to come, big guy. It’s night training tonight. I’ll see you in two days so be good for Mina – she’s new, but she and her siblings are going to take good care of you guys for  me while I’m gone.” I said answering the Nadder’s silent question as the girl in question poked her head into my “office” to find me still sitting getting ready for night flying as I pulled on my cold weather flying gear. “Hey, want me to get Moonracer saddled for you? I heard you sending Lyall off just now. Where you guys headed?” Mina asked as she waited with my pack ready for me – Hiccup had assigned the little ten year old girl as my assistant since I had become an instructor at the School and graduated top of my class faster than anyone had expected. Mina had been a huge help in taking care of my dragons – I had five of them including Lyall. I glanced at my stables to find Moonracer and Starburst together, I knew they were close friends, also Garenth was asleep inside, my Hobblegrunt Cliffjumper was in his favorite perch on the roof of my hut, and my Whispering Death Darksteel was in his cave under the farm as usual this time of day.


“Thanks Mina, but I’ll do it myself. Go feed the others and you can go home for the night. Come back first thing in the morning to feed the others and make sure they get exercise. I’ll be gone for five days and I don’t want these cloud heads getting soft on me. Yeah, you heard me lazybones!” I told the girl glancing up as Cliffjumper’s crimson head peered down at me turning orange and emerald to show his annoyance as he barked an insult at me. “Oh hush you! Come on Moony, we’ve got work tonight! And DON’T let Cliffjumper eat all the salmon! Those are his favorites, but Hiccup says he’s getting overweight and needs to go on a diet.” I said rolling my eyes at the Hobblegrunt as Cliffjumper huffed at me and returned to his favorite sleeping perch on the roof. “Oh please! My big brother Darren has a Hobblegrunt! The old lizard used to pull stuff like that all the time! I used to help him take care of Jackie all the time!” Mina assured me as I grabbed Moonracer’s harness and a week’s worth of glowmoss and glowworms for her and my packed supplies. We were going to spend the night on Dragon Island before heading to Changewing Island to see why the local population of Speed Stingers, Changewings and other dragons had been disappearing lately.


“Ria! Perfect timing! Wait until you hear what Hiccup has planned for us over the next few days! Come on, we’re getting ready to leave!” Mizuki cried in delight when she saw me headed towards her and her Monstrous Nightmare Kingpin beside her as he turned his royal purple and crimson head at me to rumble a greeting. “It’s good to see you too Kingpin. I brought your favorite: Dragon nip!” I replied as the big lunk of a dragon sniffed my pack and I pulled out his favorite treat and handed him the patch of garlic grass and the Nightmare quickly snapped it up. “Alright! Let’s get moving! We have a two hour flight to Dragon Island and we need to get there before dark to set up camp! Grab any last minute supplies you might need and be ready to leave in five minutes!” Hiccup called interrupting our conversation as Minka and Reishi came over with a Shockjaw and Skrill pair I immediately recognized as Fiore and Azalea just by glancing at them – the two had been raising the male and female pair since they had found them as hatchlings in the woods a couple of months ago.


“OK SHADOW HUNTERS! LISTEN UP! We’re splitting up into two teams today! I’m leading one team and Hiccup’s leading the other!” Astrid explained the next morning as all of us gathered around the campfire the next morning with our dragons with Thor riding his Nadder Lightning and Freyr was on his new Rumblehorn Tracker at his side. Freyr’s sister June had her own dragon – a Caribbean blue and royal purple Raincutter named Clover standing beside her. “Alright, Ria, Kira and Beryl are with me. The rest of you are with Astrid. We’re checking on why the dragons are disappearing from this island and Changewing Island. Once we get out into the field, we’ll use these new radios I made to keep in touch if we split up.” Hiccup explained as he handed out a boxy looking device I recognized as the new standard issue field radio powered by some of the green crystals Heather had us making in alchemy lab last month as part of one of our science projects.


“Hiccup, I’m going to check the north side of the island. I saw something odd over there when we overflew the area last night and I wanna investigate on my own. I’ll take Sharpshot if I need a scout and I have Moonracer if I run into trouble. We have Changewings back home that we use as watch animals for the farms. I know how to handle them and any dragon I run into.” I replied taking my crystal powered radio and remounted Moonracer’s solid sky blue back and as soon Hiccup nodded his consent, I urged my partner into the air and we winged our way to the northern shore of the island. “What’s up girl? Smell something? Show me!” I asked Moonracer about an hour later as my loyal Flightmare suddenly picked up her head in an alert stance swiveling her horselike ears to locate something she’d heard. “Ok, you’re no Rumblehorn, but you’ve got the scent of something.” I thought to myself as Moonracer led me to a nearby bit of brush and I heard what Moonracer must’ve heard – a frightened squeaking sound that almost sounded like a peacock being strangled. “Well hello little guy! Looks like you’ve got yourself into a bit of a jam here! Hiccup, it’s Ria. I’ve got a situation here.” I said when I saw the frightened little Changewing hatchling and pulled out my radio to call Hiccup as I glanced around to check if its mother was nearby. Changewings were known for their protective family nature and something was definitely wrong if this little one got caught in a snare without its mother anywhere within a five foot radius.


Go ahead Ria, what’s up? Did you find something?” Hiccup asked through the tinny speaker I held in my hand as the green crystal vibrated the circuits in the radio to make a response. “Moonracer and I just found a Changewing hatchling and we’re not even on Changewing Island yet! Poor little guy’s caught in a cage trap and he needs help. The mother’s nowhere nearby or she would’ve pounced on me by now. Changewings pounce on predators if they get within five feet of their hatchlings.” I explained as I examined the trap – I could tell just by looking at it that it wasn’t made by Beserkers, Outcasts, or any Berkian trapper…this was a new design and I often helped Hiccup with his inventions so I knew a thing or two about technology. “Get the little guy out of the trap and bring him back to camp. It’s almost lunch time and we can figure out what to do when we regroup. Check if he’s injured and use your pack to transport him. Over and out.” Hiccup replied before cutting the connection as I pulled my lock picking kit out of my pack to free the little Changewing Tinytooth as it backed to the far side of the cage in fear.


“Easy little fella, I’m not gonna hurt you. Shush, no need to fuss. This thing’s obviously acid proof or you would’ve melted it and escaped by now! Um…jiggle to the left…AH! Gotchya! And where do you think you’re going with that busted wing little man?” I told the little dragon and I crowed in delight when I opened the cage accidentally spooking the little Changewing as it tried to dart past me before I lunged to grab him. Suddenly there was an explosion and a red armored robot flashed past me and Moonracer immediately interposed herself in front of me. “Hey! What are you doing with that dragonet?! Put him down, or I’ll shoot!” the robot shouted in warning and I froze in my tracks with the little dragonet squealing in fright before diving into my pack to hide. I quickly drew my own blade and pointed it at my unusual attacker before I recognized the insignia on his chest – I knew it because it was part of one of my all time favorite comic book series.


“Wait, I know that logo! Moonracer, stand down! He’s from Hero Factory! Look pal, I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I’m trying to help this dragonet! My friend here found him in this trap and I decided to help fix his broken wing.” I explained calling off Moonracer so that she backed down a little bit but she still snarled a warning at the red armored Hero. He seemed surprised by my response as he lowered his blaster and glanced at my pack to see the little blue and yellow Changewing poke his head out of my pack to chirrup in confirmation. “Sorry, I thought you were one of the dragon thieves. Name’s William Furno – my friends just call me Furno though. My team and I were sent to investigate why our scaly friends here were disappearing.” The robot explained as he introduced himself to the group as I brought him back to camp with my new charge in tow. I was putting a splint on the Changewing’s busted wing and he was surprisingly cooperative – I don’t know why, but I felt like this little fella was a male dragon from the minute I saw him.


“Furno busted me when I got little Jambu here out of the cage. When I explained what I was doing, he relaxed. Nearly blasted my head off before I had a chance to explain though. Moonracer likes him and she’s a very good judge of character. I think we can trust him if she does.” I added and Furno tousled my hair in response as Jambu chirruped up at us and I passed him one of the minnows I’d gathered earlier that day. “Interesting. And yous said you came with five other robots? And like in Ria’s comics, you come from this place called “Hero Factory”?” Astrid asked in her usual untrusting manner as Moonracer backed my explanation by rubbing her head into Furno’s metal hand as Toothless sized him up. The Night Fury surprised us by walking right up to Furno before butting his head into his shoulder asking for a rub on an itchy spot that he couldn’t reach.


“Well, that’s an answer right there. Toothless likes Furno so that’s good enough for me too. So, got any ideas on why the dragons are disappearing? Toothless is a Night Fury by the way – both of us have the same disability so we make a good team.”  Hiccup replied as Toothless purred under Furno’s caressing and the Hero noticed the dragon’s artificial tail fin and his own artificial leg. I was the only one who noticed the look of surprise flash across Furno’s optics when he saw our advanced if somewhat limited technology at work before he responded. “Yeah, my team and I are spread across most of this archipelago checking the different islands. Most of the dragons that are disappearing are species we’ve noticed have high energy levels. Whether it’s electricity, cloaking or fire or whatever it is, someone’s after them. Do you have a way of classifying dragons that we can reference?” Furno replied startling all of us by pulling up a holographic map of the archipelago including Berk and other known dragon hangouts as he zoomed in on what was our current position on the forested side of Dragon Island.


“Let’s see, we have the Stoker, Sharp, Mystery, Boulder, Strike, Tidal and otherwise unknown classifications of dragons. Moonracer’s a Flightmare so she’s a Mystery Class dragon. Azalea and Icicle there are a Shockjaw – a Tidal Class dragon and Icicle is a Woolly Howl, a Strike Class dragon.” Mizuki replied pointing out a few of the different dragons we had with us as Furno glanced over each of our different beasts nodding approval at Thor’s Rumblehorn and Tracker rumbled his own reply. “Ok, so most of the ones that have been disappearing are from these two islands – they’re what you’d consider Stoker, Mystery and Tidal class dragons. They have high heat signatures and energy signatures in general. My team leader, Preston Stormer, is checking out this Island here. If you’re heading to Changewing Island, I could use a lift. Surge took the shuttle to check out the area around your home island Berk.” Furno explained pointing out the locations his five friends were investigating as Jambu sat perched on my shoulder with both Hiccup and me peering at the holographic map over his shoulder.


“Moonracer and I will give you a ride. Now that Jambu’s wing has a splint, he can ride in Moonracer’s saddle bags instead of my backpack. I just need to make a harness for this little guy so he doesn’t go flying off.” I offered and Jambu quickly crawled down my arm to bark at me in protest until Furno reached into a pouch on his belt to pull something from one of its many compartments. To my surprise, I immediately recognized it as a harness for a Tinytooth sized dragonet as Furno held it out when I started to reach for my pack to bring out some spare leather I kept with me. “Use this – we’ve been using them to track the dragons we’ve rescued so far. I was going to put this on the little hatchling before you beat me to the rescue. You can attach this to your saddle and he can ride safely.” Furno explained showing me how to put on the harness so that it sat comfortably on Jambu’s little back while avoiding his injured wing. I nodded my thanks as Furno showed me how to attach the smaller harness to my saddlebag’s inner strap before I swung up onto Moonracer’s back as if I were climbing a tree.


“Well? You coming or not?! Hiccup, I’m going to fly ahead to Changewing Island with Furno. I know we weren't planning on going tomorrow, but it’s a half hour flight from here and I wanna find out what happened to Jambu’s mama.” I said as I pulled Furno up behind me with Moonracer barking in slight protest at the Hero’s metal weight and Jambu poked his head out of my saddlebag and Hiccup nodded his approval. “Just call us on the radio when you get there. You haven't given Moonracer any glowworms or glowmoss yet right? Good, if it gets dark, you don’t want her glowing in enemy territory.” Hiccup told me as I adjusted my flight helmet and goggles glancing over my shoulder to see Furno raise a metal eyebrow at me in confusion and I shot him an “I’ll explain later” look. Moonracer surged into the air with Furno yelping in surprise at my dragon friend’s power – I knew more about him than I was letting on since I always read the Hero Factory comics whenever they came out after all.


“First time flying? Don’t worry, hang on tight and you won't fall! Moonracer won’t let you fall!” I called over my shoulder as Furno tightened his grip around my waist a bit as Moonracer leveled out above the clouds and banked to head north to Changewing Island. “First time flying? No. First time on a dragon? YES! This isn't like riding in a Hero Craft ya know!” Furno shouted back giving Moonracer a pat as she turned her wedge shaped head back at him rumbling her own reassurance as she dived toward the waves splashing us in the process. Furno and I both laughed as Moonracer flew over the waves and Jambu squealed in delight at her antics as she came to a perfect landing on the beach surrounding the island. “Sorry, I should’ve warned you about that! Moony likes to show off sometimes, don’t ya girl? Yeah, yes you do, you oversized glowworm! Come on Jambu; let’s go find your mama! They must’ve been hunting on Dragon Island when this little guy got separated from his family.” I apologized as we both dismounted and Moonracer rumbled at us in her own apology as I lifted Jambu out of the saddlebag I had stashed him in to transfer him into the pack Furno was holding open for me.


“Nah, it’s no biggy. I can tell you care about our scaly friends here. So, what’s a guy gotta do to get his own dragon around here? Is Moonracer your only dragon, or do you have others besides her and this little man here?” Furno asked as we made our way into the jungle keeping our eyes open for any unexplained motions that might indicate the presence of Jambu’s family as he squeaked happily recognizing the scents of home. I glanced at the red Hero out of the corner of my eye and I could tell he was genuinely interested in our winged friends – maybe that was why Hero Factory had sent his team to check on our home. “That all depends. Hiccup met Toothless after shooting him down with one of his inventions back when we were still fighting dragons for survival here. I got my Deadly Nadder Garenth when I first arrived at the school so he’s my flock leader. I got the others over the year I’ve been at the school. Moony here is my third oldest dragon and often helps me keep the peace. I actually got my Speed Stinger friend Starburst when I was five. Rescued her from a hunter’s trap and nursed her to health in secret when I was five.” I replied as we walked into the deeper parts of the jungle and Furno suddenly stopped dead – he had pulled ahead of me while we were talking to clear brush and had stopped so suddenly that I bumped into his metal back.



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The Hero and the Shadow Hunters Part 2

“Hold up, I heard something! What was that?!” Furno warned holding out a hand to steady me whipping out a sword faster than I could’ve done as a familiar screech called from above. “Easy there firebug, he’s a friendly. That’s Sharpshot, Hiccup’s Terrible Terror. I asked if we could borrow him in case of trouble. We can’t always rely on our limited technology so we keep these little guys as messengers.” I assured him and Furno relaxed as Sharpshot landed on my offered forearm and he landed on the padded armband wore chirping as he delivered his message. I slipped it out of his message tube leaving the thing where it was and reading the parchment he carried. “Hiccup says we need to head for shelter tonight. There’s going to be a storm soon and he says it’s messing with our communications. I know this island well. I did an advanced study on the Changewings here last year for my winter project. Got snowed in here for two months and since the Changewings think of some people as family, they took me in.” I explained reading the letter out loud glancing up at the sky noticing how it darkened to the east a bit noticing Furno’s worried expression as he communicated with someone on the other end of his own built in helmet radio.


“Say again Breez? I can’t hear you over this…what was that about Fire Lord and Von Nebula? Agh! I lost the signal! Your friend wasn’t kidding when he said this storm was bad. I did a geographical scan of this island earlier, there’s a cave at the top of this path. We can shelter there.” Furno replied in frustration pointing up the path to the top of the hill we were climbing. I glanced up knowing where he was referring to – it was a popular Changewing cave and the leader of the main group was a male Changewing I had nicknamed Warden because of his protective nature. “Hey there Warden! Long time, no see big guy! Whoa, easy fella, he’s friendly! Furno, this is Warden. He’s the lead Changewing on this island. He may act tough, but he’s a sweetheart once you get to know him. Listen, do you mind if my friend Furno and I take shelter here tonight? There’s a storm coming and we need a place to get out of the rain.” I explained glancing between the dragon and the surprised Furno as he started to reach for his weapon with Warden pulling back his emerald green lips and snarling a warning at him as other Changewings appeared as if out of nowhere.


“I’ll take your word for it. I’ve got some of that firewood we gathered on the way up. If you can get Moony here or one of your friends to light it for us, we can get a fire going.” Furno said – he was obviously nervous about the new dragons and I couldn’t say that I blamed him. Even I had been nervous when I first met Warden and his group and I had just about forgotten about Jambu until a female Changewing I recognized as Orchid by her bright blue scales and lime green tendrils as she sniffed at my pack. “What’s wrong Orchid? Oh my! Jambu! Get back here! What the heck?!” I asked yelping in surprise as Jambu leaped out of my pack and nearly knocking over the older female Changewing as she bugled in delight when she saw the hatchling. I glanced at Furno and we both reached the same conclusion – Orchid had similar markings to Jambu so she had to be his mother!


“Looks like we found our mom little fella! Guess we got lucky on that one! What’s wrong Rialynh? You look disappointed. Aren't you happy we found Jambu’s mama?” Furno said with a laugh glancing at me as I tried to hide my flash of disappointment at not having a Changewing to raise. I started out of my brief trance of regret as Jambu squealed happily carefully avoiding movement in his damaged wing as I watched him play sitting back against Moonracer in a more comfortable position. “You can just call me Ria. Everyone does. And I will admit that I am a little disappointed. I’ve been wanting my own Changewing for awhile, but I did agree to let Jambu go back to his mother. I just didn’t think we’d find her this soon, ya know?” I said as I watched the little dragonet reconnect with his siblings – Jambu was blue-green and yellow-gold like his mother while his siblings ranged in color from bright pink to a dark red that was almost the same color as Furno’s armor.


“Ah, thought so. But you did the right thing for Jambu and that’s what counts for the little guy. Get some sleep – we move out in the morning. I’ll keep watch in case of trouble.” Furno commented and tousled my hair as I leaned back against Moonracer, wrapping myself in my bedroll for warmth despite the fire. The next morning I woke to the smell of roasting fish and – surprisingly enough – Jambu snuggled up against my stomach as he squeaked a greeting while Sharpshot slept on my dragon’s back. “Morning sleepyhead. These guys brought back breakfast and let me swipe a few salmon for ya. Hope you like roasted fish.” Furno said by way of greeting as I groggily came to my senses and found Orchid leaning over me before she licked my face to make sure I was awake.


“Yeah, roasted fish sounds good right now – in fact, any form of food sounds good. I’m starving!” I admitted as my stomach rumbled and Furno laughed as he passed me one of the bigger fish before tossing one to Orchid that she snatched out of the air. I didn’t know if Hero Factory built robots needed to eat, but I knew they ran on Quaza energy from my comics – I needed to remember to ask Furno about that later. “So Furno, I read these comics based off you guys and according to the story, you run on a power source called Quaza right?” I asked around a mouthful of perfectly roasted salmon and Jambu feasted on a small rabbit his mother had brought him beside me and Moony ate some of the chicken I had packed for her. “Good guess – personally I hate those comics though. They’re a good way to get ourselves out there, but they never get my optic color quite right. You’ve got a good memory for detail, Ria. Remind me to introduce you to my friend Bulk when this is over. You’d like him – guy’s a walking big muscled encyclopedia when it comes to information!” Furno replied with a big grin on his metal face as I smiled around another mouthful of food. Just then, Warden flew into the cave shrieking an alarm that caught everyone’s attention – he only made that call when something bad was going on and this was loud even for him!


“Whoa! Easy there Warden! Calm down! I can’t understand you when you shriek like that! There’s a good alpha dragon! Ok, um…Furno – something’s really got Warden rattled! I’ve never seen him this anxious before!” I called as I tried to calm the anxious dragon as Jambu and Moonracer barked an inquiry at him – somehow I could understand the body language of dragons as easily as I could talk to humans and even Furno could tell these guys were anxious. “I dunno – I wish Breez were here. She’s got a program that lets her talk to animals. But I don’t need a special skill with animals to know Warden wants us to follow him.” Furno replied with a groan of annoyance as he stood up and saddled Moonracer for departure – I had shown him how to remove and replace her saddle last night. “We should check it out, but we’ll stay on the ground just in case of trouble. Lead the way Warden, show us what you found big man.” I said glancing between Warden and Furno as the Changewing led us out of the cave. We followed him through the jungle for awhile until we came upon a seaside beach with a cave where we saw something that I admit both shocked and terrified me, but seemed to confirm what Furno had suspected.



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The Hero and the Shadow Hunters Part 3

“Well, that’s not good! That’s Von Nebula with Fire Lord down there! All the Fire Villains and his crew seem to be rounding up dragons. I see at least four Changewings, two Shockjaws, and at least three Monstrous Nightmares. I bet they have more dragons stashed inside those caves.” Furno replied as we used his binoculars and my spyglass to scope out the situation on the beach below. “No wonder Warden was freaking out earlier! These are some of the worst villains to face Hero Factory!” I thought to myself but said aloud “Why would they want dragons with high energy levels? I’d get it if it was just Fire Lord and his cronies because they feed on fuel, but I don’t get why Von Nebula wants them.” I glanced at Furno and he shrugged in reply. “Come on, we’d better get out of here before they spot us. You’ve still got your radio right? Take this – it’s a spare comlink I always keep with me. Use it to contact me if we get separated. Hit the green button to talk and the orange button to encrypt the signal. The red button ends the call.” Furno told me as he passed me a strange looking communication device with the three buttons he described – I mentally repeated his instructions on how to use it and nodded in understanding. Just then, Warden vanished from sight and Moonracer snarled a warning when the sound of something in the air caught her attention with Furno responding by shoving me behind him and drawing his blaster.


“censored-ho-censored! What have we here? A Hero and an organic?! Oh, the boss will love this!” The strange whirling robot crowed – I immediately recognized him as the whirlybird Rotor as soon as his “friend” Xplode joined him on the hill. “Ah! Good catch Rotor! Looks like we’ve got ourselves a couple of spies! Grab them!” Xplode shouted in response but Furno managed to intercept them as they lunged for me. I will admit that I yelped in surprise as the firefight started and Moonracer roared a challenge as Furno broke away from the fight long enough to throw me onto her back. “Moonracer, take Rialynh and GET OUT OF HERE! I’ll hold these guys long enough for you to escape! Take her to the far side of the island from our base camp with Hiccup! Ria, you’ll find a cave with a sigil like mine marking a boulder outside. Once at the cave, ask for Preston Stormer. Tell him what happened before you try to contact your friends!” Furno ordered as he strapped me into the saddle despite my protests and Sharpshot immediately took off with the warning message I gave him clutched in his little talons.


“NO! I’m NOT LEAVING YOU Furno! Moony, NO! Go back!” I protested as Furno slapped Moony’s rump to get her airborne and she leaped for the overcast sky with a surge of her powerful wings. Xplode was seconds behind me on his aircraft as we flew low over the island trying to lose him in the cover of the trees. “WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING GIRLY?! COME BACK HERE! MY BOSS WANTS TO MEET YOU!” Xplode shouted firing a warning volley of missiles that knocked us out of the skies despite Moonracer’s attempts to outfly him in the familiar landscape of the island below. I must’ve blacked out from the crash, because when I woke up, I found myself in a cave with a green armored figure leaning over me as I lay on a cot with a thick blanket covering me. “Easy there Rialynh. You took a nasty hit to the head there! You’re lucky you didn’t get a concussion from Xplode’s blast!” The green Hero told me in an obviously female voice as she put a hand on my shoulder to keep me from sitting up too fast. I immediately recognized her orange face from my comics and I knew her green armor as well – she was Natalie Breez, the female Hero who could talk to animals!


“Oh wow! It feels like I got hit by a Rumblehorn! Wait, you’re Breez, right? How did you know my name?” I replied to the startled female Hero as her orange eyes widened in surprise before sparkling with her amused smile. “Hah! I should’ve known you read our comic books! And as for how I know your name, your Flightmare friend there told me what happened to you guys. You were lucky that crash didn’t kill you! You’re lucky Bulk and I were scouting the area when we found you. If we hadn't found you when we did, Xplode would’ve captured you guys.” Breez said with a laugh that caught the attention of the silver and black armored Hero passing the entrance to our alcove. He poked his head in to find us talking with a look of obvious relief on his face as Moonracer burst past him barking in delight when she saw that I was awake. “Your friend here wouldn’t stop bugging me until I brought her to see you kid! I’m glad to see you’re awake. You had us worried for a bit there. You were out cold for almost two days.” The Hero explained as Moony bowled into me and I glanced between him and Breez in surprise. I saw Breez nod to confirm his story and I immediately felt my stomach leave my gut and slide to my boots in response.


“Wait, I was out for two days?! Furno’s in trouble and I have to – whoa! Oomph!” I protested standing up so fast that the room began to spin and I would’ve landed on my rump if the newcomer hadn't used his quick reflexes to catch me. He was surprisingly fast for someone so big – “He must be the Hero Furno called Bulk.” I thought as he let me lean against him to regain my equilibrium enough to see that Breez had leapt to her feet in alarm when she saw me stumble. “Easy there Viking girl! You’ve been out of it for awhile! Listen, if you’re up to it, the boss wants a report on what happened. Furno was supposed to check in two days ago and he’s missed the check in time.” Bulk replied as the room stopped spinning and he led us to the main cavern where I was surprised to find a setup similar to our campsite but with a lot more advanced technology than what we Vikings had on hand. I noticed the white, blue and silver-blue armored Heroes immediately as the blue one tapped the white one on the shoulder and pointed to our little group.


“You must be Rialynh. I’m Preston Stormer, leader of Hero Factory’s Alpha Team. I understand you and your scaly friend here were with Furno when you found the missing dragons?” The white Hero asked as he introduced himself and I nodded snapping into a formal stance out of respect for his rank. Stormer had been one of the characters in my Hero Factor comics I had always admired because of his leadership skills and his willingness to help his friends no matter the risk to his own safety. “Yes sir. But my friends just call me Ria for short. This is my Flightmare, Moonracer. She’s one of half a dozen dragons I keep in my personal flock. Furno and I were scouting the region after spending the night with a group of Changewings I’m friendly with because of a storm. He gave me this when we found the villain’s camp site and told me to come find you guys before we were ambushed by Xplode and Rotor.” I explained and Breez said something to Moonracer behind me that I didn’t catch but something exchanged between her and Stormer made the white Hero nod in response to my explanation of what happened.


“From what Breez has told me, your dragon confirms your story. You’re lucky to have such a loyal friend with you, kid. Moonracer wouldn’t let us anywhere near you after you crashed near the river. Well, not until Breez had a little chat with her anyways.” Stormer said as he put a hand on my shoulder to steer me towards a map they had laid out on a nearby table – he introduced me to Stringer and Surge and I shook hands with both of them as I noticed that the map was made of some strange material. It was still a physical map and I recognized Berk and the Dragon Archipelago and some of the places Hiccup and Toothless have explored, but there were areas I couldn’t even name shown on the map. “Can you tell us exactly where you found the enemy camp? We’ve been tracking those villains for months and couldn’t figure out why they were here until Von Nebula showed up and started helping Fire Lord round up the dragons.” Stringer asked as he brought out another map that just showed the topographical features of the Berk archipelago. I stared at it for a moment as I felt the strange smooth material it was made of under my fingers – it wasn’t paper or parchment, but it was some sort of synthetic material – I’d have to ask Heather about this later.


“Well, my friends and I were coming from Berk to investigate why our wild dragons were disappearing too. We only figured it out a few weeks ago ourselves. We left Berk on Sunday and arrived on Dragon Island – here – about ten in the morning. We’d only been on the island about an hour when Moonracer and I stumbled on a Changewing hatchling in a cage trap here. That’s also where I met Furno – he thought I was going to hurt the little guy when I was picking the lock on his cage. Then once I explained what we were doing on the island, Furno and I flew ahead to Changewing Island, where we are now. We arrived near the Changewing cave beach site around 1:00 pm. Then we got a message via Terrible Terror from Hiccup warning us to take shelter from a storm that was messing with our limited radio technology.” I explained as I used the pins and string Breez brought me to mark our route and I used different colors of each item to mark different times and locations on the map. I used a bright red pin to mark where the villain camp with the missing dragons was located on the western side of the island. I glanced up to see Surge exchange a look with Stringer and Stormer nodding his approval as Breez glanced at Bulk with a worried expression on her face as she examined my little diagram on the map.

“You Vikings sure know your maps. So, we’re here in this cave at this location…that means the villain camp isn't too far from here. It’s about a two hour flight by dragon, but a day’s walk through harsh jungle if we go by foot. Bulk and Breez found you guys crashed about half a day from here.” Surge said, speaking up for the first time glancing nervously at Moonracer as she purred under Breez’s attentive scratching hand – I could tell that she liked the female warrior and they were becoming fast friends. “Surge has a point. It’s not like we can fly our Hero Craft there to surprise them. Ria, do you have a way to contact your friends without those Terrible Terrors you mentioned? You said you had limited radio technology right?” Stringer asked as he gestured to my saddlebags and the backpack I had slung over the saddle horn. I nodded as I headed to Moonracer and pulled my pack from her saddle to retrieve my crystal radio – I was reaching in to grab it when, instead of the metal of the radio, I first felt something scaly under my fingers.


“Wait, where’s my…what’s this? WHAT THE HECK?! JAMBU! What are you doing here little guy? I thought I left you with the Changewings! No, it’s ok! This is Jambu! The hatchling I mentioned earlier!” I cried in surprise as the other Heroes reached for their weapons and Jambu shrieked in delight when he saw me. He was flapping his wings and trying to climb onto my head by now as I laughed and somehow managed to pull out my crystal radio to show it to the others. “Cute little guy! Hey Jambu! Come here little fella!” Breez crowed in delight when she saw the blue and gold scaled hatchling calling something to him in Dragonese that caught him by surprise. Jambu’s head immediately turned in her direction before he glided from his perch on my head into Breez’s arms making the green Hero laugh at his antics. “Well, that was quite the surprise! You reach for a radio and poof! Instant hatchling! How did he get her with that damaged wing anyways?” Bulk asked as he slipped my radio from my hands to examine it and I scratched Jambu under his tendrils as he wrapped them around my wrist in greeting.


“The little guy must’ve snuck into my backpack when I was sleeping and I didn’t even notice! Hey, careful with that! The crystals that run it are very delicate and take forever to make!” I explained snapping at Bulk when I saw him take the back off the crystal radio revealing the bright emerald green crystals inside attached to the device by copper and gold wires Gobber had made for us. Bulk quickly replaced the back of the radio and handed it back to me with a sheepish grin on his face as he did so. “Sorry, I just wanted to see how it worked! So you guys actually make those crystals? How do you do that?” Bulk apologized obviously interested in our technology despite its primitive nature compared to the advanced technology he was used to. I raised an eyebrow at him and Jambu seemed comfortable enough with Breez despite his shyness as I left him with her and moved to use the radio. “Hiccup, come in. This is Rialynh; I’m calling from Dragon Island.” I said speaking into the radio hoping the signal would get through the thick cave walls as a subtle push from Bulk pushed me towards a thinner section of the cave. “Radio signals work better over here since its closer to the entrance.” The big Hero explained with a wink as I nodded my thanks and a sudden squawk from the crystal radio caught my attention.


Rialynh?! Ria, is that you?! Oh, thank THOR’s THUNDER! We were worried sick when you didn’t check in! We thought something had happened to you! Where are you? We’ll come get you! Berk sent a search party to find you!” Hiccup replied with obvious relief in his voice as I glanced up at Stormer as he listened in on my radio chat and I shook my head warning him not to speak while I explained the situation to my friends. “Long story Hiccup. Furno and I were checking out the island when we found the missing dragons. We got separated when their captors attacked us, but I ended up with some of his friends from Hero Factory when he helped me escape. Listen, call off the search party, I’m fine. But I will need the other Shadow Hunters to help us rescue the captured dragons. Where are you and how long will it take to get to Changewing Island?” I explained and I saw Stormer nod his head in approval – the white armored Hero was hard to read, but I could tell that he was worried about his missing friend. “Alright, but you still didn’t tell us where you are! We’ll have to use Tracker to find you.” Hiccup said as and I winced at the thought of them resorting to using Thor’s dragon Tracker to find me – I glanced at Stormer to see him shake his head warning to tell me not to reveal our current location. I didn’t even know where we were so I didn’t even bother with our location despite what Surge had pointed out on the map.


“Sorry Hiccup, I’m not sure where we are so I couldn’t tell you if I wanted to. And there’s no need to use Tracker’s skill at finding people. Lyall can find me anywhere. Over and out.” I replied cutting our connection before glancing back at the other Heroes as they milled around waiting for orders on what to do to rescue their friend from the enemy. “Alright, pack up and get ready to move out. We’re heading for the villain camp in an hour. We’re busting Furno and those dragons out of that prison camp! Ria, we’re counting on you to help us deal with the dragons. Stick Jambu in your saddlebags and have him stay with Moonracer. He’ll be safe with a bigger dragon.” Stormer snapped as Breez and the others immediately went to work gathering weapons and other gear and I nodded as I scooped Jambu out of Breez’s arms and slipped him into my saddlebag clipping his smaller harness to one of the inner straps. “Stay in here and out of sight, ok Jambu? We’re going on an adventure and I don’t want you getting hurt!” I warned the little Changewing and Jambu chirped his understanding at me as he buried himself under my spare blankets to hide. Moonracer was patiently waiting for me to mount as we made our way outside into bright sunshine to prepare to leave.


“So, how are we all going to get to the campsite? We don’t exactly have a fast route to get there without dragons.” Surge asked raising a valid point as I leaned on Moony’s shoulder and she barked in agreement with the blue Hero as he glanced between me and his team leader. Stormer grinned as he snapped his fingers so that a bunch of bushes vanished revealing several strange looking vehicles behind them. “Zib thought of that. He gave us these jungle skimmers if we needed to get through brush in a hurry. These maneuver well in brush and will also give us an element of stealth. Ria, can Moonracer carry another passenger? We need eyes in the sky on this one.” Stormer explained glancing at me as he spoke. I nodded and Moonracer barked her own consent as she flapped her great blue wings and slapped her split end tail on the ground in emphasis to show that she was ready to leave.


