In Defense Of The Golden Dragon...

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Most of us have reason to believe that the next dragon is going to be the Golden Dragon. Honestly, I really have no problems with it because I see new dragon additions as "just another dragon to get", kind of like just another sword, or just another chair. I say this because... well, it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things if it's just another egg to collect.

I'm frankly not worried about SoD adding this dragon into the quest line because I just don't see this as a possibility; none of the Berkians know how to speak for dragons.. well, technically Book Hiccup does, but the Hiccup in the game is based on the TV show and the movies, and not the books. That, and School of Dragons is an educational science-based game, and talking animals would be pushing it. It's safe to say that the dragon won't "talk" unless our avatars somehow gains the ability to talk to one (which would make things super awkward, or if Dak and Leyla were to join the game.

These are just my thoughts... and judging on the fact that the developers finally added a ticket submission feature in-game, they plan on supporting the game for years, so we do have more chances to see book dragons in the future if requests for them are noticable.


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My dramillion wanted to be part of something

You do have a fair point...

But, I'm worried about the games reviews. As this is set in HTTYD world (with a few edits), then HTTYD fans who like everything to be canonicaly correct, then they would get upset about Rescue Riders world being in it. And if fans of Rescue Riders find out SoD have RR dragons in it, then discover that they cannot speak, then they too will get upset by the game.

It's a compromise that can't be won.

I'm not going to get mega angry if it's only the one or two, but if they start introducing ever single dragon from RR, then I will be upset.


Thank you for reading my rant

Have a nice day


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While I'm not all too bothered whether or not the Golden Dragon is introduced into the game, I came here to say a few things. First off, I myself am a die-hard fan. Have been for years. But I know the game is nowhere near canonically correct, and it really doesn't bother me that it isn't. I think most people, even die-hard fans, accept that the possibility of it ever being canon is well out the window. Adding a R.R dragon really isn't a surprise to me (and many others, I'd assume). But I do see where you're coming from with the fans of R.R getting upset as they're probably little kids, but I'm sure they'd get over it like all kids do.


It's just a game, I don't see why people care an awful lot at the end of the day. As Gamerkid said, it's just another dragon to collect. If they change and "mature" it to fit in with the rest of the HTTYD universe, I think it'd be pretty cool. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.


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Oops Error .....

I'm sorry if I get it wrong, but do you mean that those who disagree with the Dragon, which has nothing to do with HTTYD, are all children? I'm an adult and some of my members are over 18, Dragon Rescuers is a series for preschool kids, don't be angry but Dragon Rescuers is actually an imitation of HTTYD

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It is, and someone has already mentioned, that players will expect the dragon to speak, and in time it will be a game about the past of the future - dragons who are already extinct or already look different in the series, and a game that has led us for years by dragons will suddenly take us into the future, where will the same dragon look different?

I don't agree that SoD will become a hybrid, I think Summarhildr's action, which is a hybrid of action and expansion and dragons that are a hybrid of two dragons.

Some of the dragons in the series are like Snotlout, designed to be able to do anything. hunters (in this case pirates - yes I looked at all the parts to get a testimonial) I have no words

a parody of Grimmel, Griselda the Grevious and Alvin

Also keep in mind that HTTYD dragons look scarier in SoD, and now this dragon will have a completely different model and animation, because it has to follow what this dragon does in the movie - the series. Which is a very stupid behavior for a dragon that needs to be smarter than it looks.

The series didn't interest me at all (for example, the well-known Viggo Grimborn, whom everyone knows, he was a very capable opponent of Hiccup, who did not appear in only one part, ask someone from the forum or social network about the biggest villain of the series and his name and I believe that it will take a while.)

Don't take it personally But I play SoD because I'm a fan of HTTYD, yes SoD came out of the timeline and doesn't follow the timeline (restoring Valka Bewilderbeast and Adult Nightlights), but this is absolutely worse. that is why I also signed the petition.

