Demons Huge Thread of Suggestions!

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Being someone who plays as many games as she can afford and/or get her hands on, I like to think I know a lot on how to improve things. Being an admin or mod of amny other sites/games helps as well. So take me seriously here with all of these, as they will be many of them. 


Not to say thats a bad thing, just little things I find could be improved or bettered (same thing, basically lol I swear my first language was english forgive me)




“Which is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?”

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Who is Demons?

I am a 16 year old censored with a love for dragons and writing! My zodiac sign is Pisces, and my personality type is INFJ. I’m usually very active, more so on weekends.

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About My Viking OC



Name: Iliya the Irritable


Age: 18


Gender: Female


S/O: Lesbian


Alignment: Chaotic Good


Personality: Iliya is a kind Viking. She sees everything as a possibility or a chance to change. She would rather be reading or working on her projects than anything else, but she will race occasionally. She can come off as cold as she is very blunt. Iliya doesn’t believe in sugarcoating anything, and won’t. Cunning and sometimes manipulative, she finds herself using people to her advantage. She hates the Berserker in her - and suffers from depression and self-hatred due to it. She tries hard to be a good Berkian, often falling short due to her natural knack of fighting and going ‘Berserk’. But she is also one of the kindest Vikings you will meet and a friend forever - if you can earn her trust, that is.


History: Born to two Berserkers, she was raised just as any other Berserker was - fight, kill, win, repeat. She hated it, always having to fight. Her father trained her from a young age to fight and she killed her first dragon at the age of six. She never forgave herself. She wanted to leave.

It wasn’t until she was stranded on a sea stack that she left her home island. The pillar of hardened sand and salt was falling, and she would face her underdo end. But as she fell, something saved her. A young Sand Wraith had caught her on her back, and brought her to safety. From then on, Iliya and the newly named Oasis became the best of friends. A storm sent them toward a new island for shelter, and they found themselves on Berk, where they were accepted with open arms.

That was six years ago. Now, she helps the school by protecting it, and alongside her Titan Oasis, she has started to become the Viking she was meant to be.


Main Dragon: Oasis (Female Titan Sand Wraith)


Other Dragons: Skyfury (Female Titan Stormcutter), Cicuta (Female Triple Stryke), Swiftwind (Female Nadder), Bang and Boom (Female Zippleback), Flare (Female FLame Whipper), Scalder (Male Scauldron), Hardtooth (Male Gronckle), Icerift (male Gronkcicle), Shatter (Male Rumblehorn), Wavedancer (Female Sand Wraith), Spitfire (Male Nightmare), Wildfire (Female Sindgetail), Tamien (Male Triple Stryke), Magmar (Male Eruptodon), Ironsplitter (Female Armorwing), Terraslayer (Male Whispering Death), Stormfury (Female Skrill), Requiem (Female Deathsong), Smogger (Male Smokebreath), Stormrunner (Male Thunderdrum).

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Art and Other


Eeriss the Sinistrous Woodreaper

(By the amazing chameishida)

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On to the good stuff!

Here they are, folks! And ever evolving list of suggestions :)




#1 - Ingame Admins

So recently, I've noticed a lot (and I mean A LOT) of things that... well, are against the rules. Be it someone hacking anothers account, swearing by using and 'X' or 'Q' in front of it, or simply being downright obnoxious to other players. So I got to thinking, I know there are Admins on the sight, but what about In-game? They could be players who are able to mute players or ban them (if what they did was extreme enough) to simply telling them to back off theres a Mod/Admin right here. I know it can be hard, to pay people to do this and to trust people to use this power for the good instead of abusing it. But I think the community could greatly benefit from it!


#2 - Chat Filter

Hoh boy. As a new player, I had NO IDEA how strict the chat filter was!! Its sort of ridiculous? Can't say numbers but you can swear by simply putting and 'X' or 'Q' in front of it? No no no. Thats not right :( I've been chat banned to a day because I had no idea what words were allowed and which were not. So me, being new, couldn't figure out what was causing the problem! Numbers, apparently, in any form (word or term) are banned? I think I need an explanation guys that seems a little... odd. Anyway, as well as that, it is so easy to bypass it as well! Its ridiculous! I know you cant stop all of the bad language, but by a less is more standpoint, you could help down the total number? 


#3 - Quests

Okay I don't know about you, but I certainly get very annoyed when a quest asks me to, say, give someone six carrots. Thats (if I remember right) 3-5 gems a pop! At the time, I was no where near the level to grow them, so I had to spend money on the gems to finish the simple quest. I personally found that rather... annoying. So I was thinking, aybe those quests could be held until the players level (of said quest, example, farming) is high enough to actually farm it?


#4 - Dragons

This is more of a personal fantasy than anything else, but one I hope I share with others! So the NPC dragons (example, on Stormheart) that are there, literally do nothing. At all. What if, now don't jump away, what is they could give quests? Or or or, what if the player could interact with them? Like, feed them or play with them? Free them? Just an idea.




So far, I have none!




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