“I’ll ride with her! I’ve got a bit of a rapport with Moonracer anyways. Besides, I’ve always wanted to ride a dragon!” Breez immediately offered as she turned her green masked face to me and I nodded in agreement knowing as well as she did that my sky blue Flightmare friend had taken a shine to her as I watched my dragon partner rub up against her. “Are you sure Breez? Dragons are dangerous creatures from what we’ve seen of the wild ones. Remember those camouflaged beasts that attacked us when we got too close to their nest? They nearly turned us to so much scrap metal.” Stormer asked and from the way he described the dragons, I immediately recognized the description of Warden’s group of Changewings as Jambu protested from his perch on my shoulder. The little Changewing still had the splint on his wing from the damage caused by the traps Von Nebula and his goons were using and I knew the Changewings well – they wouldn’t attack unless they felt the nest was threatened. “You mean Warden and his group? Those Changewings are friends of mine! They wouldn’t attack if they didn’t feel that the nest was threatened! They’re usually quite docile for wild dragons! I’ve worked with them for awhile now and they know me. Maybe we can even convince them to help us! Breez can translate what I say into Dragonese and I can talk to them!” I suggested glancing around at the others as Breez stood at my side nodding in agreement and Jambu bobbed his head vigorously so that the tendrils bobbed like seaweed in rough water.


“If you think they’ll help, then go for it. You know these dragons better than we do Ria. They probably won't let us anywhere near them without you and Jambu present. By the way, I checked how you patched this little guy’s wing. You did pretty well for a basic splint. But you should still get someone to look at him when you get the chance to make sure it heals properly.” Stormer told me as he tousled my hair before I slipped on my flight helmet and gestured for Breez to mount Moonracer. Breez cupped her hands into a stirrup to give me a boost onto my own dragon before scrambling up behind me and I showed her how to tie on the straps to keep her in place on Moony’s back. “We’ll meet you at the seaside caves Stormer. I’m on radio frequency 2 if you need to contact me. I know this is primitive tech compared to what you have, but it should work with your stuff. Here, I keep a spare handy just in case.” I said as I dove into my saddlebag where I had since stashed Jambu and pulled out the one crystal radio I kept as a backup in case something happened to my primary device.



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Ice, Dragons, Giant Robots and Heroes, OH MY! Part 1

Dear mom and dad,


A lot’s happened since my last letter! We’ve made friends with an organization called Hero Factory and they’ve agreed to let three of their mechanical creations stay with us to learn more of our dragons! Kira Carsen and Beryl Magnus are settling in well with the group by the way. Oh and as for our new robot friends, there are three in particular I am glad are staying: red armored William Furno, green painted Natalie Breez, and ocean blue Mark Surge. They helped us rescue the missing dragons from Dragon Island and Changewing Island a few weeks ago. A Shockjaw we rescued seems to have taken a shine to Surge and he’s called the thing Orion after the old legends of some Greek hunter or something. Furno’s still trying to find a dragon he likes and so is Breez, but all of my seven trouble makers like them.


Talk to you soon! Give Naga my love!



I finished my letter home telling mom and dad about our new friends from Hero Factory as Garenth poked his head into my window chirping a greeting as Lyall flew off with my message. I gave the beast a pat on the nose as I stood up to head outside just as a knock on the door alerted me to someone outside. “Hey Ria! We’re heading over to the stables to check out some dragons! We could use your help!” Breez called through the wood just as I opened the door to find her green form standing there with little Jambu in her arms before the little Changewing leapt from her arms onto my shoulder. “And good morning to you too Jambu! Hey, Breez, can your little meet-and-greet with the dragons wait until later? Hiccup asked me to fill in for him with Toothless this morning with the new students. I need to get over to the Lookout where the kids are waiting.” I explained and Breez nodded her understanding as Furno trotted over to join us with a baby Monstrous Nightmare on his heels. I noticed the creature had a scarlet red scale pattern laced with traces of orange on her stomach and on the wings with the membranes of the limbs a brilliant topaz yellow as they flashed in the morning sun rising over the caldera walls.


“Morning guys! I was over in the hatchery when a batch of Nightmare eggs hatched! This little one wouldn’t leave me alone! Gobber thinks I should keep her! Any name suggestions Ria? Oh, hey Breez, still haven't found the right dragon, huh?” Furno said by way of greeting and I could tell he was pleased with his new friend as the little female Nightmare dragonet touched noses with Garenth as he sniffed at her in greeting. I knelt to get a good look at the little chirping dragonet and Jambu immediately leapt from his new perch on my forearm to start roughhousing with her. “Good thing Jambu’s wing is all better! She’s a real cutie Furno! Why don’t we name her based off her color or personality? I think that Topaz would be perfect! Oh man, I’m going to be late! I have to go!” I said when I glanced at the sun and noticed the time before I leapt onto Garenth’s back with Breez and Jambu right behind me before Furno even had a chance to react. We flew over the bay to the Lookout to find Toothless waiting for us and the Night Fury barked a greeting and slapped me upside the head with his tail as soon as I dismounted my dragon.


“Yeah, I know I’m late Toothless and I’m sorry! Ok! Sorry for the delay kids! So, have any of you got any experience with riding dragons at all?” I apologized glancing at the group of five students and I noticed an adult among them with one of the kids – presumably his son – as I glanced over the group sizing them up. Several hands went up with a few exceptions among the others as Toothless rubbed his head against my shoulder and I obliged his request to scratch an itchy spot. “Alright, that’s good. So most of you have been around dragons before. But before we begin our first flight lesson, let me introduce you to my friend here. This is Toothless; he’s a Night Fury and the only one of his kind. He belongs to the school founder Hiccup and he’s one of the fastest dragons on Berk, if not the fastest. So, who wants to go first? How ‘bout you kid? My guy Garenth seems to think it’s a good idea.” I told the group when Garenth seemed to take a shine to the kid standing next to the adult as the old man protested the dragon’s attention. It was obvious that neither of them had ever been that close to a dragon before as the boy cautiously put a hand on my Nadder’s nose.

“Dad, I can do this! That’s why we came to this school, remember? I wanted to learn more about dragons!” The boy protested as he pushed his way to the front of the group glancing between myself and Toothless as he sat back on his haunches. I nodded my approval as I glanced between him, Furno and Breez and the boy stopped a few feet away as Toothless fell back on all fours to rumble a greeting. “Garenth seems to have taken a shine to you kiddo. You seem to have a natural way with dragons. What’s your name?” I asked as Garenth nudged the boy closer with his big muzzle and blew a huff of air across his neck as the boy kept closer to me as if to avoid Toothless’s attention. “Russell Clay ma’am. And I’ve actually never been near a dragon before! Where I come from, we don’t exactly get to interact with them like you Vikings do. I come from Crown City in North America. My dad heard about this place and insisted on coming. So, what do I have to do to get on a Night Fury?” The boy explained glancing nervously at Toothless as he crouched low to show he wasn’t as intimidating at the time and I smiled when I saw how nervous he was around the big beasts.


“There’s no need to be formal with me Russell. Just Rialynh is fine; or Ria for short. This is very basic stuff. Hold out your hand like this and let Toothless come to you. With him, it’s all about trust between dragon and rider. Normally Hiccup would be doing this, but he had to take care of some business on Berk and asked me to do this today.” I assured the new kid as Russell cautiously held out his hand palm down to Toothless as I showed him and Toothless immediately pressed his jet black nose into the kid’s hand. Russell was surprised as he felt the dragon’s scaly snout under his fingers and the Night Fury guided his hand to an itch just above his right eye. “Wow! This is so cool! I had no idea that dragon scales were so soft! Do you think that he’ll let me ride him now?” Russell asked with the usual hint of aw in his voice as he scratched Toothless’s eye ridge and I grinned at my two friends when I noticed Astrid and Mizuki at the back of the group. They must’ve snuck up to watch when I wasn’t looking in order to check out the new batch of students as I turned my attention back to Russell and Toothless.


“Sure he will! If Toothless likes you, he’ll give you a ride! Come on; let’s mount up and do our thing!” I replied as I guided Russell to the side of the dragon and boosted him into the saddle showing him how to use the metal stirrup to control Toothless’s prosthetic tail fin. “Ok, that seems simple enough. I just hope I can do it in the air! So um…how do we get airborne?!” Russell asked screaming in fright as Toothless answered my slight nudge and lunged into the air with a quick beat of his powerful wings with Russell struggling to manipulate the tail as he flew. “Nice work Rusty! You were a natural up there kiddo! Hey, thanks for going up with him! He’s never been on a dragon before, let alone a Night Fury! I’m his father, Denny Clay by the way. We saw you in the race yesterday! You were amazing on that other dragon of yours!” the older man said with a crow of delight after the class as he tousled his son’s hair while Surge, Furno and Breez introduced themselves and I introduced Garenth as Jambu chirped a greeting from his spot on Garenth’s back. “It was my pleasure! Toothless has a soft spot for the kids, so that’s why we have him test the skill of the new riders. I rode him my first day and I had him flying circles around the school before you could say “dragon nip”! Garenth here was my first beauty and now I have eight dragons including little Jambu here. He’s one of the new Changewing dragons we have here at the school from my group of friends from Changewing Island.” I replied as Jambu chattered in agreement as he let Russell scratch his ear and purred under his hand as the little dragonet wiggled like a cat under his fingers before settling down.    


“You definitely seem to have a way with our scaly friends here! And hello to you too Toothless! Hey, do you think he’ll take me up sometime?” Denny Clay asked and I grinned at him gesturing to Toothless’s saddle as the Night Fury bobbed his head in agreement as he sat back on his haunches. “We can take you up now if you like. I’m sure that Toothless would be more than happy to give you a ride.” I offer knowing that the dragon was eager to get back into the air as Toothless fell onto on fours before folding his wings to his back as he pushed his nose into the man’s hand. “Um…on second thought, I’ll keep my feet on the ground for now. So, what do we have to do to get a family dragon?” Denny asked as I raised an eyebrow at him glancing over his shoulder to see Astrid behind him as she cleared her throat to get our attention. Denny leapt aside in surprise when he saw her standing there and the rest of us couldn’t help bursting with laughter at his reaction to her sudden appearance.


“Hey, thanks for helping out today Ria. Hiccup says that you can use Toothless the rest of the day since he’s going to be stuck helping set up the new dorms for the new students. There’s a race this afternoon and he was hoping to compete, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.” Astrid said as she glanced between me, my Hero friends and the newcomers as Russell and his dad greeted the older girl and Mizuki when they also introduced their dragons. Stormfly took an immediate liking to Russell as she sniffed at him and the beautiful Deadly Nadder seemed to frighten the boy when Russell backed up a step into Toothless as he sat back on his haunches. “I’ve never seen Stormfly act like that before. Same thing with Kingpin. He normally doesn’t like strangers. Oh, hey Furno, I see that you’ve finally gotten yourself a dragonet! And she’s a beauty too! What’s her name?” Zuki commented when she noticed Topaz perched on Furno’s shoulder as the little Monstrous Nightmare touched noses with her bigger cousin’s purple and scarlet snout by way of greeting.


“Russell seems to have a way with these guys. Why don’t we head over to Fortune Falls for the race? That’s the course we’re using today. It’s my best course and I need to register with Toothless.” I suggested and led the others over to the race area and to the day’s obstacle course as Toothless waddled after us on two legs. Gobber was surprised to see us and me with Toothless as the dragon rumbled a greeting at the Hotburble Gobber rode – I could never remember the beasts name but Gobber reminded me as soon as I spotted the massive dragon. “Alright ya lazy sack of lard, get up! Yer letting the fire hideagain Grump! You’ll have to excuse old lazybones here. He’s right useless he is! So, Ria, I assume that you’re riding with Toothless today? I heard that Hiccup was stuck on construction duty today.” Gobber said when he noticed me and I greeted the old blacksmith and his dragon as Toothless nodded to confirm as Gobber wrote us down as partners for the race. Breez stood by Garenth nervously glancing between me and Gobber when Furno noticed her desire to compete and I didn’t need mind reading abilities to know she wanted to compete.


“Breez, if you wanna race that bad, you can borrow Garenth if you want. As long as Russell doesn’t mind looking after Jambu of course!” I offered glancing at Russell to see him nod in agreement as Jambu jumped from Garenth’s saddlebags into the boy’s arms before immediately falling asleep in his new perch. Breez’s face lit up with a smile as she signed up with my first dragon as her partner as she thanked me with a bear hug that would’ve broken my spine if she kept it a minute longer than she had before she released me. “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You knew I wanted to race! Nadders are the only species I haven't tried yet! You’re the best Ria!” Breez crowed in delight as she wrapped me in a bear hug and Toothless made a rumbling noise that was his equivalent of a laugh as I struggled for breath in the female Hero’s tight grip.


“Ok, ok, I get it! Can ya let me go Breez? I can’t breathe!” I protested and Breez realized how tight she was holding me and let me go when I started to see white spots in front of my eyes as I stumbled back into Toothless as he used his snout to help me stay upright. “Sorry! I forgot my own strength! So, let’s get to the starting line and get ready to race! This is one of those free-for-all competitions, right Gobber?” Breez apologized as she reached out to give Garenth a scratch behind his spiny frill and my Nadder purred under her touch – Breez had spoken to all of my dragons in turn and like Moonracer, Garenth had taken an immediate shine to her. “Yer right about that lassie! The black sheep will be released at the last lap. It’s a three lap race and the white sheep are worth one point each. The black sheep is worth ten. So, do ya understand the rules?” Gobber replied as he put us down for the race and Mizuki signed up with her Monstrous Nightmare Kingpin – she was the kind of person who preferred to have one dragon rather than a whole flock of them to deal with. Just then, Sharpshot, Hiccup’s Terrible Terror, flew in with a message for me as the little dragon chirruped a greeting and held out his paw to show a message tube attached to it.


“Well, what do you know? It looks like I’ve got Toothless all day! Hiccup says that he needs to head over to the new Icestorm Island facility to help with construction of the new dorms there as well as the ones here. He’s going to catch a Timberjack over there. He’s also asking me to cover his patrol shift after the race.” I explained as Surge signed up with his Shockjaw Orion – Surge loved to race as much as I did and he was always happy to have his big blue-green friend compete. “Alright, let’s do this thing! Last one to the finish line cleans the dragon stables for a month!” I shouted as the horn signaling the start of the race sounded and we launched ourselves into the sky with Toothless quickly taking the lead. I spotted the first sheep as the flash of colored wool flew up only to have Surge dive past us to grab it before I even had a chance to react. “HA-HA! TOO SLOW RIA! Come and get me if ya want it!” Surge called as he dumped the sheep into the net under his assigned color on the finish line and I quickly had Toothless dive for two more sheep and I caught a third that I held under my arm as we completed the second lap of the race.


“Come on Toothless, let’s win this thing! You’re the fastest dragon on Berk; I know we can do this! BLACK SHEEP COMING IN TWO MINUTES!” I told my dragon friend and called out to the others as we zipped past Breez and Garenth despite her protests as she urged my Nadder friend forward. Toothless and Garenth loved to compete with each other and we quickly heard the sound of the warning horn that announced the launch of the black sheep. “The black sheep’s mine! Don’t even think about it Ria!” Surge called as he snatched the sheep out of the air as it baaed in protest before I quickly snatched it from him with Toothless zooming ahead as I expertly manipulated his prosthetic tail fin. “RIALYNH TAKES THE WIN! THAT’S HER FIFTH WIN THIS WEEK! A SCHOOL RECORD!” The headmaster announced and I whooped in delight as I had Toothless take a victory lap around the race track with a perfect barrel roll just to show off when I spotted Russell and his dad in the crowd thanks to his dad’s rather loud red floral print shirt. “HA-HA! You were incredible kiddo! That was an AMAZING race today Ria! You’re a natural with that overgrown lizard of yours!” Denny Clay crowed when he scooped me into a hug as soon as I dismounted Toothless before I even had a chance to react and I saw Russell blush as his dad set me down.


“Hah! That was nothing! You should see Ria when she rides her own dragons! Moonracer is her fastest flier by the way. Besides that Flightmare of hers, she has a Monstrous Nightmare named Elsa, a Whispering Death named Darksteel; a Hobblegrunt named Cliffjumper, that Terrible Terror of hers Lyall, and let’s not forget her new Changewing Jambu and her Deadly Nadder Garenth!” Surge said as Orion came in for a landing with the blue Hero leaping off his back just before he touched down with Breez and Garenth landed a second later with my Nadder barking a greeting. Mr. Clay still seemed a bit nervous around so many dragons as Garenth butted his head into the older man’s shoulder in greeting as the old man nervously put a hand on my partner’s snout as I leaned on Toothless. “Surge has a point. I’ve only been here a year and I’m on Berk Watch with Zuki and the others. We Shadow Hunters are all Berk Watch and we have patrols as well as classes to deal with. Heck, I even teach a beginner class on dealing with our scaly friends! Toothless here was one of the first dragons I rode when I arrived here. I grew up with my mom’s Nadder Naga. She’s a total sweetheart and I met my Speed Stinger friend Starburst when I was five. I actually rescued her from a dragon trap and nursed her back to health.” I added as the Speed Stinger in question zipped up to us as Starburst barked a greeting and handed me a message with her raptorlike claws. I read the message and I could tell it was urgent by the red ribbon tied to the tube and I quickly glanced up at Surge and Breez with a silent message passing between us as Surge quickly passed on a heads up to Furno.


“Hey, is something goin on? What’s the message say?” Russell asked as Starburst sniffed at him and butted her red striped purple snout into his shoulder and let him scratch her eye ridge as I passed the message to Furno as soon as he joined us. “It’s nothing that you guys need to be concerned about. Hey, Zuki, take these guys over to the hatchery so that Russell can pick out his dragon. Can you also tell Mina to feed the others for me? This is a priority message and I need to deal with this. Surge, you and I are on patrol route three – that means we take the route from Berk to Changewing Island.” I replied shaking my head at Furno warning him not to speak as he scooped up his little Topaz and the little Nightmare chirruped an inquiry at me as I scratched her behind her tiny little horns. Surge nodded and quickly mounted Orion as I swung myself back onto Toothless grateful that the Night Fury was more than willing to listen to my commands even though I wasn’t Hiccup.


“Sure thing Ria, I’ll keep an eye on them. Just be careful out there ok? Remember what happened the last time we went to Changewing Island. Keep on your toes out there girlfriend.” Mizuki said and I could tell that she was just as worried about our dragon friends as I was – if there was unusual activity so soon after we had booted Von Nebula and Fire Lord along with their minions off the island, we had to be careful. About two hours later Surge and I were flying over Dragon Island as I had Toothless bank around the island mountain where Hiccup and the others had fought the Green Death five years ago. “So this is where it all happened huh? Vikings making peace with dragons…wow. It’s hard to believe that all happened just a few years ago. You would’ve been what? Ten years old?” Surge asked as he had Orion land in front of the old dragon nest – I was sixteen summers old and I gave him a scathing look – Hiccup was older than me at age twenty, but he was more than willing to help us younger riders.


“I was eleven actually. I was still living on my home island at the time. Now come on; let’s make this quick…I’m getting a bad vibe about this place…” I admitted as I pulled out a torch from my saddlebag only to have Surge roll his optics at me before pulling a pair of metal tubes from his own pack and handed one to me. I stared at it as Surge activated a light at the end of his stick nearly blinding me with its bright steady beam of light as he pointed it into the caves. “Don’t bother with those, I brought these. They’re called flashlights. They’re like torches, but last longer and don’t have smoke. We can use them instead.” Surge explained as he showed me how to turn on the flashlight and I had to admit that this was much more convenient as I let him and Orion take point on our way into the caves. Toothless kept close to my side when another flash of light from further in the caves caught our attention and Surge quickly held up a hand to warn me to stop as I nearly bumped into him. “Oh! Hello there! I didn’t know that there was anyone else in here! Forgive my manners – my name is Steeljaw.” The giant robot said as we jumped back in surprise and Toothless growled a warning in synch with Orion as the larger robotic being approached us. I balked in surprise – this was yet another of my comic books come to life! This guy was a Transformer, but I couldn’t tell what faction he was from.


“It’s a pleasure to meet you Steeljaw. I’m Rialynh Nightwalker and this is my friend Mark Surge. These are our dragons Orion and Toothless. Orion is a Shockjaw and Toothless here is a Night Fury, one of a kind. What brings you to Dragon Island?” I replied, deciding that I should do the talking as the wolflike robot led us outside with a gentle but firm push as Toothless snapped at him forcing the big robot to jerk his hand back to avoid losing a finger. “Whoa! Excuse me! Your friend there has a bit of an attitude. So, as for why I’m here…I was just looking for a new place to settle down. My homeworld really isn't expecting me right now. What brings you here to this island? Where are you from? How many of you are there?” Steeljaw explained and that line of questioning immediately sent up warning flares in my head and I elbowed Surge in the stomach to warn him to keep his mouth shut. I had noticed the damaged purple insignia on the bot’s shoulder and I had recognized it from my comic books – it was the Decepticon sigil and that was yet another warning going off in my head.


“Um, can you excuse us a minute? I need a moment to have a private conversation with my friend here. We’re not supposed to give out certain kinds of information to new people…” I said glancing at Surge and locking eyes with him sending him a silent warning that he immediately recognized as he nodded in agreement as he kept an eye on Steeljaw. I saw the werewolf bot raise a metal eyebrow at us over his yellow optics, but he seemed to understand why we were hesitant to give out such important strategic information. “Alright, take what time you need. By the way, I forgot to mention this earlier, but “Rialynh” is a very pretty name…” Steeljaw replied in his smooth, oily fashion and I shuddered at the way he gave the compliment as I pulled Surge into a nearby copse of trees for privacy with Toothless and Orion on our heels as we crowded into the small clearing. “Ria, what’s up? He seems nice enough! Besides, he’s a Transformer! Haven't you always wanted to meet one? You’ve got all those comic books along with the ones about the rest of us Heroes.” Surge asked in a hushed tone as I glanced over my shoulder to make sure that Steeljaw wasn’t trying to listen in while Toothless and Orion kept watch for us.


“I trust that guy about as far as I can throw him! Steeljaw gives me the creeps and Toothless doesn’t like him, neither does Orion and that’s good enough for me. If their warning radar is going off, I’m going to listen to them. Did you see that sigil on Steeljaw’s arm and how it was scratched up? That was a DECEPTICON sigil, not Autobot! Decepticons are nothing but trouble, we should be careful around him!” I shot back and Surge saw me visibly shudder as I glanced back through the trees to see Steeljaw waiting patiently for us to decide whether or not if we could trust him. “Oh man, that’s not good! What do we tell him?! We can’t let Steeljaw near Berk! He’ll total the place if someone pisses him off! Got any ideas on how to ditch him without getting us blasted into so much scrapmetal? You’re the Transformer expert here!” Surge realized as I paced the clearing and barely avoided stepping on Toothless’s tail as he watched me with his brilliant green eyes folding back his forty-eight foot wings in response.


“Leave him to me, I know how Decepticons think. I’ll handle Steeljaw; you get on Orion and head for Icestorm Island to warn Hiccup. I’m just glad I wore my thermal gear today.” I told Surge as I gestured to the warm blue flying gear I was wearing as we came out of the copse of trees to find Steeljaw still patiently waiting for us as he leaned against a nearby boulder. We came out onto the beach of Dragon Island and I kept a hand on Toothless to keep him from lunging at the Decepticon and I felt much better about having the jet black Night Fury at my side. “Well, that certainly took awhile. So, have you decided if you’re going to introduce me to your fellow dragon riders or what?” Steeljaw asked and I locked eyes with Surge as he kept a hand on Orion, ready to spring onto his dragon friend if I gave him the signal as I turned my attention back to the werewolf like robot. Steeljaw still gave me a bad vibe as my gaze drifted over his destroyed Decepticon insignia before I locked my marine blue eyes on his yellow optics and kept my position steady, carefully avoiding showing him that I was afraid.  “Um, we need to ask for permission from our leaders before we can bring newcomers to our village. I’m afraid that we don’t have radio communications, so we’ll have to go to them directly. We’ll send a message if we get permission.” I explained hoping that Steeljaw wouldn’t see through my bluff – Hiccup had made me a clan leader for a reason and he had given me the authority to invite new people to the school as part of my job description.


“I understand completely. I’ll be here when you return. I look forward to seeing you again.” Steeljaw said by way of farewell and I sighed in relief once Toothless and Orion had us in the air and we banked around the mountain that had once served as the home of many of our dragon friends. We were well over the ocean and headed for the new Icestorm Island location up north with Surge flying beside me on Orion at a distance where we could talk to each other without shouting over the wind or using the radio. “Man; that was close! I’m just glad we got out of that in one piece! How’d you know that Steeljaw would let us go and not melt us into so much slag?!” Surge called over to me as I had Toothless maneuver into a good tailwind that would get us to Icestorm Island as quickly as possible – if Decepticons were in the area with no Autobots in sight, I’d have to tell Hiccup of the danger and have him warn the school to avoid Dragon Island until we figured out what they were up to. “I read a lot of comic books about Transformers, remember? I’ve never heard of that Steeljaw guy, but I figured I could play diplomat and try to get us out of there without a fight. We have to warn Hiccup to tell the school to stay away from Dragon Island until further notice! I have a feeling that there’s more going on here than meets the eye.” I replied using one of my favorite lines from my Transformers comics to describe our situation as we flew into northern darkness and spotted Icestorm Island below us just as a Timberjack loaded with Artic supplies flew off from the landing area in the camp.



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Ice, Dragons, Giant Robots and Heroes, OH MY! Part 2

“I see, thanks for the heads up Ria. And you think that this Transformer, Steeljaw, is up to no good?” Hiccup asked as he, Astrid, Ruffnutt, Tuffnutt, Snotlout, Fishlegs and the rest of the Shadow Hunters gathered in the smaller Great Hall we had recently built in our new northern outpost. I nodded as I made my report of our patrol to Hiccup and he seemed concerned as Garenth and Toothless discussed the situation in a series of grunts and growls as my older friend glanced back at his dragon. “I believe so. According to my Transformers comics, Decepticons aren't to be trusted and Steeljaw had the Decepticon’s purple insignia on his shoulder. I noticed that it was destroyed, but it still sent up warning signs for me. Toothless was pretty anxious when he led us out of the old dragon caves and that was a good enough warning for me. Even Surge’s Shockjaw Orion was nervous. I trust the dragons and their judgment when it comes to personalities.” I explained as I felt Toothless return to my side and push his head into my hand to reassure me as I spoke. Hiccup seemed to notice his dragon’s subtle gesture of support as he glanced between myself and Surge as he nodded his blue head to confirm my story.


“Ria’s right Hiccup. We have to warn the School to stay away from Dragon Island! We can’t risk anyone getting caught by Decepticons after what happened with Von Nebula and Fire Lord’s gangs on Changewing Island. We’ll just say that there was some unusual Berserker activity there and we can keep the Transformer presence quiet.” Astrid insisted and Hiccup nodded in agreement as Barf and Belch kept Ruff and Tuff from getting into one of their usual twin arguments. I was twisting the hem of my thermal shirt in my hands and I probably would’ve ripped the thick wool fabric when I felt Hiccup’s hand on my shoulder and I looked up to see him standing in front of me. “Go take Toothless and Surge on patrol. Head back to the School, but stay clear of Dragon Island on the way back. Tell the Shadow Hunters to spread the word to steer clear of Dragon Island, but don’t say why. Use the Berserker excuse if you have to. But stay discreet. I’ll be stuck here for the next few days, so I’m counting on you to watch out for Toothless.” Hiccup instructed me and I was surprised that he was willing to trust me to take care of his best friend as Toothless rumbled at me with a grin on his scaly face and I grinned back at him in response.


“Sure thing Hiccup. I can trust Zuki to stay discreet. Thor, June, Freyr, Kira and Beryl can help too. By the way, there’s this new kid, Russell Clay…he’s got a real talent with the dragons and all of my guys love him. I was hoping I could add him to the roster of Shadow Hunters under my command. Besides Freyr, Thor is the only other boy in the group and we need to balance things out.” I replied remembering my promise to Russell to ask if he could join our clan. I was the leader of the Shadow Hunters, sure, but I preferred asking Hiccup before I added someone new to our roster and I was surprised when I saw him nod in agreement. “I’ve seen the reports the teachers have given me about that new kid. Russell seems like a good kid. Has he picked out a new dragon yet? From what I’ve heard, Furno got himself a Monstrous Nightmare.” Hiccup said and Toothless rumbled in agreement as he brushed up against my side like some giant scaly feline and Hiccup grinned at his Night Fury in response. “No, Russell asked if he could help Mina care for some of my guys first before he picked out a new dragon. Speaking of which, I’d better get back to Berk. Do you want me to leave Toothless here? I can always take a Timberjack back if I need to.” I offered, hoping to avoid a route that took me near Dragon Island and that Decepticon Steeljaw – the longer I could avoid him, the better in my opinion.


“Why don’t you keep him with you for awhile longer? I’m going to be stuck here the rest of the week helping the archeologist team and I won't be able to fly him if I’m busy here. Toothless likes working with you and I’ve seen you two racing together. He trust you Ria. Have him take you back to the School before you go to Berk. Tell the Headmaster what’s going on.” Hiccup replied and I couldn’t help but grin at Toothless as the Night Fury burbled happily and licked my face in response as he followed me outside. “Hey, so what’s the word from Hiccup? We heading back to Dragon Island to keep an eye on that creep, Steeljaw, or what?” Surge asked as he came back from fishing in the Artic waters with a bushel of Artic Char and other cold water fish to take back with us. “We’re to avoid Dragon Island and I’m looking after Toothless for the rest of the week. Hiccup’s going to be stuck here on construction duty until then.” I explained and I as I adjusted the saddle strapped to the Night Fury’s back and Toothless helped by quickly sitting up on his haunches while I adjusted the belly straps.

“Sounds good to me. I just spent an hour fishing while I was waiting for you to make our report. I’ve already reported in to Hero Factory to give them the heads up. Zib says that he’s going to keep an eye on the chatter in case something goes down.” Surge said as he gestured to the fish tied in a net he had bought from Trader Johann when the traveling merchant had made his rounds to the School. I glanced at Surge’s Shockjaw, Orion and the dragon rumbled at me as he turned his blue-green head into Surge’s hand for a rubbing and the blue Hero grinned back at him. “I can take those fish back to the School if you want. Or you can send them back with the Timberjack flight.” I offered, gesturing to where a wood brown Timberjack was patiently waiting to play “taxi dragon” while we Vikings went about our business.


“Nah; thanks though Ria. I’ll take them back myself. I’m gonna explore a bit and check on that Speed Stinger pack at the top of the island. Now I’m starting to wish that we brought Starburst with us. She could help me get close to that pack since she’s a Lead Stinger.” Surge said and I grinned back at him – when we’d first discovered Icestorm Island a few weeks ago, I had been riding scout patrol with Starburst and we happened across a baby Speed Stinger trapped in an avalanche. I had freed the baby and Surge had helped me lure it back to its pack so the local Stingers had gotten comfortable with our presence in their territory despite their aggressive nature. “Alright, well, I’m heading back to the School and then back to Berk. I’ve got the rest of our patrol route to finish after all. Hopefully I can avoid Steeljaw a bit longer.” I replied as I climbed back onto Toothless’s saddle and got ready to take off. We were soon flying over the ocean back to daylight and giving Dragon Island a wide berth to avoid our new “friend” Steeljaw. The next thing I knew, Toothless and I were flying for our lives as Berserker weapons and missile fire tried to knock us out of the sky as we tried to dodge their fire.


“Come on Toothless, you can do it bud! Let’s show these Berserkers what a Night Fury can do!” I shouted over the noise as rocks and missiles flew past us and Toothless roared back as he let me take the lead. Even though he was the one doing the flying, we had to work together to maneuver since I had to control his prosthetic tail fin. “Ah, so we meet again Viking girl! You’ll have to excuse my friends here. Alvin and his crew tend to get a bit overzealous when they want to hunt dragons. When we spotted you, we were actually expecting someone else to be riding that Night Fury friend of yours.” Steeljaw said by way of greeting when a net managed to bring down Toothless and the dragon hissed in anger as he maneuvered himself between me and the Decepticon as the Berserker hunters. We were in trouble and I didn’t need a dragon’s sense for danger to know that. I was just glad that Toothless was there to protect me.



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Ice, Dragons, Giant Robots and Heroes, OH MY! Part 3

It had been almost a week since Toothless and I had been captured by the Decepticon Steeljaw and his Berserker allies. Or had it been two days? It was hard to tell since we were being kept in an underground cage within Dragon Island’s maze of caves in the old dragon nest. I was just glad that Steeljaw had insisted that Toothless be kept with me in the fireproof cage as a Berserker guard left our lunchtime meal of raw fish for Toothless and roast chicken for me. “Hey, cook those fish for me and I’ll trade you pal…” I offered just as Toothless devoured his fish before giving me one of those “What? I prefer fish over chicken” looks he always gave me at mealtimes. “Or you can eat all the fish yourself greedy guts.” I muttered as I pulled a leg off the small game hen I was always given – at breakfast, it was usually just a bowl of porridge and some burnt toast that I usually ended up giving to my draconic cellmate.


“Oh, would you look at that, we have a visitor Toothless. What do you want Steeljaw? Come to grill me for more information on my fellow Vikings? You know that I’m not telling you anything you overgrown fenris.” I said a few hours later, when metal footsteps echoing through the tunnels as Steeljaw approached our cell. As usual, Toothless growled a warning before pressing me back against the cave wall keeping his jet black bulk between me and our captor. “Still not so talkative, are you? That’s too bad; I was hoping that we could be friends. I have to admit, I liked you from the minute I met you Rialynh. You’ve got a natural talent with these beasts. I’d like to learn more about how to train dragons.” Steeljaw admitted and I was glad that Toothless was there with me – I doubt that I would’ve been able to hide my fear from this creepoid if I hadn't had one of my favorite dragons with me. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was afraid, but I wasn’t about to let it show to this sicko.


