Dialkia and Rika and Kira

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Viking name: Dialkia
Gender: Male
Dragon's names: Rika&Kira

Hi everyone i'm Dialkia and i'm a level 10 adventurer and my Dragons bonding level is 14 i'm not from the island of berk, i came from the island called Rough Draft and the name of my tribe is called RoughDrafters because some people in our island is hard to you know, understand and hot headed by the way let's start from how i get myself to the school and how everything change on our island. i am the only son of the greatest viking warrior's in our village my mother is a excellent tacticians and strategies every battle she join and fight she always come back home has a hero in the left side our chief ofcourse and there is my father ohh you don't want to mess with my dad if you do he'll be challenging you in a contest like "AXE or HAMMER" you need to choice between those two or more he is the right handman of our chief and he always in the frontline's of every raid and other stuff and there are the most trusted and loyal people to our chief. But me i don't think i will be like them i'm not good at sword fighting,archery,axe throwing, and even making a simple tactic's,attack patterns and strategic attack is it my fault that i'm not good at it or did not get any of there talents *sigh* but that's not all because i'm not good at everything that my parent's do the other teenage vikings like my age is like i don't even exist so i'm always alone because i don't have friends i have a lot for myself. After my pirate training program and Dragon killing lessons i go always to the forest to watch the wild Dragons in there behavior and i saw a family of Dragons there is a three hatchling's and two adult/parent some times i wishing that me and my parents are just like those Dragons,One day there was a other tirbe came to our island the Hairy Hooligans they talked to our chief that we should make piece with the Dragons many people in the center of our village was laughing at first but when a skinny boy was raise his hand in the air it came from nowhere a Dragon came to the skinny boy's side sitting there beside chief of the hairy hooligans like giant cat it's scales color is black as the night sky and having a yellow eyes everyone was shock for a couple of seconds and then some yelled "N N N-NIGHTFURY!!!" everyone was ready to unsheathed there swords grab there axes and hammers and the bows are loaded and ready to shot at the Dragon and before they do that a couple of Dragons came from nowhere again this time with vikings sitting on the back of the Dragons and from that night eveything change.

A three months has been past everything is so fast the skinny boy told us if we want to know more about the Dragons will just need to go to BERK to enroll for the School after we hear those words the skinny boy and the other Dragon Riders was vanish from the darkness, after a week my parents decide to travel the world and conquer of other civilisation's outside the archipelago and before they leave my father told me "son be strong and will be back." and then my father hop in to the boat the Wolf Fang and then my mother talk to me and said "honey your father wanting to say is it is time for you to choice a path do that you wanting to do to your life, we love you and we are proud of you no matter what you are." that day i watch my parent's ship was shrinking until they disappeared from the harbor i was standing and remembering those words that my parent told me. For now i was living with my grandmother after my parents left she support me from everything i do and she's the only one who know that i was always go to the forest and watching and studying the Dragons, one morning i was getting up from my bed and look to my window a Terrible Terror was sitting there it's kinda weird a little Dragon was the firsting you gonna see in the but i look carfully on the little Dragons leg there was a letter, a letter came from the SCHOOL OF DRAGONS i didn't remember that i signing up on anything and i put my cloths on and the little Dragon flyaway and i go down stairs and asked my grandmother if she knows anything about this she said yes and i ask her why she do that she told me i should go and i cannot just stay in our island she told i should explore the world and starting it with the SCHOOL OF DRAGONS. so after she talk to me it made me think alot when i go to sleep in my dream i'm hearing two voices it's like they want me to find them and then i wake up and look to my window for a moment and then i decide it i will go to the SCHOOL OF DRAGONS.