Regards Marryboron

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Sorry, I'm not entirely sure if you were replying to me! But if you were, no I wasn't saying that. I was saying those that like Rescue Riders are mainly little kids because that's who the series is directed towards. Little kids are more likely to play the game solely for a R.R dragon, in response to HiccupTheHaddockIV. I know R.R is an imitation, so to speak. Sorry if I confused you.

As for the dragon's appearance and behaviour in-game, I'm not sure what will happen. I am assuming they will make it more "grown up" to fit in with HTTYD/SoD. That's what I hope, anyway. If they keep it child-like I don't think I'll try to get it. But anyway, yes I see where you're coming from. I play SoD for the same reasons as you, I just personally don't have the biggest problem with them adding the Golden Dragon in (again, as long as they change it to fit with the HTTYD dragons). I respect your opinion, though. Hope you respect mine. :)

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I don't have a problem with it either and I'm honestly very confused as to why so many people do. Yes, I know RR is very disliked by a lot of HTTYD fans, however, this game is far from canon. To say putting RR dragons in the game would "break canon" or "ruin the game" doesn't make sense to me.(Just my personal opinion) There are so many things about this game that aren't canon. If you want to be technical about it I don't think the game is all that canon anyway. There is no School of Dragons in the movies/Tv show so therefore the very existance of a school that vikings go to to learn about dragons is noncanon. I'm also confused because people request book dragons all the time but the books are in no way canon to the franchise just like RR isn't. They're a completely different thing. In those books the dragons talk as well, however, there's never been any outrage or backlash about book dragons being added into the game. In fact, along with the remaining movie and series dragons, book dragons are constantly requested to be added to the game. I'm very confused as to what makes RR so different. SoD has adapted book dragons into the style of HTTYD and I'm sure the same will be done for RR if they decide to add RR dragons.


Small side note while I'm commenting: I know a lot of people are upset over the possibility of RR dragons being added to the game but it's good to remember that there are people who would either like them to be added or are neutral on the idea and couldn't care either way. I've seen several comments of "Everyone hates this idea", "No one wants RR dragons in the game", ect. Just a tip that for those who are upset it's good to be careful about wording. Some people are open to this idea or just couldn't care either way so statements that say "Everyone hates this", "No one likes this" , "Us players don't want this", "None of the players want this", ect aren't accurate and don't actually reflect everyone's thinking.


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These are some good points

You know, I'm against RR being added in-game but I actually agree with your opinion. I feel like it's pointless to appreciate some changes to the canon and not others; at that point the issue is no longer about the canon, and instead becomes about the content being added, which is how I feel. I dislike the overall style and tone of RR, and I think it would clash with the style and tone that SoD seems to be going with so far.


SoD has broken HTTYD canon in many ways by implementing hybrids and its own special species (like the Sand Wraith for example). Actually, I dislike that too, and I wish they just stuck with dragons purely from the HTTYD canon (I think that book dragons are a separate thing as well, and that they shouldn't be added), but I get that the hybrids etc. are really popular, so it makes sense to add them from the devs' perspective. My issue is more that I dislike Rescue Riders as a series (I really like some of what it's done, but I'm mostly not into just because it's a show for younger kids), and I'm against it being added for that reason more than it going against the canon. I also think that while the hybrids or SoD-canon species were really popular, the majority of us dislike the idea of adding this dragon from RR into the game, so in this case it's not worth the devs' while to try and implement it if it turns out to be unpopular. Also, I'm definitely aware that some people like RR / feel neutrally about it, and I'm not trying to say that their opinions are incorrect.


All in all, I'm against RR being added mostly because I dislike it as a series, and partly because I dislike changes to the HTTYD canon (in SoD) in general (including all of what you mentioned) and I'm against further change.


I feel like I wasn't very clear here, but hopefully some part of my response made sense :)


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Don't worry, your response made sense. I understand where you're coming from. :)


Even though the idea of RR dragons is unpopular among a lot of players I doubt the unpopularity of the idea will deter the devs from doing it. A lot of people were really upset when they started releasing the event dragons in the store yet they still do that after every event and a lot of people were upset that they stopped having the Clash of Clans tournament yet they haven't brought it back.(Thankfully, that tournament brought nothing but drama every year) I figure it will be the same with the RR dragons if they are indeed going to start adding them to the game.(Not saying that you or anyone else shouldn't give your opinion on them being added, of course. I just figure that, based on past stuff, if their minds are made up then there's nothing anyone can do.)