“It’s still not gonna happen wolf boy. I’m not telling you anything about dragons that you can use against my friends! They’ll have noticed I’m missing by now and are looking for me! When they come for me, they’ll come in force! You and your “friends” won't stand a chance!” I snapped back keeping my hand on Toothless’s wing grateful for his presence as he too growled a warning as Steeljaw stood just inside the door of our cell kneeling a bit to be on more of an eye level with us. “Very well then, if that’s your choice…you’ll remain as my guest here until I decide otherwise. And don’t bother trying to escape. Just remember that those bars are fireproof and even your friend’s plasma bursts can’t burn through them.” Steeljaw warned as he slammed the bars of the cell behind him – what he didn’t know was that Toothless and I were planning our escape and we had been very careful about it too. I had been able to scrounge a few items I needed to repair the damage to the Night Fury’s prosthetic tail: thread (which I had asked for to mend clothes as an excuse to get it), a needle to sew with, and a knife I had hidden in my saddlebags – they hadn't bothered disarming me when they had captured me after all.


“Alright bud, let’s get out of here. It’s late, so it’s the guards will be asleep by now. How’s the tail working?” I told Toothless later that night when I was sure that the guards at the end of the hall were asleep from boredom as Toothless made a quiet rumbling response as he flapped his tail. I had just finished sewing the damaged red sail fin and I hoped the repairs would hold long enough for us to escape. Toothless rumbled an inquiry as I checked the stitching one final time and made sure that the joints of the fin were well oiled and that the stirrup used for the purpose of controlling the sail was functioning properly. “Let’s blow this place before they realize what we’re up to. Now if I can just…wiggle it there…AH-HA! Gotchya! Come on, let’s go.” I muttered to the dragon as I used the spare sewing needle I had managed to get from one of the guards to pick the lock – I had often managed to somehow lose the key to my toy chest inside of it often enough that I knew how to pick locks to get at my favorite toys. We made our way through the caves with Toothless keeping close on my heels as I tried to figure out how to get out of this mouse trap.


“Ok, we made a right turn…now do we go left or right? What do you think Toothless?” I asked the Night Fury as we cautiously made our way through the caves carefully avoiding Alvin’s Berserkers and any sign of Steeljaw as we slipped out of our cell. Just then, a sudden rumble ran through the caves as an explosion outside shook the rock around us sending up an alarm. “What the heck?! Come on Toothless; let’s get out of…mmmph!” I called over the commotion as a big hand clamped over my mouth silencing my cry and another set of massive hands clamped down on Toothless before he even got off one plasma burst. I panicked and tried to wiggle free as big hands scooped me into the air and I saw a black and yellow painted arm attached to them as we were pulled into the shadows.


“Ow, quit it! Shush already! And tell your dragon to keep quiet! We’re trying to HELP!” the voice attached to the arms holding me warned as I managed to bang a fist against his fingers hard enough to force him to drop me to the ground. I landed with a hard thump at the big robot’s feet and I glanced up to see a yellow and black armored form leaning over me as Toothless burned the hand of the robot holding him as he broke free before interposing himself between me and our “rescuers”. “Wait, I know you from my comic books! Easy Toothless, he’s a friendly! You’re Bumblebee, right? But I thought that your voice box was damaged…and who is…” I asked in surprised delight when I recognized our savior as one of my childhood heroes as Bumblebee knelt to stay on eye level with me as the sounds of battle raged somewhere in the caves. “Yeah, I’m Bumblebee. You must be a fan of those comic books about us if you know who I am. As for the voice box, I can explain that later. That’s Sideswipe by the way. And do you mind calling off your dragon? I don’t want him hurting anyone if he doesn’t have to.” Bumblebee explained as he introduced himself and I immediately recognized the Autobot sigil on his arm as I put a hand on Toothless to reassure him and he seemed to take the hint and calm down.


“Easy Toothless, he’s on our side. I’m Rialynh, this is my friend Toothless. We were making our escape when we got lost. Any chance you guys know a way out?” I replied as I introduced myself and Toothless backed off a bit but still kept a warning glare on both robots. Sideswipe quickly backed up so that his red bulk was closer to his yellow and black friend and I could tell that he was nervous despite the fact that he was easily ten times bigger than my scaly friend. “Yeah, why do you think we’re here? Russell told us you were missing and asked if we could help with the search. Your friends are worried sick by the way.” Bumblebee explained holding out his hand for Toothless to sniff and the dragon seemed to take a shine to him as I kept close to his side letting him guide me through the caves. “So…you Vikings actually ride these things?! And this Night Fury belongs to you? They’re supposed to be extinct if I recall correctly.” Sideswipe asked nervously glancing between me and Toothless as Bumblebee kept ahead of us and Sideswipe kept on our heels when a sudden rock tumble interrupted our little conversation.


I screamed and the rocks would’ve buried me and Toothless alive if Sideswipe hadn't thrown himself over us to act as a living shield until the cave settled again. “Thanks for the rescue Sideswipe. And yes, we ride dragons. But Toothless isn't mine. He belongs to my friend Hiccup. He runs our School. And did you say that Russell Clay asked you to help find me?!” I replied giving Sideswipe a grateful smile as I vaulted onto the Night Fury’s back as we quickly made our way outside. I noticed the full moon and since it was dark out, that meant it had surely been almost a week since I had been kidnapped by Steeljaw. “Yeah, Russell and his dad are friends of ours. Come on; let’s get you…out of…uh-oh! Get into the air, NOW! We’ll deal with this! Strongarm, Grimlock, form up! We’ve got the package and we’re heading to the rendezvous! Rialynh, follow us from the air!” Bumblebee said before having Toothless take me into the night sky when Steeljaw appeared with Sideswipe covering our escape as I yelped in protest maneuvering the stirrup so that Toothless could fly. I had my friend hover for a moment to watch the battle as Bumblebee’s yellow form stood out against the dark ground as two more robots joined him: one was a big saurian creature that I recognized as a T-rex and the other was some sort of law enforcement vehicle from the mainland.


RIA! OH THANK ODIN! When Hiccup told us that you had gone missing...Is Toothless still with you? We’ve got search parties out looking for you! Even the Heroes have gone out searching for you!” Hiccup said over my radio nearly burning my eardrums with his relief as I explained where I had been and who I was with the next morning. I had just finished explaining the last minute rescue by my new Autobot friends and I glanced up to see that Toothless was now perched on the shoulder of the female robot Bumblebee had introduced as Strongarm while Grimlock stood beside her. “Hiccup, I’m fine! They didn’t hurt me, but they did try to get me to teach them about dragons. Toothless is fine too. We did have some damage to the sail fin, but I managed to trick the Berserkers holding me prisoner to give me some thread and a couple of sewing needles to repair it. We’re going to lay low for a couple of days before we make our way back to Berk.” I assured my friend and Toothless rumbled his agreement over the radio as he kept his post with Strongarm – for some reason, the Elite Guard trained Autobot seemed to have an interest in dragons and despite her strict “by the book” personality, she seemed to like Toothless in return. I smiled at Strongarm as she locked eyes with me with a small smile playing over her blue lips as she stroked the Night Fury’s back as he purred under her massive fingers.


Alright, just be careful. Remember how we met our Hero friends? I’ll take a look at Toothless’s sail when you get back. I’ll tell your parents that you’re safe. They were worried when we’d informed them of your disappearance. Even your mom insisted on joining the search efforts with Naga. I’ll send Sharpshot to tell them to come back. We’ll see you back on Berk in the morning.” Hiccup replied over the radio and I glanced up at Bumblebee with a sheepish grin on my face as I turned my attention back to the radio. “Thanks Hiccup; I’ll take care of Toothless until we get back. We’re going to head for our usual hiding place on Changewing Island. It’s not far from where we are now. I’ll talk to you soon. And tell mom I said “hello”. If she needs me to come home sooner, she can send Lyall after me.” I said before cutting our connection through the crystal powered radios as I turned my attention back to my new friends. The trick now was getting us all to Changewing Island so that we could hide out for a few days before we went back to Berk.


“So um…where did you Vikings get radios? No offense, but I didn’t think you guys had that sort of tech.” Grimlock asked and I grinned up at him (for a giant Dinobot, he was a little dimwitted, but not as stupid as they made him out to be in the older Transformers comics). “They’re powered by crystals that our school alchemist Heather made. Here, I’ll show you…these green crystals are what give us the ability to communicate over long distances without dragons. We use Terrible Terrors to deliver packages and things like that, but we use these on patrols. These crystals vibrate at different frequencies if you know how to work them.” I explained as I removed the back from my radio and showed the others my radio’s power source as I carefully removed the green crystal to let them examine it. “So these are artificial crystals? That’s amazing! But now isn't the time for us to be exploring Viking technology. We’ve got a boat hidden on the far side of the island from the caves. Do you wanna ride with us? It’ll be safer than you flying your friend here. You’d risk getting spotted. Standard protocol after rescuing a hostage is to get them out of the danger zone as fast and as safely as possible.” Strongarm said as she handed back the green crystal and I replaced it in the radio before I slipped it back into my saddlebags and glanced up at Bumblebee to see what he had to say.


“I agree with Strongarm. You’d be safer riding with us. Our boat’s big enough for all of us, plus Grimlock and your scaly friend, Toothless here. Whoa! Easy there big guy, watch the claws! I just got a new paint job!” Bumblebee said with a laugh as Toothless glided from his perch on Strongarm’s forearm to sit on his shoulder and licked his face before gliding down to me. I laughed at Bumblebee’s reaction to Toothless’s antics as I leaned on the black dragon’s side. “I suppose you do have a point. But you’d better let me do the navigating. I know the best way to the island and I’m friendly with the local group of Changewings. They’re lead by an alpha male I call Warden.” I replied and Toothless rumbled agreement as Bumblebee had Sideswipe take point in our little group. Bumblebee soon had me perched on his shoulder so that I could keep up and now Toothless was riding with Grimlock – for some reason, he wasn’t too fond of Sideswipe, but he seemed to tolerate the red Autobot at least.


“So, how much further to the island? If we stay out here much longer, we’re sitting ducks!” Bumblebee called over the noise of our motorboat’s passage a half an hour later as I whooped in delight with the salt spray and spotted Scauldy’s group of Scauldrons in the water around us. “Slow down a bit! I know these Scauldrons! See that big blue-green one in the lead? That’s our school Scauldron, Scauldy! We’re not far from Changewing Island now; we’re just a few minutes out. It’s that island on the right! Head for the first cove you find, the Changewing cave isn't too far from there!” I shouted back, recognizing Scauldy among the pod of Scauldrons as the familiar blue-green bulk of the Scauldron dropped back from his lead position to swim alongside us when he recognized my voice. Bumblebee yelped in surprise and I couldn’t help but laugh as Scauldy barked a greeting and used a somewhat warm spray of water to greet us – I was used to his antics and appreciated the soaking since my thermal gear was getting a bit too warm in the hot weather.


“Well, he’s certainly friendly! I’ve read about these guys, aren't they supposed to be poisonous?” Sideswipe asked as Scauldy let him scratch an itch once we hit the beach and our Scauldron friend joined us – despite the fact that he was a Tidal class dragon, Scauldy liked spending some time on the beach near the water with his land dwelling friends. “Scauldy likes you! He’s a real sweetheart with the kids back at school in the caldera. As for the poison thing, they can only spray poison when they eat blue oleander flowers. They’re dangerous to other dragons, but we keep dried ones to give the Scauldrons as treats. Here ya go pal, give him some. See what happens.” I explained as Scauldy rubbed into the scratching that Sideswipe was giving him as I passed him a bushel of dried blue oleander – Heather had discovered that the dried form of the plant was safe around our other dragons but still just as tasty for our Scauldrons at the school. I watched as Sideswipe offered Scauldy the treat and the Scauldron barked in delight before spraying him again with a hot spray of water. “Whoa! Ok, I’m never going to get used to that! So, where’s that cave you were telling us about? And where are your Changewing friends?” Sideswipe asked, but I was barely paying attention as I watched Bumblebee transform into a yellow muscle car and retrieved a tow carriage for the boat before opening his door to let me inside. “Well, are you coming? It’ll be faster if we drive. Besides, we need to hide the boat in case Steeljaw has those Berserkers out searching for you guys. You can ride with me and Toothless can ride with Grimlock.” Bumblebee offered – I had to admit that it was strange to have a talking car as my ride as I climbed into his cockpit as I felt his seatbelt slide over me.


“There, that’s the cave. As for the Changewings, they’ll be here. But you’d better let me out to talk to them first. They don’t know you and they might attack strangers. WARDEN! IT’S ME, RIALYNH! YOU CAN COME OUT! THESE GUYS ARE FRIENDS OF MINE AND I WANNA INTRODUCE YOU TO THEM!” I said when I spotted the Changewing cave and climbed out of Bumblebee’s cockpit to call out to my Changewing friends when Toothless leapt from his perch on Grimlock’s broad back. I heard a rustling noise in the bushes to my right before signaling for Bumblebee to wait as he reached for his blaster with a nervous look on his face – I shot him a reassuring glance and he seemed to take that reassurance. “What the heck?! Where did they come from?! I didn’t think there would be so many Changewings in one place! Should we attack, wait, or what?!” Sideswipe asked in surprise as Jambu’s mother Orchid flew past him and Warden pounced on me with a roar of greeting and licked my face before using his prehensile tendrils as feelers to wrap me in a hug that I returned by wrapping my arms around his snout. “That’s Orchid, she’s the mother of my Changewing hatchling Jambu! Don’t worry; you’re fine as long as you’re with me. Changewings are known for their family loyalty and anyone they consider a friend is also considered part of the family. I’ve worked closely with these guys for months, so they sort of consider me an honorary Changewing. If they feel that I trust someone, then they trust them too.” I explained as Orchid offered Sideswipe a tendril for a hand shake that he returned when he saw that Orchid wasn’t going to attack him.



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Storm Chaser the Storm Fury (Defy)



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This is just a siggy test people, feel free to check out the art and the story!

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Updating the story

Hey, sorry for the long delay with the updates. This takes place a few weeks after Ria's encounter with the Decepticons and the Autobots and everyone's scurrying around getting ready for Thawfest. Enjoy! Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions on what to write next! Even I get writer's block somtimes ya know!

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Thawfest with Robots and Dragons Part 1

Hey mom and dad! Big news! THAWFEST IS COMING! That means my birthday is coming up and I’ll be turning 17 years old! The first day of the event is this Friday and everyone is scrambling to get ready! This year, it goes from Friday to next Sunday and the last day of the event is my birthday! “Chuckle” Even our new friends among the Autobots and the Heroes from Alpha Team are helping to get ready! Although, I think that Grimlock might be a tad too clumsy for delicate work. Hiccup and Stoic have him on heavy lifting duty with the bigger dragons. Strongarm’s in charge of security, Bumblebee is in charge of events, Fixit the minicon is on special effects duty, and Sideswipe is…well….I’m not sure what he’s doing but Hiccup asked him to help set up the race track for the students at Fortune Falls. If you guys can come, I’d love to introduce you to the Autobots! Oh, I gotta run! I have to get Jambu ready to race! He’s finally big enough to ride!


Hope to see you soon!



 I finished writing my usual daily letter to mom and gave the tube and its blue ribbon signal strand to Lyall as the little Terror flew off chirruping at someone in greeting as a heavy hand knocked on my door and Jambu jerked his head up as fast as Garenth did in response. “Hey Ria, you in there? You were going to show me a few tricks you were working on for the competition!” Russell Clay called as his newly matured Sand Wraith bugled in response – Russell’s dragon Alask was good friends with Jambu and about the same age as my little Changewing friend. “Sorry, I had to send off a letter to mom Russell. It’s a three hour flight from here to my home island so Lyall will be back later this afternoon. Come on, I’ll give you a few pointers on how to handle Bulls-Eye Laggon.” I told Russell as I boosted him onto Alask’s back (pronounced Al-ask by the way) as we hopped onto our dragons and flew off to meet the Autobots and his dad at Bulls-Eye Lagoon. I wondered what Denny Clay thought of his son flying on the back of a Sand Wraith as I steered Jambu towards the Lagoon to see Bumblebee waving up at us with a familiar looking ice blue Terrible Terror flying up to meet us.


“ELSA! ANNA! IT’S SO GOOD TO SEE YOU! I see you’ve met our new friends! Have you met the team from Hero Factory yet? They’re not as big as our Cybertronian friends here, but they’re still helping out. Oh, this is Russell Clay and his dragon Alask. And this is Jambu, my Changewing.” I cried in greeting introducing Russell as Elsa wrapped me in a hug with Anna joining in as Jambu barked a greeting as soon as I had leapt off his back to meet them. I hadn’t been expecting my Arendelle friends to be visiting, but considering my recent adventures, I was glad to see them both. “Ria! It’s so good to see you too! Jambu is absolutely adorable! And this young man’s father was just introducing us to our rather large friends.” Elsa admitted nodding at Russell and Alask as the Sand Wraith let Anna scratch him under the chin as the sand and topaz colored Night Fury wannabe dragon purred in response. “I still can’t believe that you three know each other! It’s too bad Olaf and the others couldn’t come. I hope you don’t mind, but I invited the guys along. Furno, Surge and Breez are all on patrol duty right now. According to regulation 45-8VH, there must always be patrols on duty in groups of three to secure a large area.” Strongarm said bringing up a hologram on her image viewer as I rolled my eyes at the Elite Guard cadet as Anna chuckled in response obviously aware of Strongarm’s habit of bringing up “protocol” whenever she was unsure of a situation.


“He-he! Wow, you weren't kidding about the “protocol” thing! We got your last letter about these guys. By the way, were you heading into Bulls-Eye Lagoon? We’d heard you’d booked it for a practice session for your Clan. Do you mind if we watch?” Anna asked jerking a thumb over her shoulder towards the tunnel that led to the Lagoon as I passed her to lead our rather large group into the stables near the entrance to the lagoon. “OK, here’s how this works Russell. All you need to do is hit those targets. Jambu here is one of my best sharpshooters. He’s not a Strike Class, but he’s a good shot.” I explained as Russell and I kept close to our dragons near the starting position for the course as I explained how the sheep targets were 50 points, the Berserker target 100 and so on. I glanced over to where Bumblebee and the others were now gathered in the empty stands to watch as I swung onto Jambu’s back to demonstrate.


“ALRIGHT! WAY TA GO, RIA! You were incredible out there! You weren't kidding when you said that Jambu was one of your best sharpshooters! And I thought Astrid’s Stormfly was good!” Russell called as I had Jambu fly back to join him and the young Changewing barked at the compliment skidding to a halt in midair as he noticed the female Deadly Nadder in question. “Ha! I have to agree with your friend here Ria! I hope you don’t mind, I thought I’d join you kids. I see our friends from Arendelle have met our Cybertronian ones. Are you teaching Rusty here how to handle the course for your events?” Astrid asked as she signaled for us to land at the starting point and I tugged on one of Jambu’s prehensile tendrils to steer him in to land beside the Nadder and Stormfly butted her horned snout into my shoulder in greeting. “And hello to you too Stormfly. Yeah, I was giving Russell a few pointers to help him out. Alask’s still new to this sort of thing ya know. Hey Sideswipe, got any hints as to what you and Fixit are planning for the obstacle course?” I said glancing over to where Sideswipe had come up behind us to see what was going on as the group dispersed with a wicked grin on his face and Fixit also grinned back at him.


“You’ll just have to faint…paint…er wait to see for yourselves!” Fixit replied having to tap his chest with his fist because his faulty wiring made him mess up his speech program. As I glanced between him and Sideswipe, I saw the punk robot wink at me knowing that just because my Shadow Hunters and the Autobots were friends, we didn’t deserve any special treatment. “We’ll see…listen, I gotta head over to Icestorm Island for a bit guys. Hiccup needs my help with some artifacts he thinks might be right up your alley. Wants me to bring them back for you lot to look at.”  I shot back whistling for Jambu to follow as I headed for the nearby Boulder Class stables where I had stashed my partner Garenth for the day. I found Garenth munching on a pail of fish along with my Groncicle Penguin as the ice covered dragon barked a greeting at me and I gave him a pat on the head. “Hey there Penguin, how’s it going boy? Come on Garenth, we’re on delivery detail. We’ve gotta bring back a few artifacts for the boys to look at.” I told my dragon partner and Garenth rumbled back at me as he knelt birdlike to let me mount. “Hey, where are you running off to? Mind if Topaz and I tag along?” Furno asked startling me as he flew up beside me on his red, gold and purple Monstrous Nightmare – I noticed that in the few short weeks since our robot friends had arrived on Berk, Furno’s little Topaz wasn’t so little anymore.


“Yeah, sure! Breez is going to meet us there with her Raincutter, Kaede. That emerald Raincutter of hers is on duty over on Icestorm.” I called back using the arm signal to tell Furno to fly alongside me so we could talk over the wind of our flight. Topaz was an amazing flyer for her young age and like my young Garenth, she was best at speed flight thanks to her massive wingspan. “So I’ve heard! I heard that Kaede’s gotten big since Breez hatched her on Icestorm! Surge and that Shockjaw of his are off on Berk by the way. Orion never lets Surge out of his sight! Those two are peas in a pod if you’ll excuse the botany pun!” Furno shouted using one of Botanist Phlegma’s favorite euphemisms as we flew into the darkness of the northernmost island in our archipelago. I spotted the Archeologist in charge of the site near the hot springs talking with Breez about the strange artifacts he’d found.



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Thawfest with Robots and Dragons Part 3

“OK! TODAY’S THE DAY! Speed Stinger race is at noon followed by the relay at 3! Come on people, let’s mount up and roll out!” I crowed two days later as I bounded out of my stables with Starburst saddled and ready to go as she barked and wagged her royal purple tail in excitement when a familiar roar sounded over head startling my Autobot friends. “Whoa! Heads up people! We’ve got incoming!” Sideswipe called in alarm when I recognized Naga’s silver blue form as she flew in with mom and dad on her back as I signaled for the guys to back off as Naga barked in surprise when she saw them. “Ria! Oh, thank Odin! I was so worried when I’d heard you’d been taken prisoner by those Berserkers! Oh! Are these the newcomers we’ve heard about? I…didn’t realize they’d be so big! I thought that they’d be more like your friends from Hero Factory.” Dad admitted when he glanced up at Bumblebee and the others as he swung off Naga’s back and wrapped me in a bear hug when he saw I was still safe after my recent misadventure.


“Dad! I’m fine! If it weren't for Bumblebee and the others, Toothless and I probably would’ve never escaped from Steeljaw and his Berserker goons.” I assured my father as Bumblebee knelt to shake hands with my mother as Naga barked in greeting immediately taking a shine to my rather large friend. I knew that it was rare for Naga to take a shine to strangers like this, but she seemed to like Bumblebee in particular as he reached out to let her sniff his hand before petting her. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. If Naga likes you, that’s good enough for me. I understand that we have you folks to thank for getting my only daughter out of danger. I cannot thank you enough for rescuing her from those Decepticons.” Mom said by way of greeting as Naga purred under Bumblebee’s massive hand as he smiled back and nodded in response to her gratitude. “It was our pleasure ma’am. Your daughter is a remarkable young woman. She’s got an incredible talent with the dragons. She flew rings around the Vehicon troopers on Toothless when they showed up.” Bumblebee told my mom, making me blush as he spoke and Starburst barked reminding me that we needed to get to the race track early to get ready for the Speed Stinger race at Thunder Run Racing.


“Starburst’s right, we’d better get going mom. Listen, I’ve gotta run and get to the race track, I’ll let you guys get acquainted. Come on Starburst, let’s mount up and roll out girl!” I added as I swung up onto Starburst’s back just in front of her back frill before she darted off and I had seen the jealous look on Bumblebee’s face. He was still annoyed that I’d found my catch phrase for departure while he was still struggling to come up with his own. “ALL RIGHT RACE FANS! This is our first event of THAWFEST! We’ve got a new event for Speed Stingers only!   This is a race to see how fast our new saurian friends are! SO LET’S GET RACING!” Mulch crowed through the announcement horn with a Terrible Terror I suspected was Lyall screeching to signal the start of the race as we Speed Stinger riders zipped around the track. I soon found myself in a blur of speed and fighting my old rival Drake for first place. “You think that purple raptor of yours is faster than my Dart? Think again Nightwalker!” Drake called and Starburst snapped something at his apple-green Dart that made the Speed Stinger back off since I could tell when Starburst was using her authority as an Alpha Speed Stinger to let us pass her.


We soon broke the ribbon at the end of the track first and Starburst roared in delight as the crowd cheered as I spotted Bumblebee and the other Autobots near where Stoick usually sat as they watched the race with my folks. “AND NIGHTWALKER TAKES THE WIN! Starburst is really living up to her name folks!” Mulch announced as I whooped in delight and hugged my Speed Stinger tight around the neck and Starburst licked my face in response. “WAHOO! WAY TA GO, STARBURST! WE DID IT! WE DID IT! IN YOUR FACE DRAKE! SERVES YOU RIGHT FOR ABANDONING BABY DRAGONS!” I crowed in delight recalling how I had found one of my dragons abandoned in the woods after my rival from the Green Dragons clan had abandoned the poor thing because she was slow on the track. “WAHOO! THAT’S MY GIRL! WAY TO GO RIA! You and Starburst were amazing out there!” Bumblebee crowed as he scooped me off Starburst into a hug and nearly broke me in half with his grip as mom and the others gathered around and I perched on Bumblebee’s shoulder.


“Bee, stop it! You’re embarrassing me! Besides, Starburst is the real star of the show! She did all the running! Besides, I had to teach Drake a lesson after he abandoned one of his dragons to the wild boars around Dragon Island!” I reminded my oversized friend as Bumblebee tousled my hair with a big hand as Starburst accepted a treat from Russell as I slid down Bumblebee’s arm to stand at my dragon’s side. There were other events including a relay race that even Russell and Alask were competing in with us and since I was the one on the fastest dragon, they had me and my Flightmare Moonracer on the last leg since it was a speed run. Soon we were setting up for the race as the final event for the week, but all of us were excited – I’d gotten lots of new presents for my birthday, but my favorite was the moonstone pendent Bumblebee had gotten for me carved into a stylized snowflake like the one my clan used as our main symbol.


“Alright, I’d better get into position! Come on Moony; let’s show these guys what Flightmares can do old girl!” I told Moonracer and she rumbled happily and nudged my shimmering wrist to let me know that she wanted to talk a moment. “I can tell that you’re nervous. I may be a Flightmare, but I know my rider. Do you think our clan has a chance to win?” Moonracer commented nudging me in the ribs as I used a paintbrush to polish off her war paint design. I personally had a swirl in ice blue and bronze over my left eye for the heck of it and I glanced at my dragon in surprised – I was so used to Breez having to translate Dragonese for me that I was still getting used to understanding it myself. “Moony, I’m fine! Just excited, that’s all! Alright, paint’s dry, saddle’s ready. Now let’s just mount up and roll out!” I replied, feeling massive hands around me and I glanced up to find Bumblebee lifting me into Moonracer’s saddle with a big grin splitting his metal face. “Alright, up ya go! Nice job with the war paint kiddo. You guys look fantastic! You should see what Breez did to Kaede! That Raincutter looks like she’s got vines painted on her wings!” Bumblebee said, handing me my helmet and I strapped it in place as I glanced over to where my other teammates Furno, Surge, Breez and Russell were getting ready – this was a five part relay and I was glad my Hero friends were participating since Furno and Topaz were the team before myself and Moony.


“I can see that. You’d better get to your seat big guy, we’ve gotta line up for the race!” I said, urging Moonracer into the air with Furno and the others following suit with Furno waving as I passed him by and took my position with the other racers in my part of the relay – I recognized Drake and his Flightmare Jade immediately at the far end of the course as our dragons flapped their wings to stay in position. “And its Surge in the lead through the obstacle course! He passes the baton to Furno and Topaz is off like a shot!” Mulch announced a few minutes into the race and I soon found Furno handing me the blue and bronze baton representing our clan colors just as Drake’s clanmate passed him their emerald green and silver one seconds later. “Come on Moony, you can do it girl! Let’s show this son of a half troll how it’s done!” I urged my partner and Moonracer zipped off easily taking the lead past two Zipplebacks, Jade and a hot pink and sand colored Sand Wraith I didn’t recognize as we flew past. We were flying fast and strong cutting the finish ribbon first to a roar of cheers and applause from our supporters.


“AND NIGHTWALKER TAKES THE WIN! THAT MEANS THE SHADOW HUNTERS ARE THAWFEST CHAMPIONS!” Mulch crowed in delight and I whooped pumping a fist into the air as Moonracer flew a victory spiral bugling in delight as she dove down to where the others were waiting for us on the ground. “WAHOO! WE DID IT, WE DID IT! WAY TA GO RIA! You and Moonracer were amazing out there! No wonder that Flightmare of yours is called the “Comet of Berk”! She’s gotta be one of the fastest dragons on the island!” Furno crowed as Topaz bugled her own delight and I soon found myself in one of Bulk’s bone crushing hugs as the silver and orange warrior wrapped me up in a bear hug. “HA-HA! THAT’S MY GIRL! Man, I wish Zib could’ve seen that live! Too bad the guy’s stuck back at Hero Factory!” Bulk crowed nearly breaking my eardrums with his lack of volume control on his delight and I saw my parents talking to Stormer nearby and the white Hero glanced over and winked at me showing a slight smile of approval. I had learned from Furno that it was next to impossible to impress our white clad friend.



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Riders of Berk Assemble! Part 1

Dear mom and dad, Bee says some old friends of his from the mainland are coming in soon to visit! He called the group the Avengers or something like that. Don’t know why…I wonder if they’re fans of those superhero comics I sometimes read. I have several new crossbreed dragons including a new breed called a Stingtailed Flamethrower named Starchaser – you remember him right? From Thawfest? He was the dragon I had with me while I was saddling Moonracer. That new bracelet I have is made of a gemstone called peridot, often found in meteorites but he calls it a star emerald because of its green coloring. Turns out, it lets me talk to dragons telepathically! How cool is that? It’s pretty fun listening in on what dragons are saying – the bracelet shimmers whenever a dragon wants to talk to me in private. Oh, I’d better go, Starchaser’s calling for me – that big gold and blue beauty of mine is becoming one of my star racers (if you’ll pardon the pun!).


Write back soon!



I finished my letter updating mom and dad on what was going on and slipped it into Lyall’s tube and sent him off. My little reddish green and blue friend zipped off as usual on his daily delivery rounds and a feathered head was soon poking into my bedroom window and I recognized my Flamethrower dragon’s big golden and blue mug. “What’s up Starchaser? Need something boy? Or is Makani up to her usual tricks again? I’m telling you, if that Starring Deceiver of mine is giving Bee or Furno a hard time again, I’m going to lock her in the Stoker stables for a month! Or are my two Spotted Mistwalkers at it again?” I asked the dragon giving the feathered muzzle an affectionate slap before standing up and heading outside to give him a good brushing before we took off for patrol – he was a nocturnal breed normally, so we often got night duty. I glanced over to where Mina was grooming Wrecker and Cliffjumper for me – I knew my two Hobblegrunts wouldn’t give her trouble while they were together and my Spike Roller Aurora was snoozing as she usually did this time of day. “I just wanted to let you know that Toothless says we’re needed at the docks. I don’t think we’re heading out tonight. I’m pretty sure that it’s Trader Johan’s ship, but it’s not a design I recognize. It’s a ship made of metal, very strange…and yet it floats…there are strange people on board and Hiccup’s looking for you.” Starchaser explained as he knelt to let me mount – he was a size bigger than Garenth so I needed a boost to get onto him but he was always happy to lend a paw.


“Thanks for the heads up big guy. Let’s bring Saber, Moon and Aqua – they need to get used to strangers anyways. Violet’s raring to go – but Skrill usually are. You know how they are around strangers – let’s leave old purple wings here. Makani’s asleep so the youngsters will still be up.” I told my big friend and I soon found my trio of hatchlings bounded over and leapt into my saddlebags where they usually rode chirruping happily at the thought of a ride and their voices crowded my mind begging for details. “Where we going huh? Where we going? Are we going racing with the others?” The little royal blue Mistwalker I called Moonstone chimed in immediately as his older sister whacked him upside the head with her wing and squawked when he tried to return the gesture ducking into the saddlebag to avoid him. “Knock it off you two! We’re just going to the docks. Saber, you ok there buddy?” I told my trio of little dragons and Saber, my Sabertoothed Horntail dragon poked his head out of the saddlebag at my knee and I saw Storm Chaser the Storm Fury and my second Storm Fury Naritha Moon (Narith for short) poke their heads out of the Boulder Class stable to see us taking off.


“Hey Bee, what’s going on bro? Starchaser said something about newcomers?” I asked my large yellow armored friend as Starchaser hovered a moment before landing on a ledge just above him while my trio of current hatchlings leapt out of their saddlebags. “Ah, Ria, perfect timing! The Avengers just arrived! Come on; you’re going to love these guys! I know you read Avengers comics so you’re going to love the real thing kiddo! Round up those hatchlings of yours and let’s go meet them!” Bumblebee explained and I felt Starchaser rumble quietly to the youngsters and I soon found Saber in my arms while Moon and Aqua scampered ahead of us as we made our way down the stairs to the docks where a strange motley group of newcomers was gathering. “Ah, Bumblebee – it’s good to see you again big guy! Who’s this charming young lady with the dragons?” the man with the goatee asked and I immediately recognized Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man from the comics along with Captain Steve “America” Rogers, Natasha Romanoff the Black Widow, Hawkeye/Clint Barton and I wondered where Ant Man was when I felt something crawling on my wrist and I glanced down to see a flying ant sitting there.