In the next day i was pack and ready to go my grandmother came to me and gave a box,a dagger and a mask inside the box a necklace with a Black shiny stone with the looks of a fang of a dragon hanging in the middle and the dagger was having a Dragon shape handle and the Dragon facing on the blade that look's like it's breathing fire and the mask wooden and having a burn mark look and then my grandmother said to me that my parents should gave this thing to me on my birth day but there are sudden changes and the mask was a gift from my grandmother so it will protect my face if there is a Dragon breath fire on me on the place where i'm going i give my grandmother a hug and thanking her for believing on me so i step on the boat and the boat started to sail watching the island and my grandmother from the harbor waving goodbye until that i can't see the island anymore it take 5 days and 4 nights until to arrive on Berk on the 5th day the captain wake us up and yelled "wake up you lazy doughs (it should be dogs but the captain's beard was so fuzzy we can't even understand a word his saying) were almost there so wake up." i open my eyes and put my cloths on and ready my things i was so nervous i don't know what to do when i get there and then i go to the deck the light was so bright it hurts my eyes and then when i look amazement took over me i see a little boy riding on a Gronckle zigzaging a baby chasing a Terrible Terror and then Gobber came to us and welcome us new students on Berk and after we been assign to our designated rooms and leave our stuff Gobber called us and tell us to start our day on the school we will go to the hatchery and pick an egg and make that egg hatch and our training will be starting from the time our Dragons came out from there egg so we ride on the another boat to go to the school and before get on the boat i just remember that i should bring the mask that my grandmother gave to me so i came back to my room grab the mask and run as fast as i can the harbor that which the boat was already leaving it's to bad i didn't make it the boat was to far away and then i look to my mask that on my hand and then i was surpirse a black Dragon was there beside's me and the skinny boy he see me run to the harbor and didn't make it to the boat he introduce his self and his Dragon " hi my name is Hiccup and this is my bestfriend Toothless we see you didn't make it Toothless can give you a ride to the Dragon island where the school." I was glad that hiccup was there so i get on toothless back and hiccup want me to drive toothless he said "the tail controls everything." and i put my feet on the pedal that control the tail and give toothless a signal to lift off i was screaming in fear and exited that how fast a NightFury is that were so fast we beat the boat and i'm the was first to arrive on the school from others and i thank hiccup and toothless for a ride and the lift off and saying goodluck to me after gobber and the others was arrive we go to the straight to the hatchery and then we saw Astrid,Fishlegs,Snotlout and the twins Ruffnut and Tuffnut they explain everything about there Dragons so we can decide what Dragon nest were gonna pick an egg, everyone of my class take an egg some of them just pick an egg from the Monstrous Nightmare and Deadly Nadder some was pick from two unknown nest and there i am still thinking what Dragon i'm gonna pick i ask gobber if he can gave me some tips becuase he doesn't have a Dragon he ask me some questions and then he suggest i should pick a Gronckle but also he suggest i should follow my feelings and then i hear some voices just like from my dream i ask gobber if he hear something and he said no and then go back on the nest to figure what Dragon i'm gonna pick and then i saw an egg was seperated i don't know which nest it came from and then i feel something and a louder voices i hear when i pick up the egg and i feel that egg is gonna be my Dragon after we pick an egg we line up near the lava and then we put our egg on the middle of ground surounded by the lava and then i see a crack on the egg and then i have a bad feeling on that crack so i put on my mask in case something happen andthen"BOOOOM!!!" the egg shells was fly through the hactchery and all of us was so surprise and when specially the ones that has egg shells on there faces i bet that would be hurt and when i to my egg and take off my mask a black two headed baby Dragon was in front of me suddenly tairs run down from my face without me noticing it and the two headed baby Dragon was slowly opening it's eyes and look at me i can't say a word for what kind of joy and happiness i feel when i see those two i slowly carrying the two headed Dragon and gave it a welcome hug after that Wonderful event gobber told us that we should gave our Dragons a name or names and that day i decide naming my Dragons Rika and Kira means for Rika - Eternal ruler and Kira - lord and from that day we are now official Dragon Trainer/Rider a couple of months past me and my Dragons was doing great in our trainings and lesson and i'm surprise that baby Dragons are really growing fast for a couple of months Rika and Kira really like salmon and brown traout and Halibut after our training were having some afternoon flight and sometimes we like to laydown on the nice shady tree were like to relax if there is notting to do some time rika and kira helping me farming and fishing and when i was playing with rika and kira the head master came to me and ask me that i we should join a clan from now so i look to the Clan board and then rika and kira was pointing the clan name NIGHT RIDERS so we join and then after we join a clan we join the Thunder Run Racing i don't know if rika and kira was ready to race becuase on the Flight Club were kinda sluppy and then there we are at starting line of woolly canyon and the referee was starting to give the signal and then i remember what hiccup said to me from the flight club that i should trust rika and kira and myself and then the referee give the signal and there we go rika and kira was accelerate we just focusing we censored the rocks and entering each hoops turning and up and down and then when were gonna cross the finish line some rider command his Dragon to shoot at us and then stop for a moment and we end up to be second place after the race i go to that seaslug face ohh i am so furious on that guy i charge at him so furiously it is ok even if just finish the race but shooting at my Dragons i'm not just gonna break his neck i'm gonna skin him alive it is alright if he aim at me i will accept that but shooting my babys this means WAR!!!! After that incident nobody try to shoot us on the race each race we entered many riders are really good and fast but i don't care about winning the only important to me is Rika and Kira and the people around me my family and friends.



Name : Dialkia 

Gender : Male  

Clan : Night Sky Defenders


Dragon : Hideous Zippleback 

Dragon's Names : Rika & Kira 

Hobbies/Interest : Dragon watching and Studying there behavior and practicing my sword and shield fighting and I LIKE DRAGONS and meeting other people too ofcourse.










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Wow! Lots of information! Looks great! good luck :)!


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