Don't worry, I didn't feel like you were saying that everyone disliked RR or that people who like it/are neutral about it are wrong. :)

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*Jazz hands*

This is a good point, I think they'll end up releasing the dragon too. Hopefully they at least do it gracefully and adapt the animation so it's a bit more compatible with HTTYD. The RR animation style would stick out like a sore thumb XD This thing could be an RR hybrid, of course, but I think it'll just end up being the exact same dragon sadly.


On a side note, yes, the Clash of Clans was only fun for a very few people and I think it was a good call to get rid of it too!


Thanks :)

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You're welcome :)

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I response to this after

I response to this after posting mine and I've already touch upon Book dragons but I also like your point that Book dragon has less to do with Httyd than RR to Httyd considering that while yes RR was explicitely said to be not canon to httyd it's still follow the rules and lore of Httyd, still got mention of same species like Nightmare and Night fury etc. while Book dragon is definitely not canon and definitely has sperate rules and lore to Httyd.


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The truth is that in itself it would not be a good idea to add something that most probably do not want and maybe the game will not work out well. But you have to give it a try, you don't have to go crazy now. I'll just grab the awards I get and that's it (I never finish these events except for the adult Night Lights anyway)

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I completely agree. Personally I am indifferent, it does not matter to me if they are added or not. (I am actually curious about what Rescue Riders dragons would look like in the HTTYD style.) One dragon (or many dragons) added to the game is not going to drastically change the game. If a dragon that I do not like is added  to the game, then I won't buy it. It is easy to ignore. And I do not consider School of Dragons to be canon already, and it does not bother me. It's just a fun game. There are many Screaming Deaths, Buffalords, and other dragons that are uncommon. The plot of the Hidden World quests are different from the movie, there are adult Night Lights, multiple Toothlesses, etc. I consider it a separate canon, and that is one of the things that I like about School of Dragons. 

And I agree with what HPowers says as well. I never considered that before, but adding Rescue Riders would be no different than adding book dragons. They are both non-canon stories with talking dragons. I think the difference is that many people like the books, while many people dislike Rescue Riders. The book dragons look different than they did in the illustrations (And Gronckles, Nadders, Monstrous Nightmares, etc, were originally book dragons too), and so the Rescue Riders dragons might look different than they do in the show. 

And I agree that there is a better way to word things. (Sort of a tangent, but I often see many articles about movies and things stating "fans were upset!" or "fans loved it!" and I never understood it, since there were probably many fans who do not agree with that opinion, and it does not make them any less of a fan.)


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The problem here is much more complex than matters of personal taste.
I've been playing this game since its debut, and with my experience in this game I can display several serious concerns...
SoD works with a total of 5 different sources of material for the game: 1- Old Media (movies/series), 2- Books, 3- Original Material (Dragons/Hybrids created by the game), 4- TU Hybrids and 5- Dragons of the RoB. In the last few months/years, how many original (non-hybrid) dragons have you seen SoD add? How many dragons adapted from books? how many dragons from the second movie?
This happens because the game has A LOT of base material, but few release dates (even because they need specific dates to promote a novelty and not waste time/money).
Knowing that, do you really think adding a 6 base material (RR adaptations) will be beneficial to the game? ...
I mean, if before you could wait like 3-6 months to get a highly requested dragon like Sword Stealer or Brooding Boltstamper, now you should be prepared to wait 1-2 years. Get ready for a real unbridled barrage of RR dragons!  XD
This is all just the tip of the iceberg
Now that the mistake is already made and there is no going back, let's talk about the adaptations....
RR has horrible, unpalatable dragons with a dubiously designed structure just to try to look cute or to deal with a lack of budget. But that's not to say there's no potential. Dragons like Slinkwing, Divewing, Fastfin and even Chillblaster have enormous potential for adaptation. But that's not true for all dragons...
Golden Dragon is a BAD dragon. It was created on the premise of being elusive and benevolent, but it is a dragon of extremely common structure and has no unique abilities. In fact, he's absolutely nothing unique.
Within the SoD mechanics, it would be a waste: They don't even have firepower, just shooting gliter (bad news for DT players) and there's a 90% chance we can't change the golden colors on his body (for the same reason as We don't change the lava color of Eruptodon or the neon details of the Titan Cavern Crasher), it will be a dragon that won't have much use or many customization options worth 15k+ of gems in Event. Scare, isn't it?
The canon is not really a big problem because SoD always creates its own history. Most of those who don't see a problem just want dragons to collect. But all of us here who are trying to prevent the arrival of these dragons are aiming for gameplay and fan service. As a novelty, it is really something unusual and great to be surprised. But, in the long run, it was going to be a catastrophe.
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Just a little joking critique to relax a bit  XD
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*Whispers* THANK youI