“Huh, Euclid has a strange taste in people, but I didn’t expect him to take to a stranger so fast! Oh sorry, down here!” a disembodied voice explained as the ant fluttered its wings and the dragonets gave it a curious look (I was surprised when they didn’t try to eat it, but they’d gluttoned themselves at dinner so I chalked it up to that) and all of a sudden, a man appeared as if out of nowhere nearly knocking me off the dock in surprise with Saber squawking his surprise and flying up to sit on Bumblebee’s shoulder as the former scout laughed and I felt a hand grab my shoulder. “Sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you like that! I didn’t know Vikings were so easily startled! Scott Lang, AKA Ant Man – you must be Rialynh Nightwalker – Bumblebee talks about you all the time in his emails.” The stranger apologized immediately as he grabbed my elbow and I couldn’t help blushing as I shook hands with him and glared at my large friend – I saw the ant on my wrist fly to the newcomer’s shoulder and I remembered that this “Ant Man” had a thing for bugs.


“It’s nice to meet you Mr. Lang. It’s nice to meet all of you. The little ones are Moonstone and Aquamarine, my two rare and endangered Spotted Mistwalkers from Icestorm Island, and the little guy on Bumblebee’s shoulder is Saber, a Sabertoothed Horntail I rescued as an egg on patrol.” I replied with a blush rising to my face – I liked Ant Man instantly and even though Aqua and Moon were usually a tad shy around strangers, they were already rubbing up against him and purring when he reached down to scratch them. “So these are dragon hatchlings huh? They’re kinda cute! Never seen a furry dragon before! Who’s the big guy? One of your dragons too?” Ant Man asked, glancing up when Starchaser poked his big nose into the conversation, startling the stranger with his antics and narrowed his eyes at the superhero when Saber returned and demanded attention. “He seems nice enough, but I’m not sure about the others – don’t tell them about the star emerald’s powers just yet…they need to earn the right to learn about its powers.” Starchaser warned me and I quietly gave him a pat on the neck in response to show I understood – he didn’t really trust strangers and I couldn’t blame him after Steeljaw let me fall into a volcano near his home. I was introduced to the other Avengers and I soon found little Saber perched on my shoulder – he wasn’t much bigger than Lyall at this age, but he’d get bigger soon enough so I let him sit there for now.


“So, I hear from Bee that you have quite the menagerie of dragons Rialynh. If you have time tonight, I’d like to meet some of them. According to his reports, Bee says that you have more than a dozen dragons in your little personal formation.” Captain Rogers commented when I shook his hand and I couldn’t help blushing at the tone of admiration in his voice – the only reason I could keep up with my two dozen dragons was thanks to the help of Mina and her friends from the younger class not considered old enough for dragons of their own yet. “If it weren't for my friends, I’d never be able to take care of them! I’m leader of the Shadow Hunters clan; I often babysit for hatchlings when the others are on patrol for Berk Watch or something. Most of my guys are asleep now, but I’ll introduce you in the morning. Starchaser there is also one of mine – he’s an extremely rare breed called a Stingtailed Flamethrower, they only show themselves during meteor showers to strangers. Besides him, I’ve got two Hobblegrunts, two Storm Furies, my Starring Deceiver, a Deadly Nadder named Garenth, my Changewing Jambu, my Whispering Death Darksteel, my two little Spotted Mistwalkers here, my Sabertoothed Horntail, a Spike Roller, my Speed Stinger Starburst and several other dragons. Several of which are hatchlings like these little sleepyheads. I’d better get them to bed before I head out for night watch duty tonight.” I explained, rattling off a list of the different types of dragons I had on hand including some of the new crossbreeds we’ve discovered recently and added to the Book of Dragons.


 “Aye, I’d also like to meet some of these beasts of yours! Sounds to me like you have a talent with these creatures!” a voice called as one more person climbed out of the metal ship. I was stunned when I recognized the god Thor from his images in my mythology books – who knew the God of Thunder was an Avenger?! How crazy was that?! The others were going to flip their helmets when they found out! “OH MY GODS! You’re Thor the Thunderer! But…but…what are you doing with the Avengers?” I stammered out squealing so loud that I startled my hatchlings so badly that they all scrambled to perch with Bumblebee to get away from the noise. “Aye, I am an Avenger – I have been for some time now young lass! And I think you may have startled your own hatchlings!” Thor said, and I glanced apologetically at my friends as Saber came back down and cheeped at me with a look that said to never scare him again and I couldn’t help a small smile as I gave him a pat on the head.


“Listen, I’ve gotta head out on patrol in a few minutes and I have to get these guys to bed. What do you guys think about coming over to my place and we can get these little guys settled and I can head out?” I offered, glancing at the other present Avengers – my clanmates were going to flip their helmets when they met Thor! I couldn’t wait to introduce them! “So this is where you live here on Berk, huh? I would’ve expected a student like you to live over at the school.” The man they’d introduced as Clint Barton/Hawkeye commented when he saw my stable complex and Starchaser seemed to like him since my Flamethrower dragon kept a close watch on him – either that or he expected the stranger to steal something, I couldn’t risk using my star emerald bracelet to ask since it would blow our secret. “Yep. This is my place. The hatchling barn is over there. The other dragons are scattered between my Tidal, Boulder and Stoker class stables. Those two Storm Furies over there are Storm Chaser and Naritha Moon; I call her Narith for short. They’re a subspecies of the Night Fury ya know. Makani’s around here somewhere, sleeping by now I’d bet. Come on Starchaser, let’s get the little ones settled in and we can head out. Oh! And watch out for Aurora – she’s a Spike Roller and gets really aggressive around strangers!” I explained, glancing back just in time to see Hawkeye almost step on Aurora’s tail and she growled at him in warning making him leap back in surprise as the armored lump moved and turned her ice blue eyes on him.


“Ok…um, a little help please?!” Barton whimpered as Aurora backed him into a corner and I decided to let him sweat it out a minute – he deserved it for almost stepping on her tail as she swished it back and forth in warning and snarled at him. “Aurora! Down! It’s ok girl, he’s with me. Sorry, like I said, she’s not too fond of strangers. She’s still getting used to me after I rescued her. She’s fine with newcomers once they earn her trust.” I assured Barton using the “down” command to get Aurora to back off and let him past with a single growl of threat aimed at the archer. “Next time, warn a person before they almost step on something like that!” Barton complained and I couldn’t help giggling as I vaulted up to Starchaser’s back and settled into his saddle. All of a sudden, Narith came bounding out of the nearby Boulder Stables with Storm Chaser in tow and immediately rubbed her head into Barton’s hand in greeting. “Odd…Narith doesn’t usually like strangers that fast. You know, you can borrow her and come with us if you want. And I’m sure that Storm Chaser wouldn’t mind if any of you other Avengers wanted to come.” I replied, noticing how quickly Narith had taken a shine to the stranger – that was odd behavior for her since she was usually more cautious around people and it was usually Makani who liked strangers right away. “I’ll take you up on that Ria! I’d like to see how you train the dragons here on Berk.” Captain Rogers immediately chimed in and Storm Chaser seemed to like the idea since my first Storm Fury immediately knelt to let the supersoldier mount – he usually didn’t do that with strangers unless I told him to, but I guess Chaser figured that if Narith liked the strangers, he might as well give them a shot.


I like his scent, got a problem with that boss lady?” I heard Storm Chaser snap in my mind and I couldn’t help giggling as I urged my dragons into the air with the two Storm Furies on our tail with Starchaser taking point in our usual triangle formation. “Whoa! What’s with this dragon? Can’t she fly straight?” Barton complained over my crystal radio’s frequency and I couldn’t help a quick burst of laughter as Narith spiraled through the night sky with Barton strapped into her saddle while stately Storm Chaser flew evenly behind her. “Narith likes you Barton! She’s just showing off! Give her a tug on the reins and she’ll settle down!” I told him, using the radio to make myself heard over the wind of our passage and I soon saw Narith straighten out and fly evenly at our wingtip and I felt Starchaser calling to me. “I’m rather surprised that Narith likes him. She normally doesn’t like strangers unless they have a treat for her but she took to that Hawkeye right away. Isn't he one of your favorite superheroes or something from the comics?” I heard Starchaser ask as we flew just ahead of the others so that we could talk in private. I smiled down at him as he turned his long neck to glance back at me to judge my reaction to his query. “To be honest, Black Panther’s a personal favorite besides Captain America – I’m just glad that Storm Chaser let him ride without too much trouble.” I told my dragon friend, glad that the wind masked our conversation when I suddenly felt a sudden stab of fear reaching me from some dragon down below as we flew over Changewing Island.


Help! Someone help me, please!” The voice in my head cried and I immediately recognized Warden’s voice – I’d know the old Changewing alpha’s tones anywhere and I signaled for us to dive only to find ourselves dodging laser fire and several strange robots that I immediately recognized as Ultron drones. “What the heck? What’s Ultron doing out here?!” I heard Barton shout over the wind and I signaled for all three dragons to take evasive action as Warden flew up to meet us roaring in anger belching acid at the attackers melting most of them to slag metal. I urged my Flamethrower friend into the battle and Starchaser started blasting fire in all directions while the Storm Furies dealt with the stragglers. “Guys! GET ME DOWN THERE! Those Changewings are friends of mine! If they get hurt because of these robot freaks, they’re going to end up in so many tiny pieces of scrap that there won’t be enough left to recycle!” I shouted back and the dragons immediately understood what I had in mind as Starchaser dove to aid Jambu’s mother Orchid as she was trapped in a net by one of the drones.


“Leave the Ultron drones to us Ria! You go help your friends!” Captain Rogers ordered and I was grateful for his understanding my situation and Starchaser used his sharp claws to rip several drones to shreds and I used my bow to knock a bunch of them out of the sky – I was grateful for the new crystal arrows that Heather had given me for my birthday and I could tell that Hawkeye was jealous when he saw how good I was with aerial archery. “LEAVE THOSE DRAGONS ALONE! If you wanna fight someone Ultron, pick on someone your own size!” I shouted, stabbing a drone in the gut with my knife as I leapt off Starchaser’s back and spinning to avoid a missile volley from another – Bumblebee and my Hero friends had been teaching me several useful battle tactics for situations like this and I let my instincts take over. I soon found Hawkeye and Captain America fighting alongside me while my Storm Furies joined the fray with Starchaser. “Ah, so you’re the young Viking I’ve heard about! I figured you’d come if your dragon friends were in danger!” Ultron taunted, and I knew this wasn’t the real one since he wasn’t as big as he was in the comics and I remembered that the real Ultron Prime was much bigger – about twice the size of one of my Hero friends if I judged the comic point of view correctly to scale.



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Riders of Berk, Assemble! Part 2

Ok, I’m not afraid to admit I was terrified to find myself facing an Ultron drone, but I wasn’t going to give this vibranium plated bully the pleasure of knowing it. I was glad that Cap and Barton were with me, but I wished that my Autobot friends were there…I felt much better knowing I had Bumblebee or my impromptu bodyguard Drift watching out for me (that little situation is a story for another time of course). All of a sudden, the battle stopped and the Ultron drones flew off before I could even process what had just happened. I would’ve collapsed to my knees if Warden hadn't appeared at my side and used one of his prehensile tendrils to support me and helped me sit down on a nearby tree root. “Thank you for helping us, I am glad you heard my call. I knew that star emerald bracelet of yours would come in handy.” Warden said by way of greeting and I gave him a pat in response, glad for his friendship and that the Changewings were already welcoming the strangers in their midst into the group. “Don’t worry, they won't bite. They know you’re friends…Starchaser…I think that it’s time we had a “talk” with our friends?” I assured the others, glancing at my Stingtailed Flamethrower and he nodded in agreement before using the power of the bracelet to talk to me while Barton and Rogers exchanged confused looks. “They helped us protect our friends. They should know how we knew they were in trouble.” Starchaser agreed and I appreciated his approval – hopefully Barton could keep a secret as well as Captain America could since what I was about to tell them was huge.


“So basically…thanks to this peridot bracelet, I can talk to dragons – well, telepathically at least…” I finished a half an hour later as the two men processed what I was telling them. I could tell that Barton was confused and a little nervous around the wild Changewings as Orchid – my Changewing Jambu’s mother – sized him up and nudged at him with her snout until he scratched an eye ridge. “So this “star emerald” bracelet of yours…that’s what Starchaser’s kind call the peridot gems found in meteorites? Interesting…I had no idea that they could be used in jewelry as a way to talk to dragons. And only Hiccup and your clan know about this? This is a huge secret – I appreciate you trusting us with this.” Cap asked and I could tell by the look he was giving Barton that he wasn’t planning on blabbing about my secret any time soon. Only Hiccup, Astrid and the others from their group were the only people outside my Clan (which included my Hero Factory and Autobot friends and now, the Avengers) knew of my special power with the dragons. “Starchaser told me to tell you – if he feels that you two can be trusted with this information, that’s good enough for me. He’s always been good at reading people. Besides my Clanmates and Hiccup’s group, only the dragons both at the school and in the wild know that I have this power.” I reiterated as we remounted our dragons and headed back to the school – the encounter with Ultron’s drones had left me scared but I wasn’t going to admit it. I was a Clan leader; I couldn’t risk showing fear after all.


“So this Ultron guy attacked the Changewings to lure you out? That’s not good, not good at all!” Fishlegs groaned when we explained what happened on last night’s patrol in a last minute meeting Hiccup called of my clan along with the Autobots, Astrid, Fishlegs, Snotlout and the Twins Ruffnutt and Tuffnutt present along with the Autobots and the guys from Hero Factory. “The dragons are just as concerned about this as we are. Even Toothless says that he’s worried. Barf and Belch are arguing about whether or not Ultron will attack the school of course. Hey! Knock it off you crazy Zippleback! You’re giving me a headache!” I explained, snapping at the Zippleback in question and their twin voices immediately stopped sounding off in my head – having a dragon with two minds meant that there were two voices to talk to and I was glad that Barf and Belch respected my authority even if their twin son-of-a-half-troll riders didn’t. “I’ll tell my dad about the Ultron attack, we’ll put the school patrol teams on high alert. Ashley, do you think you can get some of your wild dragon friends to keep a lookout? I know you already have Scauldy and a few other Scauldron and Tidal Class dragons on patrol already because of our Decepticon rivals, but if you could rally a few more…” Hiccup asked, gesturing to my star emerald/peridot bracelet and I nodded – I’d already explained to the other Avengers about my unique skill with the beasts and I saw Stark in the corner of the meeting hall with Cap discussing something off to the side.


“Sure thing Hiccup. I’ll see if any of our Tidal class friends can help – I’ll even see if they can talk a few dolphins into helping us. But I’m not making any promises. Species like the Geckus Toxicstripe are especially wary of strangers. I have my Geckus Iris, but even she can’t get near wild Geckus dragons anymore because of her association with humans like us.” I assured my favorite mentor, ducking out of the meeting as quickly as I could and headed to where my dragon for this month, my purple winged, blue bodied Skrill Violet was waiting for me. “I heard what was happening in there. Perhaps my mother can help? I can get my fellow Skrill to help out if you like.” Violet offered as we took off into the air heading out to sea to our usual meeting place with Scauldy and our other wild Tidal class friends – there was a small islet just off shore of the school caldera we called Sea Dragon Island even though it wasn’t technically the right size to be considered an island. “I’d appreciate it Violet, we could use a few aggressive dragons on patrol right now. Just warn them to be careful around Ultron.” I warned my Skrill friend as she thumped to the ground on all fours in the sandy beach of the islet where we found Scauldy and Koyi’s mother Big Mama, a huge blue and silver Serpentfang, were waiting for us.


Rialynh, it is good to see you again my dear. Is Koyi doing all right? She isn't causing you trouble is she?” Big Mama asked and I grinned up at her and gave her a pat on the snout in greeting as she turned her head on her long snakelike neck to look down at me and Scauldy rumbled a greeting. “Nah, Koyi’s fine Big Mama, but I do have a job for you two. Look, there’s this new villain called Ultron scouring the islands. I need you to get as many Tidal class dragons and sea dwelling creatures on patrol as you can. I also need you guys to report back to me if you find anything unusual going on.” I told the two dragons, appreciating Big Mama’s concern for her baby and I was surprised when I saw her furry mane bristle in anger at someone threatening me – after rescuing Big Mama and Koyi from wild pigs a few months ago, she considered me a member of her family. “Leave it to us Ria. We’ll get the information you need. I’ll rally the Scauldrons and our other sea dragon kin. We’ll report back as soon as we find anything out. You should talk to some of the wild Stoker class dragons or Strike Class dragons to see what they know.” Scauldy suggested as he dove into the water and Big Mama used her internal gas sacks to leap into the air and dive into the water – Oriental Serpentfangs could fly with their internal air sacks, but preferred to use the ocean or any body of water as their main mode of transport. I was glad they were on our side – Tidal Class dragons alone are formidable foes.


I soon had Violet flying home to Berk to let Hiccup know of our success when Violet shrieked a warning and fired off a lightning burst at an incoming missile. “We’ve got company! I’m taking evasive actions! Hang on tight!” Violet warned as she dove for the ocean below and fired off a few more shots at the oncoming Ultron drones spreading her wings last minute to keep from crashing into the waves. “Oh this is just perfect! Hiccup, it’s Ria! We’ve got trouble! Ultron’s back and he’s here in force! Violet’s taking evasive action, but I don’t wanna lead him back to the school! I’m heading for…AH!” I called into my crystal radio as a stray blast made me drop the communication device from the shockwave as Violet shot a lightning burst at the offending drone.
Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to make you drop the radio. Should we try to recover it?” Violet immediately offered, but I urged her forward to a nearby cloudbank when I felt something hit me from behind – I felt the sensation of falling as I blacked out mid fall.


“Ah, good, you’re awake. Sorry about the rough handling kiddo, but I didn’t know how else to bring you here. Your Skrill friend’s been nothing but trouble since my drones brought her here. Forgive the chains, but I can’t have you escaping, now can I?” The largest Ultron I’ve seen yet told me when I woke up to find his red optics looking down at me as I struggled with the chains that kept me tied to a metal slab binding my wrists and ankles to the thing when I heard Violet’s shrieks of fury. I still had my peridot bracelet so Ultron obviously thought it was just a stylish piece of jewelry or something – I could hear Violet’s string of very inappropriate insults that I will not repeat here since they could be considered bad for some younger readers. “Ultron Prime I assume?” I managed to quip back despite the terror rising in me until I felt Violet’s mind brush mine – she had obviously sensed I was awake and tried her best to comfort me from wherever they were keeping her. “Good guess – you obviously read the Avengers comic books out there? I hate those things; they never get my eyes quite right…drives me nuts! But I assume you’re wondering why you’re here? Ah, I forgot the chains.” Ultron Prime replied as he released me from the metal slab and I slumped to the ground at his feet in a heap on weak legs – I had obviously been on that slab of metal for awhile but it was hard to say how long for sure.


“Actually, I was. So, why bring me to this underground dump anyways?” I asked, glancing nervously at the Ultron drone guards as two of them came to act as my escort standing on either side of me while Ultron Prime led me to someplace deeper in the maze of caverns. “Dump? You haven’t seen anything yet, girl. I actually need your help with a little project of mine. I know you Vikings have been training dragons for awhile now, and I need your advice on dealing with a particular beast I can’t seem to control.” Ultron Prime explained (I couldn’t help referring to him as that since a few of the other terms were rather inappropriate) as old vibranium butt led me to a facility similar to the Dragon Arena back at the school. Inside, a dragon I didn’t recognize was roaring at the top of its lungs as it twisted and coiled its serpentine body around the drones holding the ropes binding it. “That’s a Grapple Grounder! I remember them from the Book of Dragons! Why is the big guy so upset?” I demanded, hearing the dragon’s roars of protest in my mind as it shot a string of insults that would’ve made my Skrill Violet proud. “His name’s Zephyr. He’s a pet project of mine. He doesn’t let any of my drones or my human allies near him at all.” Ultron Prime explained leading me down to the entrance of the dragon arena and pushed me ahead of him into the field area as Zephyr glanced over to lock eyes on me when he saw my star emerald bracelet.


“So you want me to tame him? Like I’d be dumb enough to help you platinum butt!” I snapped back, only to find a blade at my back ready to ram into my spine if I didn’t comply. “I wouldn’t refuse if I were you kiddo. Not unless you have a death wish.” Ultron Prime hissed in my ear with a hand on my shoulder steering me towards the still roaring dragon as I cautiously reached for his mind with my bracelet shimmering letting me know he was listening. “You understand us? What’s going on? Where am I?” The Grapple Grounder demanded once he realized I could hear his thoughts as I cautiously approached the sky blue dragon, noticing his beautiful gold markings and silver horns as I nervously glanced back to where Ultron Prime was keeping a safe distance. “Easy big fella, it’s ok, shhhh! It’s ok! I’m a friend! Listen, I can understand you, but we can’t talk with old platinum butt standing there. Just follow my lead and we’ll get out of this.” I hissed at the dragon and Zephyr seemed to pick up on what I had in mind as he pressed his nose into my hand trusting me to help him – I had always been good at calming upset dragons after all. I could tell that Ultron was impressed if his raised metal eyebrow he aimed at me. I made a show of calming Zephyr as Ultron cautiously approached us and kept his blade drawn – if we could time it right, we could escape, rescue Violet, and blow this Popsicle stand before Ultron was any the wiser.


“Not bad kid – I can see why you’re one of the top students back at the School of Dragons on Berk. I knew you were good, but I didn’t realize you were that good.” Ultron commented, reaching out a hand to pet Zephyr, but the Grapple Grounder snapped at him with its turtle-like beak snarling to reveal rows of sharp teeth ready to snap his hand off if he tried it again. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you big guy. Zephyr doesn’t seem to like you too much. And no wonder! Poor guy has blaster burns all over him! What did you do? Hit him with stun beams if he didn’t cooperate with you?!” I warned, using a quiet hand signal to get Zephyr ready to strike – when I had been making a show of taming the Grapple Grounder, I saw what looked like electrical burns all over his legs and tail from previous torture – I felt guilty for not planning to rescue the other prisoner, but I couldn’t risk spending too much time getting out and I could come back for him later with help. Suddenly, I found two drone guards pulling me away from Zephyr and the dragon roared in protest as ropes were thrown around his long neck forcing him to submit to the cruel muzzle they put on him as they dragged him back to his cage. “How else was I supposed to get the beast to listen? Put her in the cell with the other prisoner.” Ultron ordered, snapping his metal fingers again for the two drones to replace the cuffs on my wrist – he had only taken them off long enough for me to “tame” Zephyr.


I was soon flung into a makeshift cell and I glared out the bars at the two drones guarding me and my new cell mate. I glanced at the young man sharing my cell and saw that he wore a blue and silver jumpsuit and had what appeared to be white hair just a few shades lighter than my ice blue hair color. I stood up, brushed myself off and held out my hand in greeting. “Hey, name’s Rialynh – I’m a dragon rider from Berk. What’s your name?” I offered, waiting for him to respond as he stood to size me up – he was a head taller than me and I could tell that Ultron had tortured him from all the bruising I could see through the rips in his clothes. I winced in sympathy at his pain and I could tell that he was trying to hide it from me as he sized me up. “Pietro – Pietro Maximoff. I am safe to assume that if you are here, you work with the Avengers?” The guy asked in an accented voice that I didn’t recognize as I helped him sit back against the wall of the cell to help ease the apparent pain in his ribs – I had broken ribs falling off my dragons or bruised them sparring with Furno and the others so I knew what that pain was like. “Maximoff…oh! I remember – from the comic books I read! You’re Wanda Maximoff’s twin brother right?” I asked, realizing where I recognized this guy from – in the most recent Avenger’s comic, Ultron had tried to use the city of Sokovia as a manmade (or rather AI made) in an attempt to destroy the planet and start us over. “Yes…how did you know that? You actually read those awful comics? They never get my character right. Though you’ve probably heard complaints like from the other Avengers, huh?” Pietro asked with a small smirk crossing his face and I couldn’t help blushing a bit at that comment.


“Um…well…I just met the Avengers last night to be honest. They just arrived on Berk and I was on my way back there when my Skrill Violet and I were ambushed. Ultron forced me to tame this Grapple Grounder he called Zephyr for him. I hope the poor thing’s all right.” I explained, gesturing in the general direction of the underground arena and I felt Violet’s mental presence as she alerted me to the fact that Zephyr was still safe and behaving for my sake. “So, dragon tamer are you? You have that look about you Rialynh. Are you a Viking or something?” The Sokovian asked and I was suddenly aware of the fact I was wearing my usual riding outfit of a blue studded skirt, blue pants, blue boots with a bronze fur trip and a matching top with the same shade of my clan colors. “My friend June designed this for me – my clan is the Shadow Hunters, we’re one of the top clans back at the school.” I explained, blushing such a bright red that it made my new friend smile and I felt my bracelet of star emerald growing warm on my wrist letting me know that my dragon friends wanted to talk to me.


Tell him of your gift – you met his twin back at Berk. I believe her name was Wanda Maximoff if I recall. His sister was there when the Avengers arrived. I remember seeing her at the stables.” Violet told me telepathically but I still wasn’t sure that we could trust this stranger – I wasn’t too sure of Wanda Maximoff either, but these two were Avengers, so I owed them the benefit of the doubt. “I don’t know Violet…are you sure we can trust him? What does Zephyr think?” I asked my dragon in the same telepathic manner so that Pietro wouldn’t notice if we were talking or not. “I believe so – he seems genuine. Zephyr seems to like him – apparently, the robot Ultron forced the young man to care for him at one point and he took a shine to him.” Violet explained giving me a mental nudge with her powerful mind – Skrill had a tendency to be a bit overbearing even when they weren't being aggressive. “Ok…Pietro, you’re not going to believe me…but there’s something I need to tell you…” I told my cell mate and he glanced up at me as I explained to him about how I met Starchaser and about the secret of my talent with dragons and how I communicated with them.



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Riders of Berk, Assemble! Part 3

I glanced between Pietro and the guards…he told me they only came to deal with us when they brought us food – but what counted as “food” was really just dry bread, water, some chicken and whatever else they happened to bring us. For dinner it was salmon that was barely cooked and the bread was staler than ever. I glanced again at Pietro and I saw that he was comfortable despite his busted leg.


“You keep looking at me as if you’re not sure what to make of me. Why is that my young friend?” Pietro asked as he took a bite of salmon and the Ultron drone guards slammed the glass door of our cell shut and the material Ultron “Prime” had called Plexiglas barely rattled on its hinges. I raised an eyebrow at my new friend – wow this guy was good at reading people. “What? Am I that obvious to read? My bracelet still lets me talk to the dragons – both Violet and Zephyr are eager to get out of here. All they’re waiting on is my signal. Do you think you can move on that leg of yours?” I asked, gesturing to the leg I had splinted and Pietro winced as he tried to stand but fell back again on his rump on the one cot in our cell. I had let him take it when he tried to insist on letting me have it, but I had made the argument that Pietro was the one with the busted leg after all. I’d done my best to tend to his injuries and well…he was somewhat recovered but not 100%.


“I think I can manage, with help of course. Do you think you can get me out of here little Viking?” Pietro asked in his Sokovian accented voice – I had no idea where his country was, but I liked his accent as much as I liked his sister’s accent. I decided to contact my dragon friends to make sure they were ready. “Zephyr, Violet – you two ready to move? Pietro’s hurt – he’ll need help getting out of here.” I told my friends telepathically through my sky emerald/peridot bracelet and it shimmered in the colors of my two dragon friends letting me know they were ready. “We’re ready to move. Zephyr’s anxious to get out of here. He wants to strike NOW. Give the signal and we bust out of here with the other dragons. We can help with Pietro if you need it.” Violet reported to me immediately and I was pleased to know that Zephyr and my Skrill were ready to rock and roll – I knew the others were probably planning a rescue mission and if I knew Bumblebee, he’d be right in the thick of things. That overgrown piece of junk was so overprotective sometimes. But, that’s what I loved about him – his loyalty to his friends.


“Ok – the dragons are ready – once they bust out, they’re going to come for us. The stables aren't too far from here and they’ll come straight here once they bust out of the stables.” I told Pietro in a quiet tone as two drone guards passed by our cell – I didn’t know how sensitive their hearing was so I switched to dragon signs that I had been teaching him to talk. “Good – I’m ready when you are.” Pietro signed back in hand signals – good thing there were so many to use! Suddenly, a dragon’s bugle sounded through the base and I knew it was the call of a Skrill from the Night Fury like shriek. The alarm klaxons blared and two dragons charged into our cellblock. Zephyr used his whip-like tail to break the Plexiglas door to our cell and we both yelped in surprise and covered ourselves against the glass shards. “Nice timing you two! Pietro – you ride with me on Violet. Let’s get out of here!” I said as I let Pietro lean on my shoulder for support and I helped him limp over to Violet – she helpfully lowered herself so that he could mount with just a boost from me and I swung on in front of him. I felt Pietro’s arms around my waist as the brilliantly purple and pink Skrill roared shooting an electrical blast at the Ultron drones. Zephyr followed suit with a blast of flame acting as escort and he used his constricting abilities to crush two of the drones in his coils.


Hang on tight! This is a tight squeeze! I don’t have a Night Fury’s echolocation so I have to be careful! Keep your heads low!” Violet ordered and I passed on the message and we ducked as she flew out of the cavern while Zephyr flew right on our tail. Zephyr scared off more drones as we escaped the unknown Island – I recognized where we were – we weren’t far from Dragon’s Edge and we had to move quickly to get there. We could ditch the drones and head there to hide until the others came to get us. I could send a Terrible Terror messenger if nobody was on the island at the moment. We were greeted by a huge Night Fury with a white spot on its nose and I immediately recognized Smidvarg. The Night Terror recognized Violet and broke the formation with the other Night Terrors and flew to greet me with head butt in the chest.


“Hey Smidvarg! It’s good to see you too boy! Good thing I know your tricks by now fella! Listen – we’ve got trouble and we need a place to hide. Can you help us out?” I asked the dragon and I gave him a pat on the snout in response to his greeting. Pietro was startled to see that the giant Night Fury was actually comprised of many smaller dragons as the other Night Terrors dispersed – they made excellent sentry dragons. “It’s good to see you again Rialynh! Who is this with you?” Smidvarg asked through my bracelet and I glanced back at Pietro and Zephyr as he guided us in to land – it was nightfall and it was hard to see – I was grateful for his assistance and I was disappointed to learn that the outpost was deserted at the moment. “This is Pietro and Zephyr. Pietro, Zephyr – this is Smidvarg, the Alpha Night Terror. Don’t worry; he was just on sentry duty. Its ok Smidvarg, Pietro and Zephyr are friends. Look – can I borrow one of your Night Terrors? I need to get a message to Berk fast.” I explained and the Night Terror shrieked and one of his black scaled compatriots zipped over from where it was perched on the wall of the outpost fort.


He’ll take your message to Berk. You’re more than welcome to stay. We’ll keep watch for those troublemakers you told us about.” Smidvarg assured me and I quickly wrote a message on a scroll one of the other Night Terrors brought me – they were slightly bigger than Terrible Terrors and were able to handle bigger loads than Lyall and his brethren. I wrote the following: On Dragon’s Edge – escaped from Ultron and his drones – Night Terrors agreed to keep watch while we hide out. Found other prisoner in Ultron’s dungeons. No time to explain. Come to Dragon’s Edge immediately. I rolled up the scroll and tied the red urgency ribbon around it before tying it to the leg of the Night Terror Smidvarg assigned as my messenger. “Smidvarg says that the Night Terror will bring the others by tomorrow. We can rest here – we always keep a spare room for visitors. There are lots of people coming and going from here when we get assigned to Dragon’s Edge. This is our outpost for exploring the outside edge of the Archipelago.” I explained as Pietro gave me a raised eyebrow and both Zephyr and Violet made for the fresh supply of fish at the nearest feeding station – I decided that we should take a cue from them and get some food for ourselves.


“Good to know that we have friends we can rely on. And I am starving. What’s on the menu?” Pietro asked jokingly and one of the Night Terrors came over to help support him when he stumbled on his bad leg – Tuffnutt’s pet chicken trotted over and bawked a greeting at us before fluttering off. “That’s Tuffnutt’s chicken – I’m surprised the dragons haven't eaten the thing yet. But they are mostly fish eaters and Tuff would kill me if we had her for dinner. Come on – I’ll mix up some fish stew or something.” I explained as the black Night Terror and I helped Pietro over to one of the common room’s trestle tables and I helped him prop his bad leg on a bench. “Sounds good to me and thanks for the help little friend.” Pietro replied, nodding at the dragon as it chirped in response before zipping off on his own business. The next morning, a dragon’s bugle woke me from a deep sleep and I found that both Pietro and I had fallen asleep in the common room when a jet black Night Terror zipped in and chirped something about visitors.


“Pietro – Pietro wake up! The others are here!” I said excitedly as I gently shook him awake – I turned and ordered the black Night Terror to watch over him and keep him company as I ran out to see Toothless and several of my other dragons (some were carrying multiple passengers) as the Dragon Riders and Avengers arrived on Dragon’s Edge. “Ria; oh thank Thor’s Hammer you’re safe! Your mom would kill me if she heard about this! How on earth did you manage to get away from Ultron anyways?” Hiccup demanded as Violet and Zephyr poked their heads out of the stables and touched noses with my other dragons in greeting – I recognized Starchaser my Stingtailed Flamethrower, my trio of Woolly Furies Chiheru Bronze, Tiba Emerald, Spectra Violet and of course my lead Tri-Horned dragon Delta with her blue body and bronze spikes.


“If it weren’t for Violet and Zephyr there, we wouldn’t have made it out in one piece. Ultron had another prisoner and I couldn’t just leave him there. Zephyr’s the Grapple Grounder by the way. I rescued him from Ultron’s stables – old robo brain tried to force me to tame the poor thing for him. I think he had something awful in mind for the poor dragon.” I explained as I broke free of Hiccup’s concerned hug as Delta and the others touched noses with the newcomer and Zephyr rumbled a greeting. As usual, Chiheru was a ball of energy and dumped her passengers Ant Man and Captain America as Iron Man came in on his thrusters before bounding over and knocking me to the ground. She licked my face in greeting and went into a “play with me NOW!” pose barking happily and I couldn’t help laughing. “Wait – did you say there was another prisoner? Who was it?” Wanda demanded as she slid off Tiba’s back and the emerald green Woolly Fury rumbled in greeting while Delta, Spectra and Starchaser exchanged confused looks with each other.


“He’s in the common room. I think I should let him introduce himself though.” I replied with a smug grin – I was sure that Wanda would appreciate my surprise for her and for Pietro. I led the others into the Common Room and Pietro turned from where he was playing with the black Night Terror I had set as his bodyguard. “Hello sister – it is good to see you again…” Pietro said by way of greeting only to be cut off with a grunt of surprise as Wanda rushed over and wrapped her arms around her twin brother. “Oh Pietro! Vd'aka bohu, how is this possible?! You were killed in the battle of Sokovia!” Wanda demanded turning to me with such a scary look as if demanding to know if I was tricking her with some Viking illusion or something. Well, if one of my relatives came back from the dead, I’d feel the same way. “You have Ria there to thank for me returning. Ultron’s been holding me prisoner for months now. And this little one here was keeping me company while she went out to get you guys.” Pietro explained nodding at me in acknowledgment and I couldn’t help blushing – even the black Night Terror chirped before flapping away from the reunion – smart dragon. I soon found myself wrapped in a hug from Wanda and I was admittedly surprised by her reaction.

“Hvala, thank you! You’ve returned my twin brother to me. I thought I had lost him forever but you found him and brought him back!” Wanda whispered to me in my ear and I couldn’t help blushing as she held me at arm’s length and smiled at me rather warmly – and that was considering her normally aloof personality. “Um…yeah, sure. It was my pleasure. You also have Violet and Zephyr to thank for helping in his escape as well as mine. If it weren't for the dragons, we’d have never gotten away from Ultron.” I told her with a hint of embarrassment entering my tone and I felt an approving hand on my shoulder and I glanced up to find Ant Man/Scott Lang at my side and a grin on his face under his cybernetic helmet. “We should get Pietro back to Berk – Phlegma can take care of his leg there.” Fishlegs interrupted spoiling the moment of friendship I was having with Wanda and she turned to the overweight teenager and I frowned at him in such a way that he winced in response. Just then, Smidvarg flew in and landed beside me barking something I couldn’t make out – my bracelet shimmered and I listened to what the dragon had to say.

“Ok, I could use a translation here. JARVIS still hasn’t figured out how to translate dragon lingo but you seem to be able to understand it Ria. Mind filling us in on what our white friend here is saying?” Stark asked and I turned back to the dragon. “Metal men are coming and it’s NOT the Autobots! I know their scent and these guys HAVE NO SCENT!” Smidvarg reported immediately and I passed on the message to the others and I saw the looks exchanged by Cap and Iron Man. Hiccup and the others immediately scrambled to get the fort defenses ready for battle. “Alright people! You heard the dragon! Ultron’s on his way! Set a perimeter and get ready! Ria – can you get some of the wild dragon residents to help us out? You seem to be able to communicate with them through that bracelet of yours.” Cap ordered and I turned to where Wanda and Pietro were now sitting together and he made a shooing motion to show that he was fine with me going – I was still hesitant to leave him but the black Night Terror I had set as his bodyguard returned. “This little fella will stay with you – they make amazing sentries.” I explained and I quickly ran to Garenth – they had brought my Nadder for me and Chiheru allowed Ant Man to mount again before we took off to round up some wild dragon backup.


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Riders of Berk Assemble! Part 4

I flew through the air on my loyal Nadder’s back and Chiheru flew right on our heels with Ant Man clinging to her fur likes spines and her saddle flying fast and strong. That little bronze Woolly Fury of mine was fast and full of energy – she was an amazing racing dragon and one of my favorite teaching dragons since she was also very patient with the kids. I turned to glance at Ant Man. “Hey! You hanging on there, ok? I know where the dragons like to hang out – it’s not far!” I called over the wind of our passage as Chiheru pulled alongside me and Garenth nodded acknowledgement at her presence and the dragon flew fast. Garenth was just slightly faster than she was and kept just ahead of her.

“Yeah! BARELY! I’ll be glad when we hit the ground again! From now on, I’m sticking with AAAANNNNTS!” Ant Man called back with his last word turning into a scream of protest as Chiheru did a perfect barrel roll just to show off – hah! She only ever did that when she liked her rider – she did it with me all the time! “Chiheru likes you! Don’t worry, she’s just showing off! Your ant Euclid does the same thing from what Hawkeye told me!” I called with a laugh as we flew in to land at Dragon Clearing – the place where all the dragons on the island came to hang out, including a local pack of Nadders, a few dozen Gronkle and a variety of other species. A Monstrous Nightmare with beautiful scarlet and rainbow scales glanced up from where she was getting a drink from the pond and trotted over to touch noses with Garenth in greeting. “What brings you to our side of the island? The Night Terrors have been in a flurry since your return Rialynh. And who is this with you? I’ve never seen him before.” The dragon asked and I immediately recognized Mara from her royal blue wing patterns as she reared onto her hind legs and spread her wings in warning.

“Hey Mara – it’s good to see you girl. Don’t mind him – he’s with me. Ant Man, this is Mara – one of the resident Monstrous Nightmares. Mara – this is Scott Lang, one of the Avengers. You know, one of the superheroes from the comics I’m always telling you about? Listen, trouble is coming to the island and we need your help.” I explained to Mara and she gave Mr. Lang an inquisitive look as she sniffed at him before deciding that she could trust him if I did. “It’s um…nice to meet you Mara…” Ant Man said hesitantly as he reached out to pet the dragon and she touched her nose to his hand and she rumbled with pleasure as he scratched obligingly at her eye ridge. “It is nice to meet you too – a friend of Ria’s is a friend of ours. Now, you were saying something about danger to the island? What kind of danger?” Mara demanded and I explained the situation to her and she started barking orders to the other dragons while they started heading off towards the fort. I turned to Ant Man to explain.

“Mara’s ordered the other dragons to start helping with the defense of the island. They’ll help us protect the island from Ultron but they won't engage if there’s danger. I warned them about Ultron’s weapons and that they can kill any dragon, no matter how strong their armor is.” I told Ant Man and he nodded his approval as Mara flew off to direct her troops – I knew I could trust her judgment in battle and I knew that Thor would approve of me getting their warriors involved. “Good – now let’s get back to the Fort before they start the party without us!” Ant Man told me in reply and I nodded before swinging onto Garenth’s back and the Nadder quickly took the lead as we flew back to the Fort. I had Garenth land on our assigned runway and I saw that Bumblebee and the others had arrived – but what was with the massive ship? I’d never seen anything like it! It was huge! Easily big enough to carry the Autobots!

I dismounted Garenth and ran to greet Bumblebee – he was standing with a red armored robot I didn’t recognized and his cry of relief as he scooped me into a hug was enough for me. “Ria! Oh thank Primus you’re safe! Heatwave, this is Rialynh – the young Viking I was telling you about. Ria, this is my friend Heatwave – he’s the leader of the Rescue Bots. They run rescue missions all the time when natural disasters strike.” Bee said by way of introduction and I shook hands (well, I shook one of his massive fingers) in greeting from my perch on my yellow friend’s shoulder. “It’s nice to meet you kiddo. Bee’s told me a lot about you. We came to visit when we’d heard you’d been captured by Ultron. We wanted to help so we came along. That ship belongs to High Tide – one of our naval officers. That’s him over there with Blades and Boulder. Chase is the one with blue and white armor. Our partners, the Burns family, are around too.” Heatwave explained pointing out several other bots and I saw a kid no older than twelve with another dark skinned girl with puffy black ponytails busy trying to get the attention of two of the wild Nadders.

“I wouldn’t recommend doing that! Those guys don’t trust humans except for me. Name’s Rialynh Nightwalker – leader of the Shadow Hunters Clan from the Berk Dragon Academy. Who are you two?” I said by way of greeting and both kids whirled as the two Nadders, a green and red pair, flew off when Mara literally barked an order at them to help the Gronkles build a defensive wall around our Fort. “I’m Cody Burns and this is my friend Francine Green. We were hoping to try to get to ride those dragons. Are you a dragon rider?” The blond boy explained but before I could respond, the girl interrupted with a cough to get my attention. “Actually, I prefer to be called Frankie. Nice outfit by the way, is that real leather?” The girl, Frankie added gesturing to my Skrill themed school jacket that I had changed into before leaving with Ant Man to round up the wild dragons I had befriended on the island. I glanced up as a Gronkle with green markings flew overhead with boulders for the wall in their talons before I replied.

“It’s real leather. My mom made it for me. And it’s nice to meet both of you. If you want to ride dragons, I’m afraid that will have to wait until after we send Ultron packing.” I told the two kids as I turned to see Astrid coming over with Captain Rogers on her heels – there was another man with her I didn’t recognize and Cap raised an arm in greeting. “Ria, I see you’ve meet Cody and Frankie. This is Police Chief Charlie Burns from Griffin Rock, Maine. Chief Burns, this is Rialynh, she’s the leader of the Shadow Hunters.” Cap said when he approached us and I shook hands with Cody’s father – there was a strong enough family resemblance that I could tell that they were related. Suddenly, Chiheru bounded over with Tiba and Spectra on her heels and Spectra trotted straight up to the two kids and pushed her head into Cody’s hand. “Huh – Spectra never does that with strangers. She must like you kids. It’s nice to meet you by the way Chief Burns. I’m sorry that it had to be under these circumstances though. Chiheru, Tiba and Spectra are all mine by the way – same with the Grapple Grounder Zephyr, the blue and bronze Nadder and the Stingtailed Flamethrower. Starchaser’s around here somewhere…ah, there he is, directing those Monstrous Nightmares over there.” I explained when Chief Burns raised an eyebrow at me – he nodded his approval and clamped a hand on my shoulder with a pleased smile on his face.

“I’m sorry that we had to meet like this too, but I’m glad to see you’re ok. I have to admit I was worried when Bee told us you’d been kidnapped. So, when do you think…whoa! Looks like the party’s starting early! Come on, let’s get you kids inside!” Chief Burns replied with a shout of surprise as a repulsors blast from an Ultron Drone made us all duck and he ushered the two kids inside – I leapt onto Garenth and he roared a challenge at the drones. Chiheru and the others leapt into the air with the other wild dragons and the Berk riders flying in perfect attack formation. My trio of lieutenants, Mizuki, June and Freyr were also in the fray on their dragons Kingpin, Brila and Jutro the Woolly Howl – Wanda told me that his name meant “Morning” in Slovakian before the battle. “Welcome to the party Ria!” Freyr called as he had Jutro dive for a drone and the Woolly Fury shot an ice blast that shredded the machine to pieces as Iron Man zipped past on his repulsors with Falcon on his heels using his hardlight wings to keep pace.

“I had to take care of something! Watch your flank there Zuki!” I called back as Garenth used his spines to shred another drone – I kept my eyes peeled for Ultron Prime – or as I liked to call him “Metal Butt” as Toothless zipped past me shooting a plasma blast at another drone coming in from behind. “Thanks for the save Hiccup!” I called and the older Viking waved back in response. I decided to return the favor by having Garenth use his magnesium burning flame to melt another drone to scrapmetal and I glanced over to see that Widow, Hawkeye and Ant Man had mounted Spectra Violet, Tiba Emerald and Chiheru Bronze respectively. I saw that Ant Man was once again perched on Chiheru’s back despite his earlier complaints about her fancy maneuvers. Hawkeye was shooting arrows with expert precision from Tiba’s back and Widow was doing the same with her stingers from her perch on Spectra. Apparently, my purple furred Woolly Fury had taken a shine to the former Russian spy and the two were getting to be fast friends.

“Not bad for a bunch of Vikings on dragons! You guys definitely seem to know what you’re doing!” Iron Man told me over my earpiece radio as he hovered beside me shooting covering fire at drones while I reached for my own bow and took a play from Hawkeye’s book. I picked one of the crystal tipped arrows Fixit had designed for me – the Minicon told me that the crystals were specially designed to explode on contact with the enemy target and they had other special tricks as well. I was planning on making the older archer jealous. Suddenly, Garenth veered making me miss a shot as the lead Ultron dove after me. Uh-oh – I was in trouble now. “Ah, there you are my young friend! Why don’t we land so that we can talk? You left before I had a chance to explain what I had planned for you!” Ultron called over the wind and I would’ve barfed up my seafood stew over Garenth’s side (ending up with a very unhappy Nadder I might add) and Garenth roared a challenge springing his spines out at him in warning. “BACK OFF ULTRON! This girl’s under MY protection!” Iron Man shouted over his suit speakers and he got between Garenth and the robotic AI – I was glad to have the Avengers watching my back this time.

“No, no, no, no! This has nothing to do with you Iron Man! This matter is for the girl and myself to discuss alone!” Ultron snapped back as if this was nothing more than a polite conversation and I snarled along with Garenth in response. “HEY ULTRON! IF YOU WANT ME, COME AND GET ME METAL BUTT!” I shouted and I urged Garenth into a dive and Ultron took the bait. “RIA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! ARE YOU CRAZY? PULL UP! YOU’RE HEADING RIGHT FOR THE WATER!” Iron Man shouted over my radio but I knew what I was doing – I’d alerted the local Scauldrons via Night Terror messengers and they were ready to strike once I got Ultron into range. “Stark, trust me, I have a plan! I’ve done this before!” I called back over my radio and we dove into the waves and I barely had time to close my mouth against the salt water as a Scauldron I recognized as Scauldy zipped past heading for the surface. We broke the surface again to see that Ultron had been shot from the sky by our resident Scauldron and he veered off at the last minute to avoid the hot boiling spray from the dragon.

“Not bad, not bad at all kiddo! You’ve got a head for strategy! You almost had me there!” Ultron told me when he cornered Garenth against the ocean side cliff – there was nowhere for us to go and he yanked me off my dragon and clamped a hand around my throat as he flew back into the air. “LET GO OF ME, LET GO!” I shouted in protest as Ultron flew to a spot where everyone could see that he had me as a hostage. “STAND DOWN AUTOBOTS – THAT GOES FOR YOU TOO AVENGERS! OTHERWISE I DROP THE GIRL INTO THE OCEAN! SHE’LL hideIF SHE FALLS FROM THIS HEIGHT!” Ultron warned as he held me at arm’s length and dangled me over the waves – I had to admit that I was terrified – he was right, if I fell from this height, I’d be flattened when I hit the waves. Even Garenth wouldn’t dare risk firing his spines if he felt I was in danger. I could see the others were hesitating as Ultron’s grip threatened to crush my windpipe if I struggled. I kept a grip on my captor’s wrist and tried to pry his fingers loose – I knew it was a risk, but I saw a wild Nightmare I recognized as Mara move into position ready to dive to my rescue if I needed it.

“LET THE GIRL GO ULTRON! She’s nothing to you!” I heard Captain Rogers call from where he was seated on the back of Starchaser – huh – Starchaser must trust him to let such a total stranger on his back since he never let strangers mount if I wasn’t with them. I glanced around – all of the Avengers had stopped mid fight once they realized Ultron had taken me hostage – again. The drones had them all covered with repulsors blasts ready to fire and even our forces on the ground – ahem, the Autobots mainly as well as most of my Clanmates – had stopped what they were doing and were looking up. Even from this distance I could sense Bumblebee’s concern for my safety. I saw the sailor he had pointed out as High Tide quietly dive into the water ready to help while leaving his ship unattended – what was that guy up to? I heard Ultron chuckle as he tightened his grip on my neck and nearly made me black out from lack of oxygen. “HAH! Let’s just say I have plans for this little warrior princess! But, plans change so…since none of you are willing to surrender…whoops!” Ultron mused and he suddenly released me from his grip. I couldn’t help screaming at the top of my lungs as I fell – suddenly, I felt myself shrinking. It was a strange sensation – like the world was enlarging around me as I got smaller. Just as suddenly, something arrested my fall and I glanced up to see Scott Lang/Ant Man grinning down at me from the back of a giant flying ant!

“Hang on kiddo – I’ve gotchya! Up ya get! Stark, it’s me; I’ve got Ria safe and sound! Feel free to open fire!” Scott said as he pulled me to safety on the ant’s back. I wrapped my arms around the older man’s waist as the ant did a barrel roll to dodge a piece of debris from an exploding drone above us. He wiggled his antennae at me when he turned his head back to look at his new passenger and did another barrel roll making me yelp in protest. “WHOA! Ok! It’s one thing when one of my dragons does that, but can you PLEASE MAKE HIM STOP?” I demanded as the ant straightened out at some silent command from Mr. Lang and he opened his helmet to grin back at me. “Don’t mind Euclid – it’s his way of saying he likes you! He has sort of an odd taste in people. No offense or anything, but you do seem to have a way with animals! Hang on tight! I’m taking us back to base. Looks like Ultron decided to make a break for it.” Ant Man explained gesturing to where I could now see that a rather large (considering I was ant sized and Ultron was already a few feet taller than me anyways) Ultron was ordering his drones to retreat once he realized his plan to kill me had failed. I sighed in relief and let my head fall against Mr. Lang’s shoulder – he didn’t seem to mind as he turned his attention back to the insect we were riding. I was exhausted – talk about an adrenaline rush!

“Ria? Ria, is that you?! Oh thank Odin you’re safe! We came to Berk as soon as we could! We heard you’d been kidnapped by some evil robot again! Was it that weird Decepticon named Steeljaw again sweetie?” Mom demanded when we’d returned to Berk a few hours later – I’d hitched a ride with Mr. Lang on Euclid – turns out that riding a flying ant is just as fun as riding a dragon – especially when you’re ant sized and buzzing around High Tide trying to annoy him! In fact, Mr. Lang had let me do that part on my own! Mom had wrapped me in a hug so tight that it felt like Ultron was strangling me again until I managed to wiggle free. “Mom, I’m fine! The guys were watching my back the whole time! I’d’ve been flattened on the water if Mr. Lang hadn’t rescued me with that ant of his.” I assured my mother as Naga began to sniff at me for injuries – when she didn’t find anything broken, she chuffed at me and I gave the silvery blue Nadder an affectionate slap on the snout. Even dad was there and he was already discussing what happened with Captain America and Chief Burns. Atreus Nightwalker may be the chief of our tribe back home, but he still liked to get involved with things when he could.


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Ride to the Rescue! Part 1

Dear mom and dad,

It’s been almost a month since the whole Ultron/Avengers fiasco. The Maximoff twins Pietro and Wanda are settling in along with Ant Man and a few other Avengers Captain America insisted on leaving here on Berk to keep an eye on things in case Ultron comes back. Kira and the rest of the Shadow Hunters have been helping our new friends the Burns Family and the Rescue Bots settle in as well – the Burns kids are all trained for rescue operations and Chief Charlie Burns insisted on training some of our dragon riders for rescue operations as well. The Rescue Bots are a subgroup of Autobots including Heatwave, Salvage, Blur, Blades, Chase, Boulder and High Tide. Bumblebee introduced me to them after the whole incident on Dragon’s Edge. I look forward to working with Heatwave and the others. Heatwave seems like a nice guy if you ask me.

Write back soon!


I finished my now weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) letter to home and I had just sent it off with Lyall when an ant I recognized as Ant Man’s friend Euclid flew in the window. I sighed – I was still getting used to the insects coming and going without my Spacial Beauties Isis, Hersche, Percy, Mintaka (Minty), Riaryth and Zenith chasing after them. The dragons were beautifully patterned serpentine creatures and they weren't much bigger than Smidvarg the Night Terror and they were adorable. The next thing I knew, Mr. Lang was standing at my side and I yelped in surprise – honestly, did the man enjoy scaring people half to death with that size changing trick of his?

“YIKES! Scott, seriously; don’t do that! You scared me! You know I hate it when you do that size changing trick of yours to scare me!” I scolded and I heard startled dragon yelps when Hersche realized who was here and he came scampering in and started begging for belly rubs and play like an overexcited puppy as soon as he saw one of his favorite playmates. “Ha-ha! Sorry about that kiddo – I couldn’t resist! Cassie and her Scuttleclaw Dingo are off at class so I figured I’d come see what you were up to. I saw Lyall leave just now – I assume that was your weekly letter home updating your folks?” Mr. Lang apologized and he obligingly gave my little yellow Spacial Beauty a belly rub before Hersche scampered off – most of my dragons were on my new assigned island Dragon’s Ridge and they were well cared for. I had so many now that regular stables just didn’t have enough space, so Hiccup agreed to let me use one of the smaller islands near Berk to house my friends. It was only a short ten minute flight away so most of my dragons stayed there and rotated with my main colony to live in the stables here on Berk.

“Yeah, I just sent off Lyall. He’ll be back in a few hours. I was going to go see Heatwave about learning some firefighting tricks. He’s teaching a class with his partner Kade Burns today if you’re interested in tagging along. It’s mostly kids with Tidal Class dragons involved – so I’m bringing Koyi, Fjord and Wrecker today. Wrecker’s my second Hobblegrunt after Cliffjumper by the way – he may be a Stoker class, but they can be handy in firefighting.” I replied as I stood up from my desk and led the way out of my house to the stables – I realized that Ant Man’s ant Euclid was now perched on my shoulder so I let the little guy stay put. I headed for the stables in back of my house on Berk and got my aforementioned dragons ready to go – Koyi, my Oriental Serpentfang in particular was excited about her first day of firefighting classes. We arrived just in time with Ant Man in tow to find Heatwave and Kade were just starting – I think that Kade liked the idea of teaching kids about firefighting a little too much if you get my meaning. Kade was saying something about using a Scauldron’s spray to put out a fire despite the heat of the dragon’s blast when Heatwave noticed our arrival and gave me a wink in greeting.

“Alright – we’re changing things up today kids! We’ve set up some scenarios where you have to use your dragon’s natural talents to put out a fire! Why don’t you youngsters partner up and we’ll take you to our training spot?” Heatwave suggested, clapping his big hands together for attention before the other kids paired off leaving me as the only person without a partner. Heatwave had asked me to be the demo flyer anyways so I was ok with that. I glanced at Wrecker and the Hobblegrunt turned bright yellow-gold with excitement and I swung onto Fjord’s ice white back as the Psyche Keeper trotted to keep up with the other grounded dragons. Fjord was the type of dragon who didn’t fly when he didn’t need to – Koyi and the others fluttered after us just skimming the ground with their excitement. Soon we arrived at a place littered with old looking makeshift buildings, piles of straw, logs and other flammable materials. Heatwave smiled at me and winked letting me know that they had planned for the excited reactions coming from the kids as Hiccup flew in on Toothless and Astrid on Stormfly with Hookfang, Barf and Belch and Meatlug right on his heels. “We’ve asked the original Dragon Riders to help us out today. We figured you kids should learn how to deal with different intensities of flame since not all fires burn the same way. You all know that Nadders, Night Furies, Zipplebacks, Monstrous Nightmares and Gronkles each use a different type of flame. Who can tell me what they are? Ria?” Kade asked gesturing to me when my hand shot up before any of the other kids – I was the oldest in the class and I knew dragons best after all.

“Zipplebacks use a gas based flame – one head spews gas and the other sparks it. Night Furies use plasma – a very hot flame. Nightmares use a liquid fuel base to set themselves on fire – Gronkles use magma from the stones they eat and lastly, the Nadder uses a magnesium based flame. Sand is used to put out magnesium since it burns so hot – you can’t use water because it splashes the flame around and spreads the burn. I should know since my Nadder Garenth has accidentally set my barn on fire a few times.” I explained with a big grin on my face as the kids looked at me in awe – Cassie was the youngest and her Scuttleclaw Dingo were in the front – no wonder Ant Man wanted to tag along! Dingo was barely big enough for Cassie to ride but he actually listened to her – Hiccup said the mischievous little Nadder wannabes rarely listened to anyone – I was glad they were going to grow up together. I smiled at Cassie and she waved back – Dingo chirped a greeting and Hiccup chuckled.

“You definitely know your dragons Ria – what do you say about going first for the kids? Why don’t you take Fjord up first? He seems eager to go.” Hiccup suggested and Fjord bugled excitedly – I was rocked in my perch on his back so it was a good thing I was already strapped in his saddle – serpentine dragons like Grapple Grounders, Keepers, Serpentfangs and the like was tricky enough! I nodded in consent and Fjord twisted his head almost 180 degrees to look at me – that was almost as far as a Stormcutter like Beryl’s Navi could do! He made my bracelet sparkle and I let him speak to me. I’ve had my peridot/Sky Emerald bracelet for awhile now and I’ve learned how to block out dragons I didn’t want to talk to. “I’m ready whenever you are Ria – just say when.” Fjord told me excitedly and he rumbled at Toothless as the Night Fury gave me one of his famous smiles – I was going to be assigned to his care next month anyways. Only a few of us top ranking students involved in the Berk Watch got to tend to the famous Night Fury. I smiled back.

“We’re ready! Fjord’s eager to go!” I called as Fjord leapt into the air – our first target was going to be a shack that had been built for the purpose of burning. I had Fjord use his magic to hover in place as the other dragons took their positions along the obstacle course. Meatlug was first – magma – easy to put out since my guy Pheasant was a Gronkle and he sometimes belched magma when he had an upset stomach. Fjord’s element was ice so that would give us a major advantage – my Groncile Penguin often had to use his ice breath to put out his flame on more than one occasion. “ALRIGHT, LIGHT IT UP!” Heatwave called from below and the other dragons lit the obstacles ablaze. Fjord spewed an ice blast strong enough to rival a Scauldron’s spray at the magma first – it was snuffed out before it even started smoking! Same with the Monstrous Nightmare flame, Nadder flame, Zippleback and Night Fury flames. We reached the Nadder flame and first I dumped a bag of sand (of course I checked the wind first) on the flames and Fjord extinguished the rest with his ice. Finally, we came to the plasma powered Night Fury flame obstacle and Fjord extinguished that with his ice abilities in two seconds flat. I had Fjord land beside Heatwave just to show off for the kids as they cheered. Even Scott Lang applauded his approval.

“Nice work out there kiddo. Smart thinking to use that sand trick before hitting the Nadder flame with your dragon’s ice burst. So – who wants to go next? You can only go if your dragon is at least shortwing stage!” Kade told the group clapping me on the shoulder and tousling my hair in approval and I gave Fjord an affectionate slap on the shoulder before turning to the kids. “As part of the Berk Watch I often have to put out fires. I already know a few tricks that I’ve picked up on my own. It helps when you have several types of dragons available as well. For example, my Serpentfang Koyi can spray water as hot as a Scauldron’s spray and can be useful in firefighting. Wrecker is a Hobblegrunt, yes, but even a Stoker Class dragon can be used to put out fires when used properly. This is a technique called using a “backfire”. That’s when two fires collide with each other and both use up all the oxygen in the area. Then they basically snuff each other out.” I explained to the kids and they were spellbound by my words – I loved getting that reaction from students when information clicks into their heads. I glanced around at the students and I saw that at some point, Pietro Maximoff had joined the class. I nodded in greeting and he winked at me – Pietro and I had gotten to be close friends since the Ultron thing a few weeks ago and he had since fully recovered from his injuries.

“All right! So, it appears that our special guest has some work to do, so we’ll let her get to it. Now you kids need to remember what we said about different types of fire working in different ways.” Heatwave told the class, giving me a nudge with his foot, letting me know I was dismissed if I was needed and I made my way to the back of the group giving Cassie a smile when she locked eyes with me and her Scuttleclaw Dingo barked an inquiry. “Hey, what’s going on Pietro? Find a dragon you like yet?” I asked in a whisper as the kids left us in the dust and Ant Man offered to bring my other dragons back to Dragon’s Ridge while I took Wrecker with me – the blue-green Hobblegrunt snuffled Pietro’s silvery white hair before turning a silvery blue color to match him. He had a habit of changing colors to match the outfits of people he liked – if he stayed his normal shade of blue-green with his gold and bronze markings, it usually meant he was either indifferent or didn’t care for that particular person – but he changed color every time he saw one of the Maximoff twins so that clearly meant he liked both of them.

“Actually, I vas hoping to ask you for help with that. Apparently I have a stalker.” Pietro admitted with a grin as he gestured behind him where I spotted my young Speed Stinger friend Dart from Icestorm Island – huh, what do you know? He was the same shade of blue as Pietro’s shirt and his frills were a brilliant silver color. Dart had the typical red eyes of his species but otherwise his colors matched Pietro almost to the spectrum. Dart barked a greeting and zipped over to leap into my arms. “Omph! This is Dart – a Speed Stinger I rescued from an avalanche back when we first started exploring Icestorm Island. He seems to have taken a shine to you.” I explained, handing the little Speed Stinger over to Pietro and the velociraptor like dragon curled up and started purring in Pietro’s arms – apparently the little fellow had taken a shine to the Enhanced superhero.  Pietro raised an eyebrow at me and I smiled – he was older than me, somewhere in his early twenties I think – and I was only sixteen. I think he thought of me as sort of a second sister or something after we escaped Ultron together.

“Ah, that explains a lot. I vas hoping it was something like that. You seem to know a lot about our scaly lizard friends.” Pietro teased as Dart pressed his head into his new friend’s hand – Dart was one of the friendlier of the wild Speed Stingers from Icestorm Island. His mother was pretty aggressive, but she was friendly towards me at least for helping her hatchling. I turned to mount Wrecker and flew to meet High Tide at his ship where he was going to show me how he used it in his mega form. It was so cool! He could join his body with the ship and make himself large enough to stand in deep water with his head and torso well above the waves. He was even going to let us use it for the long weekend when we took the three hour boat ride home. My home Island – Wavebreaker Island – was three hours away by boat or dragon. That was where we were planning on spending the holiday. I was going to introduce the guys to Snowbeast and the wild dragons we have running around back home. I already warned dad I was bringing a few extra bots with me this time.

“Permission to come aboard High Tide? Your ship’s looking in good repair today!” I called down to the big bot from my perch on Wrecker’s back. High Tide glanced up from his work where he was coiling a cable and waved in greeting. “Permission granted, lass! Welcome aboard! I assume things went well with your fire fighting class today?” High Tide replied with a huge grin splitting the old sailor bot’s face as Wrecker landed on the deck of the massive ship. I slid off my friend’s back only to be pounced on by the robot dog the Burns family brought with them. “Servo, get off! At least you don’t slobber like regular canines!” I teased, giving the robo dog a pat and Servo gave a mechanical bark and wagged his tail in reply. Servo glanced back at High Tide and he grinned. “Ye seem to have a way with Cybertronian and Earth type animals. Come on, I’ll show ye around.” High Tide teased, tousling my hair with his big hand and scooped me onto his shoulder. I was starting to like this oversized sailor. He was a good Bot – no wonder Bee liked him. High Tide said we’d be pulling up anchor this afternoon once classes were over. I had the day off so we were going to meet the others on my island Dragon’s Ridge so I could introduce him to my dragon colony.

“Ria, welcome home sweetie! That is one massive ship! Is that one of your Autobot friend’s ships?” Mom called as Naga flew overhead and dropped her off on High Tide’s ship once he had given her permission to land. I had Garenth with me and he touched noses with the silvery purple Nadder female. “Mom! Seriously? This is High Tide’s ship. He let us borrow it for the trip.” I explained, gesturing to the big bot and I made introductions. Sideswipe grinned as he shook hands with my mom. “It’s good to see you again Belinda. How are things here on the island?” Sideswipe asked, surprising me as mom glanced up at him. Dad then flew in on a huge Rumblehorn with blue-green scales and a solid blue spin along his back. I immediately recognized Bruiser as the big dragon landed. “Bruiser, it’s so good to see you boy! Yeah, you’re a big guy, how are you?” I asked the big dragon as he licked my face in greeting.

“Whoa – that has to be one of the biggest dragons I’ve seen!” Blades commented and I grinned up at him. Dani Burns was perched on his shoulder, but she slid down his arm to greet the dragon. Even Chief Burns seemed impressed with Bruiser as he shook hands with my dad. Bruiser rumbled at Dani as she held out a hand to greet the dragon. “Well Blades, if you think Bruiser is big, wait until you meet Snowbeast! He’s our resident Bewilderbeast, an Alpha – king of the dragons in fact. Dad, can I take the guys to Dragon’s Point? I know outsiders aren’t normally allowed to visit, but can we make an exception for these guys since they’re friends?” I told Blades, glancing back at my dad and he nodded his approval with a smile. “Sure thing kiddo. Just don’t bother Snowbeast if he’s not in the mood for visitors. You know how that old dragon gets when he’s grumpy.” Dad warned, grinning at Blades’ nervous whimper.

“Come on ya big chicken. Let’s go! Come on, come on; come on!” I teased, bounding back into Garenth’s saddle while the Bots exchanged confused looks. Even Bee was definitely confused for a bit but he shrugged and went into vehicle mode to follow on the ground. Blades flew alongside me on Garenth with Dani in his cockpit. We were heading to the southernmost tip of Wavebreaker Island, where our resident Bewilderbeast Snowbeast made his lair. “How much further? We’re going to have to hoof it if this terrain gets much worse!” Heatwave asked over the crystal radios a few minutes after we reached a rockier part of the trail. I had Garenth land at the top of the hill to wait for the others. I slid off my friend’s back and stretched my legs. “Don’t worry, it’s not much farther. It’s easier if we walk the last bit anyhow. Only dragons can fly in to a Bewilderbeast’s lair without being shot down.” I explained as Blades hastily landed beside us and deposited Dani before Transforming into his robot mode.

“Whoa! This place is huge! Is this all made of ice?!” Boulder asked in amazement as we walked through an ice tunnel more than large enough for our two story to three story tall friends. I grinned – if Boulder thought this ice tunnel was impressive, he was going to have his struts knocked off when he saw the interior of the Wavebreaker Sanctuary. I knew the path well – dad and I used to come here all the time when I was a kid to see the dragons. Our island had been among the first to make peace with the dragons, before Berk did in fact. Snowbeast’s dragons never caused us any trouble for as long as anyone could remember. “Trust me Boulder; you ain’t seen nothing yet big guy. And here we are. Snowbeast’s lair!” I said, delighted with the stunned looks I got in response while the others emerged into the ice made sanctuary.