*Whispers* THANK you

I haven't read all the response in this thread yet so the points gonna be a little overlapse but i agree on one that people already bring up. I think at the end of the day,most backlash against it is simply because people don't like RR
-Talking dragons: HP already adress this, there's this misconception that RR dragon talks when in reality it's the human in the show that talk dragons, meaning that the dragon talk as much as the book dragons do and Pricklebogle, Devilish dervish, silver phantom and such and they don't talk in the game. Bringing RR dragon to the main setting would mean they're just another dragon. I do think there's gonna be questline about them but at most it probably going to be about hunter wanting to capture them for their gold, their egg being screming death level rare and non about the talking.
-Breaking canon: dude, what is canon in SOD. People riding slitherwing and sand wraith. There're Hybrids (something people don't consider canon but i do actually), book dragons, Rise of berk dragons, most of which by the word of g.od said to be not canon. There are literally a snowman gronckle(not a groncicle but actual snowman gronckle)in this game. If you talk canon it was broken since the boneknapper, a dragon the director been vocal about it not being canon just like rr dragon a long time ago. At this point i numb about this game being immersive and canon and see it as virtual dragon collector at this point.
-Style vs Design: The worries the RR dragon doesn't fit in is justified but when people talk about it i think they meant the style more than the design. What is style: the way the model rendered, the way every female dragon having eyelashes, the big eyes. What is design: Golden dragon is the long four legged dragon with frill seen the httyd style aquatic dragon like shockjaw, a short pug face similar to Crimson goregutter, Light fury or Shadow wing and a horn still within the style of Httyd. In fact most RR pick quirk and feature from httyd design, the way the leg looks, the type of frill, the snout and horn. The biggest sin within the design is in it mediocrity in that most of the dragon are the standard four legged dragon compare to something like Smokebreath, Whispeing death etc. but i see it not different from Flamewhipper, Grimgnasher or Shockjaw. If we're to describe how the rr dragon look without the style then it's just another mid tier httyd dragons. Fire fury is basically a Grapple Grounder. Design-vice I do think RR is more fitting than Eggbiter who  translate from live-action and look like a Monster Hunter monster getting lose in httyd. Heck I think if something like Songwing, Ironclaw or Divewing come out from something not RR people will be all over it, like Exotic featherly bird like dragon? An armored Night fury like dragon?
Example: Here's the rendition of RR dragons by the Artist Chocomony, They rendered it no longer through the smooth pre school reder quality but the design is still 100% truthful to the source materiel, same type of scale, spike, frill etc.
(These stills don't look out of place from Race to the edge or Defender of berk screenshot I could pick a screenshot from those  series to compare but I think this post is image heavy already)
Now i don't know if they're going to alter the style so i'm still cautious about it if they don't i too will be disapoint and not looking forward to the future RR release but if they do alter the style, in GD case basically just get rid of the eyelashes.(you know who else has eyelashes? Razorwhip) then I'll be thrill to see more RR being add, those design got a lot of potential.
-Prevent the not yet released dragon to be add: There are a total of 19 RR dragons currently. I think that's less to worry than the number of available book dragons, hundreds of possiblity of the mix and match of original non-TU hybrids dragons and the infinite possibility of original SOD dragons. Something like the hybrids, silver phantom and flamewhipper come and yet they still bounce back to release Carvern crasher. I donm't see the existance of RR prevent the future non RR dragon to be add.
This kinda reminds me of the first time rise of berk, or book dragons or the hybrids come. Back then I persoanlly really don't like the idea of rise of berk dragon coming to SOD for the same reason that it's not canon and the style doesn't fit and yet it previel and I like it now and I know for sure people are still not so positive about Hybirds even though they basically love them now with RR coming into the picture. I think this kind of negative reaction are to be expect. A more direct comparison would be like when Rise of Berk bringing in the Dragon from Shrek. At least RR is from the same Franchise as Httyd XD
(and yes I know people recieve that one badly as well but it's already happened and past that)
I have the theory that adding in RR is Dreamwork's decision. Seeing they very recently add Flamewhipper into RoB years after it's being made and those Hybrids from TU into SOD, I have a feeling they want to make all the available dragon from each media available in all media, basically canonize everything, so there won't be anymore contradict problem. or maybe SOD just want to test the water. After all they seems to specifically picking the more adult and fitting design like Golden dragon, Ironclaw and Foreverhorn over their iconic maybe-more-popular-to-the-fan-of-RR like the main 5 dragon characters
Although I do think it does feel like it's not the best prize for the snogletog. Even pro RR like me doesn't expect the golden dragon. So it's understandable to be disappoint on that front. We will see
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These are the points I defend as well! but...
I recognize that RR has immense potential, and even look forward to Fire Fury and Slinkwing getting a design update to the official canon. But, the problem is that I don't think now is the time to add another "source" of material to the game...there are already too many lagging dragons to be added, and I think SoD should have waited a little longer and enjoyed that time to add more requested dragons...Now that they're going to add an RR dragon, they're going to spam us thousands of them non-stop, and original or old media dragons/hybrids are going to be months late.
And THANK YOU for mentioning the Golden Dragon issue for an Event. I tried to say that here too, but I don't think anyone paid much attention...Golden Dragon for an Event (even more Snoggletog) doesn't work for me...Its design is horrible, the body structure is that of an extremely common dragon and I don't think there will be much customization will be worth 15k+ of gems and I don't think it will be worth it.
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Blitzkrieg, Don't Shock My Subject