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Ride to the Rescue! Part 2

The others were gaping in amazement as they looked around at all the wild dragons scattered around the Bewilderbeast Sanctuary. I glanced up at a familiar bugle as a pink, green and blue Deadly Nadder flew in to greet us. I immediately recognized her as my friend Coral. She was one of my favorite dragons. I loved her unique color patterns. Coral rumbled in greeting and touched noses with Garenth and the other dragons in our group.

“Hey Coral, how are ya girl? Guys, this is Coral – one of the resident Nadders here. She’s a total sweetheart! She used to play with me all the time when I was a kid. I think she thought I was one of her hatchlings or something!” I said with a grin as Coral examined our robot friends. Thankfully, she didn’t freak out as bad as I thought the dragons might. Bumblebee knelt and held out a hand in greeting to the dragon. Even Drift seemed impressed. Russell came up with Alask on his heels and the desert colored Sand Wraith rumbled a greeting at the other dragon. Coral barked in greeting and licked Bee’s hand in greeting, making him laugh in response. “Hey there girl! You’re friendly ain’t ya? So, where’s this Bewilderbeast you were telling us about? I don’t see any sign of it.” Bee asked, glancing around at the dragons flying overhead. I grinned again – he was in for a big surprise when he met Snowbeast. I led them over to a nearby ledge and Snowbeast reared his massive head from under the pile of snow down below in the canyon. The others were stunned silent by the Titan wing dragon’s size alone!

“Whoa! That has to be the biggest dragon I’ve ever seen! Bigger than me ship!” High Tide said with a whistle of approval as Snowbeast examined the newcomers with his huge, intelligent eyes. He raised a scaly brow at me and I grinned up at him. “Snowbeast, I brought some new friends! Say hello big guy!” I called up to the dragon and Snowbeast turned his massive blue and white tusked head on me. The ivory tusks he sported were huge, easily big enough for one of the Bots to stand on with plenty of foot space. “Wow; that is…one…big dragon.” Kade commented, stunned speechless by the massive dragon before him. I grinned at Garenth and he simply rolled his golden green eyes at me. Coral seemed to have taken a shine to Dani and was sticking close to her.

It is good to see you again young hatchling. How are things on Berk? Are you well?” Snowbeast asked through my sky emerald bracelet. I translated the greeting to the others and I gave Snowbeast’s tusk an affectionate slap. “I’m fine Snowbeast, thanks for asking big fella. I’ve got some new friends that I want you to meet.” I said and I introduced the others. Snowbeast examined each of them – he was a total sweetheart. Sideswipe reached out cautiously and put a hand on Snowbeast’s massive tusk. Snowbeast blew a gentle flurry of ice that coated his head. It made us all laugh. “What the heck? Wow, that’s cold! I didn’t know dragons could breathe ice.” Sideswipe commented as he brushed the snow off of his armor. Russell and Alask both exchanged a grin with Denny Clay. I grinned back at them. “Snowbeast does that when he likes people. He seems to like you in particular Sideswipe – don’t ask me why, Snowbeast has always had a strange taste in people. Similar to your ant Euclid, Scott.” I replied, glancing at Ant Man and I saw Cassie’s wide eyed staring at Snowbeast as she and her little Scuttleclaw, Dingo jumped back in surprise. Sideswipe grinned.

Watch it little one. I still have control over your dragon after all.” Snowbeast warned and I rolled my eyes at him. I didn’t translate that comment though. He let the others explore his domain and Bee stuck with me while I translated his questions for the massive dragon. We both sat perched on his massive tusk and I leaned on Bumblebee’s side. “So, Snowbeast, I hear you’ve known my little friend here for a long time! How long have you known her exactly?” Bumblebee asked and I translated it into Dragonese. “I’ve known my young hatchling here since she was a child. I consider her a member of my colony. She and her family have always respected dragon kind.” Snowbeast said and I translated. I didn’t mind playing the medium for their conversation. In fact, I enjoyed it. Suddenly, a dragon came swooping in, a new species at the school called a Prickleboggle. I’d never actually seen one up close. It looked sort of like a four legged Monstrous Nightmare. “Snowbeast, what’s wrong? Is something going on?” I asked the big dragon as he conversed telepathically with the Prickleboggle – I decided to call her Prickle for short. Not the most creative name, I know, but I had to call her something and Snowbeast seemed to like the name.

Prickle says that there’s trouble on the island. Something about a forest fire.” Snowbeast reported and I translated. Bee jumped to his feet on the Bewilderbeast’s tusk, barely keeping his balance as he scooped me up, despite my protests and leapt off Snowbeast’s now lowered tusk onto the outcropping we’d been standing on earlier. “Listen up guys, we’ve got a situation! Got a report from one of the dragons that there was a forest fire! We’re heading out to investigate! Snowbeast has already put the colony on high alert in case of trouble. I’ve got Ria with me. We’re heading out now.” Bee informed the others, dumping me on Garenth’s back and sending the dragon airborne. We were soon heading out to the sight following Prickle with Drift on our heels. Prickle was a brilliant forest green with silver tints and blue markings so she was easy enough to follow. We saw the smoke in the distance.

“Bee, something doesn’t feel right…I’ve got a bad feeling that this fire ain’t natural. No dragon did this.” I said after asking a few local Scauldron to help us put out the blaze. We found evidence of someone deliberately starting the fire. Drift suddenly drew his sword and his two minicon students Jetstorm and Slipstream were at my side in an instant. Jetstorm had taken an immediate liking to me and we’d become close friends – Slipstream…he was more professional bodyguard after I helped rescue Drift from a misunderstanding with a dragon. Don’t ask. “Stay close Ashley – there could be trouble.” Jetstorm hissed at me after glancing up at Drift to be sure he was allowed to talk when he was on duty. Bee had his Decepticon hunter drawn and in sword mode ready for a fight. “Well, I had a feeling this would get you no good Autobots in the open. Hand over the kid and I’ll let you leave in peace.” A familiar voice commented as Steeljaw emerged from the still smoky trees. Jetstorm had his nun chucks in hand and a hand on my arm to restrain me. “Rialynh, when I give you the word, I want you to make a break for it and get back to the Sanctuary. Jetstorm and Slipstream will escort you.” Drift warned and I nodded – I knew better than to argue with this perfectionist Bot. I glanced at Bee and he nodded in agreement.

“Our priority is keeping you safe kiddo – do what Drift tells you.” Bee hissed, quickly moving so that I was blocked from Steeljaw’s view by his right leg. “So what will it be Bots? If you don’t hand over the kid, I’ll simply start the fire again and burn this forest to the ground!” Steeljaw warned, holding up his source of flame – a burning brand made of some sort of metal material. Cybertronian made probably. “Ria, get out of here – NOW!” Bee ordered and Jetstorm threw me on Garenth’s back – he swung up behind me and Prickle let Slipstream mount her. She was a rare giant sized Prickleboggle since most of them were no bigger than a Terrible Terror. Both of the dragons took to the air – Garenth struggled a bit with his heavier second passenger, but he managed to get us airborne. We got just high enough to avoid Steeljaw’s lunge for me – dang that Bot could hold a grudge! Humiliate a guy one time and he makes you an enemy for life! Last time I encountered him was when he held me prisoner for a week! I’d escaped with the help of my favorite group of friends and held my own against him. He wasn’t too happy about that.

“Ria, look out! Keep your head down!” Slipstream called over the wind as another purple and black painted robot lunged and snatched me off my dragon. I yelped in surprise as the strange bot snatched me. His tight grip sent the air out of me as I screamed. The strange robot landed with me struggling in his grip. “Nice try kiddo! You’re not getting away that easily! The boss wants to have a word with you! Boss, I have the girl you’re after!” The strange bot warned and I continued to wiggle in his grip. His grip on me tightened as he reported in to his boss. “Nice work Fracture. Take the girl back to headquarters. I’ll deal with her friends. Don’t let those Minicons and dragons get her back. I have plans for the girl.” Steeljaw replied over his radio – so the new guy’s name was Fracture? Decepticons had the weirdest names. But I suppose that some people would say Autobots had strange names too.

Fracture brought me to some island not too far from Dragon Island and Icestorm Island. He dumped me into an oversized bird cage. Apparently, he had minicon disciples too, because two of them hopped off his arms when he ordered them on guard duty. I rolled my eyes – I was once again a prisoner of the enemy. Last month it was Ultron, two months before that it was Steeljaw, and before that it was Von Nebula! Sheesh! Now I was recycling villains for crying out loud! Oi vey. I glanced at the two minicons – Fracture had called them Airazor and Divebomb or something. I glanced at my two captors. Bee had been teaching me how to fight against Cybertronians with help from Drift’s minicons Slipstream and Jetstorm. Personally, I preferred sparring with Jetstorm – he didn’t hit as hard as Slipstream usually did with those metal hands of theirs. I glanced up as Steeljaw approached my cage.

“Well, look what the dragons dragged in! So we meet again, my pretty little human friend. Sorry about the rough handling – Fracture gets a little…“overzealous” sometimes when it comes to handling prisoners. There’s nothing broken I trust?” Steeljaw commented, surprising me with his “sudden” show of concern for my wellbeing. He’d tried this trick before when he tried to recruit me as one of his spies on Berk, but I’d refused. I shook myself. I crossed my arms and leaned against the back of my bird cage. “So now you show concern? Funny, I thought you were trying to kidnap me back there in the forest. You threatened to burn it down if my friends didn’t cooperate. Besides, you know they’ll come for me. Bee will rip you to shreds if you hurt me.” I snapped back, hoping I was putting up a brave front – apparently I’d failed because Steeljaw grinned at me and chuckled. “Phe, it’s like I said the last time you were my special guest. You’ve got spunk. In fact, I have big plans for you if your friends do show up to rescue you. But don’t expect them to find you any time soon. I’m blocking all radio signals into and out of this area.” Steeljaw told me, reaching to the top of my bird cage and picking it up so that it swayed and I lost my balance. I yelped and fell flat on my rump as he lifted the cage to its new chain.

“Hey, not cool man!” I protested, rubbing my backside since I had bruised my tailbone. Steeljaw grinned. “You humans are so pathetic. You’re lucky you’re cute or I would kill you right now little princess. You two! Keep an eye on her! I don’t want her escaping before the Lieutenant Bumblebee shows up. She’s the bait to lure him into my trap.” Steeljaw warned, not noticing the little sky blue Terrible Terror that landed on top of my cage – I immediately recognized Lyall’s friend Blue. She was a resident back on Windbreaker. I had no idea which island Steeljaw brought me to, but it had to be close to home for Blue to find me this fast. Knowing dad, he’d let the guys use Bruiser to track me down (Rumblehorns were known for their excellent tracking skills). “Pssst – Blue, down here girl!” I hissed and the little dragon heard me. She chirped in relief and flew to the top of my cage, using her claws to hang on to the metal bars. I pulled a piece of paper from my pants pocket and a charcoal pencil from my belt pouch (thank you Hiccup!).

Ria, are you injured? Lyall and the others are worried sick! Snowbeast sent us out to find you when they told him you were kidnapped! Even Bruiser’s having a hard time tracking your scent here!” Blue demanded as I wrote a note explaining what happened. I shushed the little Terror and ordered her to hide when Divebomb and Airazor glanced up. “We can’t let those two boneheaded guards of mine see you! If they catch you, I’m dead! Take this note to Bumblebee – the yellow robot. He’ll know what it means.” I ordered the little dragon telepathically. My bracelet let me communicate that way with dragons and the note I had written was in a simple cipher Bee and I had worked out using Viking and Cybertronian runes. It was pretty handy – it was basically gibberish to anyone who didn’t know the code. And the only two people who knew it were me and Bee. “Will do, I’ll tell Snowbeast where you are. Then Bruiser can find you.” Blue replied, taking to the skies just before a strange dog-like robot came over to investigate me. I think I remember seeing this species of Cybertronian on the data scroll Fixit showed me once. They called him a Chompazoid or something.

“So you’re the new kid hanging out with the Autobots? Huh, you humans all look strange to me, but you’re the strangest of the bunch. Name’s Underbite by the way – I ate the entire city of Nuon on Cybertron!” The Chompazoid bragged, giving me his equivalent of a proud grin. I mentally scanned what I knew of this bot and recalled that Grimlock mentioned him once – he’d mentioned that when he said he didn’t know of this “Nuon City” place, the guy went nuts! Maybe that was my chance to escape! “Underbite, was it? Nope, can’t say I’ve ever heard of you…then again, I am just a simple human girl…” I lied, using a bat of the eyelash to my advantage. Guys like this were a gem a dozen in my opinion. He fell for the ploy. Underbite lunged for my cage and knocked it off its chain! I yelped as the cage crashed to the ground and popped open. Luckily, all I had for my troubles were a few minor bruises. But my plan had worked! Bee would be proud! I scrambled out of the cage just as Underbite realized what had happened.

“Thanks for opening the door! See ya later fellas!” I teased, dashing into the woods at top speed before my two minicon guards even realized what in the All Father’s name had just happened! I ran, leaping roots, ducking branches, heck sometimes I even leapt from branch to branch to ease my trail! But my captors were right behind me. Steeljaw roared in the distance – he was mad! This was the second time I’d humiliated him! Serves him right for trying to hold me prisoner! I kept running, but I tripped over a dragon’s tail and whirled to find a gold, metallic looking thing staring down at me. I recognized the species as a Razorwhip at once from Heather’s Windshear. But I’d never heard of a gold one before. I decided right then and there to call her Auruma – which was a more feminine form of the Latin word for gold. She glanced over her shoulder at the noise my pursuers were making.

You seem to have unwanted company. Do you need assistance?” The dragon asked in Dragonese, not knowing that I A. had my sky emerald bracelet and B. spoke Dragonese fluently. I nodded and replied in her language – apparently startling her. “Yes, please! Those are bad machines! They’re after me and I need help!” I told the dragon and she was obviously confused as to why a human like me was speaking to her in her native tongue. But Auruma shrugged her golden wings at me and let me mount – thank Thor’s hammer for that! She leapt into the air just as Divebomb and Airazor burst into the clearing we had just vacated with Steeljaw, Underbite and Fracture on their heels. I blew a raspberry in departure just as we flew out of sight. I sighed in relief and lay my head on Auruma’s neck. “I hope you like the name Auruma, it means “gold”.” I told the dragon, exhausted as the adrenaline from my escape failed me. Auruma turned her head back to me and gave me a gummy smile. “I don’t mind. I didn’t have a name before you gave me one. I rather like it.” Auruma told me in Dragonese. She flew until I heard someone calling out for me.

Rialynh? Rialynh?!” The disembodied voice called from a nearby island not far from Icestorm. I tapped Auruma’s neck and pointed down. She understood and flew in to land, where we found a strange red and blue robot waiting for us.


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Ride to the Rescue! Part 3

I recognized this strange robot immediately. He was my childhood comic book hero Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots himself! But…Bee had told me he’d died after giving his Spark to restore Cybertron or something! What was he doing here? Was this the Cybertronian equivalent of a ghost or some other spirit? The Prime smiled at me as if sensing my confusion.

“You must be Rialynh. I’m glad you are safe. Come, there is not much time…we must hide you somewhere safe before your pursuers figure out where you are.” Optimus explained, gesturing for Auruma and me to follow him into the nearby forest. I glanced at her to see what she thought of this unexpected show of assistance. “Wait…you’re…you’re Optimus Prime, aren't you? But…aren't…aren’t you…” I stammered, trotting a few paces to keep up with the giant robot’s long strides. Auruma flew to keep up and Optimus glanced down at me with those piercing blue optics of his. It sort of unnerved me to know I was walking with my childhood hero. But he smiled kindly at me and noticed my stumble before scooping me up and placing me on his red armored shoulder. He certainly didn’t feel like a ghost. “That is a rather long story, my friend. I was sent to help you from the Realm of the Primes. Ah, this cave will do for shelter. We can hold up here. Do you require anything?” Optimus told me, setting me down in a nearby cave with Auruma as she trotted in after us. I spotted some driftwood in the corner and I had some kindling in my emergency supplies in my backpack. I shook my head.

“No, I’ll be fine. There’s an underground river that runs through here – I can hear the water. That will provide fish for food. And there’s kindling in my pack for a fire and some driftwood there. Gothi, our village Elder back on Berk, said there was going to be rain tonight. This should be enough until the others…oh no! I sent a note with my Terrible Terror Blue to let them know I was in trouble! How am I going to get in touch with my friends now?!” I replied, realizing too late that my letter to Bee telling him where I was being held was now a moot point since my escape. Optimus placed a large, reassuring hand on my shoulder and that helped me to relax. “I will inform the others of your location.” Prime assured me, bringing over the driftwood, gesturing for Auruma to light it with her flame. She did so and I leaned against her side, exhausted. I must’ve dozed off because when I came around again, the flames were still crackling, but Optimus was nowhere to be seen.

“Auruma, where did Optimus go? He was here when I fell asleep.” I asked the dragon sleepily as she also stirred. Apparently she didn’t know, because Auruma didn’t respond to my question with anything more than a shrug. Wow – who knew Autobots could be so stealthy? “He left while you were sleeping. I don’t know where the Prime went. He seemed to like you though. He promised he’d be back.” Auruma told me in Dragonese just as the bot in question ducked back into the cave. I was relieved to see him. I have to admit, I was scared to be on my own right now. Even if I was with Auruma, we barely managed to get away from Steeljaw’s pack earlier. “I apologize for leaving you. I’ve informed Bumblebee of your current location. I promised that I would stay with you until his arrival.” Optimus explained, giving me a reassuring smile. He could tell I was scared and I liked him the minute I’d met him. Last year, if you’d told me that I’d be rubbing shoulders (or struts or whatever) with guys like Furno, Surge and Breez from Hero Factory, the Avengers and the Autobots, I would’ve said you were crazy! But now…wow, I had friends from all over the universe!

“I appreciate you doing this for me Optimus…” I managed. I was so grateful for the Prime’s presence – but how did you talk to a Prime?! I think he could sense I was nervous, because Optimus just smiled at me with that kind fatherly expression my dad often used to calm my nerves. Suddenly, a draconic bellow outside caught my attention. I’d know that bugle anywhere! It was Bruiser! I ran outside with Optimus and Auruma on my heels. I spotted the big blue, green and red Rumblehorn as he flew in with Jetstorm on his back. Dad must’ve loaned him out to the minicon if he couldn’t come on the search for me himself! I waved vigorously as Bee and the others drove up along with the others. “Ashley, oh thank the Allspark you’re safe!” Jetstorm cried, leaping off Bruiser’s back and wrapping me in a tight hug. He didn’t seem to notice the Prime standing behind me in the shadows. When I glanced back, Optimus was gone. I wondered if he’d gone back to this “Realm of the Primes” he mentioned last night. “Jetstorm, I’m fine, but I can’t breathe!” I protested and the minicon blushed, releasing me immediately as the others drove up and transformed.

“Oh thank Primus! Ria, we were so worried! How in the name of Primus’s spark did you manage to escape the Decepticons?! When we got your note, we thought we’d have to come rescue you!” Bumblebee demanded as he scooped me up in a hug – I was relieved to see my best friend (well, among the Autobots at least). I wrapped my arms as far around his neck as they would go (which wasn’t very far considering how big he was). I practically sobbed into his neck joint before responding. “I just remembered what you guys told me about Steeljaw’s pack. This Chompazoid, Underbite came to check me out and I managed to trick him into destroying my cage. If it weren't for Auruma here, I never would’ve gotten away.” I replied, gesturing to my startled Razorwhip friend – she wasn’t used to all the robots, but she’d relax. Auruma bowed her head in greeting to the newcomers and the gold of her metallic scale plates flashed in the sunrise. I’d decided not to mention Optimus’s involvement but Bumblebee must’ve suspected the Prime helped me somehow and he respected the fact I was keeping it quiet.

“That was quick thinking kiddo. I’m just glad you’re safe. Your dad would’ve killed me and melted me down for scrap if we didn’t bring you back in one piece! That’s why he gave us Bruiser for our group. Snowbeast even sent out his best trackers to help search for you. Every single Tracker class dragon in that sanctuary seems to know you.” Bee explained, gesturing to my dad’s dragon partner. Jetstorm grinned and gave the big dragon an affectionate slap. “Your dad insisted that I be the one to take Bruiser. I mentioned that we were close, so that’s why I asked Master Drift if I could go with Lieutenant Bumblebee’s group on the search. We were all out in groups of two to three people. We should get back to the others. We agreed to meet back on the shore in half an hour so that Trader Johan could give us a ride back. He agreed to loan us the use of his ship for this mission.” Jetstorm explained, gesturing in the direction of the beach where I’d landed to find Optimus waiting for me last night. I nodded.

“Auruma will come too. I can’t just leave her here. She helped me escape after all.” I reminded my friends and Bruiser touched noses with Auruma in gratitude. “This one will make a fine partner for you, hatchling. She’ll make a fine edition to your personal colony of dragons.” Bruiser told me in Dragonese. I grinned at the big dragon and gave him an affectionate slap. I mounted Auruma and we headed to the beach. We found Trader Johan waiting for us. He seemed surprised to find a gold dragon at my heels – go figure. The guy flipped out like he did when he first met our Cybertronian friends. “Ahoy! Rialynh, I am so relieved to see you safe! Come; come, let’s get you back to Wavebreaker Island! Ah, Bumblebee, watch the merchandise please! My dear, feel free to take your pick of the stock. You can have anything you like – within reason of course!” Johan said by way of greeting – I’d always sort of liked his flattering ways. It did get a little annoying, but he was always friendly with customers – especially with us students at the academy.

“Thanks Johan. I appreciate that. Got any more of those weird artifacts you sometimes find?” I asked, jerking a thumb over my shoulder at my two companions. Jetstorm glanced up from where he was rifling through some of Johan’s artifacts. I decided to join him. Shopping would keep me busy for the trip home. Or I could fly ahead with Auruma, but that would leave my friends to Johan’s blabbering. “I think I might’ve found something. Take a look at this! This would be a pin on a Cybertronian, but it would make a fine necklace on you.” Jetstorm explained, showing me an Autobot insignia decorated artifact he’d found in Johan’s stash. Johan came over to take a look. “Well, that’s a little something I picked up when I was investigating an old Smokebreath nest looking for eggs to bring back to the school. Did I ever tell you about the time I…” Johan began, but I quickly held up a hand to stop him from going into one of his “stories” – they were usually fake anyways – everyone knew that. “We’ll take it Johan. Now all I need is a chain for that insignia…” I said, gesturing to the “pin” a now somewhat blushing Jetstorm was holding. I think the others said something about him having a crush on me? Oh brother.

I walked over to Jetstorm – he was a good friend and always had my back, even if it meant his teacher’s disapproval. We soon arrived back home and Johan had found us a suitable chain for my new necklace. I glanced up at Bumblebee – Auruma was now perched on his shoulder. She seemed to have taken a shine to my yellow armored friend. Go figure – they both had the same coloring (well, sort of). Bruiser perked up when he smelled home. The Rumblehorn stood up from where he had been sleeping in a pile of trade goods and tromped over to where we were standing. I gave him an affectionate slap. “Hey there big guy. You smell home, huh Bruiser?” I asked the dragon and gave him another affectionate slap as Bruiser pushed his big head into my ribs. He was such a sweetheart of a Rumblehorn. I glanced over to see Jetstorm at the edge of the ship’s rail as Wavebreaker Island came into view. Mom flew out on Naga to meet us halfway to short and landed on the deck of the ship.

“Ria! Oh, thank Odin that you’re safe! Thank you both for finding her! I don’t know what I would’ve done if I’d lost my only child to that monster Steeljaw!” Mom cried in relief, wrapping me in a hug. I managed to wiggle free with a little help from Naga as the silvery purple and blue Nadder made her back off. I nodded my thanks to the dragon. “Knowing Snowbeast, he’s probably got half the dragons from his sanctuary out looking for me. I’d better check in with him and let him know I’m ok.” I assured my mother as I recovered from her ambush. Johan was kind enough to drop us off close enough to shore for Bee to carry me in. He didn’t want to tip the boat over by getting out at the dock. Jetstorm hopped back on Bruiser and flew back to the Sanctuary.


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Omg!       Kill me pls





Kill me pls



Artemis and Cole by Sprixern

Info about myself:

Pronouns: they/them

Age: 16

I am a chill dude and own 2 leopard geckos.  I just come on here to stalk really. Slide into my dms if you ever want to chat. I'm socially awkward and cannot compliment. I'm also a sarcastic and ironic person.  ALSO TRANSFORMERS IS MY THING MAN. 


Phan, Destiel, Yuri x Victor, Bughead, Jikook, Sope


- Char

Image result for jikook art




*burp* by Sprixern


Main human OC:


Class: Assassin

Age: 21

Parents: Arnold & Precila

Weapon: Axe staff

Gender: Male


Cole is an assassin who kills war criminals and dragon hunters. His weapon of choice is a axe staff designed by himself for easier throws and reaches his enemies quicker. He's quite blunt and sarcastic if talked to, and is socially awkward. He wants nothing to do with human interaction unless it's something for him to gain. His sardonic humor makes him unrelatable for most Vikings, due to the things he can say is just frankly quite scary to hear from a twenty- one year old. 


(Done by Arrow!)


Main Dragon:


Species: Night Fury

Age: 50


Artemis has a personality to a leader. He considers all beings deserve a chance and mercy. He despises anything to do with cruelty, and hatred. He makes sure to keep situations into calm hands, and he'll never lose track of being a humble and intelligent dragon. After he was betrayed by his closest brother, who then made his other brothers betray him, he vowed he would not become the evil they had.



Artemis and Cole's Size Comparisons by Sprixern









Fanart of Artemis:



(made by me, artemis once more)


Wow so scary! by Sprixern


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fan fic lover are ya?

Enjoy the story so far?

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Very talented, Sam has read

Very talented, Sam has read this 2 times already, I'm barely half way!

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Garenth - get back here with my subject!

Glad you're enjoying the story! There are more chapters on the way!

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Jedi and Dragons: Part 1

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well, it’s been a few weeks since the last incident with Steeljaw – hopefully he’s off somewhere else causing trouble. Bumblebee has a new recruit named Windblade – she’s an amazing flier. I think Sideswipe and Blades have a crush on her! The Rescue Bots and the Burns family are settling in to life here on Berk, Cody Burns got himself a Raincutter named Stormy. Dani’s not sure what she’ll get yet but she likes the way the Nadders look. Kade…if I miss my guess, he’ll get a Monstrous Nightmare to match that personality of his. Furno and the others are back from wherever they vanished to. Pietro and Dash – his new Speed Stinger – are getting along great. Wanda got herself a beautiful looking Razorwhip named Magi – he’s this gorgeous reddish gold color. The name makes sense if you consider her magical powers. Well, I’m off to round up Pietro again – he and Dash are worse than Ruff and Tuff put together and now we have two sets of Twins to deal with. Ugh. I better go find Bumblebee so we can deal with the problem. I wonder what Pietro and Ruff and Tuff are up to this time?

Talk to you soon!


I heard someone once again knocking on my door. This time, instead of my assistant Mina or one of the Dragon Riders, it was Windblade – Bumblebee’s newest recruit. She was this red armored Autobot that turned into an airplane not dissimilar to the Avengjet the Avengers used – or did they call it a Quinjet? She poked her head into my window since that was where she fit. Most of the bots usually caught me on my balcony. I tied my letter home to Lyall’s leg and sent him off. Windblade ducked as Lyall flew past her, chirping his farewell in Dragonese at her as he went. My little Blue on the other hand, stayed perched on my shoulder. She was my sky blue Terrible Terror and she had the bronze markings of my clan colors. I grinned at Windblade.

“Hey, we going out or what? The Maximoff twins are getting pretty antsy and you know that Wanda and Magi hate being kept waiting! I’m just glad that rogue dragon rider let her keep that egg she found on that old ship! And that brother of hers…Pietro always tries to trip me up whenever I want to take off!” Windblade complained as I made my way out of my house on Berk. I grinned again – almost splitting my face from ear to ear. I whistled and Garenth immediately appeared at my side. It was his turn to go out today and Jetstorm was coming too. My little Minicon friend found himself a Rumblehorn – Skullcrusher, Chief Stoick’s Rumblehorn – suggested calling the big greenish brown brut Rombo and he was already the same size as Dad’s Rumblehorn Bruiser. I was going to teach the Minicon how to train his dragon properly in private lessons. Of course, since he had a dragon, his partner and fellow minicon student Slipstream wanted one too – but he hasn’t decided what to get yet. Slipstream was thinking of getting some Tidal class dragon or something. He was going to ask Snowbeast for some advice on the matter.

“Looking good Jetstorm! Just remember to slow down on those turns and you’ll get it next time!” I called a few hours later. We were flying above the Wilderness with an obstacle course I’d designed to test new dragons and their riders. It consisted of hovering hoops (courtesy of our friends at Hero Factory and among the Transformers), poles, trees and other similar obstacles. Furno was watching from the back of his Monstrous Nightmare Topaz, Breeze was on her Raincutter Kaede and as usual, Surge was riding his Shockjaw Orion. He was considering getting a Skrill for his second dragon. Jetstorm waved in response to my encouragement and positioned Rombo to take another go at the course. Suddenly, a chirp of warning from my crystal radio caught my attention and I saw Furno’s hand go to his audio receptor – I glanced down to see Wanda and Pietro listening in on their own radios.

Heads up guys, we’ve got an unidentified craft incoming. It appears to be in distress so be ready for a rescue. I’ve already dispatched the Rescue Bots to help out. You should be getting a visual on the craft now.” Stormer warned. I glanced at Furno just as a strange looking rounded craft plummeted out of the sky trailing smoke and flame, startling the dragons so bad that Rombo nearly threw Jetstorm from his back and the dragons belonging to the other kids here in the Wilderness panicked. There were several more craft chasing the one that went down and from the shape alone, I knew they weren't the by now familiar Hero Craft we were all used to seeing. I glanced at Furno and Windblade as they both hovered beside me. “Ready for a rescue op guys?” I asked my friends. Both nodded in response and Furno pumped his arm in the signal for “form up”. I leaned over Garenth as my Nadder friend hovered long enough for me to tell Pietro where to bring Dash. Wanda was at my side in the next instant on her gold and orange Razorwhip, Magi. “Pietro – follow us on the ground as best as you can with Dash! We’re heading over to check out that downed ship!” I called over Garenth’s shoulder. Pietro waved in response and had Dash dart off in the direction I had indicated.

About fifteen minutes later, we found the crashed ship – it looked intact so there might be survivors. I saw people stumbling out of the back and they looked more dazed than hurt – thank the Allfather’s for that. Wanda gave me a raised eyebrow as Windblade hovered beside us in her jet mode, unwilling to reveal herself to strangers. I glanced down and saw the oddest bunch of people I could imagine – and I spent time with Autobots for crying out loud! One guy was big – he was purple in skin tone and seemed to have fur like a Sand Wraith, the adult female seemed to have two tails growing out of her head with a yellowish color to them and the adult male had a ponytail – the girl – who appeared to be about my age, wore strange armor decorated in all sorts of patterns and colors. The last one, a boy no older than fifteen, wore an orange outfit with some sort of creature on the back of his vest. The next thing we knew, the pursuing ships were attacking us as well as the people on the ground. I yelped in surprise as Garenth dove for cover as the strange rounded ship pursued us. It had this strange noise that was really loud and really scary.

“Garenth! Let’s show these guys a Deadly Nadder Special!” I called over the sound. Garenth glanced back at me as if I were crazy; but thankfully, he didn’t voice that opinion. He simply bugled a challenge and whirled – whipping out his tail so that spines flew in all directions. Wanda was using her magic, and Magi was belching flame. Windblade was busy chasing after the remaining aircraft and shot it down seconds later.  I landed Garenth to see if the newcomers needed help, but soon, there were strange looking white armored troops on the ground firing their blasters at us and Furno was at my side in an instant. Garenth snarled and fired off another round of spines, easily forcing the troops back. “Nice shot! Thanks for the assist.” Ponytail guy called as he drew his own weapon and started providing cover fire for my dragons. Furno followed suit and used his own blasters to shoot down at least two more troopers than ponytail guy did. I nodded in gratitude.

“No problem! Was anyone hurt in the crash?” I asked, shouting over the blaster fire as Garenth unceremoniously dumped me on the ground and took to the skies without me. He must’ve felt that I’d be safer down here because the next thing I knew, Pietro and Dash zipped up to join us. “Is everyone ok? Vas anyone hurt?” Pietro demanded as he hopped off his raptorlike friend and Dash rumbled in greeting at me. I gave the Speed Stinger an affectionate slap on the rump. I grinned at the superhero. “We’re fine Pietro – nothing to worry about. Just making some new friends.” I explained as Ponytail Guy yanked me down behind a strut of the ship that saved me from getting hurt by the blaster fire zipping over head. Pietro raised an eyebrow in response. I blinked and the next thing I knew, all the troops firing at us were down. Wow – that guy moved fast when he needed to. But I suddenly felt an unwelcome chill as someone else joined the battle. I peeked over the side of the ramp we took cover behind and saw a guy wielding a red blade glowing and humming with energy.

“Uh oh – it’s the Inquisitor!” The girl in the strange armor with the rainbow color patterns muttered through her helmet. She glanced at me and I had a feeling she was giving me a raised eyebrow under that visor of hers. I had a feeling that this “Inquisitor” was bad news. “Tell your dragons to fall back – this guy’s too dangerous for them!” Ponytail guy warned as the big guy with the purple colored fur as he placed a hand on my shoulder. I nodded, whistling a command that warned the dragons to back off from their assault. Garenth bugled the order to the others – Wanda protested as Magi veered off from her attack. “Ah, there you are Kanan – surrender! You are outmatched!” the Inquisitor called. He was just as scary as Ultron. I shuddered. The Ponytail Guy – who was apparently named Kanan – glanced at me and grinned. He seemed to know what to do. “Stay here with Sabine and the others – I’ll handle this.” The guy warned. I glanced at my companions – the girl in the armor – apparently Sabine – glanced at me again and nodded in acknowledgement. A few minutes later – Kanan had sent the strange looking Inquisitor packing, along with his troops, and the rest of us gathered to make proper introductions. Furno leapt to my side and started checking me over for injuries.

“Ria, are you hurt? Please tell me that you weren't hurt! Bumblebee would kill me if I let you get hurt!” Furno demanded. I broke free of his clutches and rolled my eyes. He was embarrassing me! Sheesh – the guy was worse than my mother! I grinned at my new friends. “I’m fine, really Furno! It’s the dragons I’m worried about.” I assured my Hero friend. He sighed in relief as Garenth landed beside me and looked over the newcomers. He seemed to take a shine to the kid with the orange outfit and pressed his nose into him for a petting. I couldn’t help giggling as Rombo, Magi and Topaz joined us. Pietro and Dash zipped up seconds later. “Um…hello there…um a little help please?” The kid asked, obviously nervous about my dragon. I whistled and Garenth was at my side in an instant. “I’ve never seen Garenth take to someone so fast before. He never does that. I’m Rialynh Nightwalker by the way – these are my friends. Garenth is the Deadly Nadder – he’s mine. That’s Magi and her rider, Wanda Maximoff along with her brother Pietro and his Speed Stinger, Dash. This is William Furno and his Monstrous Nightmare, Topaz. The jet goes by the handle Windblade. And the big guy is Rombo – he’s a Rumblehorn. His rider is my Minicon friend Jetstorm.” I explained by way of introducing the group. Rombo rumbled in greeting as Jetstorm slid off his friend’s back and bowed in response. Windblade landed and switched to her robot form. The newcomers gaped up at her in amazement when she revealed her true size.

“What? You guys act as if you’ve never met a Transformer before. By the way, that’s a Corellian Freighter isn’t it? I’ve seen them before in my travels.” Windblade asked, gesturing to the damaged ship behind the newcomers. I grinned at their reactions, nudging Jetstorm in the shoulder as he moved to stand beside me – Drift had assigned him as my bodyguard for this mission – as if I wouldn’t be perfectly safe surrounded by dragons and two superheroes as well as a trio from Hero Factor. Furno had sent Breeze and Surge back to report on what happened. The guy with the ponytail stepped forward. “I’m Kanan Jarrus; this is Hera Syndulla, Ezra Bridger, Zeb, Sabine Wren and Chopper, our C1-10P droid. Thanks for helping us out back there by the way. We owe you for that.” Kanan said as he introduced himself and his compatriots. I glanced at each of them and the tail headed woman, obviously Hera, nodded in greeting when I locked eyes with her. Sabine took off her helmet to reveal rainbow colored hair and olive skin. She had a similar complexion to mine. I liked her immediately. Hera, whatever she was, stepped forward, her head tails twitching a bit. “Yeah, it’s a VCX-100 Light Freighter. But the engines were damaged when we were shot down. Crashing will do that and it’ll take forever for me to fix them.” The alien woman explained. I glanced at Jetstorm and an idea immediately passed between us.

“You could bring it back to Berk. I’ll ask High Tide to come get it on his ship. We have parts there that you can use to repair the damage.” I offered. I wanted our new friends to stay – and they seemed to like the idea. The droid made several beeping, whooping and groaning noises that I couldn’t understand before using one of its appendages to prod me in the leg. I glanced down at the orange thing – it wasn’t much bigger than one of the Night Terrors from Dragon’s Edge. The others seemed to consider whatever it was the droid said as it prodded me again in the leg. “Chopper seems to like the idea. I’ve never seen him take to strangers so fast. He really seems to like you kid.” The alien woman commented, gesturing to the droid. I couldn’t help blushing at her use of my comment about Garenth earlier. The droid whooped again. “Sounds like a plan to me. I’ll tell High Tide. High Tide – it’s Windblade – yeah, we need a pickup. Got some cargo that needs to be transported that’s too big for the dragons. How soon can you get here?” Windblade chimed in, immediately using her radio link to let High Tide know what’s going on. Apparently, she got an affirmative response from the old sailor bot because she grinned at me to let me know High Tide was on his way.

“That’s a really pretty looking dragon you have there, Rialynh. You said his name was Garenth, right? Is it ok if I pet him?” Sabine asked. I was surprised by her hesitation, but then I remembered that she’d probably never met a dragon before. I grinned and handed her some dragon nip. “Give him some of this garlic grass – we call it dragon nip. They go nuts for this stuff! Now put your hand here…” I told Sabine, showing her how to put her hand on Garenth’s snout and my Nadder rumbled in pleasure as the newcomer stroked his snout. “Wow – I had no idea dragon scales were so soft!” Sabine said with more than a hint of amazement in her voice.  I grinned as Garenth burbled with pleasure at her touch. “He likes you Sabine. I can take you for a ride if you want once High Tide gets here with his ship.” I offered. The offworlder girl glanced up at me with an appraising look in her eyes. “I’d like that. Is that High Tide by the way? Judging from how big the ship is…” Sabine replied, gesturing suddenly out to the nearby harbor like cove and I spotted High Tide’s ship headed our way. Knowing him, he was controlling the ship himself by taking over in his ship mode. But he was on deck and waving so that answered my question for me.

“So, is the big guy yer friend there, kid?” The big guy, Zeb asked as he came up behind me. I started and turned to look up at him with a nervous grin on my face. He was rather intimidating looking. I cleared my throat before responding. “Yeah – that’s High Tide – he’s an old friend of Bumblebee’s. He’s the leader of Wingblade’s team. HIGH TIDE! WELCOME ASHORE BIG GUY!” I explained before calling out to the big Autobot. He was just slightly taller than your average three story tall Autobot. I saw Sabine’s hand go to Garenth’s neck for reassurance as Furno and the others got ready to depart. Furno started barking orders while I turned back to the old sailor bot. “Aye, it’s good to see ye lassie! So, is this the ship ye need me to transport? A Corellian VCX-100 Light Freighter? A good model. I’ll get her loaded up and back to Berk so ye can get her repaired.” High Tide said by way of greeting as he scooped me onto his shoulder. I’d sort of become the old sailor bot’s first mate since I caught on so fast with his sailing lessons. Somehow, Cybertronian tech was no mystery to me. I was able to pick it up faster than most humans. I slid down High Tide’s arm to land on Garenth’s back before watching him use one of the ship’s cranes to lift the Corellian freighter onto the deck.

“I’ll go with the Ghost. No offense big guy, but a pilot always stays with her ship.” The alien woman named Hera told the old sailor and the droid, Chopper, beeped and whooped in agreement. High Tide just shrugged in agreement, understanding where the alien lady was coming from. “It’s fine with me lassie – but ye must follow the rules on my ship. Is that understood?” High Tide warned and Hera just raised an eyebrow at him in response. She followed him up the ramp of his ship with Kanan, Zeb and Chopper on her heels, leaving Ezra and Sabine with us on the beach. “Ria, I’m taking Breez and the others back to base to fill in Hero Factory on what happened. Knowing Mr. Makuro, he’s going to wanna send backup and we need to head him off now.” Furno told me. I nodded, understanding why he needed to head out ahead of us. “Go ahead big guy, I can take it from here. Tell Zuki and the guys that we’ve got newcomers as well, will you?” I told the red armored Hero and he nodded before swinging back onto Topaz and sitting just behind her horns as all Monstrous Nightmare riders did.

“Well, how are we going to get back to Berk?” Ezra asked, speaking up for the first time since I met him. I grinned, glancing back at Wanda and Pietro. We weren’t too far from Berk – close enough for there to be a bridge between this small unnamed island and home. “Well, you can either hitch a ride back with High Tide as Pietro will do with Dash, or ride back with me, Jetstorm and Wanda.” I replied, with more than a hint of sarcasm in my tone. Sabine grinned and slid her helmet back on. “I’ll ride with Ria. I’ve always wanted to ride a dragon.” Sabine said. Zeb made his way back down the gangplank to see Jetstorm swing up onto Rombo’s back. I’d seen Zeb admiring Furno’s Monstrous Nightmare Topaz when she was here. I suspected he wanted to ride too. “I’ll ride the big guy. Rombo here seems like he’s got the room. As long as the Minicon doesn’t mind.” Zeb commented, giving Rombo an affectionate slap on the shoulder. Rombo rumbled with pleasure. “Tell him I don’t mind carrying him, even if Jetstorm does.” Rombo told me through my peridot bracelet. Nobody had noticed it so I figured I might as well ignore the translation. I spoke Dragonese, sure and I could tell them about that later, but not about the bracelet. I leaned over to pull Sabine up behind me onto Garenth.

“Garenth can carry more than two people at a time if he needs to. Jetstorm! I want you flying Rombo as escort for High Tide! Practice your long flight skills and gliding. There’s a good tailwind back to Berk, so use it.” I instructed my flight student. Zeb blanched when he realized that Jetstorm was just learning how to ride his dragon. Too late for him to dismount now that Rombo was in the air. I grinned at the big guy – noticing for the first time that like one of the monkeys Bumblebee’s told me about, Zeb had hands for feet. I made a mental note to ask him about that later. I leaned over to help Sabine swing onto Garenth but she didn’t need it. She swung up into the saddle behind me. “Thanks, but I’ve got this kid. So, are we going to go or what?” Sabine replied at my confusion. I grinned back at my new friend. I urged Garenth into the air and he spread his wings, taking to the skies in a single bound.



(Note: If you would like to have your characters included in my fan fic later on, feel free to PM me photos of what you and your dragons look like along with information about their perosnalities - strenghts and weaknesses must be included)

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Note for the next chapter

(For this next chapter - to be posted soon - I would like to thank Hypergoof for letting me use her personal characters in this story)

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Jedi and Dragons: Part 2

We brought the newcomers back to Berk. I couldn’t help grinning as Rombo gave Zeb quite the ride on the way home. From what I could see, Rombo was showing off, as usual. Jetstorm loved it, but Zeb…not so much. I heard Sabine laughing behind me through her helmet speakers. I’d have to ask her to show me what her armor was made of later. Then maybe I could get Zib and the guys back at Hero Factory to make me a set. I have to admit, I loved the design. I turned back to her.

“Not bad for a first time flier! Most people freak out their first time on a dragon!” I admitted. Sabine turned her visor covered face to me. I had Garenth land near the docks so that we could wait for High Tide and his ship – they weren’t too far behind us. The ship made good time. “Well, I’ve flown before so it’s no big deal. I’ve ridden in all sorts of ships, but never on a dragon before. It was fun. What’s a girl gotta do to get her own scaly friend?” Sabine replied, sliding off Garenth as easily as any lifetime dragon rider. I grinned at her enthusiasm. I jumped off Garenth right behind her, landing in a crouch before brushing off my blue hunting outfit. I always wore it whenever I didn’t wear my flight suit in the air. “I think I can arrange that. We’ve got plenty of school dragons you can try out. Some even end up pairing off with the students. I’ll talk to Hiccup and get you set up.” I told my new friend. She took off her helmet and raised an eyebrow at me. “Wait, there’s a guy named “Hiccup”? What kind of name is that?” Ezra asked as he slid off Magi and Wanda followed suit as the orange-red Razorwhip landed nearby. I grinned at the kid – he was going to learn a thing or two about us Vikings while he was here.

“That’s Hiccup now. On the black dragon. That’s Toothless, his Night Fury. And this little fella is Lyall – my Terrible Terror. He must’ve just gotten back from my home island Wavebreaker. Blue is this little lady – she’s my second Terror. You can probably guess where she got her name from.” I told Sabine, gesturing to my two Terrible Terrors as Lyall and Blue flew in. Lyall still had a message tube tied to his leg and chirruped a greeting. Blue immediately landed on the checkerboard patterned shoulder plate of Sabine’s armor. She seemed to take an immediate shine to the new girl. “Hey, I heard about what happened! Furno just gave us the report. Whoa! Watch it with those things!” Hiccup said, startling us as he came up behind Sabine. She whirled, blasters drawn and pointed at the now startled Hiccup. I put a restraining hand on her arm and Blue chirruped a reassurance at her. “Easy Sabine – Hiccup’s a friend! Sorry, everyone’s just a little tightly wound after the last battle Hiccup. Sabine, Ezra, this is Hiccup – the leader of the School of Dragons and our Tribe. Kanan and the others are over there. Zeb rode in on Rombo with Jetstorm.” I explained, gesturing to where Zeb was now stumbling off the Rumblehorn in question. Hiccup glanced over and chuckled at the big guy’s akward dismount.

“It’s nice to meet you guys. Rialynh here seems to make friends whenever she so much as sets a foot off Berk! She met most of her friends because she got into some sort of trouble though.” Hiccup said, teasing me a bit with my “habit” of getting into a “damsel in distress” situation. I punched him for that in the shoulder. He winced and backed off. Toothless chuckled in his deep draconic laugh. He rumbled and sniffed at Ezra as the kid came over. “So, what kind of dragon is this anyways? We’ve only seen a few so far.” Ezra asked giving Toothless a pat on the snout as the dragon sniffed at him. I grinned. Ezra seemed to have a natural way with the dragons like I did. “Toothless isn't usually that friendly with strangers. But he seems to like you Ezra.” Hiccup commented when he saw how fast the Night Fury had taken to the kid. Sure Toothless was friendly, but he was never this friendly with newbies. I glanced between Kanan and the others and I could tell that Ezra was already growing fond of the Night Fury. “Hiccup – why don’t you let me handle teaching these guys about dragons? Sabine and Ezra seem interested in learning at least.” I offered, gesturing to the girl in the painted armor and the kid in the orange jumpsuit. Ezra grinned at me in response.

“OK! Here’s how this is going to work! I’ll be taking you up on Toothless – he’s our main teaching dragon. I often help teach the new students you know.” I explained half an hour later as we stood on a ledge where we normally held our first flight lessons. Toothless was at my side while Garenth was off rounding up a few dragons for the others. Sabine had an interest in Nadders; Zeb (surprisingly enough) had taken an interest in Snotlout’s and Mizuki’s Monstrous Nightmares Hookfang and Kingpin. Kingpin, with his bright crimson and purple coloring, was standing at the back of the group with Kanan and Hera. Ezra, Sabine and Zeb were at the front and this was a private class. Even the Rescue Bots and the Burns family were sitting in on the lesson. Dani decided to stick with school dragons for now, Kade had his Monstrous Nightmare – a bright fire engine red named Jasper were sitting next to Heatwave, Chase was with (police) Chief Burns, Cody and Frankie were still trying to decide what types of dragons they wanted. “So how come Toothless has a prosthetic sail on his tail?” Zeb asked, giving the red skull painted sail of Toothless’s prosthetic tail and the Night Fury glanced back at it as if he’d never noticed it before. Toothless banged it against the cliff to show how strong it was. Smart dragon. I grinned at Zeb. “That’s for Hiccup to explain – not me. It’s a rather interesting story actually. So who wants to go first?” I replied, clapping my hands together to get their attention. Suddenly, a pink, purple and blue Nadder came zipping in with a familiar looking scrawny female Viking on his back. I recognized her immediately and grinned in greeting.

“Hey Hypergoof, Cuteseepie! How’ve ya been? I was just about to take these newbies up on Toothless if ya wanna join us!” I told the newcomer as the Ex Berserker slid off her dragon and trotted over, barely noticing the newcomers until I pointed them out. She glanced over at the strangers then back to me and did a double take when she saw Hera and Zeb were aliens and not human. She almost flipped out with as much excitement as she had when I introduced her to the Bots a few weeks ago. That includes the Rescue Bots by the way – Heatwave in particular was interested in some of her…ahem…shall we say…“interesting talents?” I greeted the purplish pink dragon with a rough scratch behind his frill of head spines and he rumbled in response. Hypergoof wore a hunter’s outfit with big shoulder pads and black boots as usual. I saw Kanan’s look of surprise at the girl wearing the four horned helmet in front of him even though she was so scrawny looking. Toothless rumbled, recognizing the other dragon as fast as I did. Then HG (Hypergoof) noticed the newcomers and yipped in surprise. She’s very shy around strangers and tends to avoid them because of her family’s Berserker background. I’d met her when we were out on patrol once. I was out searching for a lost dragonet my friend June and her brother Freyr had found injured near where Hiccup first met Toothless. Turns out HG was out searching for the same dragonet when we literally bumped into each other. Sideswipe and Strongarm had been with me, so I was able to make friends with her because of her curiosity about my Autobot buddies. She ducked behind Cutesee and peeked over his back to get a better look at the aliens and stared at Hera and Zeb with unabashed curiosity.

“Friends of yours I hope Ashley. Cutesee told me that you’d be here. We’d heard from High Tide about what happened! Oh man, if my Skrill Ziggy were here, he’d have zapped those Troopers back to wherever they came from!” HG asked, tentatively stepping out from behind the pink, purple and blue Nadder. Cutesee cocked his yellow eyes at me and grinned in Nadder fashion. “It’s true. High Tide is getting very good with his Dragonese by the way. Same with the rest of the Bots. Bumblebee told us you’d be here teaching the newbies about flying.” Cuteseepie added in Dragonese. I couldn’t help giggling at his comment until Kanan cleared his throat to get my attention. “Oh, before I forget, I’d like you to meet my friends Kanan, Hera, Zeb, Ezra and Sabine – and of course their droid Chopper. Guys, this is Hypergoof and her Nadder Cuteseepie. Don’t ask me how he got that name because it’s a long story and not mine to tell.” I said with a grin, introducing my new friends to my ex-Berserker friend. Good thing I was good at playing diplomat when I needed to. I decided not to mention the fact that she had an issue with noises like whistling and all that to avoid scaring them. Kanan quickly came over and held out his hand to shake HG’s. She responded immediately by shaking his hand, thank Odin, and she didn’t freak out as much as I thought she would when she saw Hera and Zeb were aliens.

“It’s nice to meet you Hypergoof. I’m Kanan Jarus, that’s Hera Syndulla, Zeb, Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren, and our droid Chopper.” Kanan said by way of introduction and Toothless barked something in Dragonese to remind me that we still had a lesson to do. “Right, thanks Toothless. Sorry, I speak Dragonese, their language and so does HG here. Cutesee, can you keep HG occupied long enough for me to take these guys up?” I explained, speaking in perfect Dragonese to the new dragon. Cutesee turned his purplish pink and blue head at me and nodded. “Don’t worry, as soon as she finds a bug or something interesting; that should occupy her nicely.” Cutesee assured me. And sure enough, right on cue a small bug scuttled past and HG saw it. “Oh! A bug! Cool!” She squealed in delight and scurried after it. I couldn’t help rolling my eyes at her antics. Hypergoof would stare at bugs for hours! That should keep her occupied for awhile. Ezra cleared his throat and approached Toothless. “Ahem, any chance I can go first?” Ezra asked, hesitating a moment when Toothless gave him a toothy dragon grin.

“Ok, I think we can do that. Toothless, let’s mount up and roll out bud!” I told the dragon and my student. Ezra seemed to like dragons. I mounted first and Ezra climbed up in front of me. I showed him how to manipulate the pedal to control the prosthetic fin on Toothless’ tail. “Ok, so up is down, flat is level, I get it. All right, let’s do this!” Ezra told me and urged Toothless into the air. He was a natural flier. Ezra controlled Toothless as if he’d been doing this his whole life. Sabine was the same when it was her turn. Kanan and Zeb…not so much. Both of them had a tough time controlling the dragon, but Toothless was a patient beast, thank Thor’s hammer for that. And I knew the guy personally! Finally, it was the alien woman Hera’s turn – what had Kanan called her? Ah, right a Twi’lek. Zeb was something called a Lasat if I recalled correctly. “Ok, let’s do this!” Hera challenged Toothless as the dragon surged into the sky. Her head tails flapped as the dragon soared into the skies. She and Toothless were flying like one dragon – she was an amazing pilot and dragon rider. “Not bad, all of you! You did fantastic out there. Kanan, Zeb, if ya like I can give you private lessons on a different dragon from my personal colony if you like.” I told the group as Hera landed Toothless to cheers and applause, catching Hypergoof’s attention from her bug. Talk about perfect timing. She got up and wandered back over to us.

“So, what did I miss? How’d it go with the flight lessons?” HG asked when she saw we were done. I grinned at her and Cutesee rolled his eyes. I gestured to the School’s stables and we made our way over there. I had the perfect dragon in mind for Sabine. There was a Deathsong nobody would manage for fear it would eat their own dragons. I had two myself; blue and gold Moonsong and her gold and bronze older sister Jewelsong. This one’s name was Monarch and he was a bit of a wildcard. I wasn’t sure what dragons to pair off with the others yet though. “Sabine, you like art right? Well, I think this dragon will be perfect for you! This is Monarch – he’s known as a Deathsong. They usually eat other dragons, but we’ve trained him not to. We call him Monarch because he has the coloration of a monarch butterfly.” I said, introducing the group to the Deathsong as soon as he poked his gold head over the door of his stall. Monarch eyed Sabine and she backed up a bit, only to bump into a brilliantly purple colored Monstrous Nightmare that was examining Zeb. The dragon sniffed at him and he gave me a worried look, reaching for his strange staff weapon that was strapped to his back.

“Easy Zeb! That’s just Lavender. She’s a total sweetheart ya know. She seems to like you. Why don’t you try her out for a few days and see how things go? If you don’t like her, we have other dragons you can try out.” I told the Lasat as Zeb put his hand on Lavender’s snout in greeting as I’d showed him how to do with Toothless. Lavender purred under Zeb’s hand and he grinned at her reaction. She was a total sweetheart with the kids and they all loved her. “Yeah, I’ll give her a shot. Whoa! Easy there girl! What? You wanna go outside or something?” Zeb asked the bright purple dragon and she barked in reply. Zeb had taken an immediate shine to her and I had a feeling they’d get along just fine. As for Sabine, she turned back to Monarch and held out a handful of dragon nip from a nearby pail kept there for that purpose. Monarch sniffed at her hand and snapped up the dragon nip. Sabine seemed interested in Monarch’s rather unique color patterns and I could see her artistic brain working in overdrive. “I think I can work with this. In fact, I already have a few art projects in mind inspired by this fella.” Sabine replied, gesturing to her new partner. The other dragons, especially Lavender, seemed rather uncomfortable with the idea of someone else riding one of the “dragon eating monsters” as the dragons referred to the Deathsongs now roaming the school since the last incident. “Are you sure it’s a good idea letting someone so new to dragons take on one like Monarch? I think Sabine would be better off with a Nadder or a Zippleback, not a Deathsong!” Toothless protested on behalf of the other dragons. They knew I listened to him when it came to dragon business. I rolled my eyes at him and gave him a scratch behind the ears.

“I saw Sabine take on a half squadron of those Stormtroopers earlier! I think she can handle Monarch. Don’t worry, he’s a total sweetheart. I’ve worked with him myself ya know. I can help Sabine deal with Monarch as required.” I assured the Night Fury in Dragonese. Monarch shot me a raised eyebrow and trotted off after Sabine. Kanan and Hera both seemed hesitant about choosing dragons. Maybe they didn’t see ones they liked? Zeb had taken a shine to Lavender, Sabine had Monarch and now for Ezra…Chopper whooped and beeped something at me, pointing at a nearby dragon that I recognized as Miss Valka’s Cloudjumper. She must’ve heard about the newcomers and decided to come check them out. “Ria! I’d heard you’d brought back some new friends! How is it that you always seem to bring back new students whenever you go off on one of your adventures?” Miss Valka asked and Cloudjumper rumbled at me in greeting. Even Kanan seemed impressed by the big four winged owl-like dragon as Cloudjumper tilted his head in interest with the newcomers. “Hi Miss Valka! This is Kanan Jarrus, Hera Syndulla, Ezra Bridger and their droid Chopper – also known as C1-10P. Their friends Sabine Wren and Zeb just got their own dragons. Sabine went off to explore and Zeb’s the big guy over there with the purple Monstrous Nightmare.” I explained, introducing the remaining members of the group from the Ghost. Miss Valka sized them up and seemed to like what she saw since she smiled at them in greeting and Cloudjumper immediately went to the Twi’lek lady Hera for a head rub.

“If Cloudjumper likes them, that’s good enough for me. It’s a pleasure to meet all of you. I look forward to having you here at the School. Any friend of Ria’s can consider themselves a friend to the Tribe. She has a way of finding us good dragon riders no matter where she goes!” Miss Valka replied as Cloudjumper returned to his rider. The owl-like dragon tilted his head at me in greeting and smiled as he passed. Kanan and Hera exchanged looks. I decided I might as well show the adults and the droid some of our facility as Garenth trotted back over to me. “Come on, I’ll get Ezra set up with a dragon then I’ll give you guys the tour.” I told the remaining members of the Rebel group. I figured if Ezra didn’t feel a connection with any of the dragons in our Boulder Class stable here…well…maybe he’d like someone in our Tidal class stable. Russell Clay had his Sand Wraith Alask after all. “Ezra, this fella here is what we call a Woolly Howl. They breathe ice as a defense instead of flame since they’re a Tidal Class. They bring blizzards in a fight and they work wonders in a race. This guy here is called Blizzard in fact. He’s a total sweetheart.” I explained, introducing Ezra to a silver furred Woolly Howl with green and gold markings. Ezra seemed pretty interested in Blizzard. He was one of the popular dragons in the Tidal Class and a great first dragon for kids with the group.

“Yeah…I’m getting a good vibe from this guy. Hey there Blizzard, you like dragon nip?” Ezra replied, holding out a handful of dragon nip to the emerald, silver and gold dragon. He was like a male version of my Woolly Fury hybrid Tiba Emerald. I wondered privately if they were related. As soon as Blizzard took a sniff of the dragon nip in Ezra’s hand, he snapped it up and begged for a head rub. I had a feeling that Ezra and Blizzard would get along just fine. I turned to the adults again and grinned. Hiccup always did say I had a talent for matching people with dragons. “So…now that everyone’s settled with their dragons, how ‘bout giving us that tour kid?” Kanan suggested. I rolled my eyes at him. He seemed the kind of guy that didn’t like newcomers much. Something about him gave me an odd feeling though, like I should know him better than this. I don’t know why. “And this is the main training area. This is where we teach basic flight, racing, combat skills, you name it. Looks like Grimlock is using the arena and Sideswipe as a punching bag right now though.” I said a few hours later as I led the strangers to the Training Area. And indeed, Grimlock was using the arena as a training spot and using poor Sideswipe as a punching bag. He loved wrestling with my more aggressive dragons like my Spike Roller Aurora or the other aggressive dragons like the Catastrophic Quakens that have been popping up lately.

“COME ON SIDESWIPE! You’re no fun anymore!” Grimlock complained as he swiped Sideswipe with his tail. I couldn’t help laughing along with the other kids watching as they cheered for both bots. Both Sideswipe and Grimlock had a good fan base among the kids and so did the rest of my Autobot friends. Especially after the Avengers started popping in on Berk with Thor and everyone else. Even Furno and the other Heroes from Hero Factory popped in and got swarmed immediately with demands for autographs. “I better go break this up. Hold on a second.” I told Kanan and hopped on Garenth. He flew between the two combatants just as Grimlock was about to throw a punch at Sideswipe. “AW RIA! NO FAIR! I’m calling dragon interference! Hiccup said we could use the arena today ya know kid!” Grimlock complained the instant he saw Garenth’s familiar blue form. My Nadder snarled as I glanced back to see poor Sideswipe covered in dents shooting me a grateful glance. I turned my attention back to Grimlock. “Back it off big boy. Sideswipe’s had enough! You need to learn when to pull back my saurian friend! Go wrestle with Aurora or one of the Catastrophic Quaken or something.” I told the Dinobot. Grimlock grumbled something about humans that I chose to ignore as the T-Rex bot clomped off to find one of the larger Boulder Class dragons to wrestle with instead. Kanan seemed impressed with how I handled the situation as I flew back to the others.

“Not bad. Not bad at all. I can see why you’re one of the best around here. I take it these two are friends of yours?” Kanan asked, gesturing after the retreating Grimlock and Sideswipe as he made his way over to join us at the edge of the arena. I grinned at him and he gave me a sheepish grin in response. “Name’s Sideswipe. The big guy lumbering off is our team muscle Grimlock. Of course, I got stuck on “punching bag” duty for setting off Hypergoof’s…ahem…“special trick” the other day. I swear; it was an accident. I didn’t know she was there when I was whistling that tune!” Sideswipe explained, tactfully not mentioning Hypergoof’s habit of going “Berserk” when she heard whistling. He’s set her off multiple times since he found out and I have to admit, I was guilty of it sometimes too. It was admittedly fun to set her off and set her on the Bots when they caused trouble. Blades liked her, but was terrified of Hypergoof when she went off. So were Stormer, Stringer and Bulk. Well…I wouldn’t say my white armored friend Stormer from Hero Factory was “terrified” just “cautious” since he wasn’t scared of anything as the Alpha Team leader. Speaking of which…a familiar roar alerted me to the approach of a red, gold and purple colored Monstrous Nightmare I immediately recognized as Furno’s Topaz. Good, the guys were back! It was almost Harvest Haunt so the Jedi group arrived just in time. I grinned when I saw a few kids stumble by with white pumpkins in hand along with the orange ones.

“YO! I heard we had new visitors! Hey, welcome to Berk!” Furno crowed by way of greeting. Like Bulk, he was one of the friendlier Heroes. Even Mr. Makuro, the founder of Hero Factory himself, was planning on making an appearance at our Harvest Haunt party! Zib, the mission manager for Alpha Team was also coming! He said he and his assistant, Quadal, had some new armor they wanted me to try out. Furno hopped off Topaz as the Monstrous Nightmare landed beside us. She was a beauty all right. Even Kanan seemed to approve of her design. “Furno, meet Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla. Two of the newcomers. Their friends already have dragons, so I was giving these guys a tour.” I explained as I hugged my friend in greeting. Garenth touched noses with Topaz and she rumbled in greeting. She was a total sweetheart and even let Hera scratch her under the chin before sniffing at Chopper to examine the droid. But all she got from the C1-10P model was a bop on the nose from one of his metal appendages. She snorted and pulled her head back in surprise while Furno laughed at her reaction to the droid.

“That’s whatchya get for sniffing without permission Topaz! Sorry little friend, she was just curious.” Furno told Chopper and Topaz with a laugh, giving his dragon an affectionate slap. She snorted at him and whacked him upside the head with her tail, setting his helmet askew in response. He simply chuckled and readjusted his helmet so that it sat straight before turning his attention back to us. “Topaz is mine by the way. Raised her from the shell myself. She’s barely a yearling and already a broad wing dragon! That means she’s flying long distance by the way, in case you didn’t know. My buddy Surge has his Shockjaw Orion and our partner Breez has her Raincutter Kaede. Ria here got us all set up with our beasts ya know.” Furno admitted with a shrug. Kanan shot me an appraising glance. I couldn’t tell if it was good or bad but I felt something – like he was trying to psychically probe my reaction to these words. I simply shrugged.

“All I did was point you guys at the right dragons and you did the rest and you know it Furno! Any idea on when Stormer and the others are going to get here for Harvest Haunt? It’s next month and we need the extra help setting up since most of our kids are spending time at Dragon’s Edge outpost now.” I shot back. Furno shrugged at that. “No clue. I think they said they wanted their arrival to be a surprise, don’t know why. It’s not normally Stormer’s style. But Breez, Surge and I can help out in the mean time.” Furno offered. I grinned at him and rolled my eyes. Of course he’d offer to help. He was Alpha 1 team’s leader! That was why Stoick personally asked Mr. Makuro if he, Surge and Breez could stay on Berk until their duties took them elsewhere! Even Bee and the Bots were helping. Chief Burns had his family staying until they had to go back to Griffin Rock and they were helping as well. That meant we had a small army of our mechanical friends helping us out. I spotted Hypergoof happily scooping up spiders for the webs nearby (hopefully they weren’t poisonous) with Cuteseepie keeping a sharp eye on her. Good. Let’s just hope that Nadder of hers can keep her out of trouble. I worry about her sometimes.


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Jedi and Dragons: Part 3

A flash of silver dashed past me on the racetrack. I was riding my best racing dragon Moonracer. Ezra was getting pretty good at racing. Monarch was on my tail and Lavender on my right. The Rebels (as the kids began calling the group from the Ghost freighter ship) were doing well with their new dragon partners on the Fortune Falls track. It was my crew, the Shadow Hunters’ best track and Ezra was just ahead of me. I urged Moony forward and she kept right on the silver tail of the dragon in front of us. I whooped as we caught a sheep and dumped the thing in our bucket. The black sheep was going to launch soon and that meant it was the final lap. The crowd was going nuts as we zipped around for the final lap.

“OI, EZRA! HOT RACING TIP FOR TODAY! USE THE WIND DRAFT OF THE OTHER DRAGONS TO GET AHEAD: LIKE THIS!” I shouted over the wind and using Ezra’s wind draft as an example and zipped past him in time to grab the black sheep in Garenth’s talons. We dumped it in our blue and bronze painted net bucket and the crowd went wild. I couldn’t believe that Force sensitive Ezra couldn’t see me beating him in his future! My senses seemed to be more intense ever since our Jedi friends showed up. I’d always had quick reflexes, but now they seemed even faster. I made a mental note to ask Kanan about that later as we came in to land just at the end of the Fortune Falls track. I saw that Bumblebee was practically airborne as he jumped around in his excitement and pumping his fist in the air. He claimed he was my biggest fan in terms of racing and this proved it. Zeb groaned in annoyance as he and Lavender came in dead last with Ezra in second and Sabine in third. The Lasat leapt off Lavender and still gave her an affectionate slap on the shoulder and she nuzzled him in return. Those two were perfect for each other. “HAHA! Ah, I almost had ya on that last turn there, Ria! Lavender and I will get ya next time!” Zeb teased as he hoisted me onto his shoulders before I had a chance to protest. I sat perched on his shoulders with him gripping my knees with his big hands and Bumblebee grinned down at me. “Ha! That’s what ya said last week Zeb! But if I recall, the kids beat you then too! You’re getting better though, you didn’t come in dead last this time!” Bumblebee teased. The Lasat glared at him and I couldn’t help giggling at Zeb’s face. Suddenly, he started walking and I lost my balance so I bounced against his back. I had a feeling he did that on purpose! I laughed as he bounced me around on his back until an invisible force righted me and set me back on my feet. That was Kanan using the Force again. I’ll never get used to that.