RR Golden Dragon still sucks.


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I don't understand why some people are so upset. If the new dragon turns out to be a rescue riders one, just... don't get it if you don't like it? It's that easy. It's not like they would give the dragon the ability to speak in people-language or anything.


SoD isn't canon to begin with.


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Just stopping by...

LOL! I like this comment right here:

"SoD isn't canon to begin with" - so true, but it's easy to forget after being in SoD for so long.  I would assume that once the golden dragon is in the game for a year or two, everyone will forget about it "not being canon."


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I dig through the old thread

I dig through the old thread the other day, not for this of course, but I do come accross a thread back when Ludia/RoB dragons are first being introduced. and there was the similar uproar (although in lesser intensity compare to this) about them not being canon and not fitting in. and again recently with the Hybrids. I think time is a flat circle in these regards.

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It's the other way around for me- it's easy to be remembered of its non-canon status whenever I play. Not that it's a bad thing, though. I don't mind it.


But yeah, I think you're right, people will forget about this as they have forgotten about many other new additions they didn't like. The reactions however seem to become more... err.. embarassing each time something new is introduced. I hope we won't get too many complaint threads when the dragon, whatever breed it may be, is released.

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I agree with you and Varku. If they do start releasing RR dragons I think eventually everyone will calm down about it and move on. It's happened many times over the years with new releases and changes. People get mad then calm down and move on. That's most likely what will happen again.