“All right, that’s enough bouncing around you two! It’s time for lightsaber lessons. Ria, you’re more than welcome to join us. I can at least show you a few basic techniques that you can use with your Gronckle Iron blades.” Kanan offered, gesturing to the half hilt of his lightsaber hanging from his belt. I grinned. Kanan had been teaching me a few basic techniques I could do and he might even let me use the thing. For some reason, I felt drawn to Kanan and their ship, the Ghost. “Sure, I’ll be right there. I was going to go with Hera to check on the progress of the repairs to the Ghost first. She promised to show me the ship.”  I told Kanan, gesturing to our Twi’lek friend. Hera grinned and nodded her yellow head to confirm what I had just told Kanan. “I promised to give our little Viking friend here a tour of the ship and a basic piloting lesson. She’s pretty good with the dragons so I figured I’d give her a basic class.” Hera replied. She put a hand on my shoulder and steered me away from the group. I was so looking forward to this. Hopefully the Ghost was functional enough for our lesson to happen. “AHOY! How’s it going today ladies? Come to check on yer ship have ya?” High Tide called from the deck of his ship. That was where we stashed the Ghost to keep curious Vikings away from it. We climbed the gangplank onto the massive ship to find the small Corellian freighter perched on the main deck with a crew of Autobot repair drones (plus Chopper the C1-10P droid) working on the freighter.

“Ahoy there High Tide. Thanks again for helping with the repairs. How’s the ship coming? Is she ready to fly?” Hera asked, gesturing to the freighter and the separated pod known as the Phantom. That was the only part of the ship functioning right now and it wasn’t exactly the best ship to learn to be a pilot on. “Afraid not Hera. She’s still got a long way to go before she’s ready for space flight. She can do atmosphere flying, but that’s about it. And her weapons systems still need a lot of work. My drones are doing the best they can, but they can only do so much with the limited technology available here.” High Tide apologized with a shrug. Hera groaned in annoyance as she shot me an apologetic look. Figures, we’re still stuck with the Phantom for now. I sighed. Looks like my pilot lessons were delayed again. “Sorry kiddo, but you can still poke around in the Ghost if you want. I have some things I need to discuss with High Tide to get her up and running again. Go on, shoo. Keep yourself occupied.” Hera told me and shooed me away like I was an errant Terrible Terror. I walked up the ramp to the Ghost and found myself in the cargo bay. I’ve already had the grand tour of the ship, so I decided to explore on my own. That was when I felt something…calling to me. That’s the best way I can describe it. I was drawn to what Hera had told me was Kanan’s cabin on the Ghost and I went inside. I hope he wouldn’t mind, but I sat on the bed trying to figure out where the strange sensation was coming from.

That was when I noticed the glow coming from the drawer underneath the bunk Kanan slept on. I stood up, opened the drawer and saw what looked like a glowing cube inside. I picked it up. This seemed to be what was calling to me. As soon as I picked it up, it seemed to open revealing the hologram of an old man standing. He started talking about himself, calling himself Obi Wan Kenobi or something. He also spoke of the fall of the Jedi and that they should remain in hiding. He told of the dangers of being Force sensitive and that those of us who found the message in…what did he call this thing? A holocron I think…should stay hidden and do our best to fight the Empire from the shadows. “In time, a new hope will emerge. May the Force be with you, always.” The hologram man intoned and the device stopped glowing and fell back into my hand.

“I suspected something was unique about you Rialynh.” A familiar voice said from the doorway. I yipped in surprise and hit my head on the top bunk of the cabin. “OW! Kanan! I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come in here without asking…this thing…it was like…it was calling to me. And um…how long were you standing there?” I asked, handing over the strange device and Kanan simply grinned at me as he took the strange cube. “I knew you were Force sensitive the minute I met you. You’re strong in the Force. You’ve got a major talent with animals – especially dragons. I know that tradition states that Jedi are only supposed to have one padawan learner, but I think we can make an exception here.” Kanan explained. Wait, was he saying that he was going to train me to be a Jedi like him and Ezra? When the realization hit me, I squealed in delight and threw my arms around him in a hug. He fell back a step, but he hugged me back. “OH MY GODS! Kanan, you’re the absolute best! My parents are going to freak when they find out about this!” I squealed excitedly. That meant a trip to Wavebreaker Island for a visit! And I could introduce them to Snowbeast on top of that! I had a feeling that he’d like these guys…

“Wait…you’re a what now Kanan? I’m sorry, I just don’t understand. You use this energy called “the Force” and my daughter can use it too?” My dad asked two days later after Hiccup had given us permission to visit my home island for the weekend. Kanan was trying his best to explain to my dad Chief Atreus and my mom Belinda about what it was like to be a Jedi and what that entailed. I was sitting between him and Ezra on the other side of the kitchen table while Naga slept in the corner with Garenth and Blizzard. Sabine was outside showing some of her art to the kids with Monarch while Zeb and Hera were getting bug eyed stares from the kids in their group. “Being a Jedi is a big deal. Ria’s a tough kid, she can handle it. Ezra here is just a year younger than her and he’s already got his lightsaber. Your daughter is strong in the Force. I think that she can handle the training and learn quickly.” Kanan told my dad and he shot me an appraising look. I blushed under his gaze and hid my face behind my mug of cocoa. It was a new import from the American kids. They brought it with them and it’s been a real hit with those of us who don’t like ale or alcoholic drinks. Mom gave me a proud smile and when my name was mentioned, Naga’s head popped up like a Jack-in-the-box toy I had as a kid. She gave me a draconic grin and rumbled at me. She was on my side at least.

“Well…if you think my daughter can handle this “Jedi training” I think we can allow it. But I don’t want her going off into the void. Is that understood? I don’t want her off this planet without my knowledge.” Dad warned the Jedi and Kanan nodded in understanding. He gave me a reassuring smile and Ezra nudged me in the ribs under the table. I think he was just as excited to be my training partner as I was. “I understand completely Chief Atreus. Your daughter will be perfectly safe with us. We were going to head up to visit the island Sanctuary for the wild dragons to check the place out. Would you like to join us?” Kanan offered as he stood up. I glanced at Dad but he shook his head. “Fraid not Kanan. I’ve got work to do here. You youngsters go on ahead without us. Snowbeast will understand. I’ve told him you were coming by the way. Ria, are your Autobot friends going as well?” Dad asked, gesturing to where the Phantom was waiting for us with the dragons as Garenth stood up. Hera offered to give me a piloting lesson for atmospheric craft. I’ve already learned the basics from Windblade and the controls were very similar.

“They’re going to meet us up there. We’re taking the Phantom and the dragons are going to fly escort.” I told Dad, gesturing out to where Monarch and the other Rebel dragons were waiting. Blizzard was trying to get one of the local Speed Stingers to play with him, but the wild Stinger was having none of it. It snapped and snarled until he backed off and I couldn’t help giggling when Monarch intervened. Sabine was really rubbing off on that guy. We stood up and got ready to leave. I nodded at Dad and Kanan said farewell and we headed outside to find Sabine and Zeb getting their dragons ready to go. “So, are your folks coming with us or not? And did they say “yes” to Jedi training?” Zeb demanded, gesturing to Lavender as the brilliant purple Monstrous Nightmare as Lavender nudged him with her snout. She’d really taken a liking to the Lasat and those two were perfect for each other. “Mom and Dad aren’t coming, but Snowbeast knows we’re coming. Bumblebee and the guys are gonna meet us there. Are we taking the Phantom or the dragons for this trip?” I asked Hera, glancing between the Twi’lek woman and Kanan as he came out of the house. I noticed Brusier’s approach and the Rumblehorn snorted as he sniffed at Kanan and Ezra. Both boys gave me a nervous glance, but I shot them a reassuring smile. Bruiser was just saying hello the way Naga had earlier. Then again, he was three times her weight and size.

“Hey there big boy. You’re a good looking fellow ain’t ya?” Hera asked when Bruiser approached her. He was twice Rombo’s size as a fully grown Rumblehorn and I saw the youngster and his Minicon rider nearby and Jetstorm winked at me. He and Rombo were a perfect pair if you ask me. “We’re taking the Phantom. The dragons will follow us. They’ll be at a safe distance from the backwash of the engines of course.” Kanan replied, glancing once again between Bruiser and me as the big Rumblehorn turned his blue scaled head and winked at me. Bruiser was a sweetheart…if Kanan thought this guy and the Autobots were big…well…he was in for a surprise when he met Snowbeast. I was up front with Hera guiding her towards the ice enclosed Sanctuary. “There it is! Just up ahead. Follow Garenth, he knows the way in for dragons. He’ll show you the best way to get inside. Snowbeast and the others will be expecting us.” I told Hera as she piloted the Phantom through the clouds with Garenth easily keeping pace with us at this slow low-altitude speed. Hera was also giving me a piloting lesson on low-altitude atmospheric flights. “Ok, I’ve turned off the auto-pilot. Let’s see if you can land this thing Ria.” Hera told me, startling me out of my thoughts and letting me take her pilot seat. Ezra shot me the stink eye and I stuck my tongue out at him. He told me that Hera refused to give him pilot lessons and he was pretty jealous.

“Ok…here goes nothing.” I told the others, flying the Phantom in through the entrance I used with Garenth and I was able to bring the shuttle into the Sanctuary with no difficulty at all and found us a clear spot to land with Garenth’s help. He hovered above the clearing and gestured downward with his wing and I landed the ship with barely a bump on the grass. “Nice job kiddo! You learn fast! I have to admit, I’m impressed. If you weren’t born here on Earth, you’d have been snapped up by the Rebels as a pilot no problem.” Hera told me as we left the shuttle. Bumblebee was waiting for us at the edge of the clearing with Drift and a blue and white painted male Bot I didn’t recognize. I wondered who he was as I waved a greeting and walked over with Garenth at my side. He snarled at the newcomer but backed off when Bumblebee held up a reassuring hand to get the Nadder to calm down. “Hey Ria! There you are! We’ve been waiting for almost an hour! This is my buddy Jazz by the way. He’s an old friend of mine from back on Cybertron. Jazz, this is Rialynh, the Viking girl I was telling you about. And these are the Rebels: Kanan, Hera, Ezra, Chopper, Zeb and Sabine.” Bumblebee explained as he introduced us to the newcomer. Jazz grinned at me and I found myself liking him even if he hadn't said anything yet. “Hey, it’s nice to finally meet you kiddo! Bee’s told me a lot about you! Nothing but good things, I promise! He also told me that you’ve got a knack with our scaly friends.” Jazz told me, gesturing to Garenth as the Nadder put a protective wing over me.

“Easy Garenth, I think he’s on our side. Don’t mind Garenth. He’s just being overprotective of me. He’s really quite a sweetheart once he gets to know you.” I explained. Jazz chuckled and knelt to let Garenth sniff his hand before tousling my hair with a massive palm. “I understand completely kiddo. So…when are we gonna meet the dragon in charge of this place?” Jazz asked, lifting me onto his shoulder before I even had a chance to protest. Garenth didn’t seem to mind as I perched on the new bot’s shoulder. I glanced at Drift and he just nodded in greeting. Rombo rumbled in greeting as Jetstorm slid off the dragon’s back. Slipstream was nearby and looking as jealous as ever. I giggled at his expression. The red armored minicon shot me a scathing glance in response. “Snowbeast is this way, come on! Just wait until you guys meet him, you’ll love him Jazz, trust me!” Bumblebee said as he nudged Jazz towards the cliff overlooking Snowbeast’s lair. Jazz gave me a raised metallic eyebrow and I gave him a knowing grin. Snowbeast emerged from his lair and revealed his massive size. “It is good to see you again hatchlings.” Snowbeast said by way of greeting, snorting ice all over us as the others leapt back in surprise. The look on their faces were priceless! I swear, I saw Zeb’s jaw hit the ground! I practically fell off my perch on Jazz’s shoulder at the newcomer’s expression. Even Bumblebee was laughing. He’s met Snowbeast before so he knew what to expect with the big guy. He was easily ten times to twenty times bigger than any of the bots and humans combined.

“Hey Snowbeast! I’m sorry that I couldn’t come to visit sooner! We’ve been busy getting ready for Harvest Haunt. Things have just been a little crazy since our new friends showed up.” I told the Bewilderbeast as I slid down Jazz’s arm and landed beside him. I felt a slight breeze slow my fall and I knew it was the Force. Kanan had been teaching me how to use it and I’ve been instinctively doing it ever since. “You’ve changed little one. I sense a strong power in you and the other two humans.” Snowbeast commented in Dragonese and I grinned back at Kanan and Ezra. Snowbeast was a big, powerful Tidal Class dragon and knew when something was off. It would be hard to explain the Force to a dragon, but I could translate for Kanan if I needed to. “I speak Dragonese. Snowbeast can apparently sense the Force. Though I don’t think he knows what it is. Don’t worry about him. He’s big, but he’s a total sweetheart until he’s threatened.” I assured the others. Zeb gave me a worried look and put a hand on Lavender for reassurance. I saw Ezra do the same with Blizzard and Sabine did the same with Monarch. I even saw Hera put a hand on Rombo without as much as a glance from Jetstorm. “Big? I thought the Autobots and those Rumblehorns and Typhoomerangs were BIG! This thing could crush the Ghost and not even blink! We’d better be sure to keep him away from the Phantom.” Hera retorted. I grinned at her reaction. That was basically what Bumblebee had said about Snowbeast the first time they met. Snowbeast lowered his tusk and Bee climbed up.

“Come on guys, Rialynh’s right! Snowbeast is friendly unless he’s provoked. He’s even taught most of us to speak Dragonese. He’s actually pretty fun to talk to.” Bumblebee assured Jazz and the others. He sat perched on Snowbeast’s tusk and I couldn’t help hiding a giggle when I saw the expressions the others were exchanging. Even Jazz was floored! Drift had his usual amused smile in place and Sideswipe was barely suppressing his laughter. I decided to let them explore and Snowbeast allowed it. The Rebels went to explore, Jazz kept an eye on me (probably at Bumblebee’s request after the last incident with Steeljaw). I introduced Jazz to some of the other wild dragons and one of the resident Woolly Howls seemed to take a shine to him. This one had similar markings to Jazz. “Looks like you’ve got a new friend big guy! The others call her Glacies. It’s Latin for “ice” or something.” I told the new Autobot. Jazz grinned as the blue and white dragon landed on his shoulder. Glacies rumbled a greeting and licked his metal face. She obviously liked him. She was a total sweetheart and the local kids loved her when she made snow ramps for them in the winter with her frost breath.

“She really is a sweetheart. So, do you know every single dragon in this region?” Jazz asked, gesturing to the wild dragons either waving a wing or a tail at me in greeting or rumbling at us in passing when they saw me with the new guy. “Pretty much, yeah. I used to come up here with my Dad Chief Atreus as a kid so these dragons have known me my whole life. Mom would never let me ride another dragon other than her Nadder Naga though. It’s our job to make sure these guys stay happy and healthy. Dad said my Great, Great…I don’t know; five times Great Grandpa or something found Snowbeast as a hatchling and raised him. He’s been loyal to the family ever since. Snowbeast knows every dragon on the island even if they aren’t all under his control.” I explained, gesturing to where Bumblebee was now yammering away with Snowbeast in Dragonese while perched on his tusk. I’d been teaching the language to the Autobots with a little help from Hypergoof (she spent most of her time with dragons rather than people so she spoke it fluently) and they’d been picking it up so easily that even Jetstorm and Rombo have entire conversations in the Rumblehorn’s native language.

“Interesting. And the wild dragons act as guard dragons for the island? That’s quite the system you guys have here. I take it that this started before everything on Berk settled down between humans and dragons? Bumblebee gave me a briefing on your base of operations.” Jazz asked, gesturing to some nearby Speed Stingers mingling with Starburst and her group and introducing themselves to a rather nervous looking Hera (her greenish yellow lekku (or head tails) were twitching, so I could tell she was nervous.) I saw Sabine keeping a wary eye on Monarch so that the darn Deathsong didn’t eat the other dragons while she sketched a group of Terrible Terrors in a sketchbook Trader Johan had given her for sketching dragons whenever she got inspired. She was an amazing artist and even dyed her own hair. She even offered to do mine for me when we got back to Berk. She suggested adding some bronze highlights to my blue crop of hair. That was when a rather anxious looking Scauldron came popping up out of the water and made a beeline for Snowbeast.

 Jazz noticed the beast as Bumblebee was lowered to the ground from his perch on Snowbeast’s tusk as we made our way back over to them. Something was very wrong…and judging from how fast Kanan and Ezra were over here, I figured they sensed it too. I was becoming more aware of the Force and sort of heard it as “music” playing in my head. Each animal, plant, person…whatever form of life I encountered now sort of had its own unique “tune” that I heard on a psychic level. I’ve already memorized the “songs” of my friends in the Force and knew how to locate them. That was one of Kanan’s first lessons on our way to Wavebreaker Island: Learn how to identify people in the Force. He was already teaching me the basics. “Something’s up. I can’t make out what they’re saying Ria. They’re going way too fast for me to keep up.” Bumblebee hissed as I used my star emerald (peridot) bracelet to listen in telepathically. They were even going too fast for me to keep up. And even with my telepathic talent I could barely keep up. Snowbeast seemed to sense me listening in because he turned his massive head to look at me.

The Scauldron reports unusual activity on an islet not too far from your home on Berk and your Dragon Ridge Island stables. He came to tell us as soon as he could since he claims to be a friend of yours. He says his name is…Scauldy I believe…” Snowbeast translated and I relayed the message to the others. Then I recognized the Scauldron. It was indeed the School’s Scauldron because I recognized his blue-green scales. He nodded at me in greeting and (without heating it of course) sprayed a spout of water at me from his mouth. I threw up a Force barrier and managed to deflect it. The instinctive reaction earned me a raised eyebrow from Kanan but I shrugged it off. Scauldy grinned. He was among the dragons helping me practice with my new abilities in secret since I didn’t want anyone other than Hiccup and Astrid and Stoick and Valka knowing about this right now. If Snotlout knew I was Force sensitive…Ugh. I don’t even want to think about it. Jetstorm was at my side in an instant. Drift sort of assigned him as my “unofficial” bodyguard. He had a dragon now so he and Rombo were always with me. At least when we were in the field.

“This must be bad to upset a dragon like Scauldy. Shouldn’t we go investigate?” Jetstorm asked as he kept an eye on Hera and Rombo. He seemed to approve of his dragon friend hanging out with the Twi’lek. I glanced between Jetstorm and Bumblebee and he nodded in agreement. “We’ll go check this out Snowbeast. Scauldy can show us where to go. We’ll report back as soon as we can via Terrible Terror.” Bumblebee told Snowbeast, gesturing to where Lyall was now perched on my shoulder. Lyall chirruped from his perch on my arm and flew to perch on Bumblebee’s shoulder. “Bee’s right Snowbeast. We’ll report back as soon as we find something old friend.” I assured the big Bewilderbeast. Snowbeast raised a scaly eyebrow at me and his flat face sort of twisted into a draconic grin. That always unnerved me. “Just be careful out there little one. I sense danger nearby.” Snowbeast said, effectively dismissing me from his presence. Bumblebee then turned and started barking orders. I was assigned to Jazz (of course) and Sideswipe wanted to tag along. Apparently he had a bit of a “fan crush” on the older Bot. Even Glacies the Woolly Howl wanted to tag along. Jazz let her perch on his shoulder – Glacies seemed to have taken an immediate shine to him. I’d never heard of an Autobot with a pet dragon before, so Jazz might be the first. Unless you counted our Minicon friend Jetstorm of course.

“So, you must know this area pretty well, eh kiddo?” Jazz called up to me as I flew over him on Garenth. He knew my home island best and I couldn’t do this without him. Garenth could spot trouble a mile off. He flew a grid pattern as he had been trained. I glanced down at Jazz and leaned over Garenth’s shoulder and he landed in a nearby tree. “Yup. I grew up here. I know this island like I know my own dragon stables! If there’s trouble here, the local beasties will know about it. If Steeljaw tries to mess with my home island…He’s gonna regret it. Snowbeast doesn’t take kindly to intruders.” I told the veteran Autobot. Jazz grinned back at me as Glacies also flew a search pattern. Snowbeast had sent out some of his best scouts to help us search for the Decepticons. I even had my own Decepticon hunter weapon now. It formed any weapon I wanted with just a thought. I couldn’t wait to get my own lightsaber. I caught a glimpse of sky blue Blizzard in the distance as Ezra and the crew from the Ghost helped with the scout mission. “Spectre 1 to Spectre 7, no sign of trouble so far. Are you sure that Scauldy said that it was in this area?” Kanan asked over my new radio. I even had a new code name: Spectre 7. I was officially a member of the crew of the Ghost. Hera had insisted on giving me lucky number seven for my code name. Kanan was Spectre 1, Hera was Spectre 2; Chopper was Specter 3 and so on. We used them on the comlinks and Kanan gave me a new one instead of relying too much on my crystal radio. “Spectre 7 to Spectre 1, this is indeed the area Scauldy indicated. I know this island like the back of my hand. But the Decepticons must be hiding somewhere even I don’t know about. Kanan, have you ever heard of anyone being able to sense machines?” I asked over my radio. I didn’t get an immediate response to my question but Kanan did respond.

No, I haven’t heard of anyone being able to sense machines. If it is possible, it’s a rare ability among Jedi. Why? Do you sense something?” Kanan asked. I did sort of feel something…something to do with electricity. Probably from spending so much time with the Autobots and Skrill dragons. They relied heavily on electricity in their natural makeup. Bumblebee wasn’t sure how I did it, but I always seemed to know when he was nearby. “I feel…something, but I’m not sure what it is. I’ve probably just been spending too much time with the Skrills. But I feel something dark nearby. I don’t know how else to describe it. Jazz and I will keep looking though.” I told my new Master. “Roger that Spectre 7. Just be careful out there kiddo. Stay close to Jazz and don’t let him or the dragons out of sight. Bumblebee is on this frequency and he would probably kill me if I let something happen to you.” Kanan warned. I rolled my eyes and kept my comm on its tracking frequency in case I ran into trouble. I had Garenth land on Jazz’s shoulder where we could exchange information. That was when trouble found us. I was the first to react. I felt a twinge of electricity surge through me, warning of the danger just before the missile hit. Garenth was airborne in a second along with Glacies. Jazz had his sword drawn and I had my Decepticon hunter in the form of a bow and arrow set. I fired back into the trees and heard Fracture yelp in surprise.

“Well, I see that someone’s found a new toy! Why don’t you come down here and show us how it works?” Steeljaw called from the ground as he emerged from the trees. He had a gun at Jazz’s back, but my new bodyguard winked at me in reassurance. Jazz reacted, sweeping Steeljaw’s legs out from under him and darting away in vehicle mode. A net was fired and had Garenth nearly tangled in its bindings, but he roasted it with a blast of magnesium fire. “NICE TRY STEELJAW! You’re not getting us that easily! Garenth, Glacies, let’s do this right!” I called down from my position in the air with Garenth and Glacies immediately falling into a dive assault blasting ice and flame at our attackers. I fired my arrows and hit almost every target. That was when Divebomb and Airazor attacked me from above. They yanked me off Garenth before I even had a chance to react. I struggled in their grip, but Divebomb had a tight grip on my shoulders and Airazor soon had stun cuffs placed on my wrists, binding them behind my back. “LET ME GO! LET GO OF ME! JAZZ! HELP ME!” I protested at the top of my lungs. Jazz tried to get a bead on the two evil Minicons, but Steeljaw soon scooped me up and held one of his razor sharp claws to my throat. “Back off Jazz! Or the Viking girl pays the price!” Steeljaw warned and Jazz locked eyes with me. He obviously saw how terrified I was and backed off. I don’t know why Steeljaw wanted me this time, but I had a feeling it involved that Pau’an Inquisitor that Kanan warned me about.


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Feel the Force: Part 1

I was dragged over to the Inquisitor at their new base by Airazor and Divebomb. Fracture had set his two minions as my guards. There was no way I could break free with them and the half squad of Stormtroopers guarding me. The Inquisitor dismissed them with a wave of his hand, leaving only Airazor and Divebomb with me outside the door.

“You don’t need those in my presence young one. You’ll have to forgive your guards. I asked Steeljaw and his pack to retrieve you because I wished to speak with you. I must apologize for any rough treatment you’ve received Miss Nightwalker.” The Inquisitor said with a smug grin on his wrinkled face. I didn’t know if that was how Pau’ans normally looked, but I didn’t care. I was so wishing I had my Decepticon Hunter right now. I would show this guy what I felt about his hospitality! He must’ve seen something in my face since he gave me a smug grin in response. “Please! I was kidnapped from my home island! Your goon squad attacked me and my friends! My father is the Chief back home! I…ah!” I protested, only to have my words choked off by an invisible grip on my throat. I was lifted into the air almost three feet off the ground. When I was released, I fell to my knees with a gasp of surprise. I was not expecting that. The alien stood over me and used the Force to pull me back to my feet and to a nearby chair. “Don’t be so foolish child. I know perfectly well who you are. This world may have primitive technology, but it does have valuable resources the Empire requires. I wished to speak to you to offer you a deal. I understand that you are Force sensitive.” The Inquisitor said, phrasing the last part about me being Force sensitive as a fact, not as a question.

“Pffttt! Please! If you know so much, then tell me why I’m here!” I snapped back. This time I didn’t get the Force grip treatment, but the Inquisitor still smirked at me.  “You’ve got spunk; I’ll give you that, youngling. I have an offer for you. I know that the Jedi in your group has offered to train you in the ways of the Force. But there is a different path. The Dark Side. I can teach you things that the Jedi can never teach you.” The Inquisitor offered, resting his hand on his strange weapon. It was a circular weapon with a lightsaber hilt in the center. I wasn’t going to let this guy know I was terrified of his offer. Kanan had warned me of this “Dark Side” and how dangerous it was to tread that path. I shook my head in response. “No, I’m afraid I can’t accept your offer. Kanan is my mentor. That’s how it’s going to stay.” I retorted, trying my best to hide my fear. But it did no good, he seemed to sense it and relish in it. I shuddered as he put a hand on my shoulder and cupped my face with the other. “You are a rather pretty little thing. A shame really. Such a waste of talent. You two! Lock her up! I will deal with her later.” The Inquisitor said with a sigh, calling for Airazor and Divebomb to take me away. The two Minicons scuttled in and clamped their cold, metal hands on my arms and forced me out of the room.

I was soon shoved in a cell and the barred door was locked behind me. Airazor sneered at me as he and Divebomb turned to take on guard duty. Kanan told me about this ability Jedi had to control weak minds…they certainly weren’t going to fall for any mind trick I could do. That, and I had no idea how to do a mind trick or if it would even work on machines. A few hours later I heard a commotion outside. Ezra was dragged into view, shouting and struggling against his Stormtrooper captors. Airazor and Divebomb were also surprised by the boy’s presence. He wasn’t much older than me, only a year younger in fact, but why was he here? The guards shoved Ezra into my cell. “Yeah? I’ll show you a rebellion! Stupid bucket heads!” Ezra shouted at the guards, waving his fist in protest. He gave me a smug smile when he saw me though. “So, whatchya in for?” Ezra asked in his usual smug fashion. He leaned against the wall and crossed his arms over his chest before I could respond. “Ezra?! What the heck are you doing here? How were you even captured?” I demanded. My fellow Padawan just smirked at me in response.

“Oh, you know…stealing from the Empire, causing trouble, that sort of thing. And I’m here to bust you out.” Ezra said with a shrug. I raised an eyebrow. He was trapped here just as much as I was. Sure, he’s had more training than me, but neither of us was able to control machines as far as I knew. “And how do you plan to do that? I doubt these guys will fall for the mind trick idea.” I asked, crossing my arms. That made Ezra grin even wider. “Well, I swiped the guard’s keys. Kanan and the others are gonna be here soon. I figured I’d come see what I can do for my fellow Padawan in the mean time.” Ezra explained, holding up what looked like some sort of card thing. How would that get us out of this cell? “That’s a key? Seriously?” I scoffed. That was when the explosion hit. It shook the base. I sensed Kanan’s familiar presence as well as the presence of Bumblebee and the others. I heard their “songs” in the Force. I smiled at the kid sharing my cell and Ezra grinned back. Airazor and Divebomb seemed to think we weren't going anywhere, so they scuttled off to investigate. We made sure they were out of sight before Ezra reached through the bars of the cell door and opened it for us. We headed in the direction opposite of our former guards and found ourselves at a dead end.

“So…now what do we do?” I asked. Ezra spotted a vent and soon had it open. He grinned at me and gestured for me to go first. “We go through the wall. Ladies first.” Ezra told me. I rolled my eyes. I was wearing a skirt and leggings; did he really think I was going first? He took the hint and climbed into the vent. He then wiggled around and helped me inside. It was just wide enough for us to maneuver. Good thing I was skinny. We crawled through the tunnels for a while when Ezra’s comlink beeped. Mine did too. I was surprised that my captors didn’t take it from me. “Spectre 1 to Specter 6, have you recovered Spectre 7?” Kanan asked over the comlink. Ezra glanced back at me and grinned, signaling for me to respond. “Spectre 7 here Kanan, we’re in the wall ducts and headed your way.” I told the obviously startled Jedi on the other end.  Kanan stuttered a moment when he realized I was the one speaking. “It’s good to hear from you Spectre 7, just get yourselves here safe. Be careful, there are Imps crawling all over this place and that bot Steeljaw is on a rampage.” Kanan warned. I acknowledged and Ezra led the way through the air ducts. Good thing we were both small. I wasn’t much bigger than him in terms of height. We finally made it to the hanger where there were sounds of blaster fire. I yelped in surprise as we tumbled out of the duct. We landed behind some crates and were able to take cover. I wished I had a lightsaber so I could join the fight. Ezra and Kanan had theirs, but I was stuck with regular blades – useless in a fight like this. Where were the bots? I poked my head out to check, but Ezra yanked me back behind the crates.

“What are you doing? You nearly got your head blown off!” Ezra scolded. Ok, this kid was a year younger than me, but still…ugh. Sabine rushed over to join us and tossed me a blaster she’d picked up. She’d been teaching me how to use the weapons and I was just as good a shot with my blaster as I was with the bow and arrow. I started firing at the white clad Stormtroopers and ducked when they fired back. I heard someone yell in pain and realized it was my own voice I heard. I felt the burn on my arm as Sabine yanked me behind cover. She immediately pulled a medkit from her pack and went to work on the burn while Ezra covered us. I winced as Sabine tied the bandage. “You’re as crazy as the guys sometimes!” Sabine scolded. I rolled my eyes. I heard the roar of an engine and recognized the song in the Force as Bumblebee. He zoomed over to our post and opened his doors. “Well? GET IN!” He ordered. Ezra and Sabine dove into the cab but I felt something yank me back. It was the Inquisitor! The Pau’an used the Force to yank me to where he could wrap his arm around my chest and held his red lightsaber blade to my throat. I felt the heat of the weapon inches from my skin.

“Back off Jedi, or the girl dies.” The Inquisitor warned. I struggled in his grip, but he seemed to squeeze my mind and I felt a jolt of pain in my head. It really hurt. I tried to wriggle free, but it was no good. Bumblebee transformed and kept his passengers in his cabin the way the Rescue Bots often did when they were working. The others also hesitated, but I locked eyes on Kanan and he shook his head in warning. “Let the girl go Inquisitor!” Bumblebee called. Steeljaw had him covered with his blaster so he backed off when he made as if to grab for me. I shot Bumblebee a warning look. From the mental nudge Kanan gave me, I had a feeling I knew what he had in mind. There was a sudden flurry of activity and a familiar purple Monstrous Nightmare zoomed in from outside, belching flame before lighting herself on fire as a Lasat dropped from her back. I felt someone used the Force to yank me from the Inquisitor’s grip while he was distracted from me. Bumblebee snatched me to safety once I was several feet away from the Inquisitor and transformed so I dropped into his cab. I landed next to Sabine in the back seat. I saw the others load into the Bots when Sideswipe and the others arrived. Grimlock swung his powerful T-Rex tail before charging after us. Bumblebee transformed back into vehicle mode and drove off.


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Wow love it but

Wow love the story but did you really write or type this. It must have to you a lot at time


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Wow love it but

Wow love the story but did you really write or type this. It must have to you a lot at time

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story time

I actually DID write this story! It took me forever to get this far! I have it in a word document for spell checking and backups in case of glitches in the computer. That way if I need to repost something I have a record of it. Not all of the characters are mine. For example: Hypergoof is a friend's OC - Hypergoof the Friendly Berserker was kind enough to let me use her characters and everyone else is from fandoms I like ranging from Hero Factory and Transformers mainly. Its nice to know people still find it interesting! Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, been busy with other fan sites and other fan fics.

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Wow love it but

Wow love the story but did you really write or type this. It must have to you a lot of time

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*Sniff* *Sniff* SO BEAUTIFUL

Wow. Bravo. Amazing. Really well written so far. It really kept me at the edge of my seat it was really exciting!

Especially when Ria was flying with Toothless for some reason if felt so surreal that I was feeling sick as if I was flying with him more than a thousand feet in the air! Really enjoyed this part :P




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Aw shucks, glad you liked it. Is there anything you guys wanna see next?

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Incredible. It must have taken you ages!!!


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Garenth ate my subject

I'm glad you like it!

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Valkyrian ate my subject

I really enjoyed it. Makes me want to play SoD now. Somehow. I had like 100 tabs open and replied to users so it took me forever to finish, but still awesome. XD




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It is an amazing story and I like how much effort and time was put into this!Great Job!


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Story time

Wow I totally forgot about this story! I just wanted to do something involving all my fandoms and it turned out better than I expected! I'm glad you liked it